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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 9: The Thomas Dolby Interview and the top tech news of the week.

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 9: The Thomas Dolby Interview and the top tech news of the week.

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Thomas Dolby talks with us about about the future of the music industry, Facebook connects with Skype, and Mark Zuckerberg is the most followed user on Google+.

Hey guys welcome to the best the -- sell out our weekly die just of this week's deal shows. Now this week's episode Thomas Dolby you might recognize him from songs like she blinded me with science he talks with us about the future of the music industry. The basement connects with Skype in a not so awesome announcement by Mark Zuckerberg but look. There's other things -- happy about he is also the number one. Most followed user on the new social now -- -- Google plus to sit back enjoy and you're watching the best the buzz out -- We are so excited and frankly I personally am a little intimidated because we have a special guest. On the show today via Skype joining us all the way from the UK -- Thomas Dolby. You might recognize him from such songs says -- ideas about science. -- from you you may recognize him from -- whole long string of awesome that we're gonna just barely scratched the surface of today but it couldn't be better timing because their prime. Really interesting stories coming out today about change in digital music sales and then of course there are ongoing debates about. Music piracy and distribution methods and and Steve actually -- producer Steve. Gasoline is the on going off them came up with a great idea to have how mr. Dalmiya thank you for joining -- today thank you he would. We're totally does because -- over -- where you are exactly -- not exactly like address. In an entity that. Where are you the East Coast of England's. Right on the beach face in Poland and Germany home. And then in addition to and then -- since Netflix expanding their friends and -- beer brawl really don't. At this time I ever heard an -- -- -- and it's Peter Cleveland for a change. And an admirably well thank you again for joining us and an act as if but the evidence off the list and of stories but I want to ask you read up about -- The Nielsen reports today that that. Album sales all album sales of digital music are starting to creep up and -- the first increase in album -- -- 2004. That's that's good to hear. I mean you you know you listen to reports like Nielsen or read a magazine -- -- bullets and you think that everything was was pretty dial up but in fact. We can talk about the slates of but I think this is a great time -- For a musician sound for music fans. So so I was wondering. Your view big in in the music scene in your in your hours like sharing music online and everything. So what what sort of music distribution services are using now -- like post your music for your fans to listen to or just select network with fans stuff like that what what sort of sites are you using these days. Well I mean them in -- since I've been I've been working on this new album for a couple of years and his first album in twenty years because it took a lot of time off in Silicon Valley running beat nick which is my startup company. And some in the last couple years as I've been -- pricing and recording the album -- then. Salute blogging using FaceBook and switzer and so on to salute -- had little bits and pieces of the music that I'm doing. And -- I've tried -- a bunch different services some. You know I used I I keep a mailing lists using. Cycles -- -- bridge which is -- I've been using a world class artists without a label. Put and that he threw them earlier in the year. -- -- preview of my album and -- that was quite impressive and then and then on my own site I -- -- in a top student top spin for a shop fronts on. And sun -- bunch of different services like that you know that it's very unclear what the rights kind of new -- to -- -- result that we need. -- but it certainly lived it that the idea in -- the record label services of yesteryear. -- -- no longer something that musicians rating required to get the music catch of that fact. -- aside a question you've been obviously in the music -- -- -- for quite some time and you've seen it evolve. Has anything really surprise you as this. Digital distribution model has of all the what is kind of stuck out in your mind at the as he's seen how the music industry -- change. Grown it who has it benefited artists or heard artists. -- it's a huge benefit to artist in the long run. Nothingness of does so or -- some you know cost periods during the crossover if you like. For example you know the first albums that I made the only way the world is up against it hit them was assigned to a label. Hands they printed up pieces of plastic and ship them. And yet somehow the stuff ended up you know as MP threes on and sharing networks and so somebody actually you know -- approached -- It's not that I'm against that and I'm very much in favor of it moving forward. But it's a little bit -- -- for -- nano for me and for the old world record industry. Because you know we made the stuff on the one -- conditions and now everything has changed. But that said -- what I love -- not -- option you know can I can release a single in the I can put a -- up -- -- in the next month to change the second list lyrics and put up a new bush alongside him because of low long tail is no reason to. Team united not to have them both up that -- I really welcome the fact that it's no long grip back you know a street date. And keeping everything cautioned to -- -- why you couldn't you can take the whole. Era of of a particular album. And -- fans are involved and invested in them from the beginning from the creation you know through to the Turin and the album coming -- Ash have a question for eighteen Thomas are you still you're still printing -- CD's that are you completely digital and -- that you distributing music. I'm still printing CD's some because the kind of well let's say that the the hard -- fan base that I have I think still want to have a physical products. Sort of like -- -- it. -- but I'm finding that. The reason to -- physical products whole. -- is actually that you can include in a nice tactile -- such. I would come and view my CDs as the deluxe product in a way but the cheapest way to get it if you just wanna quickly and cheaply is to get it digitally. Now I think did that -- think that -- background while I may be album sales are up that there's still this that the sentimental kind of feeling of buying an entire album are buying an entire CD. Or are really experienced in the entirety of -- artists you know output. I think possibly -- and I think I think you know that American industries what's left of it is actually -- if if this Nielsen thing is is you know gonna find it -- Which starts in the see the positive results of the fact that we've introduced a whole new generation. Alt music fans to a whole new bunch of bands and artists. And and the thing about them about all of the sharing and and the downloading and so on is that. Until you get people hooked on your music there's -- market sell them anything. You know and this is always been the case -- -- in the old days. You we -- to -- to make reckless and give them as a radio stations or TV channels who would then sell advertising around it when we're happy to do that. -- -- in fact if we could flick a switch and do it times ten we would do it in -- -- And the reason is that -- you know you need to get people hooked on the music you need to get -- -- whilom. -- their brains so the next time they near the that your cat -- You know they'll they'll get the warm fuzz -- and and buy your music so that that formula has never change. So anyway just food distribution and old of the downloading an -- -- Is just the most efficient way ever to get huge numbers of people hooked on music so that you can sell them something. So what it what are your thoughts on sort of a obviously -- Attempted I think in a -- is to delay. The rollout of digital distribution we've seen a lot of lawsuits we've seen a lot of of threatening postures and and doomsday scenarios. Has gotten a lot aren't you think Ben beneficial to artists is -- edited and or hasn't been a little bit of overprotection. -- certainly of the protectionists I think that was the labels of the putting the brakes on the had a very good for number two case they were the only ones capable. All of all of you know -- pressing on some distribution networks they -- and -- got totally ready. And they got very used to that on they got used to being the ones that predict what music the public got here. I'm so -- very entrenched and I think when they so this. Juggernaut coming round the bend. In the form of digital music. -- they did everything they could put the brakes on and I think that's that's a natural response I think that the steel industry -- the coal mining industry. Would have done the same in this situation. But the result is gonna be not pretty very different. You know times change and the public moves on. And they had their heyday and I'm afraid -- it's it's our sister. He just released a new EP in March called Oceana do you wanna tell us about how how it's tied to your video game. Yes I wrote my new album is called amount of the flights and -- And it's coming out and the full. And it has three parts to it and each one is different continents. The continents called the noise and -- in an Americana. And but no way it is is about cities and so this is quite dot com properties city person. And as got more of an electronic fields and it Americana on the other hand this is -- -- -- -- look back that twentysomething years that I lived in the USA. And it and about routes American culture. Which I'm I'm very fond -- Ocean we on the other hand was was written entirely in response to ram today on in the -- -- of money. Vintage 1930s -- looking out over the North Sea. Powered by wind turbine and solar panels. And done in assessing like it's impossible not to write songs that reflect. And as I thought about ways to promote this and ways to differentiates it from of the stuff -- there. I was very struck by the fact that. Two in the years that goes away from -- -- spent twenty years in Silicon Valley and my company -- Com. I would go on the Internet and I would find forums and users were people would dissecting my songs and lyrics. And taking on the roles of -- -- in my songs. And even writing collaborative fiction fan fiction -- balance the story lines and my son's. And the sizzle with me making no new music until I fell one of those guys that's the -- and just got bigger. -- and so I was determined when -- make when -- -- trying to get my arms around this this under Karen on the Internet. And so and -- connection -- with the with my new album to continue -- of of the story lines. So the first thing I did was I put every writes -- and parents and place name from all of my songs into big -- -- place. I went to a an excellent game design medical Andrea Phillips. Showed that takes place and and she said Willis is gonna could bassist for trading and online trading. And -- -- he -- it that. And I came up with the sort of back story and scenario for it and she in some great developers. Would meet every day on Skype. And that we have what we -- scrum. And over the course the last six months we've built the game. A map of the -- its existing so -- a floating city dot com you can join -- -- well under way. And -- hundreds applies online any time it's completely free works in a browser. No -- software to download -- -- ipads and iphones -- Iraq. I like -- constant in the basic mechanics are back trading. But the back story is fascinating and the forums -- really where the action happens. So what you do in the game is you have too -- to solve problems and collaborative they come up with solutions. There are nine tribes in the -- city. And you exploring a map that's built on Google map technology. -- it turns out that you can do a little ways to Google Maps. I'm using you -- fictional places. And so what you seek a scroll around you can zoom in and you can click on market is the way you used to in a Google map. But this is entirely my fictional space. And done. As you play the game the nine tried to converging on on the North Pole. Which does not know ice caps of course. And the gonna build a floating city -- which is sort of like. A maritime version of burning them. -- -- So it reminds me and -- -- -- Neal Stephenson snow crash. Yet it's a little bit and the scum by China Melville definite and even JG dialogue trend ruled this little points of reference. Now it's -- I love that you. We have found that so often on the show we talk about all the time that out that our product is made so much better by the community in the interact with the community. And it's this seems like -- the perfect way to get talk a little bit about actually. The the patent system you've built like patenting process into the same. -- so I am weather systems have gone haywire in the future and time. You can counteract. Things like -- -- attacks of rapid -- By coming up with patents to defend yourself using the -- and that are in -- Congo. So what -- to do is come up with a whimsical. Way to combine those on patents and filed a patent and if the patents approved. Then you will be protected. Against whatever the freak event may be. How quickly -- -- get approved. How publicly doesn't have the US patent that and how -- calculated they -- system is in its way folks in the US. I didn't get to know it's been seagulls are hungry Hampshire revealed that her backpack and you -- anti trolling divisive build mechanisms built and. Well I mean you have to deal with problems as they as they come up but some you're also dealing with the sort of legacy of of what happened before the big apocalypse because. Everybody's brain chemistry has been altered by this this world changing event. And people have only a very faint recollection of what happened before. The number as we -- it so by piecing together relics and clues from -- civilization. You actually get season of unravel this mystery those lot of interpretation by the -- themselves because incidents -- basically. Whatever the players decide is the truth becomes the truth. But wow that's cool gossip that's what I like wild. Scripts and the Atlantic that -- just let the -- of Angola. For my child -- I was building thank you so much is there anything else you wanna add about availability or where people can finally gained just one more time. Let's insists he dot com as the place to go once again it's free will just look you -- and it's gonna run for about the next them -- twelve weeks. The winning tribe in the game will get a private performance of my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And thank you again for your time had a lovely evening. You too -- to -- guys thank you thank you -- -- -- The -- to everyone cares about Google plus. Not everyone is still talking about -- loved -- Google bless you didn't I I really want them to open up. Google plus to the public soon because I'm starting to feel like what of those like tech journalists these banks -- just like. I gotta love my shiny new toy that you can't have right now. So I apologize -- that Berkshire. However apparently it's not just does it Mark Zuckerberg -- you -- Google plus -- doing it. Of course he's on Google plus now that I love how people are trying to like relief. Parse this of how his Google plus picture looks very you know distant and and -- -- has faced -- picture looks very happy and pleasant. Like -- he must care about one service more the other. -- -- That's what makes it look like it he -- is like a Big Brother is watching that picture you know like. I'm watching you. Don't even think -- -- idea of Indian heaven and -- -- -- like. Don't even think about it and apply that. Hey guys it's. Not often. -- -- if you talk about how well the tech world is getting access to Google plus and who really -- the number one person followed. Or is being thrown into circles and Google plus according to this social statistics dot com little tractor Mark Zuckerberg number one. With 29000 callers and -- the -- Larry Page of Google number two make on the on the ultra number three Sergey Brin for. Robert Scoble by Apple to be fair I just got to be fair I just got an answer. -- still he -- horizon ranks -- there's every. If you wanted to -- where where all the geeks are hanging out right now in school plus because I do not see one that like mainstream. Celebrity -- -- image here at all. Yeah I really I really want more people to get on Google plus right now Google plus to me -- like Twitter because anyone can -- like I can have my private circles but that anyone can add you and it's so it's healed impersonal that -- -- -- lately. I put him a third of personal think Ted thanks and thought it was -- -- -- -- the than -- land -- -- about -- I mean I guess anybody can do that opinion -- inserts to. You have more control to if you do but. But I I really like I maintain. And I said this before having used it that it would be really easy to make the switch if you are already kind of in the Google universe and now that I've used it a little bit -- like a low. Hell yeah. Like its Google plus may have saved my amber at times. You mean you mean you may stick with their Android phones thinks the Google plus plan and a -- that's occurring there of that stupid gingerbread crap but there today the shot to do that Hammond and machetes addict and had it totally worth it -- that -- But the integration. Is amazing Mikey get a little instant upload paying into the photos I mean really like for people once Google -- open to the public. And everyone can have it -- it's very hard right now to add friends. Mainly because there aren't that many need don't know -- they are and paint bucket of course making -- -- they'll put their maintenance of but man once that opens up you can just. You can just really like slide your social I've read in their purity kind of a Google person. The great thing about people -- use all these cool services they change their taskbar right they've they've sort of modernizing the look of everything. And they have that dirty little notification this guy in the top right corner. And I don't know about you but I'm kind of one of those zero in box that the people -- and every time you see little notification you're gonna click on it. And was -- gonna do it's gonna bring you back to Google plus the -- -- more. Yeah so -- hits the market really but it's fun it's clean I love it too bad you literally have enough my friends on right now so that's what stops me from -- It's awesome day it was supposed to be awesome good to be out today at what we've got. We just wrapped up that Facebook's keynote Mark Zuckerberg talk about the awesome new products often that we -- expecting and -- -- wanna talk about how awesome -- I don't get me wrong. We actually said if -- -- with us in our kind of live coverage of this event earlier -- We tried just that the -- -- ourselves we tried to prepare ourselves for being underwhelmed. Because let's be honest. That -- but keep -- -- -- -- and their on the underside all of them and to them awesome is sort of like the word doc or. Well our goal in New York -- But. In the week when Google plus. With stealing the spotlight probably even more than it deserves credit coming out like the Belle of the -- what is -- overjoyed to have a cool new thing to play it. To play with FaceBook came out Mark Zuckerberg came out and gave a twenty minute -- lesson. With normalize the -- -- them graphs about their -- financial growth. Which is a humble -- fibers one and announced. Group chat slightly redesigned group chat within FaceBook and a partnership with Skype. For video -- video -- 12 way video to. And that dollars that was the awesome announcement of it and -- that. To say it was underwhelming and disappointing and is an understatement. Yeah and I know that does happen sometimes and we get a much email give more likely to -- to hater aid or whatever but the fact is like. -- -- -- -- -- We taught we are talking about how there are plenty of other holes that could -- their product. What is real what it -- -- say it pretty much -- summed it up right here said video calling is now table stakes. Yeah for social products Google pluses group video chat is a big step board exactly it's absolutely -- -- -- now I'm and that's something there was no there was no innovation here so. To wrap up some of the rumors going into this I mean obviously Skype calling was a -- -- era make group chat. Great I'm or real that is but has group -- love their little demo about how you -- you wanna go to the movies with someone. You can just click on names Adam -- -- -- -- -- on them we've -- been that we've seen that yet in the world of beluga. -- way to catch up right. You don't need a press conference it is roll that out. And then video chat is like a nice to have but it for one thing the Skype client the only Skype client that will support this is the Windows Client. W had a friend in FaceBook want to thank you when you're using the client you can't do on Mac it to be -- but the FaceBook. Either FaceBook the FaceBook or FaceBook to a user. -- is using the windows five point three client of sky right no other platforms supported from what we've heard some people using other browsers like opera. Are not able to use the -- but chat. Feature either the -- -- expert that the the video chat with in the opera browser the FaceBook chat for video -- enables artists say that it doesn't it's not applicable for them. So we don't -- they don't break down data and break down a spec sheet of what it works for what it doesn't work for or solicited quick it. Well and -- C like from the demo holly -- our -- pointed out it seems like from the demo that when the video chat. Is open you can't interact with the page in anyway let me get took over the page quickly takes over the page -- -- per -- property is the client. And then still be able to interact with -- -- not -- group and Apple and video chatting with you mom but you know of them do that all the time we browser only video chat while we're just hanging out or want to look something up I mean half the time or having a conversation and you know where it like that I'll find out right when when the movie starts or or. Or if they -- video chatting we're trying to like plan a trip. Yeah that I wanna be like -- go over to the web and in -- go to a different tab but it -- it frankly it seems a little bit clunky. And to not come out with something that matches. The features of the eight day old baby. Google plus with its hang out now I don't -- you guys know about the hang out feature but you can within Google plus. Invite someone through a video chat uses their mobile phones. And you can have up to nine people and an -- It's pretty much you choose a circle to make yourself available or a group of friends are everybody and then you just. Wait until someone jumps in and joins in and then you can instantly start having a group chat video chat. When your friends by hanging out -- that's a compelling feature that we haven't seen before. Yeah but when you launch a press conference like this you have all eyes on you you -- is awesome. Everyone in the tech media world was fixed and focus on what was happening -- FaceBook. And it was just -- yeah it was just. Is a whoopee cushion. -- is that it. -- you want to have these Apple style -- and and you know like sometimes you read it Dr. Seuss book and you're like wild but the main thing -- read some other children's book where they try to rhyme and it turns out -- -- like way harder than you thought it was. And doctors -- make the team really think he's really freaking good at that. And rhyming and a hard -- of the -- Like you know -- Keynote then press conference is apparently are actually kind of hard to do because that was just you did not need of a president and. It not -- a blog post about the blog posts serious. Slated for this we show remember to -- -- live each weekday at 10:30 AM Pacific time at cnet.com slash live. I'm Brian Tong and this has been the best of -- --

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