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Tech Culture: Ep. 9: Military-grade laptops, 3DTV testing, and Black Friday deals

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Tech Culture: Ep. 9: Military-grade laptops, 3DTV testing, and Black Friday deals

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This week, we spot an Apple pop-up store in NYC, check out a nearly bullet-proof rugged laptop, find out how Sony's PS3 3DTV scored, and dish out a few tips for getting great Black Friday deals.

Of every go to my -- smooth this transition ever -- -- everybody. Thank you think of us having opening credit -- and it's god it's like a nice -- cup coffee anyway headphones and I can hot today. Everything feels good today and it does feel good today lies in its its amazing we have so many exciting exciting things to tell you about that I -- -- arm means just because this week. I blew the cover virus that. Right that's right Scott what have you got for us this week -- found it disturbing architecture and low viral video trend really. Involving the atom taking advantage of of of crying kids who were upset about their sports teams losing like those ads that -- at the front horrid debt tirade when he got for us. We'll be looking at the Sony PlayStation 3 television which is an actually TV but there has been playing with -- says that content whilst on the environment -- -- and -- we're gonna look at -- If it's any good Obama cool cool -- Well in the lab right now we have the Dell XPS right in addition and so on we have a little clip of maintenance and answer period that. So that there on. That's very cool I get a bunch of cool things including something I've discovered by random this week and walking around SoHo. There is an effect I'll -- -- color pictures from that first there is an Apple pop up stores that I just ran across. And I have -- photos are taken site it is just a couple of blocks and the big prince street Apple Store which was the first. I'm a big Apple Store in New York ended up they did a pop up version just to handle the overflow from the gigantic Apple -- that used to be the big post office down in -- For this one picture. It's sort of just like regular -- -- a little bit smaller -- kind of a funky -- -- that actually on there I am up on the stairs leading it to my pants. This is a better looking elevator right there it's like if it's like a boutiques list gallery space I think it's done. -- Green street probably I forget exactly where it was but just south of them like between -- and broom. And -- downstairs when -- had all the stuff for sale they had stuff prepackaged ready to go to bank desk. And have it if you want by the Scott have you -- this now but I and other. I think -- in a matter of days the Grand Central Apple Store meaning which is going to be the largest vertically because the Fifth Avenue once pretty large -- -- That's like. But until permanent store the early holiday pop up. And Siemens I know was like that is your right there was under construction -- -- -- part of the reason there's a long slow down -- -- -- regular the first Apple stirring up with the -- -- one that one still open but it's so crowded. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then it's oddly on the same block as. Now there's a beats audio pop up store there and home like -- -- -- I think -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- -- you can -- -- but here's the thing if you look at the thickest -- guard outside of each of these pop up stores is -- guy right there who's not. Particularly happy that was taking pictures of the -- park -- store. And then if you write a phase I is you know he's just standing in front of corporate logo to me look like -- without. But that flag it looks like one of those alternate universe science fiction movies were that's like some sort of it's like -- -- -- alternate earth. Yes like Gilligan 1980s alternate earth and then on the same -- was also this -- sister and it's always there but that. But that's a big tech blog right there. -- So there you go that today if you need to get an Apple stuff all the -- -- to -- -- -- I go check out the pop up store down -- down in -- -- -- that was cool. On the hardware wise are punishing you guys something real fast and that is a eight crazy rugged laptop that we've just -- receiving at the video for up here. -- -- Alicia a little preview and in Julie's gonna show to you in person this is a Dell XFR and we've tested some rugged laptops and lands. Before over the is the really get Julie like maybe one a year maybe if if that many he. At some of the more rugged but -- usually what they call semi rugged that's like a lot of -- top -- like that that Dell and HP both have laptops like that. And they're just either the regular laptop and some extra -- on it or maybe they heavy water resistant keyboard. I'm I remember one infamous case a couple of years ago I'm not -- the manufacture the particulars that laptop was but I tried the water resistant keyboard out. While shooting the first look video says that while watching can resist -- waters that poured water on the keyboard. I must -- a little -- -- aggressively it was just a couple of ounces but the whole thing just went up in a puff of smoke. And I've down that visible that was the average time to a laptop end and how many laptops -- broken since then. And now it's really only one -- we -- -- is really prominent with the law well -- as someone who -- -- I wanna have to aren't a lot of times we get prototyping and get on some models have enough police backed out so just burn out after Antarctica and doing -- -- starts to sleep from your finger up. Destroy it will have -- instantly and -- -- -- to get -- little test video of the PL XF and whatever I hate the term resistant angry because there's really no use for it like -- waters -- get a lot of Walt -- don't know if you can swim with that are not its break resistant -- -- that has -- we're taking a look at this thing right here just in the landing field with a big military briefcase inside. Got a core I seven it's actually fully expect outlet that -- like how all the ports and connections. Were under these -- clips -- we had to pull them academics and -- resistant to wind resistance of the water resistant. And our -- tough booklet it's I -- the make a hard core tablet. And NIC had most of the ports that you want to a lot of IU SB ports is the optical drive and USB both over there there's even an HDMI port that under its own separate. Little connection that's right there would assure you that right now. Though you know core I seven all that stuff including HDMI. You know things like it has everything you want although obviously very big and very expensive very -- -- gonna stand on right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's out you know I wouldn't it could find out if there now I think -- I think the video first proposed. It looks like -- a laptop does permanently bonded with the suitcase in -- like a giant. Like a giant otter box -- -- it really is an Islamic. That a video -- -- -- -- originally actually did step wanna know what did you feel when he stepped on it -- -- little afraid to get too aggressive well. What hat as -- -- -- -- -- because thousands have now because it was it was top up sounds to keys doesn't it. It does it does lay because it -- again with pop -- of the screen was on top and I'm stepping on the top so. Am I thought that bend in a little bit as I was you know -- my second line and honestly now I -- -- got my second -- left lit. But I guess not as vital with the thing I know he does well -- a day with canals if you -- -- -- -- -- meet the ultimate in terms like that and the -- Who -- his hands tied to. Look at the list of tests they claim they ran on this including. 72 inches. On to two inches of plywood over concrete. Once on each face in once on each quarter and then he repeated that has 26 times and the system pass that test which means it turned on after that. And they also did Lycos a shorter open and on task and and -- -- -- we did particle yet. Will look at the more those later and to a data and I guessed. I don't wanna break and other rugged laptop so I -- the -- -- -- And what isn't cool looking things we can do an event and I'm gonna ruin your only you know review sample I don't be that guy who takes like a big drill goes c'mon let's see if -- -- -- this. Though so we'll we'll see what happens how rugged covered attire TV -- can't do candidate there are no. Yeah. I volunteer military grade wants TV I have and -- to -- the on the review TV the only TV in the country at that time its auto plant. Man they get our busy putting it on the actual stand and the moon the actual gold -- and mine alone. That's that's an unavoidable and. Was there was some choice would -- that -- the Buffy do -- to see the other when I got it right here to see little size reference to it. So it looks like a big briefcase Canada really actually super -- that with -- -- built in. -- -- with a strap that yes you can Wear it like -- -- and attach a case and I open up real fans how heavy is nothing hi I'm gonna ask you and you're gonna. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that narrative and the -- core I seven though and that's not a bad thing keyboards pretty good touch bad to good size though if you're if you're in Iraq and you need a laptop. It -- got innocent like and sand protection lol it's not a one -- -- Oh and I honor I'd say -- -- nine pounds probably that in real measurements. -- thought. In metric how many inches and check podcasts. That's -- when he hectares. -- tech heavyweights. -- in European. And -- -- -- it. We it's allowing -- that this XPS on it wouldn't look at this stuff on the line it's. Oracle limited use but it's called look at stuff that normal people would buy occasionally just to kind of show you that -- -- kind of fun we kept an eye out there and it's. Com I do somewhere I'm gonna find it it's definitely you know it's -- -- it's not about 700 bucks and it really. There I think you know you could very well be more an -- -- -- pricing -- with a configuration that we have and -- figure it out but down other any rugged TVs that that's a if you have it -- we don't if you have the tent set up in Iraq. In the military base and you have to have a screen right the data on it there's gotta be some sort of rugged TV or maybe either in the -- case and an odd about. And a case I'm worth investigating now I feel like posting them any future if you want -- -- realize that I'm. I don't know if you look at a Starbucks for a meeting with someone and without a laptop like that we're -- -- along -- -- this. You know -- a cyberpunk you come open that up. Here's the deal and I'm gonna pay him. -- tell me about these crazy videos you found and you had an and you had a Twitter conversation back and -- with Kara swisher from the Wall Street Journal's all things -- that about. In a brief morning exchange where I mean -- -- -- sent by Bonnie Cha this video because the jets are horrible lately of this -- that remind me of myself crying. Realizing the agencies and is going and the team's here and here disease that. Plane. And that a development of -- on it and then I -- area's current. And -- on I feel terrible for this -- and arrogant who the -- but he's just going over the playoff scenarios and doesn't. And anybody somehow obviously had a flashback he's 37 -- -- -- -- -- And out he's going over all the tiebreaker -- -- angles of the tiebreaker in the hours scheduled Texan and I can losing -- games so that was really sad and then this morning actually. It was. Kara -- -- residual posted. This video of a little kid crying. About the Packers -- and the vikings took a -- a and a again and girls added and heartbreaking and -- feel today's event and then. Of the voice of the of the mother or -- mother like figure has a similar its own advice wait a second was all happening in the same house all. But it I think as a copycat. Video what what a sad copycat trend of just like quarter -- -- panic and try. And then asking in -- these videos they go. Why he said that and how climate strategy team -- You -- that though the chance to win again. It's almost like a -- it's -- horrible therapist -- voice and very very monotone and is getting -- to do explained in full detail. Why they're so sad. But -- -- -- making them feel better in a way that's making them feel worse you know a man you know -- -- -- -- on the other bloggers are pretty big and maybe they won't win any more games against I had an idea so that I'm we'll see how anymore of those emerge. With that with other losing teams and maybe it'll even be like the downfall Hitler video you know. Kids crying about all kinds of things. To be crying about things that are not about sports zone and my Android phone can't get ice cream sandwich yep I'll and I don't have to end it and -- and -- why do you get a jump on -- bandwagon. Why you understand college and went out and out on how -- he -- sports fan and I kid video. The Leone he cries irrationally about many things and I would feel horrible exposing him to this at the same time when an opportunity -- What an opportunity for fame that's right that I'm not gonna -- this time once -- so -- -- need to couch to crash on -- -- opening new apartment has never -- dad no I'm far away. I'm not doing -- I right. I assume these kids are from some underground laboratory that's not actual outsold because who does this to their children. -- that is too funny. There are the films is uneasily sky rim giants beating people up videos of lifting this week here at one more -- -- and call -- here where your real -- That is related to what time is going to talk about and we actually looked at -- of the last week. And that. News. Where is it. Anything. And relatives -- a little bit of a just like a little bit of that and that -- the that the 3-D TV and I'm showing it to you in the in the double view mode with the glasses on. He won rider and the lunatic -- enough to see both screens goes to together. And that is the and I'm -- they're really capabilities actual name of this product is high. The -- that I can find at the Sony PlayStation 3 3-D TV yeah but it took -- a long time to actually formally name it. Because it is not actually television because it doesn't but the monochrome bull -- so -- -- -- -- -- playstations Green okay but I -- some -- technology in recent you'd -- -- because of that dual capability you can have two people and program one PlayStation. And essentially he you'd like to pay as -- and becomes who -- -- Cited the main capability of the screen isn't actually enabled -- -- by thickens and -- -- Say just basically instead have entity -- -- -- utility -- -- PS3'S. You can just -- it -- on one. Obviously that's 500 -- plus probably 100 to two bundles for next to -- I think there's 6960. On Boxee again. Ominous -- like while now supposed. -- -- -- yesterday you buy these things and is about four times that supported via the tools -- -- Motor storm that we just played. -- -- -- -- with two others and it. I'd probably be done and and a show all for now that I yet non account it's -- have real small -- that support it works really well there's no actual cost will take on C. The other person plying him but that's principles of funding in it he says that regular trash shot yeah I go to -- -- got to do find them and gentlemen analysts of that stuff. -- -- Up until it actually played mute keys and a thought it was probably the wireless product that Sony had to -- -- -- in it now. Five -- as well let's I don't scrolling MP3 player -- I think there were only wow wow yet so if it. Clearly bad because it nicely for example if you test the television on -- Sony PS3. It will detect there's nothing dad and ten and office itself off again. That is nothing plugged into -- straight away it's -- and -- -- and can't fix the go to new consulate for yeah exactly. How -- it as a greedy. TV as a three TB it's actually very good. Picture quality was very good and -- blacks will variant had an affair very small mountain it was basically -- and we with some of the more expensive two to 3000 -- televisions. So lawless I was hoping that it will be content terrible -- -- but it was actually good. And in the glasses -- cross compatible with regular Sony TV ad that -- and they claim -- universal glasses that work with other transit TV also -- I am trying to. Yeah I didn't -- -- that the that I think this Samsung. And Sony and Panasonic will. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They should really -- -- with a place -- Guy Jeff -- he sits next to me basically said this is a product designed to meet to have sitting on my desk and that's on the use for -- -- the cube Kenya -- and oh I know that you know intimately and yet elegant. 500 is a lot to spend for for -- -- novelty and I would also say that if you're calling it. More so if you're calling -- a PlayStation. On screen -- you -- college. It needs to work with all games the idea that only works of them with a -- handfuls told us -- I'm a huge library of up I would buy it assuming that it works -- PlayStation 3 games and it does it just doesn't do that did that -- the release grant data that at a 3-D it'll do on any game -- the split screen as one screen thing. But the fact that it only works on Daria hex numbers and you know that. That is the chief appeals that split screen if -- really is well but. There's so many TVs and 3-D capabilities now an -- an -- an expensive yes. And the big get the big problem is they have a program that into games are gonna go back in like an old games action to support this our new game development but recognize the problem -- have with the PlayStation -- compatibility thing manatees brief patch every times dragway for the PlayStation 3. -- -- -- -- -- -- Nine and evidence of a newer games leave them be who. Libya a -- -- -- -- and -- one that's -- -- -- I will say I try to data -- an Xbox into it Xbox-360. And I threw in that low. Anniversary edition that just came out -- that team -- there's got the three support. And I try that out -- and that worked in 3-D so little support 380 from other game console all other school. So you know it's just a regular -- -- a 24 -- nor is there a -- -- -- monitor got the emitter and sign in the active glasses -- any 3-D source triple again. Eat a Blu-ray player or PlayStation or an Xbox should be able -- -- just find it's got a thing to HDMI inputs and I think it has that component inputs -- I'm just a bit expensive that's not totally -- it's that you get at thirty and Lynchburg I mean -- 3-D. When you don't see every view on the other -- people are looking for -- -- -- -- -- -- wouldn't get -- restart. I have one gonna five point nine slow -- now that is -- All right well we'll we'll could not write -- -- -- going to are not -- on here that's on top ten holiday gift list they'll plot puts them it's a pentagon might huge. The size stocking -- right that's right. I figure I think there's too expensive actually Scott and Julie you guys -- remember the Chrome books. Google had its little Chrome book laptop that -- Chrome quote operating system that just the Chrome browser. On and then Samsung put out a version and then Acer also put out a version I think we reviewed both of those who are we reviewed the the Samsung series five and I don't know if we reviewed the -- version but they were all like 500 bucks bright which seemed like a heck of -- can certainly -- regular windows laptop that was eleven inch laptop like those for 500 bucks. They were apparently as of today a bunch of price cuts going on around as the official Google version. That you can still buy from Google we -- one of the floating around here somewhere. Is now is now 299. Instead of river for fifty or 500 bucks and the in the Samsung. Chrome book and the Acer Chrome book are now boasts 349. As of today which they're claiming is a great holiday discount for everybody but everyone here around the office thinks is just them admitting that nobody's buying these things and I think they need to come got a lot more than. And Israel has -- -- Just give him away but I mean -- they have a three G antenna gets away with ads or an end to iPhone went on -- I'm -- I. Obama then the -- at enterprises that -- point in the room that is great I don't. If they have three G antennas built in for the most part so -- -- sold a two year service contract with and you could give them away. If you -- somebody 43 bucks a month for for three G service I mean that makes perfect sense actually they were doing that would netbooks for helping you that's a fun idea that you can drop the price -- -- -- -- zero. I mean adding million dollars he would -- -- expenses. Considering the you can get. I netbooks for for two and and I were last you can get now what you see the pavilion DM one Z 399 and a great eleven inch laptop. That eyes full featured and has a really good battery life so what do you mean should be nowhere near to an area. But if they if they said free with a two year AT&T. Data contract OK -- I can see that. But that's about it is in the Kindle fire at 199 essentially. A web browsing bit -- -- competitor -- and. And it is nowhere to store anything on the Chrome books the other not compatible a lot of stuff right. You know they were there were interesting experiment for spent of the anyone's really by out of this nobody else -- had a Samsung and I think -- or even made them. Film though they -- what it will. Now I'm and to be pulling this from all but that was the One Laptop Per Child project now that's what I -- years ago -- crime scene and then never really can't I mean I think they did finally come out -- they were a lot more expensive and people five and use you could buy one. For a little while and you basically by two -- and one to you and went to a kid to basically buying one in donating one. But the -- never really took off and that's a shame because it's a great idea but I think there are so many low cost. Laptops now for. But that yet -- those -- as you heard from every year for a couple of years and actually the original netbooks grew out of that too. Time and and and and Intel's original netbook platform which is something -- building called it a netbook -- -- -- -- this kind of took that German ran with it. But that's it no laptops for children that's a nice day let them let them read. Or you or use other kids are using and it -- Our phones -- a true hand through. You know this week. -- this in this country but in areas yet areas of the world -- media and knowing that you name it as just that. -- so this -- a short week for guys so we do need to give people their Black Friday shopping tips if we have any. I'm -- -- we talked about some of the stuff around the office. This what -- -- -- Friday as the Friday after Thanksgiving and and they called him Monday if that follows which will be here for. Cyber Monday which is -- is term I've ever heard. Enabling act can work after it's a fake meat out things like robots attacks not I don't it's like chocolate -- -- it's a fake made -- term. On the Monday after Black Friday April goes back to work and -- -- their holiday shopping while their work on the boss's time. Surfing web sites for good bargains they -- that cyber money through all the sales now start on Friday. And go through till Monday in the line on this for Black Friday has by -- -- radio shows and stuff country you have to. On have -- company any really good thing to tell people other than. You know don't line up at midnight for -- door busters because the worn out and get them into public has been crushed against the glass which has. And die yeah I mean in turn every year some idiot gets killed and my Friday sale -- but it always handle home box. It's always -- on my bet is just like them and accident happened -- -- the greatest number of door consumers feel there's so much space it seems like it here and perhaps not flimsy glass. Right on those -- -- -- -- -- expansion to see lots of room. I mean general tips say yeah I mean maybe I'm just countered this is just my own thing -- do tend to stay away from all of like friend and I know that -- have a bad -- this series of Black Friday specials I would shop online -- don't -- to going to stores. Or they do then -- afterwards for the second -- because I feel especially in this economy. It would not surprise me -- the entire holiday season is gonna be full of discounts I don't think they won't end right after a bye for now keep I don't think that -- is going and going. And I think they'll start realizing -- people don't buy stuff -- and a -- further so. May be a real I think is -- -- year where after Black Friday you're gonna see a number of special discounts but annual -- occasional items I did see. Might might spot that's been going through my head since the he had this old thing -- on the -- Wii is being sold for. 99 dollars at Wal-Mart I was thinking ha -- we -- people just totally stay away from it or is there any value I still feel like there are probably. At idle and only on this I think they're still ten DMZ got -- the we have no -- got them before I think that'll be -- system for people. But the question is does it doesn't lose a lot of value considering how low is a 360 available for -- and and all things you can do as far as and histories are streaming services and who is out there who want to -- it has involvement and less like what five years. -- probably no one but there are I mean as much as I feel like people -- all the week. It's over and he looked back I think what they're about ten games actually really love for the -- I especially some of the -- Mario Zelda games and -- -- -- -- but then. It's true that -- the rest of it become a little bit of diminishing returns at this point and a couple of fun family games which I still feel like the 360 and PS3. -- -- -- -- I I continue to believe the most important single game the last ten years has been Wii Sports. But what it's still an influential game -- it's still fun to play if you've not played it it is still a weekend's worth a fine I think there's -- And Scott you've never played it which is going. -- -- you and I was counseled people on the Black Friday sales and circular is that you know like the and -- and Black Friday dot info and stay away from that like 200 dollar. Five per store laptop with like an Intel pentium dual oh yeah processor or seller on. Or -- -- like. You know and -- fifteen inch chassis stay away from -- if it's your door buster laptop specials are alike have a snake -- -- a lot of time because you're right back at the store the next month buying another laptop if you hate that when you bought. You can your best bet that the laptops is to research them I don't panic because there -- so many ways that a processor or something can be swapped out in you don't realize it and -- -- that. Heat of the moment purchasing we go 013 inch laptop all of this price looks like the other one and -- could actually -- -- there -- exactly what every company -- -- -- make all these chassis that are similar and then used a realistic at -- it does -- Bluetooth or it's not as much ram are tracked. Take the time and research because -- there's some of these configurations -- are significantly and subtly different. Time I have a question for you number one the number one thing people asking about is these be TVs they have -- the Black Friday circular is where -- like in a five restorative their early. It's like 500 bucks but look at Emerson -- like -- CNET. Should we definitely stay away from those -- -- it -- -- just it is an interesting. -- at -- put up by Geoff -- this week at -- on these we'd brands like you'll see -- -- public relations names of old gray exactly and apparently Phillips status as well a couple of the other sort of lesson -- -- less popular brands he has site. Look out for those because they usually. Pull quality nuts are sensitive to the -- What I'm here -- -- from from China. And -- -- offered cheap sometimes -- older 720. 1080 really really illiterate there really all that get it what you will see is I think. Because he's here at the cells it down. About 10% a musty. Of -- LC LCDs and plasmas so what you're going to see -- them trying to flog -- a lot of TVs between now Christmas because I haven't sold only pantry saw probably don't go -- for the really cheap ones. What we just did is put up last week a best TVs under a thousand -- Definitely look at dollars if you going to look at sub brands to colorful -- a fairly reliable in the sort of budget. Category obviously Samsung's there elegance about it he meets -- also Sony's BT means. But Panasonic's also -- brand's site. Occupant in this the Pentagon has -- -- view and Julie pointed out you're good at and Julie pointed out that it has fifty inch -- a key fifty ST thirty yeah yeah happens to be it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's on Amazon it's very mean and it went out appealing 15100 -- Yeah recipients ADHD he's just gonna ask them really Anna and I finally I -- Odyssey and as on line up to the -- out -- -- -- that's right got my. Samsung fifty inch plasma three last year although I did pay 15100 bucks for it although it did come with. Did you come with the ability through a Blu-ray player and they threw into of the -- with their with the two pairs of glasses and the three movies. -- This year's three. Yeah yeah. Content is there any hovering around the TV purchase that I didn't have been doing -- -- At Langley eight. And 32 and it makes any when he I have my when he -- is just the regular freaking TV in the event -- Yeah yeah. Definitely is that isn't any it's not because the a T well well have a flat aren't but the ride -- -- got. They've got that well the thing was that because at a un known act -- -- canyons. Yet this. Around that -- isn't a difference when you look at Lola when I was twelve I have to CD and -- you know -- that lasted for Amber's -- Arian and the thing is my thing is that. Companies. Like at all. But we're confident that thing died in -- -- But when it yet and the eighties that aren't on -- and plus -- that's lately it wasn't like act in. And -- -- group you know I'm just you know. And -- going to school without treatment -- signing. -- apps like. Race. Is this is fine with my room -- it wasn't at my apartment in now -- -- have an apartment. Need -- I play now that an entirely different -- and I -- two Panasonic's being sold in the future and an excellent -- the month. My yeah hiring of an enforcement Joanna and she did have a twelve inch TV and die and -- get same -- -- and alert you. That's -- she's not in the disk like you bush got -- Stand -- lives and -- and -- weekly like calling out back and I -- a 24 -- Vegas. As. Well it helps Santa brings both if you what you wanted I'm all off point got a complete a couple good deals I thought I'd be connect to an Xbox is going to be 99 bucks about the weekend. The popular if you're connected when fifteen pounds and 99 that's pretty -- analyzes actually Xbox itself now I think for the -- For the that the but the that the cheapest on the forum and I think a bunch -- -- -- -- about 150. On the hard drive -- -- and room. I think that the hard drive is really expensive and it's very proprietary again he added via a much better opt in part to the hard drive that will be available -- for 199 the price of the cheaper one and they've been thrown some gains and each store is gonna have a slightly different version of that deal that actually came from Microsoft's PR firm to be directly they said. Here's some stuff to different stores are gonna have each feels a little bit different but it's basically discount on the council's relate. Friday Saturday Sunday and then for connect through the beginning of next week and -- some games to actually think that means to get like 39 bucks a lot of doors for stuff like that. And it was so people get the bar code scanner app that. Red laser shop savvy. Is a CNET version for Android. I'll release in the bar code in the sort it'll tell you where on line in other you know anything locally what other prices -- That it has got to be -- -- -- -- -- baby and child care and of them when I go to the store nice dad and I think these. Errors out. And then two and into wrapped up just because you're running out of time. Refer holiday shopping tips I brought in and using design as. Somebody wacky schemes I've gotten in the last couple of weeks I don't know he should be on your holiday list or not. But I'm gonna show on T anyway I couldn't bear to bring any mine and I say it's. It's it's I totally -- -- of these even before these are the crazy schemes have gotten the last few weeks I tell me if any these are on your game on wishlists. And -- -- -- -- for the week. Active life musical carnival as you see -- schemes to sue them plastic however I do intend to whip it out and try it at some point. I'd -- happy kids are having a good time at the magical musical carnival is it musical notes magical -- -- -- Those -- just the -- Vietnam box -- enough. If you know alone is enough to like to get three different than any game genres all combined into one box that there is something with the guy's face on it I guess I'm Wilson who this is its Jimmie Johnson's anything with an engine. Could -- be on the celebrity call -- since the on what with the one with the gaga Jerry Rice denied this dog football for -- Amara but how is punch -- but it doesn't exist though I never heard of Jimmy Johnson but apparently he drives go carts -- I always -- was an NFL -- and I realize there is -- Jimmy -- and zooming gently as younger. That even honor -- -- Deep talk show critical Lila no it's not -- Doctor Who companion it has some sort of anthropomorphic. Color real lets you view and helps you relax through the use of your connects to this wanted to comment I'm curious to I would like I hear that every -- -- -- -- I wanna take some easy money don't forget herbal I drank like -- cameo role. We you know -- -- and -- That's -- and then and then sit around and and look at it here is on the back. And then and then my and that's got a living my life fellow who -- games that -- for AOL she's someone forgot to interview Deepak -- about this game. And apparently he only does interviews in hotel room surrounded by dozens of lit candles and like soft light. That is out and it's only roles Lal and then played this game then I -- -- he discussed. It's it's insane in the introduction of that that -- it is very instant in tapping the powers of the Kinect herb alive in an edit one category apps on and I have what -- -- this is the -- one does the honest one yet it is it is there's the Teamsters -- -- -- -- is used to connect to insert yourself into movies -- -- is not that I assembled they've got to place it with a giant Green -- that's right it's right but now they have different versions of its of this is you start in TV edition. -- apparently you can insert yourself into clips from like the real world and Jersey Shore and the -- with them. I'm really not sure what the entertainment -- -- SER. Sorry if there is whatever that girl's name is on the bottom this -- and okay and hit as the giant shop there and Rebecca is in any -- the track where do I -- -- -- and you'll be -- Green -- anymore -- -- kind of grand view and -- union. So -- -- street and -- holiday season -- that would actually be a good. Slide -- -- if you do that. Religious holiday season -- on a stand is a -- use. All right so we'll talk to me we'll talk some more about strange quality -- next time but until then time -- thank you for joining us today thank you -- -- -- having here more often I've got to really fantastic show as always. If anyone has -- cruising -- notes or plugs now is the time to tell me about -- you have one minute and 59 seconds into music went. And it. I think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it -- iMac at enactment Twitter and you can get a front FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash C Atlantis -- and of course -- -- dot com is also at the Atlanta against. How -- he -- money to -- -- -- and feed Thanksgiving -- -- target vegetarian Thanksgiving feast take pictures and tell Leo about how it down and that's -- I'm gonna say there are open. -- -- --

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