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Mobile: Ep.9: Data theft disguised as a wallpaper

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Mobile: Ep.9: Data theft disguised as a wallpaper

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A wallpaper app that steals your personal info, piracy controls coming to the Android Marketplace, and a look into the world of Android gaming. Plus, Jeff Bakalar shares an awesome tip on creating itineraries for Google Maps Navigation, and Jessica Dolcourt helps us pronounce the death of the Android phone that started it all.

A wallpaper of the steal your personal info -- piracy controls on -- of privacy coming to the Android market place probably a little bit of both and brief look into the world of Android gaining all -- more on this week's edition of -- -- that was weekly for Thursday July 20 ninth. When he ten I'm Jason Howell a drug once again by Jessica -- court that you so much for coming into the studio -- so while it's. And all the way from New York we have we welcomed by way of high tech genius -- stuff. Jeff Bakalar race going on guys -- think you. It really is pretty brief a -- a Q and because you're actually a new. Convert to -- -- world. I am only about two months deep -- loving life. You have you don't go I do you have -- Tivo really -- -- kind of book. Yeah that was yeah. Oh there it is in the -- is really large -- It's insane isn't taking up the entire screen it might as movie. No almost -- Diane mean. Yeah -- that. Yeah I was gonna say have you have you Nasrallah enjoyed -- at all and compassion. Yet it it's got the same thing as screenwriter for right -- -- point 30 yeah yeah it looks a little bit bigger. Does it has a little more weight to it is -- I think -- -- that not in Indiana. A little -- lit up at the top or whatever right addiction that Motorola seems like engine -- and target now is -- it is has to reverse tonight. It's got a huge -- like me however I -- I can her face that make you look good on video. Nascent market that could put on the -- and Jeff I would imagine that you'd be excited with the first bit of news that we have here for your evil four geez we'll start with that. Android 2.2 -- Leo update its -- kind of trickle you know can circulating out there. That possibly be for you update might be hitting your Tivo -- soon as this weekend's. Yeah I I don't know if I believe that but I want to believe that because that's very exciting Aaron that was the one sort of thing I was kind of bummed out. At about when the evil came out was that have come with two point one and Helen I'm like I'm like on the all these forms like -- two point Q coming down their -- You'll nude dude by the end of the year yeah men little did you know you be waiting months. For another so so this holds true in and in this thing sort of comes out within the next couple days I will be -- happy man. Put I don't know the -- we're looking at some news she'd be sort of sprint internal PowerPoint. Yeah trust those things are now you never know what to expect in a lot of these things and -- dual definitely say in the past when you know I got my Android and then two point one was coming out. I feel like the on how to put one is gonna hit your phones this weekend and -- a bit of news happened like 45 times like on different weeks before it actually happened. -- so. Who knows that you're still gonna wake up and check the front marred oh yeah appears like an attack every five minutes ten minutes after that I've actually got a series of alarms -- -- -- Find out if it's for in the morning I will be the first then you will now -- it'll sound its siren song. It also actually this this little bit of news does go on to say that it will possibly introduce a host of new preloaded widgets flash flashlight mode for the LED flash. -- -- 720. The for -- updates that's pretty cool yeah it almost looks like he goes above and beyond what rodeo has to offer this though this is very access. And the -- not alone there are other rumors that it will amount -- That's right Verizon specifically Verizon has a lot of the the new you know Android. Phones that are kind of big right now the destroyed incredible Detroit acts of course the old school adroit which. The one that I have but. More more sources saying that it's possible these and these updates might happen since August 6 so sixth through the fifteenth of very soon -- the corner. What's interesting about this especially. Is that this is three different device makers HTC Motorola. No right. Yes no sorry to different device makers. Three different. -- Versions of for a -- Leo or -- VoS you've got HTC sense you've got moto blur and you've got original Android stock for them all to combine at the same time today. It's like an eclipse it's unbelievable the -- -- line that's right. So I guess we'll see if that happens but would be so cool to be a good next couple weeks and then of course Detroit acts which is the new hot. Verizon -- some people are saying that they're already getting the over the air I don't know what currently better not let Woolsey and maybe those are rolling out this weekend to. Cool. Austin all right so the next bit of news is a little bit darker potentially black hat conference is happening right now one of the big thing is -- come out this is. Kind of confirming some of the suspicions and discussions that we've had a previous shows as far as security with the with the app store. And basically a a wallpaper -- Was released to the app store and what it ended up doing unbeknownst to the millions of people -- downloaded it. Is I collected personal data send it to mysterious site on China. It's been built downloaded a number of times a whole lot of times so obviously people who knows -- going on. That this is really shady stuff kind of puts you know the security of the Android market place in question. Alley and and -- lots of times -- mean ballpark range here he's our talking about how many total what is it anywhere between let's just -- number anywhere between one point 1000000 and four point six million I don't you're a couple of somewhere in there. Look he's retired I -- here. I like the accuracy of that yet totally I guess it's really hard to know this for sure -- marketplace they from what I understand doesn't release specific figures to your kind of going off of you know third parties maybe like Apple brain which account compiles a lot of these download figures stuff like that so. I'm this is -- this is still little. Upsetting I mean you know you you you hear about have apps -- has this rigorous sort of intense. You know validation process them and -- really. -- really -- -- -- Android market goes to I guess approving these apps and it's definitely and I opening sort of story. Right and this does kind of make BK for Apple's method and it's very stringent restrictions. And they could point to -- that this is why we do we -- Yeah yeah now although although on the other side you know that doesn't make Apple's. -- process. More safe necessarily because like with a flashlight out -- was a flashlight -- couple weeks ago that's not in the tethering. You know functionality underneath that could very well in some sort of you know key logging. -- functionality or something something along those lines he never really know in this case they were not capturing browsing history text messages stuff like that they were capturing. Here's sim card numbers subscriber identification. Which -- password. As long as it was programmed automatically into the phone. I need my voicemail password -- you've got some interest in voicemail and and I don't want to listen to. Rock have path would have bizarre -- -- -- them it's very bizarre and so anyway the app in question came from. I.s that Jackie. Wallpaper so I guess I would imagine it for movies -- now let if -- -- has been viewed. Yeah it no matter how good that wallpaper is no matter how much it moves and maybe also -- wallpaper in the world but you don't need it. Alright in other news. I. Think this is pretty uninteresting and Jessica you wrote an article about -- -- licensing changes. That could cap the Android piracy score -- is -- -- -- Sir sir it into your developing and running it may -- out. Absolutely they're basically what Google -- was they released the news to its developers. And today every developer is basically thing that there is going to be a new licensing service that will help. Protect copyrighted. Or -- protect material from being. Copy that copy protection for a premium apps and what it does is. If the developers provide -- a little bit of extra work on there and and they can have -- apps. Essentially. Start pinging and new server. And that can then determine if that -- has been legitimately purchase through the Android market. So it invalidated in real time yet which sounds to me -- kind of reminds me a hole -- Microsoft genuine. Yeah -- genuine advantage mountain program. And which I remember taking extra time and that annoying means so we're not really sure what it's gonna happen on the user and hopefully Google has orchestrated that's an away that it will be seamless for users and the developers will be happy because they're making money on their apps. And that of having -- apps pirated and then have them on your life. Absolutely obviously developers the should be rewarded for the hard -- that they do so they put up an app that he knows is to be paid for hopefully as a paying for consumption of these guys and -- aren't gonna. Anything in -- -- money necessarily doing this in the hopes that they will eventually. -- I guess it's very easy on the and the Android platform to take any PK file and just install it and this is kind of wind -- yeah you -- on -- -- you and then you can copy. Your hard drive and refund that -- really it its marketing that okay I heard about I don't do that -- -- I'm opening my eyes. I'm naughty naughty things add any -- so the prevalence of -- and work retroactively varieties of helpers. They're gonna have to introduce a new -- or action. And I guess the risk here is that like and you you alluded to this is is is all done in real time the checking is done in real time so. You know what happens if you're running an -- you've legitimately paid for you don't have access to three G and you don't have access to Wi-Fi right what it offline yet. I it is don't get access to your -- we don't need yeah. Sort of implying that but I you have to imagine there's some some. Corrosion in place for offline. Yeah yeah and also so yeah word does it check the first time and -- I remember and that's it. You know we're the only check any time that YouTube have access online now yeah but but if you go back to the copying a PK filing and refund thing and you buy it legitimately it checks the first time and then you refunded -- -- already -- the key file. That doesn't work either mean yes I'll be very curious to see how this building successfully figured out that -- canyons -- thing I hate giving people ideas so off the it's -- well that's that's very interest and we'll -- plays out. Com also along the Android market tip. It looks like soon you'll be able to bill. Those -- the pay for legitimately. -- your carrier. Instead of using Google checkout hurt credit card and put. -- and the no interest there you go. In carrier billing and something's -- But all of the major mobile platform company at her urging Apple's already got it meant it out about their own credit card -- -- -- -- do they -- through iTunes yeah now. -- -- that but the -- is doing it I wouldn't difference. And that Microsoft's. Is also planning that yeah -- windows and -- Actually is -- seen before my Android phone I had -- -- -- the LG Andy and I have there was little Verizon. I guess you could call it an app store where you can buy games from and I was all -- used to be Aetna that was global. Right so its its satellite were re -- -- remembering how we did it back in the days of of York. It's funny you bring that up I remembered with all those were ice again Verizon back in the day and went and and for whatever reason it was I wasn't getting billed for -- for certain. Gains I was download now really and I just pleaded that visit never voted a moon and then yeah -- -- it was like this weird little loophole that I found myself. I think he should try that now but yeah I really did something was going on but. I this is a great idea because obviously. You're sort of removing that charge from a credit card or some like that year hopefully not paying interest on you know your your. Cellphone bill rise once in good shape. Yeah and and it's good for developers to be answered you're you're removing that extra step you're making it easy you're making it easy for people to buy your phone and not have to -- now and that anytime you do that. I mean they're they're paying on their -- -- it's so easy is -- Whatever -- get it and worry about it later you know anytime you're giving it credit card number there's a certain amount of immediacy of it can better -- -- in your region into your wallet there's that whole process. Hopped on to that anyway what app stores because you've already answered your question occurred informing -- direction and at the same this just gives you more options you -- -- would you rather see it. On your phone bill. In kind of have it as an extra costs along with -- -- -- -- -- average charges yeah in a letter at that are or with your other have a chat directly and united on the. There's -- psychological thing there where it's like we just see it as part of the bill it's just part of this greater big number that's always big. And they don't think twice about it when the credit card statement you see that those little charges you know one by one maybe there's the cycle -- Thailand -- -- and. Why I'd I'd I'd buy this -- -- played -- want. Why did I do that although I don't -- bundle of China president has made extra sticker shock at Margaret is always something but I am brave absolutely pressure. Our rates it is time if we had -- we would play it they're bidding due to the T-Mobile G1 aired as well. It's very sad -- -- And volume -- yes I did a little -- if you all of the youth art department with -- -- yeah. -- -- After almost two years the G1 is no longer available for purchase from T-Mobile and of course the T-Mobile G1 is notable because it was the very first Android phone -- and -- and the ugly it. Yeah it's not the prettiest thing world. I just remember when it came out and says that because here you know HT -- great phone. Here -- this opportunity it was the first time that Android with coming out. It totally had a chance to make -- name for themselves and a native of the saying -- -- huge. Thank -- declines in Ireland. You have to do the trick. I know it's not far we've come yeah exactly. Yeah -- says big deal that would defend kind of surprised that the G1 and officially outlasted and that's one. It isn't just. That's your T -- Digi one had a two year reign yeah Nexus One had what five months from like that I've picked up -- 56 months while it's. -- you -- that absolutely needs alright well we hardly knew -- T-Mobile G1 and I thank you for all the wonderful memories. And finally we have well this is kind of cool Google updated their maps which they seem to be doing every other week right now but that's great because it's a fantastic app. And the kind of I -- say that they necessarily created this new thing called places to places directory always already existed -- -- just kind of integrated it more tightly with maps -- and. It insisted on line. It they rolled it out and have kept enhancing it for amounts what they did was they actually. Broke out places and created almost the Yelp like -- app for it the same that you have an icon -- and navigation now. You can also update maps. And you'll get a brand new icon in your app launcher for places and when you open it at all of the same information that out and inner you have got a really good and -- -- defy -- to what it was before for sure. Circus before you just kind of have to search and trust that one of the first one of the top. -- three results -- going to be when that you want it and them like what does the -- of -- I think that Google is probably have a hard time communicating to people it was. And it would be harder to you that if you don't really know what it is -- are looking at and that's really dropped the spotlight. Yeah sure. And course -- -- so there -- notes -- scouring Yelp. City search -- up of Yahoo!. They're just basically taking in for Molly sources for things like reviews and stuff like that it gets a lot of strength of and. In they have to also make sure I think that if other sources -- -- hoping to get their data. They can't just continue to Leach all of -- information of the silly elbow goes away and -- we'll have another girl. I'm I'm a little -- its its really nice though and whether that's a good thing that every time I feel like I opened up Google Maps I have to do an update -- what it you know it it's nice to see that they -- just constantly. Constantly editing and tweaking in and improving. Maps and I mean I'm I've been using it religiously I'm very impressive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I believe with this update they're integrating traffic congestion into -- navigation as well so when you're navigating you -- -- you know street the year got turned down. Yeah it's really backed up in each -- around this perhaps start -- in. Estimated that the robot comes on -- turn turn important congestion. I wanted -- -- -- -- one of my favorite things about. The whole -- if -- break out is. That there are links to menus when available -- -- -- -- only reason and -- need -- or an -- -- -- -- actually use them yesterday. To look at a map of the place sorry -- as many as a map and map and outfielder who featured contestant but there you go. Alright -- that's schools to do it check that out. And it lets see here we just want to follow up on some tablet stuff well specifically the Dell streak which we had Donald bell on last week and he brought the Dell streak -- of the show. And the official price has been announced. 299. For a two year contract with -- AT&T. In 99. And I would be yeah I think that's that's good then I mean. I don't I just don't see the necessary and the reason for this mean yeah exactly and that's that's exactly what I think that if I were to -- I think I can deal with -- -- And it -- 515. Contract. That is true and it actually does make calls so it kind of is a phone technically yeah it's back to put it if you've ever -- yeah yeah yeah the thing is gigantic keeping. Either -- a big screen. Hold that up your for. And then of course. Another tablets is that's been getting a lot of press this week -- the Kmart. Released tablet for 150 dollars who's that -- I'll -- and I believe the -- -- Gen touch 78. No yet we've got such intensive media that is the Kmart special -- the blue light special actually on the check outline you can just pick it up. -- -- When you're not gonna come yet but now it's -- -- by an umbrella -- could. I get this this edition of wouldn't what was it I'm sorry I can't remember -- to get a comic when I was a kid Archie. There you can pick up of the than -- visual art the other double digest it and I'll get a tablet Y I Y nine and of the pack begun to death -- the call of the day. You're you're asking for when you call your product agenda -- 78. That's that is true I don't know about that over these tablets have horrible names. And but this particular actually you wouldn't know it from the 150 dollar price tag compared to other low cost standard tablets with the -- -- hundred two point -- No no that's not bad I'm sure it has a whole other reasons why it sucks -- But you know it's got integrated apps store which some of them haven't had Wi-Fi. Two gigabytes of memory built -- so. That the I guess the word on the street is it's not that great. I feel like these these tablets only did coverage if -- -- their amazing or incredibly -- Yeah examine. Yeah ever and -- we need -- really really. We need you don't like yeah this is solid media content and that gradient is solid -- tablet we need right now. And it -- it is worth pointing out before we move on that a tablet like this. Has limited functionality even though it's got Android as video -- and it's got access to the app store and everything like that. It doesn't have a lot of core features that the Android phones that most of these apps are created to work -- -- do -- -- GPS camera. -- call answers and buttons things like that that. In one way or another might be worked into how these apps operate at a court level so. You might end up you know with a headache. When -- running these tablets for that reason. But anyways so. The part where -- wanted to kind of talk a little bit about games. On the Android because the topic that seems to come up a lot where. People kind of you know. Kind of dismiss the Android as a gaming platform I think it has a lot of potential. But there aren't there isn't a whole lot out there right now and and Jeff I know you have a lot of familiarity you know your big time gamer and select that. What do you what do you think he played many games on Neanderthal. I'm -- it's definitely is the one thing I've really made an effort to sort of scope out the landscape with a trip to really get an idea of what it's like I -- compared to the iPhone -- that's really the only other platform that I think is it is you know at a level where it's sorters that set the standard. You know it's it's tough I've I've played about one 25 team's. Com a few of them have really sort of stood out to me -- home put you know I was never a big believer in gaming on the iPhone platform. But now that I'm sort of understanding how the sort of casual. -- mean you know landscape is becoming defined. I'm become a -- Into that scene now and I can sort of play along this you know I whether or not it's. I guess GA you can say is competitive because you know there are some games available on both platforms. So just because of that do you feel alone you have to consider -- competitive and but yeah -- you know. Coming from you know console gaming to think that obviously you're you're if you're for surprised yeah by the different beasts -- -- -- and you know I'm still not. Convinced that touch screen gaming news. Is where you know that -- experience lines yeah but for what it's worth I've I've been impressed. To some degree and I've also been let down -- It's nice games I think there are -- IPhone and iPad especially and I think that's really the -- that's gonna take -- away. Yeah once we get them or -- you Android tablets and I have Jason parker adjustments and -- -- running back and forth right around my desk. Thanks -- the latest game and I got the -- so cool. End to end it is cool them. And -- cool ready to play games. -- Yeah what what is it what is one that's that's the on the iPad right now it's the angry angry birds which actually I haven't heard is coming to the -- so angry birds actually -- being number one winner in -- CNET 100 iPhone. Oh really. So the collapse was a game -- the slide -- on. Cnet.com right now interest statement that story I had no idea -- does it looks like an awesome game. Sat next to -- on a plane and and -- myself half the time watching them play a game before I even heard again. Delivered ten million them often and about half of those are at the premium version and I have. That's impressive I smell a broader rule out of that game to councils I don't like now but even -- sleeping on a bit of money that's right there we go. -- the creator of a thunderbird for the creators. So -- -- Andreas in one of my main gripes with my gaming experience -- Android yes there are some great games and you know -- like like you said Geoff that it you'd have to put your expectations of a -- -- to realize that these are. You know these are time when Easter type games you're not getting into you'd like this. Really deep detailed role playing you know action -- -- shooter type thing maybe you will -- and maybe you'll eventually. But my main my main problem right now and maybe it's you know the result of having the old school drawing. Is just that. The multitasking ends up being at the big downside. You gaming on this platform because you know you've got all these background apps operating in Twitter feeds updating and all this kind of stuff so. I'll be playing game and then suddenly it'll kind of slow down to a grinding halt in the frame rate it'll get really bad mineral can speed up again what I really want is some sort -- game. So -- -- -- on that's like turn off multitasking I'm just playing game right. And I guess you could run one of those -- -- like right before you yes you do wanna Vermont put out stuff maybe pops up an exact total exactly so to have. Or maybe you know I don't think it's out of the realm of possibilities for these developers to program. Sort of like you know kill everything else while I'm running sort of thing going on there and I I don't know how that would comply with you know. Android you know programming one yeah. I mean there are ways to you like Joshua killed in the -- is saying airplane mode and yet you can turn on an airplane mode that'll you know kind of -- some of some of the the reaching outside of the phone you know okay -- networks and all that can stop or where you can go into I think there's the little. The power widget that has the different things you can deactivate the one of those is the -- But that doesn't necessarily stop all of the background apps from still trying to do things -- if you think you've killed them -- -- killer sometimes they're still back there saying -- some room yeah they love trying to call -- -- that there are times when I'm on the train underground I know there's no connection there and it starts to -- -- so I know some of those -- my you know whatever is like reaching out trying to find an update. -- some sort. So you know maybe maybe the right person -- podcast yeah these -- to be more self aware that your. But I will go ahead and that take this opportunity to throw out a couple my favorite games right now frozen bubble which is. What is it is -- bust a move -- -- bust a move -- It's kind of like a a version of that it's absolutely free and it's a lot of fun very addicting it's pretty simple but I've spent a lot of time. Trap which is kinda likable new version of quakes if you yeah ultra. Game fun fun and -- color right which is kind of like he color block puzzle game. It's really hard to explain but it essentially you're trying to turn all the color all the blocks one single color. And those are three that are just really didn't -- -- a lot of my time on my attorney and an EA games now. I'm gonna it and actually I haven't played any EA games the mantra. Madrid what about you Jeff what what -- -- -- and. For like the casual sort of games I had been playing a lot of that paper toss image -- and -- -- really. Yeah I mean I know it took forever for them to come to -- if -- that a lot. I'm a big fan of blow up which is sort of like a physics playing game. We're -- you stick dynamite on different pieces of of the structure and try and blow it up in one shot Newton like not fond of times com also replica island is sort of like a platform -- I've heard about that I've never actually played at the graphics look really interest thing it would look really solid and her fury right yet production guys really good at totally free. On controls are a little long key that -- instigated used to that but. In on the fan. And also I'm I'm a sucker for those sort of a hidden pictures like withdraw you know what's wrong between these two photos and -- -- version of that. With the Simpsons theme -- is -- find it the Simpsons. And that's that's really fun and funny at the same time -- I'm a fan of that pressure sweet I wanna where's -- with the -- That would be among -- I'm Maggie somewhere -- in my. And the pinch and zoom for. I'd be great. To be period it's awesome. -- cool I now have a couple more -- pilots to check cashing in Vietnam and its potential that I you know as possible that -- might have a few what America is itself like it Jeff we we are bypassing by the way the -- of the week this week in place in lieu of what I have named your game of the week but it shouldn't be named that because you have a bunch of game -- games that you've been playing with and so we figured why not leave kind of talk about your favorite nearly favor whatever. Yes so the guys a game off very nice people they send me over a budget. Schemes to try out. You know they are sort of the one of the developers that are really devoting a lot of time effort and money into developing. You know triple -- titles for for Android quality -- And you know they -- it's funny because they sort of have their god of war game. Called hero of Sparta which is basically a Roman you know mythology sort of -- Game where you go around. Pretty much like Credo -- god of war and -- beaten up you know skeletons in and all these sort of characters. The thing though and like you said there are these slowdowns in Kenya where it's sort of gets to the point where it's not fun anymore. -- and you know unfortunately. It. Does it doesn't necessarily ruin the game but he gets to the point where you get frustrated and unfortunately that's the that's the case with pierce Florida. When it is running quick. It it's sort of it sort of max is out of frame rate that is in spectacular. Recollect for an action game. -- a virtual buttons it's probably one of the best out there who played a game called let's golf which is obviously. A golf game it's sort of like hot -- compliment yeah that definitely -- that I think actually saw this -- this came out very recently -- yet this is brand new and it is decorate it works really well. -- that's a lot of fun I definitely recommend let's golf. You know there's oh of this -- -- -- lot of characters you can customize players and stuff like that that's a lot of fun odds then I got the played no vote which is huge on the iPhone. An iPad. -- -- -- -- -- -- It did actually into -- red dwarf and so that's a fun first person shooter we're talking about how that's you know you don't really seal lot of those. -- -- games on the phone but no -- tends to do it and it does it pretty well. You're looking for a first person shooter and you want. The closest thing to a console experience. -- is probably the way to go. And then finally I was checking out real football which is their soccer game and this is -- This is a lot of fun and -- you know with the World Cup and being people are -- -- that soccer mode. You can't go wrong with this they have. Amazing and announcers and and attention to detail is really really impressive. So real football is their soccer game. And yeah I can't -- that good stuff about there -- a little bit of a learning curve. And you know what I found with all of these games it's it's it just goes back to and some necessarily. You know a result of game -- development it's just in hand with the Android platform and iPhone and I -- It's that virtual keyboard yes sort of virtual. You know joystick and -- -- I just can't get on board with you know and you find your playing with and you're you're left thumb is like a wise it's a stinking analysts here I -- move as much as they used to be out there and unlike revenue on my jeans and trying to -- -- -- -- Well like a peripheral to -- act like demon had something like yes. Yeah but would that work on like a touch screen. That's the hiding no -- like -- -- tell -- how shall -- you have the original Android you have the hardware keyboard and I know that I've seen little -- is probably the same one the you can kind of overlay on top of that -- -- -- -- like an emulator. Or whatever these changing had a program and make it. But if you have an all touch screen phone your kind of just who have -- yeah. Exactly and -- And it is a third party joystick accessory the answer I -- -- into the US the you know report. You know that would be kind of funky -- -- They were will they would have -- design specific monsters forward necessary to file belongs in -- is that vision headaches though who knows the answer -- now but that is the best we got so far and that the games are definitely. A high quality. I'm worth chicken -- then those are all 55 dollars looks like Kenya get those in the app store or do you have to buy them directly from game off. All I believe if you by the from game off you can get deals with if you get a certain amount of teens who bill we'll give you a discount -- -- I was told so it's I would I would definitely grab from the from the actual -- apostle. Cool great more games to waste my time left there you go to Africa and along those lines just a few notable apps that have released this week first one. Is -- PlayStation emulator I wonder how this works the PS sex for -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- got outlook story written by my friend bleak and human blue moon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And can -- and he hasn't tried out the emulator for the vibrant here but he added talk about element and. You should check out that article excellent. Also. Whole switch if you remember couple months ago animated big splash and believe. Was it for the after the -- like -- -- quite remember at this point. But it was a it had big -- kind of like -- RSS aggregators type thing very visual graphical they now have an Android -- the -- in the marketplace. Group Honda has an -- to bring you -- under coupon every day -- fantastic. Saved a lot of money -- different restaurants -- on the city and finally viper has their smart start car control lap. Imagine turning on your car with your Android phone that would free from -- -- had a -- -- And I'm actually at an iPhone. For awhile yeah -- previewing it for black areas wealth -- newspapers. Getting into all the -- absolutely it's a great idea very -- Off some cool were at the point where we do a typical week in Geoff you mentioned. During -- that you have a good tip for going a road trip. Using Google -- absolutely I've been to a ton of weddings this year I don't know what it is -- -- -- -- getting married so anyhow what happens it -- -- all lines I -- -- this with this years so I guess I don't know world into it -- so I've been going -- a lot of road trips. And I've found that there's a really cool way to -- organize your entire. Road trip by first creating. Sort of itinerary. In Google Maps you can do this on a computer and then you save that right. Do you sort of have this itinerary set up all the different spots. So for me was like oh I need to go to this hotels and need to go to this restaurant and a half -- -- the ceremony is and I have to go the affairs. So there's all these different stops you plan those out on Google Maps and receive your customize map. Mysteries here because that's most important part so when you're ready to go and start driving. You open up your maps program and at the bottom where you can look at all those different layers. There's an option to go to more layers. And where more layers get -- -- is mine maps and you can access all of those methods you've saved from your computer. That is awesome there's so many new -- layers they're just so hidden yeah they are they are that -- that our layers button is where it's that -- -- by the way. So then. I basically have all these weekends lined up. You push. The one -- name so for this this we can I was at my friend Bowden says -- I could come -- and Serra. And then I get an option to sort of choose which one of those destinations I want to navigate it's great. So this whole time on the lion threw in usually unity got a program the address so what is it will -- -- thing you know yeah now you just click navigate to be done -- the set it up on the web but you're saving it to -- you my -- yeah probably a lot -- that is a huge caveat that I -- sit in front of a computer and do it you know off your cellphone. You know not on it and once you've set that up you can then access your received -- From your phone and you're good to go and you know you can. You know integrate all that traffic stuff like we were just talking to and you basically decide where you wanna go and. Canon also with a little wine country but yeah I know it sounds perfect for and a same thing works pretty well. So when you're doing you're Google Maps online yeah when you're doing that you're setting up. Points you're not setting up an itinerary right -- what I actually do with. So so I believe it will still work fresh effort the man asking for directions to at. I don't Florida so you'd have there is ever -- -- -- Right. So it's a week I believe it will work if you set those little pinpoint via arm put if you actually set up your saved -- has The -- the directions and sell a to point -- point exactly and then you just keep adding those destinations on top of that. Then it's it's much easier because -- has -- can scroll through your whole experience -- -- I'm at this point my trip. Click that click navigate and -- -- that. Light bulb go lot of reality you have done it and no exploding because that's awesome -- doesn't yeah I have no idea. I found out about it sort of organically which is more satisfying thing anyone can do them and I am the smartest person yeah. And I and I did it all mice that. That's perfect that's exactly what -- -- of the week segment is 40. Not everybody you know probably figures he'll pat on the back that's right -- -- you get -- gold -- this week. Possible that's fantastic I'm -- is that I know for sure so thank you. Out of my wedding yeah -- -- -- you know get some people Leo hook it up and get married and stuff and then you know it's gonna like nationalities here. It will orbit other engagements that current interest. -- -- all around the -- with a couple of quick emails here Darren Kitchen who from Hak5 dot -- you may remember him from two episodes ago we came on. We talk about routing your phone and everything and he had a kind of you know part of part of the whole -- discussion revolved around installing a packet sniffer on your phone. And now we could only think of you know. Nefarious uses for a packet sniffer well he -- in in light of the -- wall paper app that steals your data and says. He says if you ran a packet sniffer in the background in this case then launch this wallpaper -- you'd actually see it pinging that server in China. Now that everyone's gonna go through that effort -- be paranoid but it does legitimize -- need it and use packet -- -- so. That's a really good use that I have -- in this case it may have saved millions and millions of people knew what a packet sniffing out. One point Clinton or -- somewhere in there anyway I can't I'll look like 500000 at this point nine billion favored demographic huh. Millions to billions I don't know it. And finally Joshua Taylor who is in the chat -- today -- -- Setting belies its alleys and new converts to draw -- I'm looking for two different universal chat apps. The first is an -- -- so -- can be in the CNET chat for example on my enjoyed incredible. The other is the universal chat messengers so I can chat with people on MS then Yahoo! Google -- at -- They need to be three G capable not Wi-Fi but he's on Verizon does -- that makes a difference. I know the answer to piracy and the solid app that I've used in the past is called and chat and is spelt out in the chat. And it allows you to plug in piracy. Information and connect to. The RC chat that way I'm sure there are plenty of other -- apps in the app market of our -- -- from. And then there's universal I am in some -- just he had a couple ideas long Monaro. I'm clicking here and I both use me about. Yeah it's all that I am really use that much and I've played around pretty nice yeah. And there's also covering. Pretty get it doesn't look -- slick. But they both have most of these same. Networks involved -- -- multi particle. -- passengers -- and that have various ways of handling multiple chat -- the same time so I'm sick around about free. Yeah -- little of that awesome -- aren't subject they're not Joshua and -- that's it's time it's time to leave because. Because Jeff you have hockey need to get so -- you know we added him well you know little -- -- Yeah thinking about an Android phone in the spot in -- during. The game have to do it with everybody knows the air hockey fan because you are the host of the 440 talk about -- there right. Yes that is true beauty is here and there. -- -- -- four four afford dot cnet.com. Or on CNET live right here where you can find the -- well and Jessica. How can people follow your stuff. Twitter -- it all court. -- on you can email me at -- -- at cnet.com and you writing a lot for the hundred outlets block which is -- -- podcasters -- well. Oh that's right here now on the doubt that that's an era tanks -- all over the place ever concert with it would already got. Just my name Jeff Bakalar that makes too much sense. All right well that's the -- the show you can email us Android outlets at cnet.com you can visit the blog to find all this stuff cnet.com slash -- hundred -- check this out live on CNET live at cnet.com slash live. And finally you can get a nice little Twitter feed update for a hundred -- posts twitter.com slash Android Alice and does it think you -- so much for can on the show. Thank you men lot of fun Andrew we will you know you guys next week definitely fatalistic electrical and follow my god they're going. Yeah. I'm getting -- yeah. How fun and how about if I thank you and I can see -- --

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