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The 404: Ep. 880: Where we separate the hacks from the cracks

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The 404: Ep. 880: Where we separate the hacks from the cracks

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Today we're taking issue with the misuse of the word "hacked." With news stories about Stuxnet, Playstation 3, and News of the World throwing around the term with no specific definition, we define exactly what it means to hack...at least according to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

And you have. Thursday August 11 -- -- for a fourth time at CNET in New York I'm Jeff Bakalar and I'm Wilson tang and I'm Justin yu and this is the show where we separate the hacks from the cracks and you'll -- -- little bitch. The -- -- -- -- this nomenclature reason again a lot of misuse of words children. -- -- -- out of time. I got hacked by a homeless way to work the homeless man -- might brag -- -- -- to -- their food and when the word hack and. Actually started to me -- my computer. In a sort of a breaking in or I would imagine like the ninety's yeah 1988. Is an early eighties and India. You know the dictionaries as hacking is like I -- cutting something range with a hacksaw have a -- -- hacking something right but -- Webster does have a digital version of hacking. For that definition is an expert. App programming and selling computers with some problems with a computer or a person who illegally gains access to or tampers with information using a computer. That's the broadest definition cracking program and that's like something we do like literally every single day -- He can be considered hackers like pockets of the most recent I think example of -- use the word act is the whole -- -- -- the world. Rupert -- scandal right I mean is that considered hacking if you just. Tricked people into giving up passwords. Or calling people like there's a difference between social engine -- and quote harsher -- everyone. Known -- but now I think the reason. The word hack is used. Because. People -- just identified with malicious digital activity. Right so they just make a huge blanket statement and the like oh you're that hacker. I'm gonna get so -- where elect because everything is already so connected like everything you touch like -- yesterday were talking about a toothbrush it was used eat power like they're they're gets to be a -- Rationale like -- it's really sort of become so generic that doesn't mean anything anymore is it. -- -- well yeah doesn't really mean anything -- like this every -- I see -- headline but the weren't hacking it I really have to dig into -- -- find out -- okay if someone just like. -- a pin number yeah or did they actually go window some code in like figure -- a back door. But there are words for specific types of -- in the media should be more responsible about. Actually using an article like for example Phishing Phishing for passwords event specific meaning I think it -- call it -- I've -- fishing on mainstream news out of it yet. Yet but I think. Like phone stuff. Vision to be like freaking freaky -- I always data Internet is -- -- and -- acting tidbits like. Pay phones. The now you guys ever duties stuff like badly ticket orders as he's a -- yet comment I did that you'd -- -- -- I'll admit to this little detail for it but -- that I you know I got my that there was -- pilot in high school -- had a voice recorder and it. -- use that to record the tones of the points dropping into a pay phone. And before the people that use a system where they would use they would listen for those tunes to register the coins and -- you make a phone call all you do is record that sound. Play it back for the phone is reiterating with these same hackers really had and I tried and -- very. I never tried that really -- but you're seeing where -- get a good record you got to reduce the taping the dollar bill. So would have a -- that you could pull out of yet -- what you did I haven't tried it before but I've heard that -- and you can do that. There's a lot of things you could do with pay phones for awhile. And then I feel like in the mid ninety's He went away yet that they got stuck using -- -- -- they got they they figured out what you know what the vulnerabilities of. You know one instance where sort of like everybody sort of learned how to be really technical with hacking like you know acting when -- -- going it was always like that guy who knew. It's special -- -- right with the quarter -- But I feel like everybody. Learned -- figured out. How to hack their cable box to get ready HBO yes freeze spice to what -- I don't think people ATP or hacking it on the either hacked or they paid their dinner -- that port. Right that's acting. The people really like drive that. People who elect though they don't get you get this cable box go on the back in his magazine get this months which is part now you get I've. I there aren't many I'm not easy ways to do stuff like ports I remember there -- a way to do it is the spice channel. With all boxes v.s that and I've talked about this you could do it from your remote with your remote yet it you just involved like a series of commands. And basically what you stand in the way I understand it is that. Before -- digital cable there was all they would really do. We just David everyone got all the channels yet but the -- pay for -- scramble. You actually had him to mirror data -- -- from whatever however that works I don't know. But you would avenge every now and then you would turn into a channel and becoming clear and you -- it. Unintelligent and like every and I feel like every guy hiring each had that experience -- -- of the -- I don't know what you would like snow. That's enough yeah pleasing -- and then also you. Yeah and Q are limited to develop -- -- and -- and right but but some guys -- coming clear when it teaming clean year. You basically switch back and forth into the gaming clear but once teeming clear example way can be done what the way to do it through the remote was that you would. Go back and forth -- -- -- clear. And when -- becoming clear there was a button you could push email and lock it in on the phone don't even know how this -- Currently an analog tuner like moving -- -- -- in her on the old cable. Box remote there were like buttons that had like it was all just push the G before yeah I'd. Important there's that button you would press and you have like -- every you know minute or so you know there's a modern version of that to bypass cable signal now. I have impersonate other purposes but that's -- I have friends. Who apparently -- their digital cable signal that goes into your house is stopped by a box. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Occasionally paying back the cable company or share the cable company will ping the sign you know the if marsh and I know there's people who out there who listen to assure that work for the Comcast's and Verizon's. And email us we can talk with the Obama. Like that as soon as I realized -- -- files was -- -- -- minute -- I and I knew that like oh my Cuba has nine -- think there. There's things you you can book it like the back end of it and see what's going there are. The possibilities are endless I think if you had complete sort of freedom to just totally mess around with everything you could probably have a lot of fun. What do you look for and others like I believe -- -- what possibilities. There's a huge hard drive in there yet you know it's probably accessible remotely then that's you don't -- I think that there was a techno. -- couple years ago that -- you know people were promoting a little losses but it was the the cable car. Right and the whole idea behind that was instead of buying you know set -- a specific set top box from the cable company threatens you leave like the lowest and you know piece -- crap Jerry's crashed. He's just by carton company great gesture on set top box or you can be completed to a computer -- and that was like where a public really cool stuff was gonna happen get a cable -- for -- computer. I can watch TV on your you know Mac your PC and then like I was hoping somebody would sort of you know do some inventive -- that like it never got. Really -- He never it never became very popular listen to this boom -- on into the store. Had a friend in early 2010. Who was a DirecTV guy. And He had figured out a way anthology about this -- -- I was just thinking like that's the thing about satellite it's there's no pain Baghdad is this just all want everything -- and so He figured out -- way because those did operate on cards but the card needed to be in the box at all times. And if you had no legal card. DirecTV would like beam a signal to -- it. Really -- they over the exact the card and I think that I mean that's that -- simulates them it's not like Tennessee valley smoke would -- up. -- just right something to it that -- -- needed you know the phone and yet so He has figured out a way or bought a mechanism that. This -- -- -- was attached to the card in his direct Cuba does TV box. And He said and He dedicated a computer. To run. And constantly changed. The of the code like this cat and mouse game and He had this like 75 megahertz computer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you remember those massive satellite dishes that people are back and are not this size this studio yet folks we did -- get Russian news. I'm not filtered by Russian news not just tell us your hacking story -- -- someone here on yeah girls. We'll just Kate like -- wanted to talk about the misuse of the word hacking because this story came up recently other computer fraud and abuse act has just labeled. Emailing someone too much is now considered -- news why yes -- -- now what how is that interpreted. So okay this story is that the sixth circuit of the computer fraud and abuse act -- at the backcourt. Has sued a labor union for encouraging their labor members to email employers. To complain about -- labor issues. And since a lot of the servers -- shut down because of the flood of emails they came as a result of these protesters. V the courts have now deemed. Emailing someone too much. Is hacking good so all these spammers are hacking bright because technically you overwrought their servers you've -- of flooded all of their email services -- Anything that can sit that is considered malicious with a computer is hacking which funds and it was a malicious that's the thing gradual development the original intent men and shut down the labor union. So you know it it's always like so weird -- when you hear about all these court cases. Even yesterday what does it say it Apple managed to block. On all of Samsung now -- -- Galaxy Tab in Europe oh yeah I'm gonna down now because copyright laws yet because the copyright laws in my question is it -- you know it takes. A lot of can you know. These patton's and all these software. Code that takes years for people to -- -- understand. Now you have like a judge. Who like heck you know -- he's smart smart but he's probably disconnected from his war. I don't imagine that He went to engineer I -- what you probably don't work if -- -- -- -- so it really grow up. That's exactly take anything away from these people -- their brilliant people yet but. -- -- are usually very smart yeah right are they not digitally smart though not did there's definitely two different kinds of smart really good thing I can see coming and this is that the potential for spammers cute did. I don't know maybe they'll get harsher punishment now that it's considered -- -- -- as you know -- they don't even live in the US in some small -- some -- -- you do -- that -- stuff like this is where it gets scary yeah it's like somebody just put the word. Hack -- like their complaint yells and the judge like whoa -- this advance into. This panel yeah -- can't wait a minute we're gonna be enough. Activated at. Apparently argues it has nothing to do with like the -- is intelligent religious -- educated in that particular feel right yet if it -- computer attack. Everybody I'm not now I was just gonna say when He was in judge school. They didn't -- I have a skull and well I Peoria judge schools in New York now because this is the story when -- talk -- next. NYPD has formed a new social media unit He specifically target. Online fraud cases. And other places where people on line on social media networks -- out themselves. Like we've seen an ally in London people posting pictures on the Flickr of them actually looting at stores pop up and when their name and everything rednecks -- exactly -- -- look at the -- as part. The this assistant commissioner in charge of the social media unit and 23 years old good. You believe but that's right kidney was Kevin O'Connor he's the youngest deputy at the -- -- -- we should have -- actually -- officers He is not wholly -- quasi I don't know and I mean -- just like he's actually -- he's he's the head of this unit his name is an assistant commissioner and -- this state commission at the break -- -- how to. Cut out -- and mobile I wanna get Kevin O'Connor on the show now do you yeah well we had no no our policy. Our -- I don't know if they had that much of let me I'll -- -- this quote from the article please this from Kevin this is not from Kevin as fanatical as that He is that He and his staff will mined social media looking for information about troublesome house parties. Gained showdowns and other potential mayhem on the Internet and showdowns go forward parties and gaps so it. If I advertise -- -- party on FaceBook is on the I don't want Kevin O'Connor coming up to disrupt what I don't think -- juror lying that sort of attention. I don't hurt your downloading -- her out of an Intel -- -- breach and downplaying Europe who laments. I wouldn't mind having him on the show just because you'd be funded -- the story -- -- -- -- was a complete -- He doesn't know anything -- -- -- Those anonymity and I think that the bigger issues that we can't let -- -- the chat room not let him hear them past episode drive definitely go to jail if that happened yet regret it be like so tell me about the -- 23 knows -- -- it with your cable box or I don't know we really have no idea given credit apparently the past he's done a lot of work with trapping. Child molesters that had advertise themselves in the Internet or like -- one. Yeah predators you know like a catch a predator he's done a lot of that kind of work on on the web. Which I can appreciate -- -- PX. A packed up and down on people having too much but isn't this kind of a trend -- New York City don't -- -- -- Chief digital officer elect 2425. Years I brawl I remember area. We together and should we shall we it gives you -- again they don't catch up Evanston moment. Just like a photo as you to talk about social media they'll I was gonna ask you -- -- -- -- young to 43 years -- I believe that this guy should have at your house and that you're hacking which Letterman I mean you look fifty in the region is that. -- -- -- You know and that's why people -- should be relevant social and it shouldn't be some 45 year old -- this is the actual noise. Like we have a picture of him no market we now have photo that was the -- why would you we can't have a photo and yet the only under color and on the right now. Is they got -- backwards -- on the I'm not cargo to China's -- you know sneak in disguise. Let's take a break when we come back more for for no voice -- today it was with let's talk about -- Ernie. Talk about set up after the break stay tuned lot more this and more after the break and that. Poor little fool or an American captors to show where we all -- -- -- Back here on the four -- four and you know it's about time. In our three or three years through you've never talked about Sesame Street that we have now. I think it's about time we started. Because. It's important. What's important this -- that -- features. Richard general you -- -- actually. My manager here rich -- apparently his wife works for the Museum of the Moving Image which is in -- story in New -- incidence and right now to have an exhibit going on that's a retrospective on Jim -- -- amazing yet brilliant figure in the area definitely -- that they show you what his initial concept to -- for bride puppeteers to -- And apparently with big -- it's just literally a guy. A -- -- going -- their big bird's -- in the news and pulled the place but isn't He is so he's inside the -- no no He He He got from Ebert appears six feet -- that's right yeah apparently it's just all. It's just that -- decision handed. All it is really there's something so magical about -- isn't there we relate to says He of course I am I think I was -- I was more into the which -- the Muppets all right our in my company among this was not just for kids to -- definitely going entertainment part yet says he's sure He was. I usually don't -- us graphic -- Sort of freaking me out a little bit -- that real personality. So I had way too long eyelashes there was something that is islands is that turned me -- -- we bring up Sesame Street for very sort of modern reason -- eight. Partner any. They live together the bald dudes listen. It also has seemed like an amazingly -- yet another there's no -- -- -- -- -- ISS rates than yeah yeah things they've been sleeping in the same room for thirty I'm always hanging out that the jobless pay him road test men. Okay I like the odd couple what's wrong with my -- There may iPad and it's in the -- not -- the -- inaccurate decades. College has slipped in the same room as -- remain knows court's order line. On the street -- by. We bring this up because you know -- in June New York. -- -- -- -- gay marriage legal right so on there's a petition going around to let Bert and -- finally get married now I think when you say let them get married you're implying that they are actually currently get. That's is that I'm not saying that the idea OG -- community overnight so lessons you would think -- like the authority -- -- -- -- they can sailed their build these Hobbits are gay rights school's fine I -- -- remember -- in the nineties. You know there -- some crazy like preacher who sort of went out there and was like oh yeah a burden or need represents. LG BTU -- culture it's like it's a new -- metal before you hold that thought the general saying they're Brothers they are not Brothers there's definitely definitely not run one has an oval shaped head unit -- -- -- -- Orange -- -- Alexander and lasers and related -- -- means I'm looking up here are Schwartz. And guns and I guess they're not not related right but you don't like -- -- this -- comes out -- He represent all the -- world. And -- and how do they really well. Now -- -- -- on our Q did you appoint them as being similar and then you know the gay community certainly collapse that. And says -- like okay like there's nothing wrong with them they're good people rather good wholesome. Tax paying American -- They deserve to be married on Sesame Street with all their -- are -- some sort of domestic partnership I mean they gotta be different -- does being doesn't streets is valuable please call it the costs. -- let's get serious for -- that lets -- The statement on Digital Life changed that as these treatments and so on dating Medicare -- that it needs -- -- To help children and -- now that was like SPD's. Announced today that with a different which is a good business -- -- there was I remember there was a big controversy over character -- happy need to never said like how they got it right -- -- -- really. -- -- -- -- That disease to a child via huffing and I think that's a good example of -- is that there are some things that we don't have to teach -- two to four year old Riley did -- need to know about. Gay marriage here I'm just asking that question well -- first we should as a kid yeah -- -- that's such a loaded question that's what that's what everybody's been asking about it. Tourists of course because they -- -- -- with our kids growing up to -- to -- -- is that somebody asking young kids are gonna start asking questions in it that the bigger question -- which should Sesame Street teaching that -- or check your parents -- -- that -- well I mean. I think Sesame Street should stick with the -- today the number that -- -- do that stuff right at that well is like a moral component. Right to know it was very basic like you don't shoot this thing has -- has done exactly like don't -- the man who lives in the garbage can -- anything I can understand -- -- like -- changes -- cookie -- character recently how it's like every once in a while He snatched the -- ready look at -- -- All the stuff they say how much He loves to play a show that he's actually a pass contain yeah exactly it look at these are like a once -- lots that I really love film -- almost the best yeah I'll remember -- the amount that. Cleverly just like it but now holiday gift but. Charm -- some really well and mess -- The primary. And again -- that among the common of the -- -- hot. How does this fit into -- the attack or cultural world went with the the promotion right it doesn't it I wanted. They get Twitter phenomenon really. -- logo actually is just yesterday that -- was looking into who actually controls all the puppets yeah -- because not just the voices it's really the performance shirt -- well that's -- that's. More than half the equation right now that -- people know that the -- -- the same person that actually controls right up and of course and it's Kevin Clash who has done the classic character download there is awesome that's crazy. -- -- -- -- Well I like all grown African American man -- a lot of people know that it's behind the -- -- -- really interesting experience and I just remember you know -- like being alone not that old but like isn't the same guys into an all these in guy all the years out how old his -- I don't know -- ages varied rates -- a -- I know how He truly is rise I don't know he's -- Tommy's is right for Nina. -- -- Not -- I think -- page you get -- withdraw it -- it and wanna get married and they're both. You know gave region this year do it let it get -- and get men actually do the same Democrats say finally put these things you don't. -- -- I he's making it the tax benefits yeah Obama love -- -- -- -- and Stevie Hutton. Mode the boat it's that I wanna hear them and write about more stuff. New York related -- -- the greatest cities world woo me I'm glad I finally I'd heard that from you glad I only know that I'm speaking in generalities are -- every city in the what do you mean you're not speaking generalities that was pretty damned specific to cliche at this point I actually think that. You're just the greatest city in the world delighted to other people and herself yeah I get to -- I -- -- and I don't go off. Bernie Madoff pants are being needed to iPad pieces. That's all I I. -- -- -- Now or the actual story is that when Bernie Madoff went to jail and they actually auctioned off a lot of his clothing or personal items -- effects yes and part of its effects were budget khaki pants. And -- that He wore. On that those -- probably not yet exactly ones that powers -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for a lot of money so the initial investments the auctions went for about a 1002000 dollars but they were all the lot of those pants were also scooped up by a like a recycling company in that they -- use products to made clothing and whatnot. They've come out the lion of iPad cases need to create -- now -- hands to do a lying. On my iPad case I would think the guy was playing around a -- I'm prison -- -- -- body wasn't brought wasn't romper exactly let's check it out through they look like they're in terms of functionality and usability. Protecting your opinion what is -- protecting you from half rain. Money and we're gonna -- -- gust -- -- on the baby and -- -- pretty cool I can honestly -- have high quality materials and what did I can't the target. Of boulder designed by this company called Frederick genes. On Bethany with the designers and sixteen pairs are up for sale -- the -- for the affordable price of anywhere from 250 to five or not. There's -- problem more than a refurbished at that one. I just it's -- blows my mind -- It's being online -- it's like water hound someone buy this why we disagree jokes to meet me here I like is there a warranty on end right except take backs like -- C'mon there's gotta be a loss. I don't know. We don't like the idea like if it was a shirt or something like that but his pants that's that is growers and sat yeah I want his dead yet but next the most -- I don't think about that like that doesn't do you know make my -- more about doesn't do it for -- no word about -- -- -- -- actually -- clothing and that -- say. So one guy I imagine that's one of the reasons why you would buy it -- -- -- -- Otherwise it's just the -- -- -- lay out the latest auction off its lack. What -- got a cell to closely you can actually Wear them for their intended purpose -- and cut -- -- This is hilarious retirement New York you wanna get into. Mapping out all the pizza places in Manhattan gets from this map looks like. Go check it out until all these -- harvester it shows -- -- -- for our listeners that's the entire island of Manhattan is covered blue -- higher I have little blue guy that you cannot inexplicably in Central Park you can even -- it turns out you can't -- to feed and Manhattan without walking into a pizza company your nose on a slice of no more pizza parlors and there are Starbucks as that might actually I'm definitely -- Definitely accurate and still the only pizza please I need its -- -- -- is so let's do it compares and let's look up how many dominoes there are vs how many you know mom -- -- the -- I think we're going to be. Very disappointed. Dominant how many New York how many pizza places there are carried out in a lot an -- there are quite a bit less upsetting yet -- -- -- in itself twelve as -- writer for wired that's too many that it twelve to many others at local one. Us. A ridiculous one right next our offices crazy well committee -- -- That's on. Fortunate I don't -- the ads and commercials but lately dominance as an advertising exactly who has made you pizzas that there's a picture of the person. The -- artist as a called they're just go -- would -- -- the hardest part and I saw the lake it's somebody's house like I remember -- quarter look at pizza and it was like. Joseph always tossing the -- -- -- really reflect that specific apps like. Now he's putting the mushrooms on the right track if they are going off the deep end of this stuff and all roses sort of like Schiller yes. I thought about technology infiltrating every part of -- life. -- does double -- -- ninety -- because there's no way in how they got this guy literally they updating the status of your pizza while He had it. Like I. I'd rather. I think it might be more efficient just to put a web -- This is your pizza that would be cool old -- I know I think spitting on exactly he's saying I may not want to see who makes my. -- thought -- elegant process -- upset about that a giant bag of bell peppers they bring and the freezer the disguises like opens up a plastic bag put it in a microwave into is like okay your -- does. -- -- -- Finally before we leave for the day a new study has come out from the telegraph and you can. Apparently working in an office. Any sort of office and openoffice. Is bad for your brain. It. I don't know human although knowing -- -- -- scientific you know evidence for a busses a study found the hustle and bustle of modern offices can meet 332%. Drop in workers' wellbeing. And reduce their productivity by 50% -- the team to go against everything a corporation would strive for. -- they're saying that an open office requirement could wreck that's compared to ours which is just a cube farm. They're saying that open -- environment like encourage people to stand up walk around your interact with -- Fellow employees. And also others saying that the ability to decorate -- -- your workspace is really important forward to productivity. That makes sense if the board. Creates the illusion of some sort of a self expression that. Analyze and has an elite CNET -- like you know it's the weekend or holiday mr. QT you know that's so weird and -- -- -- being out work. I'd like to hang out you guys look like frenzy here the Internet connection is -- It is really doesn't it -- whatever I want Canada to terabyte hard yeah -- -- -- in particular you get to play with all these toy way. And I get to walk from my -- there -- there is something governing you know knowing that you don't mind going to work. That is a rare thing we're lucky to have do you like you don't put out like for -- reviews on the weekend. I'm is that what this just -- be -- that it you know that the studio so there's only like three locations I go in my apartment is like the bed. -- -- -- You know it's almost like constantly shuffling between genre stations that are like a meter -- art so Symbian is just -- -- how many times have you come to the office on the we can boot. No. Like you than other boys -- hang out and say I miss being at the other woman -- yeah I mean I think about it really understand how many hours here at the office like how much of our -- -- it is. Multiple -- by two and as your. Does it feel like work either so when an anti and in podcaster debacle no lucky you would definitely like to get out of -- station -- I got a sealant then we gotta get out of here please call 866404. CNET -- can email -- the for a fourteen -- that com. Tomorrow on the show. Steve Guttenberg. If you only listen to one show week make it be tomorrow show because Steve Guttenberg is a -- And He brings all of his. Knowledge or whatever you wanna call it gets -- has it changed -- -- See how his brings been affected ideal kind Aaron yeah cause its all kinds of crazy stuff they don't get tells a bit about I didn't HTC by -- died. Deep inside your eight answer we'll talk about what I put with a -- those things I. -- -- your headphones make sure you tune in Nintendo finished the week with Steve tomorrow. Until then. CC and I'm Jeff Bakalar I'm Wilson tang and I'm just new it's the 44. Hi tech low brow -- agreed Thursday it will be back tomorrow CN.
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