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The 404: Ep. 876: Where 92 percent of the hosts are fake

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The 404: Ep. 876: Where 92 percent of the hosts are fake

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Which would you rather give up for a week, your toothbrush or your iPhone? We welcome CNETer Kenley Bradstreet back on the show today to help us answer this hypothetical question and more stories including a nail polish inspired by bruises and bodily fluids, a world record breaking attempt going down tomorrow on the corner of Seaman and Dyckman Street, and a report that 92% of Newt Gengrich's 1.3 million Twitter followers are actually robots.

Everyone. To listen to the four horse or that was a little little -- I'm Wilson tang try to on just Kaminsky -- canning and I'm Justin yu and this is the show where 92%. Of our office. I'm actually purchased by -- completely computer generated kind of -- Atlanta left off you -- anything that picture where -- -- I think -- like a virtual Japanese model and an actual Japanese model nobody can -- the different. That this is that this is -- the next generation yeah that's what they had all the wrinkles and imperfections from people's faces. A rise -- not state though. Hadley -- street. Not exactly sure it's not exactly excited -- and it you know the only reason why we have -- We're not the only. I'll. Update if it is if it. Then again the bigger reason why we -- the major reason this is literally the chatroom was begging for -- it yet give the people I got like five people -- that when asked Leo they wouldn't have. Gotta go ahead and break their hard -- -- -- there's -- line up and I -- Tuesday and is definitely -- invite friends. Honolulu. On the need -- men breaking its -- Chan. And Newton and the arguments is that this strategy with them. What's up as I -- to the show notes and you guys -- Greer the in the intro the a data I don't feel like gimme a wink if I get it to him and see if -- -- -- -- tango this could -- as the wink is always the scientists stopped. We -- yeah. I'm looking union league the league. So like -- world I'm. In particular is very thankful -- it it is the end of the week yes. Jeff Bakalar if you had no notice is hasn't been here all week long -- Dinner. And well its its upward console people really like you -- in the -- Look at that yet thank you everybody. Appreciated I guess with no. Doing the digital -- got a little luck little freedom here because. I don't -- A lecture to frequently -- would -- -- -- the guy's -- -- eight foot lease on account and take advantage of it but they're excellent as well don't. So yourself to an end to the company that -- -- -- -- Jillian and better than Jeff needs you was little more light hearted attempt to. I'm gonna tell me it felt offended anybody if you haven't told anybody kill themselves lately and on and help a little -- little. Maybe exhibit -- -- offices being an EA and yeah what and other -- happens here. And like I love it -- why do you love it I just love it -- I thought I. There's absolutely no reason -- -- that cut cut cut. That -- silence on these cloud. Different. Well you guys -- -- -- -- -- only image oh that's -- ever I. Ironically are among this when I'm at -- -- what are you doing tomorrow. When idling its -- Saturday -- -- -- -- in his -- unleaded regular regular resident not getting a manicure pedicure nested there and I'll. It actually adds if you went ahead it into it with me because there's a lingerie shop in it would New York. But it's trying to break the records the record for the most women simultaneously. Breast -- surveyed on on earth. -- -- and long on the long because there's already a record for that that's true people have parity. On this together so the track record sales in October of 2010. Last year. 9826. Women were simultaneously breastfeeding. You guys like those that -- -- And -- yeah. Themselves. So it's all well. And you know it that's you're gonna be among I don't get it flew -- -- -- But they said they think that it -- get a lot of people that -- Your mother and you're like yes I want to go -- -- with other people all they -- If so it's a campaign if it does bizarre and naturally it. This is basically campaign. By this company called -- latch on -- trying to raise awareness about public speaking it's okay problems could be their kids in publicly on the subway train now it's now you you know it's -- Now you don't divisive issue. I don't. I don't have a problem necessarily that people breastfeeding interest in ashamed about it on a sub no of course not and with the way other women it's. -- I mean yeah. Why didn't I tell you a day and of how the Vietnam might -- -- the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right you know arm but I don't I don't know what's wrong with pumping. -- that it. We -- headed to the Israeli army is my son mother she -- -- hasn't -- another -- that they. Because they -- -- mountain. -- these are breasted that she -- as well it also means it you can take at you can -- coupon. I don't it's and then you'd like but it bottom I spent a lot of what into -- she. I. -- of the time -- and efforts like account Monday. He had nothing at -- -- -- how she is far from a cow that you consider that there is an article -- -- -- the geysers during the Iowa. Tell -- a bit more about this company because -- it is it on lighters it just an event or -- what's going on because like out. She remembers story couple months ago about how FaceBook -- is the leading pictures of women. No breastfeeding I don't know what -- have a limit but why wouldn't it. He why would you put a picture breast feeding -- I mean. Going to the bathroom is natural does not pictured millions of -- private -- is -- why would you do -- and you know. Some people think -- really beautiful thing to you know -- CNET. EB another bonding thing gone and. You -- it yourself it's not and human bodies beautiful but it's okay but port I get. Or Gorelick a typical laptop that does a He noted -- -- on. Dot org and all of next week they're celebrating. World breastfeeding week. And so that's -- the trying to break that world record there's another part to the -- that's really weird and I could have made this up. It's critical of this Saturday at breeze and lingerie which is located in in would. On main street but -- -- -- Beckman downside -- mainstream -- Hey I suppose there aren't but the cross street is indictment and seeing -- in Kenya and play UK and Asia and in -- the indictments to indictments equipment industry right. And Siemens the next block you're just enemy is like looking like an I'm okay I'm gonna. As a basketball -- -- -- -- a mystery and also Tom Colombia has their field not far from there as well. So wait a case or indeed like 405. Original history of your threat. Inward. This breastfeeding thing is happening on. -- or Dick minster nightmare -- I mean yeah I always stored on the rush street I've seen and yet examined did like this was declared aboard an airplane that's pretty slick hundreds of years. And this is clearly a -- so many fourteen year old. Then you'll find that the good guys and -- Guys and viewing outside -- -- to pick up some -- -- I -- -- it seriously that they sound like a bad joke audio and dvd -- -- corner of stick men and Steve and yet at night -- -- And -- -- of the say that -- is awful. -- in its its light you know the cloisters is that isn't right -- -- -- there. I shall take an animal motorcycle accident on that guess that's also weird that I have a clue that the castle sitting in the middle of like New York City and you would -- equivalent listeners -- outlets -- Renaissance fair which is right answers. Yeah -- late night. Late night back and added that the equipment like inspiration point -- happy days -- -- mockery of you know as with all -- by -- by the park and -- the artists are likely to bring it back after distracting and -- -- -- -- They do when you're going and where you don't wanna yeah you don't -- -- as they -- but to bring it back detect -- I mean isn't the same situation on -- we can you even know post this like houses can like a viral. Always everybody is everybody actually together and it virtually all doesn't -- -- -- in the laundry shopping together. A lot of people yeah. -- -- -- if it was another horrible. Yet we're monitoring lovers are similar or on the sixth. It's not everywhere and I think I -- What can you imagine last month you know that last night train -- just all the sudden and. I think I'd much rather watch -- some dirty man panhandle rightly or Iraq -- all of I let's move on before our eyes -- move on to. Apple is getting tired out that way when I ornaments and -- we haven't even gotten close and yet we haven't got -- next subject. And that is trading sex for bodes well across its. Sell for phones. This is a -- -- -- surveyed and they wanted to see what the dependence of people's. Well that depends that people have on their technology. And -- -- 514. American owners and may. Found that a lot of iPhone owners would treat things like oral hygiene for a week -- -- toothbrush. The true that an even. Sex for a week if it meant they were able to keep their -- A lock at -- is likely prostitution kind of thing you it basically is that there's what would you trade for a week without your -- and or would you trade for an iPhone. -- would you -- -- and yet would you trade due sex for and I found until it got. This sex is -- menu -- three GP immediately put it let me I'll put this a hypothetical situation. IPhone putts coming out in October September -- aren't they can use if I had my hand on a pre production iPhone five. Joey and I gave it to you a week before. Would you let in the -- could face five. A lot of the iPhone that's -- -- and it. I don't care about the iPhone I don't I don't think -- could recruitment of days I think and we do you. What if it meant going without make up for a week for the iPhone before anybody else I would do it would anyway I reversed the question to you okay would you give Wilson a lap dance for an iPhone five viewed -- You can -- I like album art so Cambridge -- the European Union did He do some rules and as He is now to genuinely -- -- got -- and -- nerds Steve Jobs than our own bundle. You're getting for free to get -- -- -- where you got very publicized right it would be it would be like in some -- -- -- collect a couple of reasons I storing and yeah. It did in the lab with the glass doors into that a while. It's not okay so it is to bring it back to home yet a -- recent completion of stories about -- people like people in China giving way to -- eject you iPad -- -- was -- -- an iPhone it was a I've got sick to drive particularly sick and then we heard about that story in China are looking at her virginity for an iPhone and I hope that was just the -- -- -- -- -- date yet again now that it's. I should lot of -- -- -- -- and maybe that's a win win. She had to give up her -- Oh yeah okay these idiots who's gonna give it -- him anyway. -- put this in the the run -- -- yesterday I was on the train and I saw. The metro. Metro New York that's like -- it's free He -- New York newspaper that -- people handout read from the subway. You are due to go to honestly yet -- and they don't really don't want a Paper I mean is that it's the number one reason -- they're like. Subway buyers in the first -- just like you know that's nothing new anyway then headline -- the -- is what surprised me I forgot to make a note about this but there was a site that -- featured. Called and things like sugar daddies or something like that I literally there's like -- -- -- site where I have not yet woo women. It's like a social network can hook up with its sugar -- and get like their college education paid for. Things like that like that that's that's crazy unique. It's like okay it's one thing to give up sections. But would you like get a relationship. To you know get an iPhone and iPad -- -- Plunger in nice -- personally know lots of girls I know yes. Usually does not like a web site -- and yeah remember yeah you have the money. -- -- that -- okay and printers you haven and iPad all they want mortgages they. Now let's price. There are hundreds of dollars in technical England and it will be -- be yeah I got this whole economy crashing into Kart left starting at least they aren't alone. I don't want money giving -- her current. I can actually use that -- hello right I got the right Wi-Fi -- for you. I just bring it back to the stores and it makes sense -- because UK -- -- around everywhere red is there. You like the boot Wilson and when you wake up the first thing -- take your iPhone right you don't like -- -- -- -- EU would ever so. Surely makes up in the morning as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I actually -- legitimate. And acting and -- yet He was in it. There would give up alcohol before their iphones caffeine before their iphones and chocolate -- -- -- onion might also like that it's really think about it killing before. You know gadgets were like a party -- life. Then now something like not just the iPhone but like any kind of Smartphone how much of your time do you think he's like stayed buried in front of a screen. You know like I think it's -- if we really look at ourselves like objectively. I think it's ready to a point where it's like you know like that movie surrogates were Felix from the screen and live their lives virtually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People yell at them as the machines themselves -- -- -- -- that. -- sounds creepy but like that there's always everyday about people dying of exhaustion playing wow. Video games again dehydrated -- -- what is -- that they have a cup to go to the bathroom and there's. I mean I just don't think it's it's much like step back it's not as ridiculous as it seems like -- I would give up coffee while that's great but what. 1520 minutes of your date. How much of your -- do you actually spend looking at your Smartphones -- I mean every now and then I'll go to maybe like a week or couple weeks right calling detect -- I just -- -- phone calls only respond. Yet an executable I got a call -- -- There are -- -- because it. Seven multiply and are multiple phones but He seven at -- when no one had the number -- my mom my son's mom -- and I wouldn't units of the phone my main phone earlier to that point they -- and -- -- -- -- -- You do you -- just the Oscars this sometimes -- -- something bad calls a people's asking questions bothering you that when you see your phone it automatically changes your mood you look at it. And also sometimes you have to go and as -- on many different identities and different I'll -- America. Get a I don't like ants fish they'll like what M -- I can't -- my phone because I've I've left it somewhere buried under something like. As much as I hate to admit I get kind of scared about yeah I I I. I would turn around -- -- medical files like like. I don't -- downstairs and in my iPhone right I go back in the -- -- Are we gonna take a little break here on the flip side we've got some more voice -- them more the lovely can the we'll see guys in -- -- -- -- -- Isn't that -- -- -- -- -- show where we all signs. And the -- Particularly -- Sean the other into the -- for the show where we all need to get. And yet -- yeah I haven't listened to -- there's a double on account of the too -- to explain. You in the I don't. We then had to really explained yesterday -- -- yes who were alluding to put. Needless to say it we got a lot of feedback from people saying that the I wanted to -- I doesn't. To go there mr. garrison to -- Well -- -- But let's get to -- voicemails. Get to you today W you know. And original loan. -- CNET oil oil. Online. -- you've been on the show every single day this week and like it like we said earlier breath of fresh air. Viewers agree -- -- Well. A router I'm only saying that all actually showed -- -- it. Oh we don't you -- jury on board. -- I -- actually each the issue. I'm not remember or portrait suspicion but so. Senate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you're always welcome on the show. Yeah I -- him a very good we met you but by no means you can. There's only -- Italy the numbers are regular unleaded -- -- an -- -- I don't -- I don't go it auto I and army to quote them tools to this this was the younger generation on the Grand Island -- you didn't know -- is actually 67 days. Has -- collecting Social Security threats as -- -- -- -- People don't know that -- you have your own podcast on CNET it's called digital city you do with pathogen that can't happen I just -- his great. I don't want the ability when you record on Monday Monday 3 PM eastern time that's myself Dan Ackerman. Happy yanks favored Julie Rivera yeah -- attack. And -- Scott the -- Stein tool you guys talk about it like the digital influence as ideas Ackerman output and com technology and urban spaces in Vista. And -- Craig's -- it incredulous Greg. And if the by Ackerman album. As well as we. I think it. -- -- -- -- Vehicle or -- -- -- -- what you think -- Bob. It. -- Not well and -- are. The Altamont. Stability ball -- out. Money well. -- the idea that -- -- -- pretty good. But it. -- -- So the mission -- problems. About that PlayStation -- delay I'd I think that's pretty bad for Sony because I mean it would slid right in front of the holidays are gonna gotten a really huge boost from sales because nebula where you get your -- for Christmas. Not to mention -- everybody's seen everyone who's been watching previews of it they've seen the demo of uncharted for which looks really good. Com I think -- hurt them. Because who's who doesn't 120 -- you have after Christmas threat. Attending Utley getting a -- A -- note to me like a -- -- reaction talked about this physics if I told you -- -- you would you get a visa. What is your first thought don't. Mean. -- -- -- you had never seen the movie and mind I'd go to song is I guess it's and is in an artist so the -- -- Donna. You can patent that has nothing to do what -- was -- now -- Although it is actually. The movie. That movie musical in. In the movie -- -- it's not even acting. -- okay she's a signal and the like that. -- it is you know Sony's new handheld men and I gotta say like. I think it rocks a -- like it's pretty much the PS3 with two touch screens. And you know it's only two -- fifty dollars and -- -- point. It missed the holiday season ranked 250 -- any -- and -- -- -- -- eighty need to do is until product in an. And I would even recommend I would almost say like if -- -- Burke you know if you're waiting to get something for your son -- your kid. Almost like an IOU that gift card has like I'll be honest I do not like playing indeed Matt -- that the 3-D -- get me a headache. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. Until I'm not that thirty I'm not six via RI -- out going to recognize axiom on 42. That -- -- true that's enhancing. But I don't -- to -- that the -- it and so -- we asked YouTube. All right but for this next -- -- I just love. Why are we asking -- and do our. Arnold and an -- -- these -- our next story. Is nail -- is inspired. By bruises and menstrual blood. And I you're wearing several of -- needs right. As the driver let look and you're gonna you've got a red -- -- net okay we want. -- explain this to me because like I think -- you don't like there's yes red nail polish -- And number -- -- -- literary journalism like Green and blue right now -- drive blood red some body -- edit it I hate and stuff. It's got that set -- I didn't know anybody and everybody understand that. It needs are expired and the colors are inspired so this is lightly He got -- fragrance that supposedly would smell like. Where line and seen and I've -- we've we've -- to throw the pass code you guys -- developing -- fragrance so it's loaded. It's not quite as bad and so they have in quote these -- here struggle yet the -- -- the colors to. Look like very murky and darkened so they have names like greet each have a bruise. Estuary run a hospital is it's very creative. Menstrual last DA. -- blue heron. Well and that wouldn't want to be winning their menstrual last day I of the month muted colors though apparently as the only person on the show right now that -- -- -- -- -- hope. -- you were -- this with like radiation of a -- and I mean. If I didn't know any of -- and wasn't somehow supporting this I don't think that -- -- -- colors that I don't care. And -- colored now. But -- until late eighties heroin -- Thrown down a stairwell purple -- and then it's -- Joey -- are you covering your mouth. He's trying to get the -- -- -- China holding itself back in there and that there. Okay let's say -- let's say one thing I. Bet that -- one man I haven but why is the company in this is like -- you know I've heard. Nail polish like names in my mind yeah that like the union has collaboration and noon in partners -- And on those -- -- men than them but. While. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It did not sound like that and it doesn't matter what I'd like MySpace can't -- my state menstrual right well -- All they can be so many things that -- -- there. Idea actually and and I love it yeah that's right our listeners -- -- -- more story just then yeah let's talk one more story here and tension goes back door so title. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we completely gloss over this wanton -- like presidential politics. Seem to -- nonsense -- Barack Obama was elected two years ago I hasn't really Scott in the standings. And in many -- may know -- Gingrich former house speaker that house speaker is running for president. And the other day He claimed He -- like one point. Are you -- -- isn't likely to hit the whole time is there have been and I feel like it's been cited in in news stories to. Where nobody knows like with a front runner the republic party is an exciting -- well one thing we can point to his Newt Gingrich having a billion followers on Twitter -- Turns out that may not be true it or it may be true and most of them are actually all virtual. According to report company's. Ethernet and you can actually do this because we get emails like this all the time. You. It turns out 92%. A company did a study -- -- -- decreased 2% of his followers. Or block or eight yeah so what they're all these companies own mind that relate. Promote your you know social media on your site. And what they do is like the save -- thirty bucks we'll give you fifteen thousands of followers. And -- usually -- -- giant pyramid strain. -- Yet the district is like it would actually be interesting if they -- or even if you care they were just getting fifteen. Value but obviously it's a lot more -- and creating -- -- -- to let -- part of -- Newt Gingrich has one point three million followers when some elixir patiently Hanley. 500000. Public yes. Yet it's like -- -- are people -- Serbian just for this year like comedy exact. I don't says. My god I'm gonna be in at least half of dollars yet beauty. Tech savvy people who and I let loose -- in her. -- yet they -- Gingrich actually paid for his followers but a good portion of them are actually bots and that's determined by -- company -- you'd dot com. And with the ideas they launch a campaign to investigate political Twitter followers to see how much clout. -- account actually adds that didn't they say to you that. Something like at least 50% the accounts -- -- are. Acre anyway yet again norm of the normal -- -- people have like 30% eight. Dollars it brought to an entity has them exactly yet to -- you also call -- -- parties and Eddie's got it well. Well everybody on -- America. I -- -- I love it when you -- -- about it doesn't come to this site can come to -- side. Balloon. -- we're about to say about all of its advocates of the Newt Gingrich only has 8% of this wonderful things that are actually real. Turns out that Michelle -- only has 28% -- is -- real. -- -- -- -- -- And Sarah Palin is actually only has 20% of Republicans. On her Twitter account which is a surprising. That is actually room and accent you look at -- -- your followers don't make snap judgments about how well. I mean and -- just to play via other political side. You know last week and I was sort of still dealing with ramifications this week the home. Debt to invite I'm gonna helping at LAS at. Unfortunately but it the president on Friday. Did this Twitter campaign where He just like -- Spam to pretty much all you -- million of his followers. To go call or tweet or direct message there congressman -- ray and it was like literally hundreds of tweets and I think that's our report like the day afterward. On net He lost like 40000 file. So one -- really well known that a small percentage is down to -- it didn't take -- -- bone systems that ticked down my god how it -- when He gave a speech last Monday ticked down with the house government web sites. But it really does show the power it actually disdain like you have to be really careful -- like when you explain stuff like like Twitter. He can -- messenger your followers but you've gotta be careful it's not just spamming them. -- red and I don't. I don't personally haven't like. -- -- -- Island in on an aim atom and that are new announcements by -- exceed these amendments get Andy to get daily -- emails they're like. Hi this is Barack Obama how are you today. I never and that kind of -- they personally get away -- -- -- in a way it's kind of weird because it's going to millions of people right and that for his birthday there is like on the campaign -- donate to him for his birthday. Is the end of its -- from the president of you can have. Is there isn't even at this kind of awesome you're like -- you'd email me into the right circle also be really cool to hit the report as spam. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is out before the end of the show what's weird is like now. -- sort of like custom automate email so it's always like halo since want to go to dinner on June. Maine I don't care -- dollars -- -- -- easily and and He. You meet so we can hang out. How much land line yeah. -- should buy some followers for the full four account I -- Dot com article where we only have 5000 followers of its pathetic we don't -- right -- Go -- of metro newspaper get a sugar -- and I have. I know -- hadn't actually if you want to happen. Follow -- -- at the -- for really simple -- 040404. You follows their you can also read our daily blog did Justin. -- -- for that Sarah stack it's great it's a really great -- now -- it will -- you laugh like nothing else. -- it it will make it won't make you rich in seven easy steps yes and it wobbled lower the -- -- -- Aurora or -- increase the debt ceiling wanted to let it will do something it already in it in May lower national that. A lot of -- And anyway thank you for listening. It's Friday will be -- haven't when we can Julie thank you for coming on the show yet. He went on you guys they're gonna do -- -- Jeff will be back. You -- a lot of added at grace during -- packages should -- union ripe and ready right Andrea Ingram in the list of things to -- on the back into the -- -- -- -- -- it. Happy listeners with -- -- -- vascular related and it can do for us. Join us next we've got a wonderful thing it shows up lots of fun. To be -- here. It also leave us voicemails when 8664 -- -- that's 2638. We love what goes from you guys on and sent us emails we loved reading it and also. I'm gonna go to your house. Email -- -- also also Wilson Wilson can read. You can you and you can email them so they don't have the spam you -- -- that's gonna do for us I'm -- and I'm just Kaminsky and -- and I'm Justin. The -- four have a good week and England's one. Assuming -- is no way indicative of he's -- --
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