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The 404: Ep. 875: Where it's Jump the Shark Week

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The 404: Ep. 875: Where it's Jump the Shark Week

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Today we're chatting about Boston schools testing a class on Facebook breakup etiquette, GQ's list of the worst-dressed nerds, a pregnancy status addition to Facebook, and a bite counter that has a lot in common with the Shake Weight.

-- Everyone Thursday August 4 went -- and I'm well contained on C. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- the show where we jumped the shark week. Thanks for the chat room for reminding yeah that's right it's shark week we. I don't realize now I mean I don't have cable content content from -- We're glad I didn't want to live like Discovery Channel and what's it like I don't -- legitimate. Yeah I -- sharp we like when the episode aired zoologist watching -- big -- -- being come out toward attack that he'll operate easy yet. County watch that stuff that's that thing it's like you can see like a shark attack and seal. And it's really cool look and but after like five years of it like Africa what is not can't we were doing chart we would -- -- -- the symbolic football baseball and soccer don't. We -- noted that they're just such fascinating creatures is that while it's amazing that. Like over the these communities creases have lived like you know hundreds of years like the -- is key before they like the perfect eating machines is great. I don't wanna look like a friend of mine asked -- -- times it. Are you afraid of sharks -- said it depends it will what do you mean -- Mike while. In the water yes -- -- no note in the water just does nothing sport tuna shark -- few people just like watching others get attacked by. Right like this to get her on a week but if you like. That has your week there's nothing like -- The president and more like meg -- -- -- that that was like who was the big fish policy. Although lately -- been like a lot of videos and YouTube -- -- unsurprisingly. Like somebody that you weren't expected. To really kick someone else's ass and make gets messed with and then there's a fight and then somebody you know -- crying I don't think they should be like a week like that like. -- -- smacks you in the face like on a bus. I'm not so clearly it had -- They can they can get live footage of Harlem all the Dominic. -- can I had that should know I haven't. I'm not literally is that right yeah. He would watch in the Indian child welfare or believe in a heartbeat I'm not pop up. Pilots in -- the story of the day -- -- launch right into -- experts are it's my favorite island Canada who immediately. But this -- that comes out of Ireland that you we've heard a lot of people change their names to be technology related like we heard about. A couple India that had a child in -- did like. Yeah and then that I think there was like without it FaceBook lite can there was a I think a couple -- -- a child FaceBook after the whole Middle East. In a revolution going right right right after the whole thing yet happened Walt. These two Irish kids are the latest product of that trend. And there is such big fans of superhero movies that they've changed their names to. And I'm gonna read this a couple of -- -- not -- So clever that we we talk about a story about a guy renaming himself mega Tron I believe after the transport guide this is way worse than that because. These two kids are named Kelvin board age or they were named Kelvin and Daniel -- Houston got Johnny K and Ireland I changed it to pretty boring name. So can't Kelvin has now changes name to -- -- Spider-Man Gandalf. -- -- -- -- -- could be here right you clouds Superman He man Batman the rash. Like that its management what my god they're Superman and go who -- there are pretty good. -- -- -- -- -- There invent -- -- drugs seem particularly -- Mega -- and began a robot -- -- -- bison its incessant -- Lex -- is go toward Joker granted its its Majid. The what's out of hours during the -- -- knowledge about our desired as they rock and I were not that easy yeah. I've got these kids is that they should and the guy widget on the book and the guy with the two currencies in on the pronunciation -- The -- Its largest -- moniker and I guess the guy before him had held the world record for longest name when his. I changed to captain fantastic faster than -- -- that and Wolverine Hulk and the flash combined. You know you could have a name that -- Like -- -- you -- string a sentence again. And here -- anyway. The proverbial better hurry up up up up -- up. What -- what if they named people what if you were named according your personality and what would Jeff Bakalar namely food Geoff -- -- Yeah. -- the darkness that is because I thought I disabled. Cool example overlord -- And evil black hole. I don't like a -- to play hockey. President Clinton -- -- -- -- just. I would imagine. Up. But that's crazy go right take CDC beard and -- -- like an in in the states that you can't do that -- -- a judge in most states you actually have to make. A judge has to prove your names and can go in there and say like. I wanna change my name to like Hitler tank that -- -- -- fly writes I'm surprised that link in Germany. That this would get what happened to yeah I think it's illegal in Germany anemic at eight alt T by the way I go oh yeah that's true yeah -- How crazy would -- be. If like these keep these kids would elect a witness protection program and had to change -- name. Obama. I've got kinda sorry I haven't visual -- Now if located at chase our audience -- Alice Ayala gets better and better after him. Other drivers -- is about to be filled to capacity -- the have to change -- nine point -- -- -- -- little -- -- -- first last that is as good the final one in the first. I mean can easily well I was the two things one. They're never -- get a job. Yeah. I. Don't -- your enemy company ranked at and then I would just like if so if I -- a resume with that in I would think somebody accidentally copied pasted -- Name field. Optimized go coo met at the doctor's office reading that name -- -- -- yet it was bad enough for me because my last name is Kaminsky so. -- -- the doctor's office or covering the -- report and implement -- Joseph Kaminsky and get up and start walking yet it still call my name Joseph -- -- like -- our -- until just have to Kaminsky -- -- And this is why this is why ID and password everything because I don't even get -- and that is ridiculous nothing -- People can they take your car they swipe it might do I -- look -- Don't forget -- Actually elegantly is a little personal ahead what's the strangest. Situation you've been and because. You don't look like a Joseph Kaminsky. -- that the funniest thing is that you hear people like on the -- so what it what is Kaminsky ago well. It does not defend anybody could -- a lot of mail in the -- -- -- with the -- but when I spoke with the Y. I get so much male -- Ehrlich contributions like synagogue that looks okay. -- gorilla -- I around in this limited all that mail. Silicon chemicals that -- that that's that's polish right Mike in my my -- as well as all your black Apple locked at all. I'm half white half black but okay I guess. Well no it's like I'm I'm -- -- -- black. Paul library against but my my -- been to go Hughes direct descendant from their my dad was born in Connecticut -- -- whatever. It is what it is but it is what elicited -- like oh all the time yet. I think that I get a little. A lot of people ask me. Where -- Wilson's my last name which will always rules strains really give it. Because you know like lot of applications in things like that the last realizing there sectors are naming easily. But Wilson is generally -- -- family name and so a lot of people be like oh you've filled this out on -- you think my first name is is paying back. I mean yes media I could pave the what corporation actually -- game and video -- -- -- apps such crap yet -- you drink -- I have tried it once or twice and -- pre off. Yet as I got -- chaotic. After that before too. He'd like to detain him and al-Qaeda that Russia you have to security there that there are let's move on to a new story let's talk about FaceBook breakup etiquette -- the topic. We've discussed this -- is infinitely of course because we didn't like. But there's a new Boston's school district that implementing a requirement. Where you have to go through training -- make sure that when you break up with someone on FaceBook you have the bright light -- Political -- wish it were students so this is sponsored by the Boston public health commission and be held recently won gay health conference. And part of what they discussed as they gathered -- hundred students in high school and middle school. And it talked about the best way to go about you know changing your FaceBook status to single again or -- notifying your friends that you've broken up. And support because in the article they talk about. You know keep these days aren't -- -- education on relationships in general not sex education just. You know how to deal with relationships. Well I mean a good day for sale -- common when me and my my him my son's -- -- we -- okay well we did is we just -- it altogether. We hit relates to status altogether we both agreed in April that it means a wasn't like so there's where we weren't -- -- like oh. You guys -- together when you go from in relation to single -- all I'm sorry your some people are happy comments are you just don't wanna deal with the so we rather just we just hit it yet yet that's the best and that's probably -- the best way to do it. I I would almost say though. Like this is one instance where may be technology is just I'm just thinking out Latin maybe -- -- is a good thing. In terms of spreading the message doesn't think about it when years ago you break up with the girl -- can be significant other. Now what you have to get back and the marquee yet let all your friends know it is always awkward conversation a little awkward. Worked out with just got. Interface looks at Italy's starts with like yes it Wilson College girlfriend and -- -- right now that you accumulate. -- bad idea. I I have to say though before we even did it all together at least we stayed below the slipped our status in a release of one another flight maybe likes xmas or maybe almost a year -- we weren't even together just because we just didn't wanna do that reason we -- We feel like you one knows yet -- -- it's complicated in the poem. I thought I'd like I can't do so like a thick hot I Heidi you hide it now that's we've -- Florida like passive approach where you're -- -- -- taking yourself off of FaceBook to go off -- indeed -- students in this article I've got some pretty good insight into how kids these days. Deal with faced a break that's one of the kids -- that He purposely -- VPs to as many events as He and to show everybody on its FaceBook wall that he's like doing fine. How about not -- -- in the department you know like being -- solving over his ex girlfriend. I'll be here really admitted if you really would be bidders put in -- -- to put someone else wrote. I'll call if you -- if you if you can't get anyone else's and of the media created the FaceBook account for just a mineral is of a bad person make of a name -- like hot. -- Because they're paid music do you have that person this everybody trusted -- If you can't do that -- for me I'd be a joke now Jo-Jo about Anemia. I want one friend -- and offered him yeah. It's. Because -- -- -- with girls only if they get in stents. Sort of -- I guess what's the word. Would you can send Palmieri an instant sympathy as soon as they change their. FaceBook status like you don't watch it in real time -- it like. Very rapidly. Gets a light people say oh you finally like free -- until I haven't. Guys and I feel like it's much -- But we're that's true I mean there's really no good protocol to go about doing -- but I think technologically speaking. Histories can it be easy to deal with -- of someone member with MySpace -- there's like the top ten thing. And I need to deal with like all of your friends not just your girlfriend. He -- priority so action what does the article say about. I feel like it's not. Letting other people know this the issue it's as much as. How do you do you leave your acts at that point -- like -- in the real world. You know you can avoid that person like online like you see in the news -- like if she goes out -- other guys were adversely something else going on my. You you know instantly in that like that to hit the -- and I gotta say my advice. You gotta like -- friend and I know that sounds like drastic these days man like that's the best thing to do. In my situation where we are not and friend and obviously because like you know. -- my -- have now weakening of the Obama sent an excellent so constantly uploading photos and -- -- -- against offenders which for the present and we've been very respectful of one I mean I don't you don't you'll you'll see pigs and me doing anything you know. -- of cordless and it gives me like groping gripping them I'd been like that I wouldn't expect those known as well I listen I. So I don't know what -- -- I but I listen I I've seen it on people's FaceBook -- exactly real soon you'll have I mean I have a friend like. Took pics of his wife and his girlfriends -- on the beach of this moment but only one of them is mine it was bolt reminded me -- -- -- right. Crazy things and maybe some -- -- in my presence but Omnia. I'm just saying I don't do it and you know to this point -- doesn't. I think if you if you can if you can deal with it just leave it open yet and if it gets unbearable then you one from the because. Automatically if it's usually one person still attached and in some cases even -- but -- -- work out. So -- you do what you gonna and that person response I mean I have to say I'm friends with quite a few -- He's done well in -- -- your FaceBook let's move -- -- it's a related story. Apparently FaceBook has added the ability. To add a person lake. Expensing -- expecting -- counselor if you're pregnant you can put Mike. I guess -- related to a -- coming out Orion and. -- so what you can do is you can change like you're expected status to having a child and you can even -- -- gender. But like people always complain about -- on FaceBook is and I hate this because it's opt in but. The nobles and it at a time on this basically people are upset because you know there's like small things have to worry about like miscarriage happens that -- -- -- you do with. Or -- I was gonna say like I don't feel feel slighted if their personally told that you're having them be the moon -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a close knit feeling these console. You get so engulfed -- all that you just you you you -- the blacked -- everything else. That's what I was gonna say it's like I would it that would be the most. It's I just like the most hurtful way or the most embarrassing way to find out bad I don't know media girl that you -- -- -- I could. Plain game is stuck because like three this article that said one comment -- was -- -- -- is her and her husband were having trouble conceiving. And an -- -- to see all of her friends posting status updates -- black -- disease and hurts. But I mean -- I just think that if years. On FaceBook you have to expect those things whether there's a feature that tells you to partner with a -- Post I mean the -- going through your own the individuals have to be happy for your friend of the court -- they're generally your friends and regular corporate. And at that that I mean yeah I can see being a little if you really want to conceive navigated but that's not their fault why -- everybody put everything they -- on hold jammies -- the most viewed it is the most beautiful thing on the planet when you guys do you develop. Just letting you make a great dad I love it doesn't integrate data. I see the way is as He believes it miles miles is personalities are -- is of my son doesn't just that'll make a great dad Tom Gilligan just me. I know Wilson and and -- I'm. Just stuff I'm gonna. Yeah. Bogus because I don't know -- no room a little nervous -- -- learned of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then update to the rituals and upwards of horse gridlock with those -- karaoke euphoria. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- going to put a home button on their -- don't they just have been a -- -- general mass would be better mother will -- and and I suggest that it's just not good wow okay well He certainly was a better address the yeah it's been a bit much craziness you -- the -- ability -- -- month. I copied another and I don't. Why are we -- -- a little break here. On the flip side we've got some voice mails and I. Hacked to run down it -- -- guys ingests. This is the floor of the hard and her captors to show where we -- names. Richard from Cleveland and you're listening or all their Dick Tracy is -- favorite movie. He does ever watched them. Think the -- idea. Yeah so -- so Richard Tracy. I missed the -- again that when I was going up it was such an iconic. It was a comic -- yeah yeah yeah that's what the Sunday disintegrate project. I think everybody our age alone here young going to be ten or eleven dead trees and -- -- generally are. Again. Great now we are commercials for that indeed I really want to and it really doesn't do many things like a plastic -- yet -- -- time but it. Which -- you guys that if I with the most -- little faith or. -- plasma -- I think what with the. That was not thought was a big boy it was a might -- yeah boy. I'm alive they're probably a little bit blurry now yet who is the actor that played Dick Tracy is like as a way to really -- -- Canadian Madonna. And big boy was -- -- you know yes. The -- that was what would I remember that too like the epitome like why is Warren -- like Oscar winning actor -- -- congratulate Dick Tracy was coral. It is just like a role that you never expected and it's so funny because like every time you see Madonna movie just -- consisting. And Israel. Didn't immediately giving. And NC -- card I I don't I don't cry for me Argentina. A we are. Let's let's get into a story before that He was -- just somebody when you. Com let's talk about the worst dressed geek. As claimed by GQ -- every energy -- comes out with like this list of the top. The best dressed in the -- stressed that technological world and the 2011 poll has come in. And Mark Zuckerberg has been. Miller's. Beating out. These guys like -- from icann has cheeseburger. Even Steve Jobs. I just don't get portraits at all but here we have this tech an article in at the picture of Mark Zuckerberg wearing those -- -- -- sandals. I agree I think he's wearing those at a big conference to each give a speech in his sitting on -- -- apparently it's on stage right now he's wearing freaking flip flops -- -- -- that'll only critiquing people's fashion sense yet. -- Do do do it until it's fine as is I think he's taking like the casual. Dot com web two point notebook in order to it's not -- If jobs can dress sees these as dressed for the eighties that's just how you -- that was a look at the -- the new balanced genes like legalized I was like a look from the past Italy -- weren't journalists well mock neck. Not that that's -- -- tournaments that really. What about short -- to no -- He's not on me what I wanna on -- on a woman maybe. -- -- -- -- That's an idea a little strange but -- -- -- -- Steve Jobs gets a lot of flak for wearing the same black jeans thing. -- -- -- but at this point he's done so long if He came out wearing I don't know what to suit you just like you feel like what happened. Yet who is what you like cellular Apple Stock -- community that I think also it's not a concerts keynote He doesn't want to pay attention him when you listen increasing importance and what's going on the back right right now became optical up. It's like. Yeah I oh yeah. At the YY and I -- you don't -- I mean what how would you read you like what would you expect. Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg -- like Bill Gates the dress like look at that point like. They've got so much money is they really like I would be in the mines and if I had that much money. I really -- -- What I have the -- I don't want outlook with quite a few you know. Wealthy people and and they just very you know. Very very normally would know they had in -- -- never knew there would never know there were millionaires and rise to mean. It's one thing to do -- when you're hanging out it's another when you're actually going on to -- like you know like shooter known as sit down with someone I mean you tend to -- -- it. Little -- no one ever expects these guys to look. Really look at both equal in terms of Bill Gates and -- jobs on the list -- whether they're -- they're older the older you. When your younger you know -- like all you want those sneakers you in the and here's a guy that wouldn't -- -- from getting any speaker in the I showed it like a hundred million dollars in around and venture capital and I mean I'm not to out there are decked out what I -- mica. The stands -- -- agrees with -- -- doesn't have to be Mino. Expensive little icon yet those people are -- was in the spotlight unfortunately Dennis Crowley from -- who actually had on the show is on the list. I know they're mostly taking -- these guys -- -- which you'd Wear it like a grocery store on the weekend they're all really casual like I don't think there's any -- -- -- -- -- jeans -- we don't -- that I'm wearing a couple of little -- you wouldn't Wear to church no no I mean I don't know that's a certain amount of laser where the dual layer -- W put on -- you -- -- -- I have to remember there was this the first time I've ever seen -- wears suit. I was at jets -- all that kind -- -- and I let's say we look pretty damn. RA and we -- let me -- 88 from. Wilson looks like it like an agent James Bond in the suit -- at. Money was -- And I and -- and and then. And -- had been quietly. Get to some voicemails before we hit the end of the show cool you ago. Time additional -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just then we -- -- video voice mails you one thing you're is religion do not pocket aren't so. Regular voice voicemails. We've got a couple -- on wine from a certain -- -- California. -- -- -- California remodeled in what they think they didn't -- it great -- about the bookmark bar really appreciate it. I thought I want an advantage. -- Arnold graduates and those poses that builders are even play additionally so bad and that's that's Arnold after crying after Maria -- -- -- you know some of his money right -- not get that in my money Medea I. It's -- that. And a image you do a bit let -- is a bit -- of this -- The column. And -- How would you put the -- the toolbar I would Arnold to do it to the idea I -- -- to do. Yeah yeah yeah. You. -- oh yeah. And Arnold is the easiest of life and values if you really you can eat. If you're gonna Arnold -- should have a ten year old -- by now. I don't know. -- Saudi Arnold. And when the -- Let's play one more on this -- a little -- won't just cut to. Looks -- part of it. They got 44 love -- guys. Just wanna give you end up now and I also include about war Logitech revue. -- parents yet but I sold my Apple TV. Our AppleTV on -- it on a one they've -- a one day they've. In October for 85 bucks which -- pretty awesome yes and now. For Obama you limit how much am I had -- PS3 what I have lupus Netflix and -- -- it'll all be able work better than the Apple -- each. And -- -- He He goes on to say you know you really -- in the review. It's only 99 bucks. -- two you know -- about this is eight the bottom not the Apple TV which is only 99 dollars. And sold on eBay for 85 dollars so that means He only paid fifteen bucks to use Apple TV for how many months there is a great deal like. Let me but you know what He gonna get that same discount it turns -- Yeah because of every bit. Yet another point which I guess you know we don't really talk about too much on the show but He was like oh so you know with the review. In -- flash it loads on. Certain kinds of adult web sites that don't load up on the Apple TV he's like it was beautiful and HD. And that's certainly factors that the feedback yet -- -- and it will Steve Jobs said that injury was born and if anybody there. I like is that -- think you know it's it's one of those points that you never find in like -- CNET review. You can imagine how much of the two probably creature instant streaming if they added an adult sex. -- love that look at your thing. I say yeah I guess they're gonna -- they're gonna sell it to -- let's be honest here every one that everyone is guilty of watching viewing downloading something and I think probably the most embarrassing thing is if you actually when Google buys of the the walk into the store physically and by. If you were able to stream and you don't want to reflect my points out what. Puts it at all that feature you don't -- -- -- -- non credible site already known that looks to be credible site right if you throw like a Netflix X wing. I don't know maybe they couldn't -- if you would be crying about the price increase now when. I know at that -- 78 a month Red Hat. -- still like I I hope that on you know the next revision of global TV softer it probably should -- like in fact -- -- mode or something we don't have to click button. Yes but it would only hardware that. I got a screen protectors -- not a -- -- -- -- looking. Eisen president like this is president -- and and you're you're just somebody comes in like why are you looking at spreadsheets and -- Hazard to your TV screen laminated. Plastic -- -- -- you know have a look public Xbox -- -- Xbox and screen -- I do we have any more voicemails. Another one. This one is about Unix wars let's get to -- that. -- each from California. As were arrested on people who use IE. Our -- If they it is really are at the group even -- you say. Let it go a lot of people that you IE use it because they're forced you. By their companies. And -- book my parents lie. Model -- software program or software analyst. -- bad news that's essentially what outlook all day of people or use. I -- because Apple the company used. And many it makes a really good point that's always said yesterday's a lot of people. Are forced users they don't want to use it we we RT could beat it or support more than after. But -- you know I think that yeah I think this -- -- -- Like -- part is like a racket like yours -- IQ your IT guy yeah and Nike there's a recession or not you wanna make sure that you keep your job. So -- -- you install an -- to explore and all computers and I went out you know conflict -- two comes -- How right they do well guaranteed jobs. I don't know that's why does lung tumor that's why I think that that that is out IT and went and Microsoft and courts when -- because. A -- you've got an error message and be like 00 XY one -- You'll cut and paste -- -- on the Microsoft Microsoft doesn't know it you know some of the system couldn't translate that their message is something you can't read it. When you get is -- what does this mean. So you -- as people keep their jobs only few know that. We're gonna put him out of you don't understand. Are made of you -- -- -- a certain. And yet we haven't gotten that minute okay cool let's talk about eight byte count -- guys have heard about predominant threat that measure how many steps you take. Helps you lose weight -- have an arm around my sneakers in my mind and like the Nike plus there and how. -- seriously -- like I'm I'm really almost getting concerned how much gadgets you actually can augment. Mike is right in on the abdomen and is army. That is -- -- -- a nano like three Smartphones and -- and I'm. All. I don't alive and I are what I carrier mean -- that most of them to get -- com is my I've had. And and oh my phone I haven't taken my old phone out there that gives them evil in the -- -- -- in numbers and stuff and that haven't moved over. -- -- -- let's get back to this story just and yes like -- so this is a byte counter that researchers at Clemson university in South Carolina. Are developing and basically it's a bracelet anywhere while you're eating. And it uses an excel -- to track the movement of your wrist and basically means it tracks how much you eat right so like they tell you how many times. In an hour's time rate with that Bluetooth and we're talking about today -- smart -- went down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Adds it's not been added to retrofit. Any move it like this yeah exactly like overlaying combined to -- -- -- I'm gonna have. And neither does smooth out there in -- realize it's gonna go plus and that X flicks is decidedly adult streaming thing that posts like -- -- -- Twitter -- -- a lot of these Linux dot ED about I was manager ED. Right. Is beating a lot today and I I don't report is an old joke that it -- a lot of people effect. Even just before you're -- -- it. -- usually don't have -- feeds you wakes up. Is it fat cedar -- you will be easily restaurant and valued. It only -- the squid and that's when it comes and and -- exactly if not. -- Are -- getting -- -- -- well and this -- local. Joey just needing to get it. Yeah. It doesn't -- -- He didn't have this and minimum volume back up. About the house voted how to hostility to Jim -- I don't think you neglect me -- Enterprise Wilson has as good -- and this them a -- these are listening had been our equipment they're using. Not gonna happen. An infinitely on a ten -- yeah. Oh yeah. I. I have that's gonna be good for us today -- -- to you again revealing -- integration and we look look what are easy to get this -- And I have video -- give them. Tomorrow Dick McKinley on the show in the meantime send us your voice -- When it thinks it's more for CNET hopeful for at cnet.com opponents and technically that -- -- and I'm Justin yeah. We're eating. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're girls. And I even think about that when of the you've got up only god. Duke it out a little -- our viewers our business.
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