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Ep. 874: Where two sticks make a fire: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 874: Where two sticks make a fire

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Today's stories include a quick review of Spotify and the new Sonos small network speaker, a California ruling that makes Facebook trolling a crime, and a Web site that reveals previously deleted tweets of any Twitter user.

Everybody. -- going -- Wednesdays. And phones there. And I'm -- of Kaminsky and I'm Justin yu and this is the show -- two states make a five. I Deseret I think that a fire and with -- of a quality makes a complete yet. -- you guys talking about. Let's just above then -- -- that's cooked meat on me real. A bed and challenging really the better it. -- This is the show -- over Turbo. In the -- station. Hotel and very -- I like when -- day's gonna filler break dancing sessions we have in the lab is eligible if they're they're. Do that well we yesterday we got a chance to play around the new sonus music players. OK yes for people who who don't know the Sonos was a Sonos is the company mostly known for like high end. Internet connected -- speakers in -- -- systems essentially. But they've released some new ones that are actually affordable because the previous models -- the -- like thousands of dollars to break so like you and -- -- and share a little bit about it. -- will actually. David Carnoy and Falcone came in the lab with him they were testing instead my iPad wanna use the iPad app to control. Arm which kind of got me and a little. Matt I guess some trouble going to be some flak from -- because. It turns out there -- an elaborate -- of playing music again and I had car and always spot a five count and because Carol Lisa -- way to get out much modified -- art he's absolutely not elect. Coal is really cool -- that I hadn't had antigens play around with spotted by but that's like the new music streaming service that you can download the software in your computer. It has basically iTunes in the class. And -- -- other multiple users can connect to spot by. That's then broadcast the sonus music player yeah and you -- multiple users -- music and the speaker wants. -- -- -- the I was able to but He wasn't able to play it where He was a guess at home or something com and I was playing if you could dismiss it a couple of other is that I was -- requests. Yeah but a rarity -- -- Barbara gave it. So what's going on locale where I we -- looking on the reduce a lot of searches for artisans doubt the and you -- -- -- plays sulfur real. So little. -- you don't have lists over real -- wasn't sold for real as it. What is over what was it doesn't have the right click cancel this and there's another -- -- -- -- -- -- -- something like we went -- like like literally -- I -- there has -- to download the -- for -- hundred phone. And we went back and forth with songs I mean is -- -- about our great service that's how I mean -- -- -- it you know Jermaine Stewart the word is out zoo like. So -- DIM if you ask me to. -- of the bella feels like another one I mean we went all over the spectrum to like. Simple minds don't forget about the -- besides trying to hit a double -- the pre existing. -- mean this morning a plea by jasmine Sullivan ten seconds for for Kinney can do exe -- facilities here but. -- -- -- -- you know it's funny that keep up the whole like one user on the spot five. Account. I think a lot of people do this with their Netflix account lately you know like a lot of friends will be like how we're swear that cheap that we can't afford nine dollars or ten dollars a month. The streaming. If so it ends up happening is like -- loan out your Netflix like -- You'll get back -- you now you see suggestions for -- Out of the leg room -- new reality. And all yeah. Way to go that way. But its audience that YouTube and it -- and and you find out like all the crap that all -- for the east if ever a movie -- guess when you go to start something it says another users -- already watching how to -- Watch for multiple devices you can not understand that the same time yeah I mean I have it on the Apple TV united -- -- back on my phone my I've. Maybe generally -- as it made in a different ball game that didn't -- -- technically that's usually -- someone else is watching and even tells you what there watching it monkey -- Yeah. And -- -- sure it's not like the same device that mean I know I've watched. I've watched here I know I have watched the home in my town might be given for mobile devices is the only time I've tested that is on the desktop because it you can register multiple devices -- I know like within your browser you when your actual PC you can have -- windows -- with two different Netflix -- -- open another browser -- -- -- -- -- closed. The double check that. It's just like one of those are reviewing ways to find out what. Your friends are really interest it is like yet we all give it the standard answers were arrested developments by favorite TV show and while you're watching. No again ru Paul -- IP it's easily. Right or or the flavor of love road. That was okay now that is funny that flavor of love wrote that should definitely -- to augment that -- to -- -- -- Netflix with the flavor of love roast of Larry. Are -- over without getting some stories and I guess this is this is definitely not a first on the 44. But it apparently. I'm reported something wrong because it turns. They -- the Internet trolls have struck again and we actually have a story from California later on. -- -- Says now patrol is it was FaceBook account is actually considered identity theft in California but Democrats or we talked about. That said Internet Explorer users have a lower IQ than the rest. A Internet browsers via -- and -- the which I feel cheated by casino was exactly this like Apple. Times -- videos -- area you have ballot being -- the Montauk monster -- on solid alternative being fate that's in it but that's the president trying to keep during the -- you really have much time finding -- -- -- -- -- get about but it's -- so what's the real story about in this -- who did this -- there -- supposedly a study. Where they. Correlated like a 100000 people. Even IQ test and asked them what browser they used turns out the company behind that is called -- to Quant. And they've been using fake information for awhile -- -- to publish these stories that were meant. Drag Microsoft's -- through the -- so the people speculating on line right now -- those below are some pretty cool led trying to. -- sort of -- the reputation of Microsoft press. Does does Googlers. Mozilla really have to do anything to bring them I mean. Really. Does that with its estate Windows Mobile seven that is not a bad OS it's pretty nice OS but just the fact that as windows owners probably killing its sale -- -- named it something entirely different. Like WOS. Doors -- lesson -- exactly regular. Ledge O -- only. Nine -- -- got a good point like it everybody believed it. You know like all -- anybody who is kind of tech savvy the first thing that -- do and if they get a computer is install Firefox or Chrome or safari or some other. That's or browsers and we -- believed it. But it makes me wonder. Really what makes song qualified to be an analyst now or -- Present a report would generally generally -- you would think that a university name behind it -- some progress with. Make it several legitimate. Another thing is like that there's should be legitimate journalists Saturday at a terrifying He claims that they'd at least do it because we're justified or not -- -- -- the Internet. But shame -- you Forbes and I think Apple alerts and CNN Daily Mail. Okay at which should also mean zero gravity again it yet to do that when I WW OS this -- waste of space. Motorola I guess is that this study just makes sense to where people don't even think to have to fact check the statistics right yeah I can -- of course people that use it makes for travelers are idiots -- -- We have to diagnose and fix their computers every time the user and explore right I mean what about it -- -- you'll need an update to your public here. I. Our eyes. Like I mean this is -- being sort of very elitist about this North Dakota like a computer and you see someone running I. Let's just this is -- You can't -- think less than the person like unless they've they've got like a corporate reasons to do it or that their bank you know say only supports I. -- -- -- -- -- -- First of all you should just get off -- an -- That's the first thing that -- in my mind as you -- -- the same thing or. ICI I think it's great when you see old stuff on them wow you know you know -- have tabs now. Tab over to -- -- few windows of regret excellent I want in the revamped Netscape navigator. Only light -- -- the Rivera Netscape like bring it back rigor that you like those giant buttons on top artists like that's typically wield a big the big icon big should -- He navigated. Read back the spells -- big -- back. I you know it's really frustrating to me about watching people use Internet browsers is that instead of going to EU -- adjusts. They'll actually do a Google search for Amazon home page like eBay -- home page. He had ever notice that -- -- something that my mom does that really frustrates me I'm not to like. Pointing user calling mama but -- yet never had this idea I always like Google link things that they should just know what the -- or. I 2.2 this like yes it really does bother me when someone takes the time to actually go to and -- dot com the end of whatever business you usually -- windows uses a controller. But -- the other thing is like -- I'll see people actually tape and www. Google.com yet. Ignore the search box next to the address you know I go to Google's it and then type in FaceBook. Like what's even more there was actually huge story -- -- his last year. Where read white read write -- ride published a story with a headline was like FaceBook homepage. And because of the SC EO of the search engine optimization involvement people were actually clicking it. Thinking it was the new new FaceBook homepage and you're commenting at the bottom like I hate the new design. I yeah guys -- to this and I are a -- to use it lose your license to be an Internet. -- -- Yeah I think for those planning uses the best thing you can show them is the bookmark shortcut bar that -- cannot know. -- where you can drag the icon and then make it like. You like to hear what you switch to the screen right now gently and yet most popular most don't really know about -- shortcut bookmark buttons where you can just go ahead and click on something to get it right well that's like a huge -- I I think that's an -- in on those that do. Well the subject to -- noting that drives me crazy. Is when they have all those buttons and tabs in their browser like. -- -- -- -- -- -- Being I mean it's like like this much in Yahoo! to Yahoo! to be that everything here and -- you got this much reading space below it yeah. I can't get past our closing it happens -- appears go to guy the browser -- printer at Dryden. Well I guess -- -- -- this show we have to count this information that you should all -- that's never believe anything we -- on the show with -- -- major actors and a look like ought GO BR financial advisors here a -- -- -- or. Or you know what don't be afraid when you install something -- go to custom NC would actually being installed don't always go typical where it installs all his background stuff -- York you know. The being barred the task bar and -- sometimes -- him baby don't be afraid to go custom and see what exactly you could still clicked next but may -- to see exactly what you're installing. -- or low brow but I think most the people that listen to -- show -- wouldn't do that. It's like to people that they have to deal with themselves -- -- issue. Inevitably -- -- -- -- -- someone babies the right hand side He might -- to show this we get it you know these things. It's those dimples and oh yeah I just got a dozen governments do -- -- -- -- -- show. You know just -- got to put a little more meat on their bodies into the deeper. Yes I've got shallow develop and make a fired martyr martyr hard -- because of -- Speaking of -- let's move onto the story we easily bitterly Joey puts us in the -- -- He -- tell us about this California judge ruling about trolling. Oh yeah yeah. It's historic. Let's. I have -- surgery. Terrible so don't -- California has now ruled that if you take control of -- announces FaceBook account. But if they leave their account logged in and your computer and you go and imposed a fake status update we change any information. That can now be used as identity -- you can suffer the consequences of those in the program. So I live in California -- -- And I get to a computer where FaceBook is you know somebody has forgot to log out and then and I you know post something like whoa I'm an idiot for -- -- -- FaceBook opened that identity that yes it is this kid named Rolando Reynolds the juvenile case there are under eighteen years old course. On He goes on his friends' FaceBook account who had left his password. -- -- on the computer. And He writes this on the wall of all of his victim's friends and I can have an -- to -- -- is its cuts with you but He says hey FaceBook is I am the name of the present here a junior in high school. I wanna be a pediatrician but I'm not sure where when -- go to college I have high standards for myself and planned to meet them all also I love to. -- is something that we -- I I I love this Richard I -- to suck Richards short -- -- I retired yeah I Wii. It's -- -- stop oil. The units are being Richard yeah I stopped being a -- can't figure out what that is it media it only had when it it continues to say though that she actually enjoy going to school. Until that -- an -- FaceBook and it's like all of a sudden become like a very uncomfortable cutting so I mean psychologically from from like a student to what -- -- and C you know what happens in any. I think that's -- like yes there is bullying that happens at -- -- you we should not condone that. But like -- that is a lame excuse. For dropping letter grade definitely because once you put something like that on your FaceBook everybody knows that it's banned everywhere else that you must have had your account -- hacked. In LA county and one really thinks that she meant to -- this. We also know because He gets deleted because I had I had a friend in other wildly at it some and I know some are going and aside is that. I've come up the closet I love Richard. I -- it's gonna. -- -- and its -- -- I was like wow you have a FaceBook lacked the power to them and that I -- was -- economic toward it is later was deleted yet since you're that was -- reported just that uses cited someone else put that in their -- about right. And if this guy was a real -- what He would have done has gone to that person's profile page and it deleted that from their Walton that -- -- have no idea it was post in the first place the little pro tip. Mac iMac. Ability -- but if you -- of as the counties are facets of an -- It did so believes that account login there are better things to do that just posting on the wall what you should do is copied on the phone number for mobile posts are right okay now gives you a phone number that lets you upload pictures and -- -- -- email address from your phone did -- copy that down. You can do whatever you want on the fly through Allard now the Jetsons can going to -- not just it's not gonna -- -- of -- Not you guys yeah. I just totally hear how I interact and it that I have death. I made that mistake here we have done this do you hear back so you know like I would not consider identity theft though it anyway. -- I think the bigger point is -- May -- this is like. I actually had a -- again is feeling especially about politics. Is that -- at some point you've -- be fine or -- Punished for just being that -- right -- -- leave your account opening and -- your bank account. I don't think that it's a it's a matter bending down anyone can leave their computer for a little bit and summer camp like ethnicity are a public computer -- but this is set to get stupidly yet almost deserve to have. You like your email looked at -- -- leave it open on -- Internet cafe can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't mean to -- that you -- I like you think you're you're you're Richard they deserve -- Loretta and because you're hazardous United's is the managing going to teacher's office like so called him -- -- I call them Little Richard. -- -- during the -- and I really dig a little break here we'll come back -- -- some voice -- On some more stories of the -- in this and -- Richard. We'll learn a little poorer -- -- The show where we -- -- Richard -- you should do instead. And thousands. -- back here on the floor or. It's a video voice mails and send voicemails to get to just second attendant and it's obviously not nearly as it is. Jeff -- it was He laying out no he's not laying on the beach. They're not actually I just saw that He tweeted this this morning -- -- break this out when astronauts were just added -- -- -- it's it's really -- I finally have a freezer. I expect that it's only this is what I imagine his summer vacation -- -- But that has -- set -- exactly. Also this gives a good shot of -- new -- Kensington and of people instantly see that if you're listening to the -- check -- the -- You could -- jets by on a leg that it. But I about a quarter of away from being. A robot that up right. People realized that -- is pretty much his whole right -- has entered into. It's like a prosthetic late. It's funny I think we were talking to someone about humans at -- and might think someone goes with. If you don't gangrene might finally like their first I've yet to -- -- a pinball machine Mario question mark as one of the bumpers. That chat to -- blue and -- legs gonna put me. Justin Wilson. -- yeah. I. -- -- I look at -- some viewer voicemails and -- There and listen to -- there was no deal was also mobilize unit of time additional -- -- CNET oil royalties. -- -- It doesn't you don't play the video was over share so the only video voice now that we had two days from -- cash he's got that need the four -- -- showtime a generator. But I He -- -- video voice -- submission from the top of the mountain -- kinda getting these. The Internet video voice again its garlic it's. It's BT it's becoming a competition to see who can get high fidelity and I'm also -- and realize that are of our listeners are much healthier than we. -- -- -- -- right up but everybody heard art show from computer speakers essentially yeah yeah but it turns out people who aren't political grounds. Was a little -- five when we will be. Let's check out this with them. -- -- -- Room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- guess 3300. Feet. And so I just enough so well I hope it would make note that the -- vehicles. Votes are blatantly in. Didn't show. Lion also -- to atrocious. And I have been really steady and the mountain high and it into. Don't come -- like if you are. You know if you're in an interesting place I don't know -- maybe we get we can. Get a video voice mail from Death Valley your in the over the desert or don't we don't get out of the city very often -- This is our solar output to the rest of the world send us a video voicemail yet do it -- YouTube video of yourself and then send a link to that video to the 404 at cnet.com place. So we've got some more traditional. What's -- end here actually couple bouts best buy. Yesterday as you mentioned the discount or netbook price matching right get it best buy -- Joey you mention there. Someone actually has good point about office. Four report that the monster from agriculture dot com -- -- show -- recommended pretty competitor I think agreement but by making tech purchases. What we're over the Smartphone and a bar code scanner -- -- but I'm gonna crop this great thing on the fly and looked upon by water anyway what the show eclectic. Let me he's saying that if you who. Okay so bar code Apple what is there -- a lot about sharp savvy -- Amazon shopper I think that I forget what it's called the brick red laser. That there's a bunch of apps out there though what you -- take your camera. When it at a bar code. And it searches Amazon Google all these of you know shopping sites to find the best price to say -- -- -- best buy them and you you know what you. On a hard drive or whatnot. You can actually search for it. And it's like twenty dollars cheaper and -- according to this guy connection to show him via the search result not my grades red lasers what -- -- not know that the. What really gotta be careful that they only have certain people they that -- -- compute it you have competitive price with immediate Michael Wal-Mart -- epic and similar to their own. So you eat it that's that's the they hit or -- with them you gotta find out which ones then I mean I've tried a couple you mean you could find some who excites -- but they may not in -- -- that grass is gonna be like I guess that a well known site missiles -- -- mean they'll look at some will some animal some care and you you've never heard of just in the bar code. I know it is not even know that yeah as many have a three GI familiar yeah I -- there's an -- -- that. Got a better you're not -- yeah. Yeah there's an -- to Begin three G four. -- next voicemail. This one is about the save like saving apps that He talked about two days ago. It is to. Whose Washington DC Hamas a group. You're talking -- the -- What -- not. A -- behind when you uninstall actual law and order -- -- are all about all of and you want you to write about oral all internal hard bought one and street -- are. Installed kitty. On -- sure. Then you -- lead and that you re install let -- yours take it or actually stay there are at. This is that this is true but this is sort of related to the point made earlier or less a couple days ago is that. You're iTunes actually backs up all your apps along with your preferences so you if you really -- -- get rid of everything. I've yet to delete the game from game -- you get to delete it from iTunes -- -- to get rid of all that. And we none of us to really speak but the hope enjoyed situation too well. But -- that's what happens on. Wireless -- -- remember delete it from your iTunes. -- lost ten levels. On infinity blade. Because I I got up like the level 42 button in -- five. And it was little buggy with the rest of my apps so when I re installed IOS four point three. I used an old back up so levels -- -- but NBA jam didn't keep my settings and men have finalist teams again and then you know you're not -- -- any real sympathy from just like He. It makes eating team that's why -- you wanted to. Because you uneducated so much time. I had activated I have continued its elements or whatever I -- voicemail this one's I -- -- Something. I would see dedicated to you -- -- humans here you you. It looked at current. -- -- supplemental new. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that's true I can what -- Although these guys are giving me crap all of last week literally five days at last week were complaining about needing dominoes Papa John's basically generic pizza when there is. A lot better offers. -- -- -- Which I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had to edit during the mornings and I don't wanna get a White House to me later I -- white castle is the best after dark -- I mean bind the next day you you wash your system yet. But it's the best arcade -- -- this every time I ever been inside lawyer -- whom are already well yeah -- -- Let's -- addition stations that serve an expert on Tuesday northeast new writer Tom on Fifth Avenue like 32 yet close on the EQ -- -- of the murder -- -- -- -- -- Almost think -- like white castle shouldn't be opened during my normal hours I don't know anybody like during the regular hours of the -- that would be like oh and you'll get away castle -- read however every -- -- been incredibly castle. It's been well past midnight. And everyone uses the same sort of. And I want south line opens its. Conflicts there because I -- you but not really reading. And looking at it could be said about fast food chains -- who -- I don't ever purpose little -- to another white castle. Right there -- Northern Boulevard like back -- single clubbing we would hit. The I -- And I hop like 4 in the morning when the club lets -- home. God read the hottest people eating -- -- you've ever seen. Again. I. -- an -- and yet time for one more storage always -- -- story talk about -- to tell you we joke quilts. That we got sent to us via email yesterday one of our listeners. Coincidentally also named Wilson. The world to bring this is joke I thought you'd like because I -- joke about the debt ceiling. If the opposite of pro is -- What is the opposite of progress. -- saw it at any time and you could out of -- as well received at that time. It's an old joke a U -- -- you've -- -- I feel like -- You must regulate -- is I had no -- enjoy -- -- before. It's satellite some heard before but I and exit their physical -- -- was a Wilson Justin moments it's can. It's a little different dynamic that's a joke -- buckles. Into idiots. I I heard that before back to where it really was -- in the attic which. Darren found it funny I thought. I don't laughing at that stagnated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you wanna think -- you've been on -- -- -- a -- I guess -- Plain and story that the rundown note I think regulatory in the -- if they knew you are all called I ended -- -- in this came out today and so on. -- -- Is that it's -- existed on other as the on the humans on -- -- on some of. Let's get back to this story here it's a collection of tweets that have been deleted. So I had no idea that Twitter. EP I could do this but when you deleted tweet. It gets kept in the archives it doesn't just disappear forever and you can still access it and somebody made a web page called -- -- readable. That actually resurrect those deleted tweets if you type in any Twitter username. And this evening we can do live demo -- this right now I know that what's I was having some traffic issues before. But basically to show you all the tweets that. Okay so it but -- -- the live demo yet of course -- you. I was using like a lot of people delete tweets probably for good reason because -- you wrote something -- in the middle. -- white castle at -- Hello. All I catalyst that it Bartlett -- a Domino's -- quite -- bit about -- you don't like -- so we know what other things. Pop up pop I love the -- you know we should go to Popeye is occasionally as minority here yeah and then if it's against serves as a barbecue sauce was a good thing about -- as that they double Fries K it's the only -- the personal. It's call -- C does not even chicken anymore. -- -- cook a fried chicken animated like chicken on life support. That -- -- here to stop us from talking about this yet encrypted in the Black Eyed -- black -- -- actually like the Black Eyed Peas. I Fergie they're done the right did they broke up we talk about that story like a regular breakers and I go boom boom powered for -- -- jolly -- and -- -- clintons on the cavity tweets that you've deleted. You can think of right now before how many think when you're gonna Twitter not -- between him and ordered the market -- But I'm gonna do its -- area search for your -- where you're minding that resist saying oh and it typing on Australia and you rhapsody -- And -- you got lucky so there's been a flood of traffic to Twitter. Untreatable lately so it's having problems with -- abuse and in what they -- only go listen deleted we already know it was bubble bath let's. But let out an album that we did He deleted his bubble -- remember when -- disorders such as well. -- This will take it just didn't. I thought when you deleted some of it -- it was -- from an unknowable. Isn't just like a video you -- -- -- stays up there but I thought but. -- a we're hitting the end of the show. Thanks again -- well thank you -- -- thank you thank you on the show having. -- always a pleasure to have you here. Her I -- our chat rooms requests. -- can Leo head of heavy inflow will be here on Friday mood I could refer to that -- Another couple people in the -- major pressures on camera when you are. Only -- can and -- -- -- like iTunes or other grisly gimmick it is beautiful and observations and -- -- -- -- with -- -- -- -- -- But Jolie might actually be on again tomorrow well thank you guys think you got -- -- -- -- In the meantime. We're actually working on sending out the speakers and a lot of people didn't. Wondering when they're gonna get there is hopefully by the -- we think it doesn't mail. In the meantime you can send us a self there's just stand on looked when He used when you treat your -- your winters -- Sixty or you call us 1866404. CNET that's 263. Years that's gonna do -- -- today I'm Wilson tang. I'm just -- Kaminsky and I'm Justin yu and those self adjustment problems. Over forty get this post office and request an oral forced to -- well the -- or is there about how often is that -- I got famous not that things yet. -- don't know if you put it there. As the good stuff.
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