The 404: Ep. 873: Where we raise the debt roof
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The 404: Ep. 873: Where we raise the debt roof

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Show topics include Happy Wi-Fi day, everyone! We're celebrating 8.02.11 with the return of Joseph Kaminski on the show today, and he's giving away free Wi-Fi refills all day to celebrate.

You. Everyone. -- into the pool for. There are incidents that come I'm -- today Tom Joseph Kaminsky and I'm Justin yu and this is the show where we raise the -- -- -- -- I thought up. I don't you think military is any -- years. Finally -- -- -- you guys don't know. At this very moment -- apparently the United States senate is voting on it to him yet. Old -- can't that is iPad. That's -- I heard the end it's just the the chat acute units -- -- -- what are -- trillion dollars and -- -- -- -- ready yeah and I miss argue noted -- -- missed out on the check yesterday during you know DC and and -- kind of wanted to get down today and -- -- will you be here all week. -- -- Oh my goodness -- Snubs I do this show -- -- I don't think the united syndicated show every -- I just don't know advocates is gonna progressively get crazier than I -- just come back and let what did you do little -- and already I thought I'd already been recognized and with that's.
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