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Ep. 872: Where we hold hands and jump: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 872: Where we hold hands and jump

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CNET Labs Editor Joseph Kaminksi is filling in for Jeff today, who's on staycation all week in New Jersey. As usual, Joseph aka OZONE brings us a handful of stories from the tech world to discuss, including a study showing Internet Explorer users have a lower IQ, a CPR site that lets you touch chests with no legal repercussions, and a Web app that calculates exactly how much time you'll spend in jail for your crime!

-- -- -- -- Everyone. It's Monday August 1 when eleventh. That ceiling apparently has solved so we don't have -- -- too much about them. -- -- and then I'm Joseph Kaminsky and I'm Justin yu and this is the show where we hold hands and Jim. Madden and -- ultimate mini disk in their describing. -- partisan debt agreement bipartisan but I figure there's they've finally. Rolling out and jumping up and so you aren't massive here. Well finally you addicts. Go back to -- Jill said the other day again. So -- don't know if you've been listening to the full -- we've been wondering why our elected officials Kate yes we have a massive debt problem going in this country. But I think the more pressing concern is that we have a massive. Job problems. Definitely we we all need to work and -- they can't even seem to solve the fact that like yes we need to start paying our debt we can't go in the default. How much less the whole job issues so glad to hear that our congressional leaders and our elected officials. Got together this weekend yet did some did not even know it's good bad. I'm just glad that we're all -- and -- before. Glad that we didn't finally have to go to Cupertino and -- Steve to be built this country out of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Steve. Actually somebody made a good point like me who was inserted -- you know make the US dollars the global currency reserves like if you have an extra money you parked it in US dollars. Like I'm thinking maybe we should start parking their money in iPad -- use. Gregory. Get a better deal off the. Yes maybe maybe if they manufactured I've had to -- here we got about -- that might I -- as well you know my cousin -- the make those. We've been planning -- That's that's is -- we all the money to. Yet it's a lot of it a lot of it but I anyway -- glad glad to be -- on Monday on C Jeff -- is not here. He is on vacation in Ocean City Jersey. Which -- the -- -- like yeah. As a result. Everybody's so much happier. -- every -- a Friday when -- Not enough about -- -- out -- working -- -- -- What is he's proud if I had to guess he's probably in federally slot machine I. I arts at a blackjack table of billing that isn't going come he's gonna be the one coming back in debt in default yeah it's gotten to be even more -- -- -- I'm and it's always everybody's weekend. Quick quick quick there was -- -- A little hot -- like you always do something concrete easy on the your iPad your computer this -- -- do anything like that or not you -- But -- every time -- come in the office we had a beautiful and you've installed a new less. You don't look in the -- that happened is from a friend of mine was trying to unlock the ask you to unlock. A friend of his iPhone three G and so -- -- then. After -- music. Can you jailbreak movement I haven't jail broken and -- device in -- while well. I'm sorry -- -- -- -- you know Green poison -- whatever Mike -- I haven't done this -- I'll bring my laptop and I'll attempt. So I bring my laptop up to this restaurant in a where He works in -- and I and I. It brings me. The iPhone three G and He brings B and iPod Touch. And He brings me a -- new iPad -- -- where this Christmas -- of stuff. I came up your flag warning device and yeah I I am locked -- -- got out of there. I can't do that anymore like I have friends are like okay usually jailbreak a phone and on the mount like that literally we'll take like you -- in my life people's -- and it -- it takes a lot apartment and also. You really don't want that responsibility. Because -- if you -- it. I was charging you see you're not charging via yeah. And then it on top of that is if you get like some some buggy jailbreak or sub and in. You line of logging into your bank account and you know travelling and -- get all your data you deter identity stolen on the response that either. Let's -- you know. It does is -- T -- with warnings signs on like. I don't break your device I'm not responsible for it apart cricket or injured and He gets stalled and that it's your it's your best buddies got to sign on these releases yeah that's the bottom of the shirt and -- opera. I would also under the impression that. All you have to do is download that jailbreak me out more -- it would do it for you I mean it it does on certain parts of the all the devices sometimes you have to actually Leo we need you it works certain firmware. It's not a. Proxy that -- -- like confusing it's like -- can point to point Joseph breaking his wanting. A lot of people actually looking for unlocked so they can use their phone like T-Mobile or -- is something like that. But I was -- are your friends using Internet Explorer by any chance. I don't I don't client that generally heads don't I know I think -- I don't normally do it or not I I -- years ago -- -- -- and I'll I'll throw my feedback on that when they're good enough you gotta get started -- Continuously in mind that -- put down now -- -- so it's a put down because over the last weekend PC world. Was reporting that. Out of a survey of -- 100000 people who took an IQ test and also told the survey takers what. Operating system. And browser they use turns out that. Internet Explorer users excited it's bullies have been low with I. I -- everybody -- this -- Perhaps. I thought a crowd of upper. A couple of -- news. And an additional reason for this is pretty much because there there were kind of stubborn and stuck in their ways and -- -- -- and write and read read read it I also only used PC users to -- I have to say that does that. Make -- a -- because IE I. I chains like browsers like no tomorrow. I give it everything I owned I don't -- I'm not even jokingly if you come in with like a brand new USB stick like every day I got -- -- your -- if you really. -- -- Yeah what what new devices the -- and new coats and meal -- out of this thing as sweet as the -- laptop you patent the maxim is well how do you that the cousin Leo cosmonaut does not need some some fun. On the greedy laptop -- Did -- actually did the the standard tests on -- -- -- the treaty test men and -- like it. And I mean books are actually usable that's the because it's it's usable when you're stationary but the three looks really good. Well you're not like going back to the original story -- Internet Explorer uses a I'm not gonna say that. People who use in -- explore -- -- right it's a I just think that like dumb people don't change anything on their complete exactly so most complete all all computers when -- -- -- with Internet Explorer so it takes more effort to change -- some are part time dummy because I have been messing around I. Okay -- I would almost probably -- like. Dumb people and lazy people probably in the same group we're gonna. -- imagine okay. It IQ intelligent and really it didn't -- it's not known little bit more than someone else right and I guess if you don't know what safari users you don't know what Chrome is if you don't know what Firefox opera is right then you're probably not inclined to wanna learn more. And if you're the kind of Internet user that clicks on an email that says. -- is online. Yeah yeah yeah it -- away just yet. Please let it win a -- I thought leader in -- yeah yeah I. Docket do you can help out but yeah I think you've clicked on anything that -- -- to -- day -- test online -- from an email. Look at pop ups anymore and other stuff like and it's it's a distracting because sometimes there are -- legitimate uses for that stuff right but like a pop up. Don't even -- look now -- that -- -- Nobody knew it does get frustrating when you when you when you update or browse and change the -- damage -- the button again okay refresh the move from the right the -- -- We're with a menu bar gulps like you know something -- didn't know where my bookmarks at sometimes it can be a little frustrating -- and I guess that's been in some people's -- -- it -- -- broke. Don't fix it awful lot of people outside of our tech industry know that using a different type of web browser can actually increase the performance like the speed of how fast. Then. You can download for like I know. Also say. I will also say that like okay. I haven't really use Internet Explorer sends -- explorer six and and I've heard that like IE nine -- -- like are much better browsers and but. I just don't care for Internet Explorer and Marley and have so many bad experiences or something bad experiences fixing other people's computer uses as -- something dumb -- yet. So that's where hackers attack like IE because they figure. The lesser intelligent people -- to get me frog network about targeted military elements elements are all right -- let's talk about something that. Another thing that people don't really use. And that's been Logitech revue and I. Who talk about I really really dismal sales effort -- -- -- Google TV products. -- itself like the review came out earlier this year I think gives I think it made its debut. -- during the holidays last year. -- -- -- -- here and I'll be honest I was very excited about Google TV products. But then the review automatically to -- -- TVs came out. Those are the only products in support of Google TV because most people and -- discovery. But the interface is absolutely horrible yet or doing anything that would be kind of cool on -- TV. Like instead of loading up -- Developing working on new IE if you -- YouTube videos. It literally loaded up the YouTube video page cervical and then in the remotes -- kind of dinky. Really just bad product overall came out it 300 dollars I was actually considering getting one of the reviews came out and turns out nobody else wants -- wants one now the price. Is a hundred bucks who won't. -- -- a report last week that the Logitech revue actually. More people have returned those boxes that hurts them -- He -- which means. Yes and that's that's why they dropped the price to a hundred bucks from was it more like 300 but it yeah 300 million dollars that's pesos at this is that gonna happen to Chrome books as well. -- -- protecting -- in the lab -- of the Chrome -- argue with laptops that are that have their own Chrome trim is a browser to browser ago that. That's the biggest difference between cool and saved you know EHP or Apple or any other company is at the end the day Apple. -- -- that Apple Google. Is not a hardware products focused company like they really softer it's -- for them like good Gmail is in beta for five years. That's okay but when it comes like purchasing something you want it to work out of the box and went to work well and they're just not that good at it -- -- Google TV to. So -- like a complete rewrite. Revamped interface and -- -- base and Android three point one that's what's to come out soon there's no actual official release date. But I I feel kind of bad for -- but -- purchased a review now at 99 dollars. I may actually consider getting one just because according to Logitech. They are gonna update this -- to Google TV to -- like one of the cool things and everybody's been looking for this is it the ability to install. Like that's where that's where everybody thinks that the the brilliance. Of these like connected devices. On your TV right but what what kind of apps just to play devil's advocate -- because I would argue that people are hesitant to adopt Google TV because they don't wanna transition from like the relaxing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pressed on what apps can you -- TV that would be more convenient to use using your remote control room as -- as to a keyboard mouse. I mean I I agree with -- a certain extent although. The defrag took it for me I'm probably a bit skewed Kasinga I don't really have that much free time to get home -- like three or four hours. I'm and I can usually pretty much find anything to watch the -- that time. But I understand what -- -- people who would like get home got a couple hours and two sort of like -- yet lot of people just wanna flip the TV on the DB SAT and T. And another roku box or not only had it for two months -- have you already so tired of all the content on the I've I've pretty much seen everything on all the channels and -- which you go out. Well I content on that. I know that a -- -- -- -- -- I read like I go on Netflix watch instantly and you've seen every single movie on I -- I mean I -- I guess I guess like -- within -- familiar with because explore new things foreign -- so -- -- but I mean -- I think I am I gonna select this weekend and are -- to share my. My iTunes library from the MacBook Pro with the Apple TV it was -- As the one and access to go to the MacBook Pro and play it from there on the you know living room Apple TV -- it wasn't seeing over the network sourcing -- PC but not. Out of the Salina -- of the troubleshoot that in the -- I will also -- like -- like there's a lot of legitimate content available for these boxes like the roku box for Google TV and Apple TV he's got Netflix pandora those kind of things. But. I think a lot of mainstream users are people who maybe don't work at CNET are also looking for like the mega video or the side of -- At -- -- -- I don't know when that's gonna happen but I. Gotta say like. Napster did it for digital you know music. I think that needs to be like a million video or -- aside the real -- -- don't know what -- videos that are higher and you probably should it really didn't like how -- knows anyone -- can watch TV says. If there. -- -- I'll agility and you ever -- side real or -- -- video -- are -- TO RRE. I'm -- get -- better and that feeling mega media and if you watch those online and on talking about. So that when that button turns from red to Green. I like yes I finally found a link that actually works after an accident was a site that the community put -- onto a while back on because. I did I ignored terminated my HBO and it was a impact -- -- -- rock that I forgot the name of the site they had all the characterizes a that's. And then you sent each the only check their for the money that you -- Florida. I thought -- give up. Actually Adam auto DeVon it for me. I mean like that's the funny thing -- -- it we've we've talked about this before it's always like okay we're pretty much in the know when it comes to tank like new stuff coming out we try -- all the time. But all these like -- sort of black market -- services. My my girlfriend and my friends who aren't like super techie yet. They know so much more about that stuff -- -- you collect online video guide and all there's to tell me not to click testaments on this -- I have no idea. I'm -- like oh yeah I'm gonna wait for that stuff to come out and Netflix I don't like what I don't watch it for months. Yeah yeah click on -- a link from an email from -- and -- Why I have money. Yeah I'm really anyway. They don't know I haven't. I mean you would like to move and the use in the use IE you have. I. Like -- got a quick break but when we come back I want to talk generally about what He learned about CPR. Because -- -- you have related about CPR on the show today that's. Entity that's the best -- and supplements you might just and it's FW video -- I know -- to dig a little break here my main loops loop excited -- and -- -- -- -- in our see as aliens that. That. Floor -- floor and her captors to show where we all -- Yeah. Google or Apple. Corps or if from Colorado. March that it movie ever used -- -- -- All of it are buying all of the anyway -- -- going to plump up with on the popular hot and it. But He -- Uganda doubled -- market. Political -- -- about Arnold's like last two weeks and definitely -- very few but the context was I think that all of this the new total recall I'll write are -- total -- with Colin Farrell. He's gonna do Arnold impressionable that. Well what is good for Boise front of him. Here's his -- -- and I -- some them again it that's gonna be. Yeah. I. It the triple boot groove back. I'm gonna call Verizon -- -- guys going it exceptionally of the Niagara peninsula my boobs are just a section. I thought I'd -- removed during. The rigid -- -- that -- like that -- of the dude we're talking about the to the American heart. Association has a new campaign to teach -- CPR do you guys know how to -- sepia. Adds this I only know I really should like this is marvelous things like everybody at some point should learn. -- where -- lifeguards He had to learn -- junior lifeguard analysis took a health class in high school where we had dummies to perform CPR on but who quit sort. But we're doing that. I they had everybody come up to the front of the classroom practice on the -- -- laughter coming giggled right before I had to do the CPR thing so the Andy yeah. Great teacher mister merely keep me edit shots and then from that in any sort -- never amount to nothing -- -- -- -- that He is kicking me out meant that I wasn't able to learn CPR so it's a naked -- because it -- -- I mean its its funny as I remember the -- and they tried to do that yet and it's something about -- gym teachers like me Elgin teachers. -- like you can push them to the point of breaking it. Let every one that I've ever had like in middle school high school I think really two or three different ones right like there was a point where -- like you broke them yeah and he's just sat there for like ninety minutes right. And that's what happened you're just hearing a deceiving garlic capital iMac and -- that's so gay grab it right to make out with a dummy. Right well that that's what I sound like like like north comedians -- you're gonna dive to of like a regardless of whites that are about -- gonna -- are you're not gonna make it. I thought I'd pick up and -- didn't exactly. -- and noted just it was compulsory on the ground I had I. There and -- -- View and yeah it's undergone many answers of -- -- you -- revive some like like you know with -- passing gas is an art etc. -- I don't know that goes governments I don't know if they're -- -- use and bags diet sodas and what is this an amazingly few hands only CPR dot org right now. There is a like if I can -- -- sourcing its -- -- -- -- -- minutes AIG like. I -- there's definitely a chance and you're aggressive nest -- -- guard Jessica you to your favorite picture now yeah yeah affiliation. I -- audio listeners it's like a flash based -- and lets you choose what testy when -- practice ago. Today have nailed -- excellently email access all kinda. And this one. Yeah. -- us -- -- I've pre screen this size the pilot -- -- -- -- hours and hours this pulls up like a huge chest. Email or mail whatever you want for our -- will use whatever female. -- -- the first Intel you to do is done mammal McDonald island one immediately and there's audio that goes abroad until it's what we saw this. And removed Kotelly did. Not appeal them. Keep in mind dozens only using female model for the audience. He can move your hand around the -- -- well. Yeah it was singles and there but. -- What you can't over the broadsided it -- the idea of the but -- okay -- -- it may get rain. -- -- I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The few minutes at the timing go to clinical off. I could -- -- -- someone using -- something else. Now we know would just until we get. Anyway yes that's digestive that you guys -- -- the entire -- prizes being imposed on your FaceBook that year online certified to see plainly see you can be on -- certified right. To use a mouse to virtually. This is beyond -- -- the virtual character you can do it to a guide to fuel. I thought I gender specific. But it's an important skill to you like electing Kerry -- -- There are implemented. Without it -- just back up again. Good to a short distance -- -- all illustrate T that you can choose whatever time body you don't wanna see this. Like in person. Dude do you know I well -- I -- and I would not be enough -- It's got -- I guess you had your weight went way past soccer. It's Bugs Bunny like. Okay like getting beyond the fact yes it is only like chiseled incredibly beautiful people -- on this site. Getting over the fact that you're just. Molesting -- one for the most part. Actually -- stuff like this is pretty useful yeah I think it's really helpful. I mean military in it is something good it's better than nice knowing how to get some CPR reflect in any way whatsoever and yet picture -- -- -- I don't know again I know there's there's a lot to it like yeah I remember you -- it -- excellent head. I think your hand is in the right area. To -- I think they should have a demonstrator and different bodies because not everybody you gonna keep your performs -- -- -- gonna look like that could be natural that people just. The Google's kind of hard to find the position because I'm not amicable so people have a lot of insulation -- it -- on to -- and in okay -- -- -- through an -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- male -- but I think also they -- at some. You know maybe some plus older people in -- and the other thing I recall from my you know brief CPR class engine. Before my teacher sort of flipped out. Was it it takes a lot of strength like it's to a point where you think you're about to break racial and -- -- -- -- acreage and -- it so potent that's categories you'll like it was pregnant I didn't that would bring on the new York and should beware what you wait wait a diploma -- -- -- -- I had an idea that word that I know if I took -- -- -- -- any of yes you've got the boys now let's go ahead and play those who were they announce that we can make it not so what can you do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the doing of the sale what did you do like she drove local remote or a PlayStation controller. I'm sure somebody's done because because what is it gonna solve your obesity chips and stuff you some had to have an attack -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- our lawyers artificial level yet. Are at our first written excuse me our first voicemail. Is about Justin. We get some and -- last Friday and -- you've got a couple fan. -- guys are -- her character maker and watching your your -- review. Unless you're there and I kept thinking back the party show wouldn't showed -- picture viewer and drag and I kind of like it better and drag them. Maybe we shouldn't -- -- some are -- Those who drink at -- -- a clue that what you think. -- -- -- It's about foods that are loophole lets you pull. I think you're well -- I'm a little better no worse than you better. I thought -- -- look -- -- all that I. I -- -- pulled it is -- that's. Little -- boy that's really yeah. And I got a button and you don't want -- moves at a deadline are resides at -- valujet. -- lots annual on the -- you were talking about -- wanted to see me in some denim cut offs. This picture of wood Johnson didn't matter -- the accident doesn't -- to your dream come true and Martin who preparedness -- where it goes again there are you ready and if. I left a voicemail -- -- you can testify to one half of this -- on maybe I can you don't speak a little bit to the other. For -- -- -- your call for Virginia. Our corner you can give me some insight. On -- constantly installing apps on Android or -- phone and -- need to -- the orbital life. Are remnants behind in eventually slow on your own you know like software those -- windows based computer. I love the show -- -- make -- laugh every day but I'm like let's that you have like put in my sub conscious arguments they'll. -- -- He gets help you I think so -- -- and I did it installing and removing about -- and your fellow backlog at the again to process what -- on an Iowa second -- testified to this I have like more apps and then. The I guess I was won't let you put it on and on your device like it it actually just like stop showing you. When you don't organize into the folders. On -- but get your question that's the good thing about -- -- like windows or even the Mac when you delete an application. It's gone. Like including your preferences and things like that now. It is sunk to your computer so if you like do reinstall that a lot of times your preferences will still live -- computer and I Wessels. Sort of grab them -- -- a few. If you had your -- set a certain size and things like or your account information sometimes that will -- But for the most part when you delete an app from Iowa -- it's gone. All your settings on anything that you've created in it. If you don't seem to -- -- camera roll or on your iPod library it's it's gone much you delete so that that's actually the great thing it doesn't slow. Your device down -- all I've -- -- -- literally hundreds of apps have not had my -- slow down now it does slow down when you start to get close to the Max. A storage on your iPhone riot -- analyst device but that's something else and different entirely it just doesn't have enough memory you do your thing. Or if you have apps on your phone that you wanna keep and you know -- a lot of them keep running in the background there's a way to force -- your app your phone and keep it. Storage and that make your phone -- -- faster. And album posted so that. The only annoying thing though is that you know when you have so many apps install in your phone and in that -- -- by default you just have it auto update the market -- these things opinion or that itself it's on ice. Me personally I try to minimize I mean I I would say really go through your options the what you use what you don't have -- does have an app to show for in the they're never gonna bump into you can downloaded and some stuff that's totally fits so well don't don't keep your phone -- your phone down and you don't -- -- -- just there usually shows on downloaded. You know like I had this crazy when like. Never -- need. I don't I don't -- foreign -- that you don't you're using are looking for updates and opening the way. Well I mean back to the guys question -- if you delete it. There's -- any remnants like He -- to deal with it preferences like the city in the background settings things that. -- -- on a windows computer or again even a Mac. Installing stuff like. Once you've deleted a lot of -- it leaves a lot of little files all over the place I can't slate computer down isn't the same thing within two and I honestly I don't. What's -- thing I'm not -- the sensor is because. Apps are written by so many people name their written in the written differently and sold to from place to do different things. Some access you know your your phone's you know your phone sitting -- you know what your phone is being used or not. So -- it's hard to say -- I do know for fact that John had to Twitter app on his epic four G and it was interfering with -- audio. And by uninstalling it. It is in -- resolve the problem and He hasn't seen -- haven't had in Iraq had any problems since told -- He did and it's all in seasonal more effects from having that broke out in a few other well I'll just thinking -- -- said. You know speaking of apps can you tell us about this prison time and and we -- The -- -- into. One thing I really don't know what trying to perform CPR. And that's what led me today. You're just you follow instructions -- always judge is apparently not everybody walking down the street needs CPR nobody tells you it's not the senator yeah you might wanna walk around. About it but ultimately got big guy alone. So not the headlines -- limited -- -- it. On Forbes this weekend their blogging about a new federal sentencing guideline. Does not actually a separate -- you can download it's more of web app you -- -- And this if you -- put something like Europe -- your previous criminal history. The dollar amount of whatever crime youth. -- committed. It'll actually tell you exactly how much time in prison when bats in on the federal level. The state level comedies how much. Present and -- accrue as a result. -- No way that Kansas is is -- does it affect your behavior and when it does. -- -- I am never able to foresee that. But it's like it if you go -- use this web app -- I would do a live demo now because the -- takes time. But there's actually a -- box for whether or not a -- it was involved in the crime that you committed -- on his activities like guns weapons you can check out it's like any other -- -- except. If He finds them. The don't know you know I didn't know this and this happening as early on ice -- -- -- and have an inch L yep -- do you -- -- -- of the equivalent. Of an unloaded -- -- -- it's like a journal of anybody in terms of weapon I but it child condoned by now I guess everybody's gonna try to target -- forget sword that sucks or media. I'm going smoothly -- right up to -- the unit is it that don't commute I don't know -- that Chinatown to buy like really isn't I was already there and that's why you would have -- they are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I widgets and -- time again it's all manner of injury nearly nine such I had those things today. Like tickle in your hand at this time to look I actually have the yup yup they're identical but have yet and I'm YouTube and you don't use those trees yeah definitely I had that like the -- is a pilot that's smoked -- is that would break and I ever had those still. I hope I now I know but I hope we're gonna read in my house -- still have the the new -- about this big but the -- yet I still have those -- this. I like I'm on now know never to mess with either what you -- -- real fast to their hollow you back. It's an ever picked up appears and sucks I like shipments that look like this it could you ever had -- the fall once speaking of which into the -- is done. -- it's a -- connection and a giant added movies suite which -- separates showed just uncle from movies because -- it's actually very well worth it yes you love them go back to -- -- movies by delete -- in a crippled avengers let's find time in -- -- idea unbearably dragon America can't call it a miracle hero hero on. Love it love it love it I will tell you for sure we're gonna have you back on this article for the army Joseph K -- isn't it it it AKA and stagecoach. If the Columbus -- yeah yeah. Oh yeah. There may even give you permission to in the you to claim that -- Are we -- -- who -- to the -- I'm Wilson then I'm -- Kaminsky and I'm Turbo because I F. I visited I. -- -- guys from.
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