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The 404: Ep. 848: Where Jeff's still walking down 5th Avenue

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The 404: Ep. 848: Where Jeff's still walking down 5th Avenue

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In the words of Governor Andrew Cuomo, we're all proud to be New Yorkers but we reached a new level of social justice this weekend with the passing of the Gay Marriage Bill, and Jeff may indeed still be celebrating on 5th Avenue today following yesterday's Pride parade.

You have. Everybody. Can do day to be here in New York City. Monday -- knowing that made gentle music and I -- -- into the pool for almost ten. I'm doesn't Kaminsky and I'm Justin yu and this is the show where. -- is still walking down Fifth Avenue. I'll just upload all -- New Yorkers today but -- especially. So much so that he took the day -- to continue locking down a bit put off. Which can sign that -- not now be kids be kids are gonna look there this -- it was really big. Yeah very and it was a bit unexpected so if anybody hasn't paid attention the news last couple of days and the New York State Senate finally passed. -- I think it's the -- of the -- six and Marysville. Governor Cuomo signed it on Friday night in of course it being New York City. People -- crazy. -- because -- just pride week all last week which culminated in the parade on Sunday which happens every year but it. This year's even more special because that -- that. Oh yeah I mean like -- let's just say. The I -- the gay pride parade every year and -- is always AM. I say to see yeah -- where you probably should bring your kids but this year a little different because it was a really historic moment. After Friday night I I all I saw was news articles and tweets about how people just. Out in the streets celebrating. And then on Sunday that was the gay pride parade and you know people are just finally happy -- people crying literally industry yes because I -- I -- -- finally passed. -- sex -- here in New York. -- is -- on Friday night after at midnight around the time that the the law finally -- -- Cuomo son bill. -- and I I live in east village and right outside my apartment and live on a busy street. And I this is not a joke I heard people chanting wedding rings. I've got. Reminding me of land Obama won the election were cheering in the street -- -- -- This is in beta it's so strange -- -- -- estranged but I guess in the markets. We've had like a lot of good reasons I guess to celebrate the -- and that was the whole benign thing here. On people which is like running out to them that you don't even know what to use starts you weren't running -- street. Following this just to celebrate right. It's it's it's doubly crazy I mean at a -- -- -- -- even gave but he proposed to me he wants me. -- so he can get read an article about the equipment. Tough -- -- -- -- Neil Patrick -- and I read the news today that apparently him and his partner and are already engaged to be made after dialog that's really gonna -- in the -- rolling out. Well -- -- at the picnic they. Let's adjusting those -- to see all the newspaper headlines the days following. On Saturday morning. And the daily wide it was when my -- blogs they read every day I checked this out. It's really -- study compared the two. Headlines daily news he hosts the daily news was you know they definitely covered. The -- gay marriage bill. Do you oppose -- talking about a hero cop grabbing a suicidal woman who tried to jump off -- I like -- At the very bottom it says senate passes gay marriage -- -- -- ETW yeah. I mean come -- I'm like why can't you just celebrate -- effectively people. Legally expressed -- loans to -- shame on -- New York Post and also -- California it's hopefully follow suit -- they'll have problems are not obvious policy you know I'm surprised that California has -- having guests were pretty liberal show here I mean but only because it it's it's the right thing to do for. Yes. It makes you happy so -- -- -- just selects entries I don't have. Justin Timberlake -- -- and about -- that alone and and that even -- on the daisy -- the rest of the buttons out genes -- gonna keep -- today and the other you know given into an if you haven't noticed we have died Julie Kaminsky on the show today. Filling in for Jeff. -- did also want to bring in I -- something very tech related a lot of people raids. If you have given up cable I have. And I managed to watch the New York -- you know vote. On in this historic amendment over live stream and it was incredible because there's a little server can -- -- -- at the bottom I -- all this is impromptu like they've been negotiating for weeks whether they would even bring this up nobody knew exactly when and finally. Last -- at the legislative season. -- -- start going out watch it on my thestreet.com. I'm watching it -- literally every five seconds. It a thousand more people start watching -- life are -- on the on the New York San. And it it's great because I imagine it's probably more people watch -- over live stream. Then you know anything similar on the C span or something that you like yes it was kind of boring lot of parliamentarian moves and whatnot -- It was just great to finally catches live. Course as soon as the vote was over it immediately sank down until. 101000 -- when -- watching you something like 48000 people -- At that time -- -- it was cool and I like down. You know it's also funny because a -- -- following certain Twitter -- because nobody knew exactly when the -- was gonna be very and the New York senate has apparently has a Twitter feed. That every other tweet was please don't -- follow us at. -- -- important things that happen and you -- I was funny and has a really. Technological very easy way to find out. And now that everybody's like savvy to it and if you don't like before lot of people have stories they find out how Michael Jackson died -- or some that -- -- And now did people really sad -- knows and uses about to come up like this like Twitter and all these other social tools are really really useful. -- yeah I got it I actually got a text when when -- went online and went to my iPad looking for the news of the one. That's something on the web now that says and and that's exactly but even go to the tedious yet. That's how I get mine is through its EP push notifications. From the Apple iPhone that I -- -- speaking of phones Joey. You cannot stop showing -- this new HT CEO 380 phone 90 yeah my first question my -- question. And how do you afford all these new phones every weekend that it also -- to cool iPhone why you choose in a watches it. Crappy movie I guess army Green hornet in three I want you wanna see that until you are and I we already winter Bruce is the bad as they should have done it yet but. It came with the fall I I without calling I think that stop me from buying the phone and -- and it and it shows off the phone's true. -- because actually via. The pictures there would become a look like your music from -- to program -- -- sell it for people who don't know the HTC evo. Is the it it uses saying I guess technology. That -- the Nintendo 3-D S uses I don't think they can see the 3-D over to you can in fact the. I tend to disease and in Israel and -- glasses free. I. Just really cool so unlike the 3-D S if you hold it to the side you could still courtesy of pop out of the screen doesn't -- -- to Islam. And -- -- -- Which is a deceptive because it's we -- talking about this in the pre show it phone. 380 is -- And the original HT -- -- the one genius thing -- Wednesday. Is the original one at the back -- just pops off there. Which is not cool unless you're complained about -- -- -- this is perfect because. It pops up this way and what that -- the cover. Is the edges that that's the first place to get damaged when you drop the phone guy so you don't have to replace this is opposed to having a little case here and I'm also seems to be missing from the back of the 3-D -- no -- stand. -- -- You workhorse camera -- -- the experience using a huge selling point. -- lukewarm -- dual core goodness. I so why did you get the phone is it to be honest I've read the reviews a lot of people are saying that the 3-D effect is BS -- -- is a gimmick up my FaceBook I definitely I definitely agree it's kind of cool to cool novelty -- like. People -- new -- and stuff. I gotta come wanted to dual core goodness I get an upgrade every year and some I'm gonna use it taught as a three work is it only with movies and apps are you see your contact list internal injuries -- -- -- -- -- -- you have a switch -- -- satellite to take video. And -- into -- and -- are really appreciate the if physical care -- because a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The like look for the yeah I got a lot of people that big complained that these -- include 3-D pictures pretty much -- -- -- This is integrated three doesn't mean that as far as the pigs because everything has to be really still -- that you think about hard to capture an image one camera and into do you with a beat on -- phone camera. You know about it you know -- -- it -- -- of the moment is an -- cricket of those good enough light is cutlery that motion blur. Pretty much the same intuitive 3-D because that's two cameras getting the -- to get it back are like double a -- but I mean if it's still -- it looks kinda cool but it's like I said it's it's something that. Where -- permanent with the image -- -- and -- it doesn't ask you Steve take a picture in 3-D on the phone and post that somebody's FaceBook wall for example you know just -- as a blurry image good question is that although the picture to commuter ferries group obviously -- not recognize how I don't know how. -- foreign format. But I would of the -- to be because it's steady. Against at eighty -- the treaty is some twenty look at our Internet well speaking of reviews. A bigger battery. With a bigger battery August longer battery life that lets you -- movies in the theatre. If you're an idiot I think -- -- until you read your -- dodging street a yeah like. Tablet ask you about giving us a review of cars too because we also talk about this of the pre show Molly Wood from CNET. Us -- that this weekend with her kid and she was really upset to to Twitter to complain about it and she was saying that there are certain scenes in that movie. That are you know questionable for young kids is the -- -- here yeah its incidentally it's definitely jump from you so frumpy ex army -- -- you -- from the happy little toys to -- you know. To up or you know -- them with. It is that it is -- little harsh because they -- the term kill and actually it's aural alert you know card does. You know -- -- united and united to give too much away but. I've heard that. A couple things for us all it's one of the first. Pixar movies and to not get bleached 90%. Plus -- -- tomatoes that people are saying it's not actually negative film -- and the other things that there's a lot of really -- on -- now. I haven't seen but slightly into the fence. Like Disney movies historically have had like really dark moments that people. It's either -- quarter it's really well done in -- Almost every single major -- hero character. Comes from something like their mother -- -- like I remember when. I want and EU where the -- well bull does it dumbo it was a really brutal motors and and -- -- -- how many of those okay well I yeah. This was what was boomer set that old Ella. All of our what was what was said it only you can see Leo average guy at the -- or in the forties. I don't know I notice that. I thought I was. It was a color but I think the -- -- Elvis was and it -- special. -- is unknown what actually Finding Nemo the movie starts with like. This fit this guy losing his whole Family Guy as human and I was -- I literate as an adult I was -- enjoy. -- net with upstarts would if they are at the death scenes but they never announced it. They never announced that it never think they'll present were killed and -- -- kind of a kind of agent to see him at the funeral home and I'll open it does this. Proceeds from there -- fun but -- I think. In in in the fence for cars I would say that they probably made the movie for people for kids. Who actually saw the original movie and -- so at this time to be older need to be able to understand and follow it -- parents perspective. They -- Disney's gonna stay and is even keel. Names keep making it the same age range and I think maybe that maybe maybe is that they're trying to expand and grow it was a little harder for kids -- problem with my son was in the theater need to start. He took his -- of them. -- all. Here to start a -- -- a certain point eaten popcorn -- -- He came back and forth because. There's a lot for a kid to follow that its its I think it's a little too much they travel from country to country is a little hidden information is like a spice that -- -- right -- way too much. And kids are more robot action racing bright colors of the world like the scene in the back from the -- -- but immoral. -- -- -- It just came back to the rating system you're telling me that. With you know -- -- Green lantern owners to be here when we sometimes -- go to watch the movie in theaters before taking your son to go see it. Just to be able to know when the scenes are that -- -- to distract and you know like violent scenes are adults teens. But with a movie like cars to -- a G rating on it's an animated movie you don't expect there to be. -- brutal scenes like you were describing. Is that's an that you have to worry about how we gonna -- -- I have -- -- your kid that's that is a good question I mean it it is kind of spooky from you know fortunately for me -- -- -- a lot of things like you know fast forward to certain scenes now forms because he's actually seen the original are the Iron Man with an -- Robert Dunning junior. But afford to -- I don't want to see your 91 here. And it and and that goes back to -- an -- awhile ago which -- movie industry should take a page from -- the record industry. And make different versions of a movie you know maybe like a kid friendly version of little more kid from the versions of the -- like. You know why seven wide three or you know PG thirteen and I think they make a lot more money on the dvd release of -- it's a manner that. Yet it's out of the problem is that they have to somehow. Make it interesting for adults to -- -- with their kids as well kind of like an -- I don't think that's a problem or -- that's what I love about Pixar movies think you can as an adult go watch it and not feel like you're watching a dumb kids and injured but maybe they just took this -- a little too far I think. A lot of people saying you know it's rated G right now but it should be rated excellent closer PG. May -- just warned parents -- I don't think anybody. Is -- offended that like a a cartoon is dealing with some more adult. Mature themes it's as much as like parents need to be warned about a year. WW one and UW and or you're taking you -- into because then all of us and explaining to them why is this what is this. It would just happen mommy which -- happened anyway. I thought I thought I've got a -- your meters this thing you know she has a single. I don't item ID like you know -- like you know Martin's mother.
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