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Mobile: Ep. 84: Chrome finally hits Android

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Mobile: Ep. 84: Chrome finally hits Android

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Chrome comes to Android with one gigantic caveat. Or maybe two. And we are joined by cell phone expert Jessica Dolcourt who gives us her personal opinion of Android.

I'm a busy week for Google and an expensive week for Apple and and a tablet for the -- all that more on this week's edition of. Will go it is February 8 2012 I'm just a cows hogs aren't G America leading aluminum and special guests as -- core and they'll welcome back. -- -- Hmmm well I'm excited that -- are all here today and you to chat room and on demand viewers -- -- hours and hours later. We're listening I love being demanded them -- on demand Jessica total trade tiger notes a little -- Let's talk about the big news this week which it is. It does it actually extinct because we've got an email last week saying. What's the deal -- is Chrome gonna come to. Android. And I eight dual research last week during the shows like I think it's an attempt soon as we see this. Open bug -- you know the chromium -- system. Nam and here we are. Less than seven days later while in seven days later but this happened yesterday -- Chrome was released for Android the one big caveat though is -- -- and it's only. They're gonna say the caveat -- -- beta. -- -- Our other big and the other big caveat is that it's been sure -- I I think the bigger problem for most people besides me. Is that it is lawyers from sandwich because there's not that many as consumers' phones out there. What right now. Is that right they have -- reliability and what in the U -- will. When in the US right now and that the sprint version of the galaxy nexus is coming soon news. So now many people can take a look at it but yet yet to yet we'll. Back ported to non -- content which owns. Do you. Com -- -- run on honeycomb murder. What they mean is that they're gonna be -- kind of funds that are gonna get upgraded ties contaminants really soon. True that is when -- -- means you have to buy new phones were just yet. To buy new phones you just have your current phone and then when tickets they -- and -- -- image update then you should be able to download. I think about it let everybody else for Apple bugs while you wait that's how you can -- yourself let me help out there yet but if. So let's talk about actual browser itself so assuming you have a galaxy nexus two -- -- -- it let's us just happens alright there in my pocket. It is nice Internet I think it looks nice -- -- up here and try to talk the same time with Sarah is hard. Heard that so. He looks nice it's fast as this kind of cool way between switching between tabs. But it is definitely -- -- -- reload that page when it to switch between tabs I don't know. Canada and -- that Google does though it is pre loads again and it's also hard -- Can't always switch between -- It takes it. Out at city where things up in that -- reloaded again and that I also notice that. Double tapping it worked there but -- pages loading didn't really work very well. Com so anyway -- it. That's at all Lance is shown but it does has some cool features -- access to syncing which I haven't used it yet but it seems cat -- -- it how does that work. -- -- from 100 it's only 11. -- thinking it's which I think this excuse I mean how can. How can you talk about a seamless experience across browsers and it's -- in one way you're and your tabs on your computer you can open up on your phone. But not -- so the reading the you've done on your phone. And closing tabs won't really be tracked back to compete you know what's up with. Not as dumb. Yes that is I mean Firefox is figured out on a long time ago break so I mean Google obviously -- just a beta feature. So this means I Google is actually using the true definition of beta -- -- they're releasing intentionally unfinished software and ordering any user feedback. We hope. Maybe maybe this is the way they plan to implement it but yeah I mean I think we hope that this other differences. Between the stock browser. In this one this one is is faster. And it -- in -- faster JavaScript engine -- but they have also. Our I think not allowing plug in C or -- at least not shipping with flash. In this browser I don't think you can get in the browser. Com would -- is probably makes it faster as well. The it's probably. Better for developers because stuff -- -- developed for. And test for Chrome on the desktop will probably just almost naturally just work on this device. And that the UYE I don't like the right it has a very easy -- -- -- mode is gonna do that kind of thing Nam. I like the idea of the bookmark them -- -- -- When it becomes affected Hampshire adult -- So is this going to be the browser of the future. So I sample you know and it -- whatever comes next four point one or whatever. Or is this going to -- does next jelly -- -- or is this. Going to be always an alternative and. I think we're all kind of assuming that -- system -- is the standard browser that ships with Android. I mean when that happens who knows -- still in beta right now so could. Yeah I mean that is a good question com. Literally no but the answers but I suspect -- here. Erase. I was just testing supposedly there's some -- to go through shuffled through tabs. Option that. Literally how you make it work -- keep tilt in -- It's not doing that it shake it usually -- your phone users come. And -- moment. There it never. Com well I like Chrome it's cool Pope Leo look at -- -- sometime soon. If not stop -- desk mostly. That applies to everyone out there to tell security it's okay and -- -- a -- and -- yet. Let's keep talking about the galaxy nexus mum. There was. Quite an uproar. Was -- last week discount yes -- in last week. That Verizon. Galaxy nexus lost Google's support. Hello my glad this is free standalone. Man this was -- -- pissing me off because I felt like. Everyone -- -- some point here red -- faith there'll. What did they think. Okay so. The assumption was that it was pulled friend developed the from a developer side and there is this supposition mostly very easy correlation. Between. You know Google wallet not being on the Verizon version of that galaxy nexus and then this kind of support. Which just to me seems a little bit like -- knee jerk reaction. I mean Google and Verizon -- for a long time ever as Amazon Cadillac -- a -- on -- at least they knew enough you know that they they didn't. -- stop the -- they -- together for a long time to give her eyes in the galaxy nexus. So why would they be playing these kind of petty little games now. Yet but what turned out to be true. Is that there's really only affects developers so it's of no longer considered a developer phone. Because they don't have access to their radios support -- -- reading this rate. And also this wasn't -- -- phone. Or the only device section saying that was have removed from the developers say it. -- is also the Motorola Xoom and then sprint nexus S fourteen and the new supposition is that -- and this is like a CDMA issue. I mean there's actually a pretty technical explanation. I think if you're interested and maybe you'll want to read Eric -- piece about it. And Google's response. But it almost seems like they're pointing to the CDMA carriers which are Verizon and sprint. Right yet it -- very technical and for all end users doesn't matter at all you still should get your updates from. Google's -- resonant and all updates have to go through present no matter what. And com. If you're a developer maybe it's a bummer. Nuclear developer let us know if so this is not listening. As an official development rights and wrecked and users could shouldn't make any difference. If I'm going to construct -- And you will still get a it's hopefully a -- matter. Com. So -- -- galaxy nexus updates don't stop there. -- this is I guess not a specific apps index is -- this is an Android update with the galaxy nexus or more specifically ice cream sandwich feel. Right allegedly. Passes your start to hammer went to officers S this is update to Google Voice sprint -- Yes so. Yesterday it was it was a pretty quiet update but the significant. The entire U I was refreshed to kind of look like I schemes sounds and even that icon has that nice size and don't -- -- -- icon. Ever hands and -- on me on. A in a show -- -- voice and this -- Yes I mean as far as features. You know tablets got a pretty good when the click to call which is its. Exactly what its chest with one click -- to make a phone call on other than that the phone also got the the user interface update obviously so. I'm confused about this user interface update because I've got it here on the phone and I can't show you because it's got my personal messages and phone numbers and things like that -- it. But it looks to -- like the old one. And I just downloaded it and it's got the new icon and says it has a new and I run at the top is one -- -- that way I noted that it's different is because when I send a message instead of seeing the circling donut. I seeing a red. You know a -- message -- like aero and it's doing skyward. But to me it just looks like the same it's this long list. Yeah I think the only thing I see is that icon at the very top -- to enter it is is different. Found that maybe there's some subtle changes that were not aware of -- We don't stare at a ten hours a day to forgive. -- -- but what the heck is Google -- for you. Today not have enough people using it that they care this is a really bad application -- good service was so what you want to see done schools pay for example. -- -- don't blew me out of the room but I also have Google Voice on an iPhone teen in phone reviewer -- -- many different plots -- like all of them. And so on iPhone might you know there are problems with that app to me it's sort of like feeling Google's slate dropped Google Voice and ran off -- -- other projects that they care about more. And that's levels way everybody -- so they have one really cool feature that's basically -- -- You can save certain contacts as favorites. And then there's like a page separate page for it. And you can -- Your list of most recent contacts people you contacted people who contacted you and then you've got your quick favorites. You can just like president to call to send a message from its that are so they've got different windows and I think about the much better user experience the functionality there is better. And this is an Android phone like integrated shouldn't have to -- and that's it should have absolutely the best experience it should have -- -- It should have everything else should -- really snazzy interface listener -- doesn't look like ice -- -- it's. -- it looks like. Yeah I mean -- a I don't as yours -- I mean I don't know that they this again encourages -- media blowing this out of proportion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yes I mean I think you do but they're not as -- as saying this is a massive update their -- -- and we have an updated as new icons I -- it is very and a zero point four point 2.4 four. -- so minor update from. I don't know what's previews for -- was but it. They're praying for pre 2.4 three may be possible. I think my point is that there should be a -- updated Annan's. Hearing about it just makes me angry that Google earning more and that they're not doing better by people who use the service -- you know what I'm listening and and Google Voice is tied in with sprint. So it's in Sprint's best interests it's in Google's best interest to offer compelling service. For injury expert customers. Aren't that's well eventually -- -- audience members aren't yet so you hold release an update when they release that -- What I think we can all agree on though is that the icon is more beautiful ones it is like an experience. Who can argue that. I'm so residents -- earlier -- quickly wrap this up -- I wanna see the ability Google Voice to make phone calls. Over -- Com so I -- -- enable you know like my old phone -- be able to use -- -- in the house. I am skeptical that that will happen any time soon just because that poses conflicts with the you know that phone providers but it. Appeals. When it and not -- joined on all -- genius. -- who talk about next. And how about a a little scrappy scrap to a little patent dispute being served -- so fine script script. We added we've talked about the reverse of this last week I think com. It was a Motorola and fault of Apple with Samsung in also in Germany. This week there is a story again out of Germany with Apple. Any patent dispute with Motorola. So Motorola basically. Were forced through court. Course he means. It permanent injunction of a Apple selling any of their devices that had three g.s and iPhone three G 3GS iPhone four. And all three G enabled ipads. -- to be removed from the site in Germany and from stores as well. Which is a pretty big deal in but -- -- to that last. It didn't last very long and so the injunction is permanent but -- Apple sort of went to Motorola. That's -- hey. That's not cool. Can we license the patent you have. So that we can start so this tough -- and it's not clear whether it actually. Sort of signed a license agreement or to signed an intent to sign one but we're able to very quickly get all the stuff back in the store. Because presumably they are in talks anyway -- Apple. But what is interest seems Apple's asking for 2.2 5% to -- Motorola's asking Apple for 2.2 5%. In royalties. -- -- products which could be a lot of money given how much of this Apple's selling price and that's not going to Motorola that's going to Google assuming an -- Finishes up the buyout rent once it's approved which is pretty instinct -- you -- you haven't. It's such a weird ecosystem so. Microsoft makes like five bucks per Android phones sold on their patents and then -- they were gonna have Google. Making five -- -- -- phone Apple -- And -- and -- -- who's gonna make money off Microsoft phones that's I don't know. So what the story has taught me how well Nokia big -- Maybe Microsoft meter might not ever be with -- -- taught me -- that if you want a job with excellent security because patent lawyer and get hired by a mobile firm. I know conspiracy. -- so other details about this. Even now Apple's -- assembly quote 2.2 fact -- kind of crazy here so Motorola we would like to know how much com. You know manufacturers like fifty -- TC LG Ericsson -- pain for. There are licensed -- of these patents to -- the hugest he guessed because you're about to be owned by Google and were Apple. So. Will stay tuned for act as I don't I don't have any of an impressionist with those deals are but it would be interest in -- -- -- -- was that -- it illegal for. Who cooler -- Motorola to screw up on image to nick as it elected. If they can they can dictate whatever price they want that Medimmune may be German laws different -- -- I don't know US. Fair trade -- -- so I'm just totally speculating. There is a suggestion from the tavern that the injunction was removed on appeal. The really tech I know the one from last week was. Net apps and one. Yes so will do little research but for right now take a break we'll be back talking about some secret Google products cystic. Welcome back parents are our quick research has revealed that. Potentially. Com there Apple does -- Has I don't know -- the court to sort of repeal this related to file -- lawsuit at best that looks like rumors at this point. The story is from a site that is not our normal stable of -- sources. -- -- we will continue to -- at story and included under an atlas CNET accomplice -- CNET. News updates on this involving story. But in the meantime let's talk about of these devices that Google is secretly testing. He -- they have asked the FCC. To test. Undisclosed mystery entertainment device -- -- major cities over the next six months. Com. But it is very unclear what this is not this is the -- get to wildly speculate. Everybody's favorite game. -- -- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth name. -- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. I guess this was and originally discovered -- -- go home and a FCC filing from December. -- says -- gasses. You know one gas is that these devices. Are com. But the media hub to go in your house so that it will download all -- video. Come and music or whatever and then distribute to other devices in your house. Which could be interest team. Intolerance is as digital hub strategy that Steve Jobs spoke about you know -- for five years ago -- Which kind of evolved on Apple's site to be a cloud based -- -- -- about how space a -- Interest in that Apple are sorry Google would pursue. This hub strategy. Come. What else -- you guys think about this. Do you think -- -- -- does that. Does this hub strategy makes sense is that so -- they think consumers would use. Yeah I mean I think I think -- it's sort of a cable box type -- deal with built in slingbox and Tivo capabilities and things like that and that would allow you to you know DVR content that you receive from your cable provider. And then you know streaming out here and other devices which is kind of -- work around. Seat so that Google wouldn't have to sort of license that content from cable providers. Because you're already own right. Ready -- as Google's run into a lot of licensing issues one day and in just pushed back when they released Google TV initially. -- everyone. You know including. Our own network CBS started blocking. Google TV from streaming content directly from their sites. -- because there's a lot of money tied up the -- and a lot of different. Licensing arrangements and and stuff from some historical. Historically way broadcast has worked and so maybe it is as -- -- is a way around those license restrictions because it's you. -- individual using content you paid for revenues -- No school -- to license this content you know in mass for new waited champion rich you know a lot of resistance. I think it's part of the Smart invert refrigerator series that were about to say area. But I -- -- -- cable box would be nice but it would also be good for people who party have Google TV and -- this or -- in internal component as part of the TV I mean -- -- -- to be paying for your DVR. The -- -- have to buy an extra box. Even if it's only a hundred bucks you know in -- -- -- -- stuff -- Allen. Plus Google music plus other things -- onto your found. -- another possibility is that this could be a gaming device -- some -- so there's the Nam. On lives -- like the gaming service that you can stream the games to your devices that may be Google's getting into that came. So to -- com. And this will be some kind of device that can stream games tiered TV years -- -- refrigerator. -- games to your refrigerator. Yet get that milk in the class I don't know com. Yeah I don't know and the F -- -- speculation that whatever this ends up being that maybe it could be -- manufactured by Motorola -- maybe there's a good relationship between Google Motorola. Until that outcome about -- patent dispute that and dispute and whether. That deal actually finally gets -- Nam anyway if you know about this we would love to hear about it -- -- -- -- -- com. What else to -- gecko and hero so last week we talked about. How Android users more than any other phone users. Use their phones wall in the bath -- This week we have a tablet the two views in the tub. Com. This is the -- -- And -- -- element element actually got a look at it at CES yeah I would thing. I you know I just it looks pretty -- like the design. Kind of like right Gideon's ink in there and -- -- in the tub and if human interest group. Up that's where you take all of my CS meaning actual -- coming -- coming command. The -- can't take over until it's a Ford GL TE device HDMI output. Dual core. But it's you know the one thing Donald bell doesn't like who wrote the review and I think we can all in this room agree as well. Its 299 on contract. Tablet shouldn't be purchased on under. Murat stopping any -- off contract may -- -- so this is for 49 I think was the price off contract. Com. Generally I think that the bottom line on this tablet is -- kind of cool that you can bring it in water spilled coffee on it here. Whatever. He would -- -- not actually operable underwater -- calico. You know scuba diving in her apartment and listen you can use it changes my opinion of the area tablet completely worries how we can use it before you gonna -- -- -- -- do it again that is the fish -- within the pool with. Some Medina of the kids as floating about whether that they know it just it just -- mainly if you drop. It and and it's also -- rugged. I tunnel was gonna take a picture of Salomon and his kid in the -- that's what I was expecting. Note that he would doubt -- c'mon don't get on it. So if you want a waterproof tablet. Get this one that -- and -- -- your options. -- -- I don't know don't they have there are some other rugged tablets -- -- -- sites he has but it -- colony. Nam. And the respect hates to see that case and I think I have -- of the 44 guys stuck there iPad and dropped a bowling moment. It's own room via the -- out of currently -- Then -- -- the case was made out of Tumblr yeah look like it was me at a Kevlar like this weird at a quarter tax yellow -- pad. Stuff this -- recyclable. Black suits again I think it was actually Wilson's iPad -- Europe -- user created even cooler and everything was totally cool media. Wilson in the meantime as having a hard -- backstage. All right -- more new hardware and this is from a -- this is my territory and tells us that. Back in the phone down. -- saddle a Durbin a lot of rumors about the Samsung galaxy S three which is the successor to the incredibly medically popular Samsung galaxy S two found. -- so that was at that asked -- was originally announced at mobile world congress last year that. Takes place February 27 through march 1 this here. I'm going. So it's a hard job to go to Barcelona were checked out tests to do it and it might as well -- means that I got the coverage of buying it there Durbin like all of these leaks and speculation and darting in and out to hear yes they are in it or not its Quad Core and eight megapixel camera it's got a twelve megapixel camera no it doesn't have it now of course it's gonna have a camera. So latest is that it's very very slim seven millimeters or about. Zero point three inches. I think it's like zero point. Q -- in six and I rounded up. On and that is for reference. The same sluggishness at least then there -- points -- part as the patent motor electorate RAZR. Which I found a little teeth and in the hand I think but not the greater is -- Mac I think -- RAZR Max engines like zero point 33 forgive me for not remembering precisely. And it's it's still very very slim I thought that the -- -- is actually a little more comfortable because it's a little bit more rounded. And and it it depends how -- for the phone that the galaxy ST -- is very slim and box like. And so if it's if it's very thin I mean people like -- and phones. Yeah I'm excited about astronomy -- CTS two was a solid phone and it very very bad. The biggest thing I didn't like about it is the -- Samsung TouchWiz paying -- exactly. Com. But beyond that that's my eloquent way of saying I'm not that into TouchWiz -- that -- exactly. It it's a solid phone and the camera was really great compared to other entered cameras there were out when it came out com. And to you know it was slight it had it. It has that when you first pick it up. Like you think is this a toy phones this real. Horses actually the slight bumps and asked to air sort of S three -- yeah I think will be a great competitor. It'll make me potentially regret banknotes indexes -- I I mean. It I think it's basically gonna be more or less the same phone hopefully Samsung will -- -- something other than TouchWiz or a new and improved TouchWiz. Ice cream sandwich for share. -- but if the body collects similar and then I think it's gonna have wide mass appeal. Do they take the -- and strategy they did a test to where it's basically that phone is on every carrier almost identical. In it's that working from -- -- they've had some good quarters so I think absolutely. -- well look for that com. Our friends -- and -- TC. It had been a fan of HTC at HTC incredible for a long time and actually have all the skins and it's of -- governor Reagan. Sense is my favorite. Nam you know -- enough stock and it's com. But HTC I think is not doing been doing quite as well as Samsung for sure. You know there's various reasons. That people -- they have too many different phones out Lullabot. But they have created a -- -- of innovation group within HTC. Baum called -- TC's studio. -- hoping they can revitalize the brand. And it sounds like we should start seeing devices from them this year the group has been a port it's a group of designers and engineers that. In a report directly to CEO. Com. DC is a good idea to think. I I'm assuming that it's gonna be everything -- devices -- also taking a look at their software strategy. With a sense to any other kind of service that they can provide so even for users across the board innovation yet exactly that's probably a bunch of designers and marketers and other people you know cross sections sitting in a room. Going like okay. Let's think -- some really cool interface let's let's find a problem and that's try to create a solution I mean. It CC isn't the only one who's ever have this and narrowed T-Mobile has -- rim and -- Blake of having -- now. With former co CEO. I'm heading up that part of the division it. I love that HTC. Is publicly. Saying that they're going to you continues CU or -- -- and animation. Ray yeah I mean I think this can either go. Brilliantly -- are horribly wrong it really depends how much freedom HTC gives -- says they're just like. Forget all the rules we typically impose on you go out there and just figure out the best thing for a consumer. That can be great especially if they have the resources and acrylic being innovative but still work within our daily rules and they're gonna rentals -- problems and it's been that they've always had. So against the proof will be in the putting phones. -- -- that is our news for today that. But wait there's more. We now it's time for the app of the week. And. Like there should be a separate -- music for that too pleased to have now it's time for -- Equally rapidly with the team -- -- So. -- -- checked out an app called transparent screen which is supposed to make. Walking and texting word or otherwise playing with your phone little bit safer. On -- -- in makes. The background of whatever you're doing. Actually whatever is behind your phone so it makes your -- -- -- basically. From what I've seen I mean it works pretty well -- -- -- fired up here on my OG HTC evo. -- -- -- So I'm vintage has -- tinted Sega. Classic so. There you know you can see me behind my phone. Even though I'm behind my phone so it's using a camera. Right right yeah I mean it's it's a real time tracking technology immune from what I've seen if I -- in any kind of more than a leisurely pace then it can't quite track as fast as I -- But I mean it's it's a fun idea and perfect app for slow walkers -- the world yet especially if you walk like Davis. I feel -- directly. C probably it could be good for -- to. Definitely breaks and has been notified that have. They've done maybe something like that before with my camera. It is more when I wanna take pictures someone should be telling us this time it's -- that I -- this. Couple at a restaurant who. Was waiting as from institute food sat there for ten minutes not talking with their phones just up -- time. But it was like I'm gonna take a picture of that economic uh oh I'm just -- you know my phone -- don't mind me just got single exactly. Com. So transparent screen because it sounds pretty cool but because -- guess it's slow probably not a good thing -- -- drive. Definitely not a good thing you know you never -- user problem driver of current and especially. Yet he think this is gonna help it it's not so definitely cool to play with you know I don't know if it's necessarily -- -- make your life that much safer by. Worth a look and it's free free yes and very easy. To turn. Current cool we'll check it out. -- -- so we have some email. In that will greeted them and I love -- efforts are worried it will picture hook up a our first game -- -- He is from Kevin he wrote in -- talk about the Android browser as we referred to at the end of last show. And said hey here's the HTTP user agent for the Android browser com and for those -- you don't know user agent is sort of how the browser identifies itself to web servers. Com. And he points out that standard browser basically what is based on K html rendering engine which is first seeming KDE which is -- of a front end for. Linux or Unix com. And that Apple basically -- that and created web kit and anyway. The bottom line is that standard browser was based on -- a credit which is true but it. It is not Chrome. Which I think is bewilderment in but I don't know or wrong -- times who knows what we are pleased that we don't listen to ourselves. How many else says it's had received -- CA and -- go. But at least now -- -- beef. Flailing his own app actually didn't say and it -- not -- -- antennae and that's true which is very -- -- -- run -- -- it does he. -- flu leaned his phone at the camera for dates. I've never that -- -- I was there when I think he actually gave his phone away and that's what happened groups on the air. And then used on especially at a call from someone could I ask you if you've got all of -- -- This suite. Com all right what you read us the next email to ask. Well okay since -- nicely he hasn't just -- your podcast this week. Where you talk about bigger screens I must be in a minority as I want my phone screen as large as possible argument that. -- tests given that. The screen is exponentially. More than making calls also playing games web surfing video -- I am and if he could have gotten that galaxy nexus that the size of says Samsung galaxy note -- the Dell streak. And he would've had it not hurt the great -- and -- from Brian. And. That's fine you know -- coming out it's got a big screen it is and today it has a little. Stylus if that's the wearable and -- and. I -- I'm actually gonna be reviewing them iPhone nano comes out and released in December 19 say oh -- I am back. Definitely have -- ideas about the silence in the phone -- that's -- would definitely have discussed throughout this I think that. This is okay I think you're crazy for wanting larger screens but what is your massive Jason Hill an error. Well you gonna do is like here's -- I -- I six I think you're being if you want it bucked. This is a great thing about -- -- -- ecosystem you can have the phone you want. There's there's options forces and some other ecosystems are -- like no this is the right size and this is the only size against -- -- ecosystems -- you -- Maybe referring to. All of them. Out there's only one I can actually well I'm an Apple has won but it even blackberries. Acute OC tones screen sizes. You -- you do small and you see. -- a little bigger well what about the touch screen torch. Or is it has it is is -- -- the doubts in nexus and it's another torch to you have bigger. I don't remember it as big it is at least 3.5 and said dad aren't they you know rightly or -- I don't -- orange ones weren't correct com. Anyway mainly our five point -- and its mainly Apple but. Certainly -- -- -- com are we have a voice mail from. Someone. About his book. You can't let the show you know finishing -- -- the market or have to air Monday morning. Have a concern and a lot of trouble with the people -- but lucrative but -- noted that also. I go to -- if you need my wife of the patient or G it would boulevard and -- problems little -- -- -- contact syncing. A lot of trouble trouble La walking in stop flight -- -- French attitude on the ordering of this without in the quarterly and annual updates are laid out what your experience than any of the other or know -- we're alone. Although the show keep it up. A think again with -- -- from the extra. -- -- -- -- -- -- Any problems FaceBook. I'm you know why I only had -- amaze four GI might ask for a short while I didn't notice any problems with feeds back. I didn't hear anything and from other people but it is integrated into -- TC sense. And if that's -- talking about. Yes I'm excited to work really well my incredible actually -- -- great. But there is -- team knows we talk about FaceBook and syncing last because there was questions about that. And there is a news story that has apparently we all missed. And Josh and a couple others -- tell us about it. That -- -- synching was actually. Locked I guess -- newer versions of Manfred because it violated the way they did at the Google terms of service -- story from. But some time last. -- February I think. It'll put on the show notes but Tom. Is the avenue were phoning your looking for this -- TC level of syncing with FaceBook. That you probably won't get that lets you install custom rom worst thing. Oh wait I'm confused because I am. Here it also says that. Other Android phones can do because -- scan their running is actually doing the sinking -- on entrance so that you read TC sense would be sinking. If if you signed up through cents for -- -- -- isn't using the -- that happens. Yeah it's a good question has I think that is definitely HTC was getting around it. Atom but could -- have changed it between versions -- -- Handling and maybe -- will look to the audience for help with this on -- Or maybe we'll do research and back in May be just the FaceBook apps sucks because it sucks on my phone to -- iPhone to. Andrew House. The way you could -- district has pretty much the best on and it's terrible mine and it never works ever and may not work but it's like the best layout -- user experience. -- -- -- Com all right one more email here before we wrap up this is a pretty interest in -- as. Of the show the listing for a few months now as they -- -- really helps the miles flyby. About it to re -- there's -- Motorola by -- in September and other data connectivity issues almost immediately -- there was going to be you know TA update. But fix the problem well got the update an airplane mode is still in most used app on the phone and -- -- -- expects and it randomly. And frequently lose my data connection. Out of nowhere is there are actually working fix out. Nam -- from a -- in great entertainment -- from Colorado Springs. -- so he is referring to an issue with. Verizon LTE phones. From basically. I would take uses different from the -- three GDF. Authentication is done. It's it's pretty tactical but it story about it in the show notes from. December believe -- but apparently. The -- this is affecting or has been affecting all of the Verizon four G phones will there will -- Trying to authenticate and -- lose data connectivity and some phones. Retried more often so you don't really -- knows that this is happening and it's from -- like a guest via. The by now a thunderbolt retry less so they. Looks like they are. Using activity. So. As far as we know there has expensive fix released but it looks like they have -- -- -- the problems crawl people. And the airplane thinks he's referring to his one work -- was to turn off data connection turned back element that forced to -- authentic it it would work. So it be great to sort of have an official word from Verizon. On the status of this -- across all devices but it. As of now I have not heard one. And it's kind of a -- Com. That is it for today com. So if you want to read more about Android. Related news and everything that -- and -- have to say cnet.com slash -- -- -- displaced ago. To watch us every Wednesday at -- -- Pacific cnet.com. Slash mine send us email -- -- at cnet.com. Paws on Twitter. Now we are -- in Britain atlas or exposed team arm his -- -- mark to be follow me. At not my real name Jessica. An -- to adult court and you can also -- my podcast filed in every Monday at 10 AM Pacific 1 PM eastern. Awesome thanks for being here and if you and I give us phone call. 98663. For four CNET. We'll see you next week by everyone.
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