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Mobile: Ep. 81: We need more power!

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Mobile: Ep. 81: We need more power!

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Phone manufacturers and the aftermarket wage war against crappy battery life and Google does battle with poor app design on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

The battery isn't the as NY Wallace loves Android and all -- more on this week's edition goes. Well -- it's January 18 to 2012 I'm just gonna -- alongside. Antuan Goodwin and they aren't good. Beauty covered from CES are he told me to that on my -- jumped in -- -- that when I am I think I am. It's like everyone's asking that around the office it's like the first week in January -- like -- -- -- Howard holidays writes -- -- -- -- garlic or -- -- from CES there. Are you -- in hanging in there are eight. Yeah I feel like I'm ready to start you know my new job now. Because they've been doing the CES two out for a couple months now very prepared CS and an app CES were recovering from C Aston now were -- and have to remember -- -- to do a daily basis and cius has a looming NASA get used to paying for -- -- views. It is a bomber -- of who's in your food -- transportation. Bill. -- Com. Starts to -- running under it let's talk about -- entries aren't let's start with her good friend Steve Wozniak. Watts is always good third. And slightly insane stories anytime anywhere you expect -- you right to -- -- unabashedly. -- his ride to save it but please say whip polo yet. It's real bad for those people on city tumors but -- helmets and Saint -- -- -- somebody. There's only one duty and there -- display. Via the Nexus One do this -- laws and us -- attending law. I is basically well of this I story is probably one of the most misrepresented. Stories I think I lost my forest. You know a lot of them said late -- look laws slows the Android and hates the -- phone. -- the real story is why does is point me out he has an iPhone mania has -- -- what he likes about Android. You know he says it has some advantages that he likes better. It sounds like he still uses the iPhone on a daily basis of the -- reasons actual -- as my primary phone is the -- alone. But I wish he does all the things in my inquiry does I really do. So it's one of those things where -- again. Probably. A little bit and -- really when he's turned device agnostic but definitely -- -- -- the pros and cons of a group of both platforms. In his two of his biggest complaints are actually that two things that I think I hear most when comparing -- and -- found. First is of the navigation in the navigation on Mandarin. I believe to be -- the best of any phone that I've used so far. First and turn by turn. Navigation and integrated -- places integrated with speech recognition. -- it just works so. Easily. Would you agree. I will agree that there there's a lot of stuff. That -- its built into injury that. UE eight kind of kind of makes a lot of a lot of third party apps that really useful. Grass and you know you know you'll let it biggest biggest example only users when when navigation that start popping up on injury. In in the post Google Maps -- navigation. Sort of atmosphere. I guess people started thinking you know -- in a -- and Ireland by. And navigation that ever again. Now that's built into an an integrated so deeply. Into the entry operating and you see a lot of things like that would voice search and -- that are. Yet unless you want offline. Navigation. I don't think there's a compelling reason to buy it for entrant -- his second reason. It is easily speech recognition he talks met -- Because some hilarious complaints -- isn't it good answers to. Questions such as what are prime numbers greater than 87 anymore. But apparently he used to I don't know -- he now wants and a you know which is a very important question you know -- you -- -- -- -- -- But it does bring up the the general issue -- voice recognition clearly Google and Apple have different strategies here Apple. Has a sort of very a guy a back and forth type -- yet voice recognition service whereas Google. Voice recognition is -- -- built into every aspect of the OS now you know any worries me get a keyboard you can pretty much press that voice button and and dictate rate and you can do some commands but not maybe as extensive as -- -- And -- were about to learn later in the show the you can you can -- multiple apps to do such a thing it's a mean you're not stuck in Google's. Google's voice command world if that's what you want. You can get another and their applications to -- step in and take over that and I really. I -- here -- a lot about this and wants kind of brings it up in in in his interview. Is is the fact that it seems like series getting dumber. A lot of people pointed out that DD artificial intelligence that was supposed to make street smarter over time -- has actually caused it to become more accurate. And -- less accurate. As as as more people Begin using input data. Into that sort of whatever three have a a bringing in the cloud wherever that is and and I think -- -- -- no wonder if it's just like a case of new series not learning or. Or if if series just becoming as -- as we are. It can also be that laws ask crazy questions I mean AM weren't the five biggest lakes in California -- and that's the question that used in the articles not a -- -- Well. It's not crazy but it's also not. Super useful I mean I I think. What is maybe happening is that he's at the extreme end credit or way off topic is is that has nothing to -- -- -- -- -- If that's the way that -- it works is it gravitate towards the questions that more people are asking. Which are like what are the best lakes in California or whether the best five lakes near me or -- -- out -- on -- -- it is. That it is home to answer those and less -- -- insecurities. More obscure questions. I'm and I raising -- -- use the example of of of the Internet as a whole. And that that all of this information is out here and and but just because more people are putting information into Wikipedia. There's indicating he ordered by amateur looking -- -- -- -- Wikipedia as it says an omnibus of knowledge. Dumber. Rent it is an active you have Google to search -- -- -- -- Smart enough to search Wikipedia with a thirteen engine and I mean that's just. That's -- -- reading and logic. There's no intelligence built in of that series should be smarter should be getting smarter. I mean if if if -- -- -- algorithm can do it. According quote theory artificial -- routed to its -- at the very least it should give you which one -- I think Google just has better. A better algorithm and I think that's why Google Voice search works better for me as far as you know what I'm looking for because when I ask a question I just gonna ask more. It just you know hey. Which Campbell -- coda I want -- -- -- wanted. You know we equip a bill lake who -- -- of -- -- telephone elevate you know I think maybe that's part of it maybe theory just. First applicable Munster with Disco like -- what's happened he still -- live -- -- and now it's it is -- -- Bloated ego and it's not doing its homework anymore and it's this it's like -- in high school. It just wants friends more than it wants to be Smart -- EPA's. -- Look we're gonna end up Syria where you're gonna end up that's all I'm saying here. Aren't well. Let's talk about iphone's more worried about that but says that's what the -- -- apparently to nearly any proposals. Public pay phone for asks. Help IOS -- -- gap on Android is the sort our -- here. This and or talk about this. Because asked to have an interim of course -- so in the -- of three months and did in December -- IPhone. -- he uses his new iPhone sales. Took 44 point 5%. It according to a -- so this isn't sort of actual sales listens surveyed sales compared to 46 point 9% for Android so. -- it still had been barely had. When you compare this to the same survey and -- Nielsen did in October where. Interests 61 point 6% of handset sales in the iPhone. From at 25 point 1% -- huge. Difference here Nam so some -- there's not its. It's not shocking because the iPhone four S came out and you know that your whatever -- a new. Stellar device comes out that -- kind of thing is gonna happen but Nam. You know it is a big. Drop for integrated and a pretty massive jump -- west. No -- -- -- spread or my question here is if two galaxy nexus. -- had come out on time. At the same time as iPhone four arrests. And com -- throw -- -- had done a big marketing campaign like Apple did for an iPhone. Could that have with these numbers be different today. -- One. I don't either enter resistant emblems depending -- mission and that another attack feel like. Problem is when somebody because it was an iPhone new with the new iPhone and Catholic -- of -- people. We're probably sitting around waiting to elect you kind of want national -- -- -- for -- come out. And -- I feel like there's a large chunk of that spike in iPhone sales that were opportunist. Who were just like you know. The iPhone came out late last year -- time -- come out with a new and every year. And kind of want to get an iPhone in -- September. I know there is going to be one -- went from scan hang on. -- just not by phone until the notes whatever is -- they would've bought whatever was next announced by Apple. Just because then actually there's a large conflict constituents -- of people who -- can do that. We tell you why you're. Also there was not a trending topic on Twitter over over over over the holidays of -- didn't. Galaxy nexus for Christmas even -- the document this was out in time for Christmas there's a whole lot of people. Nearly one I've yet. Well first of all I think the wrong causes lost its -- little. But I think that. Well they -- -- because. Apple are sorry Google's Samsung and Verizon whoever didn't do a great job compared to Apple marketing news this phones and number one. And I think that if they hadn't had been here -- times that their would have been a lot of people who. Switched who would not have otherwise switched I mean if you think back. I was at some of my breaking point with a hundred. I was going out I don't know I can't find a phone that I want to set for the gaps in access and maybe I'll just switch at this point because iphones -- take a better option than any of the phones that are trying to rearrange now so I feel like. I'm pretty committed standard platform -- -- a lot of less committed people who made the switch so I don't think these numbers would have been like a 100% different but maybe like. Five to 10% different than they are at that doubts annex -- coming -- I guess I mean you -- -- that's the thing I guess you could rationalize that sort of -- east -- is this is the that it operate -- statistical significance. On but I mean I kind of feel like. I don't know like Phil Leigh -- -- -- Apple's job really mean Apple's kind of beyond the point of having to market. We've market for them every time we call -- natural killer every time a manufacturer. Targets the iPhone as the product to -- trying to beat every. Every time B you know and wanted to devices comes out I mean its its. Probably the biggest product launch coverage of the year -- I mean. -- the new iPhone coming out. It's just -- mean your local news station will be there you know covering the mean -- will be there covering the launch of the galaxy. -- right this is why same 5% and I am also saying that. -- slash. You know Samsung present. Should have made at that event you -- they destroyed that by messing up the release date so many times and not you know taste they had an event planned I guess potentially to announce it which originally said they delayed because of Steve Jobs death. But clearly that was not really true to -- -- just wasn't ready -- Then escalate -- someone's gonna be telling -- that Steve Jobs is death of planted sabotage the galaxy nexus. Product and that is don't I mean I feel like it's one of those things where it you know I don't Philly gets. Machine. As shameful thing to come second to the iPhone. But I mean I kind of build you know the iPhone has a really big head start on any phone they -- -- Just because it's an iPhone meaning they -- been around for half a decade now. Let me ask students. Do you -- -- it. And greater cools. One ranked tennis Apple and -- -- us sales acceleration has anything to do with there superior design compared to enter it. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted injury in running on an iPhone push this. Because they fueled by -- case and there's one thing about people -- -- like crap we like to buy crap. And it it it is kind of like annoying when I'm the only person in the table. Without an iPhone and and it's also a point of light on -- like a badge of honor like you know -- -- but at the same time if ever wanted to -- case. -- -- -- A sticker skin from an iPhone or any sort of like extended battery charger like move -- Manufactured for the iPhone you can't get that spurt. Any injury file not consistently they mean they they -- the manufacturers may pick -- -- to phones but invites on this product at the market is not -- phone anymore. So then you're stuck. You know getting a fancy case for years Xperia play. -- all agreed that when I was asking about is the user interface design now -- you can look that comes from hardware and hardware while on what a great user interface is a -- Eight because something that we do here a lot -- is that the and -- simple straightforward and it's consistent from app to app and that Andrews fragmented and you know -- -- whatever -- -- and so on and stuff like that. Com and -- I think we have even called on Google to. Six test -- -- battle lines are or you know. Basically enforce. Their guidelines. And they took a first step towards that -- Visit this week when they released user interface. Deadlines. For -- and apps. You know basically ice cream sandwich and above. Nam you know and it's everything from how buttons and check boxes and text fields should look. Com but also how option flow and what you know -- a there -- buttons that you soft buttons -- are bundled with phone should do in any given app com. Should be consistent. Nam and they -- You know I think this is great -- and I think you agree you but. There are also not -- has gone as far as from other operating systems. You know they don't enforce this has sort of -- -- -- map. They say this is what we recommend but if you -- -- use different stuff you can use different stuff and we're still gonna figure out. Whereas you know Apple has taken a different stance on this but -- had no Leone is a video player this is the video player -- use. Wanna show -- that -- this this is what you use. -- because these are enforced guidelines -- phenol. You know on the sort of enforcing freezes guidelines. I'm pretty ambivalent about it I mean I don't really -- use phantom of of the concept of enforcing. Just because -- -- this kind of country to it. The general. Battle cry of inquiry is and that's that you know you can pretty much to everyone's were really open in that sense on the other hand. I feel like giving a standard gives a lot of of of app developers. A -- starting point -- of those who may not be very comfortable. With with UI design or who may be looking for a starting point or even just kind of warning to. Kind of hidden pick some of the -- he he would with the word I'm looking for the peak usage. Sort of standards that are in there -- one of the standard as when on the article called out in that in the photo at the bottom is is the standardization of what the -- the back button says. On the reality in just -- -- making sure that when a user hits the back button it does what they think it's -- -- -- I can't tell you how many times I've been in an -- I've been navigating around and you hit the back when you're back on the home -- all of a sudden urges you -- -- left wondering you know how did I get here. And now -- to get back into the -- figure out where you were -- that. Kind of needs to be standardized with the back button -- great and and in how it works and in the lot of dysfunction British ladies. -- Google should do something to further occurs that like if you don't follow the user interface guidelines them. You know you get less weighed in terms of -- promotion in the market. -- no because I feel like there are apps that step outside of -- You knew what. You do rules. Step outside of the standards that the loosely defined standards of what Google has as a kind of had up until now they've been really good apps until you kind of need to give. Good designers people who are -- who have like a really good design team and really created a user experience is -- give them the opportunity. To. You know innovate and do interesting things you've you've seen a lot of life situations where Google's learned from its third party developers. And kind of brought these things into injury -- mean a lot of things like the -- the with the remove the swipe for. Canceling individual notification and emergency engine -- Month before lake ice cream sandwich came out and or even before honeycomb. And you know so yeah we're seeing that sort of like. Back and forth when -- when did. You lied development you know happens outside of -- -- integrated it's a great thing for the user it trickles -- thinks trickle down also. But then I feel like there's -- like a lot of crappy design -- there's so it's it's tricky. When you start telling people with -- have to do. Brett not saying you have to tell people that you can reward good design and -- punish bad design as well. If you could argue that that does happen naturally. Of people voting with their digital dollars -- booting with their their -- -- -- very good looking apps. -- apps that are easy to use. Tend to float to the top -- -- -- -- -- I think -- here I will I will concede I think this is a step in the right direction they were -- was out for years ago. Com it it seems like in many ways that nice sandwich is forgotten. How -- case. Its its -- in its first -- stage of maturity. You know it has a lot of features that I think -- OS should have had its unifying tablets and -- phones theoretically it has design guidelines out right now. In -- OS itself is actually pretty well designed. Nam. So anyway we're gonna take a quick break and we're gonna talk about wide and say is involved an Android and all sorts of stuff about battery -- -- camera. And we are packed so before we left for that brief brief summary value system of in -- -- no -- nervous. Of going on here. You have an -- palms and NSA has sort of long been involved with clinics Nam. -- skirted this article on. -- -- error was they released a version of Linux called SE Linux in 2000. Which is basically security enhanced Linux which did. Such things of this having each app sort of run in its own protected space so then apps couldn't mask the tether. I was -- exit of forest shows that I had a one point installed Linux on a server. And not really realize away SE Linux was installed that Tom has a Psycho Leo I wouldn't I want the more secure Linux and then. You know it was great and -- deal but it made. Everything so hard. Because you had to jump through security to senator reminded me of that. Analysts like Windows Vista that started this thing where you committee you to prompt for every AppleTV unit and it you just double clicked on this did you mean to double click on this we -- to log in as an administrator program please. Thanks you just quit -- listener assure you. Want with its application. -- -- you know there's always a balance I mean maybe there isn't -- an essay between usability and security but there's certainly has for everyday users. But anyways what the NSA now is released is. -- Mandarin which is Nam. In a basically sort of the same thing as -- where it has protected applications basin. -- other security enhancements. Tom. You know I don't expect that this is can be sort of widely used but it will. Potentially be used for. Other organizations that need this level security rates -- -- -- Warren. Intelligence agencies. -- -- So like the -- -- first. World yeah -- And often viewed -- here -- there. But yet so it I think this is -- -- not -- not really interest I guess it's interesting to some eye injury enthusiasts. But I kind of -- this is definitely. More interest being. As far as the big picture of injury for it as an operating system being developed day eight being used developed and -- And and and by the -- -- agencies like the military. We very sort of seen stories over the last year or so of on the military already sort of actively developing inquiry -- sort of apps for soldiers in and that sort of thing so way as we start to see. You know that sort of thing did -- -- -- injury become co opted by government agencies for more things -- But the president's phone -- Mean Wendy Warren on Android with -- secure urgently needs of -- -- its deal with stone and starts a nuclear war. Yet as I think he did though he was addicted to his Blackberry -- and he had to get some new security secured. Blackberry to use -- now. Also are of those one time when it was asked to Vienna and I and is like -- president of course avenue better than announcement. But I guess Steve Jobs -- methods and so this version of Linux actually it's not like packaged up yet so apparently installation is a little tricky -- a -- compile an owner -- not a frequent. How threat have to compile yourself honorees are mean if you're used to sort -- compiling. Like roms for your phone should probably be known realistic cakewalk but -- -- to be familiar with if you wanna try it out. You're trying to asking you discuss theories and go for it you know. I think also that some of them stuff that they've implemented will probably find its way back into -- main. Version of Android that we will all get -- -- everything but some security enhancements. Will probably make its way back commander in which we'll be good thing for all of us more security zone is a good thing the probably sneak in some spine stuff that -- as will -- Is that Libya begins with the -- and -- there -- only turn to spy on foreign. -- People -- bands -- gonna aspire. All right please don't -- at present there are -- by anybody and he is the way you worried about it. But thanks -- watching -- -- in a state -- happy about that an extra year is great. That's -- -- batteries -- -- a -- of the -- of the injury due. The battery battery com. So I have a galaxy nexus -- hand. The battery stinks. I have extend battery figure two is is. Yet know if -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- -- yet the battery is not so great com I bought the extended battery. Which is nice. And -- has -- -- -- an extra hour the problem is there's actually not. A charger for yet so if you actually charging -- at the swap matters -- your phone to turn it. But our first -- story here is about the -- and -- in the data Sato and -- that's close and you know that pregnancies and resilient email. Its its Fido the little I don't know -- probably need to set as the batteries it can learn how to pronounce panel of actually use doubled their products on my during one. Round and I have one of my credible yes. They released a 3800 Milli amp battery. -- -- the nexus which I think -- camera with the original one was but it it's around seventeen hunters -- digital -- -- I think he softened outlook. Yet -- how I at least an editor at it and the little -- story yet just -- -- -- -- -- for the student. Discussed on the about the battery never -- -- in the second app from she took in twenty minutes into the -- back on. Yeah I'm not quite say I think it's still not completely all the way back on the case on the back is really really are ready to back -- -- could be could be worse accumulate during Wednesday's which popped -- it. Anytime you decided you and is it a phone call -- have tried it at -- on -- final markets how many times. Via -- is just the one near the battery still in there. Com says this battery 300 Milli amp suits is a lot more than the normal on -- cost seventy dollars which. Is pretty expensive the extent the one that I've bought com. I got -- himself for Tony -- it's normally fifty. Nam but given how much extra of this is seventy dollars is not that much. Tom I don't think there's does -- expects on how. The -- are allowed better OS this will give you but I would add fuel lasts a day now. I'm sure you could do the math on that sort of thing. And yeah I'm kind of used to like carrying like -- in extended battery because my thunderbolt at the the humpback battery pack is actually an official HTC battery case -- -- battery pack that. But yet just basically add significant blow to your phone. But you from you totally worth it -- it is the federal -- maybe two hours of battery life when -- on four G. And I just like -- on the -- -- Yeah I mean it says that according to Gizmodo this might give it up to. To full day is a better. Not to up to the keyboard there and -- does give you the hunchback saying. Here's the negative and -- he can't be all crews. Will be against the -- back in is that the biggest con. But another kind is that AV and use the extended battery. You lose NFC support. And I think that's because we are taking a look at the battery. In -- galaxy nexus. And it looks like. The -- the hardware is built into the battery. Yet I don't think it's the call of the hardware. But I think there's definitely something according to -- -- -- There's some chip in the battery -- the needs to pair with. The NFC -- -- the phone. And com. Apparently only batteries made by Samsung alias for this -- -- have that chip. Out of the some other phones will actually embed their that sort of NFC hardware in the battery door and I thought that was the case with its -- But I resisted junky piece plastic -- yet just. Lynn -- the plastic. The other bad thing actually about the way they've done this and I'd love to hear the positives and why they did this -- -- days and it's automatic test circuit yet. If you have a second -- like me assuming you could figure out how to charge that second battery annual swap them. You run into problems with apps like Google wallet which have paired with one battery and only saw -- -- after re parent not you have to reenter your wallet information -- how that works but. Not seamless you. So -- I think it's just Indian sort of the. The -- the -- device identifier that's built into the NFC receiver. In every -- NFC receiver probably in the battery. Just because you kind of want that -- be as close to the surface of the -- is possible. So that you get the best range and and then the cleanest sort of like signal is a lot of these in a -- products are passive. Interject or descending to -- waiting for to -- back. So you what they acted to be is close to the -- Exterior of the devices possible which is why I think be shoved it in the battery because you can't really put on screen. But yet that that sort of gives you that issue -- added that -- at least I had some preacher and if I'm wrong -- will get an email and I welcome to melt that I wanna learn. About it actually. There. Without actually have injuries that away too much work -- humans -- the -- and I'm getting this so I'll probably be. -- -- Wikipedia comes up up up. So it's not all bad news about battery Samsung has promised a full day of battery life for 2012 Smartphone. -- -- -- likely this came out in colonial and well so it actually have to -- at the for -- -- you don't have to deal with all that extra battery electric here -- few -- Kevin packing him as the title I want -- -- the vice president of product that is decent at stamps -- when you wake up. Two when you go to bed we don't want you feeling exam hater anxiety about your battery which kind of described it perfectly because I'd definitely feel anxiety about my battery on it. From you know I get up and I don't unplug until the minute I walked out the door and walked -- the -- into my -- -- -- -- in and again in my car and drive to work. But I get out -- sit down and test it again and again. -- I think that it just maybe it's just me but for all tweets will -- I've not had -- battery anxiety. To my -- to your phone -- to my detriment let me say this because I used to be obsessive about making sure when I got to my desktop but with -- again and again and Carla always played in. But this year I've just been kind of like really. Lucy QC without battery life and it of course at the end of every day. Then my batteries -- you know at least two or three times a week just because that in paint and -- of the battery life and -- come up did. If it was did when I came into work this morning -- a target for a went to bed. And dial a Stallman turning cable that home used to be part of -- daily check. If you keep -- you want -- or -- -- charger in the in the bag and now I don't do that anymore either I just -- -- think that you know. It's kind of one of the things -- kind of started -- battery life for granted. On and more battery life is welcome I mean it's it's it's good not to have to think about that sort of thing it's good to sit down to your desk. Take a deep breath and get a -- coffee not have to -- Dig through your -- for a charger. Yes -- me and I agree hey I wanna be there best. We're not there I'm -- what I really a worry about his when I go on the -- there's -- -- that you you know and I'm not -- charging all -- long. That you know there's no way this is -- last. Yeah I don't think out of survive CES last year at CES are -- -- -- to batteries. And I was constantly swapping between -- leading one in the -- this year at CES. I was using a dentist -- clockwork -- USB tethering apps does the state -- connected to the Internet while I worked. Some -- extremist charging on my laptop all -- long and I think. Maybe that's part of the reason why had -- been thinking about it. But yet -- I don't think got to survive CS without reasonable battery life. -- so the way they're gonna do this is -- is up quickly is yes there are bigger batteries but also through more efficient use you know exe to use -- of the Wi-Fi a four G networks which scene in a variety of other techniques have. I definitely look forward to a that's. -- should we move on to use the apps of the week let's jump into the -- -- -- -- -- we have some good ones. Com are against the first consumers talking about the clockwork mod USE -- right -- I was alerted Simon Ashley actually. Of a -- Tsai a in USB tether which. Isn't on one hand is nothing new. -- was seen what I tell others you root your phone and can duty extra. But this one actually from SCBT. Heat which -- -- to actually map as Wi-Fi hot spot and -- SP tether. Says is exactly what this is on the ten right thumb on the -- the ten. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So basically is a cool thing about this is it doesn't require -- and so you know I haven't used it I'm taking. You know what I've read on the Internet and my friend -- Word here is that it generally works its. They have a light version which I think you can use for two days. They have a paid version for nine in and -- on it doesn't work with all phones have list of phones and it doesn't work with or that a people -- it to work with. He said that there my friend. There are some you buy -- investment that ninety to 95% of the time it just works com so for those people who are don't -- -- their phone. Com. And you know ten dollars is not that much considering that the -- normally cost thirty dollars a month. In the Wi-Fi tether is something new that you don't -- clock -- mod. -- stuff you know. The one thing to caution is that this may or may not rate or a contractor your agreement so the you know conscious of that. But I also pay attention to their -- shortlist of maps the -- of -- devices that is just capital in new T compatible with. Motorola dreary desert them HTC thunderbolt -- there have the -- command if you pick told one dude rock in that. So -- there the the HTC evo. Is the moral -- of Motorola photon. Which is. BCC resound through a lot of popular devices on this list as is not. Analyst -- but it is -- -- galaxy nexus fresher as well smother that other galaxy phones com. And it will happily do -- show notes so -- that it off it also has Kindle fire here which is a little weird. That is lowered. Yet the -- doesn't actually have like three G your orgy so how would you -- -- confused. But you wanna series -- 15 by USB to a non Wi-Fi enabled device. I have -- -- -- -- my app is -- go buy new -- communications. And I have become a fan knows of dragons. A voice recognition technology because swipe. -- my favorite a keyboard to start using drag in and I -- wants is a dragon software for their voice input and you decide to use that. -- dragging -- is a free app. That kind of works like Google's voice search. Except for -- integrates directly into a handful of apps and it's just a little bit of a different take. Online you know this sort of things that you can say. Whether it's more accurate or or less accurate and who will own voice search. I figure that out yet. But I -- it is an interesting happens -- good looking -- and die if it's worked great for me you can do things like say. -- -- -- A movie title on Netflix and it'll start the movie called -- movie title on the Netflix app. Are more you can see a you know reviews forward this restaurant on Yelp and you'll find that -- strike in the Yelp app -- and it's free. And it's definitely I think worth checking out today if if the conversation and we had. -- earlier rebel voice command. And Siri and Google Voice alternative -- -- Google Voice search alternative that's kind of -- your interest up. That. Aren't they can blending I don't know I was wondering the same thing is planning and -- here. And he's looking for -- So -- is his -- Let me handle that potato clearly doesn't have a really. -- -- Let's move on my lungs fail and you did you watch it just to -- that Tesla the food processor and it's always good -- -- -- in the regional on. It's ambulances so get a couple complaints here -- they are on. Hello about a Kindle and firing him via immediately registered and paid as a prime -- remember now it seems I can't make use of this facility due to the fact that I'm staying in -- via -- the mid -- -- -- -- the country please assist or will -- credit my credit card as back payment regards and a marked. -- and use credit. An announcement that. And so apparently when -- -- -- is the -- museums around him -- -- in Namibia. It's the country like -- hundreds people of thousand people in their appeal Meehan via live in the media Namibian. -- -- -- And if only we can look this up on Wikipedia there are only media. To place yes. Anyway thus aren't were not customer service for -- -- Yes who move on to the next day you. Let's not withdrawal on known and -- let's move on to the next one last week when red CES. -- -- talking about now just kind of -- for these emails from Matt and Ryan into one unless we were -- CES. -- we mentioned that you could route the Verizon galaxy nexus to -- and Google wallets. NFC payment. A system to it turns out that you don't have to do that what's weird is I knew -- I read the story. Weeks earlier and we talked about it weeks earlier we did on this show I you can decide -- via a dot a PK. And they both. Give links but any in the -- way to find it is to -- on the -- developer forum and search for. Google wallet out. We were it was Vegas RA -- probably hung over I -- no act -- management underneath the table but look. At the and that's not all. I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- we had any off from Scott. Which. He I think I'll take this as an email from me because he's asking about the galaxy next battery life. Does have a phone for three days -- the phone unplugged for an hour and a half hours and it stayed. -- is that it was dead by the morning com. And set to according to metrics 90% of it was so standby. -- Anyway the for a reason people didn't help him it's that they might -- new battery to see of that though. Is this normal it is says -- four G what's happening here. For me yes this is unfortunately. Normal. I think that when I'm on Wi-Fi vs four -- The battery life goes up significantly so -- -- around why -- if you can turn -- four -- Now which you can in phone's settings I would highly recommend that it and I actually using four G. But. Casey as a bat app like. With that called look how Noonan -- defender will automatically turn on and off towards you when you're not using your phone. -- don't you put your phone your pocket. And dislikes sitting in your backpack bouncing around not doing anything -- defender can be set to. Automatically turn off that -- -- And then periodically puppet on the -- you know. -- ten minutes to go in emails now RE cool and then go back to sleep and I found that that can dramatically. Improve battery life on four -- phones. Yeah it's worth looking at I don't know if that is. But there are you can manually turn it off I think there's probably widgets out there as of the widgets I found when I was looking for -- Basically says that they kind of always sort of work so. Nothing greed out there yet besides student -- it -- what I -- Should we listen to a voicemail -- environment yes. -- parents are -- mr. farm along from traditional -- -- And -- data I have a question. Yeah it's probably a pretty common questions but I have BH TC EO ED expert at. And I'm very happy with the phone. No no real complaints about it. -- is is start -- all -- -- I am looking at. Possibly upgrading I heard the news about sprint and give -- the galaxy mixes. And I'm considering their -- I'm also considering switch in the variety. So why I'm sure that stayed on sprint currently for the Alex nexis or -- problem that are going to be a sprint abortion marriage option. -- switched to a -- if you guys can let you know a whole what is the best. Films or even -- situations I -- longtime friend -- -- -- and integrate our game thank. Texas is a hard question because it's kind of it's about carriers. -- more than phones he. I mean I can say from my personal experience. I've had sprint -- had resident. I'm pretty happy with resident who knows the coverage. Is normally. Better than that I have seen a sprint you know specifically -- -- at CES. To -- I was getting through my sprint four G device was like modem speeds. Around. -- Verizon was a lot slower than here -- -- but -- was. You know significantly faster. So the question really is I think how long do you wanna wait if you really want the galaxy nexus because it's not coming out till later this year -- for sprint. -- know what the really status. Nine. To -- release dates around on their web -- right now justice. First half of 2012. Grades have -- -- given that there contributes a lot of so the question are is Google wallet important to you only get it for residents who want it built in. You know sprint will have that its if you want something now then -- which the right isn't it than the nexus I'm pretty happy with that. If you don't mind waiting then -- stick with sprint than wait. You know -- Agha said a question is if he wants to stay. On sprint but wants a phone -- now. What do we have as. Us of the best Android -- -- That is currently happening right now and because he has -- -- -- Four G to -- 3-D 3-D is so it's not a four G phone. So sprint you know there's like this Samsung epic four G which is really good phone. There is the evo four G if you like -- -- we can get the evo four you know four G. The other thing to consider -- is data I think you can still get done in four gigs of data on Verizon for a limited time is at -- -- Theirs can then -- I don't know I -- -- it doubled the data for awhile yet. And it's unlimited on sprint says he's -- data then sprint is your best bet there -- so it's really kind of personal -- Hopefully I haven't confused of wars and I have helped and if you wanna send in more details with you if you more facts. Yet one more than -- and comes in from Adam Adam from you taught -- is actually does the same -- that meant -- last year. I'm asking about using this phone is a network adapter for Xbox-360. This year Adams with. Polygamy is only email here on the west at that but Adam basically. Says that he received a pair of school candy ear buds are built in controls and an in line might. -- -- basically on the iPhone it would you know the volume pause the music answer calls whatever put on his Motorola click two. Other controls don't ever do what they intend to do. Sometimes headphones calls capped call the last number to be read out when he -- and then. Even though we didn't -- controls some time to launch voice control activation when -- -- -- them. -- only controls don't. Just -- the volume. Etc. -- he basically do is on to list a bunch of issues. That these you know wired. Microphone and headphones. Are giving him -- with his Motorola click. And the -- basically wants -- we can help now. And I've actually found also that there's a pretty writing consistency as far as as as white. The button on headphones actually does when you plug into iPhone native iPhone Android phones. The reason iPhone is top of mind is that I find a lot of these -- the union they have those that are designed for iPhone. There -- -- weird. With injury phones I don't really know what's going on with. The -- that the connections. Plug into the phone but I have found that. Universal pulled -- from that are that are more universal -- don't specifically state iPhone tend to work better. But I do have a solution for use that I think -- work. With your headphones than the ones that you actually have right now and that is you can trying to install an app. -- -- -- -- -- There's a trial version 83. That -- of the actual full -- is three bucks -- a basically what it is is a small application. That kind of runs in the background on your phone I gives you point to different settings as far as. What those buttons on your headphone controls -- I -- you can go insect. You know when you -- hit the button that it does this -- we -- you can specify which music app will pop up in -- you can you know adjust. What volume you can you can you can exceed. Is basically what happens when you hit the button in you can also do things like specify with a single click double trip -- triple click and just realized that. As I'm saying these things that miscreants at the popping -- on the screens of your watching. I. See if that works and it does and I just drop the developer of the three bucks. And I get the full version of the app there's also another app called chief headset control. But it seems like that when it's designed to work with a specific brand of headphones. But it is free and need. Work with your regular headphone. I'm not really -- -- -- -- the first one doesn't work trezeguet when. I -- if not you -- wanted you know -- some experimenting maybe talk to. A some people in enthusiast forum about what headphones specifically. Work best with your device -- there's a little bit of inconsistency. I even amongst the very temperate phones. -- that is our show for today if you'd like to follow all the Android news from data -- should check out our applause at cnet.com slash Android atlas you can watch our show every Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific cnet.com slash life. If you want to send us. Crazy long widget -- dozer customer service complaints about. Semi related -- and apps he bought from non us send those standard -- at cnet.com. We're also on Twitter can follow the show at in under an -- lists -- to follow him on he is at its -- To follow me. Just -- -- not my real name. Or give us a phone call 8663442638. And I think that's all we have for today that is merit we'll see you next week.
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