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Rumor Has It: Ep. 8: Google TV is a dead, dead horse

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Rumor Has It: Ep. 8: Google TV is a dead, dead horse

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This week we talk about CDs going the way of the dodo, the PlayBook Black Friday deal, Google Music going to 11, and according to nobody, the iPad 3 will be able to fly. Oh, and Karyne loses a Twitter follower over her Google TV digs.

It's Tuesday November 15 2011 and welcome to rumor has it I'm Emily Dreyfuss I -- -- -- and -- for watching it. The internet's hottest and most exciting if it's gambling show. I don't know if it's an exciting and I would definitely the most exciting game and -- -- gambling and asked him. -- of rumors and now we've added -- Twitter. War component yes this is a stinging -- and doubling down -- hours so its rules let's let's see what's happening on the board. I yeah. -- -- counts for this show. I'm winning where it counts in real life -- losing. Money even. Even on the rumor board but he is on the leaderboard by ash EE is kicking everybody's aren't being -- arm girls I know we only created just don't seem modest you have a lot of with the it's I -- -- one person away from and -- guys if you want to who's -- -- now is not -- -- Stephen -- and you should follow -- counties you'll be using 900 follow -- maybe maybe you'll get cash out for me I mean it is like I don't think there's a teacher in -- feature but now I'm not -- but it does this show and watch -- yeah. And I'm gonna -- Talking -- in the -- -- be on -- you are not just the ceiling as you're developing and where it matters for the show now -- an I think that's -- -- part. Yeah -- -- -- is not easy to add her as more IE I mean -- as you know and the very sore loser I'm not sure you know and I get Internet but I'm might lose this month and I'm gonna be released or about it I mean but this is makes me feel better and I'm at least beating -- on Twitter so that I -- -- a little -- 98 yes I mean that you sent a lot of dignity -- Twitter. Although it does not the most dignified at this this is -- behind him -- I -- -- -- I have a lot of Google+ followers. -- on. I mean I have -- That -- satisfied as well whenever using Google+ EG -- to -- following on the mountain Google+. And a half -- what it sounds like it's time. Need to tell them about we -- a phone number and you should be -- us with rumors my god or just tell us things about us. That it was -- you now let us not so we got one message this week and it was an eight minute long dial. I'm pretty but dial us and let us an eight minute long message and -- the only it wins. Some political. I don't know I can't tell you yeah I didn't have it was -- -- -- his background yeah I was really weird. Ultimately -- TV I don't know -- crap and -- -- intentionally next time guys I listened to -- or accept this -- its. At Edwards at eight inches being an -- weekly on a really good. Message with a girl asking us to promote some murmur on the show but we couldn't understand -- sanctions calling off from the -- -- called. Every -- back and -- the numbers 1075. -- CNET. It's easy easy easy so now let's get to our first rumor -- The first rumor today is a sad one it's very attending. Music magazine a sideline reports that unnamed music industry insiders have confirmed. That major record labels plan to stop pressing CDs in 2000 and well. Our neck bone it is crazy so essentially how this rumor is that we will no longer have CD's than a year. I just don't even know it the world. Yeah I mean. I mean so we as a music formats. As we know they've changed so much. -- track records. Tapes. Anita -- I guess laser disks for movies but the members CD is -- there have been lots and lots of improvements and changes and never -- -- that formats -- new ones coming -- What's different about getting rid of CDs. Is that it's -- it's not going to another physical. Object it's getting rid of the object names of listening to music are all going illustrator finally -- digital exactly. It's Susan has had so -- this is the root what the rumor what -- -- -- Arsenal inside -- report they are like. These anonymous industry insiders have confirmed that what we eat -- suspected all alone it's true and then the first thing they do is quote -- editor. Who said nasty -- That he only -- special edition CDs. And then they cite unnamed. During industry into -- site if those anonymous people -- is saying the right arm might not being editor the editor who knows no. There buddy their friend -- -- a band. As saying that yes in fact. CDs will cease to be pressed because they're losing so much money on them. And they cost so much money and overhead to produce. And that the only ones it will continue to be produced our special editions rate with like special line with -- -- picture is -- like. Exactly -- sort of the way already that like LPs are now. Like some people will do still buy records and some -- -- -- new. In vinyl it's a very special thing -- -- expensive in Canada it's like for music. A -- lot of like DJ's house. Yeah haul trailer and I got -- record player for Chanukah last year and now only do -- -- records. It's I only a concert and bought a record -- record is also Lee who was it. They might be giant -- -- -- it was theories aren't yet and now. A Frazier I think it's probably be first to jump off of the city -- -- -- MP threes primarily. There probably not doing so hot and -- seedy world along on your supporting an operator. On so these here's some more details about this -- -- -- -- rumor mean music formats people feel so passionate about them an ambulance a sad about. The loss of the record and and and I think that CDs or less sexy. Then record their -- Personally you don't touch them -- -- -- And integrate it fits nicely -- mining and -- and then they don't -- Like an object at a collector's item. And that's what this rumor is saying is that. It's they are losing so much money because. When c.s are sold to a record shop or distributor whenever they have the right and this is the same as it is in book publishing. Two if they can't -- order electing a box of CDs and then the only -- three. -- the right to send those CDs back to the record label -- and record label has to act like they're losing a -- he is means buying CD's. -- -- this is the thing in in our story -- we when we reported this Eric Mack. Went and dug around and found some numbers from actual reports like from Gartner and people -- look at the industry in and actually look at actual hard numbers. And found that. -- social -- are not as profitable. But they're not losing money right and -- as long is that as long as there's any sort profit I can't -- that record industry saying okay we're gonna stop. It and it enabled love money in a day of making up. On anything that any bits and if they're not losing if they're not. Actually losing money then they wouldn't stop but here's the thing I was gonna say like. And not -- any G is the cigarettes isn't Democrats and -- -- -- And combined with -- only to Google knew why they are gonna take -- back if you're gonna -- but I'd like concert last night and -- I was like I. I'm enjoying this I think I'll buy the CD and then as we are leaving the Warfield is like crazy in big. But the crowd was so dense to get to -- -- and I'd like I'll download I think the I'm not -- -- -- -- -- Steel and that's the mystery of the need it in like it never got an eye on them right I mean outcome for Apple totally -- and you'll isn't unlike pandora which is obviously waiting for pandora to choose Allen to -- lot of fire out or -- -- never. But so one thing when I was looking closely at the numbers. I do you think there is -- mean clearly CD's are on the outs and everyone agrees that even the people who are saying that they're not gonna be dead in 2012. Do believe looking at the quote from. Billboards Glenn peoples. Is that he doesn't think it's going to be dead by 2012 but he thinks -- -- continue to die a slow graceful death. It agrees it's dying I mean -- hasn't already been dying a slow its own tablet tell stupidest parent -- doesn't like it is not saying anything -- As part about it. -- is it at the very end of the people of -- magazine end of this article is -- there haven't really intense insight. Which is the next monument and -- now. The next monument default. It'll be printed magazines. As people want to consume their information online where they also read most of the news. Exciting pioneering teaching me about the Internet -- nice how illegal we all know that dynamic. I just think this kind of a silly article -- but if you do look more closing the numbers. CDU's sales. Accounted for fifteen billion dollars in revenue in 2010. And in 2011 they only count accounted for ten million. So now so its ten million is still huge number -- and in our third it's there they have lost a third of the revenue -- -- year a year if space is understand ethnic. And -- continue lines at that rate and they will literally -- if it continued that great and they will no longer CDs will no longer be profitable in two years. That's what that the rate process -- register I think that is where where the marriages from in those numbers seem to -- it out I'm. Surprises CDs having an exodus on I think I think yeah I mean I haven't Odyssey and I'm obviously not the represented in -- represented and then. For ever I haven't even seen a CD -- an arm are here and immediately I still have them in a box like Vista licences and -- but -- at one time. I spent a whole summer ripping them into iTunes and there are -- I can't and -- The academic you know I elegantly take the -- need to CDs and -- I mean we have CD's and -- -- we listen to them still. And I don't have my car you know and -- CDs and car or never evidently if you're like me I have the same five CDs and -- exactly I get an error message them and -- -- not buying any new ones lot of times I buy music on line in and burn them to a CD out -- so but then all the computers are going in the direction of getting rid of optical drives -- not who won't even be an option from -- time and -- a new car. YouTube did anything I have to invest in some it is treating the fact that my car does not have an MP3 Jack means and I do listen to CD's more like I can listen to my. IPod with what is in -- into the cigarette lighter and then three pleased either via radio ray but it's like crack my current hourly and it hasn't it. Special iPod. And in those -- CE NE. Seven and doesn't work I found so effectively. Now I have that same problem and have the Jack and I got new iPhone and it's not worth its salt is working as an. I play so -- charge rate is actually dig out my iPod from 2003. Has flake the same music on. As my I I have not to violates seventeen because I have bought any music you've and then I'm too lazy to anything currently and I'm -- special case you're the first year ever by. -- absolutely islands ram. Schwab I. Might as a minority. Of all you gonna Wear me out -- idea. Yeah. Yeah and -- thank you. You know the first CD I ever buy was in elementary school was back when CDs came and as being like -- long. Cardboard things that they really. Only recently eye -- and is murky and a member -- no idea what that is humor -- then how many times those items like it to rise a stir. Step by step. So hard to -- that -- -- more of it now I tell them not put it in enters -- so distracted and bringing. -- Seeing here -- Very important or bringing. My teeth and it in the in the show and it's cool can you guys know violence -- one don't think. Also wanted to mention about why this is like done dooms day report of all Tuesday reports the way that it sideline has written it. Is -- they also goes so far as to say. At the only place you'll be able to buy at the special edition CD is that will be -- after the death of the regular CD. The only place you'll -- able to -- -- sidelines as. Is Amazon. Technically this is the nightmare of it all of record store apparently ever hear shutting their doors it has excellent early -- canceled just leave now -- to -- gone into the wrong fit on a long long long. This just like I I don't. Think that that is true actually because I think there are yeah granite -- -- record shops are going to close and not have been closing I mean it is no longer in Haiti for record jobs and that it it's over. But much like everyone thought that independent bookstores would all closed when Amazon came along and then when Barnes & Noble and what -- -- -- -- other Barnes & Noble one. And than a quarter -- at present on now actually yeah yeah. They thought that those stores would drive all the independent bookstores out of business and it -- did drive a lot of but not all of there are like robust. Strong mom and pop. Independent booksellers that are we really popular and people actually supported their part of the community and -- have a place. In in their town in their city it's like -- like comic books it's clearly -- -- are still yeah except Rosenblatt from CNET is paying. For the -- and examine this understand business at all -- -- -- -- he loves and I think that that's gonna happen with records shops is that most of them will close -- -- profitable but then. Though the one in shrines beloved Simmons is a -- -- will stay in business and it'll be profitable because it'll be the one last vestige. Of of a simpler time a simpler time exactly -- time that people remember. And so and they'll go there to buy records they wanted to buy CD's. -- -- an -- original by the special -- seized. Little ice and he still sometimes they're still hate that tapes and a so why I figured out. On my T it's an outrage -- and a second so I'm still sad about and so -- Internet that I was moving image as couldn't handle moving anymore and it costs them. Some lucky in a -- picked up your Sony dominant dumb idea now. But so -- is that that's the end of that -- you can either mourn the death. Or I think. I believe that their -- and on up and hold on hold it for the end of the owner when I read that only now are rates of -- to the next streamer. That the Blackberry Playbook remember that the Blackberry Playbook that came out is dropping to nearly 999. Dollars in a staples Black Friday deal. Snow. That's not the playbook that is Mike lesson CDC's. I don't often used to the -- solid is in his in his large hands it's not a seven inch tablet it looks -- of big phone doesn't allow it sounds so according to a leaked staples had found by techcrunch. It appears at the retailer will be offering that sixteen gig playbook -- 199 as part of its Black Friday special. When it came out it was for 99 and then it already had a price cuts to 99 -- and now at slate. The newest whenever and nice U. He can hit taken off our hands -- somebody might -- it for the playbook failed to make a dent in the market because -- it's. It's yeah funniest part is -- your hat and get ready everybody it lacked the key Blackberry features. Such as email -- Email -- Calendar and -- and EB BN FLU. In my have a Blackberry is the reason people have a back prayer for those three things and and keyboard which doesn't have a keyboard thing mean it has an on screen -- -- -- but not which incidentally and our review we. Like you mean we'd like to and we believe anonymity nearly -- and -- my mom and pops up but it does include an email that's what -- you -- -- I signed the company hoped that this would all be fixed with -- I two OS two point now. But the release date for that has been delayed until February scenes W they're missing the holiday season with the update and you talk about bad timing was buying -- February 3 and so and so you know you bite missing 499. Dollars now and then you don't even use it until February elementary do you keep your child Blackberry Playbook. Christmas morning. They open it up and -- -- it's a tablet and then sell it -- -- and many. It's the typical upgrade and had LA oh sorry you don't -- say it's got to put it like an iPad by. And I am not I -- -- layered. So you think you really in Amazon Kindle fire is the same price -- that's not -- is that it personal black. Bury stories make me so sad because I what is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then. -- -- Obviously I got app and yes you can get everybody else had actual apps and things to do on their -- other than. The BM and email if you need that I gotta ask amber found it and it got -- you related. Why don't cooled and I can -- at the thickness of the artists don't look at an average pretty easily. -- words with brands. And unlike the iphone's keyboard it's intentionally misleading but it's because craft and and I can be part of it in and didn't -- -- app. And you're like I'm not part of the mean because I always -- -- -- high end because the -- keyboard -- the past about. So authentic copy editor things to try out -- -- above all else the feature that I want is include -- goodness for this. People just makes me perfectly. Punctuation necessary to convey my thoughts yes it all the numbers have their -- key -- click -- Are you doing and I -- who cares I got out an idea being used. -- I am so sure that people are gonna camp out in front of staples for 299. -- DL on -- that. Kindle fire is 199 and I order rate now from my computer and ready to go on in handling outlet you're occupying steeple -- -- -- I can't. Occupies. Don't. Yeah and especially not to get a Blackberry -- it ever. And so I don't know indeed and so now it's a seven inch tablet we scenic David a decent review but it came -- images trying to be charitable -- Ares I know we are engineers like -- -- so sorry. Larry and -- So it was a big contender among seven inch tablets for -- and it promised a future of Android apps so -- -- in the future be able to download -- aptitude but lake. Why would -- get that right now for 299 dollars gonna get the Kindle fire -- -- -- I'm sure I mean if I'm a business person in neatly then. Wariness of it and fine -- and. -- in a summit without BBN calendar mail and if physical keyboard nothing its seven inch tablet UI looks inside -- are attached to the Blackberry -- less. Yeah BN and the new OS is that -- opening a red orange. -- -- It's time for myself scrambled normally I'm for a second Red -- everybody. So I mean -- the new OS which is also going to be the future of phone glasses on the Blackberry -- whenever. Is pretty slick and aspect it's still not an I don't know I don't know still not it's enough -- it's still not however I don't know just point of dropping -- -- 99 -- titles like -- -- -- -- -- He must have like so much over Sok an easy to get -- -- it. -- -- that means like mock Mayan prophecy which -- I will add to the rumor roundup at the end. Is that I think it's completely Lawrence -- -- like I think it in having it touch -- if you do fire sale 99. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Boston office is like what would they ever do with this I would I want. If so are able we are -- didn't on you can 301030 -- yes it is like our main event. This next one coming out this is an awesome I wish I had drum sticks down. -- -- -- -- -- -- Homey did you set of drums feel pretty awesome Q can you bring -- -- and play the drums for our show -- Yeah. I didn't think because there's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about that. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 2000 -- and -- Academy you'll just edit the web on Google -- said to be launching a music service this week that's the big news. The web giant tomorrow -- at the web giant emailed invitations to an event tomorrow that it is calling it. These go to eleven. They send it out on 111111. Which splits took the Internet by storm I went out that was like the biggest thing ever Henry loved 111111. Like Twitter was a reason to make you wish you. Parishes at 11111111. Adequately -- -- Ideally at 1111. And I missed and look up -- like its fifteen and I -- -- had to do 110 and hand I was. -- -- -- Well it but so on these go to eleven is actually a reference to Spinal Tap and IA and going to. Out myself on the Internet -- -- I've never seen am the only who has -- ear headphones -- as I know it to a dvd player. For shame I know -- Was leaked I was in college I had things happening and then now -- -- no one watching would be. There's with Christopher Guest movies there's there -- two camps of the people have -- Spinal Tap first and there are people who -- waiting for aspirin for you and I sought. -- throwing out badly dubbed the -- don't take your under the podcast we need it for the -- timer so you know -- I am people who -- Who sought reading for -- first think that apps the -- Christopher Guest media and PeopleSoft Spinal Tap -- -- The past Christopher asked -- I saw waiting -- first since I love musical theater -- my favorite. And -- Spinal Tap to -- it. And via -- waiting for a -- that's like -- mighty wind gets -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Namely others yeah I think that's only if there's one about making movies edit and Apple -- -- -- error. Are on it but so this is references final cut because one of the guys and it you -- and a -- and signal thing has -- that goes to eleven. -- so that's why in his old days. So then on sparked men in the chat -- -- saying that perhaps it's Spinal Tap will be at the event in LA. It -- out that could be something else -- on. And and our own Jessica -- -- courts. Is going to LA for the day to be at this event tomorrow and if she is going to get all the information about what's happening. Now the -- worry is that at this event tomorrow Google music will officially be unveil. As you -- will remember we -- have seen Google music beta. Does this out now -- is out now. And -- is what my boyfriend spent an entire week downloading all of his music to Google music beta in the cloud and then in -- standard. Hot under an Austin, Texas -- everybody gets this thing but this. Actual Google music is gonna be a little bit different you can even upload your music to the cloud but then you it's also the rumor is that it's also going to be -- a music store. -- you'll actually -- by MP threes from Google. And then the twist which span -- -- of -- of CNET broke two weeks ago. Is that Google music is going to have a social component which is also -- -- enriching Google+. -- it's connect combine. ITunes. But whatever cloud. And Spotify. Earth got its online music store and music storage -- music store music storage and -- music sharing pact. Spy act -- called twist twist Google music's -- no no this doesn't it. Yet that is it it is not called twist it's just that -- guy who's in charge and it had said. There's gonna be twit in the room when -- area that is like why is -- a twists lake you couldn't sharing music I mean radio and Spotify at -- have their FaceBook components I mean I honestly I -- it in in this regard this -- another example of Google seems. Like there's -- -- daily once hi everyone else who got their relay muscle sleeps. And then it didn't take off and now it's too late for its take off app and then like Spotify are coming out another like where the music service that's going to -- social -- when we -- -- yeah exactly or radio or any of these other ones that you can share on FaceBook like. So easily I like -- clicking the -- and -- it would just say we're gonna take radios are buyer already doing and improve upon it because -- Google and -- the manpower and we can do that that would be one thing. The clean as though they're creating it themselves like starting a new name -- then it just seemed like old studied at. -- that's only right and you know it's interesting photos thinking is that yesterday that iTunes -- -- came out iTunes match came out on Monday. And -- it was like totally a break before this music. Paying -- happening with Google -- you know so. Does iTunes not just those from out awhile ago and then they like dignity -- all ingredients ready to embrace -- they really -- rush to get it out the door. And then it happened yesterday and -- now I haven't tried it yet I'm not sure from Gannett sign up for the twenty dollar year. Plan are never yeah but it's pretty interesting that like in the same week everybody's like. Don't get -- how -- you asked me any -- all trying to falling all over each other to beat each other. And the -- not even sure consumers care that much and we're gonna have to stay legally get it out whenever it comes out and that it would Begin. That's easy -- -- this with this event tomorrow. If they -- Google music tomorrow there is a huge. Problem when it and that is that. By all counts Google has not yet signed agreements with the four major record labels. Which meet what that means is that. They wouldn't be able to sell. Every song in the source -- when you go to the Google music store if you if you're a person. Who has all of your devices in the global universe like idea I mean -- on Gmail on all those -- environment and have an Android phones -- -- in the Google universe. So I would be a very likely candidate to use the Google music store. If they do not have agreements with all the major record labels and I want to if -- on the fringe on top in honor of Oklahoma. Yes and in honor when hearing Italian as Billy -- and a host of Oscars. I wanna download that I want -- not be able to because they don't have a record deal with Sony or whatever. So it's it's actually a huge error to to launch -- -- these deals and by all accounts and how -- deal with EMI and universal. They have one that this is authors they happen EMI they're close to one universal and they are nowhere near. Having -- this is what all things digital says. They're nowhere near -- with Sony and Warner which I feel like property -- -- pretty busy huge -- like I wanna look up Marti into. Yeah landing on Antarctica. What if she's on Unser junior angler and your not gonna use it anymore a good thing is and also EMI is the smallest of the record labels and -- -- have the actual. The real deal when it. Yet -- so what's so why all things digital was suggesting. Was that the reason why they -- this event tomorrow. Was in a way to sort of threaten the record labels like you have to sign deals -- now. He can't be wishy washy you have to make up your mind -- were -- the event on Wednesday and everyone's gonna be there it was like in -- -- pressure them. Which I think just goes to show that my neat idea -- Google is a bully. Is currently link they're just so careers either trying to -- and even the -- -- -- so wrong about is it I feel peak in this instance. It's like -- Google is the fourth grade bully. And he's trying to threaten the like eight grade music record labels -- are like. You are small and they're still there are holding his head and -- just like yeah I -- -- all. And like that. I think yeah and I think I would music. -- -- -- about the why wouldn't the music labels -- a -- with Google. What what is stopping them money I mean I think that they don't trust the platform they have to put a lot of their SARS like exclusive rights. I'm I'm I'm not sure yet but I think it's clearly to do with money which is why like the content providers wouldn't -- Google TV. Another excellent nice and not saying a whole other rumor that's coming up right after reaching puberty and did a -- now sorry guys -- even a few minutes. It's Canada the -- -- so. What -- phone won't ring she is now called -- I'll need her phone to needed a very very important so what we're gonna talk about right now our iPad three rumors but this rumor is so stupid. Only giving it to administer and -- -- first. So you can laugh -- Equals. -- not just -- and the heat. Of the sun and just to look at so I'm not gonna read the thing I'm just in -- start with. The eyes start of the -- and it's pretty it is so funny. Rumor has it at all of this Apple guys are unique because it's star its nursery at her house and -- tell the story starts they stole names Technorati. Technorati so rumor posit that the next generation iPad three is coming soon and will be sporting not a dual core. But a Quad Core CPUs. In side. In many -- you wonder -- -- Will boast a thinner and lighter battery than the one found on the iPad to its new battery pack also have more juice. The -- -- so many things. Quad Core four G and NFC -- a better battery life -- -- resolution display. In LED flash. Fibre case. -- Okay am starting to -- timer. Now -- -- there's the -- time they -- within the -- in August 1 to offer some -- skies that I have to get my -- is it tech -- doesn't even cite a source if you're just seeing all these things up iPad three is gonna how they literally -- there are rumors are rumors of this their terms of that. Citing no way where they trying to. Who is saying -- seeing this nobody because they just made it up can also butter your toast your laundry to its -- -- -- And all your hair world hunger since all cure cancer and the best part is that they say it's coming out for the holidays and things guys in 45 minute I mean I think an intern who wrote this article for Technorati when the -- said that he needed to write something to -- -- space. Literally didn't understand what day of the year was and what time a -- and doesn't know when Christmas -- and -- by the holidays I meant Easter apps and you seem to legalize the iPad three is not coming out for the -- you know because if -- waiting for it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Technorati is gonna have to falls. Well but I -- Technorati is hedging its bets because it's Technorati beat. Now they're like the height and means you don't -- are -- -- think they did it means we just made this app we just said as they rounded up every single -- -- ever existed for anything. For an iPad. Site where they hurry as it is like so these are legit I think -- probably have a retina display. IPad three it will probably do other things coming out to have everything -- -- check them out more and it's not so we have fifteen seconds left on the dot timer un. Say what else you have to what I wanna say is just use the iPad three is going to come out one day not tomorrow definitely on time -- holiday season. And when you -- a rumor Internet. The site something at least anonymous sources and injuring. Fifty. Cash. There -- times that time's up ever done on incidentally. I was speaking to a person who works Apple. Yesterday. About the iPhone four S and the iPhone 5 the and -- not breaking any rumors here on the Internet announced. But he was telling me that the people who actually like are involved in making films and who like work on the mobile team. And design. Design into the new iPhone had absolutely no idea that it wasn't gonna be called iPhone 5. Interest and it just assumed I -- -- -- -- the whole time yeah and it as a branding department like actually news as I'm fluorescent -- like I'll. Okay great which makes sense -- three G is an apostolic but it's just so funny to those things like those to decision processes are so separate and the people who were building really popped into your Norton -- I've. -- There are disappointed I don't like it I -- -- so mad at your branding department because because they called before as ever was mad. And then heat varies stupidly said -- know if it had. The only -- it would have been happy calling iPhone 5 is -- it looked different in since it looks the same. We are entering would have been unhappy about that which is true but it's just funny that the it and -- it and you can now -- via this problem that's. About. On -- Sudan's skipped -- Quad -- -- just go to the next killer app thinks so we had this. Bremer has its Tennessee may have a micro tablet next year and literally hold remark -- you now know everything there now we're gonna move on. Great so now let's go back to go wrong. And OK LG. Might be looking to switch on Google TV. As opposed to Logitech which which failed and looking to lead off episode eighty citing unnamed sources during changing thinking bloom Bloomberg business week reports that South Korea based -- plants -- -- -- television based on Google's software at CES in January. And this comes on the heels of Logitech totally dropping the device saying that it's going to let the stock of revue boxes ran out and then they won't make a review TO. And Logitech CE -- -- Told investors that Logitech lost more than a hundred million -- Amazon had on hand possibly. Fatal error in U. After bringing its market almost a year ago and then he went so far as to call them and a production of the review and the state. Of an implementation of a -- frantic nature so here's what I have to sit -- that's. Law he who could -- but why Helen -- It's -- here does is it isn't -- notes list. This dead horse. Yeah Google TV is soul so dead and it sees a -- just back about -- if you deteriorated into new -- Balance this horse is dead horse and now -- -- -- -- is Blake. I know let's take his data -- and not just killing at the list right yeah I'm eating less and horseback ride on this dead horse like why even bothering the Google TV is -- when the debuted. Has there are saying he's not and the deals of the content partners is secure programming from the more the from the four major US broadcast -- Network -- it died right there. Then Google recently wrote I'm so how I know that -- him. So you know this -- current on and then Google recently released a major up T. Which did nothing -- long long line just dead in the water which made it just is different -- for mixed metaphors are dead horse was a dead in the water a Dead Sea horse. The that I that was it dying in -- -- so at least a major update aimed at simplifying the user interface and and it failed so the product diet again and again it die twice so it's like the good now. Far. Those tours Mexico's torso -- -- -- seeing the writing often to the pastor. No it's going to the glue factory and so I went to the farm and but -- -- ansari has terrible Peta is now gonna call you can -- -- REP net don't talk to us about. Mario -- and secondly he didn't like until the Google TV continue to -- -- just so. The ghost of Google TV what is algae can even -- with it. What are they gonna do with it I don't know home major broadcast there's gonna I don't want to mess with it now there is gonna write it off into the sunset and then that's gonna fail I mean you TV units are not as -- -- -- Samsung Panasonic they're -- the underdog -- aren't big. TV produced a bit early -- -- accent -- he needed like maybe they're just trying to find some way to compete to be. The agency to be cutting edge to be different and importantly like. They are betting on the wrong dead horse I mean I just don't debt. -- -- LG is going to do with this that makes it worth buying over an Apple TV or -- TV that already has apps on Erin Everly all the TVs that are coming out now have. Look -- -- amazing Google's amazing it does amazing things I think it's a wonderful platform I think it's a wonderful -- asked. It's a great idea but I think it's -- -- I think it must -- LG really wants and believes in having a connected television. And they don't have the resources to develop in house their own. Robust connected. App platform. And so they want to buy a in to a third party is doing it and even though Google TV has not implemented right they are clearly making the bet. That it can admit they can do it well and it will change in -- -- that I'm making the bat that -- you can't ride a dead horse. -- I think you're right I -- I am can take that do you not have to hold as a ghost story that I never forget this clumsy move the story of the -- do -- Kamal Al including LG he still -- Google TV. Slick way to think about -- he had that this. -- and -- and restarts register. I'm warmer months -- the bedding I think that that's what am -- ranks -- greatly we have we have a traffic. In from any -- Parent parents. I don't see. Any good since -- episode we should have -- -- fun -- actual alcohol. I am in the process of securing some very good legit alcohol that will be the drink rumor has it in -- -- very good friend of mine. But he will get his proper shadow next week we have act out OK after -- -- Lord as you can see at the moment -- -- -- any more Twitter followers yes but yet you are legitimately winning in the -- battle at -- moment only one -- And that the month is over in a week and a -- that is next -- my last chance to get -- yeah. Yes. I think we have to two vote to yes and I. Write -- as it's the first week of the new month is when when when -- will have to Wear at Turkey cost. -- Thanksgiving. Are you just simply pilgrim. Would dress like -- program although my people you know. In to monitor and later. The Jews were not -- might -- people came over on equipment TWA flight. From. -- -- -- Our Cisco. Our first rumor. That we are going to bet on is it's CDs will be dead by 2000. -- say. Now. -- -- -- -- Now I don't think I in the next year even -- Is a very long term -- data locker on every bit already aren't really use. It to see this -- -- can finance their main action to. And us don't just to be different I'll say yes. At this point for a year. I'm also going to say that if they are dead. Some records shops will survive. Yeah I don't think that. CDs going down as an art because basal -- use stuff all the time. I'm grossly violent. Stores also -- instruments and the next rumor is the playbook to hoping to 199. For Friday absolutely that's gonna happen and and I -- I would love to see numbers like who's gonna buy it who stood out line. I agree I think -- -- as well although I think about little on it. Add that techcrunch found that who found it yes we know that that was not. -- -- Mean who knows that yeah that's it there's absolutely no -- -- as a real now although silly to leasing out I said yes I am so sorry sorry we are all things ending. Okay now tomorrow. The big news Google will Google music be announced tomorrow in -- -- IC is still but there's a second part -- will they have signed -- labels use email I say yes. Okay that's the big -- and then will. Com. Spinal -- M. And -- house and should shoot you're gonna get another. Thank -- LG Google TV are they doing it. Eight won their third and resurrect the dead horse. Writer and adherence evil the endorsement. That's a I think LG is gonna jump on its about -- at horse and ride it. The way you've convinced me that -- such a bad idea that I'm in -- I thank you so much for watching our show -- to follow us on Twitter at Emily Dreyfuss -- Green median Stephen beach. And come back next week. To see any of these rumors come true we're gonna check in on Google music let you know that. And stay -- expert. Everybody.

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