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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 8: Google+, MySpace, and our 1500th Episode!

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 8: Google+, MySpace, and our 1500th Episode!

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This week in tech news, Google gets back into social networking with Google+. Justin Timberlake is bringing Sexy Back, and we celebrate our 1500th episode with a big juicy cake!

-- guys Brian Tong here with the best of buzz out loud podcast this is our weekly digest of all the topic that we talked about. In buzz allowed packed together in a nice little show for you now in this -- episode the Supreme Court rules that video games are protected. Under the First Amendment which is a good thing. Then Google rolls -- -- new social network they're calling it Google plus the question is will three times be the charm they've tried this before. What's so good about and Howell Ecstasy in what does that do to take -- FaceBook and finally Justin Timberlake yes. The DM the box guy he's looking to bring -- space back. And we'll see and that will be successes well it's -- sit back and enjoy all the best -- Allah. At 9:40 AM Pacific time which is twenty minutes before his own Pratt. I wouldn't -- on top of -- Because it's unique. Because -- now and then you know -- -- cheated. He rents -- -- it's -- Matalin is one of the finest case is here in the city. Ram and a little butt out there good that's -- I had on hand pipe. He did it would hand I can lift up -- an -- I tell you can't type that. I hit my -- was -- -- In the ideally I'd gladly give all the props to BTU. -- her right over there that neck and. That but that's a red velvet -- and that's one of the pretty Israeli -- -- -- -- -- -- at the -- cheese frosting and olives without right now now have the crumbs around the edges separately we should -- -- -- and I think that's a good idea because people also still care about this again. I'll buy it continues that happens -- When -- whatever it whenever you feel my face on -- use that sound aesthetically -- okay okay anyway okay so verio. Back to stories yesterday everyone -- got a little giddy and excited because FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg set off a wave of speculation by telling -- reporters. That he had planned to lock something awesome with. Next week what could it be could it be something a mobile gonna be the iPad Apple let that -- people have heard about the partnership was spotted by Jessica -- Europe -- spot I have has also. Might have been able to find a friend in -- in FaceBook. So they've been talking. And they've had discussions -- this is according to sources -- music initiative told. Us our friends -- cent of all at CNET about in -- -- the music service. In a FaceBook in this is significantly once it launches -- the -- than once it -- we are waiting for this forever. Yeah and just be clear we don't know fresher. If the Wednesday event is going to be related to -- -- by -- but announcement although all. It certainly seems like the stars are -- there finally and that would -- spotted by a huge bump but yeah -- of the US law to mean you have to admit that would really. Elevate that -- -- pretty mainstream. Households that there's a thing it when when someone like -- CEO like Mark Zuckerberg says we're gonna launch something awesome next week. I can't tell you have a bet you have myriad stories of what's gonna be. If spot -- not even. In Europe space but yet and he's gonna do it and and do some American announcement -- and announce -- -- on the Iran and America. Tell -- it's gonna be spotted by yet need to -- early I think it's gonna be the mobile app initiative with iPad app. And some light I think there again it I don't think it's gonna be spot -- it seems to seems to. Too early. -- spot but spot as the reportedly signed three of the four. Labels I had I think spot by would announce the -- in the US before they would announce a partnership with FaceBook or. And I don't think. The unique needs of adverse more than anything yet because of the blue -- in sales due -- those songs. And balanced diet when I say god. I would just throwing things here right now -- -- buying it. If I -- yet we're talking about the fact that if I we're going to launch -- -- in the United States. And I -- coming -- through a crowded field that included Google. Amazon and Apple. The thing that I would want to do is attach my name. -- -- company -- has 600 million users I think that I -- like it I feel like it makes more sense for spotted by even then FaceBook. Although would be pretty -- -- does not rule out quietly Ingram is the instant party that -- the time. But I feel like I'm spot I am yet yeah thank you an idea now when it out about myself I do not -- it out into the Grand Canyon all love like. I think that's a good point but a -- by wants to. I think just aligning and having FaceBook make the announcement would Tenet takes -- there okay fine in America they don't have much brand equity your brand power. But there's there's some value to that to making your -- -- your own announcement of your own -- -- of a -- instead of -- doing it for. Yeah I do think there is -- a bear had a pretty strong possibility that you may be right and if -- like them announcing their mobile initiative because to me that is more. All of them and try to imagine -- You know maybe I -- -- I don't know we're gonna announce something we are all of them here stay at FaceBook. We are going up the amazing mobile there's little argument that it's absolutely. Awesome -- it bullying we want to do with the rightly it's the -- Otellini also -- like 97 more steps in terms of your privacy I'm looking forward -- You -- first meant. It -- matter -- little bit. The US Supreme Court has ruled today that California's videogame violence while it actually would have banned or restricted the sale or rental of violent video games to minors. Is in fact in violation of the First Amendment they struck it down and unconstitutional. This is this is awesome stuff first of all this was a law that on health board -- had passed. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is really behind it where you had to be. Because he learned so much from the violent movies he produces physically generate on a -- that movie was very violent out of the -- ferrets around the world should be pissed. It's not a target -- yet it is that they edit. But California lot of had put a blog place where if you were eighteen years or younger you would not be allowed you'd there was no way you could purchase of the -- game a viral video game. Based on the reason you would have to have an adults' purchase that game for you. The Supreme Court struck that down and really put video games on you know in the same -- as you know books. Magazines. Movies for you to purchase at home again. It mainly -- mainly put them in the same category as movies and things that -- that have a rating because they said -- you already have the SRB ratings board. These things get a rating of mature or every wine or teen. And the supreme -- and that. Is enough for parents to be able to make an appropriate and have an informed decision about what is -- is not appropriate for children -- that banning the sale. Is an unconstitutional restriction on free speech. Also in the games industry you have a lot -- developers and producers to in different countries. And also in the US they were worried about the content that they would -- they were kind of limited by the content that they wanted to -- because they would fear. That their games would not be able to be sold directly to the you know and the broad audience that they wanted to so this so by the Supreme Court ruling in their favor I think this also. Not only validates the video game industry because they've always said -- because an interactive medium. It's different right -- you act out the actual. Imaginary killing of someone in a game. That's why they were first that's why you know courts and people in California were so hard about this like this is a different type of medium you can actually interact with this but. At the end of the day now the content creators will be able to produce freely what they want and -- does organization or franchise have the ability to say we don't want a solid game. They can but by law at least you're not restricted to the audience you consulted. Ranked exactly and long is it that long if someone is there to -- you can tell it to them and and to be clear it doesn't validate everything about the the video game industry -- -- some of these games are are still and remain appallingly violent. -- and it -- -- it you know but it puts the burden where it frankly belongs which is on society and parents. To decide if it's not appropriate and then to vote with their -- because he can't you know the that because the definition. Of this stuff is so. Broad and fuzzy and subjective. That the idea saying like this -- date we -- this to be like to inappropriate to sell. And so we're gonna in a -- and forgot about first amendment rights as does not that's not how America works. As long as the rating system worked. Like it should tablet are still -- worked fine but in a talk about that labor will get that -- This is the latest coming out from a fortune or from variety of analysts the report news break -- Apple is not building one. But true -- Super September only released I -- -- cited that is entirely through. Some have said see this is this is what happens we -- there was okay let me just read the quick bull planes article. The article as stating that Apple will now have an iPhone five but also an iPhone for access. That is going to cater to the lower end market potentially. -- under a free download a prepaid phone. The so they can target that market and other areas but okay. Let's as they just media just get the satellite and I felt that project -- -- terror which is just let's just get this alleyway. The once. It's like so crazy because the iPhone are those like. One guy okay Bloomberg said the -- -- -- cannot be reported literally all the details at every other people everyone has report there is no new information. -- -- -- There has to be new information this week and it's that -- phones are coming out. -- Well I just temple he not. You know I don't know someone's Guinness who's gonna get slapped in the basement is the is not a -- -- -- -- and if to boast about. Fine and I'll -- never accountable and our analysts are the guys see we are actually analysts but we don't call itself analysts we read. And we sometimes find out even more stuff than these analysts do but we don't published this fact. At him that the -- Tim Cook said that we understand the price of the big factor in the prepaid market and that they're not ceding any market. Does not by any means just that they're gonna come out with huge new -- -- on course it does know they've done instead. They've made that iPhone three. Cost 49000 as the justice boarded 3-D S and they will continue to do that like at this as does I close it and -- -- Median. I love that -- -- ideas ingenious. I'm -- here but anyways where. We're talking about the story eleven. We're throwing it out there let that Hollywood is run with -- if you guys are right count me wrong notion -- didn't predict this and I'm not going to. We're very excited actually because now we can punt on understanding office 365 because Jason -- is totally here to tell us to give us the deep dish on our review you reviewed it and the first thing that everyone's talking about is. Officer 65. And Google apps yes -- how to how to -- had a background yes -- that Microsoft did announced today. That it's moving office into the cloud read online applications we've -- -- anticipating this for awhile. So much of it does on those things where when I read it this morning -- -- And but now we have the whole suite in the cloud. Not right that you have the plug in has been around for a long time -- and I know that's why most of I think it's safe and it's already been here forever that's -- But -- finally it's finally launched and I think the main thing that I think they're banking on is that people are already used to using Microsoft Office. And so we'll be able to just jump right into these schools use them online McLeod. And then -- be able to -- -- -- -- together and it's much easier than learning all news tools. -- these tools will be like -- word excel yet. Our outlook PowerPoint PowerPoint the rules -- Are they also -- I read that there -- also kind of putting some of the hooks like their server exchange. Server and other SharePoint -- out of migration kind of trying to bring everything together in the cloud with all of their different services. Yeah and link online as well so they can do that I am messaging and online meetings. And the whole thing -- all shared together in one of the really great things I think about it is set there -- a thing called the -- site. Which is sort of -- where people can go and check in. At their jobs that can check in and that managers to leave messages for their employees for their teams and then. -- checking for a minute late yesterday like I cannot buy an angle hopefully you -- managers learn -- -- -- -- it is that sort of thing but then there's also publisher documents across. Bottom. Makes it seems pretty useful makes it even easier to spend more time at home working from home I'm afraid that origin and death knell. One thing about those fears about this is there's going to be a subscription service. Attendees -- is that creek has its -- that gearing more toward small business medium business. Yeah I would have like -- sort of a tiered package thing where the lowest levels sort of like the professionals and small biz is up to 25. Employees are. Would only be six dollars per person per month. You know which is still a pretty lucky that a lot more than free on who laughed yeah but. Or -- Google docs exits and around but. And the effort and there's temperatures for enterprise that start at ten dollars per person -- month. All the way up to 27 dollars per person per month that gives you -- all the features the whole -- That is a lot. I give you really separate comment on matters a lot of even ten dollars per person permanently -- dollars -- get your very small business yes but 27 bucks per person per month that's insane there's a little a lot of money back of the room. -- that's -- you know that's your whole office -- that your work. Been an Indian. To me I mean what do you think they'll like our businesses really in this day names -- it is it that much of a value add over free especially considering how bad the -- -- -- -- don't already -- business are still gonna be willing to pay like ten grand a month. For Google Earth hurt Microsoft Office. I it that much better you know. I think it depends on the scale the business because we we've seen at least with Microsoft's office or 365 in the cloud it does have more full fledged features. In the you know it's feels like a native office experience where we complain about Google docs a lot great we love it we give it the benefit of the doubt because it's free. But there's certain things that were like why -- it just do this like this. You know I've seen from what I've read I haven't got have been able to put my hands -- office he's -- that really does feel like you're actually using the full fledged word in an excel and one. Where -- of abbreviated feature set but I think the advantages that just that people. Just that people automatically know how to use a lot of stuff that's already there -- And that it's all tied together into a package so that all the different moving parts. It's -- sort of laid out for managers like how to use its its not just you know here the tools it's -- also how to use the tools to work together. Gonna have to come data use case for so you're gonna like us you know that are doing prepping shows Google docs that's fine right -- For like a full pledged businessmen in 1020 people -- can be a different story. -- man I gotta say if BioWare I mean I don't know right cannot and I'm not I don't have tomatoes ninety decisions but to -- you can buy the software suite. Not have to pay a monthly fee not upgrade it for like three to ten years consensus in which we've seen and -- people to work out the rest with -- yet mean really can then you can do that cloud sharing almost for free with Google docs right. Like a feeling that combination to be would be way more compelling and all of a sudden tacking on a huge monthly fee. To my software costs right now. I mean I haven't seen how could the collaboration features are right down -- doubt be animated entries in the cloud in the collaboration wherever you are wherever you go. That might be an advantage that this compelling for small business I could see that but. Will think we'll save anyway you can see Jason parker has a full review. Over at CNET download.com and being promoter announced cnet.com -- can go and read the whole thing with the media oh. And a slide shows and all that. Yes check out her body thanks you West -- forgiveness -- download. -- on these and think wow I know I I'm embarrassed I. Do you can we just remember that moment in time that yes Molly makes horrible jokes just as much as idea and I laugh at them. This -- -- when it gets -- -- tell us why HBO go is -- in an amazing. You don't go to their brick in Kenya. Are learning what epic or your -- -- -- at a time. Eric I watched X. So a lot. It'll go oh I already know what going up. -- -- Just sucked the air we -- -- plus plus widget like we did de Niro. Aunt and benefit them as they never known about -- -- Molly -- and expert so and Italy are part of a dark -- In months seeking a try to kill the two main character -- -- -- -- rendered them. And I mean you know the sharks try to of the edge but -- transit decades. Humans are detailed -- Little girl -- -- even though. And target that you can't article -- vehicle watched. -- are about it but I yet mentioned certainly should not be reached. -- future. By my god. Also could break -- my entire point at the end but they shouldn't be -- geek. We also I -- I don't let me be clear in this movie. They actually -- someone they'd torture him to death. Microsoft patents. Spy tech for Skype this is a legal intercept that will allow it to silently record. VoIP communication so a newly patent technology they like to call it like I said legal intercept. Would be able to in theory right now monitor and record Skype calls and that it's clearly stoking privacy concerns. The -- application was filed in 2009. Well before their purchase of Skype in -- in the patent was granted last week but the patent covers specifically. VoIP communications. Yes that is bicycle like phone tap like -- to do an analog phones but digitally. Placed. And and and recorded in I think -- -- basically -- -- -- like. Some sort of like if there is basically that there. Changing it modifying the data stream in a way that allows them to listen and -- -- -- the know how they're doing it I mean if -- it is there's some sort of easy waited to -- that somebody knew their toxic -- figured out put out and it is a little. In any time if they're talking about recording people's phone calls. It does get a little bit. -- yay any goes on many levels where you're talking about okay first of all Skype has. -- the technology in place and they haven't clearly said -- or what they -- or even if they've had the capability to flip the switch. And record conversations that are occurring over their network now according to Microsoft. This legal intercept and address of the gaps in current monitoring tools. -- designed mainly for plain old telephone service you TS so with this new voice over Internet protocol that we -- not mean it. The one that we're using now and other communications are -- models never really been translated. Over and Microsoft is enabling has been awarded this patent specifically a public communication I would assume this legal intercept would be. Specific to there. OS or -- when it's integrated with and some other products. But again the concern is. Not only how or if the recording this but then what constitutes. A practice where -- the government if the government is requesting we want. The data streams. And the recordings from the conversation that individual a in an individual -- have. Does that mean that they potentially have the ability to store these. From the past and even go back in the time and pull some of those recordings. Mean how how are they we don't really no other -- these things let -- yeah I guess that it begs the question of is the data. And you know again actually even store in the first place there is just the transmission means that the inflict. In attitude to. You know phone calls -- that better -- over state. You know for all time. A tremendous amount of data mean that -- and and -- that you know microphone and -- -- couldn't come about when I mean it just. Doesn't really seem like there's any sort of capability so far that that they've told us about the -- -- they've actually been recording and it seems like this technology is also. To allow recording though it it'll allow you to let -- for example an -- call is recorded. I'm unless its record on one the end -- just the transmission of information. The same thing with this -- -- VoIP call on that basically would allow someone to listen in and record. But it doesn't really seem like it's always been there. Which is again I guess is it a bit I -- it would make it a good point for things like helping law enforcement. But I love the quote that thing here. That there is -- -- and communication technology FBI friendly means also making it to -- dictator friendly. And fifth secondly. That any time you build in a backdoor you're inviting an exploit though I mean it's basically. You -- there's the double -- sort of like yeah it'll make it easier for law enforcement to track terminal -- using Skype or VoIP right now to get around phone taps. But -- the same time. It puts people's privacy. At risk and it also opens up exploits for things like if for example your government and upload a government that of the countries that -- crack down on communication will be able to do -- -- well. -- -- -- And -- who cares. Who cares if if -- -- one what is the lowest I don't know with the lowest. Only dated Wednesday in Montana. In the article I closed the article but in the article you guys can click on the map and in a look at that map in outlook with -- -- the middle. Is the up. Montana. Yeah I think Ubuntu and Montana are seriously at that movement and it just off the top my head I'm guessing. -- when we're in Montana yet guys. Dallas Texas is not a big -- -- whatever period of Dallas -- in this state for personal and get a good thing. And it detects it. Okay you go to -- -- -- this of gotta find you guys might be familiar with the game board game risk actually I would say a large amount of the audience here. Probably is or knows or has played it or owns it. Well now a new game called World of Warcraft is using foursquare and Google Maps API -- New York City into a giant game Everest. So users decide which team they're on by swearing allegiance to one of New York's. Five -- burrows. Check it into neighborhood on foursquare is the only game equivalent to. Placing one of those plastic man on a country and a board game -- algorithm that decides who owns each neighborhood using the number of people protected -- each item. So possible to do this in San Francisco IE eight Seattle battle other -- I think seven cents -- New York would be to the top cities that this would really take steam. -- in three days -- -- Manhattan is when the game but this disposed of it came up from a legacy kind of like half. Packed up the where people were coming up with new ways to use the APIs -- -- on with it and -- World of Warcraft was. -- -- -- hacks you know is they just make it more by the bureau of funneling what's the point taken into replacement there's no benefit to be in the manner and there you -- Like many of the places -- -- mayor of all the places that I Miramax and that's Hillary's I gotta force there was because the -- benefit. Yeah every now and then like -- in the place that has like you know you get a free -- -- -- you know if you praying for the first time. Or you know whatever like some places have those deals those are cool but. Most places there's no purpose in -- it and. One of the big leading stories that happen overnight MySpace is officially sold to specific media for 35. Million dollars or digital media company they purchased the site for news court now -- call. New score purchased MySpace in 2005. For 500 and TV and media efforts can have this online component. Now works in tandem with each other but specific media in the I guess you'd call a bidding war scooped it up for 35 million -- Stan and I suppose because their specific media they probably out of the -- back into the mine point wasting too late now let's let's call this what it is. And then and -- these men is weird thing -- 35 million dollars that's you know how it. I think is also an option that when we and I'm sure CBS interactive -- you know set aside -- A budget that is by and MySpace that they wanted to ask the -- in question is what you gonna do with. IE got on fire sale. How do you even read by that brand where do something with it though they said the tem vendor of a specific media CEO. In his quotes Levine you know putting a little shine on this is and and I say shine very very carefully MySpace is -- -- is a recognized leader. That has pioneered the social media space. -- -- -- The company has transformed the ways in which science has discovered consuming -- with content on line. He's right that was an accurate statement into dust that I have well this is the time travel episode right. Sorry if that is why they got -- that little time wrinkle. Paid MySpace appealing for just that little window. They click on MySpace or -- -- They gonna need to do a lot of things now the -- -- other news that came out this in this Alec surprise me. Everyone's. Favorite. Pop singer male pop -- is one of the investors in the MySpace by you know who's bringing it back in -- bring in -- -- back. -- I'm -- -- MySpace that ATA to protect our -- discussing that but Justin Timberlake -- -- and part of the investor group. That is that owns a stake in MySpace -- part of the deal the Emmy and Grammy winning a word artist -- also be part of their tree of direction. And strategy group I don't know what is official title is at the moment for the company moving -- Specific media and Timberlake plan unveiled their vision for the site in an exclusive press conference. Later this summer looked like he owned his own record -- mean he's kind of trying to move into that space more. No pun intended out of so -- it makes sense that if he really wants to be part of you know reviving MySpace is like a music discovery destination that he has yet -- that that's in his best interest right now we've seen a lot of you also -- -- in the box guide to -- Has a DN -- could be maybe that's what's in the space now. -- -- there's a -- and we've seen. For example Polaroid tried to revive their brand. And Lady Gaga becomes -- tree of director she comes of these products and -- like let this a case. I -- -- trying to do just -- use a big name and trying to -- your brand but we've seen that her cameras. And printer. I mean enough they've hit the market yet but. So little fanfare success why you trying to drag Lady Gaga and today I'm just using this as -- as an example now what I've seen with Timberlake though. Is on the surface -- like oh great another celebrity gob -- operate what will -- with creative director for Intel I think. But Justin Timberlake with his music background. At least has a little more savvy to potential if they're gonna try and I don't wanna say provide -- that I still feel it's too late but if they're gonna try and make this again at a music. Artist's creative artists place at least you have someone in an industry that's all lines of with that idea it's not Black Eyed -- Intel Lady -- Polaroid Timberlake. -- Timberlake to MySpace at least. From the history of their DNA makes a little more sense I don't know I think that what they should've done is actually given to Lady Gaga for a year. Just did blow it out to -- the craziest circuits -- the best you could ever imagine. And make people forget about when it was. For a per year and then come back and revive him -- -- you'll bring back the old -- -- gap -- Alright guys that's -- for this we show remember you guys can check this out. Every day at 10:30 AM Pacific time. At cnet.com slash live I'm Brian Tong and this has been the best. -- --

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