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Ep. 76: Nerd Rage!: Mobile

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Mobile: Ep. 76: Nerd Rage!

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Upon hearing the latest Galaxy Nexus disappointment, we take some time to discuss all that's wrong with Android.

Ten billion served why Android is. Choppy and no. Google wallet for you all that more on this week's edition of -- an atlas weekly for December 7 2011 I'm just neck as hogs -- Antuan Goodwin. What's up as a -- item Beers list as I am -- -- from. Very -- very very -- reasons. Yeah yeah yeah it was a valid -- do than the first thing there are a bit of news that you know -- -- -- sounding on that Google+ this week. Basically news comes out that the Verizon Wireless version of that I galaxy nexus. Is gonna lagged Google wallet. And this is Google's. Purchase seeing -- NFC technology purchasing like virtual wallets online in in real -- purchasing -- -- think purchasing threat which is one of the major features of this phone. Yet the second phone ever to have this. The -- -- officially yes yet -- Officially been hacked into Iran -- -- -- that standard galaxy S two. Offset Nam yes so first the word was the Verizon was blocking me -- and then present amounts that we don't block -- today. -- -- their -- worth reading here yet. Com. So recent reports of Verizon's blocking Google wallet -- -- device are false -- and does not block applications. Google wallet is different from other widely available M commerce services Google wallet does not simply access the operating system and basic hardware. Our phones like thousands of other applications. Instead in order to work as architect did make Google. -- while it needs to be integrated into a new secure proprietary -- for element in our phones. We are continuing our commercial discussions with Google on this. Issue. Yea that set -- so it uses hardware -- let the camera app. Everything gonna -- black in the camera app one day you make. You know are they gonna -- YouTube because they get their easy whatever videos already decided that they you know well you know would have access. Secured DRM. Technology with the hardware acceleration so who really can't work with that are. -- the video service or whatever they call it. I don't know it's a slippery slope I feel like and it defeats the purpose of a -- a nexus only if you're not gonna like. Give us a core basic -- Google experience don't call it a damn galaxy nexus -- I mean does. Seriously call it something else call that a of them -- -- you know -- a blip and he -- during -- can't -- whatever. The raw that's you're good to hammer it is it's just keep popping into my head but -- -- I am -- ambler here animators at several things as mouse on one hand aren't so we haven't even mentioned that. Most the rumors and you know potentially true in my opinion. YA -- is doing this is because they -- on -- within. A competitive service yet -- -- mobile payment service called SS. Com. And it's not even be out for like a year Sony thanks for that present -- on one hand. -- -- have more than one way to pay he definitely up there to get a block PayPal next. -- what you're gonna didn't -- Com yeah I mean he'd be one thing in they have a competitive service and it was out and you could use it on this phone but they're just saying like nothing you can that nothing no no mobile payment. Where you. He says we need to see if this -- here. You know -- -- sprint does have this out for a month or two at least on the error nexus. I mean nothing is also how -- is Google -- about this. And how -- this factor in Google deciding that the next galaxy a the next nexus. -- the next nexus always -- -- be on Verizon bird. Because I mean they had to have been working with Verizon. Behind the scenes to the Reno along Tambo beat a lot of time before now this isn't probably surprise to them so we there's a -- new. Guy and they were just willing to deal with because friends is a big carrier or or have -- been negotiating this for months and months which is -- Is delayed or one of the many reasons and a I'm not -- and why won't they just man up and -- No if you want the nexus hear the term I mean it's not even the fact that the phone. Doesn't have it because there are a lot of -- -- don't have it. It's the fact that they're calling it the nexus and it's just when you start college there has to be like a -- like a phone. That is representative of -- Injury in youth and its purest like there has to be like a flagship phone there always has been a flagship -- whether it was. The -- -- or that the Nexus One under that two to an extent the the -- one of the day there's always been like -- -- -- dislike. And then there's just I mean in America at least their bullying and in Vegas and North American market mean maybe the Canadian market will be different but it in in in and in the United States of America there. -- phone like that not yet. Ray yeah I mean this I don't know I find it very frustrating and crushing to sort of you know tech enthusiast and the -- world everywhere. -- -- they're killing this phone in so many ways before it's even out. And it's like we've been hearing like rumblings from the users in and -- I I personally. I watched couple of these where people will like uh oh they're pretty. President bloat ware on it it's only to apps it's -- -- -- the of the of the Verizon Wireless check your balance happened something else. I and there are removable and out you know -- with that. But then you know you give -- minutes -- -- take a much help. And that now there's no law -- for me odd this is a deal breaker because. Any that may not be for everyone -- law it's not widespread and heavily seen in a couple places and -- -- here's amber Cisco but for me to deal breaker because. If I'm gonna keep posting -- -- -- it would behoove me to have access to. Android and -- so that when someone asks me about -- wallet I can have some hands on experience when they didn't. You know it that personally and -- excited about this phone. Just not academy from gonna have to hack and functionality to a -- a hack into their phone. Genius photos and NFC chip and yet their phone if the -- -- -- And then lose them -- Verizon. -- and let me switch carriers. Verizon. -- -- boss of me so untouchable. And I just wanna say. You know on the other side of things NNN on board as you completely is that. It doesn't seem a 100% certain that it is not going to come I think they're just same like. Were not blocking -- and there's other issues involved here and Nam. You know we'll be back you were something like that right. Yet again. Man com Pratt wealth we have not convinced you not to by the galaxy nexus. I'm just know that you can't buy it anyway he says that. Well again -- so the latest report is. It comes out tomorrow. And this is based on some internal documents. That were -- posted on routes -- -- Com it's the sum Verizon documents. Talked about receiving the phones and don't display them before December ninth witches tomorrow it is Thursday -- after mark -- -- and they looked all pretty believable. And -- Com. In another rumor. Came a -- -- life that it seemed to be a screen shot from. The internal Verizon's system that previously had listed the release stated at December ninth and now has changed to -- -- soon. Remains to -- February this. Field not -- frustrated. With this -- in general but frustrated with the entire. -- our world. PR world you like how. -- if you like to come out with -- had a car where there's always rumors. And then over the course of weeks or months until it actually comes out in so many cases. They just punch you in the stomach. Left to right non stop mentally electric can't stand this anymore. -- can it go and buy an iPhone. Woman in it's they're constantly shooting yourself in the foot of by attack on the phone -- -- excited -- comes out. A new phones being announced that's more exciting. So you know it ended for -- month. Since the early galaxy nexus has been announced since we've been linked ruling over ice cream sandwich. And mean there's just so lights. That's been happening over the course of this month and despite why would you show us something that's not ready allies kinda how I feel about it and it's just again by the time this phone comes out. In the time that this phone. And I has been baking. So to speak -- we've seen. You know rumors of Quad Core foes we've seen rumors of a phones with similar hardware but -- faster processors today you know it's. It just makes it hard for anyone team to get excited about a phone into jump on the phone -- I guess if you're the kind of person who is deliberate in your purchasing process would like more people should be anyway but -- mean it's just. You noted that and -- it's a little annoying if the little little bit obnoxious. I would go beyond seeing a little bit annoying -- -- area know him. I mean that you know I look at all sorts of phones and I feel like at this point -- no idea what to do and in some respects. Besides not having four G iPhone seems like an easy choice because you know exactly or get him there's no games there's so many games with Verizon phones -- -- Android phones and carriers and -- on -- feel like someone. Like Google I understand they don't wanna how to Apple's iron fist to control this ecosystem. But -- -- penthouse there a near the deal between iron fisted control. And some guidance as I just being in control the car the you know -- -- -- You know way. -- add an analyst with someone should be you know pages know where things are going in. In and a mean maybe the reason the full -- denied delay delayed it was a so they can take an extra week to an -- school wallet named the last minute choice. And I either way and I. And was not happy about it but the rumors are killing them. -- they would be better off saying this phone come -- January 30 I think he -- and just let these rumors persist. About like it's coming up here it's coming out here. To the point where people are just fatigue by them to the point that literally they will buy an iPhone or you know media Windows Phone. Yeah man Blackberry. -- don't -- not eat. Not gonna be great -- Nobody's going out and just buying a Blackberry. Is an -- -- a couple weeks to come out. And the commitment and the humans -- -- -- -- seems like it's been years at this point. Well lemmings. Who can give you another reason to -- entry today this is definitely very angry show. Com so there's been a lot of discussion about sort of the lag that some people experience an Android verses how other OS's. Perceive touch events. And -- There is a recent. Post on Google+ -- I think it was based on an -- view. That and in turn into intern did with some running -- a team who attempted to explain. Why integrated. It is actually. More like need to touch events then. IOS for example and it gets a little bit technical but essentially. Asked to do -- sort of the priority is that. To different operating systems -- too graphic rendering and touch events and that Google. Com. You know -- -- graphic -- in touch events the same priority as it gives everything else where something like IOS. Here's the rendering and the two events. Or is it this for the touch events and the highest priority so you when you actually touch on your screen while a web -- -- for example. That all stops so that it can pay attention to. What you're actually doing with finger on the phone and -- it. To a user creates a much more fluid experience. Around. So it's. -- and you know. And off we have sort of official comment from Google's -- like -- this is something of ideas however one addressed I think some of it has gotten better. It seems -- with Nam. GPU based graphics -- -- -- dom but that it's just a fundamental difference in how -- OS work. And you know if that's an issue view it doesn't -- -- seem like that's gonna change any time soon. Analogue -- and I feel like. Oregon an audience and it's a -- problem that's the -- it is. If you personally I haven't well I guess I've I've I've dealt with a little bit of lagging NASA. In my case it's easily been due to crappy roms -- -- install a month on. But I mean the the stock runs on -- and you know most of the interests phones and have spent a lot of time with at least I mean there are exceptions to the role is -- pretty smooth to me at least. To be fair I haven't actually used in an iPhone. Heavily in a number of months though it you maybe in the side by side comparison. Delight would be apparent maybe -- used to it. But I think you know the you know than -- -- that. Hey if not now that led you know now that someone is kind of -- -- how you know if IE one. It does and it seems like it's a fundamental change in sort of how they -- staff -- com. Maybe -- I don't know the technical details and maybe someone who does and Bradenton and -- -- -- forests whether it's U. It's something that is inherent in underlining the native Unix Linux OS or it's just something that. -- Tuesday. From now on this process gets. Real time priority and and that just changes everything or you know -- -- come out that actually changes that. And then also you eat in a week we think about smoothness. Of them rendering of the UI as -- -- as a positive thing. But I mean the article here points how you know pros and cons of -- both. Solutions meeting both with solutions to -- the whole rendering of IUI interaction. If for example what is the -- -- -- right here. You know start -- complex case like FaceBook on safari halfway through -- part of being on the screen and -- around all rendering instantly stops. -- will literally never load into you move your finger. So I mean is that something that you want to happen and it is smoothness of interface you know a priority for you were do you want the web page to download. And I -- -- -- -- the web -- to -- and does not really. In issue to me it's just in that appearance sort of thing additionally -- also points out that. You know in case is that what we know like the galaxy S two would really efficient dual core processors. -- kind of predict that because the phone can do these two things at the same time so you get an increase in smoothness. A new dual core phones are becoming the defective. As far as you know what you should expect from a decent to premium Android phone. And we're gonna start seeing Quad Core tablets soon I mean they're they're already starting to. -- to trickle out so I don't think this is you know really an issue that. Simply more power can't solve. Potentially -- and I will answer your earlier question where I feel like. You know my of the products had a -- says that you always on -- respect these are -- because if the user. Does touches him. Does not get that instinctive reaction about the device they feel like it's faster something's gone wrong. And so although stuff happens stops in the background the user has essentially. Past that to happen. Because they want to go and interact with something new trailers and a half rendered with need Jared and it's not done doing what it's doing -- -- it sees something on screen that they want to interact with at that point so maybe it is rendered enough for them. You know there's a lot of times in Mandarin word I knows that it's gonna be really slowed if I start interacting -- there and has have to wait. For the page to finish rendering which results you know. This kind of -- If you had a four -- phone. -- -- -- of more power army of the sea view -- not about the network on the ailing music to -- a web page loading. In the -- you can get those pixels -- in their for those gifts in the background. In the past again -- and everything happens even heroic. I think you -- -- said earlier this about CPU yet. Well let's talk about some -- us fairly fast. Tablets. There was an oddly named tablet data. Is -- or a skull with they are inside or outside portals and encouraging to -- in the Motorola Xoom to guarantee our. I think there's so much to take a -- first of all was -- dignitaries to change the name. Probably because we basically spent the first three months after -- new one came out crap talking it. Because it was -- for prime time as C eight months but it again I -- we're still crap talking it and but the -- I would say that the the maintains. Probably mean you know I don't know if it was worth giving up via the brand equity of the -- name. Mute these kind of seems like a whole new product. It's kind of not. Yeah I mean I don't know if it. Gas I think the Xoom certainly had bad -- threat and -- -- world. Table at least easier to say the winds I board via its like if that is the style oppose -- and chalk -- -- I don't know it -- it seems like you're supposed to say cyborg affluent a lot of people are gonna walk in stories don't like you have -- cyborg. Look at oversight board give -- -- looking for to use it or we don't have -- -- try to Google lists the design board it's like both syllables are spelled incorrectly when it sounds like. But I digress. Analyst talk about what it does have a certain. With shadow I don't -- -- -- -- here I'll just say that. -- -- they have moved nearly far enough away from the room. -- -- Like its you know what's that wireless so let's talk about specs so it is a dual core one point two gigahertz processor -- to have a right. There's a ten point one inch and there's an eight point two inch yes one gig of ram five megapixel main camera one point oh megapixel front facing camera. When you want to rear facing -- on your tablet. And you'd be amazed how many people I see taking pictures with tablets -- I just shake my hand at stupid. -- -- -- and they're out there would like of brigade trapper keeper trying to take a picture of -- yeah inflicted so obnoxious. That's had been the name -- my least favorite people at car shows now would you be any cheaper it used to be the chick with the iPhone with a step in front of the professional photographers. This you can tweet about the car that just came out. But now it's that people would -- iPad because. Now there's you know do the gigantic camera and a -- silly Android 3.2. Honeycomb that promise of credit as its -- -- at some point. So you should believe the makers of the -- that that's gonna happen at some point at some point -- that that means that it records. In this decade. It should be easier to agree PO last minute and it would downgrade the the previous June to four GL TE. It's not a hardware elect to ship it back through being through logistics of that means there's some probably easier update. That I mean how would like to believe. That Motorola is learning a lesson here -- -- promising updates and actually making them. I mean they at least tried to get the updates for effort for gingerbread out on the -- -- -- -- they want perfect. They were actually pretty. Pretty phone breaking in some cases but I mean a -- -- at least trying to meet deadlines lately so I'm inclined to believe that it'll probably -- it. In the -- I don't believe -- -- in a -- -- world this week Eric. A little here's like a little trickle productivity. Aren't as voluminous and going that direction. Well be that center. So the eight point two inch it is that's the sixteen gig for 42932. -- for 529 at ten point 116 gigs for 520 -- -- -- to -- or 629 and 64 gig for 729. With a two year service agreement -- Yes so. I mean I continue to be against tablets -- acquire -- get a contract. Thirty dollar month contract so the 64 gig model. -- ultimately costs at the end of -- two years. 1449. Dollars compared to say the Kindle fire which after two years costs. 199 dollars. Or the -- 249 dollars. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's true but its only class who cares I guess. I mean I don't hate that. Finally there I mean. Nationally -- -- if you're gonna offer. I think the tablet world to certain split. Panel is not starting -- has split -- to do you know to make it can't you get. The Amazon and and Barnes and Noble's. You know low -- race. Here's a nice ecosystem around -- -- of -- friendly you know small screen tablets. And then you've got. Pretty mice tablets that aim to be iPad killers. And having played around with Maya the around the transformer -- from Asus Booth. I have a hard time and even taking this seriously. New very hard time looking at this and in even taken it seriously and it just it is a lot of -- seems to me. Like -- -- -- now nine point when I got a point. Are doing Nelson. But Kate and but it but in -- that. -- -- -- -- Via but I wanna pick on that it's relatively as if it's coming out will have plenty of weeks it only -- on -- -- take on it when he does his -- If it actually does it'll come out apparently -- -- well let's pick on the Kindle fire them. -- -- that lipstick on the can -- Kindle fire is kind of the of the golden child. Of under attack injury tablet. Now was until went through some usability testing. Nam says there -- you know this fairly well known com usability researcher Jacob Nielsen. Com. Who in a studies all sorts of view stability from mobile tablets where -- and he did sort of a first -- that the Kindle fire. Can -- at his bottom line was that -- ability. Offers a disappoint in many core user experience. Com and say it's the size of the screen -- the main culprit. -- -- spent a lot of different things. Will want to things that I think is important point out here is that it's not -- the candles fault it's not that. Discreet sizes too small. And that is just fundamentally -- problem it's that. All the apps that have been designed have been and sites have been designed for sort of ten inch. Screen sizes. Really need to adapt -- otherwise it's just too hard to interact with these things -- You know I think he points out FaceBook app how you know one person over and over and over try to -- but couldn't actually clicked on the right button and just got very very frustrated. But maybe that -- had really fat fingers -- quite. Possible they guy had really fifty years or maybe he was that due to that lost the thumb and had -- replaced with a big -- -- -- very fluid around the Internet that was probably at -- -- that gotten. -- -- Who now -- the trend to hit the -- he didn't patent. That's not funny. -- it anyway it was -- instance a security that at least a great. -- -- -- -- figuring parent will be right back who. And Molly Wood and rightfully inviting you to join us for the 2011 edition of CNET holiday help -- happening every Monday at 3 PM eastern noon Pacific it's where we -- you look like a brilliant tech gift giver as we take your live calls and feel your email. And -- bodies and -- right now the holiday help desk at cnet.com. Along with the rest of CNET editors were gonna pointed to the right products at the right prices holiday help desk Monday that news that make. It will come back in detail like that -- -- Faded into via the -- -- there. -- So we have some late breaking news from. A speech that. Ku school -- -- chairman executive chairman Eric Schmidt. -- at the new -- the conference that is terrible agree picture of him and Tom's article yeah. Looks like these and reflect in the wake me when -- anger. He said that -- it is the winning. Hash tag has waning and no it wouldn't be passed tank is indeed post and Google+. You can -- take on Google+ there's -- -- the yeah. And it takes you to that weird Blake if you click a link in Google search of and they're happening around that -- -- just yet does whatever. Aren't you worlds as -- winning. So -- he says he's beating Apple's the that there -- their beating everybody there winning after winning. And apparently the audience. -- this is from Stevens shank when. Said the audience full of iphones. Ipads and Macs was mainly silent after he said that. -- then you went on to clarify how their winning. -- how it how it was measuring that win and it -- by unit volume. By ice cream salmon it's true that means we have that you don't yet enhancements in Tampa the prices lower and they're more vendors you. Com so you know -- guest most of that is true whether that equals a winning. -- -- Lost some of them yeah -- -- -- agrees that Charlie Sheen of groups. I mean to you can't argue that I do agree a do you agree and data switching over to a more positive attitude about -- -- -- Yeah ice cream sandwiches for arguments the ego. It's if you pay issued by the metal spoon. Our at all Iowa agree on most fronts except for one which we are talked about and that is the public relations. And -- right. We talked about so many different way is that they are -- messed up. Need to -- there -- On the PR world red light -- you know all the manufactures in the devices and that slips and that it blocked apps in the fragmented ecosystem and then just how companies view it you know there's quoted here about. Evernote I think. And also what's the other senior. Flip board -- just released iPhone app. End of and great for a lot of developers -- is still a second thought an after thought I don't know what is. But it certainly come second to iphones even though you can argue argue that hundreds a bigger market. Apple has done such a great job in the PR marketing side of things. That. You know company executives still think of that first -- -- -- -- -- and I mean. A lot of blood developer that I talk to. Will say that you know. Getting something built and to the public is actually easier on Android. But there. Their focus is usually kind of -- that I away its audience. I think to get -- a lot of people think out the automatically think -- on your iPhone. -- To further quantified a -- winning. Google did release -- of a breakdown of how many apps they have. Any downloads I -- so far the total is now at ten billion. Exactly. And adding another billion every month but. -- -- Yeah apparently have you are usually users are addicted to downloads. Right. An interesting sort of like. The -- -- it to deflect this announcement of ten billion apps being served is that yes India. The need it since and have failed humans we can celebration of the ten million downloads. Yes are they doing that is there any good apps solid every -- for it and -- is starting yesterday for ten days. Adobe ten apps to an editor's choice. In the Android market available. For two instant downloads he said -- my -- yesterday. I'm free to play it depends. It's you know gets -- addictive and instantly to get back in -- that. But there are some really get that thing in -- -- deadly -- and now -- in the -- of the entry markets that sort of you know ten billion download and east and -- sort of thing. You can literally it's -- ten bucks over the next. And is again -- apps. It's pretty -- -- they needed to do this asked. The developers to reduce their price -- isn't taking. The command I guess to some extent they're losing money because they're getting less -- a great. But -- -- The developers are you kidding me a seven sends -- schools getting three. But it's you know on the positive -- PR at school. Com -- so one more thing. That's funny we've introduced a story on enrichment unit. More thank. Ask -- to do developers. Have got ice cream sandwich running on the Amazon Kindle. As this is not surprising at all or any got a rating on the G1 last week the net and Yahoo! let me just that an -- useful. -- pre commodore 64 next says there is -- little video here. Which you don't actually seen anything until beef are in here and the like the guys 36 seconds. Come. That he does. -- running as far as I can towel it's certainly a little lagging a bit as we've discussed -- that's just par for the course with Sandra. I think if if you in the buyers look under -- premiere I have always been so Lance. Despite being you know that doesn't actually look at that. Two icons and a -- we've -- awesome. That. It's a start. It is -- start. Alright that is our news that the next thing actually is kind of news that I'm -- after that we but it actually isn't out yet so that's a little. -- -- -- -- It just the way literate world roles -- always say that it's been announced since coming out soon. Which people go crazy for in the IOS world has announced that they have to developers working on -- and right now. I don't think that they have. -- a specific date that I think they're role and working on this since explaining. And senior member early gains to -- company and drew a -- in May or something like that. And then Flickr for injury came out and it's -- filters announced like whatever. Right now there's a lot of apps I use little photo which is kind of cool now what is the other one. After -- -- -- called. There's another one that's really -- but it's a rim isn't just about the filters it's also about kind of the social network because it isn't just an app the F to connect to -- an aquarium. The marine. And. And if I -- connect those iPhone users who put up a hot. Yes they can be dangerous and area and this was announced they think at the same conference from the live in. Paris that Eric Schmidt was a picture please is there one that I that I used its and insults and is steer him alternative on Android that has a pretty good -- -- -- community. And I think it's cross platforms a converts -- Seagram friends. Damian -- to them how long to get around to developing an entry adapt well this year's -- problem talking about it. We think you know these developers -- CI OS first whenever I want to Dan mappings to Graham. You keep your -- device is so it might come. All right well educated and or -- a lot of email coming back this week. That'll do have that Internet as its -- -- -- It's a nice email that we have my -- -- email this week so last week we talked. To Matt. And he asked us how he felt about the ideal of nexus being branded we did not -- you understand his question. He writes back into site for the badly written letter last week but the county nexus. Basically he wants to know. -- how we felt about didn't -- logo getting put on the back of the case since sun moves and a galaxy and build most nexus phones and -- don't have has assumed don't have. The carrier branding on the back to them they just have a Google experience logo and then how we feel about of the Verizon -- where. He basically says that people think that -- is destroying the idea of the nexus line out. And that it's supposed to be completely free of carrier tampering like the iPhone. Well -- -- talked about this earlier in the -- so -- and whined about forty minutes. And I'll listen to are angry rant about Verizon taking Google wallet off of the -- nexus and you have pretty good idea. That's how we feel. The next email comes in. From its ninth. And the chat -- he says hi and you'd just been. -- have problem with my Samsung galaxy S two Netflix something into the headphone Jack is in this case is an old school cassette adapter the -- -- make it impossible for people to hear me. When trying to do hands free calling while driving the look at the settings that I don't see anything about how to change -- -- must be missing something. And then about twenty minutes later maybe a couple hours later he sent us another email that says hey it's working again it's turned on and off the back on again. Says it -- say -- that is -- -- the work on your phone. The first that first like all personality -- have you tried turning it off and back on again Olivia it to your assistant you know -- Now shouldn't you said it's -- I think -- like it may suit your Mac support is -- and -- to the rim snapped appear command option PR. I've already told my story about have you plugged -- in areas have yet as the Greenland -- -- -- comes -- from Jason. I'm assuming -- -- Jason Howell. Today can you get it is -- -- is it is that it doesn't matter uses can you move the show to an hour later or move it back -- Thursday can't watch anymore in the current slide. It speaks for me. Isn't this one. Can answer this one of our -- now that -- we were just you know it -- in the -- at the whim of one -- email. -- digital ads was due to errors -- the next week cards that last spot. Now serves. Well here can you book ever raised a question for you and we actually post though the use a coherent online -- Exactly so just. Play it back pretend it's alive during a chat room or chat and people's elect -- be talking about I seek our tech but now it'll be fun it'll be fine. Thanks -- out of yet keep the emails coming we appreciate and this next one I don't think I have enough breath to read this next. I'm -- bridges when this comes in from another -- the specs look the same -- to take either watching your show for a little while. I have a question and maybe you'll be able to help me with. I'm really digging around in routing and all that on my Droid two right now running a build of -- seats yet the site yet agent -- seven almost -- for now there. Basically says. This was really the first time that -- with a round -- -- -- but there is one disappointment. Out of stock rom allows him to charge the phone with a device powered off. -- what he calls the charge only app that in the -- system slash apps folder. These as we -- the charges -- -- -- powered offerings -- month haven't. He says that he's not able to do -- -- we went back to. Stock rom competent to charge only files when was charged only mood that APK -- -- -- charged only -- at the DX. Movement successfully but nothing's working still. Using so what he wants to new is that how can he. Charge his phone running this rom. Without turning it on. That's weird isn't it it. I don't think charge only mood debt APK. Does -- you think you Dennis. I was under the impression that the -- only -- -- -- UK was for of the charge only -- when you plug it to a computer. -- four Annan. You know this charge a -- USB port again switching between the IU SB -- -- and that. India the B charging only known as it's called -- could be wrong. And did some digging around I haven't really found very much and then in the little bit of time and -- into this but this is one of those great question that we can open up. To our listeners but says. You get heavy earth not -- the breath. Of your -- part of us that this I have more experience running -- is in my seven on injury to. And so if if you have run into this issue and found a fix. And I more if you can explain to me would charge only noted that APK means or does a send us email leave us a voice -- -- will. To view the email address and the a phone number the in this show. And I mean we can help my -- There -- next up we got Ralph from Portland Oregon. Navigation inside a big conference hall at CES is a younger trying to use -- we wanted. CES use Google Maps part right. So he points out -- crowd compass develops native iPhone iPad and -- -- and Blackberry -- For meetings and conferences. Mum. And it says that they let's put it this doesn't really he says they teleconference information but it don't specifically -- mapping functionality. -- meridian lets you easily be turned by turn directions to anywhere in your space. Just like Google Maps using your existing map images reading uses GPS -- available to tell visitors where they are. -- even integrates with indoor local location sensing systems like Cisco's MS he he Nam thinks of act passed. So also have you heard of any others. Management to be honest I don't use of -- and he's very -- indoor navigation -- Rattan. I just point out numerous CES. And -- that -- clearly need to defuse -- -- dale sees movement toward earth. -- knew exactly where it is it's in the central hall near the practice before it splits and today. Second -- -- -- a -- latest innovation rice cookers. That's gonna be in the south hall upstairs probably near the -- For it on working as they tour guide for CS 2012 January night and demonstrates news and now I'm an impeccable sense of friction. -- -- -- are at last emails from -- sonic in London. The -- has it started the galaxy nexus mobile and feel that this is a good choice for me as my next phone. -- a good friend has advised me that I have made a mistake and -- should have chosen the latest iPhone. Is admittedly an Apple follower all its -- That he had raised some doubts about -- hundred market and that in his words a billion people can't be wrong. I know it Antuan would say. For people who are less techie to go with iPhone but I'm not sure that they -- in market is that that any. Advise would be appreciated. -- the who is that we would -- Maybe Levy have -- a billion people can't be wrong is kind of a lead people can both definitely be wrong and quite often are right. You have mass quantity -- both sides I think that argument in relevant that this I mean it. Again a phone is a personal device -- on the you're gonna use every day. Is not funding that your gonna share with people it's not like someone -- sit down with you in front of your flat screen TV. And watch it in your phone as your device and if you feel like it's a good choice for you and -- -- first since I feel like this is a good choice for me as my next phone. But who cares that your friend says you know whatever -- -- let -- have the -- -- Graham and. Yes I think the bottom line here though it is. You know for the most are we don't hate the iPhone I think either phone you're gonna buy is pretty good. -- -- -- -- Via well either -- so you're just writing off the galaxy -- I'm not writing it off notebook is just he's clearly in London English media of the -- that works -- works and yet not blocking Google -- the GSM one row view is that when it's nice it is. He had I mean all insane and I don't think he can make a bad choice here. You know certainly generally were on the -- -- -- out of the thing. The world here but. You know -- it is kind of personal -- through a very profound -- I don't let you know. We wanna put our politics on -- So -- -- and millions aren't. What's in this. Let's -- this. What you can find more. Information about -- -- -- tips tricks. And show notes for this show as cnet.com slash injury -- -- You can also stream must I join us -- very Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific at cnet.com slash live. And if you have a question or comment or if you want to -- Chide me for diet in you know -- injury this week in return just into. I can you do -- more bashing and I have been you can send email to injury analyst at cnet.com we can leaves a voicemail 866344. CNET -- 866. 34426. Create and as always you can always show on Twitter at Android atlas you can follow me. At and you and you can follow Justin. -- not my real name. Here's what I think we need to yet for voice -- next week. I want the best. Computer generated voice voicemail. So that's the competition. I don't know prizes. -- -- certainly play the best one on air and the president of the displayed on there yet. Made -- go there's your talents. Live up to our expectations but its -- -- Time.
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