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Mobile: Ep. 75: Spies, conspiracies and Android autopsies

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Mobile: Ep. 75: Spies, conspiracies and Android autopsies

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A Siri alternative in the form of an app, the Galaxy Nexus gets dissected as the US launch approaches, and your Android phone may be ratting you out to Big Brother.

These phones via -- news because -- galaxy nexus -- yet. Should you switch to Windows Phone call that more on this week's edition of Android atlas weekly news for November 30 2011 I'm just a test alongside Antuan Goodwin. What's. As -- -- it's. November's almost over it is it's today it is -- it is. And there's the -- -- about it ER yeah. -- that well mean to means that the holiday break. Is quickly precinct also -- CES is quickly approaching yes I am duly that it opens and you our galaxy yes. -- -- says there -- lot of work there is a lot of cool -- There's a lot and good -- and pretty much like all -- friends that are. CNET co workers so it basically means related to hang on Vegas went on companies that someone else pays for a pretty. Awesome the best part of -- so what are we talking about here injury hints at spying on you -- me towns are gonna hear about -- like this. And probably every other show -- -- when you think what's going on here understand that there is as some sort of a a bit of software that runs in the background on -- variety of entry device -- not all of them parade called carrier IQ. Where exactly -- doing well so according to that post from. Trevor -- who is a security researcher. Says that I guess it's certainly on Mike. Sprint and Verizon handsets entering handsets a lot of them as well as some rim and Nokia handset. And he actually calls it a rootkit because it's very hard to even know that it is there and that potentially it is -- -- keystrokes. SMS messages as well as phone numbers dial -- nominee has this whole videos. That shows. Supposedly. Does that turn the phone is actually doing this and sending it to some. Address. That -- -- -- so they know exactly. Who it's sending it to anomaly rather. Sure who is big breath as well you know Big -- -- you're dressed in Big Brother dot com. So what this app actually is for him as a whole fight about it and the company carrier -- -- you actually accept them a cease and desist letter and around. You know the basically accused him all these horrible things and then he went to cut the S staff. Who went back and said no actually this is protected under the copyright act's fair use provision -- and then -- -- came back and -- and said quote or action was misguided and we are deeply sorry for any concern -- troubles and -- letter may have caused mr. Decker. But carriers say and I -- carriers here as well that the use this basically -- assertive. Soundtrack and optimize their networks so they can see where they might be having issues as well as when handsets might be having issues. And they're not looking at any individuals user data he found it seems what he is finding -- occurred is different. -- -- -- They -- sort of claiming. You know I don't we haven't done our own tests though we honestly. Can verify one way or another carrier -- decline contests -- request for comment on this. But it's certainly a little disturbing I find it mr. Is. It's rather disturbing to me with his. On the one hand. -- the united in there and -- there may be some sort of valid reason for knowing things like location -- -- signal strength is that sort of information if you attempted a call. And the call was dropped that information yet -- could be valuable carriers. But I see your quoted. That you know a -- Demonstrated that you know he sent an SMS that -- Hello world in the entire text string of that that -- it's. I -- was recorded. And -- to -- -- software and sources like -- they need to know exactly what. Your texting to someone else or you or even who you're texting and -- in that case. Yes it's looking -- going to start talking about things like keystroke logging than your passwords. You know that you enter into your email. -- application and or if you use the you know password manager like last -- you need a password in in the that. Now that passwords compromised -- you -- troops. Are being monitors net that's -- -- -- any really scary. Your web request even requests that were protected with -- were logged yeah so banking information and -- it's. It's it's scary NN I think that you know if -- Verizon or sprint or any of the other two companies involved in this that I. Wanna come out with some more detailed information about what is happening because this seems like -- pretty serious claim that you either want to. Say hey this isn't true -- It had been doing this but we didn't mean it to do that releases an update or we're gonna let you opt out of this -- some kind of public liked what the heck is going on here rate. And -- -- that bids its emitted so deeply and software that it's darn near impossible to get out unless you know you are. And pretty advanced user would pretty advanced understanding of re compiling fourth -- your own. But it -- the same you know. Assuming you're safe as or edit customer -- maybe maybe not -- -- you wouldn't -- wooded it would depend on whether of the person who built the custom rom. Went through the trouble to take it out -- us sometimes they -- things the unit -- this may have been that we've spotted by the person who built my custom rom. As bloat -- and removed. But Indian it is they're saying that it's difficult to know that even in their in the first place so -- -- would have to be looking for it. Us to -- take -- out so I don't think even if you're ready custom rom since a lot of times those rounds are based on the stock firmware. They're just modifications. The -- would necessarily be safe even in that situation. But I bet if I understand aircrack that our tickets part of what -- -- the -- source. Treaty for exemplary it's an elderly wasted on -- is based it on HTC's. Leo what I'm saying is like my thunderbolt. In a win win in that wind -- you download. Most of the custom -- that you'll find available for download are based on the stock firmware. Because easier to do that than try to write your own drivers for the four GI antenna. You just based the -- off of the stock firmware you maybe remove the rights and blur where you may be toned down since maybe even try to excite fit altogether. But it's based on the stock firmware and if you didn't know that this was something to look for. It may still be in there it's that from the united I'm out I'll admit that I'm not entirely sure. Whether it even in my particular case where the sum up -- that. Current weather's -- who wants me answers. So someone get back to us next week with -- please thanks. Aren't let's move to the galaxy nexus. Block and I feel like the galaxy nexus -- is our -- -- -- -- -- -- It's pretty much I don't know -- and talk about it every week in a never actually shows up. In -- in in two weeks are gonna start getting emails -- people go early received -- talking about the galaxy minutes or so lines exactly. I'm sorry consider talking about it released -- how it in the UK and it's not totally fictitious -- has touched it and used it didn't. Just haven't used the Verizon -- -- first and -- anyway the has -- -- Business called I fix it sound -- do tear downs. Berry yet so -- there they -- I guess their business not models based on doing repairs and selling repair tool through and as part of that. But they do these sort of Terry counsel -- people known to -- how easy it is to do repair line for example -- in this case. And the galaxy nexus but in the -- to -- Terri downs on laptops X boxes iphones whenever. City did one on the nexus and if found a lot of stuff that we've pretty much starting you. That it has a T a day though -- 4461. Point two -- dual core processor. And that the and it's media antennas built into -- battery he says he's usually indicates. So if you -- -- better -- -- brigade. -- -- -- -- -- cover covers when I mean these units. As a posh. Pressure sensor which enables them barometer featured right. And you when we first at a hearing about barometers and photos and time. You probably go back to an earlier that -- -- and Ellison. And hear me setting with the help you need -- parameter your phone for. And added that all will be revealed it'll come back to detonate in a later story but I will just say that the -- orbiter is pretty much there's a that it news utilities and now what an altimeter does an altimeter is based on their -- pressure so that there yet aren't that thanks -- it's a yet. Anyway than did their bottom line here -- given a score based on repair ability which is a very different score -- we see normally for devices right. I -- a get a six out of ten from -- her ability. -- in would be that you could repair it with just regular hand tools relief -- -- get into and out of essence means that it's. Reasonably easy to do it there's probably some soldering and whatnot involved had -- point out the damage to the phone's face could be problematic as the -- display at -- fused together. So be careful it also feels manual that phone it feels like this Samsung galaxy phones were super -- do you feel like if you just. Touched it wrong it would use. -- -- You still have one soon enough. Allies into our IR next how much will a -- story is that. Verizon there's some like leaked. -- -- Materials. They're basically saying that the galaxy nexus by Samsung will be available on present soon. With the -- of 109. 999. Price tag. -- -- two year activation. Read this president had despite a 200 police that -- feel as real as it was pointing to resident Paige. Com. Value is sort of quickly disappeared. So we don't totally know if that's real but then -- after. Best -- Accidentally published of their product page width of the wrong product -- -- just charters for the nexus prime they're still calling it that. Which I personally think it's a better name to Begin with -- Yet like a best buy you know launch their product page I -- lead to a different product name and also a different price. A 1999. Is the price that they are courting with four GL TE on Verizon's network. Today they -- and then also says that unit it would be available on November 27. They're doing my math correctly those three days ago net. Worth so hopefully -- around -- artists and go back and -- to -- -- -- -- the late. Nexus prime. I would like -- Only for one -- and please but they're also stating that the contract free prices and a 799. Dollars. The lot of money for on this -- -- and is insanely crazy. For a phone that does not have a brick and SD card slot. Yet well. Maybe it's an interest use it and in -- -- -- I have been -- I kept looking at this phone again. The -- or is. Is the we've got some rumors that -- phone will actually -- and also leaked. -- would looks like -- you know blurry phone picture of some Verizon training materials. That -- explaining -- the features. Of what will be the next. And Motorola Droid phone. At the one that ten has me the most interested is that that the four inch LCD display. But as I'm not really sold on the -- they extremely massive four and a half four point three inch screens I think you're picking. As a point where you -- -- -- A reasonably sized screen -- I could live with that and also new slide out keyboard with via the virus. There's been a little bit thicker record -- -- is very similar to the RAZR and yet if you look at the specs the specs are identical the leaked specs -- -- are identical to the story reader -- smaller screen. Slide out keyboard. -- pretty much if you were looking at the RAZR. And you just really need to have a key -- life in the Droid for. Will probably be the phone for -- -- that it comes with a -- rear cover removal tool. -- don't -- many phones that will mean will the problem is -- this thread reader doesn't have a removable battery and and I will it looks like it's when it at least will. Absolutely it would pop that that battery case off. That is they're using -- tool. The shift key with you -- and -- -- to do a battery reduced -- it by Diana and it looks like it's just like -- tablet with a little pin. You probably do that -- in and out of that we'll see. We'll see when it if and when it comes out but I am gonna interested in -- on them the rumors -- December 8. Atom which also has sort of the latest rumor -- And I am putting galaxy because in the stone. And a vehicle -- the same -- -- Who knows indeed are we saw a little bit earlier about the end the -- and why a a phone would wanna know. -- house where you are as far as vertically. And I think they don't -- here remove -- -- -- can track -- -- that they sent -- carrier Q. Yes yes just in that are considered here right here. Eric continued I'm sure that whatever is that it is being gathered by -- next -- the right to talk about it is probably going into that pool. But I Google Maps for injury and -- with a version six that -- yesterday. Time and what's interesting about this new version is that it adds indoor. -- so the example that's kind of soon and I in the blog post here by energy market BV. Who's been on the show before. Inside the Mall of America were used only get the -- the parking lots and streets surrounding it now. You can see what stores are in the mall and others even -- a -- selector for a selecting what floor. And I'm assuming that. The barometer. Will now be able to know how. Where you are -- and vertical space without necessarily having a GPS lock so it can now tell automatically that your on the third floor. And the way that I Google Maps is doing this sort of indoor. GPS tracking is the same way that a lot of handsets -- his and that's with Wi-Fi and cellular tower triangulation. So it's an inexact. Not exactly will this mean and not really -- three foot accuracy that you -- with the best GPS devices but it. That it seems like it it least. In the -- perhaps is relatively accurate. It's pretty cool. We're talking about this before the show there -- saying that it be great to have this ethnic conventions such as GS when you have these whatever three massive. Multi football field sized convention. Halls. And it's impossible assignment -- that you weren't. Would it say that I an article that Google inviting business owners to manually and it. That information to the Google Maps database to read a NASA go to comes less floor plans. So -- would be surprised if that's how we get to -- excellence at CES and a month month time. That that's happened -- Here I mean it degrade it the one hand you have with some of these places like CS is that it's not a fixed thing that it -- changes where things are every week rate. -- mentioned sensor changes with every convention definitely but I mean. If CES is seriously don't see acts like consumer electronics and -- -- is -- the whole point of the shows that somebody. Involved in the planning and you know they they have a map of what every two days because -- have to read the -- space out to be suitors have somebody there. Is looking at instantly who's gonna be really cool. -- -- -- -- will look for that. I hope. -- with help us pressure on the outside of CES it's. It'll definitely be useful example the user airport airlines. Large malls. The Mall of America that used in the example there but airlines and -- terminal -- -- baggage claim is. Plan I don't know if it's gonna be as seamless as the the video that date Google released. With the announcement demonstrated new features is gonna be at least not out the door because a line of anecdotal. -- -- -- Accounts that I've been hearing have been like oh it's not exactly perfect in this -- or. You know this airports not yet on there now but over time we should start seeing -- improvement I'm pretty about it. Eight Apple of the CNET or -- Why couldn't it couldn't find my desk exactly a look at -- and a merlot. -- and if you have like your desk called out and then we leave reviews for. From identity and if you wanna check in the -- and Seneca area will you -- -- -- merit and that. Aren't -- a wall in front of him on that or to take a quick break on Europe. And we are back. So it has been like a lot of talk about a ice cream sandwich the -- -- talking about -- for freemen's. We enter text for somebody mentioned that during the show that -- new record -- -- consumes has been announced. But there's been a lot of talk about it. And there's been a lot of talk about. Older phones getting the port of the the newest version of ice yet scientists. In -- so did you know people who bought a phone last month don't feel left out but -- -- What about the handful of people who were still rock in this the first. Widespread. -- consumption Android phone. The T-Mobile G1 what about those got its there's an -- -- -- phone. Someone still has it because they've been just the first generation it is the first the hundred phone exactly. -- somebody still has one -- because. I'd -- -- -- -- story here on IR ID tech blog that's also on hand for Nellis. But -- basically by -- the music when is reporting that someone has. Corn or ice cream sandwich to the T-Mobile G1 yes soon is -- -- video of it -- it working. And -- -- kind of cool are idiots they say it's it's slow news reported there were you know put on the air by. XT developer form -- -- Jake Carter's one. Com any you know it seems to be working and there's a lot of stuff he says it doesn't work like -- Wi-Fi and screen irritation -- -- And it certainly slow. That it. Should be slowed and it has ice cream sandwich is asking for dual core gigahertz plus processors the that T-Mobile G1 news. Rocking -- 500 megahertz 500 some change -- processors says it's still faster than an emulator and is it I mean it it would in yet gambling and student who put it. Emulator takes. I don't know media -- -- my laptop. About five minutes to boot there aren't yet may be even longer. At the end of the affected you know somebody's got it working it. I don't think I'd ever want to use it but I the fact that you know somebody doctored. With his spare time enough to -- how to get it working -- and that the OS is is scalable. I think the answer well done sir -- -- -- them. -- again probably not usable. At all but it is a nice proof of concept and just like you know. A testament to the the ingenuity of injury hackers exactly but hats off to -- -- so what if I have a newer phone for example Samsung galaxy nexus ass. Where the Samsung galaxy S and I wanna punish him -- no matter what am -- to do. -- -- -- -- -- Said do you -- two months very Leo they said that the -- B two month week from the time that the basis of source code -- that was released. Before it was officially. The BB -- official. The term -- stable build out. But as is the case. With most of these sort of an open source project that are worked on by a variety of people there are. Pre alpha builds. That go up before hand and we're starting to see the first of -- arrive. Early Ana -- in mod nine. -- builds are actually becoming available for this Samsung nexus S and the Samsung galaxy. X. Two series of phones. Actually say that -- one for the nexus -- it is pretty mature. Which is funny for something -- -- -- have -- two weeks. Well mean -- in the in the sense that the -- in my -- Billed for the HTC thunderbolt is still really image here for I -- this just like a matter of how stable -- its plan you know. How many months you have to make to the -- to get things to work you know -- -- it does GPS actually worked as Wi-Fi actually -- you make a call. Pretty mature means that -- you know there's probably a lot of similarities in the hardware. Between. Yet the galaxy nexus and then also the nexus S and this race mentality and phones because they're all made by Samsung -- are the probably remarkably similar. So yet ended when they say pre -- that you -- You could probably use if you wanna tube it as the case -- most of these pre alpha and yet your mileage may vary. And I don't know if I'd make this my daily driver rom but -- -- -- player on within see what was going on that. There are unofficial and they're out there. Speaking of playing around with a new OOS. Maybe you -- player handles windows phones have a. And -- -- I would say that is it because I have. Played around with the Windows Phone 7 -- -- -- Drayton could be Europe under a causal doesn't own that line exactly. It's a good looking interface. He's. -- Microsoft released a new web. Demo I guess you'd call -- Windows Phone 7. That will work on Android browsers he basically -- to -- there. URL AKA data masks Susan clever Euro vacated -- MS clash. And I W key demo. -- -- cancer and actually interact with the metro interface. And code into different apps and do this -- -- and you know it was -- don't believe. Stable and -- don't mind slow oldest known did you trends that don't you -- -- -- pretty familiar with that than mr. you minor case. Com so you know Microsoft is hoping that -- underage users Harlem. Give it -- try. And -- -- coal with all the stuff are missing. I can just -- -- get a new analysis the galaxy nexus is never actually come announced. Or I mean they may be inadvertently. Selling copies of you know the -- -- end. Custom launcher that was available in the in trade marketplace. There and there's a free version and -- get paid version relate theory he -- -- of -- they may be inadvertently. Making people start searching for that because I don't know of but when -- get rid of my own dispute as. You know I kinda liked the look of the U lives it's -- -- are really feel like it via. Full line taste of of what you know holding the Windows Phone in your hand would be like. But I mean it says it's -- effort. Beyond that the ironic part about this effort is that according to most sources if they got you to convert. It would actually make less money off a view that if you're buy and -- its -- Matter patents yet but I think in the long tail buying new ones to convert the now announced that -- buying apps out of the Android market to buying -- -- the windows market. -- -- are tied into Zune marketplace through video and music. And -- and there's a better chance of shall start renting movies -- is that way it's the same thing with Amazon -- like yet. -- -- may not make as much money up a view upfront. But. It's the long tail that that's exactly what -- what these carriers there and that handset developers and in UI developers are more interest -- and -- that. -- -- -- How can we continue to make more than that initial 200 bucks. Off of via. A for the user and I think that. It also means that users have to think a little bit further beyond. Just. -- this is a cool phone I won it -- yet to think well. You know a wounded deciding between that for example of the Galaxy Tab in the Amazon Kindle fire -- Don't wanna be you know and into the injury market for -- in downloads there you know would would there be some benefit for me getting tied into. To Amazon's and I Amazon prime. And services in markets that. -- and a high enough on the attention but that from offering. -- -- -- about new CPUs from Sams wouldn't change aren't they are gonna change our lives maybe. Samsung actually just unveiled with new what's called. A system on chip mobile processor. And I'm gonna miss pronounces that don't even bother sending emails and the -- notes. Five to fifty. And basically what's interesting about this is that uses a dual core a cortex -- fifteen. Processor. And today it's capable of supporting 3-D displays. Right on the chip. What's what I think is interesting here is that it is cable supporting -- displayed at resolutions up to. Eddy Cue XGADTHEV. Oh my -- so I think most of us think about resolution now and in pixels per pixels not these. To develop scared SDA QX EA like those the -- -- -- specs adequate like that. I'm always a little confused and think about it but as essentially that as a a 200 a 2560. Pixels by 16100 so its -- gonna -- -- really. Big screen that they can support or extremely dense pixel. A density. On on I guess what will be the next generation of Samsung tablets. But it is interesting to see that -- Levine it's -- inevitable will see that. And they're building at three support high into. And the system on chip sort of sent. Console start to see these in -- Allen's second quarter of next year yet. Two. New units ordered and if you talk about -- Long time believe any of that. Release states. Com all right. That is our news for today but let's move on. To the app of the -- to -- -- So people who are Joseph Siri. Which is like no -- costs snotty series -- last month. Well. Figures tells of Syria have an app that's. Been. -- the Mac. I know he's been putting in a while politics and -- last night that pretty excited about it -- And every -- arsenic. So it and it never actually use this app that now this is the -- of the week. But. Apple does not be good it's -- who want to I've I've are always getting -- -- -- of the week. RS YS IM -- chat room and maybe this app does to. And united is that was called clues he and expected to get much better and there's a video your enemy -- and roll. But it basically does a lot of stuff like series. You know personal planning. -- attacks the find -- -- restaurant. You know. In Scott Webster's tests to wrote this. He said as a consumer it's a good start but there's old and has a long way to go. -- I think the amount of intellectual effort and now work put in to Syria's just massive him that it can't be underestimated. You know -- -- is -- and -- and a I don't. I don't know anything about clues in terms of how much. You know work they put into this and turn its allotment is at the years and it's the you know. What is the levels and man hours put into use each warrant. -- but it it's good to see competition always and I'm. You know. I liked the idea of Syrian found it didn't even series doesn't do sort of as much as I would want -- to do as easily. -- -- -- I mainly like that for these drinks. Yet all I mean -- every where and when they talk about theory there you know. 00 quick till series the two lover -- Syria which delivers a US says it like it's useful to me and -- but what. The the promise of clues he and that -- I did watch the video and down and that there is some. Some interesting sort of like -- happening. Behind the scene where the that -- cartoon dude. I in the video I made an example of you know he he said hey what's -- schedule look like today includes he said. You know I you've got a media twelve you've got to leave about 130 to make it to a doctor's appointment musically take this route traffic -- -- that that sort of like global. Integration of all of the things that I think -- injury great. Or just you know all those sort of things -- useful in a traffic and appointments. And tan and and and -- of -- the -- of -- like how -- -- in the Tiki -- from twenty point B or things like. You know -- completes my wife's birthday tomorrow and it. Looks like it today at every -- FaceBook feeds earn those those are and a new -- cedar friends like and then books. That. That the appointment and -- you know the appointment of the reservation and then also get to deal coupon deal -- 20% off if it can ever get around to doing all of these things in and deliver on that promise. It will be pretty awesome. I also think you need to better name yet clues he could sound morality. I don't like that are exclusively downloaded. If it doesn't force clues on you pack -- -- -- -- the accident. Yeah but in meantime if you do you have questions and you need personal assistant you can just call and leave as voicemail. Propensity to six series -- for forest CNET. Such as our good friend Jerry from current. -- jury from truck drove. I think just announced that Rogers is going to carry the Samsung -- -- -- the -- point three inch. Phone slash tablet. So many people haven't practiced in media -- older -- or so it's ridiculous product. Wobble. While. I guess certain minority because that was what I been waiting -- Why -- route of all -- -- tablet. I think it's going to be a huge product. But I think it'll be a good seller so I just ordered the old pattern. But embarrassed -- too crazy look forward to show. Our. You know what I think -- awesome about they really are crazy for the -- ya gonna do about it raises another guy I. No I was actually do -- -- brief -- agent that is at this time of what else I'd hear it. Packet in theory. That -- particularly in non sequitur but. Well think of is is interesting about his voice mail is is what I think it also in this is great about injuries that. Yet again Jerry starts -- by saying you know I may be in the minority here is that there is also body injuries that you can be in the minority in -- still like something for you. And so they're there exists a tablet. Phone -- -- that's you know for a lot of people. Too -- big to put in your pocket. But for people Nigeria mean it it. If the device for him and dad I think that it's often I -- I would personally is you know welcome. Sort of collected device diversity aura -- form factor diversity that the of the injury. Community in the injury manufacturers just kind of our -- are able to do like. If you want a phone that has of two displays or you -- a phone that you know folds into. I don't know of Oregon the -- -- I'm like -- -- that you can at some point. You know. There's there's -- -- freedom for that did this sort of like had a vice Versa in a -- we're out personally I want a tablet. Alec a seven inch tablet -- and applicants by -- can stick a Bluetooth headset in. So that -- and I wanna make phone caught in just -- that hints -- out stated in my year. The because -- -- to just make that so how -- question so why a so. The -- has questioned unavoidably to acknowledge this Elliott as the the reason people don't want it is it is. It to -- Steve pocket -- Through its tests. You know you kind of run into a situation where it if anything that of comparable size but if -- -- -- this is the device in your. Using into the gigantic that's -- -- from the marriage yet between the elitist gigantic device and communities stick with some right park it here -- But I mean you know those are people who primarily. You know. Stick around on some of their beats an -- calls lot of people's use Bluetooth lot of people such as self almost never make phone calls. Or if you have a bag to carry this and -- -- and anger cargo pocket or hammer pants Air France the debate up in Canada here. Sorry -- too sorry to create and panacea but I -- via the reason that elective which -- but as yet -- And -- -- injury -- users are in the minority. Italy everywhere and in some minority and that's why -- -- big markets here you can express yourself through your Android device Yasser are. Looks like -- -- a tweak here -- when it comes in from a at underscore here have a via Twitter he must know there anyway to control pandora. On injury through voice control on -- does lingo work -- -- lingo do anything but launch pandora so you could stay open at pandora. And it'll do it. But then you're on your own from there of and as you know -- We have to be of of -- searching for a solution to this I wasn't able to find an easy way to do this. -- Google -- -- allow us through their voice control -- software and you sort of custom commands. -- but I mean it's possible that there is some sort of a voice command software out there we can maybe program but -- custom skip. It's just not readily available does not see that it will. Every available but as it stands right now I can't to -- any way to do it -- really very. Ira listeners or viewers. I can think of way to make this work feel free to send us a voicemail are you know at -- a -- underscoring here of the answer on Twitter. And dad maybe we can get this problem -- At one very expensive way to do that's -- According to pandora's blog. YouTube -- -- exactly for -- Ford vehicle -- Ford Fiesta. But -- -- about it right I didn't wanna use -- the -- against that law Thomas that I cosmic. Forcing him thousand dollars for it yet at -- -- so five Ford Fiesta or -- 2012 Ford Fusion or mustang or or listening and Khazei violent. Okay yeah anyway and then with this app link you can use -- control with pandora. These had to drive everywhere -- user that'll be pretty difficult to use on the bus. And I. I wanted a solution -- give him a solution that's on Wednesday yet well yet. Everything they -- 141000 dollars solution. Which makes this next answer the you know clues rules nicely into his next email from Travis rate -- -- and the last. Episode we stated that double as -- receivers run about sixty bucks but he knows a way to get one for route 120. Simply buy cheap. Bluetooth stereo speaker from any store even TC -- has been some times. Remove the speaker and -- -- at either 3.5. Millimeter adapter or a 3.5 millimeter cable. To the wires that were originally. Connect to speakers he systems many times and it almost always. Sounds. Justice whose value quality and ia 6070 dollars adapter. -- -- there's a little bit how Hickory. That's for the -- is added that is -- -- when is. And think about this knows I'll admit -- when looking for solutions that the end of the listener on the last. Podcast by -- only need to though wire stripper and some. -- -- The soldering soldering. Though no doubt they'll hit -- owners twist the wires and now. I did like. How to install a car stereo feature length that it reaches the net -- use like twist on wires and elect a tape. And I get so much hate mail. If you legislative leadership people on YouTube and viewed the freeway in Iowa twisted on first and -- to make -- it -- and it's. Always always -- -- Yes. It's a guys on -- -- I love the -- never miss an episode of wondering how you guys feel about the galaxy nexus getting branded by Verizon. We think it's okay these -- -- just been. What does that mean. And -- what -- your thoughts. That is branded that -- -- it's not called -- the Verizon docks and access it is it will have a logo on the back. At this point I'll be happy if -- whenever you that if the by -- -- exact that it says. The -- that I don't feel about it I just wanna test this was viewed very simple answer. -- yeah. There it is I'll stop -- guys love this you know. I want it to request an episode of Amazon atlas -- -- your boss predictions -- and hopes for Amazon devices running Android. In using their own ecosystem. I also wanted to point out that the Kindle fire and its implementation of Android is very Mac. As OSX is based off in part free BSD and then locked down and meet their own do you think Amazon is doing the same things Android. And now -- I had lecture discussion about this system in the from a neat annual from Maryland and just in united discussion -- before -- assume for the pre show even. -- You know the sort of -- -- the the of the mirroring of taking what's essentially an open system. Making tweaks to it. Calling into -- and sort of not really locking it down but maybe. Hiding away the openness. And -- I think that's a pretty astute. Observation. -- I'm okay with this -- for the purposes. That Amazon is doing -- It's the whole thing is very and steam to me just because the Alec -- OS-X is based on previous. Amazon is based on Android which is based on Linux. Is based on Unix previous Steve is -- so all it all comes back their -- based on the same thing here -- think about it OS-X isn't. Super locked down. -- go back and you can get the terminal. I induced and naturally demands -- out its lead do we need some modifications -- and it can become group. You get root access and I am the concrete yet you are given read access yes the Kindle you have to -- it suits in theory because that thing. Portable device and portable devices you know -- A kind of have to be a little bit more user friendly in that sense it's it's a little bit more locked out -- -- OS-X even as. But it's. I don't know I think it is just get a sort of like splintering off. It to their I don't think it'll hurts the entry ecosystem. At that you'll be interesting to see if -- If Amazon can do with I think they're trying to do in in -- -- to -- Apple success. That with IOS. -- think they don't want you to even consider that it is -- yet it is almost besides the point that I mean it's a bullet point in the list as far as they're concerned that really. You know you'll -- a little Green dude. In any of their their -- pentagon out of -- way to make it not look like. The rest of of and most other -- devices for better or worse I mean the -- -- the interface is pretty easy to use it for example. But you know that's those are my basic offline at the district and I'm kind of in a week and he sort of mode right now I'm very interested see what happens here but I think their. A lot of -- -- saying it's for that may eighth annual. One last. Email Maddux comes informatics. And -- I wonder -- this is that the -- -- from the excellent on the Internet. What is that it's -- Welcome back to it OK Google it. Paid just and it's one. I've been using the my iPhone 3GS for the past 2.5 years and I'm ready to upgrade and Swiss Android. Specifically the galaxy nexus what are some quick tips to get me started and is there any way to transfer my contacts thanks guys. Love the show. Quick tips to get you started. -- if you get in quick tips. Sign up for Gmail account yet. Definitely sign up for a Gmail account or Google apps account as the and it all your stuff going to be seeing to it. And he's basically have go back and watch the previous seventy some odd episodes -- -- -- 74 at this is that -- -- every five yes. And then you know there's. Hundreds I guess it's the first twelve tons and tons of tips where -- On the cnet.com slash injury that -- it lists where you know there how -- -- Now while some quick tips apps suggestions and reviews all of -- -- -- -- -- -- there as far as getting your. Contacts transfered over to union -- for info on -- you're gonna wanna do is while you still have your iPhone. A connect to iTunes and sync your contacts there on in iTunes. Underneath the -- manager there's gonna be. Some sort of a way where you can select which is seeking your context too and he's a drop down their things like outlook or. You know exchange server whatever -- one of those drop downs it's gonna be Gmail are Google contacts. And by selecting that in and logging into your either Gmail account Google apps account. -- you'll sync all of your contacts. With Google contacts which will basically keep all of your. The year names addresses phone numbers email -- in the cloud. In associate -- Gmail account. Now when you -- injury phone your galaxy nexus sometime next month. When you first boot up the phone it'll ask you to log in with a -- account or create a Google account. Those at this point you'll basically log into that same Google account and all of those contacts will be automatically sent. It cut out it's as simple welcome to the -- world elicit your first two and is an upgrade. Visiting from ISO and low rated as automatic yes yet it. Is an extranet for the positive spin on that. -- that there are. That -- so as we suggested. To. Medics you can find all kinds of injury -- related content tips -- -- news. As cnet.com slash injury -- atlas. You can also catch the issue -- atlas weekly. Lies at cnet.com slash slide every Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific. And if you have a question mark comment. You can shoot us an email Android atlas at cnet.com. Or leave us a voice -- 86634. Reports CNET. 86634426. 38 and -- always you can follow us on Twitter the show. Is at Android atlas. I -- met it -- -- -- TE GOO and -- is and it's not my real name. As the -- this week. -- it doesn't see you next week and.
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