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Crave: Ep. 75: Hot for teacher

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Crave: Ep. 75: Hot for teacher

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Eric and Donald run though the latest in desktop haptic devices, including a weather forecaster you can feel and a USB kissing cow. "Tron"-inspired thermoluminescence makes a comeback with some neat shades and an eco-friendly charging cable. And in Geek News, we take a longer look at "The Avengers" movie and a preview of the upcoming "Amazing Spiderman."

It is Tuesday February 7. -- experience in the crave podcast. I'm Donald bell and Eric Franklin I'm ready for the experience. Get warmed up but I'm already crying now -- are pleased as -- conversation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Blogging from home but that she's an with a series in our hearts partner with -- we'll get through this together. All of this together so -- -- What she might be playing around with right now from the comfort her -- home is the -- scope. She writing this is -- -- -- a weather forecasting. Device that uses haptic technology. To translate. Tomorrow -- cast. Into a temperature that you can reach out in field with their hand on its aluminum Q okay Aaron. Are out and see where this could be useful you know like how hot exactly going to be tomorrow like said he agrees means nothing to write or. In I don't know if that means I -- from reference I've never even been sitting degree weather numbers are yes how does let me -- yeah I -- feel things that I don't like thinking about numbers it is what I'm saying it. So -- he seen touched the yeah yeah. Okay -- manicured king announced -- And edit it gives you a sense temperatures. And -- and of course you know like any good project that we talked about on crave it says ultimately powered by -- hardly -- interface of course. That you likes inward Argentina or do we -- -- email. Kathleen -- board yet. -- I'll forget how article also Vallely vlan on the bottom today indicate you can do like red or blue the basis Nicole doubt they'd -- at the -- discounted the the glow so what it's a hundred degrees out -- as those that. He's a metal. That's a hundred degrees and that -- he could make -- -- Allah. And freezes and ice. -- -- earth and yeah I have anything Indian and -- in the palace in your fingers. So who. It's one tomorrow columns. You know what to Wear recently on the go outside. Or use any kind of judgment they're really two reasons though it's two reasons I like this one is that it -- it's another way to kind of -- it beyond that the screen or a number it's a way to translate outside information into something in the home to kind of in Iraq. There are -- second reason is it's another one of these little tiny dedicated cube like devices. And we would have now all -- -- in our home like the little Molly. Graham ball spinning device the low printer things -- little -- -- and now this name -- All of translating the world's information into our homes these adorable little keys -- The future using cubes should -- invest in cubes where you're saying cubes in and aren't we now. -- -- yeah I guess the secret of Donald success -- -- and checking out is it's and it's. Concept right now -- it started pretty interest in another one another. -- -- -- Q this is a pig shaped. Name is now also slightly wounding bunnies Charlie playing with -- -- and it could be just lucky I am. Kissinger. Are and we talked about trans. Global. -- -- -- -- I the one we talked about before it's like you've put it thank you and Michael tong control there you French kiss over these -- -- -- that. Oh million barrels on -- here this is a little bit more -- it -- That's kind of. The outlook will be outside of your mouth doesn't get violated party -- -- -- hasn't violated just that that you know that let kids started off as a little bit hot. -- -- -- -- Yeah I guess it just like. Pressing your -- that long -- -- -- -- -- Yet. And -- and not just about this I think it needs to be square I think all of these things need to be Q lake. Yet this is cube like. You'd be kind of cooler it be cooler much hotter. Of things get weird and so I -- it -- It uses like a little motor to vibrate the -- and translate that are particularly and in the fart sounds great -- -- look at the press that if there's some says sexy hips. Little. Flaps of skin and being blown by -- the idea that -- of technique as I -- -- Catholic -- -- raspberry alive for boats can't be romantically. Russia. As well behind that behind that led lit vibration and nowadays they -- as an alternate uses for this debate here. -- -- -- -- Yeah so this is not against non self -- of the concepts by. This is a thing this is officially now this thing is something you can sell -- can -- -- -- -- selling you can buy it now can -- -- -- Nazis in those -- -- mean that this this idea of these little dedicated devices. For communicating. Information across the Internet -- -- home and interacting with it either by touch or -- -- lists or rule. Gum ball. Or through. Printed -- of adorable Paper. Or something you're I agree if you that the content should be a recurring segment on the show at this point -- content about things like this every yet -- feel like. That must mean something that must have some kind of meaning that we there's more more devices out there that can do that kind of thing that can transmit this kind of physical information. Across the Internet miserable and in that direction. -- you know what I don't care because -- -- specs are coming. It's physicals that disclosing that they are coming to -- -- specs we -- ensuring there this guy. Thank you man. It's kind. -- -- -- And out what you -- on. IMac I I I threw me off that might have had in the wrong -- but what I wanna talk about right now. -- -- -- I mean US the super cool -- news. With a then -- area. Yes this angry than days and bring in the future of -- -- sunglass technology and his. -- -- -- And it looks. To boots and jeans or -- it says another kick start a project is another thing that -- recurring segment -- one year of kick starter share you know death. Gadgets has he reached his goal yet. I think cell and you say these are -- started coming in April. He galloped past his 101000 dollar on Ingle also sunglasses. Where the future well where parents -- who allegedly -- so they'll. -- project that cool looking neon glow outward -- some people with CU -- is super cool let them. Classes by Cooley -- Blu-ray you know let it become a different colors you could have your logo on them they're novelty glasses yeah -- tags. -- I want to -- yeah there's -- he had a mile and a -- the where doesn't see anything. God I hope they don't see there that's like one way from when we mirror company yet. -- -- Well you get your -- and -- in just enjoy all of the turned on looks. Now the ladies and Randy -- to connect -- -- who lose access. -- -- And in our -- gets it -- so you know -- -- -- and the novelty eyewear thing. Help -- even if you're not at that and I'd. Like I can I want to see this as I kind of wanna see people walking around with. You know with these -- It seems so eighty some. -- But -- CA's -- so. Well these things now now yes a machine and reviewed games and eighty's Nintendo. If not all school -- -- this lawlessness -- It. It -- with -- hugging and crying. Let us I want is usually the only show it anyway. And that same. Vein of eliminated gadgetry there is this new -- -- cable concept or of action this man action becoming. -- -- -- is treating this. Visible Green only needed charging cable. Uses electrical -- wire I believe to be able to show you how much. Went when your gadgets are charging are lit the drop of electricity that they're doing and -- as the gadget fills up in this battery life is. Sufficient -- are slowing down and then turns off on a -- So that's -- -- -- the but this is simulation. That was not is not this is not a cable itself -- I've yet supposed to look this don't. Support it so as not dying -- -- -- what's. You don't. If they haven't finished it like it may not show real beauty of this. I feel the -- this concept. Because the concept video selling it started I am being sold are to pricing on this yet it tripled -- seriously I -- this right now at 35 dollars. Alone. -- doesn't look -- cool. When used as a chuckle. When they weren't sure the real video. That the kind of yet and -- hear from I'm a little suspect. But dead. -- hope it happens -- -- in the -- we need more needles openness means it out on a daily basis. -- -- It's we don't know enough things and how -- distractions for me the better medical supposed to be measure for Green energy conservation that your Mac you can see when new gadgets are drawing power -- -- you know Al so they can automatically shut off. -- so this will automatically -- ask all of that. Only drawing partly on you not using bright Green except when. You're in the future. Corning's vision of the future vision version version vision version four of their vision a glass filled future. From Corning. I love these concert videos they show me a little. Indispensable their technology is going to be in the future. So that's -- happening gas somehow their third the last allows them to project tolerance around. And -- they're glad architectural glass here is is slowly and revealing the -- -- sign that says that. Electro chromatic glass. Was a little girl own tablet. And then -- like Samsung and vision mclarty's scene you've got the touch screen window. Helping yeah well this looks where Mac -- -- Is a rich family -- here. We each little -- -- tablet. Usually. And is that same brain metabolism doesn't actually need any component decided it was good solid four -- -- -- Yeah -- the beaver that so embarrassed. -- days. It's Odeo. As speculative -- you can mix and you kicking the -- at the -- -- -- Yes and -- enough. The dimming the -- news. And the school all runs on May just like you're happy Dow Corning -- Photovoltaic glass. Help keep all those tablets -- -- We really do some of that can you sleep he honey put on it. What it does -- didn't reflect -- -- and discussion. All right kids don't learn about Chrome. In the dashboard desktop everything it's just glass everywhere making this happen. It's fragile future. With his -- -- going to be a very some energy future Hyundai itself. Where all the teachers are as hot as -- In the in the all the little boys looked like had to teach academic polemic in tablets same solemn and profanity and have -- in any -- discussing here I am pretty -- years. Hubble's Google is. Such. -- shift in outlook. If you Sonos app and invited all means that -- my teacher that's all you need to say. -- in the technology. -- about technology because they used to that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is doing this because bill doesn't do is just a social. Was -- as the teachers -- the -- -- -- you know is because she was able to get dressed in the morning using doubt technology. Our morning technology. To help -- pick -- her outfit. -- -- Optimizing each -- because that she -- that it would pick -- her outfit the school with -- beautiful from its. Legacy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- CUR hospitals of the -- all me out of anti microbial glass. So I am guessing that this is a doctor in some other country he's talking to. Not on the other side of that wall if you kick out of it as a little bit counter productive -- would -- dividend. I'm waiting yesterday and his -- now this. You'll -- -- that surround. Them with legal offensives and with -- Later we end date and known because there only to be here for a couple minutes if you're hopeless. Wanna see if it was. Because it tests in between two pieces of glass. We're teleport you this Maryland. And -- house and a glass and I think they're gonna make comments and -- bill wow. How is the easiest grade student ever stand -- -- and congratulate since. You've. Been to them about they -- the two finger gesture and those content. -- -- -- Oh that the guy with the with the these new genetic engineering we glass can -- -- of our -- CG. Will be so cheap in the future. Anyone under it. I think it's someone's -- -- Andy. -- -- getting into warrior now that the pressed a button mixture. What we're dead -- Even in the future CG animation will be an adorable. He's -- -- wait a minute. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- According to him about it last night. And it scares -- and. Among the problems that establishes. That I'll he'd works during the day. Or wait. -- Used to from -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is a single she's back in the none of the closet. Teachers and so amazing to see if it isn't -- me lonely for parents as are all single parents it's what we've -- -- Well it classes but separate them corny like -- accidents -- and when. Even. Manages. -- That's the -- You're welcome. -- -- support that what else do we have to talk about there. Maybe. A segment. Called. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think Google something like this is simulate trying to romance set out with -- my dance skills and bright well. That's not -- styles this budget it's who said none worked out okay if I really it is needed to -- that it. You could better -- yes speaking of making it happen. All the vendors make it happen that Donald yet they will make it happen -- -- is a team. A very powerful. Being that a more powerful better looking. -- UI -- will ever be. And there's a movie coming out give her about this -- has heard about this is -- -- movie looks pretty good yet the trailer out its latest -- trailer thirty seconds. Good -- from his misses a man in a low specs yes we'll specs where the wells specs so what you're doing -- -- But others local specs but there wasn't a one minute version of that trailer that was released and you too. -- This unit at its present. -- -- -- -- -- I still believe -- What we call ourselves Earth's mightiest heroes and -- We have a whole. I am signal here. -- I mean you didn't know if I need to be -- -- -- her classmates -- his caddie -- the glass Paper right now. CNET -- like fifty times -- -- in and just watching it is. Still it is as excellent as -- as as -- interest -- I actually was noticing myself when watching the trailer -- as -- painted it to myself how was reacting. Be the most embarrassing thing in the world if you -- -- -- -- Yes I was literally doing that and held my hand them out -- Almost like a little Q I have is I'm such a low key when it comes to this kind of stuff and just revert back to that content at an emotional state. When I'm watching this that because it's so exciting and it looks like has done so yet and I know you're not in the -- -- -- -- -- and I know you're not as excited about but. What a couple of things that I really like what they trailer. On -- point out well first of all -- features like the best shot of Hawkeye we've seen so far we think falling out of something also and it does is like a young girl like bunny ears burning through. That first shot. By Hollywood doesn't grow the right yeah right yeah -- saw that not too -- -- -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- is it's kind of that extremists can freebies -- It looks like she -- but years at which the I don't think -- -- -- your head. She's if she's -- in -- -- that is -- what is it. She alleged can be a future where you want the event I'd probably -- No other marine that is bunnies. Some of the -- supersonic hearing inability -- briefly supersonic here and now. Our of the body. -- -- -- have laser eyes or whatever other and -- and nobody has one. BM will -- have big tree -- run tests they go scope can. Strip around. I'll and guess what like as it -- -- -- -- -- Hawkeye it also. And the way that we plays out to me and this is probably. Pretty predictable -- -- Austin com. If he knows he is the commitment grappling hook -- right now cause these problems it's out yet looked as if it's a the way he plays out for me issues. You know nick Perry gets all these guys together and -- Full of egos and whatever else like this guy -- not anything like your father must start you know -- -- -- And golf and -- the -- does have as big fight flight in his awesome and they're just. Each other's asses and so but then. You know there's something that happens and something that is open to all foreigners have been some serious gonna -- just -- love Dudek -- he -- it. -- you like that. Is fun all -- you know belief on the way and and then two minutes later. You're dead you know it's a great column he loves the got to say that I bet that's gonna happen. -- all the band together and actually gonna fight as a team for the first time you see that one shot. -- -- -- -- -- -- The chemicals around and that's going to be their first time what they like all right we're we just did something work. You know we've come to get his team and I'm gonna take -- take these guys down and entities have is this can be -- Neil I think what you're saying about the -- -- teachers effect on students I think when he realizes Scarlett Johansson is involved in the movie Apollo L. On again so you think so yeah you saying the students are the inventors and let's let's let's just stop fighting and appreciate the Scarlett -- if -- with -- via. You do that I can appreciate that. Closely at -- every other that they appreciate Donald. Is the amazing Spiderman. All the lyrics -- about this movie actually counterfeit items -- -- -- on July 3. Until I saw this trailer mr. Taylor really has -- -- I was gonna go to that we -- layer of want but this is -- the trailer so how long so. You don't. The same opening set and. You can't. Expand its transparent tormented. Tell us a little bit about yourself just Parker but must tolerance pews. And uncle. You can't just let -- -- and network but when will this guy wears a mask like outlook I think he's trying to do so maybe the police can't can't. I don't think you're gonna steal cars don't dress like -- park you -- users you don't cubs -- -- tyrant and loosen. I know it's been rough for you eight. -- all about that day fusion dance. It was apparent secrecy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- gonna change the lives of millions including nine. Extraordinary how did you come up business. -- rumored new species in New York. Campaign address site. Just don't think I created and. 38 that -- New York's finest. Vs one -- -- -- -- I initially an arrest warrant. For the masked vigilante. Known as Spider-Man. -- -- -- Here's a thing and I am -- want to talk again it feels like it's trying really hard to be that. You know as far as in dealing. Darker and I'll let Mike Nolan back that -- me like Chris from Olivia academy in stark and the guy and sellers coming coming -- that -- atone for. The new breed Spiderman reboot and doesn't have the -- Rainey wins the that was -- prevalent in the last couple films and I account I don't know honesty that -- and also like all of it says. The power to power -- in the police power structure of of Gotham. Alike for I guess it's like being both -- that -- and then against them and then like picture. Ended but I feel like building plan fuels and -- is universal themes if you really tackles a superhero story realistically yeah those are gonna be. You know -- bills come a plot points. Those kind of themes are going. LA intrinsic to that kind of bad -- wave action I feel like you know what does -- -- will -- what -- least think about this what armed. You know -- duty like that did not like me they have and we need weenie break away from that the war. Right you can't write it -- let's take the rainbow bridge over the likeness. Right exactly exactly yeah yeah and yet even in the -- there's a little bit at the shield it's you know it's it's -- -- that. To separate a superhero story from that country late he's -- law enforcer at least you can move the law into his own hands how we handle -- else. -- is only movies that -- really cool. -- can really go until it -- in the mismanagement what does -- masked -- -- on for those guys make the most underdog character. Yet that character is always been is an -- either nerdy kid and deceased partly still -- -- -- But you know -- -- -- super strong and -- -- neared. And what I really like about this this new movies at their -- they're -- back to the original mechanical web shooters. And items only fan boys try to help but end of movies they went with organic web shooters which at the time -- -- -- as -- Extinct you know was made about it from fan boys just -- guru -- It involved me that much I really do like that they're going back in the count corruption what -- use it it kind of as a limited his character in his his -- just. His intelligence his intellect they really added Philip they really -- convey that really well India. The other experiments my house parties what do you think about this -- -- this is that this is. Opening up an old. It's it's kind of a new meaning to me -- -- I think it's as penalty should come as -- On -- have a campaign for awhile and share about him being constantly -- -- Biden yeah Mike actually Andy and action would have been really cool yeah. Well as like some other weighed in need to give a new dimension to -- These characters gesture all -- breaks away. -- -- traditional -- Sure all Peter Parker in the comic has has always been treated as -- -- a white guy com. And I really like Andrew Garfield the parents women those -- in the social networking is really great that so stories via S are really -- real acting like it is really good actor. Com. And recently they kind of so spoiler spoiler isn't yet -- ultimate Spider-Man comic book. Okay -- as well as -- -- Peter Parker. Dies. And then -- universe from someone dies their diet. So he -- And this other kid who's half. Latino and half black has taken over as vitamin. Home. Nothing is in miles more out Morales is is that -- -- name -- Peter Parker. Problem but he's he looks he's and he's a kid of color you know he Spiderman council it's because -- controversy behind didn't support the same time to -- -- see it I think. We're coming closer to seeing that kind of thing we can have a different take on a character this you know. Not taken into account necessary in his race but the -- is more than just a white guy in the suit. He's he's he's kind of symbolic -- ease when he puts a mascot that's -- with people relate to him causing some -- -- -- master chief in halo. Nor can see we as when he hasn't asked that no if you -- mascot for London he was because he is the masked men and -- angry -- that the -- appreciate that -- them to a bad man where he used it as I'll need some. Reached through evidence yet -- -- its -- is some rich. -- -- -- -- It's Gavin Newsom is that it can hold its basic. So yes yeah I agree -- -- -- would have liked that CNET. I think. There is the chance of that happening are higher now that -- establishing its. That they're seventeen now that they can do something different with the Spider-Man character now you know someone else -- be so. They -- a two trailer looks that yet -- yet. So that's all I have this file we have done -- we don't we just stick for. If you wanna contact us knew that I crave at cnet.com. And -- it's been awhile since and then you can contact with the outside world Russell on the Twitter. You got that. Q&A. If you want -- rant and rave about a review -- story well done. And that's enough and I don't I don't wanna -- that you get enough of that in and you can find the stories we'll be talking about next week on crave blog. -- Now. I -- guys next week. -- --

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