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Crave: Ep. 74: Chaotic neutral

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Crave: Ep. 74: Chaotic neutral

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This week, our Crave team talks about treats for tweets, geeky furniture, intelligent bullets, and a way to strap your phone to your face. In Geek News, we have a new Avengers trailer, a discussion on good and evil, and the gamification of our lives.

It's Tuesday January 31 you're experiencing the crave podcast. I'm Donald bell. -- -- Pinky again this -- adequate financing -- Million at a very very special of a somber. Down. And the buttons now. It's an investigating sleep deprived Donald yeah and I'm I'm just gonna let you guys carry the show go for -- Problem in -- -- -- I can't. Actually this person primary -- -- about this is. The the Molly V -- heir to the Ali to the smell -- between computer connected device that now look. Molly Wood has had a couple decades. Ago is what an early that -- they -- it okay that night on winning. It's the Ali with a device that we've talked about Russia -- on the immediate shipment -- Not that it was -- USB connected kick starter funded project where it would like if you successfully. Got your tweet me -- it would pop out a little cents. So -- a new dimension cheered your Internet experience would be the sense of smell right ticket. While -- Packing -- that any of those. Those devices -- -- when I remembered the eventually and smelling fishy. -- And that's not anything but not even gonna I don't -- Amalia Molly is I think -- them much more her. Sellable. Version of the -- sell me -- pat it spits out gum balls. You get that they get -- -- -- -- compact. We definitely -- -- you just. -- -- -- -- Machines live -- -- -- is that it's about and then that robot and now it's okay he has to be Bieber is Obama. That'll be great. That's a -- don't ask them to send in my match sound to -- There so he did she get -- pal lobbying and gum -- reward searched for saying something so pithy -- on the Internet that it got between. -- -- he was almost reached thing. I am never took the -- By each of those tweets that would actually. It retreated LDP -- was average time for the tweet -- so good gets re tweet I had an own. -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- this is this theme song to the sleep I did not get -- -- -- -- You can look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Come slowly like a little piece that it's running -- Actually reminds me a lot of that was a little -- the little yeah yeah. -- -- -- had -- that those two right next to each other it's all consuming. Let me get your computer rate next. We're ruling that you can have a little Fuzzy you're gonna -- like a laptop has gone on here say it's now made it -- -- -- your own Fuzzy bear yeah. Right does it says that it. Let's say. You're out now for the better suited up and going to united cement the idea that I'm into furries yeah him last and Australia. And I got. -- -- key party Mario party -- -- to try the case that. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's got a gum machine. -- It. Yeah right here. I am. So -- -- novelty of this of course will eventually expire. You placement throat in the garbage and called out to the dump. Where you'll be turned into. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here are our nation's addiction -- gadgets is really just. Grist for the proverbial old sawmill of of eco who -- -- furniture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- English exam rooms -- You should take an honest yeah I think I -- those words in the right order this is you're delirium and here again. This is where it's sourcing delirium for your benefit I think is -- show title. But what done all this -- You gotta. Get a mirror to put -- -- I think -- -- too -- title in the title this Mickey really. Cool LA bomb civil -- let me sit on these things what you. Little have you -- exactly this. -- to -- -- its name -- lines now and is taking. -- pitchers are called new. And Nicole new noon -- candidates and -- plus sign. EW -- stands for no more active electronically adult can. But basically he gets all this like old -- donated from this recycling company -- take -- -- And any pours it into a small mentors -- popular as an over it and then they command is these two years. Calling and print TE into -- yeah yeah oh so where would. We -- you see this is its only. Shown in a home. And you can actually special order one -- and when we -- -- we will what kind of person who committed don't know the pricing and I imagine it's. I got here. -- -- -- None I think they should definitely make these in like a particular vintage Mickey can get just eighties electronics he charity he yeah all like that -- in Teddy -- -- And like your. Walkman and spray you announce Ian sayers mountain -- and -- all 21 particular. Meet -- yes and then number two it kind of looks like it digested. Like innards of like some robot but it looks at some you know yeah crazy. But trying to armed robot would have -- one of these out. Or -- -- you know while these kind valley. -- -- any you know and a -- an entire post apocalyptic earth that buildings will be monuments lenient out of -- yeah that kind of blocks. Unlike acted like -- around. Here -- you're decade themed com idea picture. Com. But the I think the media's probably -- -- when Columbus it's collars sixty days ago but there. More furniture this one not exactly sustainable. -- guess again an infinite number of trees more old school. A Star Trek enterprise. Sheet. -- It. -- -- -- -- Not a -- if it's. It would look cooler in an all star -- -- house here I think that's that's part of I think it's an all star shaking her -- -- but I remember there was that -- are checked the department. Wii but about us in the is my gagging negativity ads placed -- had to district has a -- because copyright divorce. Bow. The couple got divorced or something and admin can achieve -- -- -- house Virginia -- half. Did -- can't put it. And a Murphy -- half -- -- era but from my 87. -- It's the black let -- purple leather -- And commitment that only you will remember that -- -- -- cropped -- and now I just. All. Opens as those -- and so some of the then divorced when I get to anyway has it. I checked the apartment design of his -- we now he can force the content. He's read so you can heal this coffee tables can't exist so -- in the hasn't. It yet. It seems. They come with a voice to it and -- trying to figure it out and it seems a little pandering to me it seems like -- Star Trek right guys you're dead then there. And beyond that it's like okay I can appreciate someone actually -- this out of -- What I don't really want this in my -- my living room now -- -- -- now what if human it's a little too on the nose and you know what if what if you get lasers -- here's something like some kind of actual functional element in the cocktails -- on -- -- Some kind of -- in this -- in the cell little light up seeing tablet via the actual committee is the one thing maybe if it was actually -- like it. It was wasn't -- it -- didn't look like wood it was actually -- -- whatever may or might it -- -- TC seventeen whatever. -- -- be more intuitive. Yeah we had -- you have to still look cool. But you know and of them are not gaming industry are euthanized scratched -- -- -- -- right. Got it doesn't matter is we're all gonna be dead soon anyways thanks to -- the new self guiding bullet. Developed by Sandia National Laboratories well yeah yeah this is easy this is out -- some want its stuff for no longer do you need to even to the aim precisely at what she want to -- right because people will do the work -- -- bulletin yet. -- this is I an interest being shrinking at the same technology that makes self guided missiles except it's that it's losing some of the technology. -- it actually. Can you needed -- direction -- a missile for precise you know with your Arrington -- -- And because it has a much shorter distance to go on because it's such a smaller device and if they need to be so inexpensive. They Whittle down the parts and they meet these little. They're basically it's controlled by a little blades. On the side of the bullet -- turning give it some. Precise direction to make up to. -- thirty. Correction -- can correct its path thirty times per second goal we why are Apple. While any -- and so it it can go wildly off course. So yeah I know like at right angles that -- Shura its as yet. It's pretty close and it's as functional and its -- needs it means mean that's crazy I. Now that that the other part of this equation of course is figuring out how to target what you. Looking like their -- be some way that and it can follow a path and be corrected. You still have to have something to get. Nowhere. In -- like -- traveling so fast -- you've done to correct. And at times -- to correct. Its path if it's also about. Also -- the -- that -- night shooting table and then breaking accurate yeah exactly your privacy here okay coming bullets travel. Extreme but I -- -- -- And of Arizona's technology part of it may be priced at in this -- some some rightful iPad. You know yeah yeah exactly picking -- the people you wanna kill animals and her -- and -- is -- on a map on its. I understand in the plane that'll let us differs. I will be different that's that's our them without ads aimed at bets that could be -- right -- I -- it is something that. You know CU teen six already -- it was like crap music for like the last ten years -- my thing. Miller -- -- -- does make it public. You know again -- so horrifying. Ingesting. Analysts and decide to create park -- There's more of -- -- Option is to go all the way to the extreme. He'd go to GO. Hands free -- -- use this data via. A new in commercial. -- and out. On TV. AdAware. If they say -- -- band with a suction cup. Vacuum suction cup. Your device. Bright year head so they -- -- captured this image from linking out how to pick up six seminars and went from this video right here okay and why do I stick stopping your. Now hold the right to vote on it one of subjective so what Mississippi and -- -- Yes -- objects. To develop that you have to and from -- dvds. It's been all that high -- setting -- the back of any well flip phones. Phones even landline Tina -- -- now. Goes once we we need your left and so's. Even an old man you -- put up a large. Critics said. -- -- -- -- -- Willow could -- a noble idea being ahead of time at night and -- my -- and an -- and maybe I'll -- a you -- -- was the person. Well -- cats are getting it and I. We got will come from. -- actually -- the highway is a laptop lines as well and -- -- -- cheerleader yeah you're doing it. Just announced yet. -- I now I laughed but -- day it's been it is. Hands free calling the cars -- public safety. -- some effort to night. But you can't text with that thing. Attach your face yeah and an annual possible result -- -- -- having your phone and the strapped your faithful. Stop. Announcements over a long -- The answer. Yeah that's on. And appreciate. It's available now. And it you know you know budding entrepreneurs and yeah. And I can't really. About someone for Canadian trying to sell it you know. This to. The millions. It's and it's. Yes there -- different. And also. It is the headband with a suction cup right brain that's -- that's -- it again yeah and that's a school with a simple idea -- he says he knows he's actually selling it in he's saying hey this is. Something that I these two things that we didn't think it would. Work together no one even thought about it now putting together as simple and easy easy and whatever. Means the -- isn't news was none of those -- walk around like it's like with -- phones banks stuck to their face. You can do podcasts recently shipped to -- known. Signature on this. -- instead getting hit handpicked and everything you cancel next week ratings. -- is a little bit and other. Yeah and I am so now -- -- -- crave the ocean doing and segment -- to do that crave or crave. Pencils -- that's Brian Tong yeah -- and it's going back in practice Rafah. Bar. And -- -- load of trying it out leaving at the yet to figure out when I won't judge you. I'll end model you know. I wanted to I understand it yet suddenly is that your face there Eric -- now the other -- and it -- -- not exactly it. -- -- Speaking of -- Let's do a little. Segment at call. Meanwhile. It now what you go what the hole of doom instead of the holy justice I was just curious trying to think discuss that video yeah okay so that that's those that is like there was nothing yet there was no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean it. Cammie previously -- -- you I can't infinity on an evil. Which will get to later. Anyway -- do that he's spent his deacons segment you as excited and pumped -- -- the -- and interest after the okay and could it really -- in the drilling -- -- -- -- -- Delirium is over. A no no it's. His mouth to get and I think -- and make different colors right now the you're trying to make out of me at some point -- -- -- -- -- -- so anything can happen yeah okay good. So it -- this week column during this book -- reality is broken. It's a book about -- basically and it says that I basically reality is broken and -- gains are. Much better -- Inspiring us and encouraging us to get better. -- and that reality doesn't have. Those rules in place in those now. Those things -- kind of -- pushing forward in games and -- incentives that that yeah exactly that bad. That I view games -- in and it goes into how we can fix reality by applying a lot of the things that work in video games. Into reality like. One of the of one of the arm and one of that. Really good examples is home. Scott ERGs or -- augmented reality games where. Is one called chore wars -- like that where using your wife where you -- roommate you can sign up he created -- on the site. And you earn points for the notch towards you do and you know has eaten into that whole competition thing like who's more points who is not level up. Does he think about it and I thought about this a -- it's like there's no real measurable way to to -- to show people that you. Really gotten better at something in the real world like no real tangible way -- you can get better -- things but. It's a lot easier to do that video games when you level up -- -- -- -- -- some all of level fifteen addresses. You know well around the life for forty years does -- say anything you know it's like. Like in the games like okay I want them to have this much intelligence on this much better than someone whose level five or. You know on the on the I was good at this level -- I acting kind of work -- and can do these specific things to get to that level. In you don't really have -- idea but as if -- does it offer late. I waited -- -- -- I guess that's it that's it bagels and it'll probably happily finished the book -- and it goes I'd like deeper into a home. Like wasted at the -- to the -- fly. On what we learn about what works in video games -- reality that is that there's a school that -- has. That kind of video game structure set up in the schools will be our students. -- home. -- have requests. To it is is more about home learning. And performance so there's no better grades revealing that you do is can level up. In -- we have levels in the school and it's more focus on learning is like. And teaching other kids now instead of just like getting a preformed this -- get an a or whatever it's more about like. Spend as much time doing this. You know -- doing this when tasks and you'll get this many points but that that camera focus it focus -- -- student learning more than just before so yes I mean. They'll happily through it but -- villages in -- -- think people who are into video games -- -- games -- me. Would. Appreciate if you're gonna -- some. I was gonna say. Al well I always think about that when you're thinking about like you read -- things like -- One's experiences don't easily does add up automatically. Yet to -- gamers. Point submit everything. -- level -- days it has no lake level up ranking on year. You on what he poured into patty poured -- to -- yourself a better. Greater person yeah right -- -- on the other side of that lake. There's no. You could be a really crappy person. Probably just. In less intellectually but like a -- personality has -- -- -- of -- just goes back -- -- like emotional intelligence services share you know measurable intelligence and that via. And I think about this when I see is actually how I make myself feel better I see someone on Xbox has an amazing gamer -- chair I think -- -- -- -- you would probably yeah yeah. Carson writer Lara and her idea right so the -- justify them just. -- he's -- city and it couch. -- and ignoring all of your responsibilities. And loved -- -- -- -- that -- -- I think that that's why do you think you do that -- -- that does that make -- -- that makes you feel better about not having his highest gamer score. Then it tells me rationalize it right now I I could chase after that or -- just. -- cool and I'd feel better about that. And variety alignment softly and her family yeah. You're assuming that you're better than that. So I think that there's there's about I feel I previously announced that -- things that may -- spit the bit given the classroom of kids -- Already hard wired to respond well to -- that they usually -- -- She said -- kids born in 1990 and later. Are you know they're bored with the AT&T -- this. This kind of idea where they know they can go into this game into east tangible rewards just like that they can go and and then have that. What school. -- necessarily get that. You know its its its its its a different environment. -- is the amassing classroom setting you'd have that super competitive kid. Who didn't get to the head of the class and -- all that stuff in this like celebrated but maybe he's a -- you know right whereas they and it's still like. The cool -- smoking pot behind yet cafeteria right who are really. You know -- cook it well that tyrant could going to be Steve Jobs you know so -- -- get. Additional and the cafeteria and you get -- out. -- of a person or yes I agree. Donald and just calls -- Tarrant does a good school. -- that could be a anyway it's it's it's it's a really interesting read and if you're into the -- organize your views intimately what makes people happy it's like that well these two. And speaking of of wasting your time we're not wasting your time -- games. I've been very -- to a and IOS game but like the last three days have been trying to get -- and mountain top into this game if you haven't. An iPhone or iPod Touch or even iPad is not. An iPad does -- -- -- discipline and -- I recommend you get this free this game call hero academy. It's kind of like a a version of chess in that you know you have different pieces or characters that had different skills -- -- like that but. Has lot of RPG elements are added on top of it. And -- -- com. -- that is at it like features a secret -- game -- so that. Like a complete -- can have a -- due bunch of different games go on our budget for people. A line and I can does make my move in and wait until they make their move and can check back later or you know -- -- along later and then make another -- and see what they did not -- a -- view -- the TV content and -- slide out like. Ten or fifteen games going on with complete strangers right now because no one I know it has the game in Orlando who actually lets it do -- -- that's what. And I first heard of that ultimately decides gains or -- -- -- -- into -- that and that's the strangers in whatever and I don't use it like that it. I got into it and it's really cool it's really fun and once you really get into the deep strategy of it while how to use certain carriages of a best. It gets even more fun -- and no new options and whenever. On yeah it's -- so check out -- academy. You have an IOS device guys. Second how body a look at that you may yet has yet to get my iPhone so that 1% like that I'm I'm biased I don't have it should. Although not much. And I. I really liked the game is. It's it's like games and less that of the games a last that long in the -- time -- -- in them but -- -- time he's been checking to see it's a one. -- you know made another move -- can -- you can. And -- I don't need that and life media is ready. In -- have a mini games so that's something I can do while walking home. From -- And speaker of walking. An infinite. -- -- All -- The walking dead -- starts -- the -- I believe this Sunday the second. Season two part two starts to -- And they released a four minute the first four minutes of -- -- first episode. And I suppose boilers -- -- if you don't wanna see what happens as not that much that you know he wouldn't expect to happen but. I'm pretty excited because of the way the last episode -- it was pretty cool nice twists at the end I don't want a Metasploit but it was a very nice twist. -- in a season so far that's. Think and I hit -- miss you know alone and a bunny he watched. I walking dead man. But I only got as far as he's institute for the first episode but not -- -- 12 episode seasons and and then man yeah you see that because it was -- -- -- long -- and -- head. It was during -- move site colleagues that haven't had a okay -- you -- you weren't nodding to sit and wait and I was like yeah -- -- again rate from the beginning yeah. -- some pretty good twists in and and I think Donald has caught up with the walking dead on how to act say kudos to blocking bettered AMC. As I caught up. On as much they -- on Netflix yeah and then -- ran into little ball of two you have yeah and then usually that there's that gap like only guy can't download the current stuff right. That is all available although although I am able to catch up on the rest of the seasonal or on Netflix. Through Amazon or to active rank them yeah Amazon get the -- dedicated gaelic you know it to but it doesn't mean it was worth it. But it totally -- mean I have to possibly. You know yeah since -- lies in order it's exactly nor can get the content that's totally addicted to pay mommy -- figures showed just give me the content and I I have -- -- all the time it finally. Aim to see if somebody figured out some say look let them run into that streaming laws and -- the by the -- And that's that's great -- that's a great thing that that's a great way to do it -- it streaming wal we have the first season stream them and then like the current or you know that later seasons you can just like okay well. If you want you can pay just two dollars to finish and -- you're addicted and -- do you wanna do you know you got me -- yeah exactly so that's pretty good that's trivia. Pretty Smart of them. Com I think this -- probably gonna. Like lonely at least the first four minutes are kind of focuses on the that like the differences between now with chain and written you know he -- In -- wondering which way they're gonna go. You can probably figure out. Which alignment these guys are you mean by this new -- picture. That aside assets once it was on FaceBook. -- can -- but I am expressed. Sorrow is an official act idea. -- -- -- Column if you can throw -- out a statement that that gurgling mom if you -- plagued the -- you know all of well class alignment. Kind of you when you play RPG tables -- RPG game like they try to follow your old alignment. In this is really cool because armed this picture's really cool because. It takes quotes directly from the show or this year -- or the movie. You know someone had said about that character they said themselves that kind of a home. The kinds implies there they are -- alignment. Alone and Iowa -- in the middle is the one -- middle pissed I tree -- Hours to crucial because you know he's he's got -- aside because Apple is on has -- -- exactly as Lee says in the movie now trying to figure out. Like which alignment I am human -- -- be really honest about this if you gotta back up her second. Come -- but it's it can. He's what I -- so slightly but I think I may be. One of two which is Yucca neutral or lawful evil which is kind of weird problem that -- not lawful good. Neutral good. I like to think I'd be neutral good -- -- from firefly whereas like. By the cord as if I kill you you know you're gonna be facing me I'm gonna open you can have he's gonna have a gun in your hand -- -- -- -- -- can. Not that -- No one is I mean I mean no one has any one of right right okay great characters it sure -- -- -- in super you know -- yes and all that. Whenever I had to. If -- -- most of my actions and I'd look Google's actions on -- for you. Haven't activated. Yeah elevator and commentators. Is that you can kind of see that it or or chaotic neutral. No. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Last one year gap so. I'm just -- and the build out and -- crushing it. -- -- -- don't -- -- alignment you could probably fix you know you probably. Are aligned each of these characters in the upcoming dangers movie into one of those nine elevenths there -- they are released in the -- in the dangers trailer. This Sunday. -- -- They're gonna chill as a boat trailer on us -- -- gonna -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- treatments -- they -- demonstrated our citizens and assured and they released a 172. Teaser it's an entry it has moments ago. -- -- -- -- -- A lot of stuff blowing out a music -- that's from the movie or from somewhere I don't know what is. Deftly I'd probably ethnic and aren't so different news. Meter deep beauty and Watson Super Bowl they had had -- -- -- I think it -- and -- Thank you for joining us if you'd like to watch us again and you can do that next week on Tuesday's yes this with our usual time -- Anna usually eleven ST you catch a -- 11 Pacific. And if you want to read the kinds of awesome this will be talking about next week please visit our crave blog. Which -- electrical. Current. -- -- And on that -- See you next week. --

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