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The 404: Ep. 734: Where we're voted the worst of CES

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The 404: Ep. 734: Where we're voted the worst of CES

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For our last day at CES 2011, we're poking fun at all the ridiculous show antics we've seen, including Samsung's extravagant press conference, Lady Gaga's Polaroid glasses, an anti-teen sexting service, 50 Cent arriving at the CNET stage, a Christian game scoring site, and more!

Everyone wears the four or podcast on cnet.com. Thank you so much for coming to our live show here. At -- yes. 2011. Just in them. Doing these stretches. Any kind of collected letters educate ourselves on Jeff Bakalar arm movement and I'm Justin new and is the show where we're voted the worst yet yet under the car or indoor and we are the worst thing -- ever happen. He defiantly -- if let's yet Wilton site and you look a little hung over. Up up up up you're really gonna call me outlined. Alright but I thought that nine anglers back he's currently how -- party unity and that definitely -- that. More apparent. It's a lot of work. A lot of -- -- who have drinking that's. Herself a good time at I know every year you know at CNET does the that's -- -- yes and where the -- that the the thank you for coming and taking. An hour of your time though with us yet we got a great show for you -- today it could be a little bit -- than normal fifteen minutes to half hour show. -- a lot of fun. Yet to be doing the -- word as their third day doing a live broadcast and you know just after yesterday's show when we finish taping and and came up to me -- Give me this pamphlet. You just can't what is a good anti teens sexting -- The man felt compelled to come up and give this to me live in -- thing. I gave up his restaurant eighth there you look like someone who would be an offender of this so -- anti texting thing. It's -- and anti affecting -- from a company called. Would it. The companies who keeps checkers -- exactly what the service -- every time your teen sends out as sex. We get a closeup of the actual ridiculous that what are I hear my eighth it's unbelievable that there's like kids huddling around -- -- pop up. And did its unlock some sort of the forbidden pleasure of sexual you know and -- think it's just that. And they can like -- -- pamphlet that vary in debt on basically every time your teen sends -- a text message -- send that message to you to verify it. And then it will go out through its content middleman to name to thank you wide -- software for bringing its commitment. I can't -- accredited and look like -- father although look I looked like automatically send out. Finally I think that's what it teaches you -- limitless -- -- -- these sort of out of the you know you'd like hey hey you should -- that I. Think you agree yeah. Thanks for that Austin. But to become immediately eighty they were gonna give you the the screening job recently and Canada that restore our I'm sure that there's a lot of advanced technology -- -- -- -- involved and they need a consultant you know some well -- right in the world of -- accurate. And -- if you check it out up. -- -- -- Filling out -- -- -- -- Not many but now it's we're gonna -- -- -- -- about I'm one -- I have not been stroke want to create yup but. -- lower. Let's talk about since he has news. Was that yesterday was the Samsung. -- of you guys heard about this is gonna -- I haven't. But it was a little ridiculous. They they clearly spared no expense. And that we you know we have a bunch of photographs from our own James Martin who took you put together slide show. Still photos from the press conference and we just wanna look at them and sort of see which you guys think about it yet this. This lovely. It looked like they had actually transported someone from the future. -- -- She's like a cross between the where the wild things are their -- actually eat yet. To use -- well let's consult each pixel. A so I just go around. The table here so I mean like what what is your view or -- this person deal is like. Police -- popular in the future but it does literally looks like need in grade. It's like looking back in time that I have my iPhoto yes nobody -- -- at its east wing would be an army bombers. It's actually very. I just -- -- to me give it I don't know. I just. I wanna get inside the mind is someone who designed this futures that counted. And may -- years she was a boy scout at one so -- I'm guessing the that -- of the evening. Was this is Samsung's view of the future right right yet doesn't it. That's that that certainly doesn't look I guess optimistic for the future regardless of what technology systems and yet -- that's. We're all gonna look like just forget it. This is like 21 here right this is only ten years nine years from now habit -- will all be wearing animal fur on our heads. Up up up up. I can't -- -- given up the closet and apparently there's some other really. Amazing photographs. Jeffrey Katzenberg. Was also there we have a photo just if you wanna pull that up Jeffrey Katzenberg trying to pretend he doesn't look ridiculous and let them. I just I don't know and an aren't army moving away from 3-D glasses yet leaving need those anymore -- a lot of things. And it's sitting on this for the show program regulate last socialist to -- We -- -- -- and other photo -- this is my prime my favorite photo I don't know what they're trying to convey here. Our friend seems to be dancing with the frame -- -- sort of hovering. I don't think you guys have any idea what's going on here he seems very happy. Lying in this not only -- three actually -- I -- I only could enjoy it through the magic of this night he's on the that's really all you have the Tennessee house. That's there now or in the nineties and then -- very entertaining and are let's let's move along that was the Samsung press conference where I feel like there's something that you be very very interested in that and that's a lady got guys come -- this years and has started endorsing or. Apparently designing Polaroid products and -- a little bit about this -- -- Currently stalker it. I thought that I unashamed of it here she's very so yeah last year -- was appointed creative director for Polaroid. And you is that DS 2010 Q that the yet again this year debuting -- -- new line of Polaroid glasses. These are actually pretty cool you wear them. On your face. And you can take -- using. A camera built into the glasses right in the middle. I guess that you can -- bricks and built in camera. Take shots and if you don't feel like looking around you -- actually have the pictures embedded in Q where your eyes are so that other people can. The room what -- -- photograph so if you don't feel like looking around well -- mean if you don't -- just have a blank screen on the front line of so if you haven't displayed pictures you've taken with a camera. That's -- I guess -- more blown away that these glasses aren't you know somehow like lobster claws or something good like -- it's very you know she's at her sense of fashion is totally. You know above and beyond any normal human -- and these glasses for for her you know reputation seemed pretty tame. It means that she doesn't love her sunglasses -- like definitely if that's to make sense for her highness and you know like as weird as it sounds. That is like -- feel like the future like having. You know your own photos plaster your face that preceded it can be like your FaceBook up -- -- Twitter updates windows. Believe video games -- you know I think you're you're you're just gonna be wearing an LED ticker. And how I feel like this is what I'm thinking I -- you know and I can thank its. Haven't you had never thought that. Might eat the printer be downloaded as you would ever emerge -- Lady Gaga but she actually also debuted -- the printer. GE L ten instant -- as long with the sunglasses. If you wanna clean out the pictures you can -- that wirelessly and here's a picture of it right here. So like how does this work so with the camera built -- last. You could take a picture it sends it. To in the -- printer. Did note -- involved he descended directly -- -- you can have eight physical out. I thought I realize now realize why you so but there is an agreement receive a quote earlier today -- -- Lady I guess is I always carry the printer it might partners. All that that's the waited just use -- -- I -- -- -- and staying at the Renaissance Hotel. I know it. You know do anything later. Polaroid kids who -- -- like the -- shaking things over. It's like the iconic you know. Patients on how still required shaking and your products. I would really good news it ought to read have to actually can't and you like here you want your picture. -- like it. I -- the -- at stake here is this you know Lady -- is famous for. It's like product integration -- music videos. And like -- -- -- her next you know music videos to be not completely. Shaking Polaroid pictures coming out everywhere. And that they under the principle and. Particularly through its parent time. -- What else who's that Lady Gaga thing. -- We we talked a little bit yesterday though what we really like here it's -- yes there are of view ridiculous products. In our opinion that are here at the the one thing that really stands out to me. Is an accessory for connect. Now correct me if I'm wrong but the whole idea. The whole concept of connect is comptroller -- -- right so why would you make a controller accessory. For connect. It makes sense but. As well as browsing the show room floor yesterday camp on this on this -- ETA digital bowling ball. But for PlayStation move we and connect. And down on I think we a lot of -- that -- here to most -- issue. This bowling ball explodes ridiculous I mean it'll usually used for one game that comes in a variety -- -- and colors -- at the end. What was a huge problem with people like. Throwing their we. -- up against the yeah -- was like houses and that remedy this particular I would think we have a problem. I thought it was just a series of photographs. Where people had obliterated their television screens because they. They just sort of -- that we promoter right in your. There's injuries due to all of it and that they'll do much more damage we edited video at YouTube video of he -- the girls actually. Testing this product. Pretty good doing it but for me and I think I would look much more but let's let's watch this and see which which she's dealing here with you that's the ball is clearly the most realistic. -- directly experience. We all need to turn off Wi-Fi right now -- We can look at that outlook that the man that Internet. And the madness at. The vote the way there is -- wrist strap. In its path and its traffic agreeable man yet just. Thought that like Google -- and I -- -- -- at all. And you bring it back and then -- instead of releasing it you just go all the way just go with the motion then used -- make you know leverages this ridiculous device costs it actually I don't know. -- -- -- pick a public you've made it I would be easy Erica yeah I think I can put like -- styrofoam ball around like Wii mote in that would be it. Here. Another eight deployed to add popular -- at least glad to see that old to be the predict I mean this is clearly ridiculous successors. But I'm glad to see that the barrage of -- you know accessories and sort of evaporated. Or critical mass and I mean how many Wii's bachelor is the -- mean I mean literally -- so like -- Just announced they would like cooking. Out it was like -- we you know you don't actually just like. I'll be locked -- I don't think I'm joking. I'm I'm I'm I'm telling you there is ridiculous. Stuff out there and I'm I'm glad that sort of -- Then died down to the point we're now we're just gonna see a bowling -- I can now available and -- -- I've. I have actually met we often. Don't. That again I don't like it. You have one -- and there. Something. Else kind of ridiculous that we saw well I don't know if they've launched here but it is tech related. You know gaming is obviously Microsoft thinks it's the biggest thing is that that was the only thing you -- to capture in their press conference. And now there is apparently. A Christian. Video gaming website so much for bringing this up we'll. Now lately. And -- -- Note this apparently. Jesus -- -- gamer. You are apparently lets look at this -- right here we have photographic evidence. -- as well as a fact a gamer. And yet it. That view yes there are crap and other game as it looks like he's playing -- out. And mount. There's -- the beauty and the slogan for that retirement game church dot com it's. I am I correct united says that Hoover -- since 33. A DER. Three. You can't do that. So jeans and -- -- -- -- super of the group. Well right under its credit it. And ought to go to your ears leaving Germany doors opened for me we're gonna close those -- I'm gonna talk about -- -- dot Comcast. This website. Sort of gives morality grades to certain genes behind it would -- morality rate I don't really know because I can't think of any -- that would be suitable for. You know someone. Who loses -- -- -- -- I I don't see any difference between this -- and like the ES RB rating. I -- different. Hundreds -- like I I I think that these guys. You know -- obviously there is no moral. Killing anybody -- any like Agassi. M rated games yeah definitely wouldn't -- -- it's like it would just be EU or elect -- you know for kids under sixteen. The listen to this. One of the people who was running team church dot -- lets them talking about. Says who you are as a person is not has nothing to do with who you are as a gamer. Personally his favorite games -- first person shooters where you have fun killing people so -- so you -- you -- you gotta have that separation. You know you don't take care of imported through -- these series. Don't like to point out another aspect of the -- that they also have need sister's site does not a joke -- this is actually -- to tell us about I know that it's real because it's on the Internet read up on. You have a sister site at EEV in 2011 point convincingly -- -- -- -- as well as an automatic. You didn't. There's another convention going on right now -- or pornography. -- have a sister website of their called triple -- church. Dot com. It's been number one Christian pornography website I don't understand what does that mean -- outage of this. My I'm on that. I did to me to get home I got I'm like yeah. -- -- -- -- is that particulate and hundreds algorithm. -- -- -- dot com the headline -- you even get away with doing this to you even state triple X church. I good and I -- it -- or an addiction. Sexual addiction treatment masturbation addiction recovery supports those are so you are who are recovering at home a point -- right there okay so that when that you might -- -- -- release xxx. -- -- -- -- -- Please don't cut my laptop can't explain his now definitely -- -- like instantly I feel like the term. Cognitive dissonance -- really. Ultimately. None of this makes any sense it's gotta be a -- -- that it lately is this from the onion growers know and what's really interesting is that it's funded by an anonymous person. Not Jesus would eliminate obvious -- -- get it on these figures. 20000 -- or Jeff are you doing this -- like root them movement. And gender don't -- my spot -- I want to change gears a little -- it can only talk about -- so much on our show. And you are. There is an insurance companies at C yes. That is allowing people to smash laptops. I mean finally. You know how many people have seen office space that scene where they'll. He got there aggression on that -- on that printer it everyday. -- gas halo and outlook that that that they tested the unit does -- how how easily printer -- color to hammer right. So can anyone can you guys explain to me exactly how this works the worth avenue group had any data here at CE SA based test. Water Oklahoma and -- to share your tech. For up to however much money you want right and village here -- -- your iphone's. Your iPad wherever you want. And to prove that they have. This Acer laptop on this -- hopefully we can show them. I think it's interesting that they chose Acer now -- there -- an Acer laptop probably -- they can afford to snatch a bunch of my. Actually. Hammer to take you're stressed out on a laptop I could leave them in the village -- I would love nothing more that that that makes it just feels so good looks obviously like homeless youths smashed any Apple product. That would hurt that was really there -- Apple fan -- And needed to be huge -- -- the right things like a -- down -- -- and then. Here's some data is. -- we thought. Well. I'm sure a lot of people had this idea yet but. You know everybody to on the air and there are a little while ago that -- please mention each TC mobile you're my age because I had upgraded. Q the palm tree right well integrated in it now it's time. I don't think it's nothing but good -- -- palm trees that you had guys. I'm dead serious and went through eight and 38. Number -- -- exaggeration. Every day coming into working at the re load -- contacts only there was nothing but pleasurable experience with that and guys we're gonna we're gonna take separate. When we come back a lot more -- world war live from the cnet's yes -- 2011. Stick around we will be right back. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Welcome back. Everybody. Before fourth podcast. We're on cnet.com. Lives every Monday through Friday. 1130. AM eastern time I see that I hesitate a little because we do have them. Sometimes get them from starting on them it's okay though because I've seen on the -- -- no one knows when your -- up aka. Where we're actually gone back to an earlier story we talked about you know smashing. Printers and laptops and whatnot and I feel like everybody who's within -- -- has had this idea like setting up -- store. -- -- -- Where you feel like five bucks and just you know one day when you really stressed you just walk in there and smashed -- stuff. Great idea. There being actually ultimately. A pop up -- -- -- would you guys pay money to smash them. For like ten minutes network and alert -- you just -- -- to smash it. -- -- wherever you don't use an error messages on. But it's not actually looked -- -- they'll lose me at Daniel let him -- Japanese Baseball bat parents' eyes and -- -- -- That's amazing I would love to do that just. You know you may be -- pay ten bucks for four minutes assumption that are right get in their -- go -- you know enough to start -- -- everything. But don't talk about those. That's all it was got a pen and -- no -- -- -- don't really. Any of us regulars but you -- like I'm thinking like what about like a recycling please do I don't think that is a good way to sort of America's. That's what they have to do that the crack open all these gazes for a motherboard that much better why that don't -- Have someone. You -- pay you for that right to destroy a a blue screen of death and there's no shortage of flight CRT monitors on the streets of Manhattan I think anyone has been to New York. As -- -- businesses the strain on the street. Printer and it actually you -- I know I'm revealing just double it it's -- -- -- -- just the right I guess I'm not even exaggerating about his. I think on huge distinct occasions. -- But you just don't think he's -- walking industry late one night. Like we've tripped over a printer display -- -- But this can't unlock -- and -- attack. And it -- -- that. Yeah that's true you'll feel they've learned that ink cartridges that it happened and yet we started service like did you when they pick up -- bottle -- yeah -- -- -- -- just gonna pick up printers in the that's exactly. Yeah of them that sounds like you created the -- but now it's my job well. I. -- myself and enter a period of realistic. A was gonna say. That there are. -- -- is known for having lot of celebrities here yeah in fact our own Brian Tong is going to be interviewing. Fifty -- At 230 here on the scene days. Yes the right here so if you wanna check that out. Come to this he had -- -- the -- -- And -- decent will be here that's the meat presumably talking about vitamin water and maybe laptops and ensure. Like a media vitamin water cooling -- I believe. -- -- -- -- Vitamin water cooled gaming desktop easy. The next meeting and having it easy access to the death of a bunch by the celebrity appearances out -- -- -- Marley will be most noble -- family. I think that's what decree podcast -- is that showed off the Marley family supported. IPod -- right if the speaker dock that -- that I would it supported by the multifamily -- proceeds from from the sales of that product that we're other celebrities are here in town let's see -- final I know. Earlier. I think -- that there to go -- GH -- the Sony president broke -- Seth -- -- I just thought it was funny because it to look like Chinese. It's -- -- show is like the Justin Timberlake. He's elected Justin new. Not. That's exactly I think he's the green hornet -- Ease gonna be playing -- that -- -- -- -- what happened was funny is that's like the one time. That ever received my -- -- in the crowd currently. There weren't wrong that -- -- would mean my ruling underwear in the street. Is tough with China geologic. That's -- to -- -- a lot of Andy -- Answer everybody knows who readers. Who -- I -- It's like -- Tom Cruise amazes us crazy. Every -- unit -- Had I not in the well. Has now -- here like this you know it was it was -- -- Just like you when you're watching the trailer yet he. To the green Horton -- the opportunity to speak English so well read people. He speaks perfect English but yeah -- -- -- Though that -- it -- today via Verizon. Yet that. That not. Well done in broad okay well that's celebrities terrier group what you're making fun of your own culture and it Olivia Wilde from Tron -- -- okay -- also common with years while and it. Tomorrow Saturday we're gonna have. Earth wind and fire that. Forming midnight tonight at the retailer awards monitor air hotel all right I -- it and do again. I use. There there you -- -- would not giving -- to go there right now you're at the reading. People -- let's let's what you're talking about Verizon per second. Obviously you know everyone sort of was anticipating. Verizon coming out -- CS and saying hey iPhone. Coming -- -- happen did happen and this is actually breaking news the rumor is. That Verizon has a huge announcement. On what -- -- February 3 of next week where it if it's super secret but apparently everybody in the press -- being invited. Two New York of all places. Everybody's speculating that this might be the iPhone announcement. And it is I don't imagine I mean they had the big stage here and they they didn't do it. So. -- You would be waiting a month to do you know I mean. I took I don't where I'd really actually just don't know it's. When rumors that's February 3 another room says next week. -- -- -- Reading something about Apple restricting vacation time for their employees and that's kind of -- that they'll be released after what what's weird. About this whole announcement you know it if Verizon is really -- -- the iPhone next week is it's not in San Francisco. Right I mean like you would imagine that Steve Jobs to be jumping all over this -- -- he -- the spotlight. And why not announce it now. They could have destroyed all the tablet news everything here at your question we actually have Steve Jobs yeah. -- -- -- Speaking of iphones you know we're really impressed -- -- Clayton Morse on the seriously he brought us the sort of steady cam for the iPhone. IPhone camera quality really is amazing and I'm saying -- owning in the -- -- and I'm -- impressed with the iPhone. Full camera quality. Apparently. It's actually getting to the point where it's affecting. Sales. Of of of standalone cameras. This this is -- -- -- and then the last like ten. Probably fifteen years the sale of digital cameras has grown exponentially here up until you know two a year or two ago. And now the thinking is that like the cameras on the iPhone on even the -- and all these other Smartphones are so good. That you don't need to carry a point and shoot camera him right I mean why carry a point and shoot if you want a great picture. One that's -- the extra cash to get record deals Allard and have an iPhone like this whole middle range service starts to really be useful anymore -- He howled editing software sales have dwindled as well if you could just edit everything right on the phone -- you're done right you had a few movies for us for the four report. You can easily upload them straight to YouTube right away you'll have to go home. I mean I I think it's sure you know not to knock on digital cameras too much. But it's at some point you know it just didn't matter which when he got. Like every corporate it may be you know the small point -- -- -- -- -- like if you're gonna spend 200 dollars on what you -- Every you -- almost everyone from all the manufacturers. The quality is great compared to it was a couple years ago novices -- some are. Better and -- -- -- the publisher but we're we're we're talking like much minute differences. Rating in you know for the mainstream consumer than I can be -- pixels. Going the opposite direction this is my point. I'm I'm not joking tripled -- out of my own -- this is my bank. -- -- we actually that's not at all kidding aside. This might be the only film in all of it's very yeah I actually had -- stores it directly from Kodak to get them it's amazing how. -- -- -- -- -- -- remember it's processed them yet click to buy from the store where do you do. And -- digital photo developers that's -- made by god to a lot and look on the back. -- screens I have to look directly into the viewfinder. Give me the images you can't now it's not instant and now all kidding aside. How do you develop film now like it if you have -- under development that the it's I -- I could go under the red light goes on yet but the crime from minors. Believe there's actually two. New York City. -- At all. And that's the way that there was only to let you play all your knowledge that it did not -- I I. I am not in the last five years -- -- -- drop off a roll of film Alice little. I was -- -- left this out I was in Hawaii. Couple months ago and had an underwater -- and underwater disposable digital cameras in areas. -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- I I went to -- yes and I'm like looking around them like anyone develop you know bill. And you know let's look Olympic that this book and blew the dust off his books. It's like I think we still offer this service that -- like eleven days later. And eleven days later I had a role of develop build it was amazing. The other. Cited that those like I have some friends who got some film developed -- -- with -- -- like. Fifteenth when he bought the role now -- to get it printed and. Don't -- about ten dollars per 24 exposures depending on what quality you want. But yet it's actually pretty difficult -- to a photo developer now drop it off and come back later. Its its bare -- but to me like to have the -- pictures they -- sure you wanna. Flip the academic experts note that these little note I got my printer editor in -- As do as much printer ink -- want to. I'm trying to not be wasteful. It might Alter film thing reminds me the story of anyone who -- to our show notes that my dad. Sweet glue. This is over he calls into the show a -- and he's always blown away by technology. And that was the biggest hurdle for him to get it to jump over going from his 35 millimeter camera. And and just being like. You know its digital into the world where you put the bills as they know that -- You -- you don't need filming namely drop off the can easily. Get access to meet with the -- as -- it -- But how do you develop the photographs. So no it's -- doesn't work like that. Actually appoint the because this is why I liked it's easy to use point Q now when you want to get pictures something only ideas students. And it's ready to go through it and don't have to turn on and on by and wait for don't -- -- to pop up at the dragons and you could take up and there's -- and is very simple there's there's no you know dial settings instantly that your point issued. And and I've seen you're you your photographs from this camera takes excellent -- -- letting you upgrade can -- until three years later but they eventually -- I -- understand like I have a couple of friends. Who buy these you know old school like united from the eighties like cheap disposable cameras capture. Well that's that's of the disposal but they they. They look like crap he's like really plasticky -- -- camera take pictures. And the whole point is they don't know what it's gonna look like. It's like the surprise. I find this a surprise no hope that one came out -- -- -- we are taking pictures yesterday -- if you don't get a good shot at eighty dollars with on speaking of photographs. 44 -- No you are not here. He took a photo I believe this is -- where existing theories. That he took the -- sticker. Brought it to Greece on his honeymoon. We are world travelers different. White background and it's taking the stickers and even if I look at me -- if we're here because of us. So anyway you want your own stickers we have plenty of alien -- sponsored tote bag -- are flickers in and yes -- come up -- -- you like it any point don't be shying. And you'll get -- access. You fly victories and take a photograph and that's how the game wars at this that's how -- works. Let's move along with got a few more things to talk about on today's show. What do we have here. What do we have to talk about it -- -- winding -- it'd mean though we're gonna announced that CNET that's. Oh we didn't need now while we don't taping this show. Okay I don't really sad right now. -- -- right anyway I think yet it's coming to a close tomorrow relieving this what do you guys nominees for best yes. When you. I mean I have seen a lot of stuff yeah there put me on the spot here I mean I'm not like you would be needed to media. And your the -- although we don't have that. Yet but we we do have nominate the definitely the 3-D yes you know blew me away it really did -- being totally honest that it takes a lot to impress me. And -- that 3GS was very cool like -- said it's sort of like. Playing video games remember the old magic I think users are Natalie Prosser there is no -- crossing like that. But that really blew me away. And and I've really enjoy what they're doing there there's so a lot of really cool and you -- this might not sound as exciting as that -- yes. But you know like a lot of reader email everyone wants really. Flexible headsets for gaming they wanna hook all their -- Up to a wireless headset get the surround sound in -- in their headphones. Have the -- that they can chat. There are some really cool offerings from from turtle beach from creative. Sound -- guys. They have some really cool things that the -- excited that's again I mean that's sort of look. Gaming is not highlighted C as -- -- and those that. But a few Jan Stuart you -- fall through the cracks and and and you know we weren't really bummed out as much as we thought we -- -- -- Enough for me yesterday we actually promote this product if -- I think the -- -- yeah he's the head held steady cam is. Up -- for -- -- and legacy yesterday and this can be shocked to a lot of -- -- -- -- regular -- -- Motorola's soon should it work. Okay that's not high -- Motorola's clearly not out there yes I'm aware -- -- you are to hear birds I think that that might be my favorite products so far. By. All -- -- like the -- lot of the sort of the other big categories it's yes. Now -- don't not a lot of huge news that we were expecting. A time Google TVs all they talk a lot about smart TVs. Coming out but I mean I think we're still in the widget phase is -- -- some people -- ahead of the others but there's there wasn't this huge. No avalanche of Google TV products that we were expecting right now is that this discipline because. You know you walk around on the floor it's still 380 -- 3-D. And I'll be damned if I watch and of the 3-D TVs that. The next violated something sort of enjoyable about watching one of those Big Three. You know ninety people wearing these goofy glasses and and I I don't know there's some sort of comedy there that. We therefore afford to love yet yeah it can't get enough -- -- doesn't what about you. What's your sort of I know it not you don't -- have -- best right. Like -- you guys -- saying. Three he was obviously big focus tablets were big focus. For me personally my big focus -- the show was keyboards -- that I am the peripherals editor for the people at keyboards are really get me off. And the enhanced urology out of introduced the world of steam punk keyboard fascism. Let's take a look at this that's really cool it's critical to this guy Richard Nagy called himself the -- answered. -- -- -- -- -- A it and can't stay -- it had. Created its own -- category called pair -- -- -- Alec techno fetish is. It's really cool and yet it's actually pretty -- and he basically. Mod mechanical keyboards like the -- keyboard and he uses hood and and -- to fashion needs. Steam punk style people -- helps people and gets the nod up and I'd definitely my most favorite that viewers can do it a couple of shots of it. -- -- -- -- you can actually buy your own DIY keyboard he would get if you wanna make your own. Pretty cool you can make it into an old school type writer. Is that -- -- yes and that's that's how I got up. And you wouldn't. I thought of. You don't like that's really cool but like I. I think the appeal of using that the record vibrator is the feel and sound act look and when hitting key in on it on I -- to get such. Like the thing vibrates like an -- going on -- Like he mechanical keyboard -- that's -- -- -- -- and act which isn't any era when you click. So. I'm gonna I'm gonna give a little insight into what -- -- what it's like working with idea. Just and -- reviews lot of keyboards and I see it right across from him. And nice review every other day I hear the click the -- -- and I just know that you're smiling like -- to let. Let's just -- -- it has become that was it just -- -- -- am gonna keep it that this. -- -- -- Yeah I don't like -- -- okay with me like he did the deep depression that they call it that when you have long distance to your keystroke. Don't make -- -- out. Well -- Hours and audiences. The early eighties. Basically several network hates me because you can hear me away all -- -- And what you are not the quiet -- you know. Keyboard takers but you're extraordinarily fast. And you you really do -- -- is like you think we're joking about this is actually true. And Edward county so. What I want to. -- -- -- -- -- And it can -- -- like. It's like and it can anyone think -- could be 150. -- -- -- There are no I don't -- It's but the fact that. Talking and it would -- one agreement that -- even have -- type of letter. And you'll definitely beat everyone here. That. It analyzed in. Its what you do you get home afterward he has practically got X fingers -- the tub of ice cream next you. And Netflix. Want to. Chairman you're out and doing just fine I'll that is department's -- And you know remind your -- keyboard in the you know there's a certain aesthetic that people really like the click -- the lack. You know you know you don't find anymore if you like a lot of that the digital cameras they would have just obnoxious shutters and that schools -- -- like. Most ridiculous thing that -- has ever been implemented. Actually taken a digital -- it's just like. Check your brand new digital but let's -- -- -- with the analog sound of what it used to sound just blindly. -- I mean I remember I was this was a story last year's yes -- there I believe the Japan media review where -- you'd like Andy. The actual camera clicks now there's so many people wanted any risk for people -- -- -- yet you don't actually -- It is you don't write to that approach members don't remember it was a big -- they beat the regularly it's that -- had to make the -- You know someone should tell -- that crops being photographed in the I think what -- -- familiar on the subway. Easily could -- there's a phone. Taking pictures really. We look -- it. The reason why but this -- I actually have something called the super scope right here and -- -- get a close up shot. It's actually its second viewfinder you can look through there I mean that's how I think I -- -- -- you could take a shot from. The camera or if you wanted to get it started crowding in all the pretty cool upgrades every day pervert. -- -- When you fly its X for example in July -- in the before we get that here we got a few more minutes let's talk a little bit more about the 44 podcast. Lot of people walking by you know they don't really you know know what we're all about -- Fine -- -- -- -- take care of we understand we hear a daily podcast on cnet.com. Monday through Friday 11:30 am you can watch let we have a very dedicated. Line. This leadership that -- are similar which our our listeners are here. Thank you guys and smiling. Thank you so much for being here -- -- on the show. If you don't know about the show where were all about the intersection. Of hacking culture -- -- really. Easy to nerd out of box than XHTM. Eight gigahertz all this stuff. That invades what are you gonna do -- all -- looking at that guy jumping out of a trunk in. I thought I thought. You could have -- treatment all of this processing power in the best we can do reflects the old days it it. That it's believe it or not we're not any show we've been doing it for three years now so we -- it. Down to something of a science. -- every morning 11 AM eastern time we chat rooms that can participate -- talk to us you can also send -- Voice -- -- -- you can fit in a voicemail 186644. -- than the that we do that. We play all the voice mails that are not you know -- enough. And it's a lot of -- -- -- every single -- Before we get out here just like you guys know that dial. -- is coming up next okay fifty cent is gonna -- year later on that's in insanely exciting and thirty here at the Phoenix yeah. He'll be here right -- will be interviewing him yes. You'll get the vitamin water with his autograph if you have any other and it just pretzels and -- You hear anything but accurate accidentally. Com so we also have a few sort of contest that don't want we have a lot of people who is that we -- on the show it's a lot of fun. On and you know if you do have the time we've really recommend catching it line. I I I know its its eleven -- everyone's at -- -- come out wooded island area where. Turn on the shelves yet -- you can get with the 404 dot cnet.com. And we'd like I think -- our sponsor absolutely ethic so much everyone for coming out thank you to Alienware. Right now we gotta get out here -- got to go to Hollywood. -- around somewhere. Taking -- Molly.
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