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Ep 725: Where everybody calls in sick: The 404

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The 404: Ep 725: Where everybody calls in sick

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With Jeff too sick to come in this morning, Dan Ackerman and Scott Stein jump into the studio with me to talk holiday gift guide advice, iPad 2 rumors, prosthetic tentacle arms, and more!

That's just not -- in the years -- welcome hello. If you're confused but what you're saying it's because -- -- -- -- -- and an end and Wilson is in China and only just and is here so. Scott and myself have. I jumped -- to help Justin. -- for a four gigabytes of check email Nigeria -- myself maybe you might make midyear headsets and -- and I hear both the guys. Yeah I really did not getting all. -- your -- are your headphone levels -- -- on the board. In. Author out -- and Internet -- watching this the broadcast to only if you can hear Scott got it from. -- check check here it's. Vega if they're trying to I can hear on if it's -- -- -- are an excellent sleeping selectively death. We we decided we just like to look EU we don't yet to hear -- a prequel -- -- neither -- Okay this is the show this is the show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we felt bad Intel and Joey and I think Scott M amen yeah he tried to more beer or do appreciate that guys get some warm beer and we did attempt to give -- can look. I could see new black and white yeah having a private -- in a private my analyzed yet. Smoking an imaginary cigarette isn't it is that with -- Keith Olbermann says now the end of the show. The -- in the united -- -- idea. My own customized -- I ran into almost literally reach a matter out yesterday almost literally right I was a little walking in -- glass store she was walking out -- literally almost body chapter. I think she could take -- though she -- writing and I choose you should -- happen -- -- -- each actor who does strange story that we have. If your network body checking yeah we're talking about alcohol earlier with a warm -- you telling that's a funny story about Johnny walker. I'm -- ten -- military. Then I was noticing the -- Johnnie Walker -- behind your behind your shoulder and and I was just having some last night -- -- mixed with ginger Graham because I was hosting a media I call a lot confessed 2010 and the last Santa Monica. Was it last night when -- the last analyst who hasn't a big debate. Over this -- they're figuring out -- -- -- okay it started last he's Wednesday Yahoo! was like for the last Wednesday unanimously Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday. So that fit -- all the candles should have been on yesterday we're done and have a -- 1199. Thought I think I'm gonna point -- kids aren't I had not I was -- I was away last -- visiting my dad is getting better but we missed the night my kids are in an indictment. I think 99 only -- the -- that. We should that be great party tonight tonight night -- On them because like club party with the flyers at the end yeah that's gonna like that. Yet -- -- County -- group whose decade booty kinda guy and he made these in the actually -- -- to a -- is -- and I enjoy them with them. Just -- different juiced. Half. Okay. But in good Daniel -- -- At -- but I do wanna tell the story as friends. Gee this is show last Monday agenda on of their last Wednesday the first of Monica are common here and wish Jeff happy Chanukah is -- -- -- that. Even know well I had the -- is the outward through every note though it does -- isn't my kind. Times it's -- cool little -- surprise you never know its gonna pop up I didn't know either December -- -- -- crazy really the dorm room setting up the menorah. In our inherent and arrow in our hallway NSA as a -- of these again -- it's Monica December 1 and obviously a little bit later. It's usually anytime can be the first the 25 the could be the third can be completed April. Jewish holidays -- all over the place to take a floating you know the floating point holiday -- But I don't the I -- miscarriage of this. I whipped up the mail -- morph. Which is the art Deco rubber minority get at the the moment design shop -- that that's it was a popular wants us and one half. How does it does transform now and I just have it just rubber molded comparable to kind of -- shape with a little -- you know very it'll come up you don't let them on fire -- -- -- it does not seem to be flammable weeks ago it made its silicon against Libya a baby's a Star Wars deck of playing cards -- -- he appreciated that. He's -- -- Harry and David day gift box here which I've been abroad and share with you guys -- I'll Star Wars nationally apparently solved which wanted. -- saw a mention that that was what we kind of have like 52 cards who. Whole idea that does is it yeah don't do we get -- yeah. I don't -- be terrifying don't know but no Rio is. Isn't there that I hanging in there it's like admiral -- sister Jean. Malaysia. I totally forgot about -- -- but I wish the computer with Wiki because the picture -- -- with the layers yeah looks like you don't have but with a mole -- an -- Get -- yeah yeah I'm sure who else obviously. -- -- -- half the adult. And -- -- we get ourselves in the adult. Is that is that's a sexual -- I did not know that with the actual character or name you know a few dollars -- I can just imagine you're looking -- yet opponents. Oh and Sunday nights dreaming and I'm happy to those that lets you the -- addressing some and beautiful and it was yet. And -- -- listeners that. That's like half Natalie Portman and I've heard that Gary Fisher and like you know -- -- -- -- right -- -- and -- often isn't gonna keep the blue chick know what's nice sites noodles loop. I got a -- time Google plus. -- -- -- -- the -- rebel band that's right lead singer the next really get released in the special edition now needs sort of did he was disputed holy musical number -- but -- they say. They generated it doesn't lead character's changed a little and I got -- -- I'll be the first wanna say that looking at female garrido. Yeah that Google does not produce very good results I don't you -- -- yeah I don't Jonas and -- -- -- Now it's -- eyes I'm not looking dorm like going to the overhead shot guests. -- -- -- -- the only warning devices regularly is also we're oh that one's forward. -- agreed to a female American -- Stone and it and learn all that cats have a search for agreed don't you don't know what you're -- -- -- so what is what else you get for Chanukah. She's -- think it's cool beer -- they got. Ask what can ever achieve flight -- have always wanted with. The command area and only one of them wooden boards with the wire in the -- hook -- with each yes if she's -- team did you get -- Google's CR 48 -- laptop I did not -- -- Google CR 48 pro laptop but I did apply for one yesterday through the Google sign -- program -- this yesterday's get. Why it's on that -- -- over a Google press conference and they said hey we have Chrome the operating system ranks who computers not just phones coming out. And -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Merit you go and sign up for their pilot program bits of -- the rate. Who I suppose I'm not sure the computer housing demand baton but they have a pilot program to send you one and -- you -- -- tested stuff and send him feedback on it's they can improve. Chrome OS the right -- looks -- right it just looks like Chrome but -- round everybody has an operating system and they don't have thought about that popped out -- the browser you can escape accepted as apps as well you know that becomes your your instant on I think my favorite part about the Google -- laptop that doesn't have a caps lock key. Right that's what they say MIT -- feel like it might be joked that maybe it's true I mean you'll I was reading a blog about it gets -- says that they want to prevent people from commenting with all caps and you know you can do that obviously by holding down the shift key but. The only don't really have thought it had Leo now you're right I think I got confused I realize now that -- caps lock. You could still capitalize individually. It's like -- -- again but you don't look at the Mac -- don't have -- they don't. It is true. And never see what happened and other Catholic -- -- The camp's -- but no they haven't -- let's put this to. There. You aren't gonna look at thug culture on medical the -- review the MacBook Air -- god you're a laptop editor for CNET backgrounds I hope you're right while I'm in a place. Two dollars a pop it makes perfect sense that not to have a key caps lock button people only every Louisiana and know what -- commitment at the keyboard right here I feel like a down never had one on mine is -- the trying to get a gigantic. Hit -- I have felt like. The large catalog largest Catholic I've got a C ninety dollars is gone half a ha ha. I maybe I just don't I don't really want to know whatever you put on the iPad you just have de W I turn it on that you can double click that you should double -- write me let him get Katrina on the iPad -- not just yet and fall in the new from four point two does make it on an -- -- okay yeah and hold it up to the camera and there's no Catholic but in the virtual keyboard. Right -- DoubleClick urged -- that make it happen what do you think they should put in place of the Catholic keyboard on the chromeless. I think it had a -- smiling face via smiling face emoticon button yes emoticon -- would be cool that I would use that would be dual Athlon. You'll inaugurated insert -- breakthrough -- lot of Democrats grandpa used what are those used for now it is -- -- total waste of people agree with. I think we need a revolution in laptop keyboards that -- at a time to rethink the entire thing. Howard -- even halfway there with my fantasies of net caps like an iMac but that's right that's according forget about it you're doing at eight PC you're doing your own -- again -- during my Seattle dream he's gonna rearrange the keys on the keyboard to help. Yes we spell out NFL team names of course that one -- of -- -- for better fantasy football purposes. Well football is on hiatus for me right now still -- minded answers none but they're not out of like the running for -- -- -- actually when the best records I don't really follow this -- -- the file sports. Election talk about in known get that out but at 930 -- -- they start knocking teams out quite difficult the playoffs the perfect and -- thought. If the terms of the games there the regular season of the -- isn't over yet the super games is what they call. Excellent games need regular season is four games left and out -- and 93 they're basically game away one went away from entering the poker. Most -- -- got in but you know they'll go to the Super Bowl last year with -- -- -- as a fantasy Seattle dream of ever. -- -- amazing now in -- 1969. Vote they didn't get -- to your beating me now now don't doubt that they do really well the last through the of for the erected to make the exe check out okay that's the ticket but would that it were the -- all its -- -- and I've never seen in my lifetime I don't believe it exists answers -- -- season tickets. So if they got what it says the hypothetical question at the doctor's curious about capsule what if you have -- season tickets regularly what. What is a ticket cost to individual. -- for mine which is cheaper yes -- about 120 dollars per game -- her and RC there's expands out of -- -- -- my -- or kill me for -- -- new -- project took it just wanna go to the game he began -- box and you could give mute take effect it might yet. Okay but -- I would get a chance Segovia you can get -- Hypothetically should detect it into the Super Bowl what you say they do this right. -- with that season ticket seat it's guarantees for UB were on out our style. Personally your dad is clearly Stevie I can't steal with the it has nothing to question first of all -- -- that you hear -- -- -- several other tasks like question. First of all I'm sure -- quality and no guarantee in his particular wreck because -- Super -- Is one of -- right it's not advise you rise plus you'll have a tremendous amount of corporate yet another tickets and certain -- -- those are okay you're a directory lottery -- chance to mine is -- to -- at face value. These value amounts to -- think about 500 dollars. Now that but that's the good side of it if you wanna -- it's doable ticket. Outside of it's gonna cost you probably 2000 dollars crap like that usually about yeah on all like Craigslist or something or we're just gonna. Of -- because nobody has them because they they all go out to corporate -- there were legalized -- -- -- and the legal and resell Brian stop -- things like that so. You know they -- -- quite expensive and -- try to buy ticket stub hub it's always been ridiculously expensive easily for a concert and obviously but -- So that's a question and you know what though the just and is the invite hit the invite to pre purchase they make you pre purchase playoff tickets that don't exist -- what is scanned so. And I don't get. Playoff tickets party season ticket. -- demo -- -- -- -- -- and you Eisenhower right by them but you can university of the right to better -- for those are guaranteed for you provided they even home plate right yes the jets at this point will be on the roads and -- any tickets for us but you'd have to buy those and those are. He double the price they're expensive they're not regular season prices. And they want you by those in advance but basically an enabling -- it. They refunded if you don't read well what happens that's ridiculous they're collecting the money for me now holding onto it as your guarantee an Apple announced -- that part of the -- -- football team. Whether the looks like a football team is doing anyway it's something fantastic scam -- from PM this is -- at CNET for policy of hands who's usually didn't show in the park and does not like some kid. Ball and as well again -- -- the CBS sports guys ups. -- we -- marketing muscle behind the right. -- isn't pre buy all your ticket to be making into the playoffs. Yeah global keep the money if -- will send back the after awhile Lebanon bank account click some interest in the meantime the sounds -- the world's most perfect candidate Thomas. That's for the National Football League if you -- -- compete with the US fell where you wanna compete with the -- the flight the improvement watch football league out. Anybody -- the Arena Football League that the prices are quite as hi there you don't really get the returns. That's different NFL franchise TI I spell my season ticket money on the on the USS down and also the access. I went to the -- championship game and -- that the only one ever asked. And was incredible -- -- women like bondage -- doing cheerleading. It was at the old Hollywood Bowl and -- -- -- -- down down south -- anger. And it was the -- extreme. Versus the San Francisco demon -- -- -- it was a period examined and helmet -- -- do I think it. -- -- the extreme wind it was the only only football championship. -- exists in the long time. And people pretty tough at that event now. I only hear more about the dominatrix clearly it is actually can't get it the whole thing was like mad max upon behind and -- without a perfect -- That was on what's his name from from wrestling it was. It's a man -- yes he was behind the exit now. And you only left at like one season. And was an attempt to sort of like supercharged a lot of -- wash -- football players are doing that -- hate me. Was the guy who was the right -- was running back return and he literally changed his name managers to he'd hate me what. I can't even comprehend that one area he ate meat yes he did note that the through its he'd hate me while astronomical -- after -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If that is pretty healthily like AM -- my friends who is with me like he claimed he almost got knifed by somebody was a -- -- the other team while. It was a pretty tough crowd because you know. It was a rough part of LA and you also have a lot of -- and excitement yet. Well it -- better if they had prosthetic testicles for arms what is this -- you put in the -- This is a new gas guzzling gizmo auto run down Odessa story in the right and we had a Red Hat yet everything we do have a story that -- this is that it. Apparently people are now replacing there on arms and -- botanical club that coming yet people are doing it it's a design concept of -- And why would you wanna replace your arm with a prosthetic testicle without a I was Qaeda yet now that's -- that's actually happening now excellent terrifying to design -- -- design concept. I'm discussing it with -- about it is the idea that -- not want to design a prosthetic arm and he needs improvement already on human arm. On it -- wraps around sure -- wrapping around -- gripping objects status. It is the -- separate camera but does it technical unable thicker -- to get abuse mean a ego. It's technical. Wow. Have opposable thumbs well designed condoms -- -- the look at that look at that it -- -- -- yeah as -- as there is holding a medicine bottle. Water bottle -- set of keys and he would. Looks -- might be -- money the second one looks vaguely seductive yet officials Heather you can't -- either identical holding a finger at the and a tiny opening there and that's another yeah -- nightmare yeah like on -- He denied any attempt tickle a plastic tentacles -- their and your arm. That's very disturbing I'm trying to look this up right now -- frolicking on our individual computers you think this is down but excuse me it's on Gizmodo if you look -- prosthetic typical it should show up. Now what's interesting is having a hard time typing because I'm it's not it's our way. A from the -- you like it fascinates me some of the prosthetics that learn to improve on humans only can you receive the -- is a real. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And wings a negative effect. -- ironic arms and no one would ever you know I had that no one wanted to yes I'm very though some. My wife always left me with tentacles and can't wait to see -- -- two tactical -- themselves that it pretty cool. I feel like -- foot there's gonna be better design that because also but that really avoids the idea of opposable thumbs get you off. Read an iPad and iPhone without any area I mean you wanna have and there are some really good -- -- what you're sitting yeah. They're -- possibly tense now they can grip and then you know can be operated that we can actually groupings with the with a prosthetic thumb -- and so ever standards because. It's not just don't in the wrong direction -- just a prehensile tail. I don't want MIT's people it if you can shoot out like what -- thing to -- -- Mortal Kombat. Scorpions you know then I could see that -- at -- identical becomes three becomes -- hydra. At the U -- let me briefly -- -- -- -- -- your -- some other actual technology yet it's not that but this is. Normally applicable for one -- us Apple has declared apparently that flip port as the iPad -- of the year. Would you buy that's gonna -- four I it's free of so what are the other three it's recited I -- I have no systematic placement around and CNR. Christmas to build I don't know what it's -- -- -- -- and councils comprising almost -- ago as -- a little game we are floating around these -- settle planet thing yeah you want done to different it's not PC before that it wasn't gas filling out an atomic games it's it's a random sort -- in games like the you know in the game awards and out and -- -- OK to be as a present -- -- In school by never went back to it after the -- weaker -- unit downloaded it's kind of thing you can flip through but it's really not that usable -- -- tell people what that is because most you'll probably go to a gallon on there yet for. We're basically is is another way of taking RSS feeds or even social networking like Twitter and FaceBook -- and turning into with the flip Mobil magazine. And the idea because they their friends' FaceBook posts and toward a post Italy's announcement page and a really cool way it's really cool looking to buy it collects its email it is like more of a design concept than it is a I like because it makes it look like a magazine intern all of -- links into a Mac. Yet that's the those beautiful part of it but can you choose which feeds you want to show up -- -- automatically -- does that randomly select. Wait you really just -- to sit there as pre selected ones you can also put together feeds through equal and what's really cool is again I pick -- -- Twitter wine. Here it's of course getting into this and knowingly. -- animation by you know an Angel turns Twitter into business tweets but. One thing it's annoying is asked to cache for awhile by -- There's not really showing. The daily it's very nice and we -- think it's -- -- I thought they would use every day -- what it does it takes like if you put any am okay. But -- deepening links -- your Twitter feed right actually pulls photos out and the tax and turns my Twitter feed into basically like a little looks like somebody actually went ahead and yeah. By hand at clerical RAZR Motorola says delicate -- -- -- -- it's like it -- your FaceBook feed. -- you -- it does the same thing so it's it's fine I think poles. Is a great one -- and -- free -- certain Google Reader iPad app it dedicated Google Reader is not official one but reader. Is one that is pretty great and minimal. And turns your Google Reader RSS feed into a really nice inevitable yet you know series with a lot of ones like that -- is one that's very good. It's certainly -- -- feel like saying that's actually a little more usable yet as a show with with the board's funding inserted into the -- it's like a little inefficient. Yet the pause reprieve for years to remind anyone who tune in a tiny bit late that your eyes are not deceiving you know everyone -- got -- -- -- only just the fiercest I. The hardest working candidates due to back you up here on it for a floor and your friend mr. Johnny mr. Johnny longer walking himself I'm I'm a big you know obviously a very fast -- the story doesn't -- completely true story you just inspired me to mention this. In my years in the in the magazine and newspaper and web -- business I have occasionally had you know professional relationships with editors and other magazines -- -- -- -- -- for them or something like that. And at the end of -- if you've got regular work from an editor immediately send in the little -- yet. So so I do that -- does that. We totally could still RO we get our -- -- wrap them up nice and we haven't or it's for is not not every religion doesn't but I think every -- answer shed. So my default outlet I should've done you -- you're really you've never done that now how how many years to do that we're -- -- Playboy's of the ending in everything and I never asked got -- -- Bobble gods and nobody still -- some money. Are talking about your body doesn't personally think the result -- reason -- so anyway what I would do is that the gift that everyone would get from me is Johnny walker black. -- -- any editor who I'd worked for instance serious -- who got my extra special into the year -- Got a gift rock -- gift -- bottle of Johnnie Walker. That's very that is a year this year. I probably let YouTube due to the -- in people cost cutting -- magazines -- they just want to do. But. You -- that was always my traditional -- and an empty bottle Nassau. I noticed don't want this attitude is nobody's nobody's -- magazines -- you could just give them this. Life so I got the job -- -- photograph of that we actually need that direct that's my Johnnie Walker editorial story -- I I have I have one other bit of exciting news events and I'm -- very excited about. -- this morning. This very morning. Howard Stern announced on the year that he's -- with serious except for another five year deal village more excited about that they knew -- I hear Howard Stern coming out of your office came third day I actually try to keep it kind of -- they don't offend the -- kind of straight -- people in the cubicles next to us I sometimes fail at that. I I I I think that everybody. -- -- you know web version. And I've listened house and since 1987. A freshman in high school here in New York City when he was just on a New York DC Philadelphia. And set with an ever since. And that is exactly I think informs the kind of broadcasting I think even we do here in India. Not not to match the subject matter which is the honesty that -- style the ability to sort of just chat with people without having to go talk about what public relic kind of radio contact -- I think we all owe a great debt to heart -- very -- -- and no one of the produces no -- was a breakdown in this unhappy. I'm. Now is are we -- On his tank outside. It's got little I think that I have and I that you guys now that the Lyra has -- -- -- maxim radio from our producers use and now. Presents an -- for some reason it is completely blanked out but. -- -- Mean taken the first name of gym and now -- like -- a -- man but then my name. Jeff and I both email probably a couple of times of yes I know we don't try to get him -- -- most most recently I talked of a -- what's good because he'd started doing. Technology -- it was -- -- to come in that sound and vision. Andy to separate channel avenue in New York sometimes but he -- -- little videos -- a tech review stressed that the beaver costume as the character -- -- The beaver and -- -- eager for and a -- if he were to be full body beaver costume and ultimately gadget goes unchecked and be very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we'll do a show I think Friday afternoon when -- biggest time -- -- -- Friday morning we might actually do a special laptop Leo we just get all the laptops that have -- show up at the same time although they're look at that -- -- which. Yes -- show and -- -- a second video is sludge filled Tivo. He looks like a netbook and then. Well around close lol like I got a tablet -- That is because people of that for people that aren't watching -- the touch screen flip the screen of vertically. And now it's a tablet that's right that most of the other arts and convertible laptops that do this but they kind of swivel around side to side this is up and down. -- -- It's cool concept cool design obviously the atom processor -- really give enough power to be as slick as the iPad. When you launch one of the like touch -- the kind of hangs for -- while but I think the design school -- -- a better CP unit they can really hasn't in any given this cool. The LG BL dock with speakers and it -- just what's right in -- -- they have kind of a little like -- Internet appliance is -- would ask you guys about this rumor I heard about the iPad to coming out -- February again there are rumors that cost on the Chinese -- well it was a that's ridiculous rumors every bit as -- as it's coming on April course is coming in April every Apple ever report product comes out once and there's -- come out in a favorite on the planet that might be -- manufacturing the first human -- that can be shipped by developers and stuff I mean it'll be next April just like every iPhone every iPod comes out and start -- clock okay sixty -- yet. Different people that -- -- shopping for an iPad for Christmas would you suggest they hold off until next -- number -- a definitive opinion on this doesn't -- -- anxious for an editorial on this mr. Koerner waited said you know you should wait and can theoretically yes that's true you should wait because you say okay it's coming out. On the other hand he did the math. -- -- a long way away and some people don't wanna wait that long and six months is a long time to have one of my dad is a great example he didn't you know he's just recovering ovaries -- while now and you -- get an iPad and -- -- -- -- -- don't don't get an -- I cited. The iPad do it so one that -- -- and -- and I spent the -- setting up yesterday for he loves -- and truth -- matter is look at the iPhone the first yen. And then you went to three G yesterday Google a faster data network right and they -- GPS and the a lot of didn't really -- -- in ridiculous on a big advances because with a new product you to do with the first and product. They're not gonna change too much alchemy interchange got if it's gonna be as big as the iPhone -- -- the NHV it'll also retina display in and probably -- hey I know. You can't really yeah a display is also expensive yeah they're very expensive you can't get to that level would be the highest resolution screen gonna get rid -- cabernet. It may -- camera. But it does for developers and they wanna -- people on the -- similar because you don't -- inept. To the point where you you know software fragmentation yeah but anyway I think he's very happy with that I -- away. -- on I think cameras -- think they're gonna get run up the river view Steve if he gets an exchange the camera make you later. But the cameras and game changer in the iPad though most people probably have an iPhone in the shortest and luckily like video chat right and a lot of speaking. The fatal design flaw here is a webcam on this thing but it's it's it's on the inside of this when you flip -- around the town hall off I can't -- out. Yet -- picture frame camera this engineer at deal right now going. While I don't yet dummies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Blew my mind you all relative of one into buying Wii's oh well doesn't want you know we -- hearing about that more and more lately there's just -- the Wii and his rating go -- -- just under shock. People in the sixties were saying on -- we don't play video games. My -- any campaigns. That work and apologize if agreement isn't just animal is just think the thing on on the agency was -- -- -- and rabbit -- yeah I guess thing you have denied that -- we've done enough they'll -- yes I think we're pretty much -- I want everything to play guys join you today seriously go check -- digital city -- every Monday every Monday 3 PM eastern -- -- -- dot cnet.com very quickly -- just -- it asks applicants got -- dot Twitter -- Dan Ackerman. Is mine and of course if you're looking for perfect holiday gift and I highly recommend tales out of night school -- -- -- -- on dvd have for available on how. ITunes -- -- -- I don't think online -- in here in the studio cuts are offered for pre and post your purposes and I just got via FedEx this morning. Okay the first the first notation of uncharted three drinks reception post provide via FedEx. Sony is announcing this I believe. In December 12 they go drink deception uncharted -- game -- checked that out and Jim -- that's the name of the best. -- a third is president of the blue or not it's like okay. I'm sure it doesn't just -- experience. -- -- wondering why it remembers it. -- alright guys I think it's gonna do it for us for today suggests we'll be back tomorrow hopefully to keeping its cross. Status of the for a four and gives call 18 to six for a -- -- that we will see you tomorrow.

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