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The 404: Ep. 710: Where you can buy me love

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The 404: Ep. 710: Where you can buy me love

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Kenley is our guest host for the today, and she helps us run down a list of stories including The Beatles coming to iTunes, buying the original Apple-1, Black Friday deals, and how to refund the purchase of Apple apps!

Everybody. -- Tuesday November 16. I'm Ken -- and I'm Justin yu and this is the show where you can buy me love. We need Newton campaign lonely years. Yeah is that this -- -- -- ability. I know for a fact -- I think -- every weekend that it's not as. Her name is in his mainly. The. Now we're talking about ladies and -- disappointing Apple announcement yesterday. I can't believe that's true that only all they basically just announced that all of The Beatles songs are now available Clinton it was I get the PS. Write them. FY that. Playing and it's been a big deal that's been all that -- -- sites he's been in existence right they they fix that problem. What to say I just think that people there. But Apple always teases their products so much -- -- before and they sent an announcement all the journalists like we've been very special iTunes announcement. And everyone -- -- -- in either to be hardware and a lot of people were thinking would be cloud based. But if you share music yeah and that's just not the case is just. The Beatles yeah it does everything -- hill but. I'm not and it's gonna be something bigger for the company -- only that thing where you can't back up your music you then cut EM on a CD. We didn't solve -- -- and I got did you have to wait -- -- you're not solve that problem. Well I mean like you're talking about in unit before the show and that you're not the biggest Beatles fan. Among the biggest Beatles fan and I don't -- hailstorm. Of they'll. I'll say that I do like The Beatles they're -- I listen to them a lot but. I've I was disappointed -- -- announcement. Well I mean yeah I mean NATO's it back check right there and Justin did start -- yeah. -- -- I like Beatles deal really while. The instinct that they'll again I got the kind and -- not the biggest of course -- of The Beatles it's just I was hoping. That's you -- -- everybody with something from Miami and that's the thing with Apple's that like yes they have release like groundbreaking. Products before in the past in so what you always hoping for hope that like that's the that this announcement is the one and that's -- that's gonna change computing -- granite. But that didn't happen bulldozed the history with The Beatles and Apple right back in the eighties I think there was a lawsuit that happen. Apple Apple thing -- the logo -- -- will not I mean like that okay so the beatles' label is Apple corps isn't and then there's Apple Computer was speaking Apple ink spreads and then there was a huge lawsuit for years going on. -- -- -- -- -- It's then. -- -- -- but the thing it with The Beatles is that they've resisted the the changeover to digital music sales program last year there was like. Rock band Beatles it is. I don't know anybody who actually bought that you just walk past it in the US box but you're not thirteen. -- -- -- This is absolutely true. But -- I'm I'm just excited that the music is finally available and I think for everybody who is The Beatles fan. I think it goes without saying that. If you are Beatles fan you probably found some way to rip your Beatles Al warm -- onto MP threes already so this is not that big -- -- deal. Although I do think that the whole next generation. Of listeners can now sort of -- like reintroduced to The Beatles again. Although if they're looking like just stand there and I think. This doesn't sound that -- advantage -- not -- ten. I electronics and then you're like where is the beat -- the makes. Care needs a drum machine and here it's -- -- that these these leaders is just too long he can't. Behind these -- many words okay. Then I had that been told and -- -- -- meaning yeah they need to be high Def and background. Yeah. And loves it. That remixes coming -- yeah -- -- didn't you. -- that it's actually true you I mean like thick -- that's why I who have talked about this before other -- like Lady Gaga and I -- just not a fan he's a music. Past the ninety. We -- are you saying that one years of music production increase nine -- -- -- they have evening Lady Gaga. We now have come up went brand is Lady -- not that on an argument that -- yeah yeah -- I'm just I can't I got you there but. Yeah. Anything about -- like okay you personally then who has it as the music really being groundbreaking the last decade. Not in the last decade I listen to a lot of music from the ninety's -- ninety's -- -- Dallas Providence thank you for music but. I'll say that every generation feels that way as well. That the one they grew up with is the best music if it's just like even now failure when I -- I talked to people who economic uh oh what's your favorite song. In the you know the younger 19 from from the two thousands. There it's hard to even remember. Like the melody to a song they all sound the same thought auto -- right itself a perfect pitch. In my the only one that -- listen to the top -- is here. -- -- not nodded yeah yeah both I I definitely not gonna think we're the same for mass consumption music is -- -- -- an encounter. And and and that's not -- -- -- but I guess I the team arguing can mean gained are anything like I love eighties music -- just being. Our ass article that Phil Collins -- stone about out like Phil Collins is any transfer. Killing Genesis in making all this -- be manes music which I absolutely. That's true -- to their having this conversation in. 1985. -- -- talking about how lame. But even even need you know the pop be like 1980s. Like -- dance kind of music is. Light years beyond the stuff that comes out -- -- that's my opinion yet yet. I think a lot of people to the same thing about hip hop -- efforts cannot in the early eighties right you know this is gonna kill music and no one's gonna listen to this artificial instrument. And then look where we are now right when he the next thing -- -- an argument against. Literally distribute the we -- You literally. Getting doesn't -- and then. Ringo when not yes you the anyway if you wanna download all your Beatles songs on iTunes you can now do that oh -- a -- you like a hundred off. 150 dollars or something with -- 250 for the complete box that I'm right every single Beatles -- Hat did you know you -- look -- with iTunes before have people really just been waiting for this music come out and iTunes or nobody's -- in the last ten years. Arrogant about -- I -- how here we can within the -- -- that. Well I mean like I said -- saw a bunch of twitters about this earlier this morning. You know I'm fixated but I'm just gonna go listen to NTT's I already have my iPod -- -- not gonna change my life that you downloaded legitimately right or picked -- I. Yeah I actually bought The Beatles. -- and okay actual question my actual legitimate question. Have you bought digital music like zoom on a regular basis on a regular guys -- absolutely -- -- I thought a lot of digital anything and a long time afterward she had -- -- hit the skin. -- you know like you can't beat the simplicity -- and -- -- of one either listen to a song -- night I'll buy that are on my phone on nineteenth straight -- So yes my diet hundreds of dollars worth of music a month right now. In duet has albums that have -- reason other music that. Yes have all that but I -- is really easy to use an easy. When you do here of one of those -- got us on it's it's really we're. -- 99 cents and. You know I gotta say I probably buying more. From iTunes and. Mobile lead banking exactly and any other time which if I'm at home on the computer that -- -- -- -- music but fish already met on pandora -- last that founding -- not plastic on time exactly or I went on each in but if I'm on the subway. Like I will and I hear something catchy or something that -- -- leans right above ground exactly -- I'll buy it on on iTunes online fun it's actually really Milliken V and then in 99 cents -- dollars thirty. Considering living in New York can change your person. Your perspective on prices that you think -- -- -- Starbucks you literally paying five dollars for a cup of coffee this is true I do literate and knives. Delicious speak that an independent it's still -- -- -- You know I think it's funny and these days that is that Justin has of rediscovered the magic of keeper -- -- -- that's actually physical paper in my hand now well let's -- -- back to put your fingers on that's that's that's. I -- he wanted to let you are like. My uncle or something yeah like over the age of seven -- and you have printed out how to request a refund on an -- Paper that I have yeah. How refund any iPhone app purchase that's speaking of iTunes -- any app -- absolutely. Tell you why I'm holding -- -- is it's because -- why wasn't on the show yesterday and I've been testing the new HPE print printer is the envy 100 I know we -- grand -- does a lot but this is actually cool features an HP is gonna -- -- so tell us the battle why we did -- see -- and it I mean are you gonna take better for Intel. What. I yes -- By the way I make money and live and -- well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- HP is one of them and they have a new thing called. Using it it. An email address specified that printer. So each site has this when you buy it it'll come with as I -- HP print sharing news -- HP 124 right like here's your email address that add to this printer NN com yet if you wanna. -- and then you can go on your phone right if you find an article that you like online you can email an attachment. To that printer and it'll do it directly. You and I help which bypasses you know the problem with iPad and other mobile devices that don't have USB ports to connect right. But I hope that my father never finds out about this capability. I don't get -- article -- day yet freaking out to me -- all you -- that they restrict who had access to different. Okay can I buying -- my next question. Like you know isn't this the explosion of literal -- yeah I guess that's how they've bypassed that has been happens jobless to list of people that are only allowed to purchase dead because -- this funny you ever walked by an -- Printer it -- back machine and -- spam is printed out. -- -- -- Yeah -- that directed -- -- literal shot in the -- right. So that's I mean he -- very cool in the way I've been using -- this is actually named stinky steady. I've gotten onto the app RSS -- recent I've been using Google Reader but I don't think there's Atlanta that right -- that has practically dead. Ha ha ha. But I've been using RSS and it's cool because you can actually email directly from Google Reader to the printer -- that home -- while I'm away from home a lot. I'm because I can just see something that I like on my phone send it at home and I'll have time to read it. On the -- so my question is how many penis extension emails have you gotten on the printer. -- after. I cannot answer that. -- I haven't got any spam whatsoever battle in detention print for weeks on and off my email address -- out there yet got a late you know but everyone should go to cnet.com check out my envy 100 assumed -- soon -- to regain muscle just and then on and -- -- wherever Regina article since you -- -- in. Yeah and and you can send them you -- directly Jerry -- yes exactly but then you can also send multiple attachments in an email and those will queue up in the printer. And as well so it is pretty cool I think it's a new way of printing that people aren't used. Well what about you know the big thing you were you preface this with -- four point two there's been a lot of like back and forth whether that's actually gonna happen. With like the new update to. I OS four point two. And iTunes like Haiti -- need testing or anything in regards my. I haven't yet because I believe HP is one of the only printing manufacturers that will implement their print none -- directly into the hardware. I'm you know I'm not sure how it's gonna play with the -- with the apron yet pageant. A solo -- you know together really interesting way to stop and -- technology and I. -- I'm guessing it's all wireless yeah exactly outlook to fast forward maybe like three years in the future where I'm just on the street. Live being. The technocrats and you -- downstairs I. -- with only -- -- -- to -- me when I hit PM but what he's saying he's learned a revolutionary about it now. I think -- -- an article yet is very heavily on its head over to cnet.com go to our printing page and you can find out more. Cool cool cool who are and things are printing page yeah I could ever edit it yet. Just go to cnet.com yeah it's just the picture adjusting I just print it but yeah insulin visited -- -- that. Look on your guess -- -- don't mind. -- dialogue and I need to -- that could happen either. -- -- Still still crazy. Oh. Yeah and it's beyond me. -- talk about this story that what you can indeed request a refund on any iPad or iPhone app did you know also. I read about it but like to be honest needed latest yeah I saw you I just note to check it out. No reference notes in my -- what's and they had. The great reference and again I you know to be -- it's like they're going sometimes where I bought an app they tailored -- -- you know. That that's my expertise -- But they're so cheap that I just don't wanna go through the hassle -- -- so mind and in. Ten figure that out so is there is arduous process no there's no calling involved basically dominantly humans yet within every iTunes account you can go to the purchase history section. And from there you can select the app you -- -- find. Click report a problem. And I think the right here most people assume report a problem just means you sent off an email to someone and Apple could -- actually they'll get back to you and they'll refine your credit sent within one of those like we've noticed that your app has crashed. Yeah like -- let -- like sending an. Or why you wanna is funny it's the next yet -- -- yeah. The though 199 for today -- by -- I guess I'm definitely like the app is really slow -- work as advertised to give a legitimate excuse and you'll get a refund what I mean that's really good to know -- I honestly thought I I looked into it. There's just so much of a hassle Mike whatever I think it's a dollar and 99. I I just don't wanna go through the -- I think that's the consensus for like most people. -- have -- job -- and 99 dollar 99 dollars for the GPS app right then I probably would go through the effort of trying to figure out how many in my mind exact yet. But and -- birds desperate to smiling it's -- speaking of which there's a new angry birds -- software -- -- right. Really done -- -- yeah. Yeah I got it actually it's on CNET equity UK right -- okay look -- that. On purposefully sun like web security. Folks and put out -- speak. Angry birds add -- no way that that was on -- you. Well me okay so they put they purposely put -- a fake patch because there is like a security issue in the Android version. Right exactly and so you download it and then it opens up up a -- -- how I think. I know that I did an okay. Okay I'm getting these. -- game they know do different if that's. No what happens is you download this add on it actually basically -- That you are proving the point that once you -- this hat -- you -- giving a -- your personal information from this this is for -- it's an Internet captain. But apparently did when he downloaded actually said you're securities and reached into the it figures about that it it was to -- the point that there's. And it's still made it into the Android apps aren't exactly pretty scary -- yeah. I'll bet those applications frank that's for the whole walled garden incomes and I mean like it that sites are trying to think of the app stores like Wal-Mart didn't like if Wal-Mart try to sell you like even like a broken -- -- something like that you would probably -- -- more pissed at Wal-Mart right and the guy who actually made the rate for -- -- -- -- I on the agree in -- I actually have a story about said company in the rundown -- do you wanna. Talk about this. This is something that I think -- the rundown while much offering free shipping for online purchases through there we mentioned this yesterday. Wal-Mart from. Now until December 22. Free shipping on anything so December 20 by the recipient December 20 is not by the broken it yet do not buy the broker liquidated 121 -- I don't -- into the high. But I guess that's happening for Black Friday they also I think in the first retailer to already have posted exactly what will be on sale for Black Friday already yeah -- a look at up while we're going to the break. Yes it a little break right now we indicated those around here but we get more from the fourth or no voice -- today. But they'll cost and this call can -- if it is my number is at for a -- -- He's -- humor. And captors to show where we all -- It's because it. Back here on the full four. They can. Can hurt -- flu has little to before the break we were talking about Wal-Mart and there's no voice but it has no voice no city. By Jeff will be back tomorrow. I -- yeah okay. Great that'll be cloudy back into the studio again they'll be darkness all around the door to hell will open up -- okay I've mentioned earlier -- Jeff -- and the I'm not again ever established on the screen. It but it -- -- Jeff Bakalar and that would call a gray cloud. -- I have half yeah and you could create that happy that I think he's gonna come back a changed man they do like I mean I am -- change the canvas. Yeah I actually believe appreciate yeah. Actually come back with -- new attitudes like. Positive outlook yeah I mean we we've talked about this like Jeff's wedding Ker I've never seen -- and smile. Consecutive you. Yeah consecutively that won't let you click on what you could see towards the end of the night like you start and hurt -- -- gives -- -- -- I have never -- -- -- -- -- within the. Pulling his mouth open to the C well Natalie that right. Exactly and -- -- more. -- -- -- Then it certainly help to eat we we look forward having him back tomorrow him speaking. Of things coming down the corner you've mentioned earlier Wal-Mart is already posted their Black Friday. Listen yeah we have a week and a half is it that we can up until Thanksgiving -- that's true that's wow. True it's scary so -- they've already put here nine -- -- it's coming up and you should know about these deals if you're gonna stand in line early again. Which I you know why you're getting to Wal-Mart at. Actually to -- -- reason I immediately I agree I gotta say that's happened before in the past like my mom has ruled me out when the day after Thanksgiving they've done their -- like these are not good deal. Does she like it's 3 o'clock the morning for some reason we're standing outside in the parking lot in the mall this hundred the people around is it because you're on you know that the Internet. My mom doesn't know about it and that I bits being input in the same regardless we'll go there we'll show you the -- Then allow -- -- terribly candy bar is just. Your again. My house. But now I've been -- the -- the mall at 3 o'clock in the morning finally begin then shopping in it literally eight. 30 in the morning turn it is one of the first hundred people there and you only have gotten -- a sweater -- like a polo shirt grade zone like that's what I -- I. Steve finest very -- -- you know that you came in with like sixty video. -- -- -- You like first generation PlayStation I like you -- I discovered the power of the Internet. -- whereas my mom thinks that the only did you'd actually go shopping for Christmas is literally the day after Thanksgiving. Yeah and that's not that's not too far from the truth for the vast majority of American. And there's pop and there are good deals on not to align what would do what does long I have to offer any -- lazy well I'm looking at these pictures here and. Wrong -- pictures man like yeah. I told he can't be looking. We're gonna do in the -- oh well I didn't realize how here Greg Dan Brown hair yet -- -- so. Wal-Mart is actually off brain appreciative for all advised and I don't know exactly I just close the window with all. So -- hearings. Your source for information in the forum for at cnet.com to a torrent that information that -- he had nothing them -- -- do you have any -- -- -- Black Friday stories yourself. I do not or is there -- insider ever go well okay I'm sorry about that delay. Yeah we got these videos that Al Wal-Mart is offering for Black Friday they are having a 32 inch Emerson TV for a 190 dollars and they have other assorted TV you -- made light bulbs MX energy I believe is like wal mart's. Now writes it in Canada and -- -- low -- I can't get her best -- Right exactly -- and would that there and news on manufactured at its latest seeing him and conglomerate that's like Westinghouse Emerson -- which -- -- and yet we're not saying we're not saying the but the quality of these these are just now but he feels fine it's basic it's probably the exact same in -- -- their friends yet and here's everything -- -- -- that everything and everybody knows about eight gigabyte iPod Touch for 225. You also get a fifty dollar Wal-Mart gift card -- five dollars ready -- but with this fifty dollar Lomax. Gift cards so you by yourself the iPod -- at fifty dollars threat. Just as I'm sure somebody's it. President -- or The Beatles well I didn't ask for arms and now this -- that if you're an island for yourself you might as -- violent and then. -- also have the money to pay or present. Credit -- does every gift well I guess is -- if you use it for awhile yes. Then insists it giving -- used thing. Which is never gonna interfere again and never a good idea yes we have on the and it aside from that to have a bunch of different cheap media gift ideas like seven -- -- dollar video games ninety dvd movies for two dollars and then Blu-ray disc for five intent and I see that the fourth was there for the -- series for 99. After several we've resorted is actually I just ever so innocuous put my disks for somebody that -- -- just need. Release it for a -- box set. Or 99 cents death helped his would you be if you just got a box and a -- -- Yeah I'm the full catalogue really gonna be awesome because I love somebody wants to make that really happy to give it away to you met. Blake -- I would genuinely wanted to know link right to us the full four at cnet.com or how are plans at the full four or call us 186 explore for CNET -- I'd like to know would you pay five dollars or ten dollars. For the complete just -- -- to the full. And and why yeah yeah yeah and I -- what drugs are you want. And -- I thought -- that's a good deal order you can actually go on eBay and buy the first Apple one. For a low low price of 200000 dollars right you put the story in -- and. Well I I was the one action -- the first did. -- -- it's -- how that's unionize its. I think I -- outdated. What wasn't working for me but yeah 200000 dollars for a computer that originally went on sale. For 600 in 66 dollars wow -- only you know hundred of these original Apple one computers were made these were the ones that were built by both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak the other founder of Apple. And it's actually gonna be an auction at Christie's auction house in London on November 23 so that's coming up. That's -- can you -- That's so weird. That he. Eight calculators today not even like that your clock -- alarm clock has more processing -- is probably. It's way to get a just 670. Dollars for what is essentially -- it -- it was 666. Hours that's why we knows Steve Jobs despondency and 666 market is V6 cents as well -- -- -- to launch originally sold for and they're expecting it to go for -- 160. 2242000. Dollars. Somebody just have this in their house you obviously can't use it. I don't know -- -- entities and a -- Well I mean it's way to think about how much you can get now for the same price right Wilson I mean you can get entire home theater in a box that you can -- you're eating and. -- higher -- -- yeah. Yeah instead of you know dropping 200000 -- -- -- you buy a couple hundred -- thousand then I pads -- you do good in the world can't. -- -- -- -- -- Sun this reminds me of something. Important and like I -- things away you guys venom Wikipedia lately in notice that they had that huge message from -- you as -- -- If everybody can give some money we can keep this Colleen vulnerable we don't wanna have ads how this. How about they actually do have -- and it's the most targeted ads ever. And it's really useful mitigate for everybody and it's just -- that gutter on the side of the page right not intrusive. And then they give away everything above operating costs and they become the largest charity organization and in the world again could easily turn huge profit and then be. Actually helping people in helping or out candy are you making a bid to run Wikipedia -- just. I was DNA no I was planning to actually write this letter like on May be on -- -- probably in an email to him on -- Chevy read it but. Wow now this is my open letter hello Wikipedia -- I don't know why you're asking me for two dollars by and you instead asked people. Who could make a lot of use from your platform really targeted ads and then you give away everything above operating in very what you try to do is just creates. A little utopian information which I think is a good idea and they could still keep the website free of charge to access it just had a free of charge to access they make you feel little text ads on the side they have -- words that are on entry says. They don't have them anyway have to deal if -- did it could just be a little platform but what else. I like that the donations suggestions are one in two dollars in fact they start at twenty and they're designated years he can seem on the side Bahrain we have that we -- media foundation page -- and -- you can donate by credit card or PayPal in increments of twenty. If DR 150 all the way up to 500 or other if you want more. Does not like you -- only donated -- this unit -- started. I assume that it would because that is really silly creating a well my typical please don't donate 500 dollars wow let's please have him turn the surrounding creek. Something really dead. To my question you know if I'm an advertising is my one question you know like I -- saw an individual like Justin probably spent a lot of time -- EP being. Certain topics that aren't exactly advertiser friendly. I print out the entire week yeah yeah yeah. But they're premium advertisers who are willing to surround that contents on any contents and making -- Hands off about it gets the fifth most popular website on the Internet they could stand to make a lot of money just by putting if you advertise them. Right and really an intrusive and I'm also -- like they can make an automated and they can make -- so that they're not. A lot of -- companies to sell this problem that they don't have to have their information subject to advertisers or you know the -- -- -- platform directly Diego. But that's a great idea thank you so much -- -- for joining us on today's show we look forward to having Jeff back tomorrow I'm Wilson -- I'm -- and -- yeah. And -- dozen here this is the -- for its high tech it's low brow it's Jeff Bakalar on the show tomorrow we'll.
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