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Ep. 71: Princess Leia's dirty secret: Crave

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Crave: Ep. 71: Princess Leia's dirty secret

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Star Wars is great, but Star Wars on your head is much better. The Crave team discuss this idea in depth in this first episode of 2012, along with Jell-O dispensers for grown-ups, Starcraft in Lego, and harmonizing Hobbits.

-- Tuesday January 3 2012. We've all made it. The CNET podcast thank you for joining I'm Donald bell and Eric Franklin. Without a microphone. On him and there she is an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah well you know typical adult seriously. -- now we the last time we did the show -- -- and integration. It was evident -- lacking however and we heard and everyone in one particular. An area that the trade show excellent -- all the time. And that's the vaguely or explicitly for -- -- And of tech and yes yeah sure so the 2012 new year new resolution it's. This is revenues now while -- gonna -- and an end. The concrete that -- well. I just. It -- that you thanks -- -- that Kraft Foods and Intel there is now the jello vending machine that dispenses jello. Just a grown -- adults only yacht at the adult only eat jello vending machines. -- -- like this this thing looks pretty sensual it looks like. It looks like that machine reminds me. Like a short time after dark you have Eilat what I thought -- out of it can add that aesthetic of late. His sleep. Instantly it's got a the other thing -- have -- out -- It's a lot of lot of gold trend -- -- again. And so how does it now. So there and Intel and if things as you step up to it there and used his face recognition -- technology needed to determine whether or not you're. The worthy target customer for the kind what's the adult oriented jealous and album of my adult oriented apparently dislike Apple oriented sleepers does not. Pervert -- and you know it flake out. Isn't -- -- hack day is probably chocolate truffle on indulgence so stuff that is really. Sounds Reynolds. I don't know why kids when I politely and it can -- But as someone said truffles to me is acute lately -- troubled I think that the main thing -- -- that city people's minds about -- being just like kids count. Like the fact keep -- get -- apparently Brian proves that. Jealous not just for kids know the kids wouldn't -- even know that jewels in there. I'm jokes on them right as he took -- kids -- So this also could be seen as like -- how to make kids cry vending machine I have look at it this craft consistently meaning yeah me -- But it's actually kind -- -- technology outside of it being perverted. -- does better -- -- -- -- come as you can and it being -- sensual it dispensing jello. The various -- it is interesting that this could be like be. The new frontier of product sample -- gaming lately he set up to this machines recognize whether or not you're worthy began -- -- and what the planners at lake. It's prisons. All the help it grab -- -- -- -- -- A it will get there someday. Like leaders got. We worked -- that aren't enough that this we will get it also this tedious -- -- who. Elvis you know -- community around. We have this guy I think I'd think so that. -- everything of the CSI logo as basketball football baseball. Because like that though the debate. That big ball is about Avalon and helix shape is football and in the little ball -- baseball -- also. All the -- just -- And soon now and limited on this. I was -- things were announced this seamless status. -- I think in this in this particular sense it's it's. I think encouraging need to step up picture -- -- -- on diet. And live nation. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's so weird buying that we. I think that by -- but it requires. Him to talk is an EF. -- -- Hello I. I -- in my book about the impression whatever I can't. I think highly vulnerable well. You could tell -- in indirect. Effects like that that -- -- -- It becomes a mallet and hoping you can easily -- I think he is -- that communicated I don't pretzels -- -- -- It's a nod in the only -- uses to ignoring them through grueling and -- knowledge of and because we have. What our craft to hyperion battle cruiser constructed entirely right. Now that is impressive happened just doesn't Iberian. Battle cruiser from -- StarCraft and around. It's uncertain of when as well it's you know your big -- and ship -- you bring him you wanna use -- multiple gun and destroy your enemies. -- looks good though a home. 50000 windows -- doesn't like those. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An eminently trying to figure out now all looks like they also have some mom. Some like others here and figures yet -- of the bottom asthma -- -- -- -- Agassi and as depends on how big that one little do it is the ten here and marine. -- looks pretty -- -- you didn't you didn't make it funnier I did not make this medications was not what I do my vacation I did like the opposite of anything constructive from -- education. All looks good its its -- graph means we -- but that more fuel now. Yeah could. I want to satisfy the Lego quotient the -- quotient and now we're gonna move into the star which. Meaning it's like an AB you know for the first show of the year we got it got -- all the all the -- is this. I don't know what this -- this -- war the on Etsy you can buy now princess -- and foam covers. -- -- headphones themselves but give you'll way to disguise your headphones with the princess lady hair -- This lady looks like she's -- -- -- -- those. Apparently my headphones nowadays -- -- -- -- and bondage heroin Francis slay a fancy going on hand and it. But I and I know about that I disapprove. Of that and I gotta admit them and can -- this photo yet cannot hide eggs. Analysts. Yeah I mean. Any time. You know you have some prince's -- bones in your head on the -- head -- -- -- can clearly tell. You can't -- she's asking her -- really well as other photos here if you click the add -- thing you can see her look looking before she gets her -- when. -- is that if I can get the before -- east village basement actually -- So these had covers will cost you. 25 to 24 dollars. -- -- -- synthetic care. Com and get -- -- now -- If you really want it to I think he -- and get some different colored -- imagine -- synthetic. You get one now and neat and -- yes. Then you can it didn't. Get your drug of choice and then experience the music wailing meant to be -- heard from enhanced. -- it. In further Star Wars head coverings on Etsy is well you can get a -- -- -- Needed head cover. This is -- along with Al you can also alternately get eighty -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- and sorry I known all you know that -- and I now whole Internet. Instances. Ebooks. I want to all of them as kids all of them acuity name is in light of that. We knew that one little dude got killed and is the -- got killed in the past. And open the exit and you just like. How -- and I had -- The current -- Now right nine cells from crime to India in the ill conceived Star Wars characters I would I would still root for you -- -- -- opening scene but every creature the director and now we have. -- -- And yeah yeah not totally share a little bit assess have their band like as Star Wars lake. -- -- -- games where you complains he wants. I was like any complaints on -- other kind of Star Wars races in every to be there to get Michael Eli eight and locked up in I don't think you've. We don't -- doesn't want with -- and some Easter eggs and that he. Usually like you know you're stoned to -- that array tilted. -- -- -- also has gotten. Lately. But I doubt that the new in remote -- a -- beltway -- cannot open any candidate. Now have a problem and awaits after CES causes at a thirty day free -- period or -- that. -- -- of CS and then dive in and hopefully. Not easily again and lost work but -- like there's no he -- is -- that he plays basically humanoid more humanoid type the taller. Acumen and -- size. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hussain came via U -- it did I do like -- I do like the little -- looks cool little. -- oh with so here's the bad news though. The prices and that 55 dollars apiece but they're back ordered for like eight week slowed. Food. If you take awhile yet -- pretty intricate and beloved that when man yeah so. If you are willing to spend more money -- something immediately. You can giving 99 dollar. It's -- out their -- yes but it's only for a -- kids can. Which I think it's unfortunate that it -- Probably -- -- you know I can CU -- yet. Opponents. On this on this board. That covers the bases and implement -- and that's that's an impressive amount of hours -- -- the and I. Isn't worthy of grouping together. So these boards these boards -- -- -- -- the -- We'll put -- little adults also just -- Our users yak soul. Curve so you still -- smaller and there's mine and -- -- Youth -- words use the -- accidentally with. The add short. Some tenants. And -- damage if it but. I mean -- is laughing because because you just -- like its prices. Death is at a cheaper that you can you put them over on them use it in the night. So it that was in geeky enough I wasn't -- this brings us now to your favorite portion of the show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know if we put -- -- overdone but now there finally yeah yeah integrated seating please. I'll -- -- this week. This week. -- -- geek news this week is more like Geeknews last week where -- last week I was out of town and stuff but. You guys feature the Dark Knight rises trailer -- yet which. Pretty freaking awesome I love I love the whole like. You know occupied Gotham kind of thing they're going for -- -- -- woman like you did it and instead billionaire who's weighing in those and humans. I'm rich you not. You know no one else in its reach -- column. So thanks -- -- that but. The real trailer you should -- covering them. Was how. Does that's the most significant trailer come out in the last ten years last ten years since supposed to -- -- -- Which -- until. Q1 2001. Hide. This. It was in my twenty's that's all -- -- it up. I need that remains to preserve my you -- -- -- -- at the village. -- ruled -- there maestro. -- He does he -- -- I told you everything there was to know about my intentions. While I can honestly say I told you the truth and not have -- too old eight. -- -- I'm looking for someone. I can start running into the -- I'm -- back. -- back and through and I mean through pictures movies DB when doing. -- -- -- -- -- Daughter Laura Horton and the needs of our company and -- and. Rules. Yeah. To its own engines can. -- Okay. And I have a it's. -- We'll -- -- responsible for. This site. There -- limits to the -- -- you can. -- -- -- -- Think if you. It's. -- old school -- this. So we have had. -- the indigenous -- and yeah that that trailer got to be a sanctuary for left for my trip and -- -- islands and a clean electric it was what what really. It was having. And -- original books there are a lot of there's lots of musical out of Tolkien out. Music that he wrote in whatever songs he wrote this up and in the -- rings movies you've got a little bit of that mostly in the -- -- -- versions. You get that much in the actual movie but this is so stoked to see them actually singing again -- tortoise and -- -- Clinton trailer. I mean if people ultimately -- -- -- sync. Trailer. I don't I want to hear any complaints well it's no. -- have -- the trailers full sync my music investors that -- -- dwarfed version of glee I'm gonna be a step. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. Do it's gonna -- this -- Madonna didn't immediately or yeah. -- also. You can tell it like it's still very fact that movies until December of necks or this year August on two doesn't while. And it's there's -- -- the hot and into two movies obsessed the first move that the first and second I'm suppressed by. Like how distinct the doors -- from each others like thirteen boards. Approximately confuse as matter but they admit they're at least make an effort to make them -- -- each -- them -- him. And also flatly invention in the episode how its opening films and five K -- have really high resolution in -- in late at forty frames per second and in treaty. As can probably the best thing. -- -- now anyway there's there's also new are hot at the -- at. -- the government very briefly want to show the whole trailer and punish anyone who wants it to true but you should. Now I mean that's it's like when you -- things where -- It's fair to assume everyone listening right now at the podcast has seen action projects I would say -- if -- If they have. Their policy people who would probably like you watch watch it -- yet yet. I suppose I could -- -- to have really good Internet access over my trip around so that I really liked it. I got that -- thanks. Here and so yeah I'm -- -- -- -- -- Consider. -- the computers. Challenge harmonizing the case let me Yale and I -- problem. A odd and also that from -- -- -- trailer debuted. -- orbiting the trailers short. Reprieve is is basically a release Scott's. Earliest we'll be alien prequel but then he's got the -- in the sure exactly why is -- -- I'm -- make this movie now -- it's kind of if you -- -- -- like. -- -- -- it feels a lot like. The original -- which Scott directed -- to -- -- was so it's -- -- -- as it looks amazing. The trailers so huge check that I haven't seen what we complain and vision and it. Even -- -- long there -- no wrong. And in many industry albums -- That that. -- -- -- Messed up then I actually -- it -- got a little bumps -- -- old old old stars because I like. Ridley Scott was still good. At making it is to still be in space vision user that it killed -- interest in going outer space you think so I think so. And that -- I'm just saying they mean they said it -- in humans to the correlation and causation but they happened at the same time mobile kind of slowly kind of forgot about the -- distance to the moon yeah this aliens out there that are going to his -- -- to -- right -- is nothing. But tears and pain on matter space and like how these viruses. And you can -- each other anyway -- yet. So -- made me terrified again. You out -- space via a woman I can can. Wanna know I want if you what it looks all -- -- but without all the crazy alien viruses that are gonna terrorist threat. In the robot's right athletes in the rover up there in its field. Check out yeah yeah -- -- Look man look. You can stand the aliens have been here for years -- -- -- is like twenty species of we have teams that have been here visited this planet. In an upcoming back special items of them again and get a great session. It is video him on that is in this now. I just wish we could make like a really good. -- based drama that was kind of play all the friendly aliens we meet along you know. This -- Hollis. Yeah I know big budget version of the market usually -- -- completely secure channel -- -- -- a secret. And every -- the horrible graphic depictions of of cats being -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- and we've -- these cats column. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Finally it was clamoring for list that I haven't been no matter came -- that Peter I have. -- -- Is it and we're gonna have a Lego Lego Lego. Oh -- I guess that newly produced version of Willie's asparagus song right it's gonna be an anti -- -- -- -- around. Us and -- -- of its children. And I think that's it. It can and it there if you want to -- Naji if you wanna read the story or see the stories we document next week. Don't bother to I don't think we're doing this by -- -- secrets -- -- -- -- and CES -- -- it's not doing and I -- According to what I know -- schedules do now because I think all of the CE. He gets -- basically like one giant crane -- getting out of of that through all the different channels that CNET has to offer yet I am but definitely check out all be live podcasting we will be doing from CES. Keep up with the trade -- -- -- -- -- lot of content from our CES mean blog over creative and despray stressed because it's. Okay now this is like our in my life if you're doing this I think. You know its its strengths and its original ten and and I'm really gonna try to do things differently analysts -- every -- every -- and -- look and exercising. Enough sleep and I eat well and suddenly start another one -- two days in his late. They're longer this time and -- no one's paying the tiny violence forest right now the -- include media sales and don't notice. -- -- rock stars tot might like. Whining about how tough it is on the road yeah every union you know you think now it's not like that thing close -- you know the drug war and -- -- can't get that eighty -- at. I don't that would mean that the media that he wants us yes -- -- Gas cycle. -- aside -- that it was move horrible. Yeah it's the drugs. It doesn't take as a little bit you know you get kind of means that the effects of mentor. And -- you -- to sell. If we survive that -- you back the following week. And then we'll see them. And I.

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