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Mobile: Ep. 71: No Galaxy Nexus for Black Friday

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Mobile: Ep. 71: No Galaxy Nexus for Black Friday

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Jason Howell from TWiT TV joins us live as we get hands on with the Galaxy Nexus. We also take a look at a new nook, and ask what a dude thinks about his girl phone. All of that and more on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly for November 2nd 2011.

Hands on the galaxy nexus and you know in order to do things -- -- phone call that more on this week's edition of Android atlas weekly for November 2 2011 I'm just a cast alongside special guest. Jason how. The. Going to be back in how welcome back thank you is -- I have not been in this new studio since. Well I guess a little over a year ago and I love the changes ways it's like -- and thank you and you -- meditate for a second. I did little meditating before it may be after. But we got a lot of stuff to cover so -- don't think we do. Well let's talk about -- -- both of our next -- -- this is of course the Samsung galaxy nexus which. That's the first time I think I have ever said it -- direct heat -- at nexus Bryan yeah I did not. Keep that name I was I was in the Verizon store yesterday. Firm and then we'll talk about possibly later regular -- on. And they guy -- -- the -- -- the counter that I was dealing with kept correcting he's like -- the nexus prime like now. It's the galaxy nexus two -- I realize why you why you want that to the name because it's a great name nexus prime was a I think a better name in the galaxy nexus. Regardless the nexus on Verizon that's really -- Asus news. When every -- that company stole the prime emirates that are tablet so that's right yeah I wonder -- I wonder how how far out of that -- lockdown but talk about it and really really good timing for them because automatically that just that -- Brian. Has lot of good. Kind of vibes within in the Android communities that they -- -- -- inherent via headhunter. So are -- The -- UK actually got their hands on the nexus. -- nexus from a let's take a look at this video. -- I play -- it in -- when. You can see the interface being tweets with a new blue tinge to that and they're not physical buttons on this site instead is controlled using these on the screen icons. This one on the rights -- all the apps you -- and recently and -- -- -- and -- -- the site. Other -- include an improved method for making and customizing folds of apps on the new data usage monitor which -- -- how much state to individual Latina and as he set limits on data consumption. The screen only got -- C nexus is really impressive it's a -- point 65 inch display with a massive 1280 by 720 pixel resolution. Making everything on screen that really shop and -- Meanwhile around the back there's a five megapixel camera. Now that's not as high resolution as some other small fines but there will be some cool features like a -- night and the ability to take still photos -- -- recording video. Ten in the got its -- on -- site you can see is quite slim at just under nine millimeters thick. And it weighs a 135 -- so it feels very much as well even though this phone is -- it's quite portable. Ice cream -- is looking slick with visual adjustments and so for improvements across the whole operating system so we're excited to see what this -- -- when it launches in November. On the quest -- Tina UK on this is a Samsung galaxy nexus. Closely November hopefully no -- -- yes. You know we're not it's not the dirt -- I don't think it's an event that tea. Not -- what -- -- eight months later -- -- well now that they've got to go along way -- -- -- take a lot of people off in the process may be coming out with ideally -- by the time you don't have to is another thing about -- possible. So is discern X phone. Pat Fermi you know overall specs look pretty good you know the intern at the memory saying you know -- does not removable SD card. People who make -- a big issue. -- and -- Air I don't really care when I think about you know the fact that -- the fat past few phones that I've been using. Starting with the Motorola Droid and -- had removable memory and I. Never took it out so it's not like but I but I understand the use case for a lot of people have big music libraries and they think of that is like a -- a removable portable library that they can just plug in and drop in -- personally that's that's my big deal so brings out a deal to me so the thickest it's. And I have is the care. So I really what I have said is one thing and you really want menus song is a really good camera -- -- so jealous of iPhone four camera. And com. So this only has five megapixel -- is little's lower than of -- Other phones are getting today but does that really matter what is the quality of the camera is what I want well. I mean IDC -- -- taken a look like they showed during the announcement obviously you know that the full motion video and -- examples of stuff like that I had -- taken a look at kind of like. The official versions of those that have imposed on line since then -- thought I think they did see one video like that teachers from doing that and that did look really impressed that doesn't HD and and realize that those you know RHD through YouTube's encoding which means that rate pristine version of that property looks. Even better. -- like pretty -- I mean I don't really care if it's five megapixels as long as the kind of mechanics of the camera and the the elements that make up the camera are higher quality than what -- seen in my previous -- right -- well couldn't get much worse than a lot of the 800 phones out there yet totally original jury it and I think you know and I -- I actually if that ends up being the case can Samsung. Big props because I think a lot of that is the manufactures out there. Our in this race -- kind of prove to you what is not issue which is that you know higher megapixels. -- means better pictures and that's not the case you know higher megapixels with -- electronics means. -- lots of pixels making -- really crappy image for if they've -- good mechanics in there and also you know the yes and no lag shutter time is a big deal to me well -- I don't although I don't have no lag courageous and that's features you wore no zero lag you know -- touted in the in the announcement. I can't remember if that was a ice cream sandwich feature -- and a galaxy a nexus feature regardless it was demonstrated on the galaxy nexus. And I mean -- -- paint -- Anyone who has kids knows the -- like. The biggest thing in the world because if you don't snap a picture -- at the vote in need to take the picture you're gonna get a blurry face there's you know it's there -- almost done. Yet no I'm told them or they're -- -- on me on -- on the right now. Parliament as long as it doesn't make that while the sounder is accurate -- over -- year's gift. Yeah that's the -- well of the phones that -- used in taking cameras better pictures with. Of the Motorola Droid is the only one that kind of did that in my experience anyways thankfully -- fun. It was quaint Mosher points one word for -- thumb. So gadgets coming out next week -- oh yeah and fully. Ice you know -- -- -- -- -- for the -- and started -- -- -- Samsung galaxy nexus push back until possibly. After Black Friday. Right so that originally was first -- out that tenth. In the US. Com and so this is an official insisted -- from screen chopped it was acquired BitTorrent life that shows. It looks like it's coming outs of that day after Black Friday -- the -- after Black Friday weekend space there would be whatever that Monday it is. Looks like -- -- -- eight. Which just keeps ventilator later exactly it's not that I can't wait till then it says that how many times has -- been delayed now again. At least twice are ready. Yeah and I mean you know granted like you said though it's it's always these rumored. You know dates we've never really being given an official data and then have that pushed back so I guess this is this this is they had a symptom. Of people like you and I who are a big Android fans that B follow a lot of Android news that C want this really kick butt phones. You know it's kind of it's kind of our own fault because we read all the stuff and get so hyped up on it and want it to be true. -- -- meanwhile Samsung hasn't really saddening thing around but now I want this now and die every I don't obviously I'll wait until the end of the month because that's probably what I'll have to do very -- planet but -- the end of the month turns into march yeah. Then that's another story yet. They'll be getting the cents a galaxy S three or whatever that -- -- -- Speaking at a Samsung galaxy S. To actually so AT&T. Is launch seems there LTE network. And the first -- -- BS that are there. Is it it's really true yeah I heard none of the four G networks were actually four -- in the day and actually. Reduce the standard two. AT&T'S LTE network. And his 240 all right well it's pretty cool anyway says -- com. These -- the earth. -- releasing two. Four GL TE phones both Android. And they're expanding their LT net. LTE network to nine additional markets bouts of the first two phones are the Samsung galaxy S two skyrocket just can't -- -- HTC vivid. Now which just makes me think of vivid entertainment. So we don't know there I don't think that says via. Samsung galaxy S two skyrocket to I think it is fairly similar to -- Samsung galaxy S two. Four point five inch super amoled plus screen is a rigorous screen. He senator -- 481. Point 45 gigahertz dual core processor sixteen gigs of memory. I -- -- pixel camera. A and it's -- front facing two megapixel camera. And the prices to 49 which is about standard for dual core four G Smartphones these days it's it's well it's interesting to me because I'm I'm so used to the rise and pricing and I know that LTE you know. Probability you -- your with the first LTE phone which was I guess the honorable came out from 49 ranked. And then as the new ones that started coming out including the Droid charge was 300 dollars which means that myth undervote was 299. For 1299 -- so basically there LTE pricing has been to 99 and that seemed ridiculous and -- Is it true that the other carriers were all still kind of out -- 199 point until now. I don't know I have the latest action the other carrying one of these things like they're going up but definitely with the LTE yet tag. Certainly that it's even LTE or it's that dual core is -- -- month that's hard to tell but it is thunderbolt wasn't to -- our. I don't know any -- and the other -- is the HTC vivid which is this slightly lower end phone it's only 199 and has asthma is lower ring as screen. One point two gigahertz -- -- one point five. Com the data plans innocent specifically and -- bit and just appalled by these data plans to their data plan starts at fifteen dollars. For 200 megs of data. Which at -- -- -- -- LTE speeds it was a late to never makes any sense to and then. For your second two -- makes it's another fifteen dollars you can pay thirty dollars. Under that plan for 400 megs or under the other plan you pay 25 dollars for two -- Yeah that math that's really add up to me no it doesn't add up at all does it it's like it's like their -- there -- penalizing you. -- for your short sighted and not signing up for -- less expensive plan. Like under -- a pay fifty dollars return to makes the plan be paid ten dollars per game yeah yeah I don't make a lot. Of it. I mean as far as the phones are concerned you don't really when you compare these two. You know the galaxy SQ is yeah I think a larger screen then the earlier galaxy S two on AT&T -- -- forgy. Found -- HTC vivid. I mean you're you're -- fifty dollars off the pricing getting close to the same specs and if you are interested and does capable of routing. Your phone you did you know you could over clock this again -- -- one -- by the match the galaxy -- save yourself a device I guess that if it was that important to you. Are what they're both pretty decent looking phones. Yet the Simpsons out TS -- if it's anything like the skyrocket its assault that -- -- Has announced an event for November 7 where it seems like they're going to announce the next color -- The color Nook Color to -- don't actually know what is going to be called. We don't know specs are but there's certainly a lot of rumors about it. Com and you know this is really about the Kindle fire -- yeah -- he wasn't gonna do to compete with the Kindle fire com. You know both on specs and on price and not that are pretty skeptical that there connect get something that can measure up. To this specs of the Kindle fire which I would argue don't really matter very much. For an e-book reader side of things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- and -- perceived value I mean when you're talking about the Kindle fire you're talking about Amazon anti you know all of Amazon's kind of write music video yeah if they've got a dollar and Barnes & Noble I don't know if they necessarily have an analog to all it to that titans of depth as Amazon so even if they hit on. On lake. Price of the tablet as well as -- -- specs behind the tablet. They're they're missing out to a certain degree on a lot of what. A lot of the value that the Kindle fire brings with it which is the tight integration the Amazon because eco sphere -- -- Barnes & Noble has something up -- sleeve. Reliability and who knows fairly more interest in announcement right -- -- -- really -- the hardware what's the ecosystem like hey we just signed a deal with you know whatever. Spotify for music and this for that. -- movies I think it's because the killer -- there they sign some deal with. Some -- -- who would be. At this point but we have a bigger library of movies and TVs and Amazon says yeah and the -- ago and now I'm matters. And they've been nothing to to give us that. Sort of you know an inkling that that might be happening -- usually we start hearing. Little bits here and there of civilians also is working on a deal haven't quite -- yet we hear this a lot about Google their music store kind of in the past couple weeks. A we haven't heard that it and it at all about Barnes and also it's hard to think that. They do have something like that in the works I guess it's totally possible. Personally I think. You know that then what made the nook. -- really popular the first generation -- was that it was so ridiculously underpriced while we -- in comparison to a lot of the other tablets out there. But also kind of need the then rooting and running community really -- it took hold of it -- in a realise you can kind of push it to do a little bit more I think if if the -- wants to compete in almost has to come out like 150 -- like it has to under shoot the cost of the Kindle fire. I think what you know -- but I think the warped and means so Amazon is losing money on the Kindle fire you know our sources are correct that it costs about 220 dollars to build its -- for 199. But I think -- right. This whole world now it's not about the device it's about the ecosystem that surrounds the device -- devices are roughly comparable to each other. And what they do with the device -- right media can I get on -- device and if I you know everything else. This is why iPhone has been so successful at this great because -- -- mean this is why. You know -- Amazon's been successful with the the first ten -- wide Kindle fire -- how many units. I'm so yet it -- think that it's almost. Price has to be there but. If they don't come out with like we have these deals for content. Then I think it's that you little underwhelming -- -- tune in to CNET November 7 9:38 am I believe this is Easter and I'm sure we'll have live conservative whatever that announcement -- All right one more tablet story. Everyone's -- tablets make fun of the Motorola Xoom could you let us down so many times. How long it take for them to get the -- to get plagued SD card worked team. And you used to live close out the -- -- LT EO of the promised LTE -- -- inhabit forever it's just embarrass him. Now -- unfortunate it's it is totally you know then. Then pushing it out faster than it needs to be to try and like catch up on catch some waves. That they think they're catching ultimately it ends up being a PR nightmare. Yet in the same thing happen with -- yeah exactly. So this time it's the Xoom -- -- -- new -- details about this on release tablet. I think the first is. What do we have here at C. You'll come in 32 and 64 gig configurations with. Built in support for LT -- a better. After the death who'd believe them -- not yet out yeah after the fact installation. -- -- At its -- it's that can be thinner -- -- nine New Orleans means -- millimeters vs twelve millimeter in it better yeah because it was editing -- this so yeah and that it chunky -- pretty heavy. Faster one point two gigahertz dual core processor. 1080. Around anything else significant about this there really know what the price is and I think that's gonna be a big issue is as are talking about four resin is also. Priced at four G stuff higher than their non four -- -- -- -- -- is already kind of expensive. Yeah I totally I mean if they're jacking up the price on this tablet you know another 5200 dollars higher than you know a three G tablets -- Whatever they have I mean its its only gonna make things harder for the Xoom and I wonder. You don't turf for people who follow a hundred I wonder if the Xoom kinda has a little bit of -- tarnished name behind it as well -- Xoom is always the tablet that I mean that when I cheered the name of that I automatically -- how this cat -- -- reaction to it sure is a lot of and better tablets. That have come out since -- is -- one obvious is the next generation so hopefully they've righted something's there were some. There were some screen shots. Some leaks I think like three or four weeks ago. That showed an an labeled unnamed Motorola tablet that kinda had calmed some pretty cool styling Stewart and definitely looked thinner. And it look too different to look like every tablet out there are so my hope is that. If if -- you know if they -- -- kind of changed the it to perspective or the perception of the -- That that would be the Xoom and it's like hey look we're starting over or doing something different and -- This time want to cue laughter G-Unit and -- and then just to get that bad taste yeah I don't know an elegant Angel and biggest ever release -- by -- -- We're we're I'm pretty sure they'll release about it again you think so I don't feel that names enough well that's shoot they might release as a successor to the -- -- -- can call something completely different not the -- pro or something -- Did they ever release an ever another Sydney nova. Africa. To your question they might be working on it now. Throwback via senator details about when this will come out -- -- and it -- lot of people are guessing before holiday. Now that you know its inaugural so kudos here -- So we're gonna take a quick. Break but when we come back against them juicy tidbits about Google TV 2.0 and a quick little review of the season's -- phone -- there and stay with us. -- -- -- -- -- Are other little hardware device rename -- accurate he had yet another. Device running Android that looks nothing like the other form factors -- its city kids gets kind of confusing don't you think that there's like. I mean you know phone and tablet where it kind of use to -- at this point. The LS kind of shared between the two sure they need -- are -- -- like Google TV. And it's the same you know version of honeycomb -- has on your tablet. But it looks into high -- different. The -- yet -- speeds around. It's weird but there's just some advantages to that are there is absolutely manages to get into there and now -- -- Google. TV 2.0 which is sort of finally the Android three point one honeycomb update so it's kind of unified its except -- -- the -- with -- -- unified -- is that IR. And keep up on it but at least it's a little updated so this is a pretty major update -- -- denim overalls the U -- BC's meet. Answer I guess its -- to the Sony devices already use com. Sony TV devices. Dirty joke in here. Yet at threat to Sony's I think -- that Blu-ray in a TV devices. And other major -- TV manufacturer Logitech the less tech review. Believe it has not rolled out yet -- disposed to roll out soon. Imagine a lot of people have the Logitech revue and are waiting for deceptive because it's so incredibly low price yet for 99 bucks -- so what's he presents Sony -- does Sony ones they -- -- a standalone one right there called Blu-ray players -- the TV. So I think it's like two or three -- -- -- is the cheapest on their. Com so let's run through just maybe there a couple. Quickly what the end of major updates are in here com. So first is a streamlined interface the innovative original -- TV interface was -- confusing. They've streamlined did a little bit we've -- -- bouts and talked people played with didn't. Her generally positive things about it. You know search was huge thing about this is about to a Tivo like Iran -- to search across. All of your different. Media you know on mine on your DVR such etc. So they've been improved search but they've also added an app called TV and movies that you browse through all of -- available content sensitive. Still heard that -- narrowed down to whatever you want -- -- at a particular time. -- a new YouTube rapid three down specifically for Google TV fits because -- is a lot better. And then I think the one of the biggest features beyond just the UI redesign is that the atom. And now sports -- so and trademark it is here that does seriously mean that you can access any app that is available for your phone. -- which is probably a good thing yeah exactly. When I heard that a quarter I don't I don't know -- like art tablet app on -- no absolutely -- wouldn't even more -- nightmare. I'm -- to run. Any app that isn't completely designed for of the TV interface and record TV who has a touch screen TV. Get it into a -- -- connect. You have -- but then that yeah -- attempted -- -- integration workers in the area will only people of CA that have that yeah Wolf Blitzer has and they think it's really cool. Use it for everything -- Surrendered markets he can build an app that is one app the world you can download to your phone it could tap literature TV today at developer Watson of detect the year on -- even customize the U arrived at for a developer equally share lots of code yeah that's a good thing. -- -- Let's have all these developers who already know how to build -- -- apps verses like if you wanna build for any of the other expects TV platform instrumental or in this whole new environment. Com so I think it does offer some advances to developers. In other developers will really latch on to that I guess is another big question because -- we kind of went through this with tablets as well which is that. -- the ability is there for developers to now turn their phone -- on their Android phone. App into a tablet out. But if there aren't a lot of tablet users out there -- you know do they have enough incentive to really go through the time and effort. When it's just like a one man show to do that and now they've got a third platform a third kind of -- you know. Half of through which to follow a 102 that's Google TV. Obviously not all apps are gonna be great on any Google TV experience -- -- need to being -- TV. On but you know stretching those developers even further to kind of say here's another thing. That you can deal with it. Is it worth it to them -- guess is is the big question I'll be curious to see. If that offering grows in the way that like to see it -- system now. It's kind of -- secondary -- and it absolutely like I don't want to develop until you sell bonds and notes and apply -- militant -- maps right. Not that being said they have they are launching with fifty developers -- and so. You know I suspect that all the popular -- that you. You know expect at all different platforms are going to be there elect as it. Maybe Netflix has always been there that -- You know there are fifty apps for now and it's probably cover Apple's now it is sort of an Apple TV -- And stuff like that him -- and I kind of put the pressure on Apple now who does not yet have apps really on their platform. Right well and Apple -- -- kind of take their time a little bit with things like that and then when they offer they offer a fully baked. Kind of approach to weigh in on it I -- so. -- -- I give I always give Apple you know props -- kind of taken the slower approach usually ends up meaning that it comes -- fully baked which I can't see the same for. Google TV one auto mechanic came out it is -- Symptomatic of what we see a lot on Android which is like well here it is you know -- devices or apps or whatever here it is because we gotta get it out right now and then it -- people's experience from the get go and then they count out the back tracked it kind of -- background but from what I've seen -- Google TV. And played with a personally I mean it looks really good and it you know it looks really solid. It looks like it does it does more of what it promised to do initially this is almost like what it should have been the first time around. -- so great it's out there and you know for a hundred box as we know that the review is gonna get upgraded to this. It's I mean it's worth just dropping a hundred bucks on just to see and I keep meaning to do and I will do watched. Step -- try to give you -- -- data you know wants it that. You know we get up her box and here we review. I'm all right sell more wrong to speak in Mandarin markets and added Mandarin market to. Google TV out of now for phones there is a new version of Mandarin market how to enter -- -- 3.3 point eleven. Tests. Some cool updates so the official update is not -- outrage this is just you can. Still -- I -- today. Supposedly it's it's pushing out to phones are being pushed out -- handsets but I had to download an automatic or download it manually and there's a link at Android police -- to do so I don't have a rooted phone but it. I was able to download and install the PK and -- gives you some extra settings you can see here at their auto update -- which is a feature. I think it's pretty cool because I just I stopped. Manually setting each individual app I ever installed for auto update is just a pain in the butt -- like more maintenance than it was worth. -- just going in there manually updating later console auto update -- law automatically. Do that for you -- your apps are updated that's pretty sweet. Update over Wi-Fi if you want to limited to Wi-Fi -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They have some UI tweaks as well there's this sort of -- readings breakdown. Nam. Which is kind of cool. Stephenson -- -- -- 54321. The thing I want him to fix now I have to Google accounts on my phone. And for some reason. It keeps swapping back to elect my work account for Google marketplace. Yes -- -- an annoying yeah man yet has I have 33 accounts okay. Sync to my phone between. On an Android and you know my work email -- and my personal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On that some of the -- market installs of our. Are doing this and that needs to change their needs to be some way at least to set a default music this is my default apps account. And -- -- Google's existing -- All right so let's talk about the Sony keep holding up there -- this is HTC rhyme -- who talked about on the show before. And it used it. -- -- name originally was bloodless raid and this who -- Wasn't targeted at women specifically this target people who are style conscious yeah -- Although. I mean. The marketing is very yes you're right it's it's it's style focused but it definitely has. Kind of a on a woman's -- edge to it and it you know the commercial and everybody's seen. Is the commercial -- the woman's sitting there with six arms doing this like. Elegant little -- can't remember what she's mimicking Cameron and and -- -- -- so yeah this is the HTC rhyme is HTC's I believe firsts. Beats. Headset -- -- since there kind of position acquisition of beats. For music. And I haven't actually I really only got this installed in and set up with my my number. -- yesterday afternoon so I've had less than 24 hours of regular use -- As you can see it's it's colored like diploma. Color which I think a lot of would automatically make people dislike you jerk reaction be like oh well then. It's not -- -- it's you know it's a lady -- -- whatever and I guess. I guess I can kind of -- I feel like as far as colors go though it's. Relatively. Neutral lists it's not like a full on. You know bubble gum pink or -- -- with get a feel feel weird maybe walking around with personally on but this just kind of feels like puzzled. You know has little -- character to -- it's not just. A silver -- black phone in my hand and you'll right off the top common sense 3.5 is pretty pretty awesome. As far as overlay is go. I really like kind of the look -- it's you know at the responsiveness of your lock screen where you can kind of select your different -- couldn't do it backwards there but. You can select different things right out of lock screen like your camera on your phone go directly to -- from the lock screen. And then another thing that you see a lot -- cents 2.5. Is like this is the home screen. It's really just a widget that you can -- -- you know kind of a more stylish. Stylish looking landing screen everybody -- thing tells you how many messages -- You have better information before you can unlock it yeah well and this is actually this is what was -- confusing to me this is actually a lock does is just a widget on. The home screen arrows launch right into it is just a different style -- a little bit more sparse. Using the clock I think essentially just kinda looks prettier and if you can't -- but it looks nicer for the most part. On the but I mean all things considered with in my less than 24 hours on experience within -- really. It's it's what I like about HTC which is that in the hand it feels really nice to solid feeling followed its size. Yet and I mean it's not that's that's -- argued nexus. Being credible. Now so there's a little thinner about the same size. But it -- -- -- Yet you know the screen size I wanna say is is the same as the Motorola Droid repair on the which after having you know used a thunderbolt and then. And -- assess and and everything going back down to the smaller screen for me I mean I'm really -- guy with big fingers so it's hard for me to like punch out a quick thing on the keyboard with the smaller screen especially after having a larger screen so let's talk about the accessories have -- -- this cool desktop dock. Yet Murdock is actually really sweet I believe the dock is kind of like this a speaker you know clock -- it comes with a docking one that's freedom -- spray on and you don't really need to plug it in as you can see in the dock. Got these little connectors -- that there. That sync up on the back of the phone. -- those three bad boys and so you pretty much did you do is drop it and and it automatically should kind of recognize that and pop into clock mode eventually of course is not doing it right now -- -- is that -- -- -- -- it and so it comes of the beats idea a -- tangle free headphones. Okay so the tangle free headphones. How that's -- that's an interesting thing I haven't use these yet I'm on -- wrapping up for the first time. And as you can see yes it's it's like Netflix regularly technically yes there tangle free. But it's it is like fettuccine yeah totally lose their dislike long flat plasticky. -- -- -- little music controls on out there and you know built into its and that's always. Kind of a nice little bonus I just don't know. Another look too big I like me and her headphones to be gather escorts -- smaller. -- -- the last accessory the phone term. How did you get that. It did so at this little phone term you plug in of lights out I'll I'll go ahead and say I -- show this phone to on my wife when I got home after. -- Android on Monday when I got this phone from. -- Michael -- who's a developer evangelist and HTC it was like I challenge you for thirty days to use this -- that it's not just for women. And of course it comes of this little this little charm. So that -- when you have a plugged into your phone let's see if it actually does what it's supposed to do here. Nazis -- plug it into the phone. And hopefully. Now -- -- run -- and try. -- gets its presto -- -- terms Ehrlich has big here as they error. Over. If it would call him that -- -- time. -- -- my blinking LED I figured that the blinking LED would sink up to this and went on -- that's the idea is like you have your phone in your purse. Tanaka. In hand so that okay -- ago. So the charm essentially. Attaches. The -- who's this guy Justin. Accounts now to climb straight to -- that's a pretty pretty light link there -- -- -- stale. Owners of them -- hour or more you know. A more often although you know it's draining battery retirement does that on how much it actually really uses but yeah the plane is supposedly that you attach to this so you can throw your phone and purse. Any and how this attached to the outside and its own without blinking light load will draw your attention to it no answer when I showed it to my wife seems like while that seems kind of ridiculous because then everytime -- -- -- in my purse. I do remember to plug it into the charm. And bulk buying -- The -- -- Bluetooth absolutely that would be a terrific solution for that sync up to Bluetooth. Haaretz that we give -- that people -- -- -- we have full review for checking out CNET -- -- 99 I think with a two year contract you com. So it seems like that you know and the limited experience you have -- our view of. Solid phone yeah not the best I would definitely say -- -- our users at the thing that really jumps out about me and I just in in every day you know just looking at the screen is that it's really bright it's super sharp thing you know it could just be in the fact of the screen smaller than some of the other phones that I've been using lately or the pixels are more compact. But it's got a really nice sharp display and that really stands out I love that in a phone I don't like seeing those tiny little pixels and I don't Tommy HT serum. All right let. We have one more story this comes directly out of the guests seem a show where our -- -- on Google is today which is why he's on on the show. Sony posted a story about the view is you -- logic at least in visual -- -- I had no idea that. A little he said it was more -- -- officers and an. Rear seat headrest monitors part -- in torrent. Cities you know look pretty cool. Since I guess he says this isn't the first announcement may be the first one that actually comes to market. Com. -- you know sort of replacement for her seat had to -- that feature a seven inch color capacity of touch screen. -- brain injury 2.3. Com. It not you know any of the tablet -- -- seem kind of weird. It supposedly -- Libya created at some point. -- to specs are not that impressive it's a one gigahertz single core processor 512. -- of ram for gigs of internal storage. For geeks seems pretty. Low given me I wanna have a lot of media has spent yeah movies on here but it does have a micro SD current spot. And even a USB slot and this -- seems weird. Com hello and HDMI in product oppose that -- for external sources -- cute that's. -- -- something that's that was going to be my my and my one question was you know many people just want users to play dvd player and you -- looks like he can. -- let's get -- and also. -- like wireless data it has Wi-Fi connection they you can die you know sync up to you know your mobile phone if you wanted to -- Data -- has -- I don't know everything they have their own three -- necessarily -- clear until plans catch up with tech kind of style app so only get my MiFi. Whatever and power payment error or another of its own. Nine and it's also get an apparel buyer had phones com or Arabia -- controller to work with this it can -- -- -- I don't know if it's kind of cool I I have sort of vowed never to have this Vietnam. Our -- the idea you -- and concept. Yeah and it's what is at 14100 dollars for. A pair -- so I guess does that -- -- its -- you know compared to a tablet is slightly more expensive but not usually more expensive ride and I guess you know how does not compare to use the other in car. -- things that you're going to be putting in your head -- you know I actually don't know are neither of our cars have. Have this type of thing -- for TV watching -- -- I'll tell you what I do you have which is a lot cheaper is my iPad case has as little strap that is meant to go around the back. Hey and I -- it's just like fifty. That's an -- console -- And it's not as elegantly installed put it it works does Patrick Barrett Barrett so com. We are reigning -- -- times -- -- -- the apps this week's -- to the next two -- first. -- are so good but let's do some email Nam says -- this is left over once -- actually. -- -- -- -- Should keep ten it says hi as of -- took the question I want to an improvement thunderbolt -- -- backed factors heading the question is. I government to set in a -- factors that will this work or would -- be Portsmouth phone if so how successfully do -- ease though and that the good work. The did you say that you. Dealt with -- nor is this -- noted yours. I know I that is my note I had at. Long story and if you -- -- -- -- hundred you've you've probably heard me talk about a million times but. I upgraded my wife's line to a thunderbolt now when my Droid. Was was horrible. And a few months back. And use the thunderbolt three months and then eventually gain it back to her -- and so she's using it now but when I had it I had rooted it and then when I gave -- -- -- her she can houses artists from alpha. You know rooting phones and -- running and you know my my Droid that was rooted -- it running into problems this is like I just want my phone to be stock. So can you get it back so -- actually had a run through this process actually just created tiny oral dot com slash on route thunderbolts -- get to it. It's an XT -- developers. Kind of walk through on how you restore stock for -- users on federal. So -- of those bottom line is you can't just resource right actors and yet you can't just do that -- restore your factory settings. For that particular -- on the you have installed -- you -- -- it within that state you have to actually. That you have to go through some brought in some parts of the process and its allure to it can be a little tricky. -- following you know all of these kind of these commands and then typing them in exactly but as with anything like this just make sure you. Read the instructions completely before you start -- you don't wanna miss this dapper put it put the wrong space somewhere and does you know brick your phone. -- -- -- And jumped down to the iTunes question here from Dane hi guys is there way to -- iTunes movies on -- device haven't -- -- arrived. There's reasonable answers this question Nam -- of the movie has DR ram. In it -- purchased like from iTunes. Then sort of the official answers -- the unofficial answers coolant. -- -- -- -- That's supposed to be able to the app lets you can -- That was not mislead be fully legal. That -- -- -- -- that is kind of one of the issues and that you know Apple wants lock you into their ecosystem absolutely com. But you know if it does not have DR ram in it and it just like -- Mpeg four something like -- -- purity should be able to use copy it on over. Says that players on -- -- pretty flexible. -- -- Got a message from Graham. I think he's basically -- -- I -- this subjects his message was Antuan is wrong again. Soul cover this you know warrant or yours but embarrassments. Because the Samsung galaxy S range of phones do have external storage. Is includes -- in the -- to. Com so -- -- yet we apologize on behalf of it on. Academics have instruments toward yeah. VS two -- -- does have the external storage and -- all honesty the idea. Or removal -- -- high rate of the external. Article last uses an age old iPhone vs standard question Clovis hunters take as I've been waiting to buy new phones in September and major indexes -- the last Kool Aid as -- people's. I was planning to by the galaxy nexus attempts had between iPhone four -- -- of -- nexus. In the past I have an iPhone three G editor -- -- like both but it really hacked Apple's easy integration with syncing. Seems the only immediate advantage for nexus is that experiment phone which now -- two. And I and that I have four GLT do you think that Google will lease come up to par with easy syncing with a computer. Please leave any bias spots behind using -- that is not possible ansari. Thanks love the -- -- -- So couple questions and hear world you'll ever have is -- syncing is the iPhone and. They're gonna cigarette that. I don't I don't necessarily. Completely disagree without. Who knows I mean they're they're working on as far -- like you know music and held out there working on their Google music service in broadening and how they know what the model is on the Apple side. Do I do I absolutely think that they're gonna get that tight integration that Apple has. It -- I -- necessarily say that it will be that tight but I'm sure that Google is working on making it -- Than it already is -- -- think it's like saying that I'm sure one day windows will be as media's -- yeah that's never had -- Com but there's did there's other advantages to threat there's you know power vs simplicity of the -- that you -- and honestly -- was -- you sync to your phone. I don't -- -- I cannot really put music on my iPhone it may be that's why -- sync yet I just used pandora Spotify or something like that is. -- even in the Apple world like synching music is knowing. Well and syncing is kind of like yesterday's. Yesterday's way -- managing media on the phone now it now it is -- with Google music beta. It's all stored in the cloud and now iTunes has iTunes match -- in their iTunes cloud service so. A lot of the stuff it is in a matter of sinking it anymore it's a matter of having it accessible in the cloud to be able to draw on tier phone. Personally my entire music library is in Google music beta. And I'm like you said I never -- if it's a matter of podcasts and stuff. You know dog -- automatically downloads those straight to the device so when was last time I had to plug this in and manually drag. Music and in media over to my phone. I -- a lot of movies on the iPhone so I don't have to do that but. Yet -- -- maybe that is the bottom lancer is that it is easier than Apple. Because you don't ever have to sync you don't want you don't ever have to plug it in for upgrades and -- -- to do with IOS much anymore. But there is there is a certain kind of comfort that console that comes to users of the Iowa -- kind of world which is that there's a little bit less of the -- have to. Consider this and had to think about that it -- Because of that tight integration a lot of times -- can be just an easier. Platform to use -- maybe that's more enjoyable for you and I I totally -- Apple props. -- for making experience like that thanks so that we haven't used ice consent which yet we don't know how that improves kind of that perception on the Android side. On and then as far as the four GL TE is concerned I mean. Apple you know -- the iPhone four S does have improved speeds that are I mean. As good as the speeds that you get at least on Verizon's afford to write an inferior. Depending on the carrier absolutely but on -- get faster speeds with both -- now on -- But I think four GL TE and residents to be faster than the iPhone on river as it. Little dots yes that's a good point com but the penalty and -- -- a little about this area. Palm's so if you really want four G then you only really important choice down I don't know if that's the deciding factor few and a must people four G is faster but I think just having a faster phone makes the browsing experience need testers so -- that. You know. Do you really need four -- not -- -- you know like constantly streaming high quality video and groups Selma. Work and -- have limited data plan anyways you're probably you know having Wi-Fi -- has elected places random acts as fast as Wi-Fi is if you like your battery the last -- -- two hours and -- -- he is not view her back but that's cheerio. -- here's to hoping of the galaxy nexus changes that horrible statistic. Well hope we helped 200 and confuse the issue more for its nickname. -- he he knows exactly what he's doing now. All right so if you would like to recall about a hundred and good applaud cnet.com slash interim at this watch us every Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific as cnet.com slash live -- -- -- next week. That email -- Android atlas at cnet.com. -- -- show on Twitter at -- analysts you can follow. Jason on Twitter apps re -- 01. Now. Oh look we even have lower fares below are not there you go. You have for those of you that don't know -- also do an average and we we are all in the Android world it's called all about it -- and it's -- slash EE eight. Awesome -- checked it out special room. Yeah exactly go back two weeks ago due to -- and see a little bit of this again. -- follow me on Twitter at not my real name. And you can call us and you really should because -- did any good voice -- this week. Eight. 66344. CNET 8663442638. Who. Yup thanks for being. This awesome yeah thanks for inviting me down it's it's awesome you back in the pad here and -- -- and everybody and and I join you again on on that and analysis areas. Any time. -- see you next week -- I --
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