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The 404: Ep. 709: Where I touch it and it works

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The 404: Ep. 709: Where I touch it and it works

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"Stoopid Andy"--Not as stupid as his name implies(TM)--joins us on the show today along with MTI, otherwise known as Mark Licea, to fill in for Justin, who again is enamored by a printer.

Agreed to. Everybody but is it one being -- -- Monday November 15. I'm -- today. I'm -- there and I'm stupid Andy. And that's the show where I touch it and it works. Sounds -- How the -- it's going well are you doing well thank you for filling in for Justin today because he had a printers use that was absolutely. Much more -- higher priority for breaking news you know what printer it was in particular was it one of the I -- a special -- was just sort of -- but I inkjet I -- -- -- -- together for more I'm just. No just give -- any I I'd. Barely talk to you have talked to few times and think what was it. Let me Google it for you was the yes that you. You needed for something work related but where did the whole stupid and the name -- -- -- I'm assuming you've been on the show before and not just -- and -- -- earlier ones. Those programs. While you know as I mentioned previously. I had to -- Jeff for probably about you know fourteen months to -- let me sit here because -- He's -- concern that you know I talked out of money. It's perhaps once a lot you say he said you now he's -- well since you know so much about technology. Are you gonna sound like you know and ask -- it Asperger's patient. Want to -- -- and we'll make it ironic. And you know you can talk about things whether their writer their wrong -- talk and then we'll call you stupid to make sound like you know Iraq. And you're like I mean. I was you know and endlessly you know that doesn't sound really that exciting in the media outlets and it's putting that -- anyway is they listen if you wanna go on the show it is only we're gonna do it. -- So deals aimed at ending the war room. Dividend stupid Andy and it think it was it's too bad we put stupid and running your name and and you get the come on the show on. And it works so worthwhile. So yes I agree to it happily. Happily this is the second time -- the beyond. The wonderful for a four well I'm so glad that you're on the show today and have you talked about this before in the past you are not as stupid as your name implies now that's a double a -- that's where the negotiation went -- unlike. If you're gonna call me stupid and -- we need to have a tag -- when its trademark act act stupid handy. Not as stupid and it. I always has to be repeated after it. There's something that's got really really quickly the commercial -- new nest and -- not is that not many not as stupid as it. -- very -- not yet is it's like a slogan you're gonna speak so when everything stupid and you think. Not as stupid as that I'm gonna. In our own eyes what is that that's that's your name was trying to come across as no one ever calls me Andy either except -- I'm usually -- rumor and -- room there. -- -- -- I used to have they have not what one of my best friends in high school went through a phase where -- where it from Andrew. Two ED two drew now and I don't like it pisses them off when I'm round hit him and his new friends at call and answer it's. It's a really interesting phenomenon I think that and true is one of the names with so many derivation. Hacked and I think that. It's really inches and I I've lived all over the United States then. You know people at home. Would call me Andy. I moved to the West Coast and I was known as through all the and I need you choose it in his surly California cool thing -- yeah and -- things that people this article. Hey drew doesn't -- and Eric we get when there is a year -- because we're from northern California and I thought were too lazy for multiple syllables it's when. When people give you a nickname it's it's almost like okay that's fine you don't have a problem with it but it's other people -- like whoa I didn't get the memo. But what do they when did you start becoming jury whatever and then you don't really think about it but it's it's funny how when when people assigned -- -- -- like gesture but then. People that are outside of that -- group like for me when I wanted to college of -- called Vegas this is okay yes yes yes. Accidentally stuck for awhile and then after my freshman year. A change to markets in the markets that was on going until I graduated and you changed it or no it was just it was just -- -- that people. I don't know for some reason -- markets. Markets are really -- but then it just. -- -- -- -- I'm gonna do markets -- -- the thing is is for me was always geographical. Ha bracket I I think that the -- someone says he was much more you know. My speaks much more today and then to use yet you know. So it's it's like we call -- that mean something that you. Not about me because -- so many someone to call you markets but that probably means something about me. I I -- philosophical. -- ago morality story you have time. Well one other thing that you're sort you sort of brought to my attention again. But the fact that a united stupid but the other thing that you'll put that as soon as. That's stupid. Not -- stupid -- the name because well it's I liked the way you phrase literally there may not as stupid as it -- name implies knows it was in -- more catchy before aren't bigger we'll figure it out but you're also like a bit. And called. Musical genius but you used to -- that sound engineering right like you -- all I'm asking. Technologies. -- say technology sales rate. -- but I think. You know audio engineering music production is certainly. A technological field especially. Yet there we -- we're talking prior about how the fact that you know with people that are not in the know I can say oh my voice sounds so -- And you just through mid forties four thousand three to twelve megahertz I got a bell shaped -- directly from the bottom of it can you please like you know. Increase it. One point 732 decimals and -- we're just like wow. Just don't rally -- what's that. It's it's so fun because especially if what I do like that the word decimal -- on a lot with sound video point nine need you we just we just say it. And then I've had numerous occasions where people come it's been like you -- said danceable. Well I felt that exact same way when the -- before we sort of the podcast and -- like what did you say he said -- low. So little omits rumors really young man frequency. I don't frequency low mid they're removed from all you know music television are really you know there -- mistaken -- almost entirely because it kinda adds this muffled sound when the first thing. If you -- might have audio engineering there was still like and you know you gonna take up alone it's persons would make you sound clear. All explain this to me because you know I've put together movies before and things like that and there's a process that we that everybody refers to and everybody pretend that they know it it is. But it sweetening. What is sweetening. Sweetening is actually like adding certain frequent okay. So the Sweeney is usually on the -- and and if you go around like eighteen. The sixteen. Or 1510161000. Megahertz satellites and air you want like hip hop accurate and hip hop music you know a lot of I'll -- -- -- The three to four K the high at the high minutes. Com. And analyzed sort of that -- It's like I don't damage DJ -- anything. Similar to that or -- NC DJ and it's in my own musical wanna -- an accident -- it did work did you for while doing music for games and whatnot. When you are -- no offense our friends added EA but they're pretty much like a slave shop and it comes to making video -- very you. Well not as bad as it's not okay I mean you know I don't work -- longer obviously so I have no reason to live over the a cool thing was is that. You while you were there to 9 o'clock every night they -- what you're from waiter dot com for incidents are left hand side. Unlike Iowa and you know there was no necessary -- limit on the -- you can order so. You know we weren't and paid that much I would just order like six meals and my branch out and we I would eat some of -- and I would like sell them like little kids and -- Supplement my income at the time -- you know it works out. When I was into and we we go to presses and and the like bring -- -- -- That they're not really but that was went -- and my considered many times that that too far from the truth well speaking of music there is a Apple being Apple. Has put -- and there he. Just mysterious. Posting on the web sites if you go to Apple dot com right now are you settlement. Which which I have -- constantly. As I need to know everything that's going -- -- -- senior RSS speed because once the Apple Store is down then you know if I single blog picks up on in two seconds and so that's like. And -- over two Apple dot com it -- tomorrow is just another day that you'll never forget it. And obviously this this is an announcement and they they they call an exciting announcement from iTunes. Stupidity being our current resident musical expert. We think mrs. I'm this is the first time on seeing it however I think its interest in that they have California New York London and Tokyo. That adds extra emphasis now is a global events quietly -- -- Apple does this all the time some time it's it's. It's a big announcements -- times itself may be. You know I know with the new Apple TV either going to. They're going to make it more stream days you don't download it's -- may be they follow Amazon and everything's available via streaming. Well this is yet that that's what the big rumors because like everybody knows about I -- four point two that's -- has both come out sometime in November that and some glitches. Whenever we've gone through most of the teachers. -- -- But everybody's sort of this is came out and nowhere. No nobody in the press that I knew. Was expecting them to have some sort of big iTunes announcement tomorrow when did this go this went up this morning -- yet. So this is a big surprises what do you think it is more than a year you're very in tune with these kind of things you you think about it before you go to bed where you're like a regular. Apple you're -- you not a -- -- okay yes yes but I was gonna say I don't know I have really have actually no idea. Everybody's been speculating that they've been trying to do streaming for a while yeah and -- that is streaming if it's like a twenty dollar a month or fifteen dollar month. On the -- music streaming I think it will it'll be groundbreaking. Why don't I think they're two different issues -- one it's streaming yeah one is like a flat fee per month -- Netflix and then yet Amazon's example which I think is much more likely annual January. You know you might be able to stream it from the cloud but you're still gonna have to pay you know per episode so we'll -- Here's a here's a better question and if it could be anything what would you want it to be. I I think I really would. And what's really hard to explain its -- Italy people. Yeah but but are you are talking a layperson no -- you're obviously not as stupid as you looked very it's the I feel like the in your camera on a second we're kind of guy -- that this guy look -- -- me feel alright here's I think I look very smart today. Well you think you broke your asses and I know and can't be smart I broke my glasses -- morning. Like three to have bureau cons tax sure that that that the prescriptions and that and you mess just like the Harvard law dude on the FaceBook advertisements yes have been at the markets mentioned this to me earlier. Touring need. Earlier and yeah any if anybody knows this guy and yet yeah please please send the picture because I've seen on my FaceBook and I've wanted to take and I've shown you -- -- can look just like injured in the yeah but but that ends up. I was looking for nearly two days actually it and then there's there's one other online personality that. I've been -- -- look like and it's in any of your your listeners frequent -- net. There's there's a guy called doc dot com dock dock and and that's CBS and sorry okay it's down. He's we'll -- I was just it's just -- and -- of him. Most of the racially offensive Jackie jam like -- and now I mean Brazilian Asians on this list are actually -- but there's there's a silhouette -- eating at her for a guy I forget what his name is but apparently I'm told -- look exactly like that so. For me it's always I guess for me to anyone that has a tan. Uh huh like Mario Lopez are no I don't I don't know oil as I did -- -- AC Slater. AT and -- -- -- know Mario Lopez AC Slater. From -- by the I don't know so this this is a bit of a side story like we always do and four or so like one day. You get to actually interview M. Night Shyamalan yeah this -- any rate that was meant for years ago something and what is happening you. He was like you -- the face of the future. I guess time came -- with an article may be the month prior. To be doing that interview and there was I think it was a computer mockup of what people look like in the future. It is you know. We're all while doing my giant and ultimately higher in the US and what people will look like music you look just. The magazine and Mikey come along Georgia yeah. Yeah that's. It's pretty awesome I don't house describe it. I mean do you think that's that -- Bellic road and end up looking like mark has market is essentially one of every. Right little bitty little bit of -- he's Italian and -- Polynesian and he needs a little bit of everything. But I get every. Every assumption arms that is what I always wondered is why in the CIA hasn't tried to recruit -- -- he -- it anyway. It's true. But it may be anywhere but nowhere. And I'm I'm not not specifically. Yeah maybe that's their issue like Jeremy friends who were recruited by the CIA like -- you feel jealous that I I I knew -- to people. The -- only NCA a came and asked me my my roommate. A college one year. He was computer wizard he now as -- sewing for and he would tell me that like you know. He is he worked for -- and say. Which I don't know if was kidnapped his immediately lightweight trucks are asking -- -- pretty I like I can't talk about in -- work are work minister I can't talk about it like files and suddenly don't go when files one room. Not -- of course I did. There -- -- -- -- -- a very secrets like -- work for -- but then as it does not exist -- and now I you know he's he he makes lot of money you really smart kid but. Asian are. Obviously I don't -- you have to say it but that was is the closest you know in terms of government. Institutions so that you you -- through his stuff was not eleven inside or. Not that archetypes that heparin that it probably kept that stuff it's funny that with stuff like that too -- two -- to your knowledge of sound mixing. Something like working for the -- the CIA he could just you can totally say that and to speed like. -- I can't completely anti Simpson but I can't see anything. I I can't talk about it and just BS about I mean. There's a kid that I knew -- high school that had photographic memory and he said he used doings of the FBI. It could've been completely -- and bottom. It's because it was -- a secret it it can't questions someone like that exactly prove it when you deal. It gives booklet that particular focal -- on -- yeah you can just simply leave people with what he -- -- never call you on. There's -- that's a really good idea. I think music together that we get -- we gotta take a little break right now we had to pay the bills around here. When we come back -- got one voice mail that was worthy of us -- and then more with stupid and he is wise words of wisdom. We will see in about what it does. Or a hard numbers show -- Segment -- guys. Screwed up again never get it this has just I don't think anybody would know it Wednesday. Yeah I know I have tendency to point out my own flaws -- Back again here with stupid Andy in MTI. She interventional what did you think of that nickname that we -- But years ago well I'm still using it so. Clearly this is how I define myself if it's so funny go to cocktail parties and I'm like and and yeah do you know what -- -- down definitely hear a case of what's funny is -- will go around the office and I'm like -- -- BC India and TI. Everything out who you're talking about marking the -- here. Gotcha when -- totally into your hatred for -- -- Instantly -- -- -- -- and it's hard working in the media and his eyes are I'm like -- is -- from from thirty rock the page that is. However a page in and never an employee. But you know when I was always thinking -- we. Consider Kennedy the cast the characters around here at CNET slash CD -- yet. It would be really funny did you the -- 30 -- policy. -- speak it's sort of the incredibly like you be like Big Bang theory meets their right we I I think that would definitely work you know I think it's it's typical for a lot of people to think -- office environments are very entertaining -- but I think ours is very entertaining it's legitimately entertaining because we have. You know the best and -- intact program then we have people who were -- -- sales lots of very attractive -- tells people exactly exactly. I I think it's good enough that we should consider going out to mr. Lewis ms. pitching them but I would think you I think would have to be more you know reality days. That Iraq because you don't need to make this stuff up you know what I mean. Isn't that funny I mean it's funny because it's true where there was one day in the office -- like the power went out. And just like in the pandemonium that almost broke like the -- not the power sends -- back the Internet. Went out which they mean is equivalent to power -- you know without the Internet the -- -- -- my radio as well because you can't do anything yet the number of people just aimlessly walking around the office. Literally not known what to do. I saw -- -- on. -- is something on YouTube or something about you know the Internet going on in the funniest element of that lose of people started -- on ethernet cables. -- out as much as you can have. Suck out the Internet we weren't -- -- I really like Gephardt. Well it's just like it doesn't work that I -- -- so accurate. What haven't gone -- South -- -- the Internet went down I don't remember specifics and then let Otellini says the routers yeah rowdy yeah it's sounding crazy and they didn't unplug it and plugged it back in and -- all water but that's pretty much. What happened in the opposite we just did not know to do themselves but isn't it funny that that in of itself is like a cultural phenomenon like everybody like at least a hundred million Americans. And what the high into their routers. Unplug it and replay did back in time to -- Internet. Yeah I think they -- at this point they should figure out a solution to that like the route are companies like audio. Through -- ourself and I don't know we don't have that go behind your thing and unplug and plug it just press the button that'll do it. Well okay let's so let's get into a couple more stories here. We've got it's mostly the holidays are coming -- that we don't even have to really talk about it but Wal-Mart is giving way free. Shipping so anything that you wanna -- between now and December 22. I'm guessing by Wal-Mart if you don't pay for think Amazon does this right after. Black Monday when I realized -- online shopping at wal martyr. Well I -- -- online shopping place of we'll -- I have to -- you know like when I was in Tennessee that was like being very natural but now -- I haven't been inside -- Wal-Mart like 23 years was. Wouldn't it not matter your purchasing the onliners it's just a branding -- you know over to make sure that your. You you you you approve of the actual place of business before you -- -- just never bit like there is no Wal-Mart in New York City now though there's like a Costco -- mean that there is wal -- and you're a musician and yet. But Wal-Mart suffering that. The other big news for today the two big pieces of news FaceBook apparently and -- went -- going on right now. Talking about FaceBook mail on -- we -- have written confirmations as of right now we're doing the show. We talked about this on Friday. I'm not I don't really even care I think betweens -- -- and that's. Yeah do handler is of course really an expert I really get it so basically you just email accounts now from FaceBook. I suppose like in you know -- an -- -- on FaceBook as always sucked. So I don't even think that this is like a good thing -- like how many times in this happened in the a couple of times. You know when you get -- a group email somebody -- six and -- he would come to this party. Somebody will apply thinking that their -- send it back to -- one or two people. When it's. In mass group. Animate you go this you know -- -- party or something like that link that actually happened a couple of times. We need through FaceBook on FaceBook -- what messaging app is not intuitive it's not very good now now that digital. I mean did you just I think in this very. That's why I don't use FaceBook message and for an important -- -- because you know it's very important when you respond back to someone you know exactly it's going to. But I used to use FaceBook for important is it matters -- no longer do for the reason you were just mentioning. But down. It seems to me it's it's. A FaceBook essentially does have email -- and you -- -- with your mail you send a message it -- and saves you a message from FaceBook I mean by eliminating. That additional address is it gonna make it that much more compelling. Is it just another free. Your email all boys and have some you know compelling things by linking it with all the other contact information FaceBook giving -- your privacy further. Well you know like people all of -- -- -- like FaceBook beating Google for the longest time and like. It when they were doing apps they're like oh -- definitely you know it is is gonna die because of his book and then nothing happened as people started -- on these crappy apps. Excuse -- For FaceBook. But I really see FaceBook sort of going the route of Google they're gonna start offering contact like it cool news -- -- -- email late. I don't really see I I think that a year or two from now there really are gonna offer if not like a FaceBook phone. Some sort of FaceBook sell your service. Especially with the whole place to check and we talked about this and like the whole idea of heat a training you to check in the places. Is a really smart way to make money is you know if you're walking past the gap in your phone blows up and it's -- you get 25% off and FaceBook takes a dollar to. In you don't get gets a customer or org or it. I think it's a good model that's kind scary. Yeah even on Amazon you can make certain purchases. Through Amazon on FaceBook now. But I just can't imagine anything that big of a deal happening -- With email and it's funny because any change that happens in FaceBook there's always an uproar because people -- FaceBook so much and you know if there's like a change to the email or whatever people freak out because it's not like the exact same that. Was -- even with a couple weeks ago couple months ago they launched Gmail launched priority inbox. And I tried that out a little bit but it's just too much work. Yeah like I don't want to go through and like star -- -- emails and do XY and -- just wanna read it and get it done -- it and the other is to make it easier in the long run but people just don't wanna take the extra ten minutes. They they want it as streamlined and is easy as possible exactly exact. But do you think -- was getting too complicated and it performs a service for people that that you know obviously people go on and allow the T think it's. As he gets you know more robust and almost -- -- it's detriment. The pens -- you can use if for whatever you want what exactly if you wanna share stuff you don't if you wanna just keep in contact with people it's. Entirely what you make of it I think from a from a web like large who -- you in this is where I sort of think that like every invention. In the history of the world. It's just about reducing friction greatly economically speaking anything that you do -- even FaceBook -- like let's be real specifically. FaceBook is all about like okay. Everybody you know it everybody got not everybody but many men got -- FaceBook solely for the ability to stalk someone without really knowing. And -- about. -- your typical. -- I mean I want ever say that personally but. But everything's easier and I think that the thing with FaceBook. It because everybody's on it. I think it makes the -- because now you're automatically log in -- And every website that integrates FaceBook connect to automatically logged -- -- I just wanna go back your statement before we. Every infection invention that's ever been invented has been invented to reduce friction says Newsday let's specifically K wide you know how how -- -- -- -- There's something to get you can't get away I'm sorry it's stuck stuck with me. But yes yes I don't know -- that I would put it exactly like that but it makes sense. Yeah -- it's wolf friction as in like you wanna do something what's gonna stop right. So like with what it would do with just the web. Like it's a huge information resource and before there was information there widget that'll library -- at the university. And now it's all available right in front view online. Things like signing up for web site is friction. And that's the thing that I think that's Facebook's greatest value. Is that it knows who you war in you're automatically logged in and it's scary too because now FaceBook know like it offers a value for the website. And for FaceBook is now FaceBook knows every website. You're logged -- to lecture insisted -- I mean it almost beat Google like with Google Google knows what you want because you're searching for actively. Now has a value but. FaceBook knows almost everything about your sort of passive. We -- social stratosphere -- yet. Incorporate certain needs I think that you know FaceBook -- -- try to get into each other's businesses. You know Google did I think who connector who friends or something that you right take advantage of of social networking. And you know they're both there's a need for both I don't think that they'll ever be able to. You know knock the other off they're both are necessary also I think that. You know if the sky net situation ever actually exists -- FaceBook and Google combined will be responsible for making Internet sentient. Can you imagine like a war -- -- like imagine. FaceBook and Google becomes sentient and then like fighting -- like a nuclear war with us in you know as collateral damage. I don't have to imagine. -- terminator salvation. But it's like Google has all of this information at its disposal -- because your entire social circle. The more information that they get I mean and this is a ridiculous comment -- -- -- go into more but it's got all the information there at a certain point may be something clicks everything's at its disposal. It's funny because at first it was you had to be very forthcoming about the information you put out the need to to prove that the now like the things like FaceBook connect to automatically sign in and its leaders -- yeah you'll -- -- I've got one out there I mean imagine if if you were looking at but you know it's corner something and -- opposed it on your wallet that would just. It you should do it like it -- -- -- I remember when I ordered some tickets from -- and bingo it and like somebody posted tomorrow and then you're like. I didn't want that it. Yeah why oh why is everybody know earnings done I unpopular I'm -- -- that's something else and I'm happy spending or not something else but I do want an -- I. Exactly is too much information out there so we can get to the voice notes that -- essentially it was hey you guys are kind of doing -- decent job. -- -- But there's a certain doesn't sell yourself short you guys are awesome. Thank you very much -- appreciated in the last couple of shows even Justin hasn't been -- has been even import. And I've been scared -- -- doing an awesome to hear a master of multitasking no thank you guys so. So much thank you stupid ending no problem as -- are some really stupid. I don't know I dash EQ you gotta make the slogan consisting you just keep changing -- it's not an extra one figure I get it back to everybody it's. It's stupid and -- not as stupid as it sounds very. The what I had a little this does little bit better that I'm -- today Marcus. Com stupid Andy. The dilemma not as stupid as he sounds we'll see guys on the other side take care.
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