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The 404: Ep. 705: Where Caroline is starting The 406 Podcast

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The 404: Ep. 705: Where Caroline is starting The 406 Podcast

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Caroline McCarthy and Uncle Henry join The 404 today to chat about last weekend's New York Marathon. Congrats to Caroline for finishing her first 26.2-mile race!

Everybody its November ninth is it. November ninth. Uses animals and I'm Caroline McCarthy and I'm Justin yu and this is the show where Carolina starting the 406 podcast. You -- your own podcast for breakfast. The -- long -- I'm really sorry guys I really excited but you know Tony three miles and I'm not gonna try it takes two minutes off my time right. Today we're not gonna blame you for that you've finished a -- that a huge -- in -- -- thank you very much is a revelation yeah. Yeah you finish the marathon -- yeah in. Four hours and six minutes or hours six minutes sixteen seconds ray and to help us celebrate that we have Henry uncle Henry in the tell everybody in the. Uncle Henry uncle and encode it and total can't you can't say -- oh yeah under the celebrate LAH -- Henry I'm going every. Uncle Henry is a -- is a regular chat room listener who -- almost every day in the -- Really really great guy he's come out to a lot of the one of the veto queue you've set in the background a couple times you were on before them. But now we are -- you replace Jeff because the we just thought the show need to be little you know a little more diverse and so Henry we we feel like you offer that collection I am yeah. And I -- yeah. I actually let related deaths of -- -- -- -- oh. You actually came very well prepared unlike in that shirt handy Andy is that and I guess I don't for a portion well you go merchandise. As you make yourself for did you buy that you guys -- -- -- -- -- walking -- Times Square with that. -- well they didn't make you a cowboy appetizing to floral floor for you we did it. -- but after -- there's a place. In Coolidge it. And actually the floral -- -- -- theory yeah. -- gay -- though Leo -- cool they have. When you merchandise that damage George of William yeah. I got the -- there's got to get barbecued entity as director who has Georgia barbecue in new York and I'm sure that's not as I'm -- It's not very good again -- really -- -- and I ahead having lived in the south like it just does it just you don't wanna do race and I gotta say like New York has some of the best food in the world. -- we don't do barbecue right parent. Can't have everything -- can't -- -- how how San Francisco just cannot do Pete's right put -- New York can you burritos. Right and I don't really like bring us an answer. -- okay I like tacos I cannot talk idea is that -- but yes they're much better in San Francisco right in the -- is now lot of Mexicans in New York or isn't. Not nearly as much the answer but it's certainly don't you -- so quiet you I don't know about a weird and he armament and -- -- Yeah Mexican -- bullets which gives. China put -- shot. I love though magnetic media that's -- old blanket thing after you finish the marathon yeah I didn't wanna -- galaxy. -- it's it's totally weird because you fashion thing and I I wasn't like I got over the -- -- and I was not like. Only got it finished marathon I was just like let me sit down let me curl up into a ball and let mean drinking beer yeah we might but review euphoric or UN pain afterward lousy first or prison pain I was just like because -- once you've finished your your -- put into this. Lineup of of everyone else who has just finish and and he and and you're just not moving because people are are getting. Like a bag of Gatorade and water and recovery snacks and then everyone is picking -- the backs that they checked at the start on I did not -- back at the start line. And so I was looking for quick exit so that I could just get out of this like. Bottleneck of people who were not moving but I condition and as one -- nineteen -- is it turns out on -- -- -- I I was like. -- -- -- -- -- Secondly notice -- me by I don't think -- physically kind of jumped the -- Yeah because I was and some standing in this in this non moving mass of people and -- I was -- singing I'm gonna follow over. Not how I got another minute. And and so I was I I and I was just very very antsy to get right out of Aaron. But then so I got out and I was back on Central Park west out of the park in his walking down to on Columbus Circle where my team I can I was honest Jerry Stephen thank you again to everybody who -- -- -- -- donated. Oh yeah I'm that we were not just talking about this is YouTube ran a -- that's that's great you know a lot lot of other people but part of it is that. There do you you were raising money for camp interactive yeah glitches which is agree. After school center in the Bronx that does on the do like technology a computer photography lessons for for at risk kids -- they do like outdoors -- skiing sites Stockton. And so they wanna start a running team and and you inspired you actually hit you set a goal you and now he's 5000000. And it raised 5400 and -- It's actually incredibly. Yeah I think -- you know everyone including the people in this room and got hidden menus so it does we have just like. Meet up pointed at a gym near Columbus Circle and and as I was walking back that was like okay this is pretty cool this is this is awesome most people don't don't do as -- as a sort of a quintessential -- about the bucket -- accomplishment right. On but then yeah it was it's added this sort of -- the euphoria built up gradually it was not it's right I gotta ask you to did you check in and sportswear for every month. Okay using mayor -- -- out themselves and automatically every line this is actually very interesting and and I'm I'm I'm thinking I might already started up this and I'm not a 100% share news that on the GPS okay -- -- yes. Was just done to -- up people who who have their cellphones with me I had -- non. I and instructional pack my back which is great is -- notice of him is that it was there lamented inept tech -- Who's our receptionist completely knocked. So we we would have technical things really sitting out there and that they were true that some people -- be tracked by GPS. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sends my location Arab mind my times and every fide case of the race took him and he said they weren't coming in on time and he was just like -- -- -- -- -- well. I can imagine that after a 100000 people cross that mile -- yeah that I think that I think of the sheer volume of people and the equipment that it takes to put together race like this because there's a lot of -- you need to tracking opening meaning communications equipment hidden then you have all the spectators and all their cellphones -- -- airwaves so I think that that mayor maker for months people did not work. Hey I feel like especially in New York everybody. Knew at least to a few people were running that race for me was like yeah I almost feel like it was they hit. Poland -- but it social media into algae really help a lot of people track that blew my birthday and be honest. I was waking up Clinton hung over. We'll all be very doing an amazing thing yeah. Waking up and it'll related dead exactly -- a little different and -- -- so prominent and and pizza and -- did you raise Platt 5500 dollars for -- exactly exactly but the whole time you know is on Twitter knows it. There were several iPhone -- Tracking a lot of friends yeah -- the -- Together I think it it was it was great and is so foursquare have a partnership with run keeper nine -- and and then Dennis he's been on the -- before hooked -- -- makers -- it would -- UN and every. And every mile -- and I -- all that stuff turned on my phone and it just -- nodded at the start line just did not because it uses GPS etched into and and GPS is I have ever really good Garmin watch that I had down. And turn on the entire time we -- we GPS to set my peace -- And which is pretty important for me because I haven't been running competitively for that long since you know a decade ago in high school is different methods and yes my first -- on and so I needed to be able to -- myself and also to know when I was lagging element because that doesn't -- to which you mean and and that then that turning up at first because the first two miles of the race are over the bears on a bridge from -- island to Brooklyn right. And I might -- afraid of heights and now my watch -- not my -- not working. Yeah it -- and so I'm looking at it. And it's logging like twelve minute miles an hour and like look I know I'm supposed to run slowly for the first -- but I know I'm going mark quickly and that's. And then again over the fifty ninth street -- it started thinking it was going much slower than -- -- so. Now what this is a little surprising these. One -- -- of the show. Uncle Henry apparently easy seven tying marathon runner and the entire state building -- I had. -- to explain what the Empire State Building run is because my mom did this as well one as a kid and the concept sounds insane to people haven't run a marathon your mom -- some weird nasty wishing you wanna just a marathon -- obviously. -- now I'm letting me for eighteen years yeah. And I knew I -- I -- an Empire State -- yeah it's unique used -- running in the lobby person. But this is while people there precedent look at their people ensure its. And I don't know what's going on here. But -- -- start the race -- you've run in funnel into was -- well. And now you're in the -- is taken out and what it step by step right skip steps. Running out what -- couple three steps of them run but but with the unique thing -- writing and is it well. Question indeed -- you come out it'll always at the twentieth block grant. Come out and awarded stop run back into the stairwell go back up what are you its employee do -- -- -- every twenty. There's a believe it or not it's hot and -- I bet they. So I can find space outlined -- do you do you run up and then you run back down now acknowledge that what what you get to the top it it's the usual place nobody is the right. You run out its right to be elevated -- elevated them. We know they're must smell and -- Not unless you guys and your own personal or no. If it's like does it a stair master minus the -- -- -- took a hard on the quiet and -- exceed the -- it's only a quarter mile out. But you're climbing the -- It climate make you well I'm a month telling me stories of you passing out in the -- it because you'll have in common and take -- out -- ever always continues stepping over them right on the way to the top yeah it's brutal and I'd say it when you get -- there -- -- He is starting to reliant railing. -- yourself -- Oh yeah most now is this altitude coming to not -- you -- -- inside yeah I. That the dentist's office -- -- -- is at the top of the Chrysler Building and and the first time I went there I was like. Just his altitude comes anywhere -- -- recommending -- and did I I was just sort of wondering -- funny was gonna happen -- like pulling it but he got a man now yeah. Yeah it's our hi inquiries you know I think it's a place of business yet and is having their business -- yeah how many minutes or so yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that's crazy dad -- struggled asking into the elevator. I'm the forest fires there -- -- crazy. I did it. What what happens when do you when you run for a long time you start finding unique things to it -- -- Indians it was. And expect about doing to -- -- orbiting a -- are relying on the air once right -- that was the that's a 180 mile overnight race. Oh you did that before right yeah I did I didn't -- an antenna coming back into running granted the 180 miles you have -- 180 -- your teen -- it's okay yeah I -- -- twelve people on each team and it's like overnight and their teens and costumes. And it's like it's just it's ridiculous they're there -- a lot of predict -- Justin has announced earlier today that he's going to be running the. Marathon next year is actually an Iron Man. Okay yeah. Yeah well I -- -- my own right -- but I will be doing -- news the. -- we're talking about all the wacky people -- -- -- running the marathon with -- there was one guy who was juggling new thing there was a visit this is what I I I am not confirm that he actually finished the thing that when I was the start Linus on guide juggling. And I was like oh okay. This is on in -- it it's a guy who is juggling to start finding east nerves right that I saw somebody posted twit pick of the guide juggling long running apparently he ran the whole thing on jungle and. So okay that we actually have a shot of this on the -- in an effort video watchers look this is the time it is I his. I don't know what his time was but he didn't realize the raise any -- the entire thing with three balls in his hand the entire time. And he does hold the record for. On the fastest fifty mile run while they call -- that -- job Alain now I. -- -- A dynamite from college and has has entered some shorter jog like. No this was updating but apparently and -- and that. Well I mean you're also -- to simulate these people just that the costume. Not that -- Like there. I would say the costumes Emerson restricted to super heroes yeah yeah we do is think before that you to see every superhero. There -- he can be yeah it. I don't I I yeah I have found I have a friend who ran the Hoboken Halloween five K grandpa dressed up as Gandhi yeah. Yeah there's there's a photo -- -- leaping over the finish line fist pumping in is dumb beat cops wow. And he -- his his -- and even a full body gum BC it for a five K his average pace was like. A 749. Mile that that's not so that's that's not bad enough hearing really good ability to know we cannot listen to spend -- the whole time yeah. But you mentioned also the rhinoceros yeah and I don't think they'll -- You rhinoceros there's there's there's there's somebody who runs this thing apparently every year -- or the student gets worn every yeah. Yeah I can about down -- Let. Payments wearing his rhinoceros comes you a bit like it's a big I guess paper machine a head whom I passed him he was not going -- Wilson unionize and do it next year but at the two men ports can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- the Chinese lion the yeah. Yeah hello in the -- idea -- yeah. You could do that because they group you according to corrals and an invite your number okay but they -- the announcer say at the start line that. If you wanna run with a friend just run in the in the leader time in the higher per hour and so you'd technically -- think you could play it but yeah. The beta -- had that I don't like it -- in. Warm the blue and you'll run that's the elephant walk in the greater written data breakers -- head they had -- than there was like eight people on cost. And -- has very dirty Eliezer. But on the I think -- what's most inspiring at the marathon is watching the range of ages -- -- Ariana running here I the New York Times it was shown is on the screen right now they posted a slide show. Of a bunch of different run as faces as they were completing the marathon. And that's a very diverse group of people he must -- when you're running as well. Yet this year I think dialogue obviously the big story was the Chilean miner is running it right non. There were a lot of signs a lot of people are holding up signs for him none. Bobby Flay granite I'm ruling that -- be in fact -- -- Com. -- -- -- -- -- He's they gonna help us if you -- I think it the -- and the other most prominent celebrity running it was -- the subway guy okay dreadful yeah and and there -- I there were a lot of people holding -- -- -- -- -- -- was a marathon sponsored stuff. I was wondering I didn't -- and I was -- I wonder how many people went and got subway -- hasn't held the Nazi. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Who actually got a -- a break right now but after we get back -- no doubt -- complete your first marathon if you have any tips to other new marathon runners for completing their first race. So and an eighty after the breaking Intel's and -- more about that Henry how to get yours as well. So meteor after the break we'll get up that death and we'll take a little break right now. As Intel is gonna pay bills and this is. In the floor move forward. And adapters the show where we all sing songs. Yeah it's good to know. Just yeah. Yeah it does -- -- -- I could never do this. Let's take a button that -- -- -- hit the -- and that's even do this rates likely had a call back message some of it is announced this month. -- from broaden -- listening to the oral or where the audio -- be doing -- -- in your year old. Analytical. The -- it's Steve 200 approved. Yeah but yet we should add him yeah -- definitely gonna -- yeah. The slow season as we had a couple thousand people. Yeah I know it is unlikely that -- senate calendar even in this -- -- culture language and some I whose name is gone and Hindenburg back there aren't sure. Or Delaware smells to be immediately. Three when you know little -- year old. -- Serious 700. I guess I should add -- -- yeah. That if you look at it originally had little Steve Guttenberg in his own right I did it isn't -- it does seem to nicely a couple of emails from global -- Does -- were wanting to solo -- really accurate the sound wrong or right yeah that. There and I was at that time that I that'll be pentagon and Henry now I -- on the show I was putting my get a couple of what smells we'll play a minute -- yeah I wouldn't know a little bit -- was at Disney World community stunningly well law Henry was that to see you -- seven when. Did you actually goes to yeah. Yeah yeah and had a little reluctant. But but that's taken in ten minutes I did it in a resident of nice when it on the island of widgets will -- don't tell -- -- yeah -- know why aren't you. Alligators -- the last on camera didn't rubble it's like a decade ago and we're driving him -- -- -- you're working -- yeah 'cause we didn't. Carol I'm -- I'm not however that the one of miles long recognized that. -- -- -- They tended that is growing community but when he moment that's against you run with the headphones on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought in your back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. And other government -- see it can look -- so I'm in this I was -- behind the bucks us we're angry and and actually I know he values and our running regular reluctantly because I was a little bit later on I was talking and is not okay so that he literally just an alligator is definitely Angela melanoma not a smiling trying to check. Italy has been working on a welcoming I was trying to opportunity to not touch my -- -- -- extra yeah people running and I think everybody. There -- I would like to simulate officers -- that he's talking on. -- my pain relievers. That's us yeah absolutely -- yeah run yeah. Constantly on my. Abraham and he had to worry you have I monitors just I was talking on its -- so -- -- obviously stopwatch and also I like that only got a smile as Nat router sometimes I I I'm not -- designer -- earnings of around her -- related to keep keeping noticeably distressed that was going on there and get him Michael Miller -- and finance Harry -- -- the right to send -- signal on -- -- -- -- -- question external linking to be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cassette -- -- And many -- and are -- gonna be -- good -- Leo yeah. Opulent and I'm not doing so one last good performance isn't actually discourage you think yeah we keep on running I like having the I had I had just lasted for hours I need one right so I was an you're addicted Buchanan has -- and -- that definitely not certain goals I think that running a lot more on -- yeah. And I'm gonna be any -- don't know. Nowadays and I ran in the and I didn't you didn't just -- -- -- weekly regret if you know it look you don't. Yeah it's yeah. Yeah yeah yeah you're -- I -- yeah yeah. Yeah yeah then yeah. Get an -- so one last report we listen -- -- residual -- Audio lazy eye as -- their lesson that's hours of value -- balancing act so yeah. You didn't wanna anyway he be I'm gonna certain goals that it definitely is an incredibly. Attempting to one color running just because I didn't eat -- because it -- because like -- we definitely. Everybody has stated it's doing is still is that -- Here's the part amid that if you know and the data so rats and listen to -- now let's get them used to sing and yet got all the fact that he was -- -- it -- originally. I'm sorry. Feet up after the man that's. -- out and stated yeah. -- yeah. Well written it definitely is -- incredibly tempting as you want to country just because I honestly there as fast as we always known -- you okay you were speaking about ten dollars a month that these against. Using an -- reading if I had that's nice about it -- it you -- -- get and it was only thing is sales let's just turn my second season against -- -- Video voice -- did that. One -- my way home from making them. Yeah mistake yeah. Speed forum politely yeah. Well if they don't want people from Tennessee and it was either because you want. I thought video was doing -- okay you were -- about headphones in my map with the humans and I'm when I'm -- here. Buys stuff here's a look at -- to get nothing very -- yeah lives seven straight I -- -- reducing. Yeah. And it's. But that's -- up and but I believe that there's even if look -- itself. Actually forward to they don't get it -- They want to get -- funky music instruments -- Here. The but it any time -- -- -- people out happy new. Thumbs. Shouldn't. My employees -- hands. Makes it look at it actually mind because actually we're gonna read it here it's kind repeat every fifteen of them -- life. If you're gonna see them why it's always don't look yeah. What -- start doing a little difficult thing to make it doesn't those years. Got out I think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there's more headphones and other I want. The green ones. And good and the lime green I had. Yeah -- little shark -- -- -- or better yet I got it and actually -- right -- -- is that when he's platinum and does it got a break I think it's critical started. The next voice -- that we -- is another video one of any that Michael Hagee -- is in place. And he's not listening to -- opportunities and reflect on -- in my life Brad has cracked out from the -- it's always the plug and where you have to start doing that little logical thing to make sure it doesn't -- is that what's -- actually got I think -- hazards -- apartment indeed yes -- -- headphones and those are the ones that I -- the green ones that -- -- -- the lime -- yeah yeah -- -- -- little shark -- pneumonia -- better -- synagogues and actually work -- they're made of rubber -- -- when you sweat on -- it doesn't get the other greats the great that's really cool stuff. So the next voice -- that we have is another video one. From our -- -- it'll retain what does it says he's listening to show for two years so let's see what he has to since. -- Fisherman's Wharf it's. -- -- Nice if you guys couldn't catch the first part of -- -- -- -- when he was saying that. On the weekend throwback episode it was last weekend the voice mail and that was him. And so he's been listening for two solid years three thought he'd leave another video voice -- -- -- someone to do. Though thanks for listening to listen man I don't think we're gonna have time to get to all The Who has council -- lenses -- say tough sell big things like that -- you're running stories that really inspired me. They've inspired me finish -- aired -- and we'll send you and her next year's -- dress. -- -- -- -- -- -- I actually like -- even without prior to the earth as well yeah yeah okay you've got -- marathon with a little weekend a throwback it was a -- -- about a weekend if. Louisiana and so because it's a little 39. It -- I am just press and what I like though I think that's enough I can -- -- -- -- and we're gonna get. Yeah it's smaller run the EPA what I'm saying he's digging into the terminal certainly the later on injuries earned runs literally an easy -- your entire -- -- thank -- -- -- How can actually -- -- is the time now there's yeah and different I want as little as ultimately is what -- -- when I. -- -- Well and that's -- Hi I am inspired and new idea how to re use I don't know if I can see where the where everything is you'll run media endlessly and I didn't like -- I -- -- I. But they do it anyway it yeah yeah. Yeah yeah finally -- -- Yeah. But I'm sure I series unauthorized timing and offense and Angela Anderson street you want as little as you like television is very complex it is always notify you and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You definitely NYC sentencing so its actually high -- -- I -- -- today they have erased that they news that is leads went yeah nationally and internationally is it wasn't a lot of women I -- -- -- -- I look ridiculous. I can't really anyway let's not only again Charles on the number one but I did not look the -- -- -- -- I mean don't -- I guess that I am I am very inspired -- that's I think yeah don't assume that when things you can't thank you know it's cool nerd and he's looking okay and of the monitor I don't think that's gonna impact why do have a Harry and using tables -- just so I can't find out and I'm Justin new wheel on the -- -- -- Even -- This show. -- love -- blue and they do.
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