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The 404: Ep. 703: we're Sheetzucacapoopoo about the Audiophiliac

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The 404: Ep. 703: we're Sheetzucacapoopoo about the Audiophiliac

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CNET audio expert Steve Guttenberg finally started his ownTwitter page, so we invite him on today's episode to see what else is going on with The Audiophiliac!

Can you. Everybody it's what is it. November 5. Gotta remember that fifth of November -- I'm Wilson tang and I'm Justin yu and this is the show where where. Steve -- -- it's very anywhere Shih Tzu cock up whoop whoop yet about the audio began at that. That's not number and sits in cock of whoop whoop -- -- -- -- that we've got Steve Guttenberg is not the police academies -- numbered but standard real Steve Guttenberg in today's show. -- -- -- -- This is the best yeah okay so this is crazy feeling get to the wide -- -- can see on the table he's got. 433. Or four different gadgets -- with the and they look like star tech gizmos. I have no idea what they do these and explain to us what. Those things do on the show today yeah I was like -- it comes think if he brings not only just equipment but also a list of things that he wants to talk about national conversation. He -- is this woman -- needless to say. Without a doubt more prepared than we ever will be put before or after -- it. So it's Friday as I said before you this begin is my -- I didn't really excited -- -- that you didn't. That use FaceBook invites I thought yeah yours and that'll -- -- -- happy birthday and I can't wait are you 34 is a well speaking of protection when it as Steve is you know you know my -- being this weekend I want to know. Where can I -- some really. And -- I wanted to know how old you thought I would. -- -- you asked because that I get like a lot a huge range. We run out and get around Asia and you've -- -- eighties and I have multi track pad and. You gotta get ahead. And then you know into account among the few these things and facial hair yeah these these. That's an account that you also have that like mold with the hair and now I'll -- it's kind of weird so I don't know Steve what do you think take a -- -- -- you could do it over under the rage and there is gonna write for 1028. When he -- -- that's pretty good. When I first met you three is -- effort started working at CNET -- Janet Wilson that he was 33 years. I'm not I'm glad I I was almost positive views over thirty and then -- told -- Israel and tells them how well you're doing that. Calculation thing with the decent thing and yeah. I am pretty you know being Asian myself -- if you look at it at that you know but I was -- -- -- -- right exactly. Yeah. RC -- guy. She thought out. Eight if each side of the goodies and the more -- yeah well we should step teasing the idea how old are you so I will be. On -- camera. I will be turning 26 years ago Lulu. I'm 46 is and I feel hatred. I -- like yeah. Yeah about the fact. But you don't -- because Wilson is the only 26 year old -- -- that actually owns it condom. Which is used to be. I hate him a clear you have about the risks and dividend a cop -- -- it. How he hesitated for some reason -- okay. I have then I got 300 about the cause got a but -- I -- Wilson is light years ahead and -- your kind of leader Warner. MM no no actually -- -- -- last year. In than certainly I guess you called the middle of the financial crisis -- got a pretty good deal on and it's actually appreciated though they go that's that's -- -- different right. That this whole underwear thing came -- -- -- weird time you post-Katrina. Who go underwater the house is underwater craft Fatah Al well I I -- less than paper. -- -- -- So that's really great. All if you look at it gives you brought -- yeah I'm pretty sure those are for me -- yet whether free trial giving you not get your -- it's not my -- Yeah. And that's what we've been talking she is yeah although those are shady audio brand -- amplifiers again Italians is audio and she is on me to California where it by America can actually say that brand on the air because that's what their name is yet CH ITT I had just we -- our conversation about yeah. I came -- -- is DOS -- audio mating California. Great with back you know -- if that's the I was wondering with those things where -- either acting is before they were transistors this was it. Computers used to use these. The how many of those do I need to build a pentium processor. Couple couple. But -- us at this Chinese blow. Made in China okay minus tiny scraps and it's kind finest Chinese fingers of the iPod. And they both sound amazing they do -- different and you know that's -- things so what are they. -- headphone amplifiers -- -- nice though we're not even like -- fires trees speakers nothing like that just desperate. Now every time -- wanna use a headphone amp. And the weird thing is is makes a huge difference now. Saying sad thing is better. That is different is harder to quantify it definitely -- different I think matter but that's up to the people who -- How -- -- it sound better or or -- your professional about this like wow. What -- event like that versus the iPod. -- -- -- Vehicle fight it's in an iPod has to be designed to work -- -- miniscule amounts of current from the battery it's a little tiny thing it can't be built at the same standard is a separate thing it's kind of like a power amplifier. Speakers in miniature. Yet for what is and it just it drives power to they had to -- -- -- and you can actually pump up the volume more with -- -- -- well right. You can play it louder. Yeah. This happens so what exactly is happening here I'm asking you question about high end audio product yes this is a professional. On -- a multi. -- pouring -- for each other. This note I. 12 o'clock on a Friday afternoon but it will sit here -- elevate your repair or what yeah. And it's after you so what did you -- get that what. Have -- just hanging around in the studio you really broke -- he brought this yeah that's a little too much from an -- it's a so pretty soon to be doing this entire -- about myself exactly -- it clearly getting -- W could. Hello I don't know I just in this well actually also make your -- on -- I that's ahead an amplifier and it's okay well its -- its enhanced sound enhancing. -- they -- youth everything is why do I get that junior side. He's about Arnold Steve got a pretty I don't think they want bigger hit for me again I got -- symbols -- -- and that's gonna be a problem when. You know actually I just afraid you're gonna fall on the floor in Russia wore on the yeah that's that's gonna -- cheers as Steve and -- -- analogue there's two. The -- -- kids do you think you guys and and this -- Little different -- -- Jeffords a year we'd never be do you -- yeah definitely that would not happen so back to life audio off alcohol enhancing everything. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everything goes -- -- yeah but the put the -- -- -- is eleven though you can pump up the volume one you don't necessarily need to. -- your -- it's really about making it to sound. Clearer matter the bases more defined you can hear reached -- better -- you know it it's an interesting thing that. Power amplifiers driving speakers have -- and relatively easier job in some ways because what some designs -- -- -- beats per speakers. The range of what's possible what's gonna be hooked up as. In electrically simpler version but headphones are all over the place so like radio headphones. I really like what I would agree don't have phones they're greater Brooklyn just -- -- okay so that's a brand -- gets -- Those are very low impedes headphones and in San -- which is but I think we're we're wearing here. Are always high rankings headphones 600 pounds so when your headphone amplifier designer you don't know what -- headphones it'd be plugged in. I know just wondering -- whom this has never graduate -- -- time he used to resist sending electrical resistance. Imagery. I have Avalon beach over the console employed -- had -- There -- -- -- I mean what does you know hundred -- 600 rooms like how does that factor unite but you don't get too technical he -- -- -- -- It's the electrical impedes how hard the amplifier has to -- to make the thing that makes that sound move back and forth. So this huge variance in headphones that it doesn't exist and speaker right so the headphone amplifier or the the amplified it's in your computer -- iPod. Is doing it's more of in the good enough category of design it's not. Attempting to be great it's attempting to be good program often and we're also talking about in the -- that. It's useless to use over the ear headphones these studies -- -- -- with -- to sound better people's eyes. Okay but it's not like they're gonna not get the effect -- -- here but. I wouldn't make judgments based. I mean I'm I'm looking at these right now. Okay. They certainly don't think your pock the other for home. I offer headphones perhaps they do have portable amplifiers that you converting what you actually had a friend in high school that was a big audio field jacket he had when you click on your belt you get a -- utility doubtful like an iPod headphones and an amplifier company called -- that makes them. And another -- of race Samuels that that makes portable headphones. I mean I'm just wondering though like that with headphones I generally think of headphones is something I use when I'm traveling in and out but -- at home. You know I turn on the speakers among like I I like -- walk around in here of the rest of the world. -- how about this that if your home going to work if your computer or even. The chances are your headphones would sound better than your computer speakers and so if you had one of these next to your computer. And listens to -- -- listen -- over headphones those computers batons it was -- Lot so it's it's actually taking the computer signal yeah do you sell larger cellular. But he the analog intact bucket and then doing something to -- And then need ample well I mean I can bet ya because they didn't want that no better way. That's he had the whole marketing -- Well it's this is -- this is the also want people to understand exactly how much of a difference it's -- because those -- 30100. Dollar off outlets have a different it's gonna make us -- -- you know because our I have remain -- our ideas have remained that was an audio engineer and he was telling me that a lot of times. When you're bouncing sound you want and make it so that the music sounds like it's coming from outside of your head right. And is that something that headphone amplifier will be getting your audio has to do that it's like that they and you're gonna on the -- -- -- Yeah branching out. I thought I try to try to know why it's a beautifully zoning. A recording you know really well we're gonna hear stuff in that recording that you never -- Steve you know what -- -- -- -- of the ways you here. Vocalist in -- in a vocal Booth that you mean you'd never where we're hearing that. Room the sound to -- their vocal being in a small -- in the in you can hear with they have. Yeah see that that's that's that's English second part of the equation is that I I I have friends who you know who are. Big gaudy Felix and you're saying it and sitting inside like -- properly calibrated. It perfect you know monitoring room. It's a -- kind of annoying because pieces of music -- hear stuff like people flipping the pages. I two million or their feet tapping into the ground -- members listened to these had I think it was -- ten president like -- Steve 600 -- of the and you can hear the guys. Foot tapping on he's playing guitar it is is pretty -- we'd make it at this section of its its one of my -- it's. -- well before we get that actually want to take a look at these. Devices like the somebody you know. Whether what will happen and it won't platoon of these up into the show -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know. And out I don't have all necessary cables section in -- -- will try it sometime in the -- -- you retort back again. -- you have to replace those tubes on the top of the amplifier it didn't replace them. Every light through it's carrier for years. If forty bucks. Now boom it's huge investment -- the -- are made in China. It made by your people. A lot of things -- -- -- -- people every takes me back you look at it actually avoiding crabs Italy it is or not putting myself yeah. But -- amplifier used made by American. -- And whenever. Anyway you ones I was thinking about -- See I'm always frustrated that. That people listening to music over just -- Bernard just junky stuff right it's like could you imagine if people were making movies and and and the people that we're makin' movies are thinking that the only way to put a CDs movies is on -- And how that which changed the way people have -- movies look right and have basically how movies -- -- and essentially unfortunate that's what's happening now in music that. Anybody's make -- record is a matching the most people hear it over and ipodder. Computer speaker in some parties car rental whatever actually listen to it -- -- that sounds that so they're not spending the time to master I mean with some do some don't but I'm just saying but it's it would be that. Dramatically different in that. Why would anybody go to the think that you know it they'll lighting a Roman patent you know lighting has seen it airplanes set of people going and looking -- -- -- as you're Hispanic right. What I -- Would almost say that that's actually what's going on half movies I mean we've -- -- paranormal activity we had. We so -- Blair witch and whatnot but I think back -- original point. You know people are mixing audio for iPod -- -- I guess my question would be usually with every movement there's like an anti movement yet and I'm here -- And into the security it is it's that I I have to admit so -- it. Every one including most -- files. Can listen to music over anything that -- was -- table radio and listen to it over you know the three year earbuds that come with an iPod and enjoy music right now the only thing -- better sounding headphones are better sounding speaker better sounding headphone amplifiers does is make it sound better then that's the only difference but -- -- is better just. The does that make it sound like more how the artist originally wanted to sound -- that what -- -- -- -- in terms of an audio feeling. It sounds more like you believe there with the music you're hearing more of what's on that is -- -- the musicians agonize over making a record every little detail that makes me biblical and mixing for two weeks -- with. We're -- doing for TC expects a record -- and -- if you listen to it under X would sound so dramatically different. Probably the difference I mean said -- that comes came up a little hotter. Maybe that'll tambourine thing was little -- -- It's all about the whole thing so it's it's the experience. Of communicating between the artists and -- and in this case the list. Right and I think it's a rare thing to find audio Phoenix nowadays and we talked about this but yeah I wish I mean I do I think -- the big difference -- -- that love listening to music. And an audio feeling act like somebody who's obsessed with these sound right with actual via -- in the techno here today. So. The amount of of audio files as I think of them -- all old. But that's your money anyway anything they had already is that what you can pretty much staff. They're just you know try to recreate their -- it it anyway. And I went for years where are at the 25 Euro. -- -- on a rainy is that -- at a high price has a good things that never seen anybody in there yet. -- -- -- -- But I went to this show in Denver a couple weeks ago the rocky mountain audio Aston and we in Iraqi -- -- defense there was a separate headphones so it was within that so but. And it was run by had five outdoor okay. Which I have to know these things called hand jams rank candidates and headphones are well cans and -- jamboree. -- go to that room and everybody's young men and that question that I've been. -- -- -- Like where where's the next generation of what -- -- because coming from right there headphone people who get hit by Scott. Hundreds of doubts that people that visit deputies daily -- yet been going ahead five for years. That's really good for. In -- headphone reviews. On Morrissey notes more of a consumer website I think had is great for professionals or budding audio Felix's I consider myself -- -- letting go -- -- again definitely. -- -- -- Very well we gotta take a little break right now more which Steve Guttenberg and audio we've got a ton of voicemails we probably get all of them. In the meantime we've got about 45 seconds and I'm gonna try my best gets lost. During the ad breaks so you guys on the other side or maybe we'll see. -- Learn a little forward and adapters. The show where we all -- Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. -- simulating the war world war. Where Steve Guttenberg on the Friday -- -- -- my audio Juliette years. Well how he adds the little man -- -- and Steve I know. People love that was my my brother -- You -- that -- heavily influenced I worked. Well we are actually talking during the middle of the break about the headphones on the cheap brand we'll do the do ability to turn I I think it's that if somebody you know. You buy headphones and -- -- a channel the wire breaks the cable breaks they -- when they buy another. Thirty dollar -- right yeah so if you do that once a year in ten years he spent 300 dots. So for it if you would about a 200 dollars -- And you knew that this headphone which gets you through ten years eight you'd have better -- much much much better then edit with -- along. Yeah definitely I mean I feel like I go through at least two pairs of headphones every year and in the time that's spent in the amount of money that I've spent -- I could've just bought. Custom your -- -- your right foot that that's the thing though it still doesn't fundamentally solve the problem always it was those doesn't lifetime warranty delegate -- know they don't come with a lifetime warranty but hey. It could attach motive at that that the headphone cables in in all in all as far as I know custom headphones are detached and that we going to break the wires you just plug -- it's like thirty bucks right. So that's one thing and the actual com. Shell that's the part -- interior of the show program. Those things are really strong. I mean if you rapidly you you could break it but they were originally designed for rock musicians and uses on stage monitors within that delicate particularly. I mean are the big and bulky don't because of that. Now that sitting here you still -- -- -- right there yet but if it's usually for me when headphones break inside the Apple iPod ones it's like. He -- -- remotely like dry -- do you ever get that -- new year. Oh yeah static electricity discharged yet yet I've been reading but that all the time ago yeah a lot of -- it happens with it happens with every single pair of iPod headphones ever -- I feel I've never had it with a custom pattern with some other in -- headphones but not not not talking about the original light in the white ones like every time around actually this time you get strive to get -- And especially like really heavy piece kind of music -- exact oh I never noticed -- from Nathan I am on my you know. Close a rubbing against the get static discharge -- But I feel like the biggest problem beyond that is like the wires coming in okay Beyonce anyway and so with custom ones just replace the ours -- very ammunition to be easy to. I it was so you so. You're saying that if I if you spent 300 dollars to get like a good. Set of headphones and -- gonna cost the same probably cheaper -- inflation yes. Right yet resting place and you hasn't it's and that that's a huge difference in -- custom and -- -- -- -- -- your headphones. They make them by making a mold of your -- So they really block out sound. It's in crowd you've actually had this procedure done before where they put the more than yes one -- my most favorite things. It's very comfortable having too much -- to an area is it's almost like you know. It's like a Q tip -- -- it's now. I'm really aren't I. This might be it. Kind of grow I imagine that a lot of channeling in reverse the exact out that's a lot of people would have like you wax build up so -- still get the bolts -- -- to the happening handed out there you're gonna have a lot of lacks that's this. People find it very pleasant and the committee can the end. -- but I had that answers. Yeah so I'm saying so one way to get expecting better Sam is not to -- happens even if you know we're gonna crap out -- -- -- replaced literally every year master. In -- restaurant yet. Making an investment while a lot of the the charmed listeners asking -- -- -- -- -- so forget I wanna bring down the price even -- okay not in years and then that tiny but great shows. Entry level both sides have on the GR. It starts with the line okay yeah is 79 now -- And you could it if you break the wires if you blow up that drivers be turns 25 dollars to fix it basically anything you could do to it. You could put it in the washing machine which happens a lot I've -- which happens yeah you can it would cost 25 dollars to fix -- I feel like the problems with young people is that they don't wanna spend they don't -- an excellent idea -- -- okay yeah because a lot of people you know it's kind of a passive thing when they listen to music when it drown out other people on the subway or in public okay but. You know I've I've listened to these great it was before and they're great sounding but only when there's a lot going on around -- credit to -- had flown for at home but. Need audio feel X. I think they're different from normal listeners because they only listen to music. Or sound. Oriented right Paris has yet to be doing nothing in this respect greater as an example -- it's under hundred -- and that you can get ten years of use that right. Low -- -- -- available -- way anybody's -- thirty dollar head right okay that's a huge difference -- get some voicemails. Coupled related to podcast audio which we won't lay because hopefully fix all of that. But needless needless to say. Hopefully the video audio -- a lot better Steve you'll let me know whether. Before for audio sentinel actors. But -- notes it's simply smells. But it's additional -- -- -- -- Now. None of us can you hear anything now my my ears are gone. Just then we've got a we got -- -- know about you mine yours service. Seem to be talked -- groupies. Know who any stories you tell. -- -- -- -- -- this is that lucky from Luke. Calling me days and it they have much appreciated -- -- and intriguing -- that was probably -- that podcast. In which he -- -- Wilson can turn up. With that just like -- it was a standing on the try -- you change anyone's game to be a pain ending care -- -- and around Alexander. I actually -- the funny thing I but his voice -- that the package that green face in the no no liberal you know like. Part of me was like god god like green face yeah that green did say he was the was he Milwaukee from -- years. I think so yes that's a trend -- -- -- callers always servers where they came from what they're in the complex -- error yet he had intentionally. Got another voice mail. Yet another voice mail this one eggs actually we're talking about this -- maybe it's -- about this but you know mean just -- 12100 dollars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- call about yesterday show where did you practice and -- -- at the Smartphone. Yeah I think the -- -- And I have yet -- iteration of the there'll by the -- you yeah yeah and I think it. 500. Unlimited text messaging and unlimited. -- I hate you have the original there oh -- -- at -- or by calling their aperture and complaining that they that it -- there'll preview 500. And eventually article on it and -- -- it you don't. Yeah I mean I think that's pretty standard and Jeff only pay seventy dollars for -- -- -- that we shouldn't we should depend are. Previous save it and say that it's. Hundred dollars on an iPhone data Smartphone India you know it with the money saved you could buy would have that's true mr. -- get a lot better and is that it. How much you pay for your cellphone plan. So I -- DOD -- you hello -- an idea go against what customer dollars. So between the TV about fifty dollars and then -- it. We need Justin we pay a hundred dollars yeah idea I think it best way to go about paying as little as possible for Smartphone is to get -- -- and we -- A lot of my friends are on their parents and that's true there's group. We've got one more voice mail it -- this one's actually about. Who he he have you heard about this now and and normal. Cuba speak about -- Pay for for the from taxes from -- by -- alliance -- it -- yes I agree we will not was excited height. I check it out the Sony store here. It was fail to bid for a one point oh it won't point out but. I think this is where we can say in retrospect that Apple actually -- it did -- like that that the image app. Obviously. Go one for Apple. Just why it just one verified -- think they've today in an iPod -- -- other crap man. So -- have you heard about that the Google TV so it's essentially. Internet -- is essentially computer connected to a television does that interest you -- anyway. Yeah it doesn't interest me there I think it's because there's a really easy workarounds -- having to spend hundreds of dollars and in the TV. That's just connect -- HDMI cables featured computer have a hard -- I mean I actually agree with you yet I was excited because I was hoping for look at interface you would have more apps -- more apps is like. Nice was with the iPhone and -- kind of surprised. How good the graphics -- -- get to you. To look in all those -- and I was kinda just to see. How that will play out. You know on a big screen television -- and -- a lot of cool stuff that they could have done that they just didn't view and so was little display like the whole YouTube thing I've talked about this. Is it like when you load up on YouTube video it's essentially loading up the YouTube web page Eliza is going -- -- -- and it's a blaze of a 42 inch. Hi Def televisions. Well you clearly there is a little. Change it because Wilson doesn't like that way to honor. Yeah they're working on a shoestring budget that -- -- I have a couple -- that that they'll be edited just right guys -- it's the end of this week's show we gotta get going can I plug my Twitter -- all that's progress Africa. So I'm on Twitter. And you can follow me there you just got on Twitter you already have a hard and one followers again audio -- act man dot com is Steve's would if yes please ask him up. Aren't we gotta go right now. Everyone have a safe and fun weekend take care that -- -- today --
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