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Mobile: Ep. 70: Email-a-palooza!

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Mobile: Ep. 70: Email-a-palooza!

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We take a whole show to answer your emails and voicemails, but first we discuss the coming of the quad-core tablet. All of that plus we pick the winner of episode 69's contest on this week's episode.

In the fall out of ice cream sandwich and the galaxy nexus. -- this doubled down on the course of its upcoming tablets and we've got -- -- video. So let's take a lot of time in just answer. You are into -- and lift listeners via the acolytes of injury fuel can elect. Plus one -- -- by viewers is gonna win. This little interest figure today from last week's a contest on -- at 69. All that. In more on this week's episode number seventy of Israel's weekly for October 26 to eleven and it's one -- alongside just in -- house. And Stephen Beecham on the ones and -- -- -- -- -- Did you lose your voice -- -- -- -- and -- titled atom and get a little grappling this -- ago and finally going through puberty. Well. The president of -- School -- into the first beta of bit of news. Rumored or confirmed to release date for the galaxy nexus what's happening -- that. November 10 according to a screen grabber and a photo from Droid life. There's a bunch of launched its on this and -- -- The -- zone. -- existence and -- him to -- added knows them out there advertising images and pretty heavily G zone. Stuck on it needs -- zone to zone is a jury in HD on here. We know what the -- The three HD is the freezer isn't. That the Clooney -- there exists at and -- anyway all we really care about the Samsung galaxy and access which at this point both of us that they are determined about. -- try to get it until November 10 when it comes at yeah. You. Millions have been better. Anyway this is just rumor until -- happens com you know on a related note. There's -- official news that the nexus. Has been called galaxy nexus partners can't stop Santa Clara who galaxy nexus by Samsung. The -- -- nexus will come out to in the UK. On November 16. Says sixteenth for the UK tenth the US knows where else. Works -- about it. Kind of but it may be motor roll surprises -- better phones instead. Attempt this way because. We're both big fans of Motorola phones. And I'm really kind of let me manufactured -- and as you just kill whatever is on their. I am kind of being ironic -- that. Motorola has tweeted did they will be releasing an -- instruments. Phone's. Hardware. Devices. Six weeks after Google releases final version of -- -- so don't know exactly what those will be. But. I think they're basically say -- don't go rush out by that galaxy Google Samsung nexus phone because were gonna have stuff to. Latino -- this seems. Both par for the course and silly for them does Iran have this -- six weeks left -- when have they ever met. She had that it clearly -- it's like Twitter is so informal. That it's almost like yeah we can make an announcement and and you know in an it -- get excited about -- It actually have to be -- to -- just Twitter. But will they get excited about this a -- -- learned my lesson at least six weeks to figure out. How to -- blurred even work related content when -- released they're working on optimizing it for hardware. So -- in the -- gonna be a little bit more than that but this -- in now me being a little cheated about Apple update cycle says it does not happen. I think six weeks is a little optimistic. I agree. -- that's almost two months. Of -- news. Yet but how long did it take for the panicked -- Don't like hardware issues and Webster is just getting a failed He and where you work together blt for GM nine dual -- worked together. And I mean even HTC had issues with that with thunderbolts. You know post launch. So I don't think it's -- unit I don't think we're gonna see like in Italy. Eight months from now the -- -- there's gonna get ice cream sandwich but I think it will probably be a little bit more than six weeks. Us on a related note Motorola did confirm that that -- -- -- ironic and zoom will be updated to -- its roots as well but they didn't say. -- Take that for what it's worth it's actually more believable it's why I believe they will be upgraded but does that mean next year. And only that it has when He -- as your name doesn't mean if if the ice cream now it's come down on the go -- in November 6 weeks. We'll say it's six weeks for the new hardware there are also saying they're gonna update as -- on the other devices. Tell -- -- -- and in that case in. And now it's it's just been unbelievable protect. Our rights Monroe we don't believe you could prove us wrong oh please just you know streamline you know only ones -- one -- you however that. That they had pretty good -- us the regulatory titles now and we don't plan that. I mean it's just mean. Look at the -- -- update for a mystery it figured Apple Newton. -- to -- me. With the critics of the -- -- -- its outages doesn't war it's like you know if if they rationed out the doesn't work. And if they take their sweet time getting it out -- take forever. If it's kind of a catch twenty there is -- they just fix this with stocked -- Probably mean you really hear a lot of these issues with the -- one. As there is a different generation of hardware and -- and that -- -- in. It has proven technology wasn't like an onion news. -- like technology that people still figuring out but at the same time. You know you didn't read into all of these issues -- deflate in. If you update for the injury -- -- in phones when it was something you heard a lot of. Yes no I. Don't say but it it's frustrating that it does take so long and go for users including myself who still waiting for the gingerbread update on the credible. Has been launched and then taken back at an out there were times when. It's -- radio -- those I'm not expecting that I will get the gingerbread update before buying new device at this point on the engine -- old hat. At this point but I don't have that final say and -- are you worried about. Looking forward the ice yes the okay so this is it loses interest in so I -- there's it was code is out now will look -- out okay. So you can start developing. Applications board but it's not actually a source code that's been released that you can gonna compile rom. From I mean you could. Piece something together from the SDK. -- -- The bully isn't that what the you know as a -- XT. -- perform have done here is that they have somehow are ready courted -- emirates to the next assess. Yet so I mean there is pretty much there there is -- I don't live in it if you article source -- -- Vegas it's basic there's an injury. Four -- emulator in the SDK. It had an accident -- sluggish lead on my computer for police and -- now -- there -- things like they're millionaires or oral yet all. The -- emulator there. Compared to the IOS wanted to -- ever actually use it into runs just fine yet. -- says they have courted it so you can go and download and install. As there's a much the end of -- size from -- which has its say on year. Samsung nexus pass it doesn't have some of the features though it it is now -- unlocked. Things -- and icons are missing is it Erica it's just there's no it's not really built -- -- that -- I think then that actually also heard rumors of like someone getting it running on the Nexus One. But like nothing works like touch screen doesn't hurt it is -- -- -- is pretty much it. So yeah be where there's a lot of problems with this including. And data connectivity issues and other. Bugs I think it if -- -- at that point where you're just like in installing. Pre pre. Pre alpha stuff you kind of understand I usually like par for the course -- like solar energy yet -- -- -- probably. It on -- a little bit later in one of the emails that we have. Yeah especially if -- at this point -- bleeding edge you know trying out that's been in and usually elect on the east -- at the end on the XP forums there. Our -- the other for hacking sites. When they post that the experimental roms you can you visually gigantic red letters going like nothing works they're not complain to me about anything. So anyways if you keep you can get past the giant read words. You should probably be. You pretty well prepared for your data connectivity network. Is an outlook and to make phone calls -- -- data than a real and if you just want a trial links wiping things around and -- this is your extra found you opening up the calendar and including it that sort of Adam. Are -- our next story is from. Such cohost his last week's coast has called a full court. This is on a new feature -- who caught and ask -- sandwich that. Wasn't really talked about before. And this is the ability to. Kind of -- equipped still. Any app on your phone. Or it's not so this is specifically about blowers they get those junk installed -- -- -- -- roller. Samsung they don't really want on your phone in you can't uninstall it. So with ice cream sandwich you'll be able to sort of this people those applications He can't remove them can't -- -- which can hide them you don't. I'm running in the background and get him out of your app. Tree it and you will so you won't have to see. That stupid Goldstein. Demo that right comes installed on a lot of food and -- you know -- -- -- -- CC -- like CD data. Applications. Whose sole purpose is to tell you what area code. Calling front of -- time from and it's not just like. The app that they've waited by its its subscription service they -- is that subscribed to for a couple bucks a month at horrible and -- of -- partnerships and -- -- prompting -- off timed to its describe yet so this is pretty exciting I think. -- -- -- Yeah I mean that merely carry it is well you know an error code is disliked Carey's hero automatically in the deep blue -- and in most of usually it's -- the free to users at large yet but for use of the largest union negate. You know the economic clutter out of the way. It would be nice if you could clear out speaks his. A phone like the big galaxy nexus where you can't from your internal storage. At some point beast will become a premium. But we'll talk about that again in the email. Merit and in ahead of myself I'm so excited about the -- -- So that's a -- were working -- way they're quick so that's good news now we have maybe a little bad news. -- we cover story a while ago about how Motorola sort of mated to. Unlock all their rulers on on phone's current portrait. -- Well. There's white slacks and tags. And over -- -- -- hits com because apparently. On the -- RAZR. Boot loader will be locked but Motorola's alienated. Since Verizon. Yet there's I think there was some sort of thing -- -- -- European versions perhaps will be unlocked. But they -- it or there will actually be an unlocked cool for European versions of the reasoner. But for the the -- -- accurate -- That we -- here in my phone's ringing in that in North America there will not be in unlock option because Verizon is basically saying no. Security issue. We don't want people tethering basically is what's happening there -- to say this doesn't really matter -- -- It's gonna be -- in the week there that's the. Soon immunity in as opposed to you know like -- -- hear you know will this -- who was -- The all it really does is just -- hackers and I don't think most people again most people care union means the number of you know again. Where people just asked for solutions to their problems that do not require -- -- -- don't wanna deal with it. -- Still kind of a -- in the in the big scheme. -- kind of I mean you know the headline asking them in effect LT nexus. I don't think so I think Google kind of with their nexus phones. And it takes a whole you know RA this is it's is different from wellness record if you want it you want the nexus alike have -- these -- the rules yet. So and I think. United I don't think is really gonna affect the galaxy -- at -- -- Com RA after the break we are going to of course goes through lots and lots of email and email via some voice -- But. -- -- answer may be one of the top questions we get. -- tell you what phone you should buy Chinese carrier. -- -- And we're back. So you are promising. The best phones and yet I mean I think this is this is a great list that our own body test put together by each linked -- agree but. Indeed. Don't you get -- atomic have present -- -- -- Users we have -- legged. The -- -- -- I have resident should I wait for this phone. Forget about that -- never hero went out now yours David element yet. Com so we are -- this is all about now people -- to tell you. By carrier which phone you should buy just one note top list know if -- then that. Erica. AT&T. They don't want Samsung galaxy S to. Which is nice don't totally agree that -- and -- Okay let's move on T-Mobile. He's TC amaze forty's this phone yes came out -- T-Mobile claims it has the best camera and any handwritten out there memories and it is a meeting -- How many -- -- it amazes people I played with it it it does look really nice and it's really fast it's it's a big -- and -- almost all phones now. -- people worth his salt should be to -- your pocket. Com. Sprint HTC evo 3-D. Says -- -- the info is. It out I mean in a variety of variations for long time but -- it has entered. Well mean that is they leave of collects for its equivalent of Droid Bradley called got a call their flagship B. You know injury -- -- something or other. Is it all HTC. Yeah. No but I mean they're easily the best -- meant that they have. Her name. Anyway the you know it's a really nice phone -- like HTC sense it has 3-D if you care about that. And there's improved battery it's a good -- even if you don't here. It just literally is -- its own it is. Who talked about this one awhile so Verizon. The Motorola Droid -- out. That's when you can buy -- two day -- day yes. Sony -- on today idea for resident me you normally I'm not gonna say thing I understand I'm not buying the violent if you don't plan on leaving until the ten. But you and I -- -- have the best whom -- last week. That's the one that is -- yeah. I think there's no debate about that. US cellular. -- -- can of that very much of its talk to look quite a bit on dials and parent. Well aren't the cellphone podcast. On a renovated bodies recommending the Motorola -- I know nothing about them would the world phone which is you always a good -- and -- -- diverted US cellular economy for. But it needed saying it's a good phone it it did have the specs can back it up its dual core four point three inch QVC's display yet its -- -- -- in its -- is it not -- any tricks -- It could be -- I don't know. It does have a kick stand though. It's either or matrix or -- equipment release year as photon. Yet -- it's unfortunate -- So. Those unused there America and last -- for Virgin Mobile. To think runs on the sprint network current and believe -- restoring it back on. The Motorola prior. And -- -- rep Sarah that's four point inch WV GA display. It can display HD video does have front facing camera which. I'm a big. -- -- -- -- apparent yet validate -- -- Excellent -- other -- -- -- that looks a lot about like the touring acts actually. From the picture. -- also it's also -- pencil company don't. -- -- -- come. -- to more quick stories to forget to influence beloved mill. First is normally covered these -- that we took topless show that there -- so much as assailants have couldn't get in. Android. Overtakes IOS and mobile app downloads. Com. Which is. I OS has really led for a long long time here while her years at this point. But in grade. Has captured 44% of all mobile app downloads for the second quarter according to EB -- research which is compared to 31 -- spent. And -- that IOS. -- -- Blackberry app world. He added they say that in an inferior and wanted to -- Blackberry. Yeah it's not you are these days. Overall. App downloads across the world is expected to 29 billion in 2011. So 29 billion on eleventh. And when He -- -- an app downloads there -- -- many nine. Billion yes I don't even point 99. Conducted -- -- let down I get all of them. And from nine billion to 29 billion at the pretty pre the exponential. Growth -- And -- if you believe this research in 2015. There's has to be 98 million. It's more quadrillion. Download line. And immunity in beauty and union. -- The idea that has a lot apps that products aren't how many of -- -- is the same map over and over again. I would like to say what they don't announce that -- -- -- -- app. And slow leak ever just download -- and are -- is just like a looked for but it -- -- accounts to five KM. And there's like seven of them and they're all called CT five Kate and it dispensed and of the Sunni injuring a app market is Italy nearly seventeen -- -- their own name that's in need of new way of knowing which one is the rate analysts only two official one yet. -- -- -- -- My complaint there. The top of this two weeks He used. Quad Core. Tablet from Asus. This is what is -- there their it treats former prime. Seriously -- and the name you picked. Well be awesome. Date He -- this is pretty cool so they said this at all things digital. Asia -- yen. And it's here -- is the first Quad Core. Whatever tablet Mary enter -- tablet. Or tablet in general the picture recruitment laptop -- the Canon says this tablet has -- keyboard keeping rates. They have a couple different metaphors and here's they have the transfer prime but then the processor is calls -- I don't know -- actually. Since congress -- -- yeah inflicted news -- transport. Is callow or nano LO Superman need -- can pretend you name that is. And what else is going on there. Uncles and references -- these heroes who figured beat him that saw -- -- I don't know a lot about the tablet that is in its notice. The new SC get a custom political wing core. -- -- -- -- Don't think we know a whole lot about it -- it looked really in and cool and can dock and Quad Core and Quad Core and will likely have -- -- -- That's important. To look important. Cool. Burnett for today Eric Franklin getting in and test and stealing it from -- Norton when he's at lunch and in getting the email that says -- -- -- -- transformer crammed and mentioning in -- current meant that loans through recorded now so I probably can't do it probably and onward to email. Parent enter -- -- at cnet.com. Or or her phone number. Her phone number is 8886. -- -- 866344. CNET eight X 64 -- 26. 38 if you only with a voice mail we get a couple of them from you guys -- into the first email. Eric from Iowa rates in -- is a registered episode 62 -- -- which let you guys have to listeners from Iowa. Love the show. Article. You very given away the price for a written. While you're doing that -- and -- -- a pause button I don't know that it. Continued. Immunity that away -- -- They give it takes a reading and -- is that a -- for you. In the next email comes in from Ryan. Only Florida. And says hey -- team question -- a -- -- very specific. It's because but it is because only keep -- with the latest injury devices that I'm asking the question. I decided that I want to get a new -- phone and at least once a year right now I'm stuck when you're to a two year sprint contract with the evo four G even at that it never again. Well I do another two year contract. My question is now with Britain -- have eliminated their one year contract options when you gonna suggest people do who want to a creek often. Is buying a phone at full price and doing month to month contract the best but probably most expensive option. Also curious if you guys do you contracts. Or always -- the -- -- right but follow question if you have time. What are your thoughts on buying phones from other sources such as eBay is that the safe way to -- cheap phones. And that's Bryan from Palm Bay Florida. Do you think. -- its tough situation here. I think that I mean so what I did. Kind of combination of this two questions is to know iPod a phone on two year contract. And then when I couldn't stand it anymore. I bought a phone -- of the event the HTC incredible sort from the original Droid on two year contract with resident. To the incredible. Law -- on contract. As a stopgap. Which -- thousand -- a couple months -- is ended up being about a year well it's still ongoing. Com. IA had. Okay results of -- been -- first phone I've bought off eBay didn't work. That I -- didn't got a full refund. And then got this phone which has worked great. So I feel like eBay has a lot of stuff in place right now it's not that big -- deal. To buy it bought her -- is -- guarantee that you're gonna get what you think you're getting. So I feel like -- post picked a good way to do it I haven't linked them all the math to figure out. If it's these super optimal way of that sign up for the two year contract if you have to. And Tom. And to supplement with some. He -- phone rate would would you think. Wolf the way that I'm going about mine -- I actually stuck with 101 for the entirety of this year will most of -- two year. That I signed up the -- and I think. -- -- I read -- my two year contract thunderbolt. But now that I'm looking to get the galaxy and nexus I think I'm just gonna buy the nexus out right. And in that sell the thunderbolt and even that's another thing that you're getting a phone. Every year. You to -- your gonna do -- old phone if you can keep it in good condition. You can recoup some of some of your money. On ice by refilling the phone -- to like date. Gadget refilling service it looked as though yes or through eBay. -- -- you know even if you only indicating half of which -- on active units still is a pretty big chunk out of your new. -- 600 dollar. Correct what I would not recommend doing is buying it off of useless. I've heard a lot of bad experience the -- does have a lot of experience in the -- period. This is national break fix that aren't than -- Than three email and the next email He just -- and Antuan sorry I don't know if that name that's okay Alexander new windows. I guess he's in dispersing as his guests for this week's contest -- that the injury on the shirt to rebut from the also lost in space. It's not. Also the question Alexander. -- would you feel of keeping manufacturers back from attempting to take on the act. Despite features in the App Store high -- hundred phones are now becoming more expensive in the act and -- leaving its base. And why -- we've -- a -- like the evo four G. That pushes the boundaries of the -- -- and you have something different and interesting for example the four G had front facing camera which is reports -- kick stand. Thanks for the show and I'm also puzzled why you advertise the same -- galaxy yes but almost never. Although the second bit of that that's answering yes and there's a separate enters into her to state. With super -- and journalists. We don't interact directly with their advertisers and they don't -- we talk about -- just because Samsung -- -- -- -- it. We have to talk about them netstat that for the benefit. Everybody in ball but. We did are threats today than we did we do them. But. -- -- Oh so what you think is keeping me manufacturers went back from. From. Attempting to take on the iPhone -- the example that -- uses the evo four G. And its new features -- -- these cameras kicked -- now -- will give the example of the the eve blue 3-D. Which really is also still pushing the boundaries not a very immediately maybe even LG -- -- -- three phone called. -- -- -- -- -- But it's the TVs -- phones that are pushing tech boundaries with features that -- -- their own hands. 3-D camera technology -- at technology and like the -- of three screens that we're seeing. -- push boundaries and interesting ways I think but it -- it what are your thoughts on why the iPhone is for in so many words untouchable. Well that's pretty easy quest. -- I PM and I think the way phrases as is kinda weird do you think any manufacturer out there doesn't want to take down iPhone when they're releasing these phones. I think -- for -- is everyone's target right so they're just not doing a great job of it. Individually but. Collectively. They are killer -- and -- snowing like that adapts. Not the right phrase that. He does more hundred phones out there are -- every month and their riot act if iphones and more news and more app downloads as we covered. So I think that they are you know. Taking it down and knocked about that you from where it is but I think -- that. Part of the problem is the ecosystems. Everything from just the complexity of the Android world. You know Apple is really good about it just works -- -- and dread as much as we both love it. It's not like that -- more of -- make it work for it things exactly. So I would love to be able to for example recommend. A super easy -- found -- -- but. It's hard to come by when you compare that -- the iPhone in just like I just wanna do three things I want these simple it's been board. It just works really well for a long time. Apple has had a much better ecosystem in terms of apps and movies and music then Android world has -- and that's kept it up so these manufacturers can't do it alone. Whereas Apple is doing alone they've built this entire ecosystem even if HDC maybe is reliant on Google to come out with better movies and music offerings so that people want by actor not just buying a phone right your. -- -- Because that's great enemy they're a lot of ecosystem tapping at the same time than Amazon's ecosystem. ACC to expand its music service. A cloud storage -- Sony's doing its own thing with its experience phones. If -- -- there's there's a little confusion and I think also that Apple has looking glamorous wow factor and you get a little bit of that from the hardware. On the entry -- in thinking that you know hopefully ice cream sandwich lives up to the promise of being no more personal. OS and in kind of taking a little bit of that taking -- that we like out of the equation and -- still leaving it in their but it geeks but in making it more accessible. 2222. Your -- -- fuel. -- -- Think an -- good question Alexander Inkster for rating and we get an email from person whose name -- in the in the -- down. But it says. Is it me or does the galaxy S just have better -- -- the galaxy nexus. Of what's in the reveal anything that specs are a little underwhelming compared to the G. And it's too. What do you think so I found. A chart. On line that actually you leaves out the -- galaxy SQ. -- next to. Galaxy nexus and natural -- and EC c.s HTC's invitation iPhone four SEU. Sensation are also in this -- but for purposes of the conversation -- -- -- stick to the first two columns. Are played -- part of the Erica CS -- okay so with network connectivity. Galaxy nexus is even LT -- in some regions. Four G. The galaxy S to rumors have been implemented discovered it's not LT -- new -- teeth phone just yet. It displayed. A galaxy nexus S six point five inch 720 by 1280 super. -- -- -- I guess it -- led display but it's only four point three inches at 480 by 800 though. But you're also is a super -- plots of resolve all -- -- which is not the it wits who wouldn't think people think is gonna be the Intel display which is the Google nexus which today people had issues with because it doesn't. Every pixel doesn't have its own -- Pick from whatever edit like ours tactic. -- equipment and I think if you give you southern side by side you probably go all the colors on the of the galaxy S to look better. But that screen mr. speaker on and kill its nexus -- that it remains to be seen whether a bigger screen plus. The lack of sub pixel in mobile just pre like -- injury but. Processors both of them are an Iraqi one point two gigahertz dual cores from different manufacturers. So it's kind of a draw there. What -- Andrea they're ram and storage at its name. Activity. Saying. Camera. Galaxy nexus five megapixel rear camera. One point three megapixel front. A nexus is an eight megapixel in the back -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- more pixels. We can have the argument of -- more -- there are better pixels. All day long and analytical. Via megapixels don't matter at a certain point and five will be fine. I mean analysts saw it in your camera -- -- -- at sixteen by 24 then don't use your -- do -- phoning a proper care yeah exactly. Sensors both their nuclear communication but -- -- -- nexus as a barometer in it. Which actually recently just learned what the point of the parameter -- me to do what you need a parameter -- Sailors know it's four it if you oppose an -- -- -- -- when the parameter is an altimeter. -- -- -- Figure out where you are quicker rate and -- editors you know are all sorts of things happening with you know. In internal via indoors navigation where the parameter maybe even knew what -- Iran. -- we'll see what what happens with that the battery. Galaxy nexus is at a whole extra hundred million power it's seventeen. Fifty -- 1650. And of course etc. same mean anything because it just depends how what is or isn't as the phone and you're using the battery exactly. OS as consumers for gingerbread. -- -- -- -- TouchWiz. And then of course I think the galaxy X two is both thinner and lighter than the Alex nexus. There was -- year compared to pick I don't know depends on what you're looking for are ready to argue either way depending on was more important to you which phone better. But I don't particularly think -- a clear win. For the Samsung galaxy yes to it and especially because. And treatable loosely be updated to its Internet and -- announcement as it stands out of the box you don't ever it. They're both I think candidates -- Has yet to have LT and its -- -- clear winner. Exactly. The next email comes in front -- Even at the dentist. -- guys I always enjoy and learn a lot -- injury listening to your podcast I'm very interested in ice islands in I want for purchase the first -- both pretty -- And -- -- you -- whatever rule battery and a removable SD card after the galaxy -- might not have removal Slattery and or removal XP card. I would have given up -- and limited data and gone to Verizon or another character is cute and it's but removing that removal battery but losing their removal -- deal breaker. Carry spare battery in my pocket and just like spare tire and the only need it twice a month. But win I'd do it it's helpful and you please comment on the podcast that any new phones have -- battery indoor ski card thanks David. Thanks David. Generally speaking unless we or if somebody on the Internet are complaining about it you can assume that all in treatment have -- battery. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The delicate NASA's -- that we're talking about does have a rule battery but not. A removable. If the cards distinct pretty much the same set up from the galaxy yes. The battery -- for a and battery swap -- -- battery hard reboot if you need to buy it yeah you're stuck with the sixteen -- 32 gigs of internal storage to eight or. On the other -- -- -- by Annan's visit capacity. Is really iPhone. In that sense. And you know looking big galaxy -- often it -- and mobile. SD card slot I don't think. Make sense and just does not like that program. On the other hand injury RAZR which is with beginning nineteen -- -- a couple of months. Has the removable SD card its external. And but it does not have little battery because it's in construction also wanted -- you know when you really like sprint like you know you won't have to jump ship. To get ice cream and it's the next benchmark in an injury -- you'll probably get in a few in which phones soon. Even if it's -- -- four G getting in it and sent bump. Apple. Expressed normally pretty aggressive -- -- -- -- -- finance and -- and the name. The began -- out there -- stick it out like Sprint's new rental and all victims of rent with peer pressure -- the so we get a couple of voicemails. -- who comes in from Eric who wants to know if there's too much of a good thing when you're talking about apps. They Android atlas this is Eric and I'm gonna questions. Ever since Amazon started typically free apps. I've been. Like kind of an Android app addict and I like to download every one of them couldn't think even I don't use them now. A minute later don't wanna pay -- -- -- for free. I helical 300 -- some might be -- -- galaxy S -- And sometimes it -- up -- things and I wonder if that's the problem or as little independently at telephone a local. We'll from the podcasts in the morning because -- answered appreciated thanks. 300 that isn't -- your first clue should be sometimes it freezes up. The hand I wonder if that the pro or your finger gets tired scrolling through them now. So tired. The hand that's the first problem is that -- their ticket of a lot of space. And if you're like me you probably just use the search. Auction to launch apps anyway. But I mean they will take your phone the galaxy does not have removable storage so eventually will be an issue. With you don't have enough -- for more apps. And the other problem is that you know many council -- background processes. You know even if you're not using -- -- may -- in the background pulling the Internet. Or monitoring system resources depending on what type of Napster downloading you have to worry about a game like cut the -- doing that. But -- if you download some sort of system monitor or some sort of -- an app like locale. Which -- use -- GPS antenna every now and then to figure out where you are it may be running in the background even if you haven't launched it. So if you get 300 apps trying to do the same time or even in this -- you know of twenty or thirty of them. And used in time. A cancel your phone down that can be the reason your -- freezing. There are some good news. The good -- is what you've actually quote -- paid for those free apps they're yours. They'll live in here yet and designs -- -- check out -- -- -- -- -- yet you delete them off your phone. -- I really don't want them later -- you can read alum and if you don't trust that. You can also back up the debt EPK files using an app like Astro we've talked about a couple times on the phone for. There is an archive apps function in the the free Astro file manager app that allows you to just being a rip the -- PK. And now you can store that externally. On your desktop computer something in if you're decides you wanna get that app again. And just plug your phone to computer pulled the app over to your internal storage and then reinstall that -- -- case. So hopefully that will be out gatekeeper -- some of those apps that's 300 -- earphones is that it's I think less is more. -- is there -- kidnapped the toes you. How often -- use apps and love. A little stars that satellite you have -- -- I -- I don't have 300 apps that I have more than I've probably need 298 exactly. I'd love an app that is sort of -- like -- you have not used these three things in the last two months you wanna delete them -- words. Zynga. I don't know I have never heard of an app that does that. I think I personally read like five -- from a I mean like I had done little to experiment -- -- -- -- a lot of -- on here I feel like chest in case in place. I never know when it made just wanna play words with friends and never won a -- were friends won't -- -- but I might one day. Never know if you never know -- for me it's just like music's modify. Docket here for podcast up and basically just like -- from Italy and crap and then when they get -- it's just like portal to the Internet editor. Google plus or Twitter. -- Couple other you know for social networking things but it I think back it probably only I could probably get it -- and it. That's just me and I'm not saying that you have more apps. I'm some kind at least -- here. Never -- that. Pretzels and the next one. From Nathan. Question about term -- turn now. Or rent time here. Hey guys who blatantly leave them painful -- and -- -- rooted Droid two global it seemed sudden and recently discovered that my camera car navigation of the work. I tried uninstalling it go to Google and not by opening the work that you have any idea. Well the problem with things a thing about and had -- really have experience with those three to global. An idea to run into a similar issue installing the engine model my thunderbolt. And here's how I fix it on my -- I basically went back -- -- -- -- -- not and I went back to the stock rom for a minute didn't lose moderate everything went back to stock rom. Booted up you know maps app or -- GPS -- GPS status. And I use that to get a really good lock on the GPS just you know when outside waited for GPS -- -- to say you have like. Thirteen satellites or something just as good -- a lot as it possibly can. One -- it. -- -- really good -- I went back again and reinstall that's and -- in -- -- and and for some crazy reason GPS worked I think there's some sort of a thing with you know the GPS chip where we united. Once it has what it could lie it will -- -- Once you're on the network it knows where -- are. You'll probably want to. And a and a rooster. -- -- that'll work on your phone but that's exactly. What worked on line. If you have issues -- -- read injury to global and -- you wanna help. And -- out send us an email I give us a call tell us how you fixed it running -- engine mindset and and will what is your email over Justin -- -- -- -- -- and it'll just it'll be here so -- get you caught it will get that we don't care. -- we've got a bunch -- -- but not a bunch more time so we're gonna go ahead and pick. The winner to the contest on and grade atlas of the -- 69 from last week and -- -- get around -- email this week. Trust us we get in the hand -- get around to it on the next show or the -- thereafter. The -- In the hamper the hopper copper. Whenever -- -- query and watch security -- can learn proper with the proper. It's where things come up next from -- now. When there rule number one -- one with pronounces her. So last week I wore a shirt while -- -- -- shirt. And there was a robot on it. In the top corner. I did not -- -- it was. And I ask you guys to help me out. And we get a bunch of emails. And from a bunch of people only a couple of -- got it right. The proper answer was list. From the movie blade runner is with that injury with -- look like -- to be ready in baton and and in my reply to -- -- since the -- to view and -- it was Rosie the robot from the -- and that she didn't have like skin. Her hands in phase sat thought it was or -- to people are going out and it. So it does turn out to be bliss and you know interestingly bliss is and it will close nexus something -- even nexus unit. There are looking so there is a little bit of but when and a combination -- there so we get ten emails and and we're gonna use a random. Number generator. To pick a number between 110. And I'm going to. Pick -- and -- right now. The random number generator actually is just didn't do TT TTV picking it -- He -- -- -- are. Set me clap and seven. Seven under a winner is the winner is and the war. And -- Pittman. So -- -- -- Griswold series and an email and I'm gonna reply to your email and if you're listening and Jeremy. You're the winner. And -- get in contact with you about getting you. The little yellow Lula lightning bolts shocker. -- figure. -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- -- that I'm surprised more people didn't Antarctica is sleek with been a dear says somebody -- proved to -- answer on Flickr page here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So yeah that's that's our show for this we can get it was or email to get around tomb. On. And the next episode -- -- -- thereafter. If you have any notes you wanna add to the hopper. You can send him to injury Ellis at cnet.com a voice -- you can leave at 866344. -- 86634. Foresee any T. 263 is there -- the numbers there you can. Find the show -- the show notes more Android atlas news on our Android atlas blog -- cnet.com slash injury dash atlas. And you catch a show live cnet.com slash survivor Wednesday 10 AM Pacific. At cnet.com slash live. Finally you can find the show one Twitter. At injury and atlas. You can find me on Twitter. At and Q and you can find just been and it's not my real name we also take. Emails questions or comments via Twitter is so acute -- when here in the -- Since two wanted to with Twitter accounts and we'll get it on there. For that -- in our show for this week. Awesome. See next -- take care.
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