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Crave: Ep. 70: Buying back the '80s

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Crave: Ep. 70: Buying back the '80s

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For our last Crave of 2011, Bonnie and Donald revisit the '80s with a retro Walkman case, bad Apple fashions, and a look at Crave photo submissions that have been Instagramed into blurry, oversaturated works of art. And whether its by ground or by sea, Crave has the latest high tech methods for risking your life in pursuit of fun. In Geek News, Lego goes LOTR and Batman goes Lego.

Hey it's Tuesday December 20. You're experiencing the amazing. Crave podcast. I can all I can -- -- get out of my mouth is so amazing I'm Donald bell. -- -- -- -- That goes to -- We have without -- -- Bonny -- is -- -- exceed. She may not ever give it back -- mine yet. That's fine and that's and a -- -- this whole thing works with the and we -- we are giving you one last crave episode before the end of the year before the holidays are upon us. So here you go home and we are taking them back right off the bat all the way back to denying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here is -- is a and me on banks. -- a game is being app I get payment every out of hairstyle product that -- -- Grade school and -- sweaters and am army might sweat shirts sweatshirt and and -- lot of hair product yes. You know then there's a flannel. -- ninety's -- -- We'll get there this -- the eighties and this is the -- to go back. Targeting people who probably were born in the ninety's. It. It is a walkman. Like a vintage walkman cassette case. For your iPhone iPod Touch. Mobile device. -- a kick starter project. It's -- -- 35 dollars. And then you couldn't complete the eighties look. And that indulging your eighties -- but you can also last they'll get the headphone output. From hearing in. -- -- -- load up and makes the set app of the button actually work but no openings so. It's all on its -- -- -- Sony lawsuit waiting to happen. Did you did you that -- walkman. Yeah on them to my mind my walkman with -- -- Yet sadly and an annual how many friends. -- -- and the game that combo in the eighties. They gave way. And a -- man that was that was pretty much seeing how -- -- -- -- Few moments. Now man and I actively aware at -- year yes and mine after a while he's played much slower from Malta all of the listening. That -- yet how much you. Did you have the cool yellow IDR line this Portland -- until then -- but. Yeah you're you're running within a big vehicle want to. A Richard crew in Iowa health but yet. -- -- It is I don't. You don't actually act I don't know tension in the latest -- path routing X -- want an X 88 lock you you did have a contact me I have about this. Eighties Apple fashion this is a retrospective -- India. And Apple Apple's dabbling with. Fashion and the Apple logo in the Apple. -- and being so much bigger than computing yet that -- it sparked cut an Apple collection -- old catalog. Of Apple -- He did purchase this is something if this could -- it. This guy is shortsighted and don't think we're part of the collection and that firsthand that when not service says -- time on his nightclub. These levees as a public dollars though they're only about dollars and one and a ban. If -- But the description as lake hit rambunctious than this Apple rugby. He's actually. I -- Apple -- -- -- -- no -- -- know that there's some there's some. Programmer at Apple still who's still -- and I am. Connecticut kid itself that is fat chance that's additive. And that's. Me my -- -- a golf -- guys -- wait and I think that -- and not yet. This meant that -- And that's an Apple logo -- it's like they didn't stick around. That's lake. And learn. -- -- in Alameda. Their -- sale. -- that's pretty great so. Really. None of that -- as. As much as I can appreciate Apple stuff that seems. Really low on the crave mobile items form -- -- so how -- really this is horrible I don't I don't create many of the stuff. Where what do we get to the parent who actually -- anything that we're talking about will get okay well I am. So why -- dressed in eighties Apple geared. And year -- fooling everyone with you eighty's walkman case. You'll be probably taking photos -- -- People are saying -- -- Canon via wonderful. Take on things. With your feet -- state to grant me photo filters. Might yet fat in that -- we have seeking only its. We have contest winners from. The -- tell us about this -- to camp contest I'm trying to -- So basically app. Crave readers using in two -- -- -- your photos and V. We'll pick our favorites and I really thought -- was to publish you know -- twenty believe that so many submissions. That we it -- five today and they're all kind of based on different themes. This one and was our first gallery and that is of -- no now. That's -- gas but even -- -- is there may eighteenth and early 19100 Tina. And then this -- -- -- The last time I ever dress up and -- custom and but it makes a ticket photo app has been through with it if it. The -- of a hailstorm in -- and and reality -- are some great submissions and for me it can publish tomorrow but -- -- -- and -- and a cnet's face the page. So did they win any awesome -- geared for having contributed yeah we're gonna get about Apple's AD -- future. Now unfortunately means. You just get their work published. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Half now -- but they -- and -- -- every unethical and how many galleries continent have done so we have five galleries and we picked by each day crazy. So that's at least. The better part of your afternoon if you wanted to check on all Athens tech that were submitted -- and -- are right now gonna move on to something and Gemini enthusiastic about this is exciting. New ways to kill yourself with technology. Number one number of project. At -- I didn't realize how horribly misspelled this whole thing was. Spin kicks into it there's no -- and -- I know we actually talked about this product by looking -- up on -- he talked about it. Over a year ago where they and then wearing me down the videos that were out for it showed a and this is like it's an attachment it's -- -- motorized. So where rats like that going for it yes exactly yet. But there was a version of this a year ago and that with so much more it look like Steve boots yet to actually strap on. And -- the guy who went walking around with them on trying to be cool getting out of -- are. He -- -- yet to walk with a limp. Because that -- up on your list so this summer's here attack effort to make it work. Now they've whittled down yet and it's actually. Only mean a little ugly -- like snowboarding. And then. So and and the payoff is if -- I think if you click through to the the kick -- video. Halfway through you can actually see him. -- and around we're not running. Visit the around -- it to hold a little remote control that drives it -- and hope to god the button doesn't stick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet the batteries may run as a retired by then internal batteries in -- that he'll yes and it takes I think two hours to charge license tags. Max speed is ten miles prior and it can go for about two to three miles. I see kids -- -- -- around the grocery store does so -- -- kill them. -- -- -- -- -- The one that. And billing issues that applicable ruler. Of this I VI I as a grown person I've always wanted to have those shoes -- -- couldn't care justify it. I think it's exactly taxi for a grown person to you have -- -- experience yet to spend much more money. -- and tell people that it's not just the kid she -- it right but nearly and the users and this is the future nor. It's can be part of my bionic commando suit the picture -- a is gonna be how -- -- them get around when I you know and so. Like I let myself go to -- -- I think it but I cannot locate stand either so but maybe -- be when I get out of mind. You know my my floating ball Eaton chair and -- actually get over. It picks something up off the floor music and activate -- and -- The so that's one link that's one way and I I'm I'm betting that. Remote control failures can be the biggest -- to -- you think I'm not the device itself but just run out of battery and remote or the buttons stick and analyst Russ keen to try. It. If I had it -- is on me. That's not it could be would apply -- Tell us about the fly aboard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this -- capable platform I guess that. Attached to on -- enough hydrogen and they can if you up to thirty feet out of there I think you can dive -- -- and yes I I've seen a version of this as like -- a water powered. Jet pack the stuff -- back and it is kind of gives you that. -- jet pack right dream come true but -- over water and you're not. Incinerating your feet off -- water that's right. Could you die with you couldn't and not -- not intentionally I don't think -- could write this when you can. Music that yeah well. There's this funny video this guy's demo willingness on the news or something in getting ready in its big build up -- -- -- -- crashes that. Management -- line. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's awesome access. It. Did not adults in. And how the hell did -- know that you're not gonna dive headlong into lake of sand bar rocky. -- -- -- to have that -- like connected to hear those ads but I think that's excellent. -- I really -- but I I wouldn't even -- command. You know. I'll help -- totally. And -- mean these people learn to. People they shouldn't and people who sign a waiver. But they could -- that. The -- That's a long way to go. And a would be -- -- -- yeah it's -- I think a combination. Would be pretty great Mikey he could spin kick your way off of them appear and then -- -- -- land here. -- toward you in Atwater spectacular and pretty great all right now Eric Franklin is not here. I realize that and this is. -- and millions and it is the king of -- -- that I do feel like there were a number of violence here -- in particular. That I would feel. Yet every bad for -- is if I bet he isn't here because you there -- -- -- -- -- right so. Yesterday. The new Batman. Dark Knight rises -- came out. And we show. A little bit of it here. The new trailer and -- CT ID. -- PL and my. Ago. The group but I know I I might yet I just -- -- get it two -- I just I think it's it's so. Evil and it if -- You can charge it until I can't see it a night time asked for -- not -- that -- -- man named do you ride in it. And -- need a little cry afterwards. Com. So there's that but honestly have -- You love Legos and if your fans so -- Oakland's. Computer geek and -- it's fair to say. You probably love Lord of the Rings and aim at the -- something the two are merging. And we have here. There is if you go to The Lord of the Rings dot -- dot com you can actually see a splash page splash page. Of of proto with a range. Dilute his Lego from a mile ring yes -- -- -- the gigantic ring -- like a bowl -- perfect. And so and panic at teaser coming -- 2012. There's been a lot of talk of what this will be in me and now we're actually seeing some leaked images of the boxes I think that third went down -- he can see. Some boxes that -- Some possible. The Lego sets that -- Lord of the Rings and ISS is confidential information here and that's clearly a -- every box and -- that you will be surprised to find. You know castles. You know -- works and me and vote I think the last one down there a little. Skelton -- that actually that not a -- must and that one right there we get the Gandalf. Gandalf the gray and his little. Or somebody. Couldn't the -- the company until -- -- head at the can't ask a woman I want I want analyst you know the -- -- -- do it again off the weight you know. And changeable -- part. I like program that black horse button and the -- Its critical -- big -- -- and -- now I wouldn't say hey you know compared -- the bonus scenes and IE IA. I have to be extended cut of -- the lord -- rings movies. And I got it really excited like a movie -- make people over yet. And then it just -- accounts torturing them like my god why why did you -- the extended. I think you really Cisco's not like three hours. Just anyone -- via. -- and about you I am a fan however. City and then you know I think I would I feel bad inflicting on on the people as more -- -- -- -- -- -- and private. -- I you'll see Eric and Bonnie with me and you and -- In 2012. Will be back -- same time I mean same -- and Tuesdays. In January 3. Mark -- calendars -- back with a vengeance. The creek CES. Creed. Until then keep -- our crave blog keep being geeky and excellent to each other. Eighteen fixed it happy holidays. -- named. Diego yacht and boat show good morning everybody and handle my friend John fox 5 morning -- starts -- -- the and it starts right now. What -- what he.

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