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The 404: Ep. 699: Where one down, two to go

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The 404: Ep. 699: Where one down, two to go

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Today's show is all about Jeff and Stacie Bakalar's beautiful wedding this weekend!

Everybody. Who. -- have been a rough but fun weekend. -- pool for yet almost I think I'm more -- and I'm Justin Ewing is the show way it's cute down on -- -- -- what down. -- go I know what let's not get married at Jeff's wedding. -- but Jeff did -- man that was an exciting but fun weekend. I appreciate it driven it is -- hung over on next exciting. Look all the fun very fun but it does there's two go together yet. Yet -- so for the new listeners are people who have never heard the show before it are very on mr. Jeff Bakalar got married. This Saturday and he's done so time you'll until -- next permanently. Access. Ha well on the need Jeff Bakalar ISO I actually got a -- started really the it's. -- -- -- But you gotta get wait here and more morose yeah you get it right hand turn up the studio lights out I don't know that -- -- -- -- from the -- on my forehead and reflect. Auto white sheet over you and get into it yeah I think it's an upgrade as far as looks huge and let us are very honestly Jeff -- -- I got married this Saturday I'm. Beautiful beautiful. Beautiful gold bush residents and now I understand -- -- incredible the nicest I think the nicest winning -- -- -- We were talking about we pulled up all three of us yeah we each have their own stories I've pulled up. In and -- -- it was in the middle of bridge Bridgewater. Yet -- or Aberdeen. -- -- -- And could now believe how beautiful this please we'll we'll looks like it without a mention -- analysts castle with court Disney. Wilson actually drove -- -- and -- -- -- the way and avenue New Jersey very often. How happy I got it. And both the latest New Jersey and -- gotten it was all industrial how. The -- it -- click switch to any made exceed any oriented -- you have. But ended -- being really really. Exactly know it's funny as you know we're driving to stand -- which is the least New York party and you and you know it's suburban in this trees on the quarter these greens that. But we as soon as you go over -- -- the name the bridge we head straight into New Jersey hey just. It is and then look at the -- -- oil refinery just click -- But I -- but just but -- -- -- on and on Saturday it was just amazing to. It was just a very short simple. Jewish way. Right Jeff let's talk about -- is gonna be but I had no idea that 1520 minutes. And I don't -- -- -- get -- in the show on Friday by Joe Schlesinger with -- that there is no -- allowed normally during Jewish weddings. This one you illogical the whole idea of what is it that actually give up dozens like -- -- -- Friday's show. And -- you can actually got to -- worry about that -- it's. Because we -- that wasn't an actor that we had after that okay. -- -- Dick it was funny because we're in the middle the very middle via ceremony at the like -- Entirely bridal party showed up yet and everybody liked it everybody simply it was that moment it was appropriate to Clapton who nobody clock -- that this white guy goes. -- -- here I wasn't sure when the when the bride was walking down the -- about. I'll Stacey I wasn't sure if we Ross was to stands the whole time like my hands are on the C -- that did. And I keep going up and -- that a couple people were standing up but it. I know and on our side it's slightly this. Of the riots stand but the -- -- doesn't certainly this is those are here but did you want and that's with the audio and human that he should go back and watch it as -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- will probably post than in the blogs go to the can afford that cnet.com today. If your loyal listener. You can actually see just -- and dressed up and it's true. Oh yeah it could actually and -- Now. The unit as it too good to know it's a unit there. We don't -- adult ads saying that. We all kind of look like Chinese -- either way or you -- decree yeah eight K. Well that happens later on in the -- which I guess we'll get you in a few minutes yet but I mean overall lake I was is actually really you know we'll crack it here. Yeah the actual wedding ceremony -- nanos are beautiful. Thing he's thousand beautiful. And and Justin I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In a real time -- you. Taking pictures -- perfectly that's -- -- at one point Allison was like a rabbi can you might do that again it can give thunderbird check. The wrong angle 86 yeah. I'll look this up I don't like wiping my eyes are like that and I looked -- -- question is like really had. Is it -- it wasn't -- girlfriend duplicating the -- or is it. Right now it's like it's an X this deck. Oh. But you and a vision that we got more pictures on move pretty much it was tweaking -- in -- in this. Just in the yarmulke understood and so these -- because by hand now by machines that we got there we -- we're -- I was sure the picture. But yeah I guess we'll have to have our -- turned. Well that's -- god will look even in the coupons and stuff later but then even after the the wedding ceremony -- kept it done yet and in some people really unique take -- know how. I get -- you have I think -- -- hand -- for each of us if you're like we should have on that by wearing them vote and then nine here's another shot. This is where -- and confused about what. -- -- -- towel it's like a really it's very clean and yeah kept asking it be an astronaut so it's. -- I -- that it is our port wine and how about elected to. Is they give you can't -- drag during the wedding ceremony -- -- -- -- Your job has changed. To hear the shot of the masks -- they actually brought out. After -- midnight and that's all we need this with on Sunday that was the best idea they've thought of everything yeah. That winning it was perfect be the place settings -- beautiful they had lights on -- -- waltzes projecting purple everywhere he was. Rate is at 12 o'clock comes it pretty much turns into a masquerade ball all right -- -- -- -- -- dead man's party. Anyway it turned me and I forgot about that but the band is amazing -- being it was incredible the keyboardist I was in. Law again and knows commitments and when the plays keyboard. And tries to seeing yet this -- was. A -- delighted that Jeff had the whole thing was anything but yet it played a bunch of really gets on all eighties and nineties covers like he played outfield -- love. Yeah they get -- equipment on it moves with. But it does and that's a little it's a seaside stories -- I guess. -- -- 11 o'clock in on the I diagonally and yeah I get really needs I don't I really need to key in so I I was headed out the door. And all of sudden I hear. This is it's. Or your -- -- You're looking at the band play and didn't like the band members she had some -- technology yeah of them than the keyboardist had an iPad yeah -- I wasn't -- -- -- using it. -- but he's definitely using for the -- expert. I'm I get the ticket within there was a certain act like a -- -- I'm pretty sure that she was playing -- right well. It definitely halfway through you like that not all -- arms -- -- -- vocalist. But the team LC which is up there plain angry birds in nova said it was yeah the funniest thing you can. Yeah I but the band -- really good job we all dancing and it did actually. Do the whole -- gets bigger low. Oh that's Stacy both on chairs -- -- had as parents out there is aunts and uncles I didn't have a little video that. We have a little bit of video so -- the magic of the iPhone four like we do it I literally killed my battery night yeah. But we managed to get this this is incredible here. Champion Stacy on the chase all of Jeff's friends it's easy -- didn't have that's amazing universe caption that yeah. There we are joined hands repeatedly later I'm. They don't -- -- -- it's gonna. Okay if you have been through Jewish wedding this one with my efforts -- first to yeah I mean I understand you just grab random people yeah doesn't -- gravity is holding hand yeah tunneling and if there's anything -- circle is great and we all kind of like randomly holding people's hands. I look over right. And Wilson is at the end of the chain need to read a little of old -- can't get. -- -- I don't know where I thought yeah. It's Friday I don't widely holding my hand -- the -- or any of my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I feel I -- console. The opposite though -- it -- just that everyone was so happy to be there the non there wanted to have a good time and yet was like hey I don't know you but grabbed my hand and that's what everybody was there are happening right room and have -- it was. Some probably. The most fun -- -- -- problem is most -- programs yet again and -- it was like a whole range of emotions I mean we've been building up for awhile so when it finally came out ahead that's -- speeches and and his dad and mom gave a speech on both sides. It was really really emotional it's so strange for -- -- the because we we knew him before. Before any of this and this was yet even before he proposed to -- when he was talking -- ray was gonna do and then. When they did it needs like notes that has not happening next -- the year after that. And it's it's finally over became so screen such a market that times all I think one of my favorite times and it was planned. The DJ called it Jeff's parents his mom and dad to go up and danced in Africa outlets on the was but I just watching it and being so inspired him again you feel like you rarely see couples at that age stilts so much -- the enemy a lot of my friends parents divorce -- separate whatever -- You're looking at jett's parents it is really -- heart rate you talk to his parents and you and you -- see how they interact and you see. How jet is the person that he actually there there's such there's superstars the two of them are total super -- yes yet probably there -- so incredibly likable and personable and just warms he rejected -- -- off awesome people in the exact that multifamily is just very amazing various that are -- yet. -- -- it's funny because the Q I finally get to -- -- mom from -- yes yes and that's how I know amazing I'll gorgeous -- regrets -- incredible drag it but the you know it's funny of the EUC would give it the guys from Canada. He where. Jeff Jeff gets his humor from his dad right -- definitely and and he looks easily. The female version of his mother -- and his mother gonna give her credit for more -- yet -- -- -- -- the two of them. A -- although all three of them incredible -- yet Ali yeah and it's dead. Dead the dead and the mom yeah incredible dances and and you -- Jeff dance and on tech yeah. I see you see Jeff in person on the podcaster just on the street -- wherever you see this guy and I think you wouldn't. This guy probably would look ridiculous and I. Some out there and there are couple what's my jaw -- -- well. -- -- -- move this template and dancing and single ladies to with the I thought that I did the full -- graft routine yeah I'm gonna vote there was also the. It simple yeah oh yeah. It's W actually recorded you have video about doing ethically. Funny -- like this is when this. Society we're playing. To get all -- single ladies out there for the when they're gonna throw the UK -- and this has been just I was when I. I'll -- to -- the became an old girls which again anyway. They -- that's reduce your chance. But yeah -- they knew that winning figured it was gorgeous really big open wedding this -- right and it'll. And as -- try to sneak into the you can -- Somehow -- -- wasn't enough to hide the fact that man yeah. It is then being yanked back to Canada I'm happy I. But all knowledge -- -- wonderful time yeah and actually I want to -- our fans. Because while I was life tweaking the whole time -- putting up pictures -- on night they were sitting home waiting for you to do so exactly and giving you feedback. -- -- getting more pictures. But what exactly we got. Literally hundreds. Of Twitter replies it mentions in a couple phone calls we can tune in a -- yet but people are very very. Now I guess -- to worry -- this agreement is loved yes or anything else so I just incredible time. -- -- your -- wedding was actually day after we went out to -- and it's like is people would think about it jet on his way the honeymoon they're going Hawaii. And how do you like don't worry jet you'll survive but getting -- tips on how to survive and collided at you -- -- don't worry about -- he was going into I Iraq or something it's like. If you're gonna hold YE use SS PF ten. And you'll be okay -- stadium brown you'll be fine don't worry about it -- stressing. The question for the T you guys. Yeah when you guys went to ban on Saturday night. For some reason and I felt liked. I felt like I close my eyes and it was like I was back at the -- yeah dancing and hanging out with you guys it was almost like a superpower I I like -- -- -- like -- I got myself back to that moment and re live everything is yeah just happened was very strange that really real material and I wasn't drunk and -- -- that much because I was little six yeah. I have rectified and maximum forever but it's what I can -- instantly. -- well that has -- are not on okay. -- there's still -- -- it is strange definitely it was very like I just fell in that moment because they've been building up so here. And though the whole room. And I've never -- Yet it was god is perfect and you also have to say. When things like well we -- you know mingling around trying to enjoy ourselves some -- like -- -- person we ran into. Was a 44 listen every person I -- -- All of this to do the right -- that -- Example it's just family friends and so supportive of what it doesn't that -- listened and watched the show. Of today's C DOS but we we didn't know a lot of people that those are being introduced -- -- -- -- everybody's like making you know us these -- Jones Atlanta. AA nobody we joke around about young of them giving us like wine bottles to port it's got -- -- don't -- it -- family news -- -- yet really really -- Alright so we're gonna get to a little break over here. But on the other side we've got some voicemails. Couple emails needs some more pictures and videos yet we'll see -- guys. In a bit. Let's get that went out. That strategy learn more yen in it's this -- This is the floor. Marie and her captors to show where we -- seems. -- -- we are back we actually got a phone call. Home from a text message from -- Jeff Bakalar. I'm gonna call his father. Lulu and I among them next to the bride and groom was the star of the -- debt now on the -- right now you guys. -- Yourself yet in the meantime receiving his father yep definitely. So. So just in which we talked about let's talk about the wedding will receive I have -- pictures. Not only do we mentioned this during the show or was this after that -- you. You you don't like you should be facing up with -- -- and oh yeah and that's relative -- final votes he jumps at jumpsuit. That's pretty good he was in and -- the La lakers let it we took a lot of those pictures -- I don't know what you know we've yet well here's a photo of the mess that we got Jeff -- -- Now asks for the guys and girls -- is within the the divers and we all look like -- ages it's. Yet one -- another project it gives you a lot more. More confidence on the -- its quality is you have this and enemies yet knows who I am definitely can make a fool myself not like it matters proceed that way -- alright we've got Cindy -- Father. Just -- sweet -- -- you back act as guy and. It was gonna hey hey is the -- before or say anything. -- -- -- -- Watching you -- -- picture of -- best behavior we -- this. That's why we're delighted by the -- completely bludgeon yeah. -- only drops they seem -- -- -- respect this -- remembered from on the shelter ownership yeah. Now you guys would still be sleeping after playing that way it was huge huge let you guys did negligent but -- but a better system to distribute it okay. Your words and you sorts. -- just unbelievable. We can't thank you enough and what you -- it it's so beautiful doll and and you don't know we -- to have been different so I can uterus but you proposal to review. And and the way he talks in the -- he's been I feel successful. There's just reflection on you such as red and and and it was so great to see when party -- you. That was the best for ten minutes so it. Everything about that -- was incredible yeah guys were so great to meet and then that's that if we can. Believe you guys are awesome you guys are I -- Anybody but almost in tears just. I know. Well the great thing about that is enjoyed using yeah definitely and I put I didn't out in touch with you so I'm just -- just Linda. I'll sort of Bolton in Phoenix. And I think you can -- Wilson. Told him to -- me in the house yet but just up and developing a program. Ha ha. David is saying is well I know we were talking a little bit post wedding. He wanted -- to on the show. Here in the city the feel inferior message -- -- plays -- very. But -- at at this pathetic in this would soon be -- But. I'm gonna trying to some premature to partner were little were you guys I don't think it's okay were you I don't -- -- the ones goes -- -- After a successful in people always know just banging on the -- Pomona show. Yeah I. After that waiting will will move Shaun White in until you. Content can -- scheduled for next month should pick up. I -- it the only -- I wouldn't go in front of joke -- to use it. Well I we just have to reiterate we had such an amazing time and you know we're not one effort -- and I think almost cracked the little. -- can wedding -- reception it was lovely and your speech. When it was just wonderful -- bush -- Well what are a good little supplement to what. A -- jet. Jonathan -- brother and myself. And -- that we get as far as personality and talking ghost comes from my bet. Button and -- And I I just wish you live but that's -- -- -- you gotta move -- yeah yeah yeah but but happy having. The people make the wedding and you just part of anybody out there that -- that a success yet and and we got ample. Is I think I mean everyone had a me and -- and and I think that's a reflection on Jeff. And obviously. You into that you know Jeff has so many friends -- also get along with each other. On the you know we even in a lot of people there but immediately felt at home I Wilson like I don't like a made a ton of friends just through Jeff and you know -- spam you but sort of. So you guys don't realize is that you know. The full -- -- a -- supported chips like and you guys as well of course and and people know about you know and went whenever when people -- and -- -- -- shift and four litre. Well you -- money. History on computers installed. I I trying to explain the -- that -- -- I find signaling that he went online and watch this. And I and I didn't for a fourth and then you'll and you'll run. Then you'll say I can't believe this definite and and what is doing as a world it's feet it's eighteen project enabled to a -- -- Well thank you again and you know your. That was what we're hearing pretty much all night -- from here I believe was your brother. Two civil you know just -- and -- every single one of them came up to us. And only cannot I can't even watch video games like scientist goes on too fast and I thought -- killing going on. I look at agenda the videogame jokes were cracked I was -- when it was like how. -- and it look like though is that that's when it hit but. But the -- post you're -- just grow up and from the world like compound annual in his room when the computer so I -- -- -- it -- It's what you like dad bye -- his video game when you gloves and he's good at it and got blossoming got what she goes yeah. While what will let you go and thank you again for calling in distribute -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- you send a picture will pulls it -- -- I'll give you guys -- -- actually -- we could work so you know the wonderful. Thank you again thank you so much I don't want anybody coming in multiple thank you -- -- success. Sure for sure and thank you for. You know if if just for that one night making as part of your fan yeah yeah this -- you -- forever. Salaam to reproduce very I love you guys dignity -- with a -- we -- you to take you back up item. At the -- -- hey yeah yeah yeah. Very emotional moment -- people really really really really -- people let's get to some voicemails are we here hopefully wants to this part up again. I can't ever in the right button. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is -- I so at some point during the ceremony and creatures when -- smashing. The cup yet and remember leaning over to -- your girlfriend and you might put paid to him so great guys I haven't been to a friend wedding before this with my first. It almost makes me wanna get married is because it is attributable salmon she's like backup and and and -- -- looked at it didn't even death staff. Yeah I don't even talk to Wilson about that right now I don't want and -- the idea that it and it is. Doesn't look as you did everything yeah it can do it -- -- Through I mean outlook I'm sure you've seen them before but it was -- -- Looked over at him like it's it's the moment where Jeff is giving his. His balance tunes like yeah is his new life in Africa not a perfect ten a moment -- wanna connect -- -- -- older parents. And hold them know I'm gonna tell the guys probably ending in these known bring up anything yeah. I thought Anatoly raid on their parade and I like Justin I knew I was gonna be you know people. And and if -- -- -- right now I apologize for and what's not get -- at all I just wanted to say they residents that was my only and not. What we get a couple of messages from people. -- I think. Wonder too that you should Avery -- and this -- ago this one is actually. -- -- and also about throwback. They got talent Jersey. Eat less than that broke back -- And you can can have no and it. Great voice -- every day. Recently. Seemed like there was no quality as there we drop. It just refuses to it but days and we can -- three days about area anyplace. -- -- -- the Greek navy. Can you -- -- a he goes on about how life may be that shows and -- team what. Think some. I think if anything our show has definitely gotten better yet the last couple months -- Yeah -- -- handles a certain things my response to the team coming -- apps is that is down for the count. Yeah so -- -- a bunch of Avery C Halloween costumes that you should go back much. Maybe he's called in several times and you guys haven't. Specifically -- what it is voice mail that could we don't could -- a little better yet you get some of those bullets because Jeff and I'll put it lightly -- it here. -- -- itself but. Just it's very picky when you don't have -- I just sitting in a very funny comment or something relevant to the show that -- -- -- ultimately you guys -- -- very large fan base so with every. Large group yeah of however many people -- There couple crazies answer you know -- to take advantage of logic has got you know if you wanna leave voicemail him lady Red -- actually another one while he's got. That was -- was where this was meant to segue that's what Wilson played it. The whole -- it's in the first back to you know but I guess part of his messages that we. Where it's gonna do throwback episodes because a lot of people requested them if you have in the you know particulate so that you really enjoy yourself. Send it and -- molest at the fall for it. -- Have to try to catch up to her at the full four you can also email us the full four at cnet.com -- but throw back in the subject lines that are on your dreams. We've got a couple -- -- publicity. -- -- It will work. But it won't get another call catching up call I mean it was about -- -- kidding me eight -- remembered that kinda. It honestly. Who -- that's that's you might as well return the favor. Perry camp well -- it may cope network so. And congratulations. Bundle. -- On and on about you know more was and the point is that congratulations -- and please yet Poland. But congratulations -- congratulations -- volume down. And working -- yeah pleases just love these I am calling it -- congratulate him. I know the price goes down -- -- let me just -- -- message we also have a very special call from someone. Celebrity in. -- it. -- -- -- catching up on -- -- of the pool for. And I heard a young lady damn fool if you will in episode. 84. Talk about the walking dead. I'm not dead. I've been very bit the and not had the requisite -- Make contact with you I assure you that I am full of vim and vigor. Speaking of -- with the battle off this. I -- you who have recently celebrated your wedding nuptial and I hope you brought the real power play -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wedding night. Congratulations to use. That fit for me for now all ethical -- with Steve Jobs we've got -- Mo seven inch iPad -- great. We'll stinging -- -- characters and I show at the wedding. We met -- Schwartz in person -- -- my. I have met her before but yet she was actually in attendance at the wedding looking great I have my dad bring a much more hair the yeah expected to -- to -- -- -- not -- -- -- but more on the chest which is and it's objects it's -- out so what average -- Christina -- I think you need me I'm gonna -- her real name yeah bottle. -- Bettina shorts was on it's its own all sorts of wonderful time and you have to say. Just waiting you know sort of a lot of people celebrating Halloween this weekend. -- -- We're doing that yet yeah now that's a good party right what you know you can't do anything -- the that he didn't want to do anything thing yet he has -- their partners celebrated Halloween and Vietnamese -- -- yet what's left to do it was fifteen minutes of ceremony. Eight hours apart. I. Ever. Well. Thank you for joining us on this particular episode -- I know we can get into many stories but we felt that this. -- so we should dedicated to you yet mr. and mrs. Jeff Bakalar only happens once in a lifetime NASDAQ. We had such a good time and -- -- your calls and your congratulations. We gotta go right now I'm Wilson tang a -- there and I'm Justin yu. This is the full four congratulations mr. and mrs. Jeff Bakalar --
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