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The 404: Ep. 698: Where we pour one out for a real mensch...mazel tov!

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The 404: Ep. 698: Where we pour one out for a real mensch...mazel tov!

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Aunt Jill fills in for Jeff on the day before his wedding and gives us tips on what to expect at a Jewish wedding. She also doles out handy financial advice and breaks down the three golden rules to financial success!

Can you. Everybody it's writing it. Days before -- just wedding and how. Rue rue I'm -- today I'm still pleasant and Justin yu and this is the show where we pull one out for -- real -- it's. -- -- -- It very active you like that. Very good at that you need a unity saying a lot of muscles but that's what I get so now yeah. I'm gonna be -- I had it had nothing to do little primer on what to do would be Jewish wedding perhaps -- -- -- tell us exactly what -- You do that's that's the biggest exhibiting the he'll just don't -- no no real -- what are we know dealing there's no huge is known kneeling gonna get. Get any of that -- the thing is you'll be very happy to know the Jewish weddings are very short the actual ceremony okay very short. Which is going. Now you know which you often don't know like I've never been in the Jewish wedding when this happens but -- really young who knows no clapping. What we were what you'll clapping like you know it when they come they've done to he's gonna break the glass of into the -- the notes to break glass -- a turnaround. It's -- to be done -- clap. It we have video screens and -- -- not all up yeah and but that's a big deal clap okay so when you initially -- -- you're allowed to view it's. -- -- that no model but they don't clap them yet all the lead bodily okay and if you're gonna be pretty serious accusing the entity care. Yeah I hear hey this is -- and making some. That's Hollis of the something yeah. I don't know I know there's -- Red -- Oh yeah and don't forget when you walk in they'll be a little mole he put it Monica on okay go ahead right okay out of school -- stay on the head that's the pin right. You can heavily is some people's heads are gonna perfectly formed okay -- looks like -- -- -- -- it. Can I just lie and say that my goal here is -- down. Yes -- -- city deal -- to keep it okay but you know what the the best part actually is that even my friends who work. Not Jewish we say in my and various weddings. But at they love Jewish ceremony. Okay -- they're actually -- really. Pretty easy to understand -- short time makes -- sweet get onto it let's see yeah but can you tell me why a not decline because like with with traditional hand through to Catholic or Protestant -- and now and I only -- it because you know we're superstitious whacked out to. That's program that's my guess you said it I -- yeah. -- that -- -- -- as someone will tell us but you know I just had never been to what a Jewish -- and yet I now the other thing it's sort of like that same deal with you girls like Moses. -- so it's not perfect the clap your European and now never. Never Poconos -- -- but often they don't have an open casket. And maintenance and it's -- there's some weird things. But -- like I'm so excited and so I wanted to just -- you know once and again and even though I'm not invited right. Hi I didn't get what you don't invite me -- give you better get well. Oh -- and that's to get ready to get you. And won't woody so. Are you guys into the holes -- Asher I don't know I give cash and a necklace and talk about this -- I know that you're tepid at its initial media -- -- we give them my no -- thousand dollars it. Amanda nice on the like that and I can it be like hey here's mine right but alimony. Yeah here's a Diet Coke -- get me. And I think is. Like the good that tested chat room yeah what what's the appropriate -- -- -- Gary. I mean there are proof because the chat room is already envelopes that put the -- senate -- And our religion our group and now two dollars then you can do that well -- that and it and I. Well all right I'll tell you it really depends I get very he. Judgmental about the select and the weddings and a really nice place like -- get a big gift and it's like lousy place. Writers will also like to travel yet that kind of burns me -- I like traveled to go some place yet and a whole weekend there and instead of modulate. I get so is it okay -- say I was planning on getting Jeff like 200 dollars but then at the bottom it's really and have been like 2857. -- Gas and hotel well that's not even I. I like I usually -- okay waited like I like it itemized expense. I it's like it's real I don't know what people give nowadays I -- -- in the -- -- how do you give the gift is it's in a plane all I. Including hard hearted yeah hard by the hallmark card yeah -- -- and not an. Yeah yeah. I would -- that if indirect and stationery app. I have a theory -- they've added up. -- okay your card by the way just -- -- Dear -- and safety -- on your -- -- love just emblem will easy easy easy easy easy. I'm so. We'll talk after about the appropriate -- -- of the city here yeah don't give up two bullets it. Okay what what else you know who would assign them the whole show on who -- and congratulate her co host -- because he's can be common wouldn't miss and mister -- now initially using -- yeah. Fact I love. I don't remember what -- got engaged. Almost against a year ago mourning her Daria yeah act out in -- came into the studio and he showed us like a lot of money that. After I yeah. Lighting deeply regret up here and I. O'Hanlon good -- diamond this. And lord it was alleged that just spread it out on the table is it's like well. This -- what's happening today and -- you guys real like freaked out did you know that he was going to do I had no idea but he is like am getting Macromedia again and you know for months he had been seeing who he announced these he really wants this is. Gonna release it here all -- -- really. Okay I'll -- you want to go into and I think he's very -- Yeah as -- was funny and this guy you know as it is dark and as pessimistic as he comes -- right he did really pull off a very romantic proposal -- -- I think you guys don't listen I think it's in the archives. We won't recap the whole story but it went askew you know -- like it so we can't. We shouldn't -- -- what is there anything else I'm really just looking after just -- -- not easy matching of the glass where that chair picking up okay so act -- at this after the ceremony go in and there'll be. A very raucous dance okay thinking you're -- against -- -- That's yeah yeah. How -- 8 AM got an an will -- get up the -- show you actually had to. Our -- is very exciting again so in the -- -- what they do is the the bride vapors they put her on a chair and lifter and she looks absolutely freaked out because you know she's wearing is very expensive -- -- -- she's and then there's a -- guys picking -- up. And and and then they do the same thing for Jeff and I have some tentative parents to -- -- although I so don't get the idea that like. Jet smile on up on that chair but maybe I don't now can -- -- -- guys -- -- is that yeah. I don't -- pre plan -- the -- island -- and look at okay and are there any prohibitions. Having live podcast in the back my. And according to Tor I don't know that I don't think it. Any anything -- or I know I've -- -- pad -- -- But a lot of times temples won't allow video. And I. -- an attempt lurid AM -- -- much if it Jeff had his way it would be outside. And away from any kind -- -- now Jeff had his way it would be to devils game. -- the on the ice -- -- Cambodia and -- -- and let -- question what about like a -- who's who venerate the good I'm done now. Area and an awesome yeah and -- -- Make sure that the -- of the red China that read the. He wouldn't get any embryo is I cannot wait for the full report and it -- -- And has going to be a lot of fun -- the will come back on when peace and actually you know we were talking about this earlier Halloween is the date have to work. And I you know I love Jeff. But this is this a lake where -- I'm trying to figure out what to do and how we yeah everybody's. Going out on Saturday night yet -- is -- up to date before -- is yeah it's gonna work and Africa well read but we have to party all of them. Well yeah so I hope I'll tell you right now there is probably 8085%. Chance that I'm gonna be confidence. Oh -- it's a good -- said that the -- will it actually drinking a beer at. -- it right out. I cannot even believe you anywhere in saying. Although it is right I mean I neatly is crazy to me to think that you actually I walked in our guns and -- are actually not. Now that yeah they're over an hour and now -- William -- it just the stressful morning and it you know I'm not blaming anybody in particular -- -- well it's it's the music. Atlanta about its release cycle somebody and -- they say he's not only breaks stuff that we can -- look -- it's it's not it. You know what I looked -- -- 430 opposed agenda degree radio hits in the three television live television you -- -- -- to -- Marianne. You know not drinking. Okay I'm gonna give you the she definitely looks like that and I think she looks better than me on -- worst -- yeah. I know that's -- -- but beyond that. Now this is that there's a lot of stuff happening a lot of people in the -- -- sick right so not have the slackened. And injecting -- -- running the board is very -- -- An amazing Asia I think he did a better job with the -- actually -- I wouldn't be like if we give -- yeah. -- -- -- -- I -- seven treated to me it's it's immediately. Make sure that show is more fun they were a little serious. Yeah okay yes -- you're about well you know we should it wish every email about this mingle and talk about this now we can now happen. What happened David Carnoy him. Our executive editor here at CNET -- came on to talk about the new -- -- NAFTA goes a view that's the color. E-book reader that's that's the big gadget that a lot of below. -- people who know how to region. Battery yeah. I mean like we we know we got into it and I got -- -- -- -- I mean -- are you into that whole phenomenon of -- actually reading books. On in a gadget. -- but what here's what happened you know I'm so competitive rate how ridiculous so I found out that two of mine coal -- -- give an iPad by the big Boston. I really want an iPad but now again. -- -- that's a I like -- -- he gave you -- I I want one now button and Molly says to me Molly Wood said that like the Kindle is awesome she loves it she loves it for reading. I do feel like. And hang pacemaker Anemia and bring in three newspapers today and it's instantly so I think it actually tried but but but but -- really know what device. What -- chaos I'll say this about you -- your reading habits I don't know how. Why you're so attacks but I think part of it is that you spend two hours everyday cutting out newspaper clip. And here's what I want I I thought they were coupons and. I clipping service. And what it is because I can't you non blocking such and I cut it -- is -- so old school it's okay well any teaching something a little bit about the Internet and yeah inter web as well screen -- taste hot enough money ultimately it's -- yeah Kindle or not. What no I don't have -- -- I have the iPhone for a China which I desperately trying not to get. And I pattern right right really when that. I OK but what if I have an iPhone board do I need and I'd be answered probably notes to make it should just get Kendall. -- You need to color milk that's my yeah yeah yeah I would and they're doing that topic -- -- yet again and the and the point I was trying to guess is the -- -- -- -- 250 dollars yeah. For fifty dollars more you can get an iPod Touch again. -- to run you know -- -- that you do a lot more than just read books watch videos and you can play video games -- also stuff. They get an iPhone for I really don't see you know the point in getting a -- color. Now like an iPad I can I think it's kind of interesting. Just because I've been playing around then lot of my 1980 friend and iPad now again and I can feel like the left out one because -- work at CNET and I don't have a. -- -- -- that might 87 year old father and as an iPad. I I know -- -- my power lunch system are like we got dad and I pan am excited because -- is no way he's gonna use that and I'm gonna get it. I was like totally plot -- -- like three months yet you need engraved on the back yeah. I come into the -- you know few like two months ago. And he is on his iPad I'm playing around it and he -- what is he stated he is. -- US India for Twitter. -- he says. Total ethnic I've lost my chance at that I -- -- you gotta buy an iPad. Speaking of way to go yeah you've been getting a lot more Twitter followers and -- gonna go ahead and to pay for that I think usually you know how well the hook. Okay -- an -- and they did this. This program -- -- addition to each and you individual. Okay okay dragged me into the Twitter phenomenon and I'm -- now I don't really like to it and last we checked your ballots when you find what is it -- twice. Three during ten to 2478. I in supposed to be 2500 by month and so. This weekend is in my friend and. Okay so we need 2244. Listeners right now to follow you that -- on money yeah. And actually one of the benefits of not only -- to know where angels can eat her next sandwich yeah. Bet you will get financial base in fact we actually have a bunch of questions before we hit the -- drag -- about a minute and a half will blow to about 37 quite. Shouting -- how -- do let me do a quick one here because this is -- SF Chris who wants to know what percentage of money. Should I use for my fun stuff once my housing food utilities is all taken care of me just and I thought of you in this. Because it really does dependent it and so would I would say is it would be great if -- new. Your housing your food you utilities he got settled done then you -- -- 10% and wait for savings and -- one -- And after that so if you had ten or 15%. 20% left over to blow on -- great. One -- actually asked an interesting question he said is it possible you just have fun. And 500 bucks a month -- -- -- But I -- my accident I -- -- -- right you could spend a lot of time on chat relent and how. It's lot of low lying and favorite Mac -- so yeah. It doesn't tell me how how much is it -- by -- and about -- downs of. I -- a month yeah so if you're and I -- in yeah. Okay so I wanna just -- -- say that so your housing expense hopefully in less than 30% higher take home. And your food in your -- utilities may be another 30% and -- sixty maybe 65%. And the rest for saving and fun I think that's great. Now it is actually possible survive on fund for 500 dollars a month maybe not as much in New York City right now as much -- right right. I think these are your friend that's getting married and announcement -- mean you couldn't do it it's just a question of like. Really what your prayers. T understand that there's like even living in your 500 dollars extra to go and have fun centric a lot of -- and I know elsewhere 500 dollars a month is a lot of people's mortgage. Plus as a rental apps or like a house -- -- I think I like and New York you know -- studio yeah. That -- making sense we need take a little break -- now now but on the other side will have some more questions. That you'll have to also has some voice -- and some emails from -- and a new Twitter avatar for -- I submitted Twitter avatar that's freaking hilarious I -- -- yesterday that after the break totally great we'll see as on the inside. This is the floor and home phone or an American actors the show where we -- -- As a little quiet -- him really know a lot I had a hamburger after. Sorry I can't I don't want to beard hey we're Asian nation anchored and as -- -- that. It felt like he's been drinking eight -- and well that's now what I yeah real. Yeah easily be an open -- Our Internet but I'm just saying that not that the open bars like okay easy as people are gonna drink that much right right -- projects. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I got to actually meet. A bunch of just spent any Microsoft to than -- and again -- really cool people. -- -- the -- his hockey team. The whole idea -- come into the well lots. So I think it might be a little sort of ice action during the middle of the perception definitely and it just doesn't know this but we're gonna -- -- speakers from served piping people from. I'll I'm so yeah. I -- fabulous yet at out of all of -- time when we just got who can't this is from. JD who said that. He is starting a new career is -- get a big pay increase. Any sitting at the annual salaries going to be 42500. Dollars his company does is 6% match for the -- which is awesome. So he wants to know and will -- be able to survive on this income when my guaranteed. Monthly expenses. -- up to 18100 dollars a month and I say absolutely and because 425. -- -- taxes he'd take well maybe 3032000. Yet 24 grand expenses at least 6000 but there's our 500 dollars a month yet so I think you're gonna be totally it's awesome. Now I've asked this before in the past like you're throwing out you know. A lot of these numbers with 20% 50% 30% this is this all sounds like pretty basic easy yeah. But it. I think a lot of people have a hard time tracking -- dated game I use now debit cards credit cards cash in the wallet yet nobody wants to put break out the spreadsheet. You -- you you -- -- -- that for mr. you'll. Yeah mr. you did -- not I talked about your play in a spreadsheet the spreadsheet it's great because you can customize -- categories a lot of people don't have the same expenses everybody yeah. And like I get the -- needs. Saying again using your bank you know this here's a question from a guy says he's using his credit card he once he's like at a party -- is balance every single day realities -- system worked -- I totally don't hear it certainly -- -- -- -- bigger I had it like picture -- under control and test and figure how to get your wish to begin -- fantastic the way to keep track of your money I don't care it just keep track that so we know where it's Allah I do. Is really gonna hide that this seems kind of -- obvious to me why a a bank doesn't sort of start. A car that says hey. You know we are gonna automatically divvy up your funds for you wouldn't take X 9% and you're -- easier -- IRA put it you know like this is. We are -- yeah here's a deal you can do that to some extent what you can do is you can set up automatically. To have money it's called eight. A periodic investment plan with any retirement account like any -- can you can say. Suck 200 dollars at of my checking account every single month. Put it into my -- area accounted vanguard -- fidelity Akira price you Charles Schwab. But make it automatic and you can actually instruct the bank. And the end of mutual fund company to do that. For okay so -- my next question would be can I -- give you my paycheck in have to be like an allowance yeah did not painting that that's fantastic little Susie -- asked can you know a little bit like that. You're wasting your money on that and I think everyone can go for -- have some on don't deprive yourself you know it's like this only. -- thing you know like people like this -- Spend any money and you know roll and up and then you go crazy or what -- -- -- -- ask you sort -- one big long term question you first are coming on the show. This is probably at the very start. What everybody's been -- the -- -- financial crisis. Just a regular since the Great Depression right now and MI BR verbally or maybe temperature of -- -- okay so it's true. -- during that time you're like okay save two years or or six months of expensive gas. Two XYZ put money -- -- right now that like. We're Nancy everybody does and incidentally -- their recovery but it's been almost two years now. She we really start thinking about how we should be live your lives not in crisis mode. Yeah absolutely and I think that that the advice that I gave -- -- the exact same advice now I mean that the re. Keys to your financial future is down -- -- I'm writing it it can hear the but he he can't rate. Aaron I can you re -- here I think that will -- that are like evergreen the you'll always be able to do. Number one -- down your consumer -- -- -- credit card whether that means your car alone. -- you don't have to go as crazy with student loans only because there is some tax benefit in the -- good interest rates says. -- -- Had an emergency reserve fund six to twelve months and your living expenses in -- bank no we're wacky no stock market nothing. Number three. Put as much money he possibly can into your 401K at the very least put enough in so your employer -- -- no I now understand and that's a lot of good very basic advice that you've given us yes. What should we be spending -- We have some fun OK yeah. You -- this -- and a -- a -- -- on -- up front until it totally depends you should add your fund money she'd never deprive yourself you should figure out. When you're tracking all of your money you say how much money of my total can I make. And that we really kind of increase that overtime every time he Gatorade -- -- it is here. At some point that what do you split the difference you say half we'll go into my retirement -- at this my -- -- now so you know for for you Wilson yeah he got a little -- while you might -- you know what can by the iPad -- can do something. But on him -- you know for a lot of people I I love to travel so for meet my indulgence is. You know let me go travel -- good on a really fun trip you know and said that equal by the way. Actually. Gentlemen and lady I'm. So when I was a financial advisor I had a client to on a Major League Strickland and okay yeah so. Ice yesterday it was always joking with him like Beilin had a better body and I could be in strip club -- -- actually stand up and turn -- I can't say what he told collect. Those chicks and like good strip clubs make real money right so one of the women came into seeing is a financial advisor. And she need 70000 dollars a year on the box that can -- Wait a second a hundred grand a year and -- oh -- You catch loud say she came in and she is I've 300000 dollars in half what can I do it that much money laundering -- -- -- I can't tell you burden so ladies again you know or channel them or just some some guy like me like -- merit in -- Now it is now any items there is an issue here and beginning and -- -- -- one -- I. -- let them. -- -- -- that now I. Let's go to the housing market -- paper quick one here Ryan says he's a resident in Jackson Mississippi's in his second year of the three year pediatric residency. Heating -- -- fellow resident in march of 2011. She's gonna finish after he they're gonna live and I'd Jackson Mississippi for three and a half years after they get married this -- guys. He says that he could buy a house or about a 130 grams. Okay in Jackson Mississippi we -- however he can rent something for 11100 dollars 11100. Dollars a month okay and we're just sitting there is no way I can. I can tell you right now yeah there's no way the your mortgage and can be more than 11100 well so -- I so he wants to know. We're a by the way check this you can read 150000. Dollars in -- schools debt. Many intense or what yeah I don't know even if -- qualify for loans each night they do usually give you doctors could break them up. Would he want to -- buy or rent and I think it we can altogether -- ran -- Yeah rent rent and also you know a lot of organ -- into the housing market don't forget how wonderful -- is and -- It's like there's no strings attached to -- of them leave -- yeah exactly so. Even though he's gonna be different three and a half years I say no thank you madam. I. Let's but you can get to some calls from the public real quickly got about four minutes here and we'll see you can -- to some more questions from you amazement. I -- usual amount of how. -- CNET. Sounds different stereo doesn't laugh. Crazy we got. Well we've got a couple was tells -- -- he's really good I don't know we have time for all of them fun. We so yesterday our -- this -- I always get -- my mind. Just think emails -- like hey I'm not coming into the show. -- -- -- -- Is this can be another like where the cheese stands alone episode -- So you know unfortunately Natalie and -- David Carnoy came and saved the day. But you. In preparation for that I thought I was can have team you know -- to -- -- itself and we had a couple comments about this so you go. There's four or equipment from -- -- protocol up and compute things. Up but so the clone but local what was. -- I'll let -- opus bill that are involved. It -- what that was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- could occur before or -- and. But that certain other though this is this company and -- -- Get this going in just a second so yesterday I had to -- -- I -- to host the show myself. And this is what I record here it and just and is playing hooky so. Yeah -- what I'm gonna show might be a little different than you expected -- can be some -- guys. -- -- Hey it's Monday -- we. And you're listening to the. The -- for podcasts since it is. Do they have a good deal politically -- into that and where. Actually -- stressed out great -- -- -- spend it how -- too -- -- sometimes doing crap like I am now makes it hard to feel bad loans for god. I mean -- the year giving. -- You'd like deny yeah. And that you had held oh this is trying to have some finite -- you know I'm glad. That the listeners enjoy that could I was so scared yeah. It may be something scary you're ready for this and little -- from Thomas -- divorced his excellence in his house -- and I I -- -- -- -- -- air house or whatever he's upside down she goes 100000 dollars more than a houses were written and he helps her out. And he said the thing that stinks is that because he's helping her at camp eyes -- -- where that is a bad divorce you know explain this here. Thomas. What and -- -- what's -- here at like. Heating your house you're upside Gagnon divorce that's it yeah divorce means stop playing if you don't have kids get out and it is more in history and I'm missing let me know but. Divorce is very expensive suggests -- Mac. Please stay married in real. Yeah well we which are good comes -- for -- -- that -- the best time to -- -- bigfoot. Got it and a lot you're gonna get thorough and and now -- a limit Chinese guy at it. It really be two -- -- unity I'm Lori. Well we wish him happy and fun and joyous way yet and he's gonna be going to Hawaii where he's gonna play Xbox all day option. -- -- -- -- -- In the meantime be sure. To follow -- -- on money. -- also listeners every day streaming video all that other jazz. And Cole and I'm -- like Jeff I'm actually gonna play your voicemail so 186644. CNET yeah. I'm Wilson to until lessons and I'm Justin yu and that's -- on my --

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