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Ep. 697: Where we have an out of office reply: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 697: Where we have an out of office reply

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Justin is still sick, and Jeff is a runaway bride, so it's just Wilson today. Don't worry because it's not another "cheese stands alone" episode. Natali Del Conte and David Carnoy come in to save the day.

They Wilson -- here Jeff is off getting married and just than is playing hooky so it's just to meet meet today. Hopefully I don't bore you wore ski too much with the show coming out so -- break okay. You move through this. Good day I'm Wilson tang you listened to the -- -- podcast on cnet.com. Jeff Bakalar and just and -- -- out today but come up on today's show will be discussing the state of LTV. And some special Linux patches and finally -- hands on look at the thermal paste -- for CPUs. All that and more coming up on this very special episode of the school board. Come on everybody -- -- -- and your comments. I'm here with Carnoy and. And feeding -- -- -- Wilson -- corrects -- back. So -- can speed this up as a security incidents plus who from important. But -- -- I am David Carnoy and I am Natali del Conte and this is the show where you get it out of office reply. Yes because it Jeff is going to get married -- now. Now the kid and I actually got an out about. Private data that morning what can I with writing him about the I think it has raised about. Where and again I mean about it yet -- Right there's nothing area. And so I get an -- out of office reply in it. -- -- -- Thank you for a variety I will not be backing up that until November 18 or something like that and it says because I am going to get married and on my -- and I thought. Well hot cup out of luck this reply because I think most people just say that here and then your business lending that he felt proud to be did probably -- it's really very cute. Whereas I did me in Cleveland -- my maternity leave like. That -- yeah now don't even write me. -- you were you were checking your email while you are maternity I get like almost as many emails from you. Well yeah and it not and you like -- do you guys really is it's you know let me tell you printing definitely doesn't think that I needed from you guys just fine and anything and I was indeed you think -- will be changed and when it comes. I that's and I tell less -- means to you get married and it and -- Oh what about Leo -- by yourself. Well on -- To put into it is he's he's been in this for awhile. I think you'll -- the same person just. If he's using -- out of office place and going off to prison yeah right. Well yeah he doesn't mean that other he's not vacationing in our country and a I I think were all very surprised. Mr. Jeff Bakalar decided to have his. Honeymoon. In Hawaii evolved please pray yet because this guy literally hates -- the water at the beach. Some wait for a public that I now I -- -- I want to go you gotta make it sound good at least yeah I would've -- he would have went to like Alaska. Or something like that where it's like perpetually twilight complain that Alaska music -- imagine that doesn't mean he's married. She actually not she's she's fairy -- well yet ninety -- he told me in the until species but until he packed a couple of Xbox games you'll be fine you'll be. But that's -- it any pact is Xbox rebellion of course my mind as part of -- his get a this thing is I I I don't really like out of office replies because I feel like that that the expectation that. I should be writing you back if I weren't -- -- -- And email and something that you send me and I should have the right to use -- spot and respond at my leisure but -- about the surprise there is like. This is why I'm not getting back to you but otherwise you it. Expect that I would be getting back to you -- -- I I have this weird this -- cultural issue of office replies I. I can't say the I understand it -- attract the same -- because you respond everything yet you know when I'm on vacation like that doesn't I just. Don't think that it. That. This is always right back I don't know it's it's an addiction or something like maybe if something is addressed to me and need to respond to it. Yeah I always thought that you should be. A little bit smaller dishes that your time in neat little selfish that -- time producing you should have your out of office reply on at all times and is going to be years screener are yet -- it -- my at my reply to I'll emails that we should say I'll get back to you whenever African once you. For help. I'll -- that's very nice. This is really out of closer to leave me alone for a guy -- -- and sometimes they're responding emails with him like five minutes from a reader. And you'll be shocked and they'll say I can't I can't believe you -- array quickly and I mental -- but I don't apply instantly I will never. Yes that's true it exactly heavy PM. What is it Merlin Mann and must be about Stan. -- that the practice I mean it's that I get things done yeah yeah what they're is his last you about email is the same -- and analysts. Only handle -- one. So you open it and do something with that you delete it you file it away you're -- -- it -- -- few. Read it and now go back to it in ever will and then that's taken at twice as much of your time than it ever -- especially if something crappy. I guess I and sort of the -- because like what I'll do is how. This is that I'll open up every email that I need to respond to just like leave it in the corner of the screen now and then get to Italy 3 o'clock in. That hasn't opened up six billion and -- -- and then in the afternoon and they acted down a diet. -- a -- that that's exactly my afternoon and I'm just have to say that Natalie does responds much you know. He did -- parents and I respond to emails whenever -- -- -- Quote David you're here. Well just because you you are a -- -- but also because. You get to see the -- color in person via the data it launched what is on Tuesday or reducing Tuesday and yet we had seen it actually. Broke the story that it was coming. So we we we -- working with. An anonymous source. And a couple of I was telling us about it before it launched in and it it made them parts and a little little nervous the Obama and then -- Aaron. Yeah I computers because you know I can tell you I think they didn't mind as. So much that it that it -- a little bit but Tom. It was funny because if we actually got two. Sources to and then secondly -- actually send us an image of the the device. On Sunday night before launch so I I saw this on crave on CNET. And somebody I guess had I guess but it does almost Barnes & -- -- they had -- -- To their site. But not linked to it was in there's there's there's some accessories on the site atom and I don't think they were too easy to find -- and was really. A -- around. And but -- you think you know hey. -- -- kids on Monday if they weren't NM lines. They weren't gonna launch is color -- and until a day later because obviously that in the color screen -- the weird. -- -- I think that they -- initially -- out the invitation and it didn't get commencement attention and and sometimes companies actually don't. Don't mind that they have some weeks I mean -- that. -- -- -- -- Was able keep this under wraps for a long time so that impressive. But these these things have -- -- -- can we were looking up to you this was you know a lot of times tipster send. Send their tips to other sites so we we were happy to get into what. A look let's back it up a little bit -- like Barnes & Noble has their own. Prior to Tuesday was like a black and white Kindle. -- Did it it's. Or reflective display doesn't actually -- any color I mean he light so it doesn't -- hurt your eyes. And it really weird because it had a touch screen under neat. That. Yeah -- -- -- have little strip at the bottom was Android. Of ram and content pentagon and enjoy that it was and it hypocrite. -- just let -- thank uses like this little one inch by four -- like strip at the bottom that they. Has a full on operating system. Yeah -- it's a little more love and immediately you do get to see the the covers in full and of the books in full color. And in -- say it it did provide. A little bit of a cutting edge features -- below that some people don't like to navigate by way. On and so on Tuesday that the color note that I actually haven't touched it or seen it myself. By its its full colors it now I -- when I I would have been rumors about this for months. I was thinking -- -- Nintendo eight bit you know -- the colors on screen you know there's clearly there's certainly plenty of other there's a there's a bunch of cheap. You readers coming -- that are color from Omar touch screen -- -- and this is a full on tablet. It's not it's functional something like the iPad. But it's a seven inch -- to calling it the readers tablet. And they don't you there's no Android market place on -- but they're gonna be -- -- developers conference next week and they're they're gonna be doing some apps for that you. -- would you call the idea that you code the poor man's iPad yet if this is like 250. It thing color but. From all all I've heard it's slow as molasses that what's going on. And that was that was what the first fund was like is it -- -- Right it didn't do it. That it -- gonna do a mini -- it's I would not say it's slow. As molasses I would. But come. I would I would say that they they do have some expectations to vote against the -- and you know the that they -- -- -- a few weeks to it to work out some of the to improve the performance -- working on this for awhile and and you're not gonna have you know opportunity dollar device you probably not gonna get the same process of the same speed but it was pretty smooth it wasn't you know wasn't quite. As fast as the the iPad but. So I think they have to manage the expectations there -- a little bit number it's a nice it's a nice looking device -- -- the two issues probably in instead and it's a very it's got a very nice screen the two issues is probably gonna have our it's a little bit heavy. As it heavier than the iPad and know its lead in the -- so it's it's just under a pound but it's heavier than the Kindle. Palm and then for some people the battery life it's it's about eight hours continuous reading and so if you're used to do what you were few weeks with this the Kindle -- orient thumb. But if you want something more functional it does have a full on web browser. And it does do other stuff but does those images really nice thing it does does do video so. There are a lot of people that were at least in the the new community excited about this and -- it kind of fills that niche between the iPad. Andy's. -- my question with the whole color thing though is it. Is it as easy to read as the black and white ones is it still put is it pushing out late. Well I on the iPad honestly now I'm pretty much don't -- the Kindle at all and I used Kindle app on iPad and I -- that. Totally IN IA I have a couple friends and my girlfriend even does this like she -- and -- iPhone all the time. There has that's we know -- that she used -- Kindle. It's still it's just in the corner and Alec collecting dust yen and what she does is switches it over for Mike. Black background to -- tech's -- this is super easy to read I don't get IPT anything like that began I am -- Yeah I mean then there's some I mean obviously people look at computer screens all day and and I'm I'm I'm personally do -- -- -- fatigue from computer screens but. It's it's sort of -- we talked through Barnes & Noble CEO -- he claimed that you know there. That that myth about -- -- from LCD just isn't what real. It doesn't really exist. As people are saying oh he -- optometrists. He -- I love. -- they've done their studies so. And I do you think that I I. But one thing I will say is the touch screen interface. Is. Great I mean the idea here well I'm am just saying it when you like it you know Natalie was saying. She had this urge to touch the people are just used to using touch screens -- -- to be able to navigate with the touch screen on this -- device. Is is a nice step forward I think for for Barnes & Noble so limited they're gonna continue that they're really putting a big push behind this and there. In -- try to you know. It to be the cutting edge of. So what I think will be and -- is because they always position themselves right before the holiday season and -- you know. We're trying to sell well last last year they just sold out and get enough William sound like they -- we -- yes that this here they positioned themselves right in front of the Christmas market. But there's also the iPad says consumers' are gonna have to -- -- they want this sort of one trick pony device. Or do they want -- full functionality tablet that is like. And other you know 10200 dollars so look -- and you know we can recommend LE lot that we're gonna eat -- -- people actually months. Well I think -- -- have the -- I mean I think it. I think 250. Is a decent price on this on this I mean compared other types we've seen some is that it helps that 300 so you can. You know. It's it's half the price of the iPad it is much more tempting at that price than if you start to get over 300 dollars. And won't -- anywhere -- than the Kindle is. Brief forty when he can't and then I mean that -- contain it and -- -- I always thought so this is my eyes we'll move on and secondly this is my last point. If I'm a consumer. And I had to choose between getting an iPod Touch. -- -- -- Like that's kind of hard proposition -- any -- and yet -- position yet because you know the iPod Touch is just like so much more functional. -- it's a small screen granted it's nice you know the best screen for reading. But I think a lot of people like Natalie and iron we're talking about like a lot of people -- or read more. -- regardless whether it's being grown -- and everything I think it's his generational thing yet and to demolish and activate you brought up point earlier before the show. And that was. The router so that the rise of the almost a dime novel back on. We're pretty -- this month Kindle books phonetic kind men can move -- -- -- -- again. But I think -- -- interest statement as it used to be that a publisher just had to fill a book with a lot of bulk. This to make it a -- -- that they can make their. Point summit -- concisely and now you know we can read -- the instinct in pieces without all the -- that would make it necessary in order to just print them. Boys are gonna Wilson -- -- was actually the the way people are reading in the price -- people want cheap books on these devices yeah I I have this book out which. Knife music and I begged my publisher to put it out at 399. On the Kindle. And they actually listened and it it they already had a lot of user opinions on on Amazon and it shut up into the top ten. Bomb on Amazon just based you know a lot on price and and his people. -- user opinions and a lot of people or should especially younger people now who were reading on iPod Touch is reading on iphones are actually just their shopping for books. Like they shop in in in iPhone app store they looked at they look for. Are cheaper books that have higher high readings on them and and just -- because -- impulse buys so I think we see. Where you have these cheap. Sub five dollar even sub three dollar book's doing really well on the Kindle as selling thousands of them yeah I'll tell you assaults that thousands that these books. And it just a new type a reader itself that you're not gonna reach these have some readers with. Then they're not buying hardcover books -- yeah -- tell it how does the knife make music. Yeah the -- Revenue its its hard you rub it against some flash rates that's they -- that the title refers to us surgeons. What -- that music they listen to an operating. That's -- well -- I'll hold the book so we -- -- break. A second this is David Carnoy with his -- music -- we're gonna take a little break right now we'll see on the other side with some more stories. Hopefully I won't screw this up to that. This is the floor of the card captors to show where we solves. And its -- and yeah. He remotely you're listening to the world war where we welcome -- and the -- With this so and it goes a little something like that I got to pickle their debt through -- -- to -- the -- -- The boom bang -- bowel movement is being -- go to Google today welcome back Natalie. -- -- as naive it led. And hinted that it you -- well. Okay so when you're pregnant right you you were very very sensitive to -- smells and you don't like -- and general. I hate it I I can't stand anything pickles. Who -- it is that like my hasn't gotten it is managed with how opinions because you know my talent excitement like. Out a couple because -- a pickle. That anything pickles and I am deeply into it -- not even -- now. -- like so you're you know miles is you're the sun is is -- EU LA he's yeah he's down until you know it and I have seen the. -- -- his name is nickname is -- no moon -- doing everything that while you still as sensitive about it. And I just always have had in numbers and they can't the end you know but I don't eat that the same things that it -- -- -- and -- green Apple let me. I remember you would come in my office -- like I really need some lemonade and I now -- this is so cute he's degree means just like. Gallons that -- everywhere and move. As we. Well we're glad you're back it's I guess is is almost as your second week back great I now yeah it's really high day apparently can then -- just being a working parent it. It's harder than I thought I feel like I'm always one step behind organizations you feeling -- Yeah I mean we we. Luckily Apple and help but. I know a much -- my my wife actually works them harder than I do. -- -- -- -- That -- active in the temptation relate tackle around your gear heard I think I saw an article the other day about how it parentage is like getting their kids iphones. Just so that the you know don't bother them. But that's an actual phenomenon began its trip but the -- -- from now for me to my kid who's four. Who -- that the the other day -- I -- you acute problem and he now refuses to read paper books and only wants to see these books on the iPad. Oh so it's a little frustrating disease is now addicted -- changes wants to play games easy -- -- young Jeff Bakalar. Well my family the only baby in the delivery room with an iPad. In that little plastic -- and they put the babies and wrapped up in their hospital -- -- it's with an iPad sitting inside the crib plane Miles Davis just to -- -- here he is the on the island in there that. It was it was funny because I did get united to see Natalie that they afterwards and the dvd candidate that it means is. Completely surrounded it is like -- iphones to our it's like this kid. No matter what he's going to be Apple fan -- just because -- -- yeah. We felt that I know -- data's there. A terrible Apple -- like and and he had is an iPod Touch the day he came home from the hospital because the use white -- application names they. It's great outdoors it would work so he already has to -- in years ahead from now we don't prettier but -- we just put it -- right next in the arm. It well let's see even get some stories today. This is little strange we were talking about the we've talked about this before -- the reedy. I think I mentioned on a couple of shows ago that I threw up one time watching three yes yet and I got called -- -- It was it was -- -- delayed effectively didn't want yeah like I was watching this like three documentary. I was with David Katzmaier HDTV editor now I watch this documentary and I'm not -- get while watching it. And for three or four hours afterwards I'm not -- I get on the subway in the motion of the subway combined with just. Whatever trick being -- that the three because. I just at queen's royal plaza I can get out of the train runs the trash can -- Yes -- a T nineteen humans yet that -- you know I moderated a panel at something called 3-D forum. About a month ago -- still during my turn maternity leave it actually with a full day of 3-D experts talking about the technology and yeah I'm not an expert in visual audio visual technology that I do you know at this island that and that say if that. There's so many different ways -- produce 3-D that sometimes. Filmmakers go the cheaper way especially when they convert from TD a 3-D -- -- the cheaper way -- when they shoot into. And and that sometimes. And and some of the experts were like look we can't go cheap on -- because consumers will never wanted again exact one person has a bad experience the first time -- they'll think that that is the same technology avatar was shot and which is not true so you know you can say. Bad greedy. As bad things to you but good high quality treaty that. That.

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