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Ep. 69: Discussing the Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0: Mobile

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Mobile: Ep. 69: Discussing the Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0

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The future of Android is here with the unveiling of the Ice Cream Sandwich powered Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola debuts the razor-thin Droid RAZR, and guest hosts Jessica Dolcourt and JT Tabencki help Antuan to answer your calls and emails.

Do I even need to do it -- true today. There's yesterday it was probably one of the biggest days in and -- history to new -- -- in the unveiling of Android Ford -- ice cream sandwich. All of that and more on this episode 69. In drilled weekly -- over nineteenth 2011 -- -- -- one do when alongside special guest hosts just adult court. And GT two -- and done what's up guys. I just didn't is that helped to in just anything significant thing that we're here other resident have to be called and and -- will mean parity call it that. That did you -- yeah the kids on my calendar and -- atlas. -- the Google reminder in favorite thing about -- -- -- humility Campbell. So let's get right into -- we're gonna do this a little bit in reverse chronological order and start with what I think the biggest news an -- with in the early. The biggest news yesterday being the -- -- Samsung event that had been postponed. Happened yesterday. Or to -- depending on what time zone you're in. In Hong Kong and they jointly unveiled the new nexus phone -- -- -- galaxy nexus and the next version of Google Android. And -- Ford data and that's pretty much the best -- out pretty much risk and talk about that for an hour so. How many people are up -- watching -- now ultimately it does mean. As reading about it -- I was on the train -- -- between continue to watch it on your phone ended. Said face from GT for those -- aren't listening instead of watching. So let's talk about the hardware first -- will talk about the software. The hardware. Galaxy -- hardware is was. Four point 65 inch screen which is -- whopper. It is really not -- -- -- -- -- yeah. Have worked in six inches -- four point five is pretty annual I mean. What I'm thinking is because they switched over from the -- opening -- -- should know about this phone is that it has he's the screen was is that some twenty let's will be -- -- But doesn't make the screen size smaller but what I'm saying is that instead of going from four point by -- -- -- They switched over to a sixteen by nine aspect -- -- was -- I think. Not having had the phone in my hand just looking at -- it looks like it actually stretches vertically. Which generally affect handheld ability adult. So to launch the taller and taller than when -- think -- -- supply all of the dimension. -- right off the bat so I'm not sure with the height and -- are. They're pretty much anytime you have I mean if you compare it out and TU a phone with 3.5 inch screen movements is gonna be -- -- and a handful of mean there's only. One of and He would care is still -- I -- -- -- Without an idea I mean is if it notices this is pretty -- -- -- compared to -- a four point five -- -- like the ironic or four point three riches in a sort -- by detailing the middle -- -- like four inch four point three. I think for -- super premium phones for instance is really small red. What's more important is I think the quality of the display them and -- -- so far sounds pretty and I mean it's a super -- led HD. 1280 -- 8720 pixel resolution -- He said and Samsung. In my opinion makes some of the best screens if not the best screen on the market right now rate so it should be pretty darn it. Yet they also went and talked about like -- like the -- being really narrow. Something in the screens expanding within the constraints of the -- also this phone doesn't have any patents externally right I mean it hasn't got -- volume. -- a button buy it and mean otherwise and you shake of and -- -- dammit but it doesn't have the Ford touch sensitive buttons below or any physical buttons. So you really can take full advantage with a small Basil without -- He. -- whole screen will be all screen. Great so when you start watching a movie. The real -- it's normally occupied by the buttons on the front of -- standard -- disappears and becomes part of the real state. Of the media. And -- -- it says assuming that you hit a button or sit back -- a button and you tap the screen and have the controls -- -- didn't. Actually curious with -- -- increase and screen size house battery life and be. Live like a massive battery in the separate -- like at seventeen point fifty million. Please respond top market. I -- at -- right aspects. The -- like a bullet list in front of me but yes try to shall offer you guidance clinical leads that are as yet it seventeen in the delicate that. That's a that's right and also one in a means of payment that -- screen is that that He uses less power to create acts this organic. Ignore all things organic or better for the Bryant it's also free range -- and I don't think it's fair trade analyst -- With this app the setup of the planet itself I mean it's not let that slight curve on the front -- it's like nexus S yeah I'm so gonna get these confuse and I'm gonna be talking about -- like -- -- next to settle on snow and limit the nexus prime religion. Competitors. But the phone itself I mean it's -- it's gonna be freebies -- And it does happen at different textured backing it talked about -- -- amstel trying to figure out exactly what that means yet -- their owners and that Spitzer a soft touch year without. Sounds like that and there's also different technology called hyper skin that deals with capacity -- panels -- and to sort of -- like an FC yearly RFID and I don't think this is that because they would talk more about it so I believe peppers in is is just material. On the phone they just needed something to call it. Now on CNET Asia this info movement I haven't style I'm so they'll host a little more about it an and other -- I mean. They're -- it but I wouldn't say that they blew me away mean there's one -- -- to lower. And -- two airports bring core processor so pretty standard it's not apps there. Against any day at what types of treatments all of the of the top tier it's fast but that's not one point five does -- need to be not. -- -- I think they cameras maybe in this controversy values. They -- and Twitter about -- five megapixel camera I would. Complaining and it's just kind of I think it and so there's -- -- -- megapixel camera in the -- -- them -- There's a five megapixel camera on the back so I was just thinking you know it's interesting. Is that. Samsung has an eight megapixel camera on the market that's Erekat and that's in the Samsung galaxy -- if that -- I did -- -- Without an iPhone touch and -- can't -- megapixel camera and a -- and forest has entered an eight megapixel. And then with. Other Samsung phones on how to -- megapixel camera and are also pretty -- you know I -- A look at all of the photos and they have different properties in this land had mark color saturation and that's when mark focused -- -- better pictures and a sliding out and take better pictures not other lighting. I think what it really comes down to your consent -- the sensor and it comes down to the camera software. But it's. Is interesting to me because -- already got this out there. Eight megapixels and -- -- going with five threat that could be pricing decision and order could be confidence and software or it could be some services. One think in that you know one of the features of the touted. About will ice cream and of there was this of the hardware -- software thing has been zero lecture. A -- shutter lag on the camera. Meaning that when you take a picture. There's none of that like wait a second in in the picture happened to -- whatever you see when you hit the -- music precisely which you get their eight megapixel phones on the market camera phones on the market that. -- it it's yours running swearing you have -- -- can actually delivering user I didn't think that was true I've never seen there was certainly another in my. You know I -- -- megapixels can't keep them. And then there's for potentially. When an attempt to -- a compatibility with the panorama feature wouldn't which is built -- ice cream sandwich was actually kinda cool. A lot of panorama software makes -- -- take four or five pictures and in stitches it together. The panorama software and -- content which you -- for it was a start on the one and you hit the shutter in the in just pants. And they considered. And the Samsung galaxy S to a house of panorama feature I ended just like that it's completely different the -- -- But it hasn't been there and it was -- -- and seamless and creating yet there -- some apps that I've seen when you take panorama. It's totally wacky and if you're not holding it straight -- sort of fill lake above and below -- out like it jagged kind of line of pictures and that's just terrible there's no point and quite yet to do that Photoshop. I think I can do better -- edited MS -- if you went jagged edges. Answer that question now so how are the dimensions of the galaxy nexus compared to media -- phones. That is a good question because I have not in fact memorize the than can mean the -- -- -- -- -- treatment then I think. A more important question is what is our preoccupation with -- -- phones. Phone designers aren't necessarily like spirit and haven't really boring to create -- and black box and -- -- creativity the contour in her designer anything like -- people seem to like and phones. But then again like there are some phones unlike -- galaxy S -- like I would say that shaped. Well the -- are slightly different on different US carriers added it's almost like they're -- sort of like. Shingles -- shingles. And they're -- lake where if they don't talk that edges I think it -- little rough and sharp in the hand and I would mean he'd rather have something. That's -- a pleasing shape but a little bit of heft gives you also have to worry about we. Opponents of and yet if it feels like it feels cheap if field's chain of people sort of -- -- -- medals right exactly so. Sometimes play company's -- -- the phone -- at extra week. Selena won a lot of things He did that are about one was how heavy atlas and -- smaller phone but it felt heavy. And and it and we knew I -- think for me when you've -- yet 300 dollars on a phone owners if you buy -- out the mean who knows how much as well crossed. -- -- -- and it feels like it's not gonna break when you put in your back pocket in Alec act I panel like the idea hefty phone. -- and that I kind of mix in in newer phones you know that that start to use more more plastic in their construction this distinctive start feeling cheap. And that's the thing at Samsung. Is sort of known for you. In a devious manner. Their phones tend to be plasticky and cheaper compared to UH TC for example which makes -- -- high quality file. And and it does not have a lot of metal on them and now gets in the way the -- is but. You can put metal in certain places you can -- or premium hand feel and show for premium phone like -- especially when you're gonna drop. As species showing off his idea TCG two it was that IC CG two. Totally perfect example really nice. Now do it -- -- and now that we're doing. -- soon offer phone and and that that the -- phone and is. I think thunderbolts that's extended battery -- why do you have to have an extended battery and aren't because I like they had. And because when I first got the battery life and has two lights at. I think that's really mortgage -- and anyway all I mean I guess and Knoll and we'll get back to pin this when we talk about the second of the organ discussed today. Analysts dig into I guess what is arguably the hidden galaxy nexus out keep one calls in the next prime the -- -- best feature. I think is that ice cream sandwich and report out of -- a lot of new features complete overhaul looks like of the UY here. Wouldn't think to get -- really excited as a former graphic designer is that -- They've debuted a new -- a new default fought -- stands is going to where you -- I would. Totally excited about and they -- -- week to see. This spot lead elements collect and compare yet Apple actually because the guy who is presenting as such it was now we await. The Blue Jackets. And -- stocks. Yes. I don't know know -- and marine. Not rebut the right here yet so that's the robot to Fon which is replace the of that type face is that the default -- expert and you just wanna start singing don't hype it got the believes -- robot built at the global total. It in my day it could be -- and -- by. I. So -- there's a new type phase if the kind of biggest shows you how deep into the the visual overhaul their beginning here. They've -- a new lock screen. With the new animated desktop. What really live backgrounds and every use of sinkers to battery hog that was battery in but there there. I mean it's a completely different imply it's a -- they used the word in chanting yes I used the word -- And a lot of ways it really reminds me of windows and actually some of what they're trying to -- They've got this they've repeatedly stressed to design element called the magazine layout. Panelists liked tiles so it's it's basically like with the bookmarks and with other. Things very bad a lot of information it's these thumbnail pictures then kind of embryos with very little white space in between since the screen is like like -- -- for you I've sort of thing yet and something that EC. Media releasing about honey -- now that we you do see an honey come Anthony. Happened is sort of being able TU. Kind of flip between your open in recent apps right. Right so they've been -- exactly the same convention yet and they've -- built in. A little bit webos the functionality there where it will always had with just yet that the cards. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Similar thing happens -- set kind of -- -- degrees you scroll up and down. In your task switcher. Alex you wouldn't honeycomb switched in Europe and -- -- but now you can afflict an -- off to the side and pulling -- up your phone when I don't wanna -- I don't know if it actually closes the but I think it just -- -- can use the same thing to Adobe. Stuff and other analysts -- this is really difficult to explain it makes total sense to explain it verbally and. I think you think we're doing our job of explaining it very DC do you understand an -- look at the pictures. Well look at the picture yet. It includes a link from the students I mean but there's there's so much more -- some wild future businesses well not just like oh now you can drag and drop stuff you copy and taxed. And paste it by dragging appropriately at sort of mundane feature that in the next -- but there's -- -- really creepy things like injury team. -- -- author of NFC technology. Using NFC technology to -- to replicate in -- in at the yes it's like Bob and I also like webos and touch -- -- -- it's of communication you can hold phones next to each -- -- I found get a map open on -- iPhone and Blackberry will here's -- you get to. -- in years to fully. And I want to give those -- instructions AT&T we just put our phones together. And then be tapped one of the phones and this is -- that -- -- -- -- recorder and -- a few tests. Put the phones together again. There -- and I I think you have this in that you otherwise like you optimism and on the tiny -- actually send in your personal reason to admit He can call me the system is behaviors -- plan under. Unanimous -- we're not in. -- And I'll add extra maps that works for contract works for -- well if you have an app open it to demons used in the pan out -- it can be any app and then you. Deemed these -- together. Then you will see it appear in your market app it's great. The -- the user's mind craft that that's going to be the new Angry Birds for error. -- -- Weary east India early and now you can lectured in reversible -- -- -- -- to displays in my craft this wildly addictive there's a new pink and there. And hope for lake. Two person snake but had back in the game and Nokia's. Noted that in middle school at the David noted that members neither Nokia snake you plea to per pupil at the last sleepers and the key to complete 2% sneak by like syncing your phone with their -- What -- on it looked like that and that's not infinitely better games. So there's another wild -- -- missed red -- Actually the one that I can't seriously at the most excited about this the ability to take screen -- yes yes. And that's just because I mean -- not just a function of our job if you listen to it and -- an adult man and. Now we're at an increase prefers an injury that -- mean with the exception of certain Samsung phones -- a screen shot. You -- to enable USB debug mood pair with the injury as TK app on your desktop using USB connection in the and -- the screen sat. Using the PC in even in that it always work is certain -- used that video decoder and in -- proper way you couldn't. For example I was never able to actually get proper screen -- a place for some zombies and an emulator. It is not sort of specific to the phone -- I get it if it -- when you change Google's phone -- again that's the problem I actually -- -- helps me wet and I am less then -- it compares and an I had asked -- to take its -- -- Yeah okay I thought of them are on -- and you Armenia have quality -- human anatomy immediately. -- it and -- that I used obsolete asked if those are pampered. -- -- will post -- that low end. No question but that question actually with the ads can sandwich is that finally mean that are we gonna do away with like moto Bullard and -- -- That is definitely questioning can I get. In my opinion on that after -- talk about like the final cool feature again. -- -- -- -- -- and the -- and I think He did that work. Port in the demo. So the idea that theater -- here is yet to Leslie -- -- dude. -- white guy. Who I know his name but He would just be referred to as what you -- for the rest of Hispanic man make -- man wait to make it. -- the most metro sexual or other in the history of mankind. So basically the that. You you you can biggest take a picture of your faith mr. bone and then use. Your face to unlock your phone and if the phone didn't recognize you and you can excuse conventional sort of like. Screen -- or something like that leaders academy are all back yet is endless and he's your picture in Angola on your phone right now evident in these that. What it's calling just look has attacked here like fingerprints Majid is on your screen figures after after He mean there's always the way around I -- are clean my screen -- -- taken -- -- feeds. This is like it like -- the lowest common denominator of -- security. It's -- -- -- dared to discourage. Casual people from picking up your phone and seeing -- -- been texting. But I mean it's not gonna stop someone who really wants your data -- really wants your data they'll just. Install malware on your phone and be done when it. But it is kinda cool if it works than -- things like lighting and pick diets may black guys it's -- that's where you -- having a -- -- and all of that -- though is the one who went to the people -- points in the -- -- in -- your views of earth and the a lot of dilemmas. I need -- it's clearly going to be looking at. The structure of your Faison and what sort of -- main features are -- I is now it's now. -- it. If just didn't use this feature and -- He could have a picture of David company would unlock. That's the true test team decode and can hack into -- -- idea or just think it -- -- companies. In graphic goes out no. But they've -- used to like -- been. Actually and in the end chat -- how to create comment about how -- -- your friends and answer to pick your friend on their phone and went to their phone into a lock. I don't know -- I don't know enough about the technology behind it if it's scanning I mean it's using the camera. Yet but I don't know if it's using lighting and shadows and things like that I'll say it's pretty hard -- in a bar code off of another phone plate so getting a picture recognize. -- -- I always handle. The pixel Procter -- off wonder if metro -- Rivera had some issues it was like an -- -- -- If you look at the lighting in the demo his eyes were relieved and shaded and write it probably -- and where is -- holding the phone yet. With a camera I mean you'll probably get a whole interface and topic for your face over in this industry inside the education it to that they sued there's actually -- -- -- -- We're exposed to kind of lying your face stuff in. So it's not like you -- -- you can kind of interface in there in the coming give the phone idea what's happening around to -- to be perfect. But. He clearly was lining up but that are not wind and rain fell in for -- specific now it -- delicate cooled -- is. Palin cities and -- and cool article and then it's like a fun thing I -- turn it off after. Adobe first know immediately and and I wanna. Apple might I don't wanna talk and my phone I don't wanna hold the phone I'm on the same page as you would voice command where its and we'll talk about -- because there's an update to the voice command here voice entry we need another hour. So we kept -- -- -- there's an update to the text entry -- the current suitably enter text by voice you hit a button. You save. I need to send a text message to -- Jessica. You gonna be you're gonna be -- to -- And then you don't actually see -- the the OS is hearing. Until after the the end of the method so that it thinks about what happens and it can speak cells and step in the new voice command system. You see it popping a word outward so -- -- In the text message by the -- are you gonna be on the show today it would say you -- it as soon as SER. Our would pop up in that text entry box and -- -- you in the -- you would pop -- -- -- would see. That as soon as it miss print out show for go. To correct that immediately if that happened wheat for that's -- Matter I think that's -- -- but I think evident with punctuation yet Kristin Martin -- that period smiley face. -- -- -- to the -- like back space backstage specs base -- a ticket outlet and able. -- -- Do I need to even a relatively. Going to be the first thing equipment and I think that we'll meet them when they. -- Your question -- -- -- -- All of the the new features in -- and what does that mean for custom UI. I think it's really interesting what Google's trying to do. They are taking a bolder stand and creating public in the field whereas before it seems like they were very content to let. Partner -- like -- manufacturers and in some cases the carriers. Differentiate themselves by coming up with. Features on top of it it in addition to the look and the feel and I don't think that's necessarily gonna go away for some of the stronger wind. I think that HTC for example I think -- it's really great and I think it's the most advanced custom UI. I think that HTC is still gonna want to make a mark and how recognizable HTC -- fountains. I think that they have a lot of work to do right now to sort of -- -- and I don't think everybody is gonna like the bold new look at Android though I think that. Then manufacturers will be able to -- the lead for some men in some people are gonna -- -- because some people obviously changed and but yeah I mean it might be of that there are more stock Android phones for manufactures. Especially in a more entry level Android phones and I think. For those people. It's it's gonna get better it's gonna get more powerful. -- what I'm most interested in seeing if that -- than the obvious. Question a lot of people are asking is I mean I guess -- CC -- is one good example what about moto blur in the wake of Google. And a Google's new influence over Motorola and that with that potential to -- think it's actually gone through yet. But is this the end of -- blurs who was gonna coming -- -- Erika at that. It's not for that you -- handle hardware we handle software. Get to be determined exactly what Google's role -- Motorola will be. -- -- -- -- -- A hardware company they keep listening they're gonna be hands off about it. I would not be surprised if they were hands off I would also not be surprised if there was some sort of botched effort for control mean it if you look at everything that Google does well -- that Google -- -- at. It's software and services yet. So that doesn't mean -- Google isn't going to go full steam ahead that I would expect them to be cautious at first after everything. Goes through completely. When you think that the way everybody seems to hate -- In the Caribbean and Motorola would kind of go like maybe -- that it seems to stop this crap now I know I -- surprised to see met -- diet or changed but I mean it. I guess the -- gates segue into what we're gonna talk to after the talk about after the -- -- Motorola's latest phone it doesn't actually seem to do that but. Then again -- latest bone -- -- came at a we -- time. His talk about the newly announced Motorola rate -- would come back from the. And we are back Motorola also announced via phone yesterday that -- A Nobel twelve hours was the best entry explode and did you ever heard again on the planet and potentially we're talking about -- to raid. -- there. Which if we kind of knew that in the interim resource coming for couple of weeks we muscles and soft specs we take a brand name it is good name -- it can't intensity. -- -- -- -- -- The -- of the good sense that. But to -- along with if the the very reason they also announced a little thing called the -- -- which was sort of -- Slidell what I Zune like iPod -- who read off the expensive. But more so I mean I wouldn't call it an opt out. -- me well it's. Interesting. The same idea came out within weeks of each other and now but it does more. It does though are not just it's powered by any -- it's not just in about it yet. Died it is portable media player -- thing it has either six your 32 gigs of none of -- data for either to it in order sixteen meters sixteen -- me bring it to 9039 and to 49 into nineteen ask -- this department didn't memorize -- thank you to -- are constantly saving my. I just like to correcting -- the lot of money for free. It is less -- an issue here -- -- -- -- -- goes beyond the iPod. Annually to not just that it's also got sort of Bluetooth being built into it that allows it to be like at fitness monitor. Instead built in things -- like that like a compartment there or are you keep your heart rate monitors and things like that and and it also payers. -- it. The Motorola Droid -- In -- can act as a secondary display for the -- raiser for things like -- you get a call you can elect to watch is called. Or if you have an appointment coming up it'll pop up on that the moto active watch -- display that sort of thing so it's kinda cool. But it ME 249. -- They got a bundle that stuff -- it -- early sixty bucks. I'd buy it bundled you know like I am gonna by Patrick rays are all tests and also any -- Consumer box and I'll pick the sat. That well as a 5050 but rate when it particularly if -- is shouldn't be more expensive and yet and as the iPod and I'm -- network and about to should be Mac do you answer yet. The tiny and not be like Canadian located stocking stuffer for the holidays and nodded and then -- in means you are technically buying the jury agreed there again. You might as well despite some -- and right -- -- of the for agrees there. And I guess particularly 299 if it's gonna be in November. It is. The slimmest forgy LT -- and -- So that kind of the point here at the the give -- the point of bringing back the reader Monica is moniker. It -- this phone is extremely. -- -- It's who could cut yourself -- it is anorexic -- and it's like. Zero point 28. Inches. -- -- that thinner than the iPhone. It's thinner than its better -- -- out and access them. But do we care I mean it -- strike. The Atlantis cool EO except for you sacrifice something really important and that's why it. The inability to remove your battery better rules over it and how it happened to appear part battery poll for hundreds and again we go in and owning your phone -- Now people I didn't add extra battery and an executive freaked -- -- a big lump on the market -- -- if someone came out with an extended battery -- -- -- It could be the most often less pointless thing ever it would make it to the normal size -- -- -- know it's it's kind of like then of it and it does have like a home. At the top. It's like the opposite of the -- to -- -- and some violence like at corporate tax rate not in yet and that they've got a they're gonna have the connections in the -- of space that connects and for the camera module yeah yeah ousting him. It could -- has been relocated to -- into the moon as opposed most phones Ritter and totally excited. I a year my previous. Which is kinda cool. And I mean yeah that kind of slim design with that the -- at the top I think means that you can have. The the top -- out of your pocket. When you when you're walking around. Twenty futures slipped while walking away Gillick oh yeah I guess you could have -- him. Exceeding -- -- your back pocket. But I think if if if you wanna record video screen has to be confident that will be in the record maneuvered it. -- logistics of that you will need some thinking through. -- Motorola isn't known for its excellent and superb build quality but there's an element on this matter and uninteresting and lie. -- gorilla glass Ehrlich left on the front the carbon Kevlar have a large that's -- if BV background which if if your electric car guy like me and you just love the look of carbon fiber or your aeronautics. Beasts. Rocket scientist -- you just scandal of that carbon fiber elect immune to its phone looks fantastic in my opinion. But apparently AME nickel and the and -- -- And -- that it's it's actually pretty soft He isn't so its texture and that it's comfortable article described it is almost like seat. News like -- shiny and slick bit of trouble them. Interest. Apple gets its legacy -- -- with the best metaphor personally meet ups. -- native says this is also running. Modified version -- -- blur a range -- Blair is based on ginger at noon at the one thing that the jury don't do. And that is -- sandwiched. There are saying earn between twelve in terms of an update -- if traveler one thing that. -- you can hold your breath waiting on those updates all you want it but I'm not going to it is. They rarely if ever come on time -- If they even -- com. So. -- -- would say that if you're considering this phone. Be prepared to be happy with gingerbread in the nobler before you start you know waiting around for Motorola to start a statement filed -- -- -- -- -- which is new enough. And so is new enough that it's possible. -- I mean -- They got screwed on timing. I think I mean I haven't had that -- of my hand side by side but from the specs of it. I would say that this definitely has more wild factor then then galaxy nexus when you take -- -- operating. But she can't take away the operating system and you mean the first thing people do -- -- you can evaluate the phone all you want an intentional failure customer or -- you like walking to the Verizon store this is what I'm saying -- is it's a real shame the timing yeah because on it alone. All things being equal I mean that this -- and other phones are going to get its. There are absolutely going to get -- attempts. But they will get -- for -- -- so if you're the kind of person who buys -- phone based solely on design. -- you're the kind of person who wants to be an early a doctor when it comes to -- operating system. However are I think that. In a Motorola and straight -- have lost a lot of argument in light in the second that the galaxy nexus was announced and they all knew that that -- coming. I don't think I think it's a -- because it is I mean just think it's a fantastic -- You some of the reader the RAZR and I think I'm more excited about the hardware in the span that I am about counting access -- I -- excited about ice cream sandwich that I am a pageant locked out. I tend to take EM mean from regional standpoint this is a good looking and I don't think it is that much better looking. In the galaxy nexus -- -- that birds are where in subjective. Now -- at this point. And we have no hard evidence we don't continue to earlier this idea it's the and will if we have. Third party. Well whatever. But what I'm saying is I guess -- -- look at spec for spec though I mean that the if the -- I've often meet the argument -- specs don't really matter to the average consumer the average consumer. -- -- -- -- -- -- Before the start talking about you know how many -- -- or how much better. You know if you buy it yeah exactly they used the example the guy who walked in the Circuit City when I worked -- -- one's computer -- gigabyte in the other. And it's just the fact of the matter is like me want a phone -- do cool stuff. And both of these phones are -- be fourteen month there's no carrier announcement yet for the -- -- that we known of its gonna be a TE earning a test -- plus on the united has pretty much and all but confirm the galaxy nexus going to be on Verizon and Samsung which will be killed and administrator in the end. So there. So a few weeks -- the Jordan traders -- But. If the since we are kind of having the discussion of comparing specs Nicole Lee threw up an -- chart -- doing -- exactly what we're doing -- and asked. That stated that certain that there. And thick beards of titles physically and it -- after. -- the -- some of the biggest difference between -- reason galaxy nexus for being screen size. We don't see this as a smaller screen. Higher resolution. I think. Bursts is that the Motorola very reason I mean it's it's the drag racers only -- -- -- verses and its rates though. -- -- -- is going to. Probably. Most likely. Something has curator rob -- of the more brilliant screen and -- them side by side if you're just holding it during -- there. -- they're gonna be like while also really great screen -- you're gonna be happy. But in terms of actually -- and technology the county accessible manner. Obviously the -- is thinner and lighter. But one thing that it does have that the galaxy nexus has not yet been confirmed to have is a removable SD card slot. So you did the -- at the nexus -- does not have. Galaxy nexus will come in sixteen and thirty -- -- that the data versions now -- that's. I -- -- mess up and called Monday for real -- alien. Only an idea that's the Circuit City to help you can't -- anything on on this you would if people rating and tell you. They do it every week for me when -- -- for now the engine. It's actually finds -- most -- about that later also -- emails but -- But yes so it's tough tough break for Motorola here at all of their thunder stolen. The zoom. -- out resumes Calipso and -- -- -- -- something sort of interest. That well -- interesting things for so -- if we are gonna talk camera. Then entered RAZR does have an eight megapixel camera but we party -- day utility and and speculating which went to be better than. This is just like a very very minor point it's got the RAZR has Bluetooth or Plano. Which is for those really awesome low power Bluetooth devices and got the nexus as -- to. It's what is -- honest with incentives if it is now it it's just what it is like the Cingular landowners -- is using potentially. More thing if someone makes Bluetooth or devices. But they're -- and yet if you're like really into. Bluetooth pairing your -- -- years from now -- phone. Bluetooth four point -- is looking for revenue right now it's seven point is going to be in the game for at I think -- the Bluetooth or is it does have that sort of what little power. Deleted her low power things like. But it -- pedometer -- devices things that just. -- -- the phone every now and then don't use a ton of -- energy. But to me right now there's just not a huge market for that but if you -- -- and future you -- -- the future proofing. A Bluetooth for porno is something that you want to look at but also in FC. It's and you're gonna wanna look at this very reason does not have that an out Kinect system does and if you're looking at things like -- wallet or if -- once. -- consumers eventually meet and it does have to. The jury agrees or you'll be able to use it -- auction is that relies on the in her partner. -- -- -- It's that's what's going on there with those two phones the tilt it from an operating system. Bricks and it's gonna skip straight into -- -- -- are running a little bit -- on time. -- -- gonna come and go quickly through the so we have time for email. The two -- -- the week that a couple of talk about this week the first one is an app called QQ two. Keep UTU is a twin stick shooter basically it's kind of like asteroids that you're familiar with thinking from the Atari where you're basically a small triangular -- And -- fly around in circles shooting things -- basically that is the point of the game. Twin -- shooters -- kind of hard to play on touch screen phones but this windows have. Really easy to use controls and does have a feature that I really like where -- if you ever take your hands off the screen. The game automatically posits and so if you are playing you're shooting it just -- insane and you need to scratch -- news just do it. You don't worry about somebody telling you what you're doing that to that's perfect on amount of hand because it's in as you said -- and -- and jacket -- -- -- -- -- YouTube -- -- QQ two is not free if they're tuning and download but if you want -- you can download -- one. And the App Store that is three it's taken Apple -- talk about it sparked 360. Does something that I've kind of been wanting for a long time that is Xbox-360. Integration -- on an Android phones because Microsoft with the -- is never gonna do it that's kind of one of their big Windows Phone 7 features. -- 360 basically allows you to keep. Track of your friends achievement fewer achievements send messages and receive messages so oftentimes -- -- messages from GT. It'll just say your question mark and that's how I knew that He wants to play gears of war but if I'm not at my X but there's no way that I can get that without instant text message. This way He continued through. The Xbox-360. Messaging service and your iPhone in and out there that as a notification yet location and -- -- -- to ignore it or turn on my Xbox and she let -- It's eating -- and known. That in an opinion -- -- like it's detox. Who voice and then. And take methods. It's -- regulate their enemy and not hundreds -- if you -- You couldn't really decide you like a -- like I'm gonna I. Its draft now like what's usefulness of this app because like if you're on Xbox Live -- -- justice. So that she knows this time -- onyx -- -- looks that say for example I'm in the kitchen. In -- -- muscle and -- cereal and I'm not really planning on turning on my Xbox the next -- -- -- but. I would like to have the option. That's gonna make in the cereal have foolishly it. -- -- -- -- If it's making myself a knife and -- going to be huge panic now I'm thinking my thoughts -- serial Oracle counting out a number of serial pizzas and -- -- -- the bitterness in the or reach you soon to know I can't meet you can't do otherwise -- just we've been. You know her anarchy and business development panacea -- -- at the -- -- roll back to the point of the -- -- that I mean that B about the turn on my Xbox. Or you may not be on anytime soon so if for example you wanna play gears of war someone else with plea for as a I will -- them if it's thirty minutes late a lower when they're offline an hour later. Get it immediately just extra. You could but it does this -- with -- here. That it -- -- -- -- outnumbered like when it first came out and -- like this is cool and then I'm like okay. Well I mean. -- DT -- special case if it's. You get to Peter -- and right now the -- 360 has one of the week. And that they DT -- -- change that you can find and an integrated. Into the analytical but fifty. So -- wallets ready if you are interested in -- get into voice mails because we just got our voicemail number last week and we got a couple of them. And we also got some emails that we want to make sure that we get to -- ran out of time. Our first voice mail is from Eric from or again and you have a question that I sprint evo four G and Bluetooth. Gentlemen -- -- -- all in Corvallis Oregon. So a quick question for you want to use my Bluetooth headset to listen to podcasts music. -- -- Four G. And just curious how to make that happen it seems to -- and I'm pretty tech savvy -- that for whatever reason. That particular part of my. He looked -- it has eluded me. -- -- -- -- Eric Eric. If as you -- pro itself from our conversation early and so Bluetooth is supercomputing. And that's because it's just a -- Conglomeration of specs and in recommended. Like protocols. The pro culture looking for on here for Bluetooth audio streaming is -- two DP. That was his exit allows you to stream stereo audio and ADR CP which allows you to do things like clean eyes -- your evo four G. Actually already does that natively so the problem is -- your phone. The problem is and you didn't tell me what sort of Bluetooth it's that you have been told us I your email a your voice -- -- the problem is probably your headset. Your Bluetooth -- that has to also support. Bluetooth audio streaming in order for you to send music to it -- I'm gonna guess that your -- doesn't support a two DP NE VR CP. So if you find a headset that on the market that does support those things. -- then you should. Should be good to go there. -- You and yes it has all about the hardware of the receiver. Not phone all of the hardware on both its -- not even the hardware. -- the -- start where it's usually just the Bluetooth chip it's. The software. That's used to sort of interpret those protocols so you wanna -- The two Bluetooth headsets. Supports that it should be easy to find the in the specs on its -- 3% in whether. 82 DP your audio streaming are supported -- that that's which are looking for Eric. -- that voicemail. And we get a quick email. From Lynn who -- in the says hey guys. Are a few times you got a system that things -- Samsung phones. -- -- they have being used default search provider like -- see that's simply not true at least not in all cases has Samsung galaxy S captivate on AT&T. And my current phone is the unlocked international version of the galaxy S to. And neither of those had been at the default search engine they are Google all the way as want to get -- of the ways that people will be scared away the thought. Of being being on their Android which is a hilarious. Idea and of itself I I -- leaders and yet it apart. -- makes a pond of funds and that is true on some of the -- -- because the carriers and manufacturers -- every found a pre load certain apps in their certain agreements and arrangements so some Samsung plans to have being as the deep on carrier. Most of them. -- -- Everett events do not said the same thing fascinate didn't and -- -- went out there tube. But I -- for the vast majority they don't and it's also not that. I mean it's it's not that there's Bing and nothing else it's that being -- the default search. I do believe you can change that and there are many other ways that you can search. With Google if the poster preferred search engine -- one of those there was a big -- -- not -- I might not be able to change the default in the either. Soft touch key word -- murky there's a physical button buy it. In their entry comes with the Google search -- prior weeks three software that you do if you are accustomed to -- the button in you do have one of those phones. And you're gonna get -- it I mean. Or you Begin thing I have. It's generally not I mean you're done. I'm actually market and accidentally in the third when trying to reach for something with through the pad of my hand. And that fixed angle you usually like an action alone Preston in the phones like -- what folks are talking -- -- -- no. And lose yourself yeah reminds -- -- -- -- -- also like to point out since -- here's an insult that he's actually the one keeping. Up. Sorry -- room under the bus and -- Sheila L-3 under the but it's not just an Alice -- -- afternoon and on and the next week and relates that the avenue co -- -- One word quick email this comes in from Mike the diplomat. In Uganda. He says I'm tired of my clear based Samsung vibrant but I -- -- is a dean isn't working for me. And I can't find the stock for -- -- gingerbread round from a and I wanna try -- -- -- But it looks like I need to have a good -- baca. The questions aren't clear to me by using science and will I update to -- -- -- Android and is there a good backup program to back off and to a Mac or PC. He basically says that -- in -- basically means that uploading of entire phone to the cloud. To back -- isn't exactly feasible He wants -- that is. Critical business information which is basically Angry -- scores -- are backed up any -- would be appreciated. -- depending on the version of seeing it jamaat I antigen line that you look at it in. -- -- -- It'll be based on -- -- members of injury the current version of science in I was just seven acts. Is based on injury to that three ginger it -- A it officially is not the latest version of injury technically. But it's about as. -- -- up to these you can possibly -- it. And the process of installing -- -- image -- or any other custom. Custom rom. You'll come into contact with the program called clockwork recovery clockwork -- recovery which is basically. And I guess. Top level sort of bias software. -- use that sort of analogy in that allows you to back up. Problems and restore bronzes which He used to install -- and hardware I mean your custom software. Clockwork -- will allow you to do in the entire backup of your whole -- like. Apps data secure partitions. Everything. Pretty much any data bits stored on that internal memory -- -- Backed up and crammed into -- while. And then you can end that you can't exit out distorts here SD card slot on your own. And you just take that and put it wherever you want you can back it to a PC to -- to a Mac you can -- it. You can upload it to drop box nobody really can tell you what to do that if you ever seen by using data -- app -- Just USB connection at that point and B -- I'm not gonna -- of explain how you get to this on the Q. Because I don't really go into a lot of explaining to people out to their bones and and -- back -- I don't you bring infinite. In the information on doing mrs. All over the Internet and the the Samsung vibrant is main line and I imagine that you will. I get the lead authors of entering their market out there you some time -- -- -- so that should probably answer both of your questions might. -- -- -- -- I do wanna add though my experience with the -- any phone is that when you root it you image that -- the phone so. If Mike -- -- save his angry Bork and you birds critical business information you may lose that while upgrading to CNH well okay so. If if -- and allow me to explain how this process works. The first bill of the process is -- which does it in every case -- Q weicker phone it just basically gives you. -- your little access to everything. Between routing -- installing the -- if you want it to you can on your stock rooted firmware install titanium baca. Back up all of your -- that way to your SD card then -- But then you can also -- affecting baca dude the clockwork -- -- just in case something goes wrong you wanna go back to firmware. Then you have to back it's one of just -- unit one of your entire phone. And you have antigen. Installed and you are routed through in that way did you just use -- team back up two point your apps back -- -- and you should be Utica. If if this is instinct you mean it really technical. And -- a -- But it -- that well it -- -- on on the suit the F you have questions just -- ever action you should know Richard root your phone it's given. Whether it's a lot of people just don't wanna do it and and I respect that. One last bits of housekeeping before we get about a here. Last week just been issued -- challenge to our listeners from Iowa. That if someone from Iowa -- in in a picture of the latest newspaper from their local Iowa newspaper place. That we would give them a prize and we got. Oh only one in response from Iowa so I -- not really represented what we thought they would. -- in from Des Moines, Iowa rate in the says hey you have at least one listener -- to -- as per episode 68. I enjoy the podcast and keep it working also sent us this picture. Of the Deloitte register. So that data for the eighteenth yesterday's -- -- represented a last minute rivers in resembling. So I think that I would -- Prevailing interest annual -- sorry. I'm -- hater I just does not -- and this monster way to glossy bothers me yet analogous thing. And solid that He -- dentist there I don't think there's no such thing average get a found another Android and use one but He -- -- -- So last week contest was so much on but it was really inclusive with -- -- -- -- really have one listener in that state. So this week I'm actually gonna do another another contest -- I like doing this. An -- giving away free stuff so. Here's how it's gonna work I have a favorite shirt that have worn on the issue many times. It has a bunch. Injury on it that are styled to look like different robots so there's. What is this. -- injured Z there's in there there's -- -- -- -- prime but one of these. Does not like other PC -- at its -- right here in the top corner. I've actually never been able to figure out what idiots so we're gonna actually post a picture. Two and the like those dominatrix and trade I don't know what it is people of like tried -- -- split. Now I'm not really serious -- a post a picture to my Flickr account. And basically what I wanted to know is the person -- can see in the in and me. What is and what -- want from say the prestigious in need their best guess as to what this is actually supposed to be. I will send them. This -- To move the the. So -- guess that we're gonna do this week and again on the post the end picture to my Flickr account and you'll put the link in the show notes. For this week's episode so that different when actually have a they -- shot. At getting it. And we'll see what happens with that so. The response of course you will be sending to us by email. You can reach us at -- Ellis at cnet.com. You have. Response -- wanna send in question a comment. We also have our voice -- if you wanna leave us a phone message 86634. -- CNET 8663442638. You can also find all of the injury news that we talked about this week as well as a ton more we didn't have time to get around to cnet.com slash Android -- that's -- or you could find podcasts. And our show notes and tune in next week Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific or at suits have -- -- we have just it'll be back in the meantime you can follow the show one Twitter -- added. Where they've really come -- -- and hopefully. Are you saying that instantly act I'll I'll say this one review Mercury the other and select a good. Somebody else Peter Pan on. -- -- -- I usually have Peter -- Nothing oh yes you can follow the shoe on Twitter at -- -- You follow me on at and -- Jessica -- a Twitter rate I and. -- -- -- -- -- -- It is a very good chip -- land and that's about it. And I wanted -- And you can also find GT on Twitter -- -- -- -- Finally got -- there are you welcome to the to -- ski. It and will put the filling snacks because it took me six must've figured out that's been just sweet episode of -- -- weekly. See you next week. And I every line.
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