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Crave: Ep. 69: Candy for cuties

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Crave: Ep. 69: Candy for cuties

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Bonnie's back, just in time to witness a barrage of futuristic concept videos. We get Samsung's take on the transparent tablet of the future. Also, Toyota's vision of a self-driving psychedelic car from a frightening nightmarescape where the middle-aged are given the Logan's Run treatment. We revisit the fashion predictions of 1939 and watch as flying robots construct foam towers. In Geek News, Eric recounts his obsession with MST3K and the latest Rifftrax Riffplayer, makes amends with Dr. Who Fans, and shows us the creepier side of Batman.

Hey it's Tuesday December 6 and you are experiencing. -- crave podcast. I'm -- them. This is -- -- we we have we have some innocent -- to me this -- -- -- but not. Bonnie just -- -- unethical or does it together yet on his back we brought her back to back his German. -- -- -- barrage of emails every once sent to a and -- actually -- within an anemic at best. -- -- And I utilized in Italy and I are gonna be jumping off the -- this building to the militant Indian American. I'm not name. A lot in different optical I think faces -- emoticons is sent to you we -- to be insulted by another listener first and then we get some you have okay so it is wrong offers a few things where I'm pretty sure we we get nothing on hey we -- it out that. -- -- But nonetheless. Represents quality because it crave blog has one. Nice -- yeah. Congrats guys and a -- technology -- -- editors and editors. Editor and publisher yet and I am pretty sure that's in spite of everything we do on the podcast right rate on them that the -- has everything -- And -- had a -- -- an idea which if you haven't. You should probably read. It's pretty good we're always -- I'd certainly be in middle and lower equipment and -- there everything there is it that. -- -- Read that go there you go there and -- why. The award winning courage that access although may be what -- -- that award because of our. Urged to give away 250 dollars in -- Which is what we're doing currently and I part of our crave giveaway. Regular. Series here is that 250 dollars worth of she optimize. Customized. -- -- So if there is giving didn't com which you over -- -- -- its limit. We're gonna help I think last week we gave away viewsonic seven. IF -- would. It's a good idea out and outlook these chocolate over the tablets. To the right to talk to -- and -- -- -- rate which actually do you most -- Apple. On the plan. Only -- tablet that -- Donald happy. For about. Thirty seconds until it's -- -- its -- I didn't until I got married. -- again my own my legs slowly does not -- -- into China. Nice to think she's crazy now she has an -- now you can and now I mean exactly where we're at sweaters and -- and a -- that that's a good. You -- this every day mr. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Spiral. Of chocolate -- and letters. And then it to -- slaves and sunscreen -- Eaten -- ram hundreds. And hundred toppings under different toppings are going to. -- -- You just get chuckle. I just -- the milk chocolate -- spotlight. That would -- -- so we'll have links to this in the show announced that yet it is yet to register as like a CNET registered user. Maybe FaceBook Lancaster something and then you get an entry into the pan -- can you registered you don't think it's because you couldn't be like. -- -- -- people. From evening it. You know I could trying to trick them and ends and preemptively. -- we have a winner and here's the relationship that chocolate for the CNET content -- -- -- -- -- email modestly hopeful people. -- -- -- -- -- -- He left in the corner with -- like crazy cat covered -- led -- A -- bottle out. To the to the robot news. Flying robot drilled to have a foot tower in real potential for robot on his hand it's not like -- I was gonna go at least have the end that leaves -- -- right now. Residents it across that was the ahead in their -- somehow. Now we have known to have and is this even on an equal that signals had. These are these are friendly -- that -- -- robots that are going to slowly build towers. In front view and styrofoam bricks are found -- -- so this is that kind of neat though this is. Basically a controlled. Drone. Fired back and pick up a little styrofoam break. And methodically. Orient all the different breaks into -- power formation and build a structure that's up to twenty feet in height now -- I don't know how any of the people in this room didn't wanted just to tackle -- and make it. Missiles and means right -- just -- look at it sold. -- It looks like it's asking to be tackle your right here from here just like millions titles kicked off question -- -- question of real brick building they'll be keeping the robot he -- like a robot costume you have room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And this is what I can. An exhibit. -- -- -- that's what we've seen this yet and I mean Tony -- Google's robots are like. -- -- -- -- It -- that there fly autonomously. With -- slightly but -- each block according to the blueprints and then little helicopter blades that are -- and then how. GPS sensors that orient themselves in that is amazing that's pretty. Though that's really -- the permits to telephone. Finally print it out content about grounds and -- of those little engines and tell you here's the problem though is that. They can only eat really lift their -- like a styrofoam bricks worth of wheat -- -- not can actually -- construct with. Actual building and it's here right right. Intel flight instructor and there's -- they have to be it here as well as we think that's -- we -- -- our -- all has to be. Eager to be stronger the meeting on the stereo and it -- -- yeah. So what what kind of an technology they would happily with some really great -- though may -- if -- yet to break so that somehow home. You know have some adhesive on it makes us so there -- rigid structure that be pretty cool -- Kind of want is -- make its next week at I want like swarms of little nano bots that just kind crawl -- each other now. And then -- Become rigid on the actual robots become so that the building is made of nano. Yet but -- -- be -- to millions of them months. That's what they are there nano bots they regularly coming billion solicitor will go some -- or the nano island children -- themselves. But the -- themselves yes they do -- -- -- or they become sentient and realize that they should actually just terrorists apart from the inside right and -- inside carcass. -- Pretty much you -- what everyone agrees is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't know how we deal. Down from X ray microscopic as when we got to become suspicious -- it it guardian and -- -- -- and ignite and also reduce. Lets you know they come -- -- Yang and. It's like that the higgs -- and own property or element whenever it's that there's a theory that -- was that the -- higgs Boson. It's an -- pressure is that what they're looking for available for the god particle matter and that the Large Hadron Collider like an inherently and -- able. Well that thing isn't -- that some some scientists. Theorize. That the actual particle is working. Ought to stop us from discovering and like in the future bikes like change is changing time. Is going to cut -- time in changing -- so that we don't discovered I -- At the time travel paradox where like we wouldn't be able to change anything back in time -- its time and -- force would always correct whatever right exactly. So so no making out to mom because it's not gonna happen in the community wanted to go back to tell you Craig and -- can't -- this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back in the future when back in time to edit yeah. It's just that with it and there -- -- tong. And she kissed him and then you write me go back like I got home and again it is pretty weird with the assets got to do this kind of -- -- -- -- Meaning it's kind of realistic -- -- -- hot -- and clients mean I think you wanna make element to view so -- -- fault nutri. Try your dad's car. It I don't think you -- -- from the control of that and this and you too I mean c'mon. Brendan books for the GH. Tight loading -- that's the main plant. Mystery. -- mysterious man falls from my cherry. -- -- sign. Up intestinal movement. -- -- I know in the have. We should actually look into the future that's what we're gonna do here that features not to flying robots with styrofoam I don't think -- -- does McDonnell the future. Is more flexible. Tablets mean yes there -- airline and we saw I think we talked about that. What was it. Nokia and -- -- only device that where you keep twisting and and actually do things which he each twist and now Samsung is. -- -- Flexible cleared -- -- screen and flow into them. Within zip or a senators that his way yet off in the future that I love how often if you -- just so. -- and now we need to see the video activist media going. -- Early in the future all the components -- -- -- tablets are as clear as well hidden. The thing that's neat feat in an important -- it -- it's about employment that's. Where they are now the future is never going to be this content. -- can't do this at home and. -- -- -- -- -- Nice to have the best advancements vision of the I five -- to think. It think it's -- right out. Things -- pretty fast -- Israel like. -- there -- -- -- -- -- saying meant next year they're gonna come out with that Smartphone with a flexible display. Sentencing and then 2000 and are -- gonna make ten of them. So subsidiary -- knowing. Yet the display is like slogan is the -- flexible too don't they mean me go into its rated daily it is after it you know Nokia came out with the kinetic device. And then instantly. Into a commonality in the background but it -- decade -- Me if it's in -- -- transparent like that where I don't know how you would achieve that we're somehow home. Everything inside of it is driving the tablet is is invisible -- right. If it's just flexible that sauces like this skinny jeans problem -- frank was -- skinny jeans. That your Jesus a -- that you can't -- -- your phone or whatever in your pocket oh and re re the like I'd never seen him before so it doesn't help you hook up with a foreign exchange student apparently not -- We can call them remotely. And talk -- motorcycle Johnson. Or something else love this idea of the future where we just we experience life through a bit of that thing I had. And I've deduced that you log -- history what does tablet yet when did you see added -- ECK he did that hold. Rampant Twitter read write out every 1 way I am seeing where the world bank and -- -- -- and 3.5 housing New Year's -- in the balls not to drop everywhere is about to be like you know freak out everyone's like experiencing -- through their. Everybody yeah and valued at about adding they look at it you can come back -- its life and created an eye on tech and -- tutoring and I didn't technique but I. It -- it and then you -- That's awesome and if that's -- minutes or so it's it's worse than he originally and at worse it's -- this happening. -- -- -- think it's where's this gonna get better. We usually don't touch the card -- -- here because they have their own excellent podcast to podcasts. On talk about this stuff but this is so obscene lean. Futuristic and ridiculous and concept the area that -- -- it we have every right to talk about the idea. -- so this is a concept of the Toyota -- V. Concept car that. Paint itself in anger -- -- but yeah. What he lives and a and a perfect futuristic all the -- Clothing whirl very. This is both flexible yeah this is can be -- they are Zune HD's and it. -- -- Yet this will never happen. Sorry if it would never -- -- me like concept cars have actually lake. Why not have fully realised it did happen he would not be impressed with it every -- guys you know. The -- Legs so great every day so amazing -- in the night. They -- is in adaptive wireless charging parking space here. See at that point it'll be won't be the 1% of will be like zero point 2%. And he's one of them. And he's pleased by -- apparently without me -- -- weird moving -- that. I -- I he's going to auto pilot mode here and and then. Holographic. Bodies are gonna how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I for one don't want to be -- in the car. That's just not a place for me well there are no windows so that's kind of this case I in front of the copy shop here in his car turns into an ad for the coffee shop and it gives in the free parking space I guess that means hello and for him was the be obnoxious do stands in the future to open at any chicks are into this guy where the -- but there are gonna get it -- -- pointing -- -- on the car is a look. And and I hope that's not. A lot of us did you -- all the -- these days oldest. Time you turn my car and flowers and now you can actually unlike a loading Segway Segway thing. I think I only remembered -- -- saying. Now you may not even though I remembered it's your birthday elite which was the first noticed a lot of -- mechanic we've done on active. Uncle Al -- and against -- Q so amused by his dire everywhere that's no matter and that the first got actually get this -- it has company. -- videos on the street right now. He was tired of that style and want to change that there is not enough to accept my key right now what I pick up as holographic body. And if you -- are simply exchange YouTube for a couple others. And is completely bored -- now. It's her birthday -- this she really want to be involved in a virtual high speed rates in this current that pertain. Not an issue that's that's -- -- into him cause he's into that you know he's he's living on the edge. Little -- publish what she's having giant -- -- you let. -- -- -- The it's what -- guy that likes the job you know late. It's not. You know like who mean well it and I don't consider other -- -- here Africa it didn't talk about. Com this is quite another parking the parking -- -- in the -- just kind of and what they're in traffic and -- and now this is this is somehow a second multilevel parking structure is there out and walking around there. Giant. As you -- clubs in DJ's now -- end goal leanings their cars. At the this isn't so. There are -- -- in the company. It's now I had series. It's at the car -- the car they're driving with a psychedelic enough for them now they're really an action dolls -- hit its panic if the. He's taken it all in -- note -- and assure that much emotion that's which countless. -- -- Picked. Up a -- -- the look and look. That increases in Britain and about music -- you're a family. -- Features -- so great guys. -- -- -- -- -- Twentysomething in the future at and T and all that will YE. All the hundreds of around and get coffee and in flowers and writing and have dance parties the cause I think this is what that really was -- like -- Logan's run. Late in hello needed for the part -- -- killing -- every -- -- agents over -- Canada and this was clearly -- -- second -- right I didn't see anyone. Halting probability that this is -- -- -- a society between a U die is now down. So well. That'll suck. By themselves and car is pretty cool I love that knows -- thing that's that's. -- And you'll never see any of the stuff and tell you people right now most of these on -- video ever ever happen. Won't happen in the normal car the and when the dream that we don't really act you inspected it again. -- -- and imagine that required night I mean. Then with a little thing security electronic cards is my question who it identified him as he's approaching the -- well well. You know -- threatened listing in own skinny white guy -- -- -- -- my -- yeah eat you get the the world by its Q and as -- -- obviously. He -- it is perfectly clean dirt free world -- there aren't being able crumbs all over the Florida car. -- -- self cleaning and it -- that but I'm sure. It's right. Well and also how do you if you -- like that all the time in the psychedelic dream car how you know vomiting half the time to rate. Hoping to yield rises itself as well yeah -- -- is. This is that he's thinking there with the mound of -- -- of the on -- self driving targets hue is the ability to drink and drive -- -- yet and -- just. Let Johnny -- Disconnect. Disconnect -- drink my blues away. Taking home that's it for them. Ago -- yeah yeah because obviously by these things because. -- -- pathetically unhappy in my real life and that's why I bought this car to make me feel good about my happiness and -- car can drive you as allocate. Its current site itself you're gonna be in there eating -- -- And watching inappropriate content and and flirting with the the 3-D you know -- I think -- -- real my dad. And flirting with -- Is -- computer program and amassed around eight. -- -- -- hit rock bottom if I doesn't just. It's the 500 Pampers you mineral lot of cars knocking -- is in between like the Ford from girls are dated he would decide to date. It might you know cause he has a car once all the time in the -- just do whatever you want -- -- -- think there's -- eat and drink out of hand. Them in pleasures -- That I alluded to that -- -- that I can actually say that. I hear hear it anyway I -- -- -- you're gonna watch things that are -- Muslims and you know what movies at the Dark -- -- -- -- analyzed and yet a pleasurable movie. And bandits and then look at what. Look at the -- bat man's driving militant I think I have and I look at the well I don't know them when -- -- -- move saloon. And Britney was cased and -- -- -- -- These. Rights of the real the real future in the future were supposed to be living in right now I have the video for that. That was made in 1939. Let's watch that. This is -- end help balance out. All of the other features please exhibit eleven years ago -- -- other. -- fashion designers in the US today have been asked to talk about what he would look like an AD 2000. One idea is the best that can be adapted -- morning afternoon or evening business -- what does it. And that's that the future than just -- And it probably advocate and head to look after -- I'm. And this is the best. This is another thing that gets -- and -- -- candidate. And an electric outlet that the body to Medicaid. But I think that will limit the motto don't switch. The move spotlight -- if you mention. This dominion does it take -- And electric headlight and a -- yeah man as the public Internet experience and an inch color ties bought. -- fit into the telephone radio and content is all client. -- -- mobility but he's got can be ordered UDP. Home and idols classic but it just can't walk up. -- let the -- go away like that. That's like that concept of the future your passions since the -- has the diesel electric bell said. That they you know let you know you makes you warm in cold environments and whatever is now electric. Now that's -- and honestly don't like does and often out of -- I would like to go back. Back in time them and let them with the American. And -- it's like that the Wal-Mart you know closing and post and let's look at it got. Like the future of -- -- there a -- pants. You know in the past a -- own proposals that doesn't mean and onscreen button. And I'm -- -- we have and he. Viewer -- now now now I mean we have anti. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you revisions and now and get it now up -- separate -- I'll look at a geek news this week -- own the land and it's not funny. So well -- about twenty years did you come home from high school. -- afternoon you know I give my. Now my cherry cola. Out of the fridge you know to get -- -- -- -- my which are pop up. You make like the white bread -- -- which. -- for -- costs for her practice -- -- life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and is -- -- and what do you -- -- which is Comedy Central teacher. And ice in those commercials on the response comes back. This is black -- -- movie on. Looking witnesses and notice like these it's so what are these guys in the lower right -- poking at this as interest in scan a weird. In the nice knows it's like talking and acting funny I think the movie I saw was a robot monster of the -- guy with the with the fishbowl on his head -- -- -- and the Roman whatever on implemented on the other rest is history -- school -- science eater yet. 3000 probably my favorites button while. -- -- A favorite show -- all time problem a crucial time because it really kind of shake my humor and high school my consent. -- God's gonna those guys who did that kind of split -- into two different kind of -- one does cinematic Titanic and it'll allow one on -- Nelson in a couple of the guys using a ripped tracks. It's really they do mystery science theater. Over like new and some old movies as well but you can download audio as well as you can play them you want you watching the dvd of them -- Com what are the problems that is that it's hard to sync up sometimes -- so if you ripped tracks. Timing and timing is everything so they just released something called -- player. As well play a little clip of com. The second human clip of Stephen it's going to put as little as they look -- and give you a little taste of what ripped -- is all about he'd never seen before. Which should. All are just beginning to go to -- them. -- -- Expense and -- -- sir Paul's that's -- soon he says every day. I can't do it through this list and -- -- -- iBook to a handful of beans. Game comes out he's doing his impression of the millions of boyfriends who had to sit through it it didn't. People some people -- giant -- necessary it's compounds -- And kind of plan it's not that damn hard. I guess that -- Also they have like is if you like -- -- humor is make it from the movies and everything on them basically. -- Jackson and check out protector of earth reflect. An idea yet again. Op also couple weeks ago I made the unfortunate mistake of revealing that I know the -- exclude -- so yeah it's not as. Like I got like crap -- I can't really tee today's topless robot is selling. Real life seismic shoot -- -- it does everything that it does in the Doctor Who show. But it does probably turn screws it does have interchangeable. Screwed drive yeah and and it looks like the science -- -- Butler. Mother and this thing is that. A volume -- second season of good news Ares. Necessities of life suddenly back and they that the data out there who want -- to -- and irises and in -- -- as a -- I was like there are no real news that budget. Mean I was so used to style awards at that point in slaves not lasers lasers are planning to I don't wanna watch NASA. And that was not -- and that shows that much. And edit there are the camps of people that are just like I feel like this -- maybe it's just a British comedy British. Its view of the world right -- but like. That money -- it on people on the doctor to keep them. -- -- -- it's I didn't like that I think there had what are you really think I didn't ask. Welcome -- that I I I -- a do you feel like -- there is that certain. Can personality has attracted to the paid to go hand in -- yeah yeah but. As I am getting into the the new Doctor Who I really like this it's pretty well done and have even though the pledges in the -- Virginia refuse. Have a six I think yeah and if so this will be really good like that last season people were really high and so still good to them. Canada and I itself but some -- He -- Doctor Who into doctor to also insulting them now but Doctor Who fans and money I heck -- and -- Analysts -- -- on top. Of Lexington two people. Customers and Leslie. Those talented facility that -- -- this a little personal digital short about. The dark night while Batman and kind of show -- yeah I just -- I'm kind of stocking Jim Gordon God's gonna play around that whole you know when you watch a movie you watch and this -- -- -- -- the comic. He opened it Jim -- -- ever be talking -- -- in. They'll turn around UB god or is there a way to get these appear as the -- train Taliban and so he -- connecting these -- that sleepy to be put initial -- show notes. Check it out it's pretty funny. Steve Buscemi does a great Jim Gordon. And Andy Samberg is pretty -- directly. He's Batman -- snuck up on me. Can -- make me let me help you find it. Is placed second. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Call. Us -- this waters off in my building. Amazon. Great help all you do is -- build -- user. -- let's get -- -- wasn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes last week let's just check that out of the rest of that. Of -- pretty funny and that's it for Geeknews man. Movement and action -- Atlanta Betsy future. It seems that men everywhere yeah it yet she's got -- -- titled the future of Batman isn't. -- -- -- to prove it out the -- to its. Holographic body to calculate -- it has -- again arrogantly that we find a mashup analysts. If you would like to read stories about next week you can do that on a very special at the award winning blog he called -- -- -- And it's just -- area. And then we'll seek especially into joining us. -- --

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