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The 404: Ep. 676: Where Aunt Jill teaches us a lesson

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The 404: Ep. 676: Where Aunt Jill teaches us a lesson

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Financial Decoder Jill Schlesinger fills in for Jeff Bakalar on today's show and gives out valuable financial and teaches us an important lesson on Internet privacy.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- that's 110 humble and thankful for podcasts. -- yeah yeah. Yeah upfront. What is it just isn't -- -- thing I'm of the day I'm Bill Clinton and I'm just. Yeah wow ended the show where it -- -- it lesson. You don't worry. Lessons all I told you guys and I'm not that -- -- meaning the -- million the that it. Anyway if you can't tell by just it's not -- today he'd have that since we have -- yeah he's busy getting rid of that. I thought that -- -- Yet they know and a chance to -- I so freaked out at that and I don't know why because everyone in New York is kind of making. Ever and health nuts about it. How widespread is did you hear that Howard Stern and there's an infant stage and you serious. Yeah and his studio and then of course -- limo yet. I think it's all original -- Victoria's Secret it. Bloomingdale's. That's -- And -- you know the deal as they can get rid of them but you know except for -- cancer causing -- yet. Details that'll tell you through everything you own way that is such address and all of your -- A boil it or burn it or just get rid of it. Actually have written -- times given day about how it that there's a direct correlation between the I think it's the -- This use of DDT. Yeah okay insect repellent yeah -- -- -- that's. The years ago button and then they stuck using deet and they also are like you know people don't use. -- in there when they watch their sheets and colored sheets it's just also discussing any like this if you travel here's your -- -- if you're -- haven't been to avoid bed bugs could cure bad in the bathroom I they don't like the tiles or I heard -- if you put -- Anyway -- like above the floor and a Dresser something that those will be able to jump off the ground to get to know how true that is because they'll get if your clothes and what -- other stuff and it says. Just the idea yes -- power. I like -- in fact there have been times in New York Reuters you know will it's Friday night and the girl wanna go catch a movie it and then the only theater playing it is the -- he was on 42. -- -- -- -- -- We can get anywhere in New York City rating get him on assembly that meaningless so anemic Francis meaningless and don't stand closed and when assembly and help her. -- -- -- -- -- It can also are getting completely we get by cams all -- here is -- camp but you know some -- -- and Nancy -- their -- Anyway we'll have another all like I -- being impaired all at your desk myself in court is -- Put on them that's the thing it's not so much state you you know act immediately. -- now buyers -- you're not exactly Lyme Disease and this has been an act it's it's quality of life -- exact. Cared world and your reform that term quality and economic -- yes and and and actually determined mind. With the well speaking of you actually bought. You have to Smartphones and -- on a yearly on my eye level actually like I I guarantee Smartphone the Blackberry and and yes. As what you like they -- well. So. What work area. And iPhone is personal yeah and you know I drowned my last night. Yeah because I was the last person in America who knew that if -- -- -- you actually -- it and rice -- but if you tried that and it didn't -- yes but I -- try to too late and it just doesn't work and are so he was -- putting in the microwave -- no I didn't -- -- that. I like so I was in the Apple -- I happen to catch it at a good time I literally -- you know I was locked in -- -- that I have an appointment even -- I don't have. -- yeah any new phone that. -- help me anyway so they upgraded me to the fancy line yeah. IPhone for -- got cripple our -- -- video chatting and and and so here's my case. Which. The first of people out there -- you cannot get -- case it grew in the use that as. You your mind like I dropped this saying -- you know that that. Actually I'm really -- I think keeping my iPhone in my pocket with my keys -- -- have a scratch on what are very early this is like it does glass is ridiculous I know lot of people now actually who don't. Keep that case on it and in fact I would even use the bumper if if it weren't so slick it slides -- that he able to Buffett doesn't protect the screen anyway now it doesn't get it does it's just the -- but I mean look at this for 23 months not a scratch and and it'll. I'm still doing that promotion where they're giving away cases and yes as an engine field I still do and yeah -- I got for every school that instigated by the -- alone. An -- -- the last day if you and get an iPhone with the business. And I just the best thing that I just really I mean you have to ask you guys that you know I usually -- with all my technology questions ends so. You know you have to monitor a whole bunch of like these -- and financial blogs and so what did I do but I went on. On the worldwide web. And I don't look -- what is the best way to get the Google Reader on my iPhone okay and I went to and I and I never pay for an application it's like it and constitutionally. Inhibited from -- I in the same way however. -- two dollars and 99 cents because everyone like Alder yeah it's like okay got to get this thing called reader -- and so -- because you know what it -- and download all the blonde then they come into my reader and in on the sandwich each -- go right through -- you have to actually be connected to the anti -- it downloads it and then you know weekend update but anyway. Love it I have a question this thinking you just said that you don't like paying for apps might not never. See the if they I don't know why me yeah I can spend a three don't I don't know either I agree I I don't know what it is either and you know like I have like. 200 dollars in. ITunes -- -- nonetheless you know six holidays into -- but I've never used it and -- it in its. Mean yeah else like a -- -- you don't know which are like. Hacking scary ones and I mean that's what. That's that's part of the reason why the iPhone apps are taken off because I know I'm not gonna get a virus or -- to steal my credit card number from Manhattan on my iPhone. But at NASA something every day about this people totally willing to pay four dollars for a cup of coffee but like a two dollar. And I -- -- single you know ride -- -- and -- technique yeah yeah it just it's not in your budget why would pay for something like -- that -- actually used -- that would generate enough for work and and paper like you know some crappy -- that doesn't do anything like gamers something I don't think anybody's gonna pay for that but that something like -- like angry -- 99 cents. And a month and a half worth entertainment from like that favorite -- -- -- -- -- That's again that's not gonna -- in the UK five dollars and -- thirty -- cookie. Like suits where you really. I feel very I don't like violence yeah. It's spiritual violence and that better now at at and virtual violence and he's a little bit theory of threatening yeah. We should really mention this so yesterday. The news came out that a -- student. School New Jersey. Committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. And we sort of feel compelled to talk about this. Because of what sort of preempted all this his roommate and -- -- other student I guess friend or student of his remain today. Videotaped him. While you is having sex with another man. And broadcasted. On the Internet. And tweeted it and said if you're here now go check this out and it's the most horrifying story because not only because it's this. You know anyone in cases like this obviously this terrible place but that. Why do. You eighteen year -- or you know eighty girls for that matter. Why are we doing this to people why are we making people miserable it -- this is not entertainment and this is someone's -- and evidently particulars like this. Virtuoso musician and then he was not out he -- you know sort of obviously wrestling with a -- sexuality and -- kid. Why. Earth would prompt somebody to do -- the someone else I mean I. -- -- Yeah I. Thinking about this hosting it myself oh this next generation kids they not have any problem yes play exactly with you know homosexuality. Date that the whole all console and -- things. Gonna be over by the time to thirteen or fourteen -- but this is sort of like. Completely against that I know like you big steps back -- -- -- it's just really upsetting and it's also upsetting that. A before you could do something like this. Ten or fifteen years ago even if you did you take did you get had to yeah make copies -- handed out to people and just -- spread would have been such a big deal with technology. With webcams and even right now -- -- Who's admitted -- about a and I definitely technology we just video conference yet you know real break really area. But you know the thing is like we -- so. -- I think that we're we're we're far too apt to violate our own and each other's privacy and so I mean it's funding to be self divulging which I think is stupid anyway and like you gotta be careful on -- potential employers can find all this stuff online. But you know want somebody else yeah that's just so that had an and -- no respect for where the boundaries begin and end -- people's lives -- It's -- in -- -- -- actually more articles online. About just civility. But yeah now he is really started to destroy that and a lot of it is for profit a lot of it's just four I guess -- Well nobody wants to be -- -- -- their buddy wants the at replied. Our everybody wants to have someone like their comment -- and it's great. United and and companies of course you know are doing very similar thing yeah. And they just don't care about the whole privacy about about -- about treating someone with decency. Yeah and I think that it this is one of those stories where you hope that there is some greater lesson now the two kids who did it this -- -- this girl. Are going -- face and charges right just and yet they're gonna they're facing up to five years in jail which is a pretty extreme sentence -- What might have -- -- -- prank to them. Yeah but. You know and it affects other people that. And that he and that's just for invasion of -- -- -- the only thing that -- have a month. Is the video -- thing -- you know I can easily see that this this could escalate into something much bigger. It's just you know and it's terrible so -- it lesson of the day is. Respect people's privacy you. Like easy and it's -- factor I'm very into the darkness light life. I blonde image it's fun exhibit you need to do it just to be mean although -- done it to be mean I'll admit I -- because I did I did an early when I came here. Which I regret it very yeah I -- -- very -- blog about Susie or other. I. But. And -- -- it was yeah I mean it wasn't like -- actually had a point of like why I don't like your but I actually head. I wrote -- mean headline for ST helens and it got tons and tons and tons of hits including from Susie who is not happy about it the editor in chief. And she was you know -- like I shouldn't of done that. -- -- it is -- and agree with you wherever it's not nice to be like is out -- mean yeah I remember in the social networking not -- too much we've. -- everything but one of the quotes in the movie was the Internet is written in ink it's not written in pencil and was the on the web. Any permanent file leave the rescue in other words and we'll never get on Oprah -- Oprah let's see hi this -- we have -- Hello. The only had a year left to do that and see it going off the -- -- and yet but you know what. Who says I should be on the Oprah Winfrey network new -- -- network against you and it still ongoing for a very good pop up. Well let's let's move on actually we'll talk about one of the benefits of technology we until now we're talking about this earlier today. So PayPal yesterday announced that you'll actually be able to deposit checks. Into your PayPal account using your iPhone to just take a picture of the check. Okay sentencing this technology pop up a lot lately which yesterday as a commercial for -- -- they had venue app where you can just take a picture of whatever -- -- depositing and it'll show up on your receipt. As well on the ATM machine you'll have to like I don't yet even go to any imaging yeah and battled the -- but I. -- little worried about this okay just because I'm old fashioned luddite as yeah. Dream yeah. I admitted rate for awhile but you know I am almost up to 2500 yeah aren't two alarm and but you don't weird about that. It seems to me that that there is a little bit of a problem is kind of howdy who -- counterfeit. Right so what do you taking a picture you take picture check that couldn't you guys and the graphics. Rumors at CNET. Come up with a way to created check that looks like it check. And and I take a picture of it men in black and in my counsel I would immediately draw against that and it's -- real check great but what it's not checked. Will I mean I mean I. That's this I feel like that's the same problem with checks in general news you know -- people could have always say they've checked -- -- -- -- that now. Your name has to be and you can you have to look for you Mike what is it tooth reforms idea -- -- GM -- I mean unless you wanna go on the land for the next rest of your life. Might get that but in this thing I am not entirely sure how it's gonna function on -- day to day business and maybe it's gonna take. The funds hit the account -- -- am I'm also worried about just. Using financial services on my phone really buying things on my phone I know it's probably safer actually than doing it on a desktop as those are more yeah I actually -- my phone yet and a I don't believe the app sitting here to check and I have here -- Okay this that there is -- I'm actually kind of really sad about something like this. Is the Chase Bank is literally around the corner right right and there are I can actually how many times -- gives me check. I always like to three weeks before you can get a you have to -- right right yeah well it's it's I. Either my -- is really busy orange is not thinking about it. I've also -- because we talked about this that. I think what is awesome about the technology is giving people more tools in the way they can use them which is you know for many people on -- phone in living their lives on their out. -- budgeting and keeping track of where your money isn't really being. Instead of having to go to the -- punishment I have my back to literally be able to. In -- use an application and do that port. He used. You know airline miles and know where you stand -- things I think are really cool and I and I do like I just get a tiny bit worried. In the initial stages yet before they iron out the wrinkles which are likely to come up I don't hold off on -- -- -- for a yes. Really. I would love chase because it rates of money. Well actually got a couple of voice mails about sponsors to idea what we're. We don't work that way I -- we'll get to in the second. Okay take a little break -- can answer your financial questions. And got more voicemails on the other side. So you'll see or hear us. After the break -- This is the floor room full card -- the show where we Paulson. To. The. -- yes man but I -- -- -- This guide -- I think I thought FaceBook -- but he did it all caps about it we've all -- a kind of this morning hand and I was like almost late to work hasn't just viewing and there in. Question yeah. -- is say angry yeah and in need at this guy he's upset angry birds is the best ninety ninth and you'll ever been in your life. I you can I love it and then it what do you like about this and this latest upgrade to any item game so angry birds is probably one of the most addictive game ever created -- the new tetris. I know it -- it. Thank god it's an -- game image Hong headliner and -- And I'm. On the that the port of the game is you you you take birds you throw -- pigs. It's that Google felt like -- -- I have plant the music is still on. Yeah. -- -- I would. Minute. Packing and I. Yeah and farm bill no no farm bill there is the farm -- there's no -- you might. There is so lame like you have time for them yeah this is an actual -- solving the problems and you're playing angry birds early chicken than you do better than anybody should know that -- work 49. And I'm thinking like you could solve problems look at those angry. Pakistan and you did. A there's -- -- Levels I had to put off. Curing cancer and nine now let you know -- the third were okay and -- -- silence your typical voicemails and then you've got actually a bunch of question I am still. We've got SP a product placement area -- uses what we've got -- -- Would already be. -- -- -- And former CNET. -- yeah -- and. He's just and this is when you talked highly of me I had to cool yeah oh yeah economy and worries about how well you've been doing without Geoff here and -- terrible terrible at it that so on Tuesday we had. -- magazine editor in chief commit. -- -- -- -- And a lot of people actually get a lot of good feedback about that but this guy has -- raises a question. Look guys I -- one -- and be completely. Let me. And there. -- late -- I would think that Tuesday's show right. And you. Auto coed magazine and government the FBI and it is this. Product placement. What would you drinking a Coke in the movie. -- -- the Coke label out. Are you -- telling the audience that this they need a hub. Or with the guy not know at magazine. Which is mentioned one TV or five. Where you get the blue we get we would never again oh no that does not have -- And out guarantees. Hammer no -- never never end and I can tell you right now like I'm enjoying listen to the show we don't do that. I promise you. Now we had even Gephardt on from coed magazine because Jeff met him and NH LT can't let an event right. And -- magazine is just. The perfect website for the 404. And is it was a beautiful partnership beautiful in -- when -- -- himself that what is it color magazine is basically just a website kind of like Maxim Magazine. A lot of ethnic it was a man games tank. Video just a mile yeah I -- except that every parent of -- out there. I like it but now we are not sponsored by the what. -- -- -- -- -- I knife well I got one more voice no this one is directed at mr. Justin -- On -- can chime in on. Just an entry into adult here. -- and Mike from. Black area. Yeah. You. Talk about. And buying big -- You don't know but. Even though that -- -- -- it that you which particular point. Reservoir dogs get just in action and -- it's for how to wear his suit with what color -- And jump in just -- I'd need -- This guy has never seen. Any yeah I have to know lot of good movie night now of our dogs. Is definitely I want heavy is a tank yeah I don't know maybe the -- a bright white -- I I -- -- why am I got the gadget -- -- over the weekend finally -- just -- adult life yet -- winning relay hopefully he's grateful to me for that because it cost you about a month. Well and good for interviewing notice they did I ever get another job which then widgets and I -- I. -- I did -- biggest suck up move in my life yet ready. I go to the premiere of Wall Street to the movie how it goes on you know it's like -- it's okay I'm a great movie that was fun to go to the premier. And you know like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are walking down a red carpet and -- to be interviewing people of course unlike. Oh who cares about Michael Douglas said he's never gonna come talk to me but who did I practically tackled to get an -- -- clean -- and his well. Really owned. The CEO Steve -- well done I think -- that -- -- -- about who knows I just snuck up so badly like -- beautiful I can't wouldn't I hate me you know -- question for -- Did you they've got the 44 concede that the move could -- there. I didn't remove it now now I was leaving my neck on its its CBS Monday night. That I thought he -- know I was really shocked and and delight. I know iPods. And I'm -- vacuum I know I'm I'm trying there'll -- -- -- back grabbing cookie epithet. I. I was listening to mr. Hollywood type about robots that are going to give you massages in which made -- little bit freaked out that's like a robot getting ahead -- can I had just two fingers to do -- -- and that that that -- about getting the size. The machine you what you like we do some questions that I -- look -- anybody zillion questions here on Twitter. I'll look at courses. On the money and -- -- party at almost 2300. Follow yeah yeah I gotta get when he 500 -- okay. This one should any ever get a time share even if it's -- that comes with a heat I think everywhere in my life. Sorry that's a little bit extreme. -- -- shares are generally terrible investments however there are cases where if you do it through a being network. And work. Generally speaking we tell people not to do use time shares as they tend to just be sent money sucks so I -- do that. By the way here's some -- Kendall who wants to know how -- buy a car I know credit history. Kind of hard yet to establish your credit history -- if you don't have credit history. The easiest way to start is to use something where you basically get a credit card -- you -- send them money. And you start using it against that money -- it's sort of like a pledge card. And you start doing it little by little and you establish a credit history. And if you really have no credit history you wanna buy -- -- to save up a boatload of money and pay cash for. I have a question like my cousins home in this -- I have I have a lot of -- lot of -- has entered I mentioned them and I'm sure they appreciate up. Exactly but -- I had a cousin who told me that one of the best and cheapest ways to build your credit is to purchase something. That is likely not to depreciate. Well yes -- that in your credit score is not necessarily based on your credit score is based on a number of different factors into just simply establish credit which you have to do is have have to get basically establish that. Fact that -- -- a dirt bag that you're gonna. Use their money and then pay for what you bought quickly efficiently and not be -- non you know basically bad. And so depreciating -- said -- the -- credit. Rating companies don't usually actually make a big differentiation. Among -- types of credit they do it based on amount of credit amount of available credit in your history repaying. -- what again I guess she was suggesting like if I wanted to build my credit really easily like purchasing Mike in gold necklace -- with a credit card. And then pay -- selling it and then using the money to pay back. And as long as they're making the payments yet they don't -- -- their credit that they don't care yeah because like a lot of people don't believe in having debt. I'm -- -- how well here's a problem I mean you shouldn't have debt that you need credit you need to establish credit history and having credit -- is actually convenience and in order to use that convenience responsibly you have to prove to the banks and these companies that you're not gonna -- them though. That's really what credit establishing credit as well women aren't -- another here. You're ready and hit the -- doesn't match my borrowing okay how much they contribute to the plan what is your guess we'll than the maximum. Bright -- that brilliant day. So okay if you can afford it yet if you have paid up while your debt and you've got your emergency reserve and you should be the next step in your financial planning should be Mac semi retirement account. Regardless of whether there's a match -- -- -- went to the university of art jail dads are right bay may. Adds drag favorite even if the company will match -- he's still do you absolutely. Absolutely. But again it it really if you have to be able to afford. So when people stating I've got some dead -- trying to build up my savings are my budgets -- -- it will at the very least. Put in up to the match which is usually 6% -- -- 6%. But even if they don't match it's a great way to save -- using pretax dollars you're shoveling it away it grows without tax patiently taking that when -- it's such a good deal. Question for you about 411 -- friends with telling me that if in the event that something terrible happens. Knock on would later on in life. If something happens and you need that money yet if you write them a letter I guess. Some looked over the you can take out the money on penalize you can in and -- it's called a hardship withdrawal it's very hard to qualify okay but -- can happen and we don't like it's you know financial planners and I was in my past attempts of financial platter. We don't like to tell people that because if you want them to do it but yes there's something called a hardship withdrawal and there you can do it it really. It has to be to call -- a number of -- but like for example if you're going through foreclosure oftentimes they'll allow you to take money out of your for a -- -- without that. Nasty 10% penalty still pay the tax that's. Well if -- -- attack what it 120 something you don't have any money. People -- Now. Now here is someone who wants to know are rock -- is considered separate after marriage to -- not here. And. Here's the deal yes. You're any retirement account IRA -- higher rate borrowing -- always is separate from your -- so no matter what. No matter what's going on in your light. You maintain it's based on one Social Security number in the limit is based on. What you individually can do now -- this -- -- -- spouse liar ray which if you're nonworking spouse but we kind of reckoning but anyway it's separate. And so that's very important -- thank you so much for internals the next -- William. I'll -- read this one is the use six to better measure employment and they did did did you. Line -- -- -- six is when you take all or part time and want works yet probably is. Changing the bank statement for a house or invest it save for -- house don't invested don't invest any money you need in the near term within one year. Yeah good -- -- -- question last question area would you spend 99 cents -- 844. Or in Starbucks coffee. -- -- Letter that's right -- on Twitter jail on money get up to when he 500 followers for -- they can money tips coming every day -- I've -- getting my money tips every day now and Smith thank gentlemen that's gonna do it for us today. -- -- -- Until the passengers looking in my mind you know you could library that -- -- you I'm concerned it's the world war and today.
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