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Ep. 66: Amazon's Kindle may start a Fire: Mobile

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Mobile: Ep. 66: Amazon's Kindle may start a Fire

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Android rules, an Aston Martin phone, and you guessed it, Amazon is on fire all that and more on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly for September 28, 2011.

SpinRite rules and Aston Martin's phone in you guessed that Amazon is on fire all that more on this week's episode of Internet is quickly for September 20 eighths 2011 I'm just gonna test alongside Antuan Goodwin and what's not -- -- gone it's gone well. -- -- -- Like NBA jam. Our adult ticket. Let's jump right into it'll -- today mum. So we will definitely talk about the Amazon fire and maybe you've been watching since put 7 o'clock Pacific this morning. But first renewed talk about some new phones. Yes you phones that -- unveiled earlier this week. At -- shows that I was actually -- where you this predicts that uses error and was blank -- and incidentally just like wonder like mr. being immunity reduces the I was is that they have mobilized as -- mobilize conference that He went to his -- mobile. And to T-Mobile sort of chief marketing officer was up there -- just announced -- off about T-Mobile and also a news. Like -- I'm gonna announce new phones. The prions and -- -- severance task Nicole started to take feverishly yet. -- went without a summer job. Feverishly I think it's. -- regularly it's usually they'll account lean back from it and who knows casualty -- there are reportedly links -- from yeah that's. Dammit I just I just stopped planning your birds for second and put -- -- -- author. Of the two phones and -- -- it. From us that windows and then there's all one from HTC. Samsung. Announced -- galaxy S two variant for T-Mobile. Any CC announced their -- four G which. The lofty title means that -- to should be an even. I know but I think in the continuing segment which is Justin's next phone. This is this is me via a potential contender here until I'm horribly disappointed as in all past -- -- That one thing I really liked in phone or -- that I really want in a phone is really good camera rate com in the -- according to. T-Mobile. As is the best camera phone. I don't think they've also added as the best injury or phone He just said this is the best one period and has some unique com. Features -- around the camera hurts. Where I think it has from the HD our stuff -- can do a bunch of sort of rapid fire pictures. I think it even has like this feature sensitive. It has a special view of the best pictures that technically. Best pictures taken -- -- -- now reverent terms and news it just news. Com but it looks like a pretty good phone -- at the specs here. -- it's just -- it has so it doesn't do 1080. Rear. Camera. Has a front facing -- well MB that later I'm okay. Yes I I do you know that. But it it is I think one of the first term may be the first phone on. -- Mobil's new. Faster HS PH. SPA network. Which is up to twenty megabit perspective. Which is is pretty -- -- because they you -- -- have to compete with LTE which as. Being faster and T-Mobile has even said that the long term they wanna move to LTU. I think they don't currently -- the spectrum. To do -- so they technically can't. There -- no wonder like how old. You know -- the biggest bared their their merger with AT&T was blocked. With -- it and so well it is being -- -- hasn't it's not dead yet over and done with enemy in a you have to think that somewhere in the back of their editing and I'd be nice if we -- AT&T -- not have to worry about that but then we also have to keep in mind that. Potentially eighteen to use competitors well. -- no it's it's certainly an awkward position for them to be and they're probably instinct and we just want has decided one way or another. That certainly if you listen to some of what that Siemens S senate conference He said like. You know -- of what else is against allocated be great if the merger went through with it be great for consumers but -- not. -- great lineup of phones. You know starting. You know today with the enemy is in the galaxy two. And that LT is -- aimed -- -- -- megabit. Per second phone here -- without penalties so. We don't feel like it's necessary in the sort term. Exactly and then and then also on the the flip side of that the galaxy S variant. Should be familiar to anyone who. Has been following the continuing saga of the galaxy yes and it's it's. Invasion of the United States. This is -- dual core phone four point five inch super Amylin displayed. Running gingerbread. To -- that Qualcomm snapped right in and also it's also able to capture a 1080 Ph.D. media. As well -- Can you really good phones for T and T-Mobile. Definitely -- in and out and a lot of our listeners that -- you guys. And expressed a huge interest in the the galaxy -- -- -- if -- on T-Mobile. Yeah death if that's a solid phone I think the only drawback is that I am concerned about that zone is what Samsung is typically done with the galaxy phones -- the phones in general ray relate. All locked down and they'd make like being the default search provider -- get Google search on their. You indeed He did well I could get you can't put a typical user who does He want and it's their -- exactly. -- -- -- -- So. Those -- are nice but I've -- not adults yet and so that's to say I don't. Really we're about to. He -- pie in the sky here Rick -- I got from -- old. When you've read and up -- this -- here -- the good last week we talked about the the ECC from. That was marketed. Supposedly. Sportsmen. And we talked about what is the -- -- phones you can think I felt this. Phone that was just introduced. I -- -- Toshiba mobile. Brand that we don't actually. It phones from here in the United States that haven't seen anything on the market -- -- -- there -- the last Fujitsu product Cuba my laptop. -- your current one yeah okay I have a -- left and they make at 18 years yeah yeah oh well -- There's about eight years old rules about two years old. And i.'s complaint filed by making earlier but there Rosie is that they're in their newest phone Texas Instruments dual core processor. Thirteen megapixel camera. It's waterproof. It's got a TV tuner built into it and IR blaster. He -- injury gingerbread eight gigs of memory. And aside from the one that comes in future. Got a pretty masculine design also you can get it in black white and future He can really get it either witness another -- -- the -- kind of and a masculine. And me you know -- and world -- looking in the middle and saying that the structure and it is. And it -- a very kind of chunky. Designed that you don't really see a lot and and in American -- the way I like the ancillary Japanese phone look and and then also bring this up because this phone will be released. In Japan in November -- -- probably never. -- man of her. Economy. The one thing that it seemed to be missing or at least it's on your inspects packets on -- for Japanese phone is the little. Place for this -- term to go I'm sure this one who thinks so you know -- you don't think they're allowed to have that in Japan without phone term. Older -- -- thoughts as you mentioned the camera. To their I did -- added thirteen megapixel rear camera one point three megapixel. Front facing camera. Capturing the pre -- The image since correct now it of course I know just as -- anybody else that is not always about -- -- -- I'm had to know I'm just about color we'll know sometimes it's about image quality I've had some will -- megapixel cameras that -- -- really good pictures -- case in point. The iphone's camera movement monotonous and high megapixel cameras and to get some crappy -- It really boils down to a lot of different things. But. It. Yeah I mean it's -- like -- being -- -- beasts. Electing this known collectively as well as little Italian -- -- have and a tie -- for Japanese don't. Aren't should we -- read other. Gender based financial just kind of -- to take who He along that we've there's actually a story. Over on the creative flawed law again. -- -- -- -- And it's basically asking. The opposite question where's I am embracing the fact that the HTC -- if -- girls soon. And the -- He is a man spoon. In -- -- is asking. If the phone should actually be ginger neutral and earth and the -- -- trying to express this unless -- do it I was in. -- nearly verbally eloquent advocate -- in its -- of rambling on about sexism for about two minutes the remote has been at. Bill listeners of last week's show but this is a very interest in art article. Is free to some. I'm really interest in points when eating too often times to their -- Meant -- and lady phones. Manned phones. It depends -- perspective look at from a classical like company marketing perspective absolutely -- you might there is. Definite benefits for them to do this. Do we need them. Then. I don't know there and I think that. And it's it's hard to do this without being or was Texas or whatever. But well do anyway. I think that. There are there is demands whether for female -- -- for certain color phones -- certain features you you know I think that. There's no reason it should not have phones that are targeted different segments whether that is male female roller. You know younger or older com. Sir why not -- mean today is not just features even rate the afflicted jitterbug on the high end of you are for -- the older gentleman friend -- and which -- saying yes and I think and date other end of things you have younger people phones that have bespoke buttons and you know a really good for. I'd really like young people for instance the space -- phones looked. Very not yeah usually it's like seventy billion buttons on the frighten us beat but not quite easily but that -- -- people phone -- -- -- Well I guess the defense way to -- -- young people between phones means. That while iPhone the twilight. The you know I don't know there's like the rooms TV -- -- a lot of different variation in phones. It is everyone's different their the mean I personally think that a lot of -- In crystal encrusted gold spoons that you see from Bluetooth and a -- -- manufacturers. Our little silly. Let somebody wants. At least one -- -- -- -- Or one. Levy. At an -- -- today it's an interesting question to -- the article. -- on the continent a sound sound off in the comments there. My answer is yes yes yes. The to answer. The app I think there's room in the market for every -- I mean it doesn't mean that Italy that you should. Act violated -- -- -- -- can't buy used to see Ryan and you should feel comfortable about where like carrying it around like a -- and pick on you about it T faith. You buy back I think that's very adult of -- let's get onto the big news the big news of the day because this has been coming -- A long time long time I'm pleased to hear -- Walden there have been rumors of Amazon and coming out with an injury tablet injury and is on doing -- an interest in things of injury they've they've had their App Store their MP3 store. -- Kindle store. What happened to -- has been. Amazon introduced -- they introduce a couple different -- -- They like that share milestone -- -- -- one -- did well the wanna run it runs entered the numbers that you idiot fire. -- can still fire -- So leave it to get it I don't get it -- knows on the bus this morning -- it loads like a whole can d'alene buyer you'll -- Said the Kindle fire was announced today in New York -- Jeff Bezos from Amazon and -- can be available in November 15. It's a seven inch tablet that. Looks almost identical to the playbook you can in fact. There's people pointed out that it's actually manufactured by the same company -- the playbook. There is a little sort of side by side comparison and that I think if -- on and -- it may -- com. They hold up the playbook next to the Kindle and North Korea decides what's actually on the screen those that could look pretty similar. So -- -- it it's -- quote custom version of entrant and people of cnet's who says they like and is doesn't really look anything like -- soon ball sort of things -- we've heard about Amazon really going down their own path there seemed to be each group. An arm and -- a dual core tablet they didn't actually give the specs on what the processor He is. You know I think to get to this price point of 199 which is -- pretty low price point right for or against any tablet. They have to drop some features. Com you know there -- camera -- an -- -- has an F three G or as a cubic bytes of storage space no SD card slot. But it's clear what they're doing here is competing against the Nook Color rate rate. And and it's also clear that you know Amazon -- Understands that in selling low priced attractive device like this. If -- It's like He -- that you view. A month. Of. With Amazon -- service but then after that you know. -- -- people are gonna -- on that there's any new unit to be able to watch the the Amazon prime videos on the tablet design if it is if I'm not mistaken. There are very me tell us you can watch Amazon prime videos on. Other EU wants him on any of them -- -- I mean there's no app for Android. For the Amazon prime video playback. Really not that I'm aware of idyllic twenty minutes of looking when I went prime a couple of months ago I was like -- I guess I capitalist he's been -- a TV I mean there are. Devices and you can watched him. On unlike. Set -- -- -- set top box. Exes and you can -- just -- just the prime Nvidia's but can you Brent just it was on a box that is. But the -- -- -- the prime ones are like the free ones well yeah I mean that's -- -- Amazon. Video service haven't our listeners to -- that tablet. -- and perhaps I'm wrong. Usually that maybe not this time them. Here so let's let's run down you know it's pretty it's staying. So as you talked about it as movies and television shows which now will saint. Via the whisper sync technology. So it can be watching a movie. On your tablet. Come home. Turn on the year roku I guess and continuing left rates kind of a cool feature. Experts think as I'm assuming operating over Wi-Fi but not three G -- -- -- race Kindle devices grenade at that -- speed. A two G three G connection in them. This guy is only got Wi-Fi so you'll have to I'm assuming connected to your home network or that whisper sync it happen. There they're they're also you know -- some pretty decent battery life eight hours of continuous reading. Read let's let's go down the -- Cingular today and and Nook Color. I'm gonna think we're in agreement this isn't an iPad killer necessarily but I think it certainly will chip away at the iPad market you know negative. -- -- -- -- -- -- but. You know it sounds like there's probably a very little strong likelihood they're gonna release says you know tenants version later on -- com which me. Be more of a iPad competitor -- stick -- But it seems like this stacks up pretty well for the -- -- there about the same side as about the same -- both running custom Android. The processors it's kinda hard to compare it sort of really know the specs that are. They have the same -- an internal storage that. The -- actually has an SD card slot. To expand that. -- the Kindle a fire has three. Well sorry aren't Amazon Amazon's -- yeah -- That so -- aren't playing. Annual store -- movies. Not really an option -- against a bunch of movies. In a geeks can hold while mean. The date they say ten movies that's -- in movies -- nothing else on growing music to it in movies on an order apps. So it does have Amazon app or service -- Android marketplace is my understanding. That rate and has Amazon just Amazon. And injuring. That it. -- mean they're there there's a pretty good overlap in the anonymous record on on Booth now but not. -- correct and that's probably a better options than what the Nook Color has which is sort of a very minimal market rate rate. Tendency you know they both don't have three G. Battery life is about that seem. But -- a major differences here is there's not many minute respectively. And. You know if you just looking at numbers. It just looks like and design came out with a Nook Color. But I mean that the key here the -- nothing is in. Fit the fire apart. Is Amazon ecosystem. Barnes and -- doesn't offer BDO rentals or app downloads or music. Think maybe you meet U -- music but. I'm not sure. But Amazon has this ecosystem built and that. I think is what people would draw people to Apple products like its iTunes -- ecosystem built in but the differences. Amazon prime EP eighty books -- year. And there's a 12 TV shows and movies that you can stream -- there's and then an Indian edition of that. You also get like them that the prime shipping on Brett that -- gonna be buying anyway we have. So if you are the kind of person who was kind of on the fence about jumping Amazon prime or you just already just -- a lot of stuff on Amazon then. And and that prime membership may be the thing -- kind of makes it all well and in of course like charity out or if you're already a prime member. Previously -- -- and act and now has something that can watch only three movies on. Definitely pretty tomorrow engine. Pretty compelling value proposition they have an -- I would guess that you know they're probably sound as prime thing nearly act cost -- Yet Nebraska's really for them it is about the ecosystem they're not -- manufacture necessarily not a hardware company or it. And -- 200 bucks I mean even if you're not -- huge huge -- and I mean imagine this device 200 bucks. Two months from now and it's been rooted hacked and you can do whatever the hell you want with it -- seven -- -- -- for 200 bucks -- no contract. Yeah yeah yeah how many hours until Kendall's restruct. Certainly Kindle via -- and a color and a and nuclear leftists and others to do Moreno -- ringer in circles right now in their office. -- the Aaron Small circles -- Anything. 'cause I -- wanna mention one additional thing which I found interest in as they have their own browser on -- on so. On this thing which -- a little weird. That you know they wouldn't go with this standard. Chrome browser at the web kit browser maybe its web -- based that are really doesn't say but that it has -- unique feature where they say can predict. To sites that you're gonna wanna go to and pre cache them. Marine. Food in the mean again cent and -- It's interesting I to play around that right can actually do it. Any bit of browse the growth rate in the well meaning in the how it worked -- all the same no of course not. -- given Amazon's last browser on the Kindle -- wearable they're calling it the experimental browser -- in the and the B comparison chart that -- via the Kindle buyer -- the previous it is. The Kindle fire -- facility rather the Kindle touch as an experimental browser. -- it's a little bit of acknowledging that the browser. Is. Being on the previous Kendall's lose and have been yeah it'll end. An -- -- nice bonus feature and the Amazon didn't expect. Of people to be doing a ton of a liberal in the previous devices. This device with color screen -- able to -- -- Total rich web sites. Yet maybe more social and -- -- a little more thought into it -- I'm hoping that aegis. On the adult and brother out in just built like a framework around the stock injury browser and called -- a date for it is -- -- your growth. Not that bad. Yeah I updated that -- Aren't let's move on firm real -- stuff too theoretical technology. This is actually and Steven -- -- story. Well -- -- but He found it on PC world. It has the top ten -- -- and tablet concepts. When it was instinct you about the -- I was searching around and I found this really cool -- -- phone caller remember that now. Dear reverend I do remember that -- but this has never talked about this on or take a long -- -- -- but it's yeah its. It's it clear. Yes electric clear display capacity of touch screen widgets -- -- in images. Its interest in the picture of the person holding it with gloves yes I like -- -- -- -- I'm thinking -- you couldn't use it would blows its capacity of touch screen and indeed. You kinda have to work -- -- -- busiest phone ever yet. The -- sapphire glass. The differences there -- It's a weighted to justify me in 20000 dollars and other. But yet this is a public also it in the in the same mean a -- a long line of Aston Martin. Like lifestyle accessories these -- watch. Where it was an Aston Martin's watch -- -- transponder that she removed electric car with an unlock -- door to be real James Bond when it. The -- one of the the features on this -- that you hop into year. Aston Martin beats -- -- or whatever and and basically dock the phone in the dash export -- -- key. That's critical another cool thing about the speakerphone. If -- If you lose your phone's always -- The argument given it a few days earlier for the plumber on the fusion -- -- interest I'm sure that you could still drive home. Aren't. There be some ways culturally but the -- -- calls them along one. Land line phones they postal and parcel and cell phones like code there's the ubiquitous now like -- being able to. To call some ideas that related good excuse -- Two in the Internet and in in Finland tech Smith who's using the Google Voice but the lost -- already. -- -- -- -- So there there -- of one other phone whether there's a bunch of interest in ones in here but there's one that I found out of funny was -- skinny jeans on which numbers seven and here. I think it's super thin to fit in your skinny jeans beneath it like -- -- like it. Lit like a -- them seem to make it easy to pull out it's actually -- you can have it in your skinny Jean pocket and you can see the top. The top actually has a screen on it. The top edge of our PS as -- -- a -- -- kind of an interest in featured in of itself. This -- weird yet altering as is pretty was an interesting design. And I do kinda like the idea. And of that secondary display for caller ID. You just pulled on your pocket but then like always having that -- and speaking analyst happier news. -- -- -- -- Yet anything else and here entrants into either yes. And the one thing I wanted to mention one thing about that Aston Martin phone was it has sensors and so we can tell if you're in an accident in will trigger year. Will trigger your -- -- Certainly knows your body like flies -- hours and -- seems a little worried that the president. -- -- that -- your phone like Alexander and everything and -- Motorola I am -- to trigger mayor graphics as well I am a fourth clues on the area Galileo look at it. That was via both -- Yet not ready for that yet the and so for the link -- the -- into -- an interesting thing that there elect via. Samsung galaxy and in which has a flexible and led screen and it actually seen a video of of that flexible and -- technology in action films watching a video and two in the rule anything -- screen yes. At medics leave it to -- on the line I don't think. -- -- -- Right now for good retiring let's take it and you'll come back with. Rumors and app for the week in question. And we are back reluctant to recast it to be ready in the rumors to guess what. I lied it's useless data the week time I am and there's a bunch of them a bunch of them. And these these -- actually all come from again them mobilize conference and this is one of those articles that Tesco was -- feverishly up. Communion. And I'm gonna tell you that that law and security this. -- -- -- -- -- -- Com. Believe there's a guy from. Nielsen. Present -- conference -- -- really exchange stats about and trade and there's also some interest in -- the came from the team mobile guy -- let's run them down here. So 50% of new devices solar smart. Enough about -- necessarily but. Of those devices 56%. People buy new phones picked -- So over half. Which means everyone else is splitting the rest. Around. -- is taken almost 50% of the US Smartphone market. -- this one is sort of most interest in indefinitely Mears might have -- most people -- standard users to use their phones to make calls. -- them used apps. He said -- there's some of them don't even use the Internet the says that only 9% of people. And I guess that's a very small percentage of -- 9% of the time people use their phones make calls. -- -- 9% of people but yes. Vastly different from a couple years ago. The area. I think that not using your phone to use the Internet is misleading. -- then it goes on to say most people use apps that they -- apps. -- gateways to the Internet with point useless apps and nothing if not misleading yet well. Says it was there anything else in their of those inch team -- jump over to disappoint you mobile stats. Like via the -- words tablets and mostly use for reading the news and playing music. Which was interesting to me because they apparently more people use 35% -- -- travels to play music. Like 31% of them use it for what it's watching TV which I'm assuming -- -- developing video. And there's all media and a category that -- it may have more people. Are listening to music on their be -- paste and watching things that we interest in the -- reading the news. The biggest -- -- -- -- apps from or heavily used on phones -- -- but to make sense to me as you know. Dual phones are always there at their morgue ubiquitous there is your news in your pocket and pop on a foursquare in check and for example the you can. Also build a much more sensitive. Small screen experience -- an app then. People don't on the web so far right. Irises and from the T-Mobile CMO. He says that of the phones they sell semi 5% of them are Smartphones. And of those -- 90%. Or -- phones. So. I mean they don't have the iPhone so I legacy other choices Blackberry. Yet again -- or maybe they have Windows Mobile -- -- the things -- in an online. And sensitive looking at data consumption on the T-Mobile network. Almost 50% of data consumption is video. From him that -- traffic accounts for half of all data use. But only 15% of their devices mr. Richard isn't -- you. It will mean what's most interesting to me is again out of that video -- institution -- movement data it's also. The -- data intensive part of mobile data so yeah of course it is an -- -- into and people are watching video but is that video. Takes up a hell of a lot of data. I don't really know what's infer from nineteenth again like most that you can spin it either -- you want. It sound like they're making it sound like. That people want video -- it mean again so what people want music. People on video or video is big in either the thicker. Aaron that's almost that is -- -- and there are pretty -- the -- you can inflate from that. Our lives are better for it I don't know that are. One more story before we jump into rumors there is any product that I wanted to highlight. Call the dot blocks plus. And basically what this is an interesting -- -- for those of you who are making the jump. From an Apple lifestyle. To. An Android. -- maybe you've got a lot of and Apple. Speaker docks. And Apple excess three's laying around that you just think you're gonna have to throw away -- of particle the dot dot box -- -- -- -- And essentially what it is is an adapter for the thirty pin dot connector that will. Allow an injury device. Two interface. With an Apple sensory now victims is only really good relate speaker -- -- -- -- view that it. Units of video output or anything like that but what it does is basically splits off the -- audio input of the thirty in dock connector in the charging -- Into two. That will allow for example in the picture they have the the blues. Speaker dock which was one of them the first popular. Apple speaker docks and -- plugged into an injury phone and basically get the audio output and the charging. So -- the usually a lot of these -- and -- auxiliary input in an act somewhere but basically this is also allows you to charge. Which is something you auxiliary input can't -- There's an interesting little. All it is. Baikal on a first look at looked at it when I was hoping it was doing the -- the second wire was. Taking an audio from the USB as well. Because then you would absent of all digital audio -- now it's -- analogue. Year haven't they injury doesn't have meaning built in an act. Built in letting you built and that allows it to communicate. Over the USB port. Not really stopped. Only can really do is correct well they have to create a separate app personally that would route. That would I don't know what it would do you have to run yet. And I do that -- -- -- the the injury accessory that we're gonna start seeing with night instantly -- -- Will allow us to do some things like that but it as it -- right now. They don't have the technology. Don't have the technology we can't build it I can't read I think it is pretty -- though and I had a car for awhile nine doctor Annette and aux port. So this would have been perfect animal so anybody says I just hope -- Well -- if -- cars and injury compatible cell immediately He has -- the -- that's how it works. Ireland to run through some rumors quickly -- run out of time here. So the first rumor is that we've talked about the injury. Next nexus phone the nexus prime. Will -- be a new village CT IA. Android have a story. Where there are actually going through the -- down and it looks like Samsung is going to be doing a presentation. At CT IA twenty -- Lennon which is next month I believe October 11 yes so and there's potential. That the next nexus phone is the announcement. Not a lot of credence to this -- in the interest. I'm gonna say this sister also yet edited the -- at the phones was being announced around. The time the iPhone comes out and the iPhone is coming out. As I guess the -- -- to an Apple event at it will that rumors that Axl actually site has an instant dealt him and Apple and instant. And the -- it would tear gas from the prime. -- I don't know there's not a lot of there's not a lot it's evidence here but I think you'd be interest. That a yes or no reason -- we -- -- in -- and accessibility. -- Credit for that then the next leaked rumor is about the motor -- -- X two -- of leaked pictures of leaked. Does anybody care. Button at. It's it's a minor minor -- better than the eight tricked. Yet minor updates. Better camera. A little bit more memory little bit better processor. One of the interesting things that Nicole Lee over on. The and drills -- when -- out is that it looks like -- connection for the laptop dock is moved to be in line. With. -- -- -- -- In May be media morals from the standard and that the place where that dock connection is so that you you know future. You know a media stations and laptop docs I can be universal across their devices -- that would be interesting. Heard this one salmon this is seems to me like barely a rumor at Philly this is -- gonna happen in an awareness -- but I'm really excited. Since -- talk about a certain phone anymore though -- Read about this when right now is a rumor that Motorola's. Next dual core -- TE phone for Verizon network could be called the -- reason. Love that -- -- -- basically their reviving the ZR. -- either from their line of flip phones discontinued a couple years ago. Four in -- expert then. Phone that actually kind of has the same internals as those -- I think it seems like one point two gigahertz processor and again your Grammy megapixel camera but. A bitter. -- Amylin displayed. The newsroom by hands and let people complained about -- -- -- display. And the ability to concede the pixel depreciation -- at the -- is between pixels so. A better display would be nice another rumored name for this -- -- -- street Steve but I'm open for -- reasoner. As. My dad's deliveries there area to use as last time such excuse to Iraq and the Motorola razors we -- -- to have readers in an -- Yet this phone looks kinda cool has gorilla -- class and they have -- he's seen yet actually been basically -- -- That scene in every movie where year phones and you get shot and it was featured in you get -- in the -- in your phone could actually happen. -- Direct -- rumors and let's -- into the app for the week. Let's do it so I have worked as kind of an obvious app that has in the final lot of times that people have overlooked sort of obvious apps you don't -- -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we may be familiar drop box on a desktop basically it's like some of this shared folder in the cloud so -- drop files on my desktop. At oh worked in the they go home and there sync automatically in there in this shared folder. Nam soon drop box actually has an Android app where you can do the same thing -- -- all the files in your drop box you can. Take a picture and save it to drop box or do whatever you want right it's equally get two gigs of storage free. I think -- city inked a deal with drop box where I think going forward. On the new ATC biology at five -- -- -- photography -- dissident. In interest and they appear -- -- you drop a few through the -- it and if not He should be yet it was an interesting thing about drop box for me is that where is it automatically sinks on the desktop -- it doesn't automatically sync on your handset. Which is. Kind of not really good thing but also if -- -- think a lot of phone -- happily -- sixteen gigs of space. You don't want -- -- in two -- up with. You know documents that you may not need right now the Apple is coming to one line pulled news on demand -- -- -- -- -- the card -- Which I think it's variant which is you know depending on. -- use -- case. Yeah I'm gonna like it might be nice to sort of have the option. There in third party dropped out at a drop box at that'll do the sinking. On certain folders. -- if you just like to keep your music and cloud and have it sync automatically. Thereafter it'll do that but get it out. What He got my app is see GO. If you have and if people know me know that I'm kind of in -- -- -- And basically geo caching is -- -- gigantic game of -- and see where you heightening even. In around today you know in -- and in the either in the wilderness or around cities and you've -- in -- GPS coordinates. And then you give those -- that someone -- and have them find. Whatever you hated us sometimes there are small trinket sometimes just like a -- -- on your name and -- that you were there but it's really fun game. CGO is -- an official app for geo caching dot com. Which is the repository for all of these. -- geo cache coordinates. And basically allows you to use -- injury phone. Too fine to to help you find you -- -- you can get the ordinance you can. Navigate to the area you can also looked hints as far as like what you should be looking for. -- -- -- -- historians -- -- fill all of a public school street Oakland. Trying to get to catch that was on top of it couldn't hurt myself but it was very embarrassing. But -- I'd say just let me know next regularly can take video it's a very cool app. And you can go outside NASA. -- -- it's fun. Awesome let's do some email. A tip -- and we have to emails here Internet -- at cnet.com. First one says that while come along from San genes. And -- So He has two comments and -- question first He says that He would love to get an entry attempt. Portable music player diseases like Simon and and -- -- -- -- -- second He says stop talking about the jury by -- and -- the first mention of it and during the ship pinky and there's actually expect that you mention in the RAZR story benefit from the -- you know and you accidentally actually said it did He did them on it I know were scissor like the little. Later in India are put a quarter -- new community and do it yes and -- we go drinking with them any sounds good. It's we can drink on the shows the following week. -- at 10 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday after the sensor that -- -- And the question that He answered the question a lot of people have. What does routing me into different from unlocking and how is it different from putting where example -- antigen mind or any of them on your phone. It does CNET have -- -- these things or any the other by helpful routing is basically. Giving it with. Route is. They see you next -- root access -- so -- giving your your phone. Or software on your phone access to what's called the -- the root directory rate. What's it's just click on windows get named administrator -- yet -- -- you can do anything on your phone to leave any child. You know -- -- everything or yet though would happen if -- -- phones a lot. Super user without root access that basically means that the phones locked down so that you can't break it. You'll at least not in. With software -- getting root access basically is it is in so many words it's kind of like unlocking the software. But when you say unlocking. -- we mean. When people say a phone is unlocked it means it's not tied to a carrier so root access is unlocking your software but unlocking a phone is unlocking your service. So they're two different things. In order to for example install -- -- -- and camera an alternative rob you'll need root access. So you have to do 11. But they are there are also still theory different things you can Richard -- -- keep the stock firmware. I mean just you know give apps -- ministry -- rights to do things like. -- backup settings. A hurricane -- normally but if you -- it's different from installing just -- new firmware expert so data growth in solid firmware roms -- collected so in a new operating system rates on your phone. Share you've got it pulled -- thing when humans. -- And new consider the routing -- -- know what I'm talking development is that not articulate today. It's too early in and just the copy and -- -- And which is odd because the -- in a hundred miles per hour. And -- miles per minute. Here -- -- we faster. Our last -- -- -- from rye and I talked to logic. Tech review support -- last Saturday and found out the software update will be available -- two to three weeks any chances that this is ice -- sandwich. Yes there is -- chance He saw it. -- have any inside information on this and it needs and if I did -- -- can tell you com but. There's been a lot of rumors of this -- wouldn't be surprised to -- happened. Yeah so -- that. Well needed the you know of course. The U I don't know anything at all so anything testing is just pure speculation right now let you know again going back to we -- on the -- section. Nexus and Avian -- -- Spain next prime with both being unveiled alongside his youth and would -- yet a in a couple weeks. Coincidence. Most likely the. Most likely not start. To show for today you can go to the belong to at any time to get show were all sorts -- enter -- to news cnet.com slash Android atlas -- canyon watching us every Wednesday at 38 time 10 AM Pacific CNET -- com slash live's email us into an analyst at CNET. Dot com. Following a time and act -- to follow me app on my real name. Now we do that order scripts even. And cause -- show how gorgeous they had read news in general -- injury -- That's it you next week. Nothing.
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