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Mobile: Ep. 65: The manliest Android show on the 'Net

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Mobile: Ep. 65: The manliest Android show on the 'Net

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HTC's phone for ladies prompts us to try to decide on a phone for me, Google Wallet is finally here (kinda), and an app helps you stay under your data plan cap.

Google wants to -- your wallet flash is a thousand times faster and it's DC releases have phones with a leading cause all that more in this week's edition of Mandarin that was weekly for September 21 2011 I'm just -- house belongs -- on -- -- one. We're back yard -- -- I don't want if you -- week off it is. -- off of work and I was working as well yes we yeah we just weren't here. -- -- I was here right it -- for -- here now in the studio I was here on earth. This was an on this side of the world. Aren't. I guess that works. So. Google -- back in the news -- yeah it's out Google wallet originally air on one. Hundred. Yes so what is -- -- so is there they. It's an RFID. Beasts are in and in in FC based. Technology that basically. It takes all of the digital information that's normally stored on your credit cards in your and and -- like your sort of like financial accounts. And -- been -- digitally on your phone and stated that you can make purchases by. Putting your phone maneuvering in -- Went. Regret this kind of the gist of it. Right so there's some limitations right -- that are currently only supports one credit current -- Citibank MasterCard. And -- signed on. After that's the replaced it. Each. Link after the story posted a -- at a -- -- -- mean they're not. And yet He just said we're gonna do it we're gonna do it sir a lot of people so -- current product that is actually -- on the market only supports. Citibank MasterCard and -- Santa. Yet you could CNET -- you -- to kind of living in a market because it's only one phone is only sprint it's only Citibank MasterCard right now. It's it's also it also probably have should have -- it's -- -- tag on it. -- but I mean I guess use -- is kind of difficult to go who also anything ever really anything that Google releases has implied beta tag but I think you know -- the only reason to probably doesn't. Is because people start getting a little -- when you put -- beta tag on something involves their money. Yes now I -- You know -- it's a credit card ensure there's a lot of protections and hearing it -- there is supposed to be like -- increase the encryption. But even beyond satellite broad are not liable for more than fifty dollars let's hideous stuff is built into your credit card already. Hampshire that the basic protections that are. There are a built in -- there but we are you excited about this because like. I am I want this. I -- -- was Hasan had tests I hate to carrying around a bunch of different parts I've actually used to Annapolis on which they should make the depth of the frequently. Not put all my sort of loyalty cards which I hate hate that stupid loyalty thing which they're not actually give me discounts they're just they've raised their prices again. If you have an -- They do -- we'll talk about that only that the -- of the -- some -- -- -- -- and I would like to see. Is because even if I'm not carrier my credit card I'm gonna carry around like bus passed. And various other things identification it would be nice to -- those things. -- and -- well mean that for example that the clipper card in the Bay Area think already use -- some sort of a RFID technology. This -- card you the reader it beeps. It be nice if they would partner with local municipalities to -- For example linens Marta system in and in fifth but -- -- Barked and -- Muni systems for a -- tenacity you use your phone to have to hop on the bus. Dammit I think the interesting thing about this as they are using an existing technology so it's not like they have the -- to -- wallet terminals and on his place as they -- using. As existing in my like it and pay pass yet that system. So potentially this could be adapted to -- you know. Like them are here living leaders also -- passports have RID chips. I mean I guess I'm another passport on your phone answer models are stamped their phones you never know you're gonna have to. Skip the country you mean that you don't want to -- all the way back home to passport. Just didn't -- lead in New Mexico exactly. Because. I'm aren't anything else so -- I guess the other stuff so it's coming to visa discover American Express. If you don't have the Citibank card you can't buy a Citibank like you need. Aren't. With whatever cards you have -- that's kind of a work around. -- the -- -- -- money like a book fair. Least they like me wanna put a hundred bucks on -- Google wallet -- -- -- prepaid card yet. It's available -- 144000. Merchants. Currently around. Though apparently it -- -- will hurt. Rates is that I think Maggie Reardon at -- committed to different stores -- -- -- could get it actually worked. But I loved the concept. Com. And in -- Google really wants take the step further so it's not just about -- it's about deals in -- oath earlier this week if they bought. The daily deal company -- -- called daily deal. You lead your company. Particularly -- -- -- even if you come down and I think they're on daily to and erect. To bring deals here to. -- -- Which are loyalty cards on their satellite or name and have -- all and be integrated. -- the demo that they showed when they announced Google qualities that like you go into a Starbucks. Or something new when used when use when -- in Starbucks and your read a page. Google while it will go out onto the unit see -- -- coupon code and automatically apply that here purchase. -- that was kind of the the kind of -- perfect. Situation the Asus like a year and you're an old navy about -- -- shared but there's a 10% promo code on the went through his web site grew while automatically. Can that be receiving the money was -- him the clip coupons and that it kinda cool. It is -- Yeah I admit I really do like how to convert him a couple different products technologies in business one unified shopping experience and of course in the first thing people are gonna see is what happens you lose your -- I think we -- -- -- that go into one with an out if it is encryption your stuff on the -- student. Test trust Google while the DHS trust a and I'm -- pretty pretty involved. And it recently immediately the click of -- web site only if the appeal are something you need -- your name and -- all the information about -- on the Internet. The little scary the amount of information about me on the Internet. So it's disturbing. I will agree with that. IEW all the time iGoogle meal attentive and but the one of -- this creepy and when it's just add. If you Google needs a little weird -- Google immediate test. -- -- -- At that again I just renders an apology was happy to recess -- -- Aren't what's it's not about windows XP in a creek in and -- Passes. Survey released this week I guess from NPD. -- as market research whenever. And -- surveyed people on what phones Smartphones are -- abide. -- it still holds the lead there with access 63% of tumors looked into by a hundred pounds. But surprisingly. Windows Phone. Has a strong was its day 44% of people. Are thinking about buying a Windows Phone 7 uses a lot higher than I thought it would be. But even more shocking. -- -- -- -- consumers don't -- Windows Phone 7 is. Well means unions windows naming scheme is everything is -- something seven -- -- news. Something else in its stated -- the naming schemes little weird I'm sure people are familiar with windows. And I'm sure people familiar with Windows Mobile for what that's worth I'm not much and -- But yet the an act and understand how a lot of people just wouldn't really be familiar -- that I can also understand their 44% of people who were thinking about. I'm buying Windows Phone 7 or via an or just their interest in -- I'm I'm intrigued by -- office. -- like the look of it I liked the look of it I like. And I've become a begging for -- native. Xbox Live in trading -- Since I got my first injury photos and just because I wanna be -- -- like it's my friend. And there -- third party apps that have have him. Build that sort of like need. For me since then let you know Microsoft V8. Do you have an interest and ability to -- kind of boost. Integration on it on a very Apple like level. Across a bunch of their services there when news media player there Xbox Live there Microsoft Office suite of of software in technology and in a lot of people are running windows on their PC so it makes sense. You to run windows on your phone and just because of the implied. Implied level of in accretion ethos has yet to about the physics and man like people who have. And you know Apple laptop are more likely to buy an iPhone. And they would. And -- just because we -- already invested in the app. -- -- -- Well let's talk about the furthering of the -- ecosystem. With the upcoming release of ice cream sandwich. Downsized its analyst says we've talked about -- -- times as the next version of the next major version of Android operating system. -- boosting unified phones and tablets under one common. -- -- That is there are a post on that Google developer sensitive indicates -- the imminent release. This operating system or at least the SDK. Dispose is basically discussing how to get -- -- ready for a and and so are. You know people are taking this to me and that. They SDK should be out any week that. Which kind of lines up with what Eric Schmidt had been said that it would -- sometime in November or stereo October November. Which also lines up but the potential October release of the next -- -- to compete with the iPhone five. Things are -- -- cancer here yet -- And -- -- excited about it. Just a little law means just mostly I'm excited about it because in my mind becoming a -- content which also means. The imminent release of the next nexus. Which sent and I'm really excited about just like it is I think I've stated before -- it. My next phone in Indian act as though it's the -- -- tired of being -- when I considered to be a separate -- a second class -- average citizen. -- -- sometimes -- so I called literate citizens are second class citizens. And yet I guess but people who -- running around the nexus S right now I looked in and access orgy like -- -- while it. -- educate. And I'm I'm I'm a little of course as as the -- and -- of weekly. I'm excited about the coming of the next version -- integrate. Correct as a -- -- can't wait. We'll have nice sandwich is to celebrate. By themselves as -- added. Bring them in because there. Because they don't melt because they will -- -- -- and -- their data will now aren't. Talk about the ladies that will locate there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- eighties. Just days coupled will almost a typical month ago with this when we talked about -- -- -- It was a phone HTC with -- to be. Marketing towards the ladies and simulate -- about it it in emails people who either agreed or disagreed that it was a ridiculous concept. But it this week and one of those people was on its yes the on the -- com. So that He had this week they -- they -- HTC Ry Ryan which is that He wouldn't the new the new moniker for the -- -- they renamed it -- -- When they say -- is not a phone for the Libby it's not a full for the ladies the purple. And it -- -- it I mean it's for anyone seeking a fashion forward device. Offensive or plum colored device. With matching Bluetooth headsets and accessories that are all color matched and purple piece technology at and its cellphone charms yeah I mean -- I can feel like on the one hand since ACC has an explicitly stated this is a phone for the Levys -- me. And everyone else who assumes that this is now I mean I guess they kind of backpedaling and in renamed device and there's now -- that not but -- a part of me feels like. -- -- -- Hey let's do a show. And like a part of me that the date is late series CC you didn't meet its -- for women is that the little sexist. If I feel like I'm assuming that it's a -- for ladies and it's purple and if -- -- a lady right now shown us the phone. I feel like they've all polluted that -- fixes them on to me. Incident just owning it and -- I think it maybe it's -- for ladies which is not for manly men it's a Acer was the Silverman Lehman. The original Droid and it really clear that emailing me can have a new phone. -- -- -- -- -- -- also spoke for the mainly men would be like when is that the exit did you zone. -- all brutal in and waterproof and -- -- just couldn't be or it could be nodding to the Smartphone. -- -- like though it this are you know management acts heavy use -- until push to talk phones on the on the use global yet when you -- dog sit up. That and a parents team also -- you think the manly men and photos. It's been mainly a spoon and -- Until the money when He sees people -- -- -- -- -- are apparently Eric. Jessica did that thing -- -- -- -- and liquid nitrogen and mean. Smashed it. In cement. In an argument I noted and about -- -- violence that's the mammogram found such a small screen. Mean the extreme they do it's I mean it -- of the core of who we are the screens and pixels. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I finishing up the excuse not run aero -- actually use fat. From purple and three point seven instead -- WBZ screen. One gigahertz single course now pregnant process there. And -- CC saying that this is a better like. First smart -- and for for users in the acronym -- panel lofty claim. And -- a very Android atlas blog is actually an -- they claim a little bit over on the blog. But. It's basically. Pretty. I hate to call it basic but it is not basic but it -- would with with no worry about this is that it does run and a new version of -- TC sense. Re entry into like skin is this sets three sides since the Green and change -- -- And it basically has an interest in things like some sort of like tabbed widgets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it'll be a notification on that you can and I hated middle slide -- and expand and do all sorts of very cool. Visual -- if -- -- that made huge there are a lot of people who are and HTC sentiments that printed. It's -- -- -- is generally do you buy it I'm a fan yet they do we talk about the accessories. I -- I've I've mentioned in might. Aaron says docking station in early tangle free headphones -- -- in median cellphone charms at their TT incoming calls and arm -- Bluetooth headset you'd like. More phones need like that little. That little hook for the cellphone charm -- And I know -- like to be able to handle go to Japan and everyone has them. Is this man. Business suits walking down on the -- -- day well there are all of this technology and make your own thinner and more pot -- So this -- in -- crap off the side. And Mendoza there was a tangle free headphones does look like that it beats. The -- -- -- beat. Some some sort of fruits of the -- -- beats. Great I think the bottom line Verizon exclusives available in the US in September 20 ninth for one and a two year contract hand by -- was pleasantly surprised -- us. She you know she -- -- -- concept that day. Women focused. Everything by the end -- are okay that's pleasant person and -- it. Let's take a pleasant break that's take a pleasant -- and when we come back we'll talk about class 1000. Times faster. And we are back into -- weekly -- mentally it's. There without injury devices on the Internet. The merely show once you know lives. Yasser -- You heard that your first for a forests. Of the currently interest in it be -- and no one is goes west -- -- -- like three hours before it like I can't compete -- that that's true that we stay up late. I guess. The men go to bed -- at all say and and and you know one thing that didn't mean do you enjoy it more like more power. Faster things done and Adobe Flash to -- if segue could be over 1000 times fat there. On -- its its. -- -- -- -- For awhile and breast cancer society. He iPhone guys like -- -- plants when its. Look at I think so I mean it's really -- When you go like -- website and you just wanna see their menu but it's in flash Doug -- and restore which it okay -- is stupid. But I still wanna be an associate. -- the new architecture is called stage 3-D. And now allows developers to mix -- -- demo Simon native -- -- guest. -- so when they say a thousand times faster they're talking about sort of hardware accelerated rendering for two 3-D so -- kind of a -- graphics stuff which I guess is kind of what -- about it. You know. That's a good thing because flash on Android is slow. Doll's gonna have air native extensions would take -- will allow developers to tap into. -- hardware specific features -- a phone like. Device data vibration. -- and that -- no main element meg meg not magnetometer. Magnetometer is light sensors -- marinas that. And then NFC -- payment stuff. What about the of that that barometer of it then moves content like a lot of for the -- days every -- even seeing that phones have been listing barometer. Among like -- bullet pointed since there isn't so -- -- -- the barometer on their phone. Is a synthetic internal things took them to -- -- -- -- humid and your gonna shut down so mile -- -- parameters of the music community meter measures atmospheric pressure that's true there's -- a similar group analyst you'd like take your phone. To it. So -- -- the station and it's. Very you know I don't know I don't know which we need a barometer for your. Other than I'm certificate -- -- didn't regulations that is a product and it. -- all right so look for flash eleven. To be publicly available in early October. Emblem fast fast fast -- -- don't really use excellent telephone anymore and it's because of the slowness. Inspectors you know -- And a lot of videos renders sites are starting to switch over lake at. -- video formats like in people -- So. You know did the need to have -- some iPhone. Is pretty much to -- their relate these interactive interfaces which usually aren't very. Touch friendly and games which. With youngsters usually -- -- -- in on a plate and a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is reading on the next prime. There is that however. Also. Turns out the Droid brown act for some people is -- -- -- high pitched whine when listening to music at the feature. It's a feature and it -- tonight's feature. Okay gals that were indeed in it in simulates -- Foods you can understand it was like and it -- ability yen in its users. He has said there's an -- has lot of reports of users saying that by Alec is emitting a high pitched whine when they're listening to music and on the hit and on the headphones and some pops. I guess when -- close in audio player. It's I think it's the the -- in coming here. And the internal sort of like. Digital amplifier that -- it -- you can hear hopping on and off. Similarly to start immediately -- -- here like a pop in a lot of let it leaves used to be kind of an issue car idea where you internally you're currently penalty and that pop. -- In -- they -- is just like you would. On hand in -- tells -- sounds like the the internal. Digital amplifier or headphones. In the jury bank does the same thing we -- -- switching on and off power instead of -- a really nice a good amplifier and -- -- fire that uses software. That. -- a really Oracle's head to use software that it. Would basically kind of ramp up the powers that -- popping it off. -- -- -- -- -- So. There's been no way has -- from Motorola but the admirals port forms are filled with complaints here. Visit Motorola has and a lot of our riches -- they shouldn't rush the blind panic to market I know He did -- exactly and -- and a little bit more and -- this. Or it maybe they could -- released one part of it and just saying like ideas are -- will trauma audio later. Other little link via -- view we ought to send it for an upgrade -- -- -- and audio on there. What happened it -- haven't you have -- which haven't enabled the the headphone to I am sorry. Later we'll update violated theory that would have been -- -- better strategy. Carefully Bluetooth audio streaming to -- wireless -- -- on that would definitely meet in an -- reach you and offers. Look into that -- actually -- Not -- -- from the coal. Said she hasn't found city's problems with the by anorexia. Hundreds -- and answered -- -- -- you just made him look. You know phones are all created equally and analysts name. It's kind of something that you can learn -- all computers. Are treated equally -- -- that we start overclocking just because somebody has the same setup as you and you can over clocked X does it mean to give the exact same processor because of tolerances. Sony and could -- the -- like a different factory here and phones to thank you ray -- fell -- the -- in it that guy you. -- revenue is make the call and -- on -- around it will rule. But it's not all bad about the -- -- a great He can do some cool things that the team -- you can kind of decent cool things. A gentleman. I believe over on the Droid forum is to -- because it's a manly -- activity here will not read the red -- yeah -- Camera and the -- report -- -- there be a dog it's the unit -- don't have thumbs -- hard for them. Well maybe as master -- but He built this system. So what he's dying is open for. He's taken the car dock and is -- by current open. And He moderated a micro HDMI connection. Into the cargo and others are do you micro HDMI connection on -- -- -- now on the car -- And in doing so he's enabled. Video. Mirroring. On his centric dynamic and in. With the aid of any stimuli to digital -- think our GP. Adapter and and it. And -- Connection at specific to his Lexus was able to -- keep HDMI mirroring on his rear seat entertainment. And -- his Lexus GS and in the dashboard. So you can do things like stream Netflix videos to the back seat while He drives. Or get Google Maps navigation on the -- -- index screen with determine turn directions. Coming through the speakers. -- pretty awesome it is pretty awesome its a its a ridiculously simple. -- is partly what He needed to spreader of getting the right equipment together sort of has the phone has some it is built in great. So any are both screens at same time yet. So in -- -- there's also the of the web top interface can also lead product. So that you can display a keyboard on the the screen. And then have sort of the way of -- interface that looks like I would like a web browser. On the the index screen now look at justice and HDMI output it's not in a bi directional connection. The the touch screen that from the -- -- -- can't be used controlled environment. But it's -- believe here -- sitting in in the parking lot we know your significant other -- them all you wanna watch a video on the seven inch screen the dashboard. Instead of the sub five inch screen on the black. And the good look yet there is critical especially for navigation especially for navigation and I mean today -- I can't. Receive entertainment is -- I don't know if this person have kids are not but it. Receipt and -- team is definitely a very cool way to keep people in the back seat entertained on -- Awesome aren't let's talk about rumors. That it now these movements -- Our first one and involves the business that another Motorola phone to -- tricks to. Here's a rumor that it might be good. -- split I don't know has been banging on laurels remarks and it would -- -- Says something positive it is so it was a -- tell us that there may be a neat tricks too soon -- remember -- -- tricks is sort of the original. -- top docking phone right from ruling yet on AT&T born genius is reporting that. There may be a new one sometime later this year that'll have a dual core processor in megapixel camera to any Ph.D. video. Gingerbread but apparently no LTD. You like a very minor update -- seemed plausible. That they would release a new phone later this year it's just faster but not LT. -- -- If any is possible -- -- is quite possible that just you know it can be -- refresh it and stranger things have happened -- I mean. And you typically these sort of like two phones and three to. -- the rumored. Incredible to me they're not revolutionary -- next to they're not revolutionary. Changes. -- just like Android too -- the original Droid two. Was pretty lame update -- and -- critics to also disliked him at the -- or gigahertz brick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so I mean it's it's possible means with wouldn't be the first time Motorola and a couple with eight -- -- lackluster but the lackluster followup. To a to a can't think of any other -- all the -- that has been locked class lackluster I mean and it's even in its first -- last thing lackluster at I don't mean in and of itself. And the company dual core 1080. Eight -- they're just as it until it's -- it's just like it's not dramatically better you know the anybody who -- secret ones. Should -- any -- to -- is news. Not that -- -- update. So this is not the only Motorola. Date rumors this week we are also getting one they -- Motorola tablet spotted by this is mind -- acts. I'm. Which appears to be an update to easy zoom of some kind though smaller in the seven point seven inch range. Looks to be. Half the thickness of the US. -- picture looks really and conflicts it's like a piece of Paper actually believe that's just like a regular. And -- in the background of the regulars. By evidence for and a half inch screen to its Green granny phone. And it's like iced earth and -- Pakistan. That from the -- itself from -- pictures. It is looks to be sixteen by nine aspect ratio micro USP and make early HDMI ports. And I mean I think it's pretty unbelievable though later this year Motorola release new tablets are certainly I see yes. A negative news but -- for the Zune has over here and they are not fill in meaning more news. War on them. Two applicants for one like -- announced it like the last three must -- it. I never -- has listened to us so I -- -- -- -- -- and yet there. Yeah I mean c.'s previous CEO -- currency sent it indicated in July at that we would see a new model. News that the smaller models -- and new -- model. If you have not already -- as zoom don't buy -- -- -- agreed. I have yet -- nothing has ever listens to use anything away -- -- -- I was not really been offends him since about a month African. Parent that was not a fan of the Zune from the first minute apparently later in a weird thing to say like of retroactively. And this that's it. I'm -- in hindsight. So extremists are -- different -- and speak. That is always got I'm excited about both things aren't in -- annexing more excited about apps of the week Q are. We both have apps we do have to have to speak and it's a week off. Aren't all -- first -- yet I had Google goggles one point six citizen an update to -- goggles. Which is kind of interest in having. Generally haven't been a huge fan of Google goals. -- to say who's who god does who who goggles was a -- -- and because. It's -- that they useful it's kind of like novelty -- -- look OC error. Whatever com. But. Yes I have never actually found it agreed use heaven like -- people's business cards with that maybe that would be useful. And that -- yeah yeah and they if you don't already have a bar code scanner app there's a new version adds marketing Q are scanning. That's nice I think it may have already had -- -- secure skinny new. So what is new here besides that He is that it integrates with the camera so. You can enable its off the idea fault that when you take the picture it should scan those pictures for anything that are recognized. Recognizes and then in your little notifications are what's it figures that out -- I have not economic times gotten it to work you gotta work network on the first -- on minute but I 2% this out of the same exact thing. And gotten a response. Yeah I hit it to get a second the Kennedy greatly if you said Iran's in the background. Out of them I don't know if I'd want that popping up all the time I mean again if it -- a -- -- -- -- the whole novelty of Google goggles. Well. So to say. Step that He could do one good thing that I was worried about is that haven't slowed -- the -- even slower authority was assumed that no effect on Mac -- I think it's after you take the pictures are processing. And immunity if you have guru and Douglas that's not. Of processing in the background and you have Google place uploading in the background. -- -- a slow down here for religious basic picture taking there. I already got I've got an app called. And of the light I believe that's how it's announced. And or Navajo light our interest some earlier loss next that'll tell Hillary -- -- all wrong with the basically what it is it's a daily use tracking. Through essentially. You tell it which -- data plane is and it will track your usage. Annual tracking go globally so -- avenue limited plan that went into Yucca gigabytes. Just gonna show you what it'll do into bytes it will soon it'll see you like -- -- -- -- You've burned through this meetings. Any -- but then you can also. -- it out on a per -- basis or you -- Burning through the megs and you when He knew what -- is doing it. I don't break it down for at -- -- you can Steven ray almost you 700 Nathan just downloading podcasts. Over four G. And -- -- to data -- -- even like flash notification in Italy eight by the way I don't know if you know this but. This app is eating up a lot of bandwidth and if you want to you can even restrict that at. To only Wi-Fi. Connectivity so it's a very cool -- specially now that a lot of providers -- -- to throttle and locked down. A you know they unlimited plans to -- -- with cap. And it can get pricey if you start going over it's a very cool -- to basically keep track of which stated you use and where that -- is doing. That is really cool also noted this is free it's a free app in the there's a paid version as well as few papers is -- himself as late but now light recipients. Regular -- let. There's not. Reared its free had a more easily -- India and this -- -- written notification I really like it I mean even with an unlimited plan -- like to know. What -- don't know left and -- that I'm a little intrigued by. Just how much Steve values. And it's at. It's fun to their that there are. War on to use email. Streaming others in -- analysis in a talk announcer. Like that. Right -- kind of a complex monitoring and -- try and summarize from. Our different Nikki. Says love this show -- question com. Why is it that they -- America doesn't have the ability. To updates. Basically to download updates too and read on to your phone like Mike and -- just. Goes there and pay for electric and go and buy a Windows Vista or Windows 7. I -- in essence that's his question right. I like how it you have we have windows. Seven basic can use that -- awaited Windows 7 -- you can actually just jump into your settings menu. Printer credit card number and give Microsoft the 120 bucks right there next time you reboot your machine you'll have been neighbors of blended threat He and then in the -- -- wondering. -- why can't you just go into the market in and say well for use out. So prevalent to -- -- paid for it yeah that should make it easier and give them more incentive. If you feel like there's a couple answers to this link in a PC specifically He -- display download the market. Oh He says at one point lake if He says money talks they realize that -- on May be different but money talks and should rest anyway. To do this yes is merely. Aaron I was gonna addressed the money where money -- can people charge for -- yeah it's if it's free and open source and -- -- -- Part and I Google's terms of services that you can't -- were right. These are so why else. -- -- public says if the thing about integrate is that. It's non standard rate and in the end to meaning you really -- adapted to each specific hardware yet so -- -- camera from the suppliers bears need. Internal digital amplifier from -- provider that -- If there's a there's a bunch of different processors on the market the the different carriers and manufacturers like to have control over that features that are enabled. And disabled. There's a bunch of reasons and in if if if Google to -- A Microsoft esque approach of just going like a little of their driver that you can download -- -- that. It's the software is designed to handle pretty -- in hardware. It probably. Get pretty blue. Less than a gigabyte for the whole OS. And it nets and in in the case of something like since we're talking about -- -- OS I think it's only a couple hundred megs. And if you started like building in its universality. -- to support. He was in any process or words you know they nearly -- drivers for thirty different phones and yet it would start taking up a lot it's based on -- and you you kind of watcher OS to be spelt and -- and streamlined and I think there's also customer's part issues like you know. The carriers have to sort of approves the release is because they're the -- period a call and it starts to not work can range. There's there's lot of bureaucracy but a lot of -- a couple differs in that interact. It would be nice yes. -- excellent comes if a guy's. Of the -- which you obviously don't have children. I'd probably actually wanted to correct -- and here I think we'll -- and yes Adam actually -- I have until beautiful yeah. There's an app for that obviously don't have young children by the way that especially Justin made fun of the injury based -- prototype is one of two emails -- a -- -- -- -- -- Are picking on me and me portable media players yet because I can have with defending them. And this is the specifically of one email from. Victor victor in another email from a from -- young children. From a young children and young child -- Need to meet CO -- need mentally the thirteenth round. Reality really Lazio's email then we can the address them both as I -- I think you did a good job -- residents are victor has Asus has halo this -- -- noticed one of fewer episodes you said hips critter die and market. I dis agree. I am -- hand twelve year old boy who by the way understands and enjoys your show I know things from specs OS is in fact. I'm building in my own mobile OS so don't underestimate tests are made me and my knowledge. I do not think you understand how high in demand iPod touches are -- -- the iPod Touch fourth generation nearer the time of the release and it. Talk to school everybody freaked out over it -- wanted to use it. Apple issues is price -- if any manufacturer can make it him running Android with a full market. It could get a lot of people by Annette yes I hate my iPod -- -- because it doesn't not run Android please save me Sony. Leo is -- -- reading your emails verbatim. And also for those who don't that's it did you read -- be calling portable media players. For the last two episodes and it's -- AT&T. Portable media player -- -- -- talking about experts slim. Product through so that's aimed at. -- and I. Adam. So -- -- -- in my children like that youngest children and people who don't want tied down to a data plan to people who don't have. The ability to tied into a contract -- is still interested. In the portable media player market not agree with that think that kind of the point that. That need. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean -- -- is apparently -- that point as well how will concede that it still is also shrinking market because bandwidth and indeed connected he's becoming more more ubiquitous. And I mean it. You -- in this time next year mean non connected devices. Media only a sliver of market and the mean these portable media players me start coming standard with three G for example. And I also think they might start to see it. -- using their old phones as media players yeah yeah definitely give it goes to their kids. And also I've -- CO I would like to hear more boats that OS -- building. -- mouse and about that. -- -- -- -- Maybe you -- -- -- are under arms at twelfth. And will mean three things happen and in the end it with an interest -- things they replete stories of kids and didn't increase the things in building web sites -- that. -- -- -- -- letter that contained anything can happen aren't from Philly has seen enough from you -- you gonna read this one. This -- the question of criticism. Can -- criticisms. Is that nothing's wrong all the time. Into the heaven OG Droid -- critics both in their respective. Not sure what to do but my contract renewals -- to hold up market a first -- a -- for the prime. Or July week for the bigger and waited so long for the -- and -- can't hurt to wait another month or so but I'm going nuts. And so basically he's asking if He should. -- for the Detroit prime. Rumored. Next a nexus phone from Samsung or the IA CC vigor. The knicks who were super phone from. The answer I'll say that if you'd -- if you. If -- phantom like your new G trading injury -- If especially if you G Droid is you know -- humans one of -- though. The last merely -- phones. -- gonna see one of a handful of phones that run stock Android molding and -- one -- for the prime. The Droid X even though it runs moto -- it's still. Closer. To that standard injury experienced and you will get from the speaker with its it'll probably -- controller and that nuisance since three dot five. And I'm gonna say wait for the primary because that's -- Hitler didn't yet only in the vigor has some interesting aspects I mean if if you're gonna wait. I was my advice is wait as long as you feel like waiting and then buy the best phone at the moment because there's always gonna be something better along the line. By the time the time comes out they'll be rumors of Quad Core I think there are actually already are yes rumors of a Quad Core phone by that was it you -- you. In the a whatever that company is pleased to -- -- -- now they have Quad Core phone it's rumored coming out cool. And most importantly hit that's a different question -- He wants to new. I'm how to transfer his apps to missile device to -- new app that I can answer this question a ton of times. You must united do without being routed. There. That's an easy answer. So last emails from Earle guess so this shows just might be a topic of current the past but but what is the best way to secure music -- your PC tearing Android phone. Google -- the beta. Obviously it's an easy way it's ridiculously easy but as. You put the software -- years because. -- says He uses a windows media and -- iTunes but what can be music -- we'll do -- will scan your music upload it all to Google's server on the cloud. And then you can either download it to your phone. Over Wi-Fi or three G or you can stream. So if you don't like keep your entire library on your phone you'll -- -- you've been there are also went rather aptly. Double twist or I theater -- -- thinkers specifically. Tuned for you probably won't use that are. But double twist -- induce. That's an -- Winamp has -- an app and desktop software that goal seek and result in this doesn't suck. And sitting and it doesn't suck I'll leave you with what you think windows the -- -- and a -- -- is Winamp slogan oh I did it wouldn't it did it himself if it really -- the llama that's. But does it doesn't suck -- BB edit. Old school whether you like it Winamp you install it in the first thing you there lately Rutan -- Media leaked the and then it'll all alarm -- -- and. -- would reasonable woman mean that now. I don't know in -- Receipt that they are not familiar -- -- -- in and let us know what along -- sounds like also if you have questions comments. Criticisms. Android -- and cnet.com. It's injury -- there it comes to all of us and will try to answer them on the show. If we think they're awesome enough you can also tune in every Wednesday at this time twelve -- -- Next week. Next week 10 AM 10 AM and and -- can now yes definitely earlier literally. We will now the case the next week after next week -- -- Wednesdays at 10 AM still Pacific. Movie streaming here of cnet.com slash alliance and you can also if you -- that download shows at cnet.com slash injury best at -- that's also where you can that's what it'll be development services wealthy beer making machine. And -- be all of I've done on Mountain View through an undergraduate in the morning that festina back -- injured relative also where you can. Find all of these latest injury news how to use. And general purpose cool stuff and then you can also follow the show on Twitter twitter.com -- injury atlas. You told me I -- act in -- And in Justin's -- not my real name. We'll see you guys next week CN AM then.
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