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Ep. 641: Where we use 12 cores to run MS Paint: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 641: Where we use 12 cores to run MS Paint

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On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu discuss Apple slowly turning into SkyNet, learn about Sharpie's newest liquid pencil, discover a new online dating site for virgins! Also, Wilson defines net neutrality and how it will effect everyone in the future.

Hey it's August 10 when he sent to pour -- on CNET to a school to. Do what which is -- did you can't get back door. I'm moles and then -- just view this is the show where we used twelve cores twelve callers to run an athletes. As we need that processing. That's -- I use it if you run notepad. -- -- -- And man twelve cores and a new Mac to an actress came out we need twelve -- for pretty hardcore -- I do heavy HD stuff every single day yet. I can use an iMac does that relate I don't need that many cores like final -- does -- even support. All that the -- mania -- scoring goes up to eat. Corn corn. On -- I could never imagine even -- -- into the future. Having to use -- And he's getting to a point where -- nobody cares just doesn't matter we've plateaued so hard. -- Well it doesn't matter it doesn't matter also colors did well core 73 -- now you know how much and how much -- it move I I have no idea but I think that of these models and happily finished I guess I'm I have no idea yet -- just -- in order for work. Decades. Needed -- Apple for the Mac -- them looking at the web and right now they start at 2500 dollars that's four Quad Core. Political all went to the dual core Intel Xeon processor that's gonna run you I grants actually not that -- -- -- and they're really easy way too much to spend on one computer that would not forward Joe Schmo who's gonna use it to play or actually do whatever it is honestly get an entire home theatre setup with the computer. And speakers and a TV these but yeah again for -- This I don't look at it but it's a consumer model donors and now this is a professional it's Mac Pro yeah it's not for like you know you don't counts what you just said it was informally. -- one development -- -- for -- -- different. For awhile so I think if you're doing like the -- stuff like unlike. Render platform something like that my behavior like rendering out 3-D movie and even then if that's so cost effective -- you should probably get -- responsibly -- have to render farms take care of something like that yet. Unbelievable the sort of technology that's coming hook up I guess I'm just blown away. I remember back in college and you taxis to get excited about it new graphics -- -- Playing quake -- 112 -- You. I got excited when they change from 128 megabytes 250s to connect fifth. Victim through user community right into the future. Now nobody -- -- knowing players we we have become I guess. Desensitize we'll look at the computers and what people care more about. -- -- that don't get we we were probably the last generation of people and correct me if I'm wrong. But I'm not sure there -- people much younger than us who really get their kicks from you know processing power yeah. I mean I think it's somebody this analogy a little while ago but -- -- intimately cars and definitely do it I'm sure there was a point where. Horse power matter at hand but now know addicts -- that I think still matters -- it depends on who you miles per gallon and stuff like that and that's a pretty much about the the only spec I would. I currently look at if I'm gonna buy Sudan Sudan yet you don't like Seattle and driving us today -- yeah. I had me get filled up. And elegant I feel like the -- -- bit more analogous to cars nobody really looks at it the horse power unless you're you know mature mover or -- And fewer these that there are young people -- still into tinkering with computers and putting together PCs like -- it it's just that are not putting you know quadruple what we talk about that public. One do that more all of us have put together own computers yet because older we're we're past that stage in life but -- -- -- twelve Kenya that there are. I hope. I hope there are -- -- now I feel like everyone's buying that company yet. But stories the it would -- about virgins but he versions -- -- want to know just isn't any different topic of which I know plenty of but it's all yeah well the quality the quality you're born again and anyway there's a new. Only four virgins it's called you and me are here dot this in the so they don't words business model and yeah -- the only company the only business model that wins the it's completely you have no more customer please join us as we take a quick tour of unity -- appeared outcome all along -- browser. This is obviously made by two people. Two virgins that -- the website for them. There's no way to test if you really are -- of two need this to theme to another way for people lie about who they are also sort of going up up up. I can see them from real ugly side of this yet. Just people. Son you wanna get into it then there's definitely more bad than good yet -- for guys for guys who are like looking for this mean the worse part is that they actually charge money. Per month predominantly thirty dollars per month how many members. -- agree -- to four members that yeah. There L just double -- the last year yet. And after H editing had to get up -- mean -- I mean is that what happens I don't know I mean it's thirty dollars a month which you can buy it somebody -- certificate. It's kinda gimmicky -- -- it also offered these things called V cards and they're literally like. In cards you can hand out to people -- that they know that your birds aren't. Chat room or they're really people like this in the world. What is really an imminent and yeah they're less her -- Now there are definitely people who especially very religious via the subscribe to -- you know it's funny though the whole view cart I remember reading in -- -- somewhere. That you remember in high school they have the purity pledges the coveted new -- of the day yeah this of course definitely did this and in Tennessee right you and they -- -- explain this process to me like in high school lake it would be people you know people who we're in the prayer club with an update -- -- Oh my god I have. Doubt god I'm gonna hear -- again and they within the cable and units and the security place and and you get a little card. And you pledge to remain emergency room right. And I remember that -- vividly in high school and I remember seeing and there were disregarding -- -- and give Italy tube -- I. So what happened well I I rumors that he where they actually pointed out that people who had a tendency to sign and said pledge card -- significantly higher chance of getting pregnant. Their own. Intention of course you are no line because -- this intended -- and condoms -- bad idea ray and I'm serious and that's what happens. You know I do think that this website does serve a good purpose for people that are religious right -- -- we have -- his co workers in the office that. I you know haven't had -- and it won't do that until marriage it's hard to find something. Look how whenever well how do you know about that. I'm thinking it's somebody in particular that I'm looking. I just think that's a little much information to select their I don't work wanna -- -- sort of personal well room. Maybe don't think -- were taken as phony baloney that argument is if you -- so that's what she told you rated them to understand that there are people out there that must be difficult for them to find. People like mine yeah of course how are you were LTD go to find -- New York City cut. That's not gonna -- Oliver yeah aggregate data the best thing -- that I think people that started this website have started this other website -- -- -- obscene dot com. This is yours if you always okay -- -- -- with experience you you can -- -- -- Permanent -- and permanent or hats and it's such as this is just you're just putting out this is just the prevent the human race from moving yet is that we those are scared and that understand that. And I think in some -- ridiculous. -- mine for and I can understand the note until Mario and you know this is it and you've been on -- -- -- are here for more than two years and you automatically -- and stand -- that never ever thought that if I -- three after that I you know let there waiting for you we're gonna -- -- it is otherwise -- just look. You do -- you want and that's the beauty of of our current you do whatever the hell you more you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ahead can't if you thought Bob Graham of we've very I mean -- just there's no answer that is it's that your question. He continues though I mean you and I abstained in documents that -- just going out and meeting friends. If so what are you gonna do you gonna be all wound up like a maniac -- gonna rob a bank and getting an additional problem I mean like the only logical evolution and in my mind what happened there okay like just a little bit of history though that -- there's actually been. Several groups -- in American history and who have done the I'm gonna -- from separate and -- -- I was -- down an Alley heaven's gate. Well like the guy who invented the Graham cracker oh yeah of clearly if you tag yeah American it didn't ever want and I promise you okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am I you know and that it was actually the quakers and Wilson -- heard about him now -- -- heaven's gate they thought haley's comet who's gonna take them too far off. -- yet it does but -- there's a whole groups that people who believe in living he blamed exist right there yeah yeah and -- but -- you know -- in the dorm -- like you that the world. Well in Columbus also killed known varieties of -- -- -- -- vehicles if that's really. You try it -- -- I you know they need for a night are we gonna get. -- -- -- So yeah that's the story with that we had determined that. Let alone yeah. That's once again if people to join you and I have seen dot -- -- you -- -- -- -- plug -- -- And now good clues and find this Friedlander an offensive word through them with -- familiar it's what we have -- bookmark the question yeah. I don't login information on the right a post your profile picture. And that's -- But it doesn't work they can hire anyone to do their site either clearly -- -- the owner. Let's move it along here kids. Human talked about pencils you don't have a -- with well first let's talk about that Apple thing. It through that and then we can get into our liquid pencil -- and supersonic. Examples -- -- -- both -- -- similar them both talking about metal -- Apple has to sign an agreement with some company. You don't put liquid metal technology you've probably seen this commercial that like it's on late -- happy with like the guy -- that a golf ball for a minute -- -- -- Okay so like the whole point is there. -- there's these infamous father I guess where liquid metal the company liquid metal it's called equipment built a golf club does not exist in nature -- that formerly the new metal island -- -- That apparently -- -- for -- energy incredibly efficiently cool so we were nomadic -- -- -- golf club yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brian Tong -- got a picture of -- -- I -- he accidentally dropped it in dented the aluminum now I do it could be median UK expert and acts yes. Bob Wilson is looked at me like. Lucky you live yeah another -- -- Phil Wilson has filed a patent. That's pretty cool. Leads isn't it -- about some things or dissimilar idiots not at all I think this is cool liquid metal tag this is called. The liquid -- let's throw up an image of it on on the screen here. It is a new sharp be writing utensil we have presents obviously why is it when I came into the CEOs lay and Jeff -- music do. Hard to talk about this center and its potential -- -- Okay well I don't have what's called a liquid pencil it writes like a -- but -- races like a pencil. How did they do this I don't know. But apparently. It's some sort of liquid -- graphite. That can be -- with the in a few hours but if you let it sit for a couple days it becomes permanent. That's pretty cool that is cool. I'd rather just like scratch something -- and -- papers. I mean it's. A couple of things a couple that. And I don't mean I'm trying to hear that you have three days to relax a long time yet to I don't know what -- be writing to where you need to go back injury like it alleviating I would not want to sign a contract yes who you might get my question of the old relying parties who actually uses writing utensils anymore right what you're holding up. All righty with this -- emphasis is this your -- yeah. Now I use a pen every day but I'd -- I enjoy a good -- you have you enjoy a fine pen will dismal time. At least you know. Writing is not three and is not dead so it looks like pan like -- it looks like Penn budgeted if you click pen but it can erase yeah yeah race believe modernize schools you kind of cool is nothing do you think that there we're going of new generation -- just. Doesn't know how to write in I don't know I mean and anyone can record execs you remember quicker -- Who mechanical pencil in hand with a little you Flickr on secret -- did it yes but it quickly and -- when it came out middle school we used in its currency. Rated and will -- for food company -- smarter child -- Gorilla yeah huge difference came -- you -- like a five millimeter -- -- -- -- -- you were childhood. Must've been nonstop fun yet I was basically bill have a -- -- That's crazy -- Oliver mechanical pencil is going up who's using them like sling shots right filling our own oil and turn to weapons. Or I mean line people remember there's a point where I just -- -- in normal pencil you -- yeah who's this number to her after this crap that. If what if you wish you could show you guys in our office we actually how those old school -- -- operatives in one way we do -- Thing -- literally one of those again like it cylinder with eight different sizes yeah that'll -- -- that one diameter pen in hand crank yeah. Hello and collect the yeah -- know I've often. Right the more you know our good friend and make it back to the -- discussion. Right eating and he's just done. -- style nobody writes the bottom of its out of style about when I was sort of couple -- -- get ready because no I'm like actual rating with at hand -- still I mean I I I don't. He notes in the conventionally that you do in high school this is really inviting all the time I write down all the time I'm with I'm I'm saying it's really -- me when I see other people write in just chicken scratch is awful time as long as you can understand what you're writing until -- -- -- -- that because his hand -- is hard stuff. Look at a paper thin multi all sigh actually a very decent -- whole global. Very decent -- is that. It is that the content. Very decent handwriting sentences this is what I Wilson -- -- that I've pretty there right there. Yeah women is that. Anyway we -- -- -- and or through all yeah of course it is a problem at -- -- -- Thought that. You guys can debate the rating nine rating debate during the break we'll be back calls from the public and more right after this stick around this is the floor and home phone or Panthers. The show where we -- -- Everything is an oral or the show where. I've been married for him and it broke below. Don't -- -- You click and new users. It's stressful and c'mon it's gone it's gonna -- patent. Thank you for that voicemail. Can never ago a month that reference in hackers. You -- the student loan. Clearly my name is the play it we just talked about pencil for the last fifteen minute -- that -- that -- made headlines every ticket. The it because there sale water -- targeted in this August of nothingness oh my god it's 95 degrees outside and three -- Yeah beautiful the trickle down to that 91. Yeah I can't wait till line it's the weather is gonna drop off tomorrow Markkanen only hit the only object you -- -- -- content that's what it was it -- like this morning it was. Insanity -- speaking of insanity we have calls from the public let's get to them right now time did she. Lungs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really Henry it's gonna be 89 tomorrow. My wrong. In mystery it's. This summer has been so stupid. Songs over at the thought yeah -- was overblown and over you know. -- Fox News is that what you told me global warming -- this. Don't understand -- -- degrees yesterday I was playing it well it. Thursday -- the way for the drop off sorry chat room -- -- -- urology skills parents. It is only few people from -- -- Let's get to a voice mail. We're talking about net neutrality. Callers curious about the concept. We're gonna. Really lay it out simple for you guys let's hear this. -- that or or this is Jeff from its. And around -- -- -- can eat meat. Squash. Clinton that mutuality news. Okay because I must -- yeah. And the whole Google Verizon. Okay well now pros and and -- unit -- -- if it if I just one as due to trying -- do you like people OK okay yes sort of model to the cable okay so what the thing is right now. A lot of companies like Comcast and Verizon and he GMT are totally gets net neutrality. Ray has been a lot of misstatements in this understanding about what net neutrality is now -- it's complicated subject and -- distill it down just now now and go ambassador sensible term net neutrality is. Net neutrality is the principle that you should be allowed to use. Any sort of application on an open Internet. Okay it -- -- using her people now what does that mean okay so late. This like I was thinking a lot about this classic is that -- -- this is one issue that's really important to me. Course there's a lot of misinformation it's not deregulation. Of the Internet no okay this is not about regulating speech on the net right caiso like anybody here -- on -- on radio. That this is the government intruding into the nothing good -- believe anything further from the truth this is the opposite okay. So -- -- the two best analogy I can think. Is think of the Internet as utility. Like all the government wants to do is make sure that you can plug in what ever you want. Like you can into the power out. Right everything is compatible with everything's -- you know like there's the power companies that -- throttle your power usage -- me pay more for extra serving exactly. And it gets really important because we're right now at a point where. Everything is can be delivered over the Internet right I mean we've we've all been using and who who in things like that -- the last couple years. Well -- -- always have been talking about it but I think a lot of us are taking that step. Into getting rid of cable and and that's what the cable companies are afraid of because you know people like -- are afraid that you goods drop. Your video subscriptions rhetoric and just rely -- and Internet and -- that's an option for a lot of people. -- that this goes the same way for newspapers. For radio. Everything's gonna be delivered over the Internet over the course of the next decade -- so it's become really important that we make sure that. -- to the government doesn't censor anything on the Internet they be also the cable company's VIPs. Don't censor anything on -- and and that's where it gets like that's why I'm certainly very very. Nervous -- nervous about this because like cool Verizon kind of like. Went behind everyone's back tested the first stone yeah -- and they say oh right now everything that you can do on the Internet right now we can keep that open it but that's not what I'm worried about. I heard about it you can do in the future. -- yet but the president's China offer faster Internet. Or certain website if those -- Decide to pay more mastered yet which will translate to faster website loading up for the and user. How I'm not editing in the consumer higher price yet higher prices and you have to -- you -- in the in the course of human technology but he's a good in English aren't paying for it right it's the web that. The consumers will end up paying for and the other thing is that you know a company like Google or FaceBook. Probably can -- the millions of dollars it's gonna cost to you. Bump up their traffic -- the next start up the the guy down the road there's like the brilliant idea on the Internet might not be able to and that's what's gonna really and in and he doesn't problem that that's what really bothers me is people -- -- we need to right now monetize Thomas is like. Internet usage and but the point is is that. We're so early on in the Internet then. Technology area right. We have no idea what's gonna come number I mean -- we shouldn't be placing these kind of restrictions. On startups and people will be -- and -- then the other part of it is that people like oh will contest built their cables -- they'll do whatever they want. With their tables right. Well the thing is that. They they licensed that landed a Randy cables underneath and into the streets and what from the public merit so we should go to -- Put the commercials and say yeah exactly so Google and Verizon finally put out their proposal today -- yet. So what does that say well it says that right now that right now the open Internet should remain open but in the future. Verizon wants to have the ability to have he'd. Premium comes around -- -- compare -- again and what about wireless service. Well what and that and that's the other big portion of the day they -- that. -- should be able to block what ever traffic they want on wireless network. And backing get pretty scary to -- -- about Google and Verizon had agreed not to touch the wireless network of debris not to -- the wired. Yet it was the wireless ones that they just like you know you can block whatever you want this is not accurate so this is not good. Now for the Internet packet for us in the media -- for democracy and. It really everyone loses yet edit them -- -- Well chocolate and you know as long as they're doing well -- I -- here. Unto -- yeah yeah I always been enough time and a new -- our next call. -- This is a message would get back to law -- this -- You had all over. Or at all concerned Troy. Being the phone and Android -- system but what you -- -- -- that it then people well. It sounded like you were saying that that wasn't -- -- Fall. Okay okay. Where -- -- I think what he's talking about here is the difference between major road and and for. Kind of an Android. Is what Verizon has branding all of their Android phones -- gone over this. To set this this record straight permanently. To Roy it is exclusive to Verizon it is just something they simply call all along there. Android phone Bratton and that is that that's really all -- Android is. The operating system is Google's mobile operating system that's on phones across all carriers Verizon just wanted you have more familiar the new year -- with it -- And coal Android -- and I think it pisses you off is that people called the spread into it felt right like silicon that the -- -- -- truly. An update to Vista -- in your phrase. -- that work -- but anyway I appreciate the call and I hope that clears everything up. We have. We had a -- also about Molly going to be here in New York men -- -- is me you that we can get there on Friday or something like them cool. And that's it for calls from poems wanted to read a quick email from our buddy -- His girlfriend Christina 320 today he's been a listener for three years she's actually started with into the show and love that so much that she put the 404. In her email address which can pick it up -- I -- -- -- she actually incorporated 404. So ride -- that she's actually in Singapore right now it's -- every few months. And he's a that they listen to the four report together and -- they talked on the phone. It's -- -- -- -- its. Adorable so anyway I wanted to say quick shout out to Christina in the UK without and -- loves you very much. Law. You know -- we bring people together. Yeah I thought he families Qichen along stronger than ever yes that is our business model -- -- or listening everybody but especially and yeah yeah they had to always be extra special. I'm a Blackberry messenger we can't stress it enough we're again all kinds of wacky stuff including a message that says. -- I could Jeff -- -- all this week is he not the widest -- No I'm not and this is -- not gonna 400. And ladies and Europe around the planet after getting your current together. And after capitol the Pentagon there -- burning flame musical man. At the Gladys. If you wanna -- -- as an insult my lack of pigmentation. 2482. F. 45 Q is our pin number of the Blackberry messenger picture -- just email -- All I -- it of the postman contends content. -- like saying it is akin to edit it could -- a very cool. It's so nice. That's gonna do for us everyone have agreed Tuesday we'll see against the mark three game definitely happening we process -- the tomorrow Jeff Bakalar animals and -- Justin -- is a report tactic it's low brow. I'm right -- with my liquid paper -- pencils.

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