The 404: Ep. 639: Where we can do this the easy way or the hard way
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The 404: Ep. 639: Where we can do this the easy way or the hard way

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On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu preview the game trailer for Batman: Arkham City, reveal leaked pictures of the fourth generation Apple iPod Touch, promote Amazon's $5 album deals, and tour the 5 best arcades in New York!

It's August 6 twentieth and it's the -- New York on your back I am Wilson tang and Justin new ended the show where we can do this the easy way or the heart. Do you view -- outlook and yeah. Download you open that the future I'd go through and we ran into him. -- ever again and I haven't read the future and to yeah billowed -- -- movement -- -- -- -- -- so cool there feel like wearing cowboy -- if it. I think actors to flee from them do these mean -- -- and then do these these Q and leave it looks like grain -- the macho man anything. Yeah and others like run in Sunday's the right kind of -- out I have like a revolver with the help. She used to review a revolving. To put managed to yeah. -- -- Man let yeah yeah my favorite like watching them -- -- the Helmsley. That this still be in view of the very old idea record that literally people are getting -- out -- oh yeah that that aren't you lie there like the lower -- -- -- -- I keep telling us all accidentally -- -- around now you're right yeah I think tanks rolling through black guys that go around. Look at the New York. I love that what was going on everyone's hope you have agreed Friday we're having agreed it via -- -- Hasn't found that this morning there was some really awesome is me and just need that just needs yet yes will appreciate this super site where with -- there is a new. Sequel to Batman and -- of asylum to be Batman -- city. -- -- CD markedly since that are on that he does not it makes no sense because -- but the name of Arctic island yet you can policies as well I'm sure it's also the the area. Gotham city is the fictional town in which that man. Resides. So I don't know why it's called market city it doesn't matter and the video is actually on YouTube. You there's there's one on the website and and that -- -- it's not much to use you -- the environment and now it's pretty cool via by. They get it's -- -- so -- you don't -- the game play mechanics or anything like that right but. I had so much fun with this games is probably one of my favorite games of all time that easily -- Just that the -- variation like the scarecrow scenes. The whole stale stuff. The -- -- reference pretty much every villain in the Batman universe including people like calendar. -- I like that. Oh yeah riddles are those satisfying where you sort -- go around and you look for all these Easter eggs in the gain the game is beautiful like there's mark Hamel. -- the joker awesome. So good he was the voice of the original -- -- -- cartoon -- you're correct -- so we'll -- and -- the big reveal for this or the trailer is that the joker is back yet because at the because he's the main -- and Batman -- from the silence. You -- the whole time China kill. And -- when you do who you beat the game. And you expected to be gone in the series and he's not he's not he's had to. Unlike us where they've come. Up you know let's switch gears and Dan and I was watching in the dark nine nine. -- -- And they were too I think if he that you're did not die he'd be back in and -- well I think. Almanac as the joker reviewed -- wires and like. Chris Nolan. -- -- the at least when villain from the previous film to move on into the second yeah. Like that's why -- -- course America he said very. He does that. I was that here I'm here -- what should happen. Some okay I did this Veronica in the -- Batman begins scarecrow was like this under the you leave playing character and it sort of looks like Canadians. I mean opportunities that these kinds. -- don't get hammered this smell and skated in ski -- people know though not in short if you -- All linking people. But anyway. We got it a year for this new game its its gonna be full of 2011 and boom you can pre order it now on the web that I mean what's the point of -- We might as well just give any everyone you know free -- her hooked up my I don't know if -- I have -- days. Like that it also watching true it makes you wanna go back to -- the -- -- I think I'm gonna do it yeah hesitant but the you know it's funny you would love this game used some of them will let you -- I'm -- -- hate video games to maybe -- don't kind of like you know. You hate video games just because you're you're you think this is like he video games. No it's not it's like when people in -- out and actually yeah yeah always the popular announcement about every single piece of music and I just don't like -- combative and I don't and I'll say this about art of asylum. Is it is probably one of the easiest games to pick up -- did mechanics are just. Almost perfectly -- the game yes who do you want view that too close to sports for -- -- -- not -- it's born old and you know like that I could kind of had a hand eye coordination required to play video game it's too reminiscent of sport I mean -- -- -- items like through the streets of Manhattan that video game yet. It like crazy and favorable way. Certify. Oh -- I -- -- -- my days now no you're not the same thing for you. Well -- it should go back in -- now it didn't make it for the game boy park. My problem I'm not sure you've ever. I -- big -- morning -- we. -- -- you portable sure as one of the rumors now means that there's a new. In the new iPod Touch which is no big surprise surprise every September they sort of do but this one right now there's leaked photos of Mac rumors dot com idea of a front facing camera on the new iPod touches right so. I'm surprised that this. I mean I'm -- and that's super is -- IMac I'd be more surprised that they put a camera on the back of the camera a bright -- on on the iPod idea yet. That would be IE I hope they would yeah yeah I mean like I think figures just gonna do this just because. They're pushing face -- not only that when you think of an iPod -- an iPod Touch you think of like. Mobile Wi-Fi aspect of it yet is the only way face -- gonna work -- -- do that so Gilbert. So -- I mean. Well there's find out soon and I I think attitude about -- thing about this you know I think is almost the perfect time for them to cut the iPod classic I would be surprised -- the iPod Touch just became the iPod. All though because the people get so much more hard drives yet. -- -- There's enough people out there who want a 200 gigabyte I applied I won't even he was the highest six point six in I -- current 320s and -- -- people really have 320 gigabyte -- is it that I have. I haven't had a lot have a maybe a hundred K I was gonna say have a close to -- regret it but I got a couple hundred gigs but the thing is is that. I think you know it might behoove Apple to release a 120 gigabyte iPod Touch him and then just drop the iPod right. Okay and how much money they really making on the but are they like your but I will there be a 120. Away iPod Touch -- I don't I just don't -- we'll right now is a 64 gives -- the Central Asia is like a decent two years to build the capacities as well of -- yeah I -- if there's a lot of economics involved than that but the big thing is that the the chips. Aren't -- overpriced brick people thought they were to be that's -- there's no 64 gigabyte version of via. IPhone threat so the I I up until I got my evil I would buy this new iPod Touch. Really -- because I want to you know I want them solid music do -- -- -- the -- look like the -- I don't think the iPod -- -- -- good music -- I mean I don't flick it -- I actually prefer the scroll -- and -- little -- -- design of the -- there is no doubt in my mind the original iPod is still by far the best music player and it comes to find new music controlling it and I can you can -- you can. Pretty much is -- with a player in your pocket you can't do that with the iPod and wrote on the biggest the hardest things for me right over here yeah. But it by you know I think Apple's really pushing to -- Expand Iowa us and he's -- -- easy ways. For people who are Verizon are -- you the other carriers. I really really see it happening. I think there's probably got 50% chance that dropped the via pipelines and -- -- there's a market for standalone music players can -- on a Smartphone without it it and I don't get a standalone music player it's part because of -- -- -- running -- which did you buy the shuffle from the without actually spinning hard and this shuffle the nano or something. -- You know it's still make -- -- -- I don't know why I he'd never seen anybody using that -- they did put him in vending machines that you. A quarter and isn't that it's probably the biggest product mistake Apple's ever -- yeah really I do not understand -- indeed remotely without a screen. Think the -- overpriced but like if you're willing to pay for the look human right now if -- keep it is defending the keys that. I'm sure Hillary did yeah. Is over place yes definitely I just. Those who would -- the gamecube and speaking of Apple who put the story in there and Dan guy takes hate Apple hate to ha. Story Jeff this is fun for the I do not hate. I criticize -- -- not he had -- I -- so this is funny like just what you read this post I consider to be closed on Gizmodo says 845 year old moving to new or is willing to pay 14100 for room -- -- But there's no -- -- -- he would put up with any iPhone iPad users. So apartment sharing candidates must -- Apple produces not if anybody had any Apple -- At -- at all -- no iphones no iPad no facts no Mac books it's great to create this list that's the listing says is a bunch of programs number one no iPhone you've got. -- you have a anyone that is so there -- mortal soul of the job. I don't care of it as it does when you need water plants. Or care that -- -- -- a function. And of speak and spell and don't care that your -- is the new and exciting features and edit them and make everybody icons to got the apartment show him their phone -- -- -- -- if not now you know you could hit Apple you do all this like this is does my -- in a little bit too far. But I think he can steals his feet -- and -- the next line yeah he says. -- up -- he would highly -- someone. Who plays StarCraft 22. Gotta get the -- became if your Flickr to. And no bronze leaders what does that. I'm underground Starker Galindo. What I don't really need constantly year battle dot net profile that I don't know. -- -- this -- -- this guy he's he's he's he's got within the U. Isn't it I hope the I hope -- yeah -- easier parity I can't I don't think this is totally real I just think it's sort of like. -- -- -- I don't know maybe -- Kelly called Apple heads big Mac guy's got a big Mac big Mac you can like that a lot. So basic upon meeting Shamir for I'm gonna call confronting and I will that you would have the opposite Qaeda had the person who live there would have to you know PCs whatsoever yet known only Mac -- ha -- At the -- -- put an Apple. You know -- like this. I think that's pretty good I'm looking guy I think a funny I thought it was funny up until -- our -- -- pores in them like. All that you're a little clarity for and these is not -- -- yeah. And that's -- the line elaborated. The other things like disease so he wants to live in SoHo yet of 14100 dollars. -- -- didn't live in New York maybe a navy that's -- -- his share of the apartment. He's -- live in a studio with another program yeah and a box. And a this is cool retirement isn't voted today. This is amazing they're selling a thousand albums for just five bucks each right now this is pretty good health and doctors know -- Yeah there's an elementary personal Spin Doctors to have more than -- more yeah I did it but this is there actually some very very decent records at their -- -- -- records only five books it obviously you're gonna pick up your your days Huey Lewis. -- -- Coldplay here into the the object here it bronze if -- into the -- just go to believe it. -- -- it is Amazon MP3 -- yeah and then you can actually certain is we can search the thousand plus jobs that are only five dollars there's a few for you can -- to -- though aren't -- buying is there right in the Amazon is also giving away one free nickel back album for every. They started it they couldn't get them back I. If you could return -- give everybody. Yeah returns digital data every -- get you we have a whole layouts quality nickel back to take I've put a units -- the gonna pay double consented. Thank you -- He's. -- -- -- -- This does is it denies that he deals like this -- the middle recession and that. Two the -- especially music I like that in internal dispute about the room and out the other thought was like. Before in the past -- -- went -- -- it's been anything they recommend. Yeah I have to. Well -- -- -- -- -- it's been a long time to them using the services that's have been downloading. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Before the break chronic aches and update both -- my public -- right. I was biting his column -- and -- unbelievable. Slide. Before we hit the break I wanna talk about the five best -- in New York that you can all go out if you're in the area on the -- -- yet again. This is very cool. Excuse me so this is all over New York City. And over the command line -- -- the first one he Coney Island arc heating teams which is obscene phone in Brooklyn rate sure they belittle and you will drive me it's or with -- video games Eric classic put their class and they also have. People evil which I love it here and absolutely that would die by the games people able to that 500 dollars. Yeah well as apparently you're a master. -- -- -- -- -- I I have an unconventional people rule here I go home that I can walk all the side it up I'd go off the side in an opportunity fifties links over and over and over half. And I take it as a score of 7000 to put that attacked all -- -- Face -- in ski and can. I will just make you this is that he. I will make those I'm a little scientists know it's so and again until then good and put it on -- except we got NYU -- centers that's and we against in the -- university. I've never been there before myself and -- -- and have the most cutting -- gains at Street Fighter tournaments that's cool. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had -- -- and cannot I think the guys I'm not -- my living room. On hang out I think the guys and -- political -- cyber daily. -- that is available over the latest. There -- those of cool if they wiped out like a huge. Gigantic yeah he did nowhere else like that and ninja turtles to me that was the foot soldiers dad with similar they had arcade. And then there's like you guys on those red hey how. Anyway we can -- little more after the break stick around there's a lot more for for coming your way. Brilliantly. With a compact. It and how -- -- -- that. And -- -- security from -- you're listening to borrow or are all the circuitry -- here. -- -- -- I find it very hard to believe that any ladies would be if you care guy -- light heartedly and this is. And catching on yet it's got the only wildlife and let me evening emailing -- entire stands of that wraps not even one line -- long long hair. Daylight gauges and dad and and over the case than to the tune of like I don't know LO. So let's read a couple yeah. I just a few -- single lines that like I think people have been a really long -- So the first -- it from. Be more from rob this his best line that I'm terabyte your next. Digital nightmares. I brick all your hardware with my viral software that -- the -- client update I closed with various patches and might Linux whose style. Never crashes that's. -- like that -- that. No similarity -- yesterday that we -- to get an -- an album -- Williams generally he spoke to him -- spoken -- spoken to her her. Which has been for the no criticism. I don't like 99 -- -- and everything you can't France's my graphics processor flossing two gig. Gonna bust a cap in your obsolete -- -- High resolution close so death showing off my blue screen of death if you get -- path with death that's. A yeah. Death there are no rules and at no clearly you know I'm Motorola's -- -- and I can compile all of these lyrics and made it into one auto tuned masterpiece. Chicago. -- man hey and it would really send him at all this. -- believe they did that for forward out. And that's nothing. Very cool thank you so much for for for -- those and they're really cool and all the people on Twitter who. Who get me back on on the three Treo yet people and emailing or messaging and -- black and he's -- To have any instant messages that Ngo we have one or as one repeated this is the that is not a black -- not -- -- as good -- not good enough. Warner -- -- read it treat from. I'm sorry -- -- -- the fat like FaceBook late for real homey I never waste a terabyte. That was from frowned upon the fact he goes on -- -- very cool. As yet no we've been reading his Blackberry promotional sees that can get in touch with us by -- ending our phone. If you're looking at the video right now the numbers on your screen it's 248. QF. -- -- -- -- The U 482 F 45 to -- I want to read -- this message from Charlton says what do you guys think of the new Blackberry -- 9800. Looks like the phone I need except eighteen T what -- -- Why -- Apple and -- so concerned with. Whether it's a concern about supporting AT&T and so actually it so happens that Bonnie Todd -- Looked at -- Blackberry torch for today at -- we have -- in the studio yeah it. It first of all it's a little bit heavier than I thought it would be but it's it's a good half those fields in it feels like really pretty well constructed he has you know -- -- so you know what I like about this is with the country's -- yes I've decided I agree because this thing looks a lot security year. Then what we I'm -- than what I -- the profile I will -- exactly the thing is that really looks similar. But this phone works yet this phone works the keyboard feels pretty good the screen -- as -- ten times better than any Blackberry yet. Much better than previous blackberries but it's still not quite as sharp as like you -- the iPhone for should also like this touchpad on the one that we have right now -- the middle of don't have the bowl football -- -- -- -- -- I have a -- now which is limitless and a century ago. Very cool so that's that's that this sort and it's got OS six Blackberry -- -- six and I've played around a little bit with it before it's huge improvement over. Previous like music and -- -- media mean to be frankly playing media on previous blackberries -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it -- everything. To go check out today Bonnie -- will post a review of the Blackberry tortured certainly is a project that out right now and -- -- relative for a little bit longer and energy give our hands on opinion yet you gonna watch I don't want to switch -- -- -- because I thought -- largely on the his -- Day environment an announcement that. Because in the -- -- additional amount of. -- CNET and top -- -- a lot of calls today that's turned bust through these first one will Justin Garmin GPS. Report this -- Kansas City from Jake a little thing some older episodes and are talking about you know I'm Tom Tom yeah. I don't know -- out at the Garmin has its own little -- -- Hayward. Google Garmin voiced idiot upset can actually record your own voices telling in my hand just bad -- -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- Let's hear it. There -- no numbers. Let's if you elect I want you to do I want you to compile and -- what do you what do you think he would say give me a line announced it is like when saved me do you turn. Denver Post is next when inmates transferred GPS system beacons. And children that's what you want I think people want you -- it. People actually do one -- and I think you'll want both Asian -- and -- -- -- -- -- backwards there. I don't know if you have to direct people -- -- its Chinese. Michael Arrington. And it's easy -- -- said he's no time ever both Asian. Really really you would Asian little agreement. Every few things that has been like who's probably. Conrad. I Egon had. I almost -- raft but I didn't and I needed. Next call. Hey you know this is a message for terabyte. This is your -- -- US be solved. You know my territory you better back off otherwise me -- -- they're gonna bot a bot net up in just bios. I received this via -- -- because it always always -- the violence. It's always yeah. Secondly are you thinking you become a rapper yeah you wanna -- tons of beef -- -- someone supposedly emailing -- Some weird few that are kind of offensive I think somebody's gonna Twitter all of your FaceBook -- I was really East Coast West Coast Mac right value even if the bottom it'd be divided -- now -- the United States of America -- It's been running Mexico. Pay full four is mollen the -- political behind. Listening who's just been talking about. Seem like people being. Karaoke music -- done them -- on. In the Caribbean usually do the thing I mean Bob Marley who. A couple of years ago I went to think that because I haven't -- Caribbean. And will -- this. He was singing country. -- the whole forget -- for reading and really that must be the most awkward scene ever in the interview in the currently fun. -- -- editing country road and yeah. -- -- I just wanna see it making it my Olympic touch screen people. -- you know you know -- be awesome. We have a celebrity calling us up mr. mark Warburg. Leave good for -- good yeah all the outlook compete a little again. I like it I like -- -- all of a that they. It that backward compatible cult around -- -- recommend repeat nobody. Could help you to look okay. -- -- Watch got a -- -- modern all its okay. I like that and I that's I've -- it. I didn't -- -- to have to know -- did I finally. I don't mind. -- knife and camera. I think trying to say you guys are great home has been my son and I can hand it can Colin -- -- -- instantly. That. Love your humor as quickly as them. You directory and this news there Leo at the end of the day half of them then. No matter let you turn it here in your beliefs and I've used me as well Apple and I'm going. I would land mine I'm. Here right now added that my bank haven't heard me today -- -- A law and government you've got it. Yeah happy birthday -- you can play your little message to the end -- Herman's an -- actually really really cute. We ran Will Carroll thanks relief yes and happy birthday or they can then point 45 years old mother and son both listening well I think I was obviously that's that's -- families bonds yeah. I also like -- -- is all just in your buddy Jeff. You can really well you. Yeah identity and here and -- I thought yeah. You're as you know I'd like you -- yes. You have longhand yeah. Update stereo again but to go into the -- -- right after. We'll call us up and leave them love the world that means you -- 1866404. CNET or you can email us at the -- afford it or you can BBN us. It is time for whoever our eyes yet but boy eight. Too bad -- or five to do and we gotta get out here as we do it just these I would. -- Have a great weekend everybody just Bakalar well today I'm Justin knew this for -- tactic it's low -- to see you Monday.
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