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Ep. 638: Where it's cloudy with a chance of ultrasn0w: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 638: Where it's cloudy with a chance of ultrasn0w

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On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu investigate how to jailbreak an iPhone using ultrasn0w, the best way to block a number from your phone, reminisce about using dial-up modems and landline telephones, and yet another appearance from MC TerrorByte!

It's August 5 Torrington for a four times. We are the 44 New York season. -- -- -- -- I am dead and I'm Justin new ended the show where it's cloudy with a chance of ultra no not from regular -- not yellow snow globe through Sununu is I would go skiing and simple -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very. -- I have no idea he was talking about when we come Rosalia. The iPhone -- freaking website is the -- that the news for the last couple days for people who do not know that's. A what's that you can go to jail break -- got kind you -- just swipe your finger. And it will jailbreak your iPhone what that means you could run an authorized apps through it on your phone the only way to live yet. Now on top of not yell run. Unauthorized apps on a little iPhone the iPhone also locks you into if you're US eighteen. But we're -- just know you can actually unlock your iPhone after you jail broken and to work on T-Mobile. And other GSM carriers the other GSM carriers like Bob still unclear. At -- and yeah -- Belarus at the so -- -- via if you could do that with the three G. Three GF and yet on -- Oh my god that's pretty cool kind of cool so this that this is really really cool because I like they've been talking about in the past. Jailbreak my girlfriend so that just sounds -- Yeah how to use jail broke your girlfriends -- -- -- you wanna be the Guinea pig for your own death that. Little used kind of -- how. -- yeah they convince people. You those guys -- like manipulate -- the -- -- mood music. That's cool yeah baby but if you didn't tell you're like -- don't seem funny yeah you know -- But it -- but there. One little team mobile now what should I thought I -- -- noticed -- and. Like guy carrier messages this is took those kind of random but you know remember that movie antitrust -- with the Brian Philippine yeah Brian and Tim Robbins yeah. So I go into that movie with want it right now -- and Nokia has the phone with a sneak on it yeah that -- So we go into the movie and at the time we had cellular one which is like I guess clicking East Coast sort of cellphone service -- and we go and see anti trust the film all that hacking -- -- this and then yet. There we did rather think in both of our phones no longer -- excel you -- and they say Cingular. Look at the end and my friend -- relate. -- -- -- -- -- -- Seventeen at the time I read a might want I don't know tunes -- happen. Where all -- and it's like -- They've been changing the carrier name dear to your elements of what did you do with your girlfriend -- it's okay so the reason why I Joe wrote reformers as she actually has T-Mobile service -- she. Really like my phone at the time so when -- -- iPhone with him when switch services okay. -- -- apparently -- ten dollars for team but it's for reactive and I'm pretty much for the charity based self out there but by -- breaking his -- Well before last couple days is a pretty difficult being here. If you didn't have like a very specific model the iPhone -- like there's things like. There is moto firmware there's a OS version of is the yet -- -- -- gets really really complicated. And to be honest you know there was no official source because up until about two weeks ago it was. Legally circumspect the G jailbreak -- dot com makes it really relief economic and all in the hands. I mean -- -- go to the site just swipe your finger in couple seconds later your iPhone is GO. Everybody yet -- is how easy it. I mean that's the that's the scary portion because it actually exploits a security flaw right so let's go to and that's were ultra snow comes in that's -- also snow comes in much you jailbreak your phone you can just from this I think it's called the media yet. App store that's of the unofficial story can -- download the new version of ultra -- And you'll unlock your iPhone to work with McCain is traditionalists cool -- And never played around the Joe Brown -- before but once you do that obviously you're voiding the warranty and yet product. But does all of the applications work the thing although normal Apple applications work usually yet but the couple things that they do then not to get too dirty too technical but -- is there's a -- -- there's a specific number that's assigned to every iPhone -- and a way a lot of these Gilbert's work is that the aegis use someone's pretty master certificate that you need certificate so what the funny thing about my girlfriend iPhone -- she keeps on getting push notification. Meant for other people. Eight lines are getting -- my that's that's a little sister -- you know like like our proprietary pin them imagine if you know. Hundreds of thousands. Other -- at the same -- that we should start making -- -- anything on the show random text message of the and all that was. After a few weeks she just turned up which that's CDS do you recognize -- little things like that -- it's great you can run all the unauthorized Apple's unauthorized by Apple's software like it breaks like the -- meeting for couple hours broke and the mass. Broke based oh -- whatever -- they -- how. So how do you get your -- back to normal Michael will with the jailbreak meeting can actually just restore your iPhone back to the public the everything factory settings and so that's -- that he had -- and you think -- -- you -- that yet but it's certainly getting -- no before when you would you -- the thing that's. That's escape ports because like there's you know it gets a little shady is yet -- When you're GO GO breaking certain models yet these certain things like -- down to exactly ten seconds if you screw up. Screw up your phone drive you like is -- gonna gonna take it to you had to turn to -- -- yeah. Yeah you know it's so easy we actually just -- a little. I'm I don't know what I'm worried about and I think a lot of people probably scared about this as well how possible do you think it is for Apple to come after you. Individually for jail breaking -- and is -- well it's not -- -- -- -- -- legal it's not at least not if you can't legally Morton although it your iPhone craps out within the warranty you're screwed SO yet it should be some kind it's not -- yeah -- not get the look for them to try and deter you from doing right yeah. Would -- that. Illegal. Typically -- any technicals aboard I would recommend it for grandma print -- -- -- That's called ultra snow and ultra hero right for the I think -- for the O and -- -- babble to the carry on -- now there's like it's funny because there's. All this the whole ultra snow thing came from one of the original tools it was called yellow snow. Blacks and it's known today that are so they just assume the ultimate version it will will post a link to that pack and the chatters if you won via break -- -- that. Speaking of us cellphone inching -- hack here. This is crazy guys -- get like a bunch of calls from telemarketers that you just like well why can't get rid of these. A lot ultimately and lines down so much of myself I get to have it on a cellphone network Republican and a left on Lifehacker article. About a great way to use blocks certain numbers from call your phone your you know could be anymore. Telemarketer. Your mother. Literally any yeah so the best suggestion -- they have is by going into who voice. If you do you have an account now don't you can sign up with one -- require. And and and in -- anymore I like about Google Voice use is if you block somebody and I don't use them myself -- Reading about this. But apparently he blocked someone and they try to call you it gives them a message that says the number has been disconnected yet that's outlook and add fuel -- -- -- aggressiveness that legal. Yeah I mean that just sounds like you're you're not just simple faith life. It -- online yet. This phone is out of service you like today divert that you're trying to call has died yeah. That's what it. Stamping return to sender on a piece of yeah. And getaway guide addresses -- exist but yes and that's I don't look collector. So what that person tells another friend that you do you wanna talk to on the phone but your phone has been detected minutes away your -- this is that but terrible and out of the how does is that you know the funny which you can record your own kind of -- -- -- the if you. But I guess they're called like it like the Chinese restaurant instantly. The -- if it does not I don't you. I have. To them. Have not yeah. You know I'm not gonna head and you love it knocked from them. I -- aside from Google Talk you can also contact the carriers that if you could yet rise and I don't that he really they can -- -- for you except. At some companies like eighteenth he had believed charge you five dollars a number a number it to block -- what an eye rolling why I was gonna say that that's a surprise because that's per month finally per month yeah he's. Well I I was gonna say I've I've looked into you know things like this before in the past L lot of companies average is won't do right because they think that. You know you see the caller ID number there's Eagles ignored yeah and any smart stalker will know that you shouldn't always -- -- -- -- Cone and right he's noted the nearest pay I'll go there you go through -- out Justin's blog he did it hit it on gave them instructions on prelude of -- Hawking. What about members or success than does that still a world that unlock your number via U and I still showing up -- -- we don't know either. Well actually in most phones there's an option to disable whether you -- -- and your phone number. When you call -- no way yet I do that on the iPhone and you can get -- you know keep phones batsman. I find 99 times that of a hundred I would I want the other person to know. However now that who who's calling for a because I think you call me back or whatever you know you'll ever need to use starts at seven when your practical yet it's that's why we haven't -- and it's -- -- remember. -- we -- on land -- and like you know -- idea -- is unbelievable luxury. As soon -- this album Cameron it was like of course it happens that the public record for -- for granted after -- itself will remember and remember back in the day when. I didn't have call -- eating. Yeah that was a big deal like okay I -- I hope people like oh now -- you -- hook up. -- -- epidemic would have to like. You'd you could tell people to call young bride or you had to punch in like that series of numbers to disable hold yeah that was because I call waiting on my -- -- -- to use it for Internet. Yes opening and -- during a session -- The -- improvement yet goodbye to. Mimic Boehner yeah well -- -- as I do know loan. -- -- This did exactly the question they don't is almost going down it's been a really -- and I've been waiting on this -- the Greensboro win because the one -- -- did you. Guys like harass your parents to let you install the second line for all of us know -- -- -- paying a five X. It's funny my phone line -- -- -- as universal. You know line for everything non phone related in my house yet you like. The facts the inning and yeah -- in good -- it is gonna render a -- tough. Just as crazy as all this in my room you had your own phone lines and did I spoiled. It's not -- -- the iPhone mind boy from -- use the family -- when I did for the longest time and with the advent of -- you got into popular yeah it really was getting there. -- and you only. Well I want -- phone in my room -- is. If you're -- don't you get older you are channeling talked to chicks like in the kitchen and out always give my mom picking up the phone and dialing -- -- -- hear the tone. And -- -- the well. Well. Yeah. The the words I do it until Canada yeah oh -- quoted the could blow. Okay well the yeah yeah yeah yeah -- I can't -- yeah. State that you can't figure out a -- I don't -- -- medicine. And how you to do -- You're about it Google -- Or leg room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well like. Well I think I got back. I've never -- there are just trying to give it I remember going through this exercise trying to convince my mother. Yes you get a I had 33 point six K modem did try to -- to get the 56 -- yeah. -- -- One -- there was would have no 115 what was after 56 of the -- you can get the highest in -- that time ago when I got cable. It blew my client -- is one service in Orange County I think Southern California called roadrunner and he came and installed it. That day I filled up my twenty gig hard drive full of MP3 really because you don't you go from three days' worth of downloading one song that I like. Wonderment yet but a -- yeah. Crazy it'll Obama I never got broadband so again to Kallis you with the Selig the first week that I was there didn't need water ecology -- -- -- that's when he asked piper so big you could -- -- Buick. I. It was like all -- movie it was my. They. For instance -- like this entire -- they -- Internet ridiculous and he. The quicker the -- -- not to get even more -- -- I really the first week of and graphics class via -- the very first day he would just Holmgren Buhner and if voters. You would sit up dumps. -- -- -- ftp confident that what I would like at the college you know that the that I had no clue what was gonna yet. I didn't know what was doing their you know like parallels on maps there they didn't know what down -- -- his I didn't live in the or is I had friends that did. And what they did with that they established a giant network media empire building and people would just drag and drop video's no you know whatever it is giant their amazing and unique -- have to transfer to your -- you can watch movies off. Integrity -- -- can even look oh no link -- related illnesses that can. Leave the island but yeah no firewall like any actually morning coffers were -- -- -- ridiculous lot of time. -- -- -- Yeah I limit the size capacity only you could store -- one this -- little it was my Christmas is just amazing. Well we hope you're doing that they've shipped in Manhattan who was -- didn't -- go back and I'm Doug Bennett and -- Marines. -- seeing me hope. -- -- -- seconds for four -- this is the floor move Bloomberg. And adapters. The show where we all -- Yeah. This is the floor with Jeff Bakalar -- it -- hosting. Well mannered that is not only the picture -- getting pregnant content. Although recent. -- Speaking of Natalie I think the -- that -- posted on FaceBook of her in her -- bullet yeah until horrible looks like here and Hewlett blows my mind is that Natalie will. Borges and I think I would take. I can't give her right out our co workers -- about it -- jealous of Natalie. Out of all that that it looks better than idea what I try to dress up after she just gave burned remains -- -- with. Unbelievable so her hair like I was there at the afterward to record perfect he immediately glow a hair like perfect if perfectly -- -- I've never seen -- live -- And PDF -- correctly there. Adult or edit like errant matter yeah wedding ever Natalie while. I while unbelievable. And it's funny -- like -- -- and Twitter. I've been reading your YouTube comments but you who's been looted one yeah yeah. Let's -- We were it was a good time they get -- -- dot com slash CNET TV's good way to manage hands on -- it's on you yeah available in Phoenix and anonymity CNET TV channel -- oh geez here we go to -- it's I'll wave -- this event I didn't know that August 5 version of loaded and let's check out some of these yeah I -- the -- at the click to the you. That's what does dude get some sleep how. The only one that first actually most of -- most of our thing united surprisingly good job although surprisingly. Good they they would prefer Natalie to be the cool things that someone getting loaded so much better than me. Generally preferred result get plenty of sleep. -- -- says in warm X says you've just been noted sounds a lot hotter out of Natalie mouth yeah and again you wore it dude gives you -- a half a -- -- While he is totally reading a screen. -- -- -- -- And it just his job that's. Jeff I have people -- -- tell me you're you're you're not reading and I'm here with or I can't believe you're reading about and just. Jeff you've got that the -- If -- from Jersey. In there must be able to tell. Have we said anything and and that I just -- -- he'd spit -- to -- display. I it's gadget that you can't wear I don't know that the I patrol through these comments and actually maybe I shouldn't let you know us. In the same -- as. The CNET TV YouTube -- so if you've never been good cnet.com. Mean YouTube dot com these last CNET TV via there's also a CNET news that -- analyst for your -- that was actually these cool ago. Cool. And in the near future we are working on other. But -- -- my reality hit but I haven't thought about it yeah -- this is very valuable speaking of smart yet we have our own. Mark we were talking reforms. -- I've -- and Blackberry yes. Let's do it -- -- we have we need to kind of jingle idea. Do we have a Blackberry these new -- yeah it's pretty kickass or had -- -- areas that. And we can taking Blackberry messenger messages. For weeks now two weeks maybe it's a great promotion we get going on lot of fun. And what we're dealing is were giving out and -- Blackberry messenger pin number which put up on the screen right now 248 QF. 452. Okay put that your little Blackburn messenger and -- as -- contact will accept that regardless of how funny name looks. And just do it okay so we got some we want. Read today. See we got his first one is from Leonard. Leonard has -- -- -- -- -- little serious but it's more asking for advice and I wanna you know. Friend of mine had lost a loved one. I don't have. A phone or address for them. So what -- did was I sent a private note on FaceBook with my condolences was it wrong to do that over face. Not at all. I'm gonna I know I anytime you offer condolences it doesn't matter what form it and I'm -- the person -- should. Yeah I mean -- I guess it would be best -- generation yeah. You're my mom I don't think -- -- message would really right you probably -- her handwritten note. Yeah or iPhone the whole you don't have he had just to the phonograph -- -- -- this is a little bit adjustment if if she's thirteen Hampshire. The text messages just as important to -- -- -- and you know yes and like a -- -- stated explicitly yet. For systems -- -- -- -- wants to know is once the deal with Jeff's eyes on the motive what. Yeah I look. It's. Oh yeah there I wonder if I -- change you know he's looked at my my my mom is even worse than me smiles forget -- line chip I walked into the cause it's almost like you're looking into the funds we're it was a great day what what happens when you get pulled. Is that you have been -- over one for improper use of the horn but yeah. I'm not part. I think if they need to think of that you are you know yeah I was I think any -- that that -- -- -- -- was I was a young -- think he isn't that time. -- prize trying to fill recorders something in the movie to make a left on this major highway right yeah we neglect -- the -- green idea. Woman for -- wouldn't move. So it'll ever. Cop behind me lights go right I fatherhood -- Really serves as yeah I got a caller. Pulls me over is you know I it will be over sooner I literally have no life and -- -- I think he's literally literally -- night -- Tuesday. Mission -- pond back there I said a little. I didn't realize hunting had like you know excuse me I'm nearly didn't get that you should only really hard for the human safety yeah he's only to avoid an -- to -- yet so I in my mind I'm like well -- -- render. Ha ha -- -- -- -- can -- -- I was imagining elect of the police -- came a few windows music storage. Plus I know -- -- -- -- I -- Wiki before and you'll have active users inebriated. And I feel like it maybe your eyes does look like this is just the way and look it's this is what it is ample. It's like a deal with this is my page. Is not -- -- -- easy just. I don't really glasses okay I suggested. At some permanent -- going to if you can't you will -- yeah high blood human and I don't -- -- don't movie. Giant -- yeah finally last Blackberry messenger. Named Ralph says hope you guys. -- -- -- -- terabyte. That he should get a gold plated hard drive around his neck. That would be doing you know deaths we begin a lot of really funny admissions yeah for Coca. Currently there with -- about it terabytes so you -- read some of these offer. Don't forget the who may be a cable that I don't don't forget that didn't go to those Blackburn messenger you can send us anything -- had 20% that's 2482. F 452. Independent. On Blackberry messenger 2482. F 452 days ago I happen. We're gonna get to some -- excellent move but you'll need everything's okay everywhere you go ahead and do -- the other night three and you match. -- -- -- Ready now here's how I read that don't forget it because -- -- terabyte yet is this guy who raps about. You know technology via chips that increase yet but it's -- a real pleased to initiate and a hadn't yet read but the book is from -- gonna plan this -- levels -- that's right I'm talkin' -- inception until -- -- -- Like an iPhone force reception terabytes of future on a four G connection that's the well people's minds evil in my hand -- -- -- not element enjoyed man. One word to change your life say it with me now kicks. Six in the event that was actually very are -- -- missed a new podcast click death tech. Which. -- -- thing that this effect. -- -- -- the other one along and it's really want to got cuss words and I don't know how he managed to that right Devo with the F word. I'm not joking it's more like a sonic -- yeah and not even -- its its just a poem -- have another reason to sentence has the word avarice transgression. And acting in it yeah. And Mac. That's yeah so if you wanna send your PG thirteen rated -- terabytes. Lyrics and we'll read them on the on the air thank you crew and Mac version -- -- those are pretty cute and everyone know I did is welcome a lot of people -- -- and we can't read. Yes do we have a voice -- yes we do Wilson tang borrow play the appropriate jingle right now -- visual -- of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- First call from the public. -- -- about unlocked phones and brother and I we can take -- -- carriers who have some you know stances. Good ability question for -- -- -- -- Smartphone. Destroyed. -- edit on my Verizon Wireless plan without. Adding a data plan. And it. We can't do this without breaking the law hook up. Note I'm sure I believe that there are -- mocked. CD and made -- fund it. I don't know if Verizon will let you activate your congress on the network has what -- passport he's the India number way. And then you enter that either at the customer service line or you can do it online yeah. But you can only do one -- time grey and some models they may have. Provisions only to to activate with a Smartphone plan but I'm not sure. Look at -- -- that's the case with Verizon it -- confused about why would you want adroit without a data plan you can access yeah story can that's. Slide it is our way big touch 30 is clearly a drug you can. It's a burner phone yeah yeah they found -- Of the throw -- away and dad. I believe there are cheaper phones that you could do that -- aperture get a flip -- and one of the Smartphone without the Smartphone which yet or maybe just -- the Wi-Fi capability okay that's the possibility. Could you can do that you can use Wi-Fi on a phone that's not activated. What you have the that this -- is so important shouldn't really be an issue of what we got time for one more. Actually you know what let's listen to this theme song. Here's from just than his column is just the four for the choose. -- Thanks man though Israel's. I like what he's doing over there man you know fully incorporated our original unit. It's progress our -- we gotta figure is that it's the long process and it's tedious time consuming process I was still working on giddy good prizes yet again keep them coming and to thank just understanding that in guys keep doing it the 44 at cnet.com if you -- -- a voice and on the number's 186644. CNET. We will be back with a brand new show tomorrow some entry check this out -- on demand. We'll see you guys then we -- again adhere -- I'm just back of his I. -- gets around to Bakalar -- and -- Justin new support for Titanic. It's no ground terabyte police in those in the there. And it is -- I suspect we'll see yes. A.
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