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The 404: Ep. 634: Where Michael Showalter

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The 404: Ep. 634: Where Michael Showalter

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On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu are proud to welcome comedian Michael Showalter into the studio. He joins us to chat about his new "making of" four-part Web series on Babelgum, the Wet Hot American Summer musical, and answers questions from the chatroom!

And you. What's going on everyone's July 30 2010. It's -- full report time and Bloomberg doesn't mean. You can't fighting. I'm Jeff Bakalar both today and I'm Justin yu and this is the show where Michael Showalter Michael -- Yeah and the -- there and what's gonna I had -- -- his music. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yeah you'll love this stuff -- I haven't half hour and a few. Slightly Michael Google's advantage -- music a lot earlier. So that you pay your logo that is -- -- tag them again if you're -- the bomb who bombed that the I don't got up on a ticket could you get to our who our buddy Blake from Canada -- bomb that out. -- man. That is some that is a serious attack them children stay right yeah it's all kinds is -- man that has just so. Incredibly. Graffiti it -- Our where the most gangster show on in earlier. Guys are very intimidating. -- only a few Asians you know we don't know two agent an Asian guys and you have an America. So yes all kinds of just Chinese food in -- -- how. The that's. To show up there everyone knows you from this you know everybody knows me wet hot American has found anybody still not sure -- -- -- -- component issues why. But you're here today to talk to us about a new endeavor. You've teamed up with -- -- dot com. You have. And you help them develop a sort of web series I sure did -- -- -- -- -- And watching. I was there could be as serious as you -- -- -- smile whenever in the -- Intel never mind I don't and I and I'm them I'm the said it's person you really I was wrong -- My outlook it just getting -- -- the directly Bagram I'm engaged. This is -- I'm getting married in January that it has little canals delegates to the oh that's nice I'm. Ramona California it's an ninety's man -- people who do you guys -- friends. Where we just you know Internet. Like. You all know each other right yeah you have problem you people all you know all know each other kind of dialogue and work together and -- -- shows don't no independent. Oh now of course not if you mean you you don't move yet I know of I -- I'm a little more than any. -- back to the balance. Now let's and let's really talk about -- -- so how does this come to fruition you don't are you send a little stressed that it. Now -- not look how pop up exact opposite. I know I I. This is many quite a few months ago I haven't I watch a lot of TV and I went stupid commercials -- it's funny to me how how seriously. -- The people who make. Entertainment such as -- cells via -- take their work. And -- especially the in the commercial industry which is which is which is. Great example of people who seem to take what they're doing very seriously -- in the data just selling. Chorus yeah and so I thought. Hey this to be a good idea for video I think so and then I hooked up with Apple -- and their their cool and they're doing a bunch of neat stuff him. And -- we made a few made few final videos. Very cool the first one that's already available now on the website -- -- dot com slash Michael shall there. We can check it out and this is social service at its efforts are gonna show little clip it's the Intel commercially writers acquire correct so that so if you've seen these commercials it's at the it's the Intel. Commercial and at the end of the commercial they have what appears to be real employees. And they go up at the bum bum bum bum bum -- Garmin and look really enthusiastic and excited about it. And so in this video we are seeing that that require. During their rehearsal. For the commercial. Okay and then this also stars. Jack or from using what -- -- -- wet hot American summer he was worked -- second many different projects read what what's that pencil comparison. It's what to say that I thought I thought I don't like says -- story. Get this guy adding that it does I had to be quite as valuable because it and is -- -- and I want his audio to interfere with your video okay. Where you made in the view that you street I'm sorry I'm dole out the streams. So this that's that's that's a euphemism for vasectomy did you -- know -- -- one knee a need to get mainstream needed. Really -- -- now of course yeah. I'm -- I am so basically hello take anything using net nothing. There. -- god -- -- and I got involved in this a doctor than to get -- stream music. Zealanders I mean. I don't want any more comments I -- -- Let's it's very. That it -- the making of the Intel commercials let's -- that. And -- take this from the top -- Remember the pain and this and I just want warm. Soft sound any sense of effort without any sense of -- new window on it -- Okay. And -- -- -- guys it's it's too. Sentimental it's the wrong sound -- as it sounds like a requiem. You know and yeah it needs to be -- If it needs -- out and it just darken the tone. Please. And if but I don't. So sentimental and yeah well give -- noble -- -- and. It's not romantic yet. Give me something drop give me something -- and. This -- Gets really entice kicking things over of course you have to me something American yes I mean that's exact I know -- I know what he means. What does something American -- -- we know what's in -- yesterday in this really reminds me. Of choir directors I've had before yeah. Let me back or is it yet enacted Eisner yet but I just be there are plenty prima -- acquired another -- there are. By the end of this beautiful little too close though yeah I'm sorry are you and then you have. Okay do me down around learning a lot that is good for resilience and you'll baritone and they this one -- so they want their town. Very. Shall we say yes I know media -- it's gonna happen and into the into the rules we'll see you could seeing Michael you can I believe you can -- -- zawahiri you know -- layers applied to through. -- -- And a pints. -- -- he he was in. That's important to -- that ray. Fool. The government on the -- here. Don't get Nvidia is extended to make eye contact like nothing I want to get a militant. Is that possible we did thirty kings of -- and -- Michael turning away doesn't want. Middleman. So if this. Did I -- my camera. And if you wanna check out the whole series new episodes of monthly right. Monthly yes yes I put up yeah. Then added new punctuation orgasm. The crescendo -- -- what most colleges took a look at what. How well we we we. She's happen we. We. Hear anything I can't hear myself -- or we we let's see we did subway. -- -- -- -- -- -- And entertainment. And we did. We did. The. The it's it's one -- its -- it it's a financial services car commercial where their cartoons. Oh you share and no it's not insurance it's done it other superheroes now they're like it's like normal people on their cartoons for no particular are allowed Charles -- Charles truckload -- -- and their like. They're cartoons but they're like. Anyway so my 401 -- total. I am on my -- I don't know I don't like Etsy and every day why why did you this need to be animated look like a scanner darkly almost exactly sort Iraq they shoot it on video and in the I had this weird right and it's like why why why are you look hard -- you cartoons -- Like. And really hard year for me and. I've -- nothing like the -- the advertising ruler like okay so we're gonna have people talking about. How bad their financial lives are going you can -- You're literally with people yeah enormous -- -- and -- are the thing I remember the most -- the commercials is how depressing Leo yes exactly yeah yeah they're never like -- there's -- like. Oh look my financial and I've now they're like my life left me and I actually have in my house is important yeah. Brought it up. -- -- Things are upset and then we also did. There's. It's cute though Kay Jewelers okay. And this is very creepy commercial where they're like in in like ally -- in the woods. And there's like a lightning bull and and made the guy and it seems a little bit like. Murderer really. Yeah it's gonna have to watch -- we gonna have to watch it check it out and cities are available monthly correct. The what -- very ambiguous. That like that I can honestly I think so but I bet com by. Yes they are -- you'll elect weeded out of them for us yeah yeah you know tweak -- big on the -- you like that Twitter. -- wouldn't it -- big on twit now but you'll like it. Sure it's happening nothing in the other day with mr. Spielberg. Yes yes I was I was in Starbucks now which does -- -- don't know is that. I thought I think it's a coffee shop here in new York and Starbucks are I'm where I wanna it's one word look at the mom and -- I don't know they have coffee in touch with a by the way I was in Starbucks recently in there was a guy there. Ordering like. Eagle and he wanted butter with his -- -- if you don't have blogger or about Monica. And I thought to myself as a healthy yeah yeah anyway I trying to emphasize again health. That contact I think it's he wanted the -- And there realize he's never gonna -- support. -- -- people who have actually never been terrible it's -- -- you're getting a bagel and -- do you -- clearly you're not from the -- yeah he's gonna get the lemon poppy -- with them I think in. -- I'm. My opinion be Carol mob yet okay norm. -- anti -- -- carriage -- -- minions aren't him. So. But the slim time -- yet that that that the important part -- yeah anyway skin skin skin solely. Many lattes from getting a lot I also see did you have an encounter with Steven Spielberg Ares I had a close encounter. And okay band. Because that's. -- So what happens so he was in front of me by actually realize it that bit but I mean it's darva and -- -- -- guy and I mean he's ordering coffee and the battery Stella. Is like do you want your coupon is -- now they're giving out coupons and if you buy a copy before. 2 o'clock in the afternoon they give you couple they give you coupons if you come back after T do here second cup much cheaper written for like two dollars. Instead of two dollars and 67 and I'm tough times and so she's like a sure you don't want you could but he's like he's like -- -- once you sure you do save 67 cents. It too clearly did amnesty was oversight. He's accounting and be back anyway and -- -- and then on -- of that Steven Spielberg and I'm thinking I need that. Yeah -- -- need to save the 67. Well and the plot of land the entire street is the idea Steven Spielberg is literally. Probably familiar yet he's getting -- the -- and harmony and yeah. It probably has made a million dollars per one million dollars couple days. And so was -- and his like iconic. Hat the audio scanners and parent is using the baseball cap and yeah he was wearing a baseball he had of one of those -- within. You know I have proven that if anything -- I haven't yet -- he had joggers and left a riding crop. -- -- -- He rode up on the T -- -- as yeah exactly and of the raptor it's. I have it and read up on -- he -- actually he -- he rode up on Jeff Goldblum. It's. -- -- him exactly yeah. Ride I code on Barack. That's very cool if you wanna follow Michael -- you can follow me and I'm doing -- if you wanna file on the and Showalter. And check out your website which is funny put up some insightful blog posts and not that's your opinion I like it might -- a dot net is very can check that out we're gonna take a break let's take a break when we come back. We're gonna get into the need to be held it under your skin we gonna routing and how old gonna find out. All others now I doubt that -- OK okay. You're not even gonna scraped the surface but stick around a lot more for four right after that. This is the floor -- you'll -- their captors to show where we -- -- And -- about being. -- -- -- -- I'll show you admit my. You cannot touch a Mike day. I thought -- It's probably an unbelievable. Grew fifteen minutes I'm sorry book I'm sorry -- adult inning and yeah. Really badly. -- I'm sorry I clearly overstepped my bounds that are currently. You're asking the -- though I had yeah. I thought it was very -- Little fun fact Apple would never wearing pants -- time. That's right those please go blind I wasn't wearing I don't know use that word will just came out grandma today is yeah golf -- -- I'm sorry man that your -- -- No end of today look at the moment you know cancer and he. And PJ. A couple of dollars -- -- there's no friends yeah. He Jia yu Jian now reminds you applause that's I -- you. Idiots that are Canadian athletic and they can definitely we're back here at. Michael Showalter. -- show that we have. Ton of questions from our bands ever chat -- tweeters who and emails emails tweak -- lot of really funny stuff. And people are asking. We have one question from he calls himself. Jimmy jeans and from -- genes in Gary -- -- And helped them understand that but. Want to know why are you such a loser all of that's the -- -- -- process. What made you want to become a comedian now -- got the simple question. When he goes -- his -- itself. It doesn't say that it would he goes on any talks about how where -- news area big movie Freeman and I can be personally that you can relate. I have a group of friends -- sort of believe it or not -- They've worked with into their lives these who live in that movie so what was your -- -- what was your. You know. Moment I just saw a movie or any sort of entertainment and announced an alliance that's that's good inspiration -- now. What about I mean obviously you know Belushi that that whole crew I mean a key in. Half -- -- Right right candidate and I was -- More about Kevin Bacon -- -- really tied it together. I will give. One. Imaginary dollar. To the first person that can tell meet Kevin -- mean in the movie them. No rule don't get on the Internet I do it -- proved reluctant it is this is an honesty honesty first policy is that virtual dollar from Michael Showalter himself uses. It's an imaginary. Web dollar camera. That'll increase over time so now he's in value over time just like just adjusting the enough that's how we're paid yeah yeah yeah. Yeah when they were okay and -- it -- -- like a Starbucks. -- card now but now how did you guys get to show. -- -- had four report card. Will we the Wilson and another again -- we're deacon and steel and and then well let remain. Didn't mind yeah. Often -- you will see them again and again -- -- yeah. Allison had an accident -- you yeah -- yeah. Round ups -- Belgium and it even working. Are the can -- you looking around the you're you're you're getting around the studio here and and then there were like hey we wanna give you a shallow or funny or -- I mean it was crazy really horrible record something and at the time. -- -- -- entertainment guides the user but you wanna -- you wanna be in radio I mean did you guys that is no you know I don't think any yeah there yet -- -- is this is a radio the podcast. There aren't -- yet now we decency gets serious than that and and what do you guys talk about mostly mostly tech Graham uses. An hour day. And you talk about gadgets and no actually lessons -- pop culture won't pop culture tech but ultimately you they spoke to her relatives make fun little. Yeah I say yeah totally what you're doing with the commercials I -- you would you want guys I see some heavy duty U bits. Really it's to have segments that don't really work -- disease and and when -- Unless you're not doing the show are you doing other things or is this what you do all day long when we do think hampered it is is -- -- woody you the other half by I I read about video games and just mention -- the most interest -- Justin yeah you guys review printers under the you ever need a printer. Michael let me know -- -- about it -- and what do you I'm a producer. Okay -- it is this is kind of a fun little thing I've got the guy. Absolutely -- think about device you just -- great and a bunch of good guys. Fulfill its budget it guys appreciate that pond -- Korea has more questions who absolutely I. Let's see what we got here if there was one project. If you could resurrect bring back that you work done and you had -- in which was shortly have to bring back something from your past what would it be. Would be like the one thing would be. Mean what the unfinished things or or there was something that you've done already that's sort of in the -- -- -- -- that was that would you. Bring back if you haven't but in what respect. Some sort of re interpretation yet. Like what how to on Broadway and I see I think what -- -- -- actually now they aren't we are actually working on a musical America that no million. It's an I think that lends itself really don't like sort of like we wanted to be the rocky horror picture I'll -- Started as a musical so it's like you know we're doing a funny campy musical version of what program and anyone who's gone to summer camp. Maybe specifically you -- them and he knows exactly what you guys talk of cola and daddy I -- And later guys birds spend their lives it yourself -- -- well being just -- we worked at the attorneys restaurant across from Vanessa. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I think -- you can't out. Well again we could reach him since they are good at. And another thing at me and now I know I'm driving school community's -- My yeah. Yeah I don't even get an. Asians are historically important -- really. It's true -- you learn the idea not that. So you can hasn't come food learned from him any little bit more nobler than. I. Didn't it -- yeah yeah. Repelling. Sky I just breaking a landing through. Dealing jewels and what not yet that's exactly what they they think bedroom ridiculous so can you can you tell us more about -- -- -- music that sounds completely as is true because you said no we really are we really. Can tell you that couple were writing some songs and work. Very slowly but surely making progress very cool. That is nova of course for the instant ticket yet tickets. Have you guys come to is seated he took a couple rehearsals pitcher on. Eight -- -- and Rick Springfield and at my favorites -- -- I don't think we're gonna have. Songs from the movie in them you know doing all original music and all original -- aren't. It's that did. No anyway. So. I guess you know you got your start in TV -- use the it was a very big deal sort of common. You know things are moving to the web. What -- feeling would you have a feel that that now obviously with these album -- that these funnier dies sites yet do you think that's the future county do I mean would do you know. I have I am I am I had no idea yeah IB I'll opinion. In not -- -- now I am you. I -- Forty -- models are pretty old. I just turn for -- but anyway. You know I IE I Z. At this point it's like I don't know I never I've never know what the future of comedy -- -- I. You know. I'd be a millionaire -- -- Julian that it will lucky guy with a bunch of stuff known -- companies. Not -- You know except like you know over educated. You know young people like yourself. Other overhead to get the -- I am gonna talk. I educated. Under motivated at a variety at all or -- let crisis grad. He nailed yet yet that is exactly your demographic. Over educated under 200 -- exactly over educated under achieved. Com so the so so play these -- of doing more of this web development stuff. You know I -- it I just like for for me they're all kind of like the same in that it's just like. Again ever didn't think it -- disease like the web as much as -- It's a short video. Content it's for -- short contents though you make it and then you can aired on the -- Right well I mean I guess the bigger question for a lot of people is are you making any money doing that. Oh I see. Make some money doing that. That's not how I like -- dollars or we don't know you can you can make money you get I'm sure I guess I can paid sure I get paid a little thumb or other oh but that's not that and I'm not saying this that is not why do that I do it because it's too it's it's fine and it's when there's. If I'm working on something bigger and whether it's television project or what have you learn it's like hey let's make couple videos right now that's -- that's what that's what's really it was just an it wasn't this is not a business venture. On any level of -- -- just. Publicize I had an idea for their camera guy had a jerking but -- here yeah Netgear because I. And comedy videos and able -- was nice enough -- -- -- through them together and that -- that it wasn't like this is my new. Career yeah speaking of what's new and upcoming. Can you -- some incentives which are working on now well I am. I am right now putting the finishing touches on any television pilot or the I at C. Television network very -- and that is called Michael Showalter Showalter and it culturally based off of them web shorts that image several years ago for the college humor dot com. -- Campbell and it is essentially. Another show within a show I've played myself. Sort of Charlie Rose I. Television auction opposed. And -- behind themed film. Now. So that's sort of like you're typical little -- their other and -- that -- into the story the record I'm awful lot of people don't know that you actually teaches screenwriting class act and -- I do it correctly to get involved with that. Ice I started teaching many years ago and oh. Are you like this with your students you know just jerking around if you lurking around it's not -- -- our new work great on it in I like the creative process and I eyes I tried it I try to give away what I've been given. And just encourage my students aged to enjoy the process and not. Not to get too hung up on the the result. That's the where we we we're very result oriented news in this culture and are we when we shouldn't we should we should journeys the reward. Is the award. It's and it's not. How high eight. It's not how far you fall it's it's how high you bounds I think -- and what -- that. -- a benefit to -- evaluating it's like it's good things now now it's I just that AT SpinRite in mind -- people. Go through the processes -- which is very hard you've ever tried it -- yeah bummer for giving birth it's like I don't really know -- now -- know right now I mean yes it's true in your ratings in -- the giant. Cutoff so I'm not gonna send -- your vagina has this. -- Usually that happened on this way as soon as I happen to be all of a sudden it's all of this -- -- you know water. A -- well. Eight -- and -- Yeah. But it's worth it it is we're very reward him. The show older unfortunately we have the -- and here. Even a lot of fun and we really appreciate you coming Amanda anytime and Eva daddy that I -- I would love to do it. And it's wrong it's not any time. I'll I'll look up next well -- don't we it was on a good go to battle of the icons there's Michael -- there is the site and you can watch. All of these videos and Michael is helping develop also Michael sort of that is your website -- check that -- We gotta get out here everyone. Thank you so much again. It's been -- -- that I got a question for you as the best yet Tom Green notebook for which more afford and I. There are so great and I'm not. We gotta get out of here everyone have a great weekend a great weekend everyone absolutely absolutely and the fourth -- I have yeah. It figures I am okay on Monday I'm taking you out.

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