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The 404: Ep. 632: Where we give them something to talk about

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The 404: Ep. 632: Where we give them something to talk about

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On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu get a hands-on look at Apple's new Magic Trackpad, discuss the Tweet Media evolution of the Twitter platform, and congratulate Natali Del Conte on her new baby boy!

-- what's going on July 28. 2010 and its support for podcast. CNET dot I guess you're -- -- this -- I'm Justin yu and this is the show where we give them something. To talk about yes. -- body lose. Lunar that particular that Baghdad. That's probably the best -- -- that Brothers. So -- -- respect -- comic con -- and we didn't even mention the fact that our our friend Clare who was out there with Molly Wood. She got us again soon new Cologne a -- Two. -- It smells pretty get it smells like CK -- -- yeah it looks. Like the bottle feed him on -- -- -- not -- it's pretty. It's pretty him off the ice at the moment so yesterday the security turned on with the ladies and -- -- Anyway the -- and a few you cannot. Do I like it that awards honor. -- and streams of course. So this is what -- should see the box like. And bring getting here but it's -- students shirtless and the callers every day -- man I gotta get my hands on that and and -- -- -- -- is that the workload Wilton I think you do that again another team or what you wear polo sport. Viewers who would route -- oh that's -- that's really good I don't know I don't know is it C will be the little black. Yeah that's -- month units and one of duties and its its its show. Sharp almost it's an -- -- if that makes sense if it's overly -- You know that's a wonderfully frantic that's the one thing I view show when where and how -- -- that's the one it would you just smell like crap the only Asian people conflict but even I as the one thing on machine those is doing Columbia happens I don't think. Humans effects -- smelly chemicals found in -- well and I don't know why you're using it in the Democrats can -- -- -- and all I have deodorant for that is another chemical we've been put you know lot I've been around -- hippies yet and they smell like crap. And you know. Well please give them -- radiation given these deodorant or less -- what organic you know deodorant which -- they provide beat who I remember in middle school before the school -- I would literally -- in -- Reviewed you have to -- restaurant -- awkward as GO all the popular that is -- -- -- -- -- threatening to Brooklyn's 79 cents a gallon yeah I thought yeah yeah radio editor in the I don't know if it meant that you don't buy a balloon in indeed Lindsay yeah -- I know I'm not knocking on is much is like is probably higher quality stuff put. I've been I've been using the cost lately I really like that I think this one call uncle to want Susan. I used to be like a huge Cologne aficionado. But one thing when it's guilty pleasure yeah because they don't like the fact that we just X breakup. I had to get through -- fragrance called -- I think it started isn't likely but now the -- -- -- check -- -- -- so it adds support and incentives like every game how they. Like for example Latin America opted to have gas metal hook into gasoline yet definitely -- -- all these different kinds. The of the gasoline. Imagine loses I get -- embody Ghassan. They have like jelly belly flavored tomato chocolates. That every -- said he would have to enter -- while they advertise it as like a fragrance Reagan used it for both that you essentially acts working during the fact. You found this -- -- -- yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Forward yet. Is live with that my girlfriend -- otherwise like you who would never -- means. I'm trying to tell you body cool -- Stored on the real me about going to support its -- and have them everywhere. Well anyway if you wanna -- JC -- -- -- season yeah of those lately. You -- for all commands section at the 40 look at that there's an okay I even know there was a medical study that it's called Cologne. I have a whole section a men's Cologne -- can name. I know what it -- Steve Jobs is don't know. If he was smart yet clearly not now if people happen. He's subsidies and -- come -- with some Cologne because these idiots would buy it you know it would sell that we don't die yeah it. I left a letter a guy that's it. Presenting. Steve G. And it's it's -- the plug it into something that's gonna play again speaking of Steve Jobs that the we have a visitor at the door and like you -- -- something Apple related accrual. Yeah I'm thinking is this -- I -- it out I and I editor of laptop you brought us the Apple magic track pad that came out yesterday you know we could have just gotten like a piece of -- battle. Exactly the same from the Friday and we think it's that pretty cute piece of metal yeah. Circular in -- -- it's actually a fan of for you guys that haven't heard yesterday Apple came out with -- Apple magic track pad their new peripheral. It's designed to sort of replaced your mouth or be used in conjunction with it -- on and allows -- -- like. Basically use the same functionality is attract a new laptop and that's I think. Apple needs -- who have like the new rulers them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just think it really is that weird looking can see that the weird looking it's very I wish Scott had brought in the wireless keyboard that you can buy Apple because it at the same exact angle yet until when you put him next to each -- to its flops. It works real well yet -- you've seen setup so I'm I'm really insisted. To see how developers. Begin to use the real thing -- I -- seventy dollars and then about -- the magic -- is seventy dollars do I -- on the wall personally I think I -- actually my own personal there and I'd -- track -- because I'd like to use my called the man to turn an innocent to using your bed when you -- control who lose everything you're headed and if you wanna -- not tethered to your laptop while. Let me. This program I I have -- use this program called. I think touch mouse from Logitech -- actually program for your iPhone. And I love this thing because but it can do is -- you just install some software on your computer you can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch. Who essentially that attract. -- -- ticker scrolls oh well. All -- -- that's cool yeah so I mean -- but when I'm feeling especially lazy are -- pick this up you get up go get your phone. Yeah ipodder are you looking as though the screen real estate on that is so small that you compare anything your control Christmas -- It it's about the same image bigger than definitely than my netbook. Track pad -- It's as big an -- just use it -- normally would be with these and attract prey on a computer. What's great about it he actually. -- thoughts about this program is it's got a built in keyboard. Which is something that the magic the magic -- -- -- one device for pointing and input yes yes so -- can -- when I'm feeling really really lazy and we've got me a computer hooked up to. We've got a Mac mini hooked up to a big screen -- element not just use this when I don't wanna go to the to the keyboard that's what is that -- for. -- it's completely free from Logitech you just needed -- little but the software on your computer. And and download the app on the app store noise pretty minute -- that's the -- stuff man. We just -- -- too much but it goes again well there Dylan film lets you know well you know. Between them and Google in FaceBook the they've got an excellent marketing team I didn't know how -- Do you look at that idea came with oh. I can't and it could survive without one of -- -- they. They've managed to. Keep themselves in the news every other -- That's that's what's amazing -- I don't think. Apple's. You know -- for what it's worth it considering -- -- to be the last minute fifteen years because think they're pretty important that. Let's switch to another -- company -- show. Eight to go through -- here apparently two things one. There you oldest user ever. Right. Yeah exactly that story after the other 104. Year old guy in the woman -- that woman IV I V been. She would -- hundred and foyer. And she was tweaking all the way up until she died just recently justices technically the oldest. Tweeters how old -- 10400. Port or use or how long -- -- up until you're supposedly she had a -- users I think she had like something like couple 1056000. -- and and then another 5000 feet but quite the social network a look at her pretty impressive -- -- upsetting. She -- one before she hung in there yeah I mean it was -- meeting while she passed away -- with the in between death it. That's how come I know less like called the Andy acting. I mean like -- I think let's do it he's gonna he might affect at a 104 year old woman. Use -- computer. Of I Al Hussein is it like I was wondering if there's like another news angle things that flexing my old Miami 89 year old grandmothers on the Internet the article about -- what is your Internet your grandmother she's actually sent emails -- it's always. But I don't know if that's a -- they -- news article about the yeah yeah well speaking of relatives let me give a shout to my mother whose birthday it is today I thought -- I haven't quite breast mommy's gonna rent a car. Actually let doctor yesterday -- is doing today with -- friends know she's going to chuck. -- idea -- yet -- key places actually -- it's -- he's actually gonna Jackie G Mac as -- -- -- -- close friends delegate Dave and -- at least that's like adult oriented and I think the point is that they wanted to go to like it's -- -- and the ball -- that few hours what you think that there's like a new machine there where you get into a -- And NA use wind to blow -- -- -- -- it grabs -- ticket that you can ospreys to be that I think is probably pre connected. As crazy you'll I've the last time was -- -- sticky keys that they use like three or four years ago yeah and I don't know meant kinda creepy inside I don't like those illnesses why -- critics smell weird in -- that is you gives -- of the pizza you know -- -- -- -- -- it's the first of people don't -- -- -- is the greatest that's what the typical all -- -- -- -- because c'mon -- I'm sorry why that pizzas bottle it up it's awful second of all the people working there. I will never trust my kids with nobody name. Like they're taking them into the back room at the open like that yeah there's supervising -- -- you -- parents send their kids to take ET's all the time like them. Oh yeah and -- And then the other half of them is like those damned and Medtronic. I -- at all all they have advertised in the creepy than -- -- the good time. Not like like the Disney can not even though Disney's. And let us know and -- whether -- was broken relatives. You like us. You're just terror yeah when I was there because it -- like a for friends cousins birthday parties and then there's chaperone. These kids -- just bursting into tears that -- Everything they looked over the -- -- try to -- yeah. I that was lit up like hey. The operating with the idea that you're -- -- I would -- I -- the well there goes my. -- -- I I have very fond memories of going to -- as a kid -- -- birthday parties and everything that. And then you'd spend thirty dollars worth of tickets to buy five dollars with -- prizes to at the end. Yeah yeah. -- -- these ticket played games and you'd end up with like briefly at the root of rubber ball again like trigger of his recoverable through its hat on and that's with -- -- 38 dollars giving it it's an -- Also. Making headlines today is that -- media -- -- so apparently Twitter has plans to incorporate. Video and pictures and to the web and your about the too late and not a link but not actually actually showing -- the deal is that they want. You the pictures and videos from your friends that you followed it show up on your homepage. But then if you're not following them back in the. So -- links in -- -- qwest's move to -- so are is this stuff going to you. Replace. Twit pick and all that stuff yeah I think it will they're calling it -- media it's giving you -- you really -- basically embed photos into a tweet just like -- on FaceBook sell your stock now dad. Oh Mike I don't like it -- -- -- because it it. There's really no difference between Twitter now and Facebook's status of paper and case drag it again had almost the draw of reading -- Twitter feed and selected alt text programs you could skim through it you'll have to see if you feel want to hit me yet more room for the rest between -- I don't know I don't know how I feel about this because that's that gets almost the reason why I use -- that I don't -- have to. Post a picture or I actually not a huge fan going to like my -- but for endless variety in the news feed yeah that -- actually in this article I'm not sure will be replacing things like that because it says. If someone put a link up to a twit pick photo and a small thumbnail of that images shown below the two eats tax. Maybe it's not replacing that has once they do that -- -- right in the northeast but biggest stuff. I I don't know about stop and see how you can really compete at that point yeah I don't know what what direction are they going. -- ask -- this for literally three years they -- get to make any money you're hooked up. But they are making a movie -- -- -- yet. -- negative locally it's only a 140 seconds lobby of the -- to guide the CEO Biz Stone this is the movie name yeah that is getting a property and an awesome we gotta take a break gonna come back voice mails. In his -- you theme -- so we'll get to stick around for forthcoming after the break. This is the floor a little heart -- -- is the show where we all seems. Did not open -- and your -- and in the world war where. -- DiCaprio I'd like eight level geek. I do he -- be different in. You. As though as could have don't know that didn't get a little and Dunston. With my -- We got calls from the public time there's a lot including a very special. Featured 404. Polar. That caused by the -- now my usual -- of. -- CNET oil oil. -- So. First call from -- but the most so it's been awhile since you're from him. It was going aren't -- Florida the New -- -- little slow much on it Jeff why it yeah. Game. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and send them to do they come out in the third second and have more -- trying to. -- cool technique that. Yes so that's so that's what's cool is that they're gonna be huge gains based on each -- fighting system but you hate. The time I mean if you weren't excited at all no. And there's a legitimately. Huge -- says this week you got a -- -- games against our craft yesterday and I'm like playing bingo and I don't care. -- what if I did like a that's -- doom halo matchup with anything you do halo. You know we'll -- I don't know. I don't know I've I would give a crap about yet don't feel bad pilot feed I mean it's a lot to -- Jeff excited yeah and 83 matter that it would have to feel like -- -- Hockey fighting game right what what will be yours truly massive -- -- because I hope of -- I don't. There will be no game -- -- -- -- another revealing nothing but like goalies like you know talks that it took out you can kind of pulled the Jersey over the you want to be cool if there was some sort of fighting system inside hockey team that was on the level of Street Fighter like a early -- at Waverly blades of steel -- -- -- yeah I -- -- this Q do you sort of fighting game. Those feeling I wanted to make any sense and then we'll get the fireballs revealing this yeah that rips -- -- NHL hits. Which is linked to an engaging him of -- and then incorporate like the Street Fighter -- that oh. I saw my house growth idea and now it's time did not have been it is not a -- not it. It no longer you will buy an idea but if it was in a regular I mean who won't won't be your favorite match. Between two different franchise. And I that's like half life meets -- a I don't know something announced. An Intel. I'm a little afraid and on I house. We believe my half life on. Events for the Colo so the next call we we skipped over an Apple. Announcement yesterday about their double -- battery charge -- I'm gonna talk about that also this guy occasionally does sound like bill -- Isn't -- world from graphic and -- quiet little problem can't talk about where Apple really new iMac it. Oprah and macros. Apple also well -- back double -- battery charger and even they -- -- if they are they -- That is part in -- the people that are looking -- The data that -- Oh yeah. Yeah. All the hollered yeah I bullet this is what we've done here Apple yesterday along with the new computers they released their own proprietary battery charger it also comes with six rechargeable battery is it's actually a pretty good deal to do do because all the latest peripherals like the keyboard and track pad in the magic -- all operated on Dublin and I only 19999. It's it's actually thirty bucks I ain't exactly of that good price considering you're gained six battery so if you try and the charger how by the terrorist cell pack yet usually like acting fifty or sixty dollars annually -- forward how many can charge it once do they can it can charge. To it at the same time because at six. The idea is that two we're going to amounts -- track -- Indians -- -- -- keyboard and then the other within their. Actually what these what they what they're calling it the greatest battery chargers the fact them. It doesn't. Use it uses very minimal power when it's done charging them a lot of battery chargers they're cheap but the vampire you think that she continued to draw somewhere along the lines of -- why and hours of you can eat the Apple -- -- and afterward we want to buy a problem you. I agree I didn't even magical that's still -- it about it yeah I don't know. Did -- hate on all the little if it's reversible thirty bucks for charger will battery out and -- our church that's unheard that is being if you go to like those really good discount battery -- you're gonna -- a good thing. What about like fifty -- and I wrote a book. This is a great on the and have taken a cooler okay I'm the only place I go from -- into loving. There is also -- to play which Israel television and made actual batteries wipe their you know it's an honest commitment -- plutonium Apple. Owner of the batteries have with -- Apple symbol one yet again is where I always do them on you today and they called I batteries. -- that I'd have. -- with human needs but actually don't like I didn't realize this before but I can't keep in unplug the actual -- from the battery charger like you would on a laptop chip yet AT and hasn't been a lot I don't have to me you have to keep it plugged in all at all times you can just take the top part out. And then plug your laptop to I mean that's actually that's this seemingly can be featured as then you have to bring a bunch of different plugs on one an extra just a little worried that once this sells well their drive. Once it's available want to hear mine won't work once -- they thinking like man we can convince people to the buy anything now they're gonna start making -- didn't even Kirkland. Yeah the guys like tires yeah how close Danville like almost magical it's definitely -- but you're -- on furniture you'll get whenever you see one of those really you know -- their visions of the future so it's like Microsoft milk -- -- -- does Apple painkillers. Like Tylenol out -- a few things I thought dad have ahead. The family you know make it can TV in the next few years you're really good that the animal band aid -- -- over I think about it your life people. Next call. Or or the years from -- On the quote actually for just. On. I think there are -- as I'm about the feel right now I'm gonna have to own it I mean your boat that -- the completely about a lot. On wiggled -- -- -- that at -- climb -- 24 like that that tool that. Always had beat you on. She oh at Google. Oh my god I have subpoenaed and appeared what what it once before -- -- point five flights of stairs you have what. -- means like 25 steps yet to. I don't know that's insane yeah you did a man where you live he's the president and actually library Jersey man Alex get yourself checked announcer we love you. If you -- think walked up one flight of stairs like -- -- -- whenever. 25 that I know people who do you go to him. -- floors in their office building so that they can be alone for and I'll tell them yes. Justin goes down the street to the subway yes you know you gotta yes you I like it back I feel the closeness with me because we both -- about the idea people I'm if you menu and me stared at the wolf the -- -- -- their food. You say you bring your iPhone -- -- I went through once you start text message each other in there. And and but everybody's and everybody's climbing out of we have our Blackberry but I'm not saying this thing about the yeah I think ties before -- -- -- so how can we how can our audience message at just the -- -- it's very easy give -- say Blackberry message friends request yes our pin number is 2482. F 452. That's how that works banana not included. They treated and it's guaranteed to Justin will be on the can -- -- We finally got a battery charger for its and I can be mobile and tags the same time so imagine just say I comment on the show whenever I -- get I -- get to this other voicemail before we get to our special voicemail. This one is from someone who -- telling us. Or -- giving us some advice on that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- pressure from off and it's also looking Friday show will -- I hope I'm not too late whatever you do do not yet -- Ruin bodyguard go forward it's like the sequel the dark -- time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well okay good communal and I appreciate that device and I'm gonna take it to heart because. You -- you see that may be late night on showtime or something and -- doing want to get into this. It apparently this actually ruins the first movie for everyone who -- yeah I will I I was gonna say I feel like. I I was gonna -- anyway because I hadn't heard anything about talent he's called play down these like you clerks. -- I mean I understand the Iowa Arkansas amazing dvd success yet amazing but none of the original actors and Jake Gyllenhaal will show -- the daughters daughters but -- -- -- -- -- You know -- -- with sparkle motion. This is a loser and should dance the Rican notorious by -- grander and show the bureau little love time. Top -- finally that finally. Three who called Hulu. And it's -- father's my dad's we do and he left like a seven minute voice -- At least get them I don't know that goes I don't fly ownership that's threat to cut it down he's got some advice for Justin who thought he can get away with wearing now -- time you can read how your mum and dad -- -- -- -- space is not -- text means perhaps I'll personally kick the crap manager. That's no way is -- -- -- thought I thought I would do I think. -- -- It worked. Like a lot of thought. Show. What. Especially. The situation. And I. How a lot of what you expect or want. It's through these at that point out. It. Jewish -- All you'll have to go that -- school and -- Help. The then you'll have to go. -- restaurant. Where -- All. -- Ultimately you get into. -- -- what -- typical all of this operation. What is thrilled. A -- -- I would think that -- already yeah and Larry. -- -- -- -- Gotta go -- Catch up right. I'm sure there -- a lot so I mean and imagine little road by the way ultra -- terabyte. I've -- like having that Judeo traffic report. I think that that you got -- traffic -- -- that's funny because not only is our podcast international. It's completely -- -- yeah. Yeah. Oh thank you want the advice yeah do I appreciate that don't worry I won't be showing up in sweatsuit there how about hundred -- economic and you had this -- view wedding I got all just so you were school because that's the worst thing -- do my job but yeah definitely immigrants. Definitely. Yeah regret -- -- -- brits you've got to think you know what speaking of Britain's Alex. Congratulate Natali del Conte who had her baby two days ago on baby boy -- -- it was I actually got it does -- Natalie and and on yesterday Aaliyah auditors and yesterday -- got to see her in her her kid miles. Here it is name -- and it's beautiful beautiful yeah. Actually one of the most well behaved like newborns I've ever seen and all right -- yeah the big little guy eight -- dad owns don't have a movie had only. Those -- doing okay now finishing up and walking by -- everything as the print it moment delivery went well everyone you know she's healthy and happy and they'll have miles on the show if -- -- actually gonna be -- your very clear at a talk civil where I and a he's hosted the show from now on and that you think just out of this. I -- -- better -- and we gotta get out here guys leave a voicemail wanting to -- for we're here it has opened our blackberries code the pin number in the show notes we'll see you guys tomorrow chill solicitor. On the show. -- and our brains. We'll see them. --
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