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The 404: Ep. 631: Where we touch our Magic Trackpad

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The 404: Ep. 631: Where we touch our Magic Trackpad

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On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu discuss Apple's summer iMac and Mac Pro refresh, Apple's new Magic Trackpad, and video game and movie news from Comic Con 2010 in San Diego.

-- four -- June. It's always been there -- -- -- to. A -- in the past. We're gonna -- with other wanna get back I'm Wilson tang and I'm Justin yu and this is the show where we touch our magic. Track. Them Putin's suggestion. Pension from. If so did and forefinger and idea you can -- up to -- it a couple of whom huge and then pulling talking about. Magic track pad check out here it is right here this is basically taking each fact that that you find on an Apple laptop. And -- it basically external version yeah and had a desktop and you wanna use your fingers to scroll around and click on things. You can just buy this track -- and do it separately. It's a pretty certainly we we have one in the unrest and -- -- yet again I it's it's the can't tell from the size and -- -- but it's -- it's the same length as a Apple wireless keyboard. Right it's not as ones like half the -- with the wireless he but it is much bigger than normal track pad you've MacBook government press coolers it is well I'm not sure I need more well. I think it's Apple's first step towards replacing. The now. I think it's is that I think it's just not should -- give you some people I don't know who boat but there are people who. Prefer the track -- see I -- I don't know anyone who does like -- you yeah I've been very much I use my track pad on my laptop in Chinese announcement here. Much -- the mouse and monitor but I -- it amounts on top of my. Well actually have a separate key well wireless keyboard but I still use my other hand controlled the fact that it. So we've we've tested just for a few minutes is obviously just came out so we have done extensive testing but you can actually use it in programs like Photoshop -- -- you know and use your finger. But we anticipate people like other people going on the road me Michael a stylus weren't compatible. But it -- for a lot of people for the graphics artist it's not gonna be. Yeah it's gonna -- All -- -- use -- you can do it yet wide band and scroll all that with like up to four fingers -- -- just like the normal track that is to separate. If that I saw them like -- that's -- I don't know that I giant button -- get along just click Kabul which is all of them which is cool you can also do like. Click Banca tactically considered. Actually put right now and it's exactly yeah basically removed it from a MacBook Pro and you gave -- the hinge and wireless to connect via Bluetooth you get for seventy bucks which I think it's catalyst. Lot of money can't -- he sees it. We'll it is Bluetooth compatible but you can't use any decent adjust features like being -- like it it'll just show up as a regular Bluetooth. No -- the house brand work that way. Some other products -- came out this morning well I actually what you're saying about the track pad. You're right this -- not a lot of reason for. People pick this -- up yet but I think they're trying to get people used to using touch gestures were on a desktop machine because I think like OS-X point seven whenever that comes down the road there's going to be a lot of sort of touch enabled features I like that I use that old time expert especially for exposing and stuff yeah on Mac. You know. But the the other products that they -- have announced. A lot you know what's funny is that when the when Apple does at a press conference. You know -- -- huge staying everybody stops -- you may fly across the country it what's funny is that they've updated. I would I would are used to -- to their major products the iMac and the Mac Pro. And you know it was like -- -- A press release this morning of April and it's because it's nothing. People don't -- their minds of this stuff yeah yeah almost it fits in your pocket they only do -- -- -- front -- a crock it's sure loyalists -- -- it would take a lot -- after if you haven't desktop computing not -- upgrade just because of course is so there yet there's that's about the only really new thing is it faster processor. At an ante on the graphics. The Mac Pro has twelve. Processors now you get -- twelve yeah. If you're trying to download the Internet I was -- pregnancy and hidden them. Or and then took all. So whereas they can take advantage -- process I don't even think file cut or of Photoshop support more than eight yeah I don't. I have looked into it but I imagined were like fictional software Wilson this kind of -- -- -- -- with you right here you're a professional video editor do you need twelve cool. Actually no no we have me we have an eighteen month old Mac Pro right. That's still kicking around its 1080 the eight cores in it. I think the three gigahertz in something like sixteen gigs -- ram -- I. I think on the good for -- yeah I mean -- not -- president does have pretty cool expects. On the 21 and it happens -- -- and it says the hard drive on -- is very nearby yeah regulators that are actually pretty cool yeah -- before that -- never offered that's the onboard so this is the solid state that's blazing -- -- -- we're talking like. Each drive does at least 200 megs 300 -- -- second no moving parts and -- that their ability is there is so if you're -- you wanna do like a video captures workstation or like a -- Hi insert this actually might be a machine that you really want to get an ideal one lonely by two terabyte hard drive -- -- because I found a problem like you know I computing -- -- guys but. I don't know I just seems that two terabytes is still much space -- -- if I don't think it's that big really. I mean I don't talk about her on VoIP desktop stories I just made Adam -- -- and -- I don't know if I'm -- out that the MacBook. Pro that I have to think almost two years old and only came to fifty yeah yeah that's I didn't think it matters on bedroom with space you can buy an external hard yes basis he just don't matters there I just don't care you don't -- care Mike I was just six gigahertz processor whatever 37. -- isn't really there was. Time and that mattered now that time we'll get you and I just got easier than they'd take that USB key by with the this is acute care bye. US be -- that's. Yet it's -- two gigabyte to get the 32 gigahertz you really I think this -- two gigabyte you get your act and maybe normally you'd use. Yeah. Yeah. Here's like his thirty you gave -- It. With began to mean that. -- just like the design yes look actually has ring on it and he but it does mean it looks like it's men steal and -- -- is made of -- into the have a cap on the and which would be my only criticism but. Pre and it's Coke is it -- any door you'll. It's -- if you can hook up oh you like. Like we were saying earlier I think this is really a sign of the times and know who really cares about -- see more I I mean they gift if anything the video community be the geek community. Indeed banging on Apple's -- faster computers and that really hasn't happened once it's not -- anymore it's heart it's to me it's like. Hardware luxuries right SD card slots and things like that if I think it's it's even more than that it's more convenient -- in February if you were just tell me that like. Get an HDMI port over you know. Three extra cores I would take the HDMI port eighty hello -- give me that -- -- -- Oh well I am really we actually haven't played around -- Too much but we know that comes on August so who knows you -- -- port you know until. Cursory look -- and today we're gonna do is gonna talk all about com account -- -- -- ten. A lot of stuff that came out of that show not really the online really was and then. This is this. Yeah -- heavily. It started off. Really noticed is because -- console that. And it's not cooling -- it's all. And then it's mainstream now live with what was -- and underground. It was underground ten years ago I went home ground but eliminating underground there's over half a million. Yet. They they -- knew about it and I think there's some pretty cool stuff they -- you'd run down the end you will definitely affecting want to ever forget them instantly in the mean that -- This is I think hilarious some dude yeah. Somehow snuck his way. Hook a hook up. On the threat of transformers. Three yeah he didn't even have to sneak him and his girlfriend noticed they were shooting in downtown Chicago and they literally just went downtown -- and its security -- -- that excuse me -- walked on its and they took a look at them info that easy it's it's amazing the now view it starts -- we sort of far away and there's some sort of destruction. Street and shy of the book -- -- that with other guy's name. -- rather. They're just like on some like destructiveness today -- ago today Michael -- -- Michael yeah handled a who's this yet. I'll let him forget his name implied he's like -- and -- -- -- closer and closer to the point where the basically -- reading the time ha ha ha -- And -- that the -- -- that the best I mean look how many photos yeah how -- -- -- I mean look at what you like -- that after awhile that -- -- screw it and its start picking things up from the set like they're actually how to. Yeah I think Patrick dance fever okay. And it's going onto the -- I -- this guy -- like bouncing I think and look. I think really it's just cardboard -- yeah. It -- throwing in Herat explain that this. Well there's not one security guard certainly the premises of the okay this but I -- it was the funniest like I I. Village and even anticipate this happening yeah because I didn't think that the script who's done portends well they're gonna script for yeah the yeah -- I grew up. Whatever they're doing here yeah -- -- just shoot ahead. It was like part of building or. -- look and all I know but anthrax. And in this like -- this new guy density does that really were the best YouTube video that he shot like you noticed that of this epic explode it is basically cut scene from the film this might as well be part of the movie. Look at -- I'm gonna look like and maybe a little -- hired. I mean it's it is not a big deal anymore and that's fitting here it probably knew that. And it doesn't matter you -- while some of interest in the movie let him. And I already shared consumers 34 -- this is only -- bits and pieces of the person together. No one's gonna know. Of movies maybe let's talk about some comic con is now the avengers movie the cast was announced. And it's gonna be Joss -- -- -- direct the movie yeah and so that's -- and of the cast Daniel -- Jackson -- -- theory of course Scarlett Johansson is black -- act that's chemicals she looks like here yet definitely. Chris burns were at that board that's. Going to be from the new bookmark four mark -- lose my whole outlook the -- that he replaced. -- -- -- Ed Norton and Norton who replaced -- bad yeah. Yeah group plays or is that -- they just can't make a whole New Britain via Nokia's goal is called is marginally interesting yeah I mean like how how much character development you really have it's just -- -- diaries show emotional few. However little mad at the and it is basically don't get a hold it. It's about what's gonna happen in this movie but it's impressive that. Iron Man is I feel like how is this -- surprise us this this is what was the biggest surprises Robert Downey jr.'s reprising his role as I am and not -- cool is when due to breath. In like -- They recast it almost everybody ride for the avengers movie and you know -- Obviously like nick -- he's only been like. The Iron Man was you know -- into -- like baby briefly via salute that was like -- to worth of shooting well just like a full on film yeah. -- -- -- The idea is that. Then attack them Andy and yet it is gonna take eight months the -- that -- -- -- Account I'm impressed that I am glad that they're actually going Ford and even -- movie I'll be used to be good news Chris turns worse. Chris I'd never heard of before but he's gonna needed -- -- -- really check out some of these screen shots of him in the actual often did you look at the real thing. Halloween coming out how to get a looks like a guy had like a couple thousand dollars to together area and it cost him aside I think the actors look the lovely -- and he looks like just get a light -- yeah. I didn't totally out -- Because it does look kind always sell un interesting true. Yeah apology behind I don't -- he's got the they hammer men. Okay yeah. Thing is it. What I think is it really kind of funny is that lately the movies to be realistic -- greedy you and I. I know that exactly that unrealistic especially avengers is like candy cane and sugar pops and and I don't know -- -- Spider-Man with news when you look at Dark Knight red and I think that's like become the staple at which you compare all other superhero movies you read. It's -- looks like freaky and you know these alien movie it's like -- little ridiculous. Hard with a -- marvel comic actors because there was brightly colored write -- and then they can go with like the motorcycle jacket look or just go all out -- -- neon blue violet Waxman's amongst the first to rise against the little plaque you elect the first and I -- -- all it does look like they're about to hop on a motorcycle did. -- -- -- -- First ball Wolverine is sick or he's just strip killing people yeah. I analyst with those guys -- on the mansion -- -- Just you can pick up. Killing guys -- left Hannity and you know it that in the other thing and I think they cast Chris -- I thought he was either he was a human -- -- mature content that's before I get there you mixed up with that -- -- prominence it doesn't -- with two movies out there that legacy is pretty strong he is the human -- and which. I mean you're just you know is as the surprise -- Stanley is not psyched about. Yeah -- many cases these check for four billion dollars only cameos is gonna -- this one has a one button until beat there them -- yeah that is the news today. Let's talk about the videogame news yet I mean not a lot of -- stuff came out. But we did -- trading yesterday after the show ended yeah in the verses -- -- act second X street so that. We'll have of this let's -- -- and come back I -- show this video because oh it's amazing it's amazing how much simpler for I got some like The Beatles landed at JFK. It unduly -- the second -- we you'll see yet after the break you're gonna watch this and you know laugh and all these people mr. huge -- Picture this is the floor and home phone or their captors to show where we -- It is get from the Bronx looking into the four for this show we're out picked -- That and with my check and see. And if anything at all -- dead kick stand with -- -- -- -- -- Pretty is this hookup that -- -- do you notice you than them. It's weird you're told you're gonna watch this video you have to see if these people who -- at comic con. They come out with this game and they lose their mind so the the news of the -- that marvel and Capcom have announced. That there. Joining forces. Nana marvel Manto separate them -- -- Capcom join forces in the doing street -- X -- and and they -- is that the thing it really should be. Taken extra -- two epic games you separate -- two distinct fighting styles ran two different looks the Street -- action taken will look like you better play with the -- those -- about the game -- -- -- will be kind of like I don't know how to do it right now what I can like yet the Street Fighter version is going to be. -- look 3-D but it's gonna be two RK it's much more arcade year in -- game play is his. As more technical fighting game -- -- and then in tech in Mikey and obviously there's there's the multi hit combos can go forever on. So they're gonna incorporate all -- -- and they've released a trailer which -- you know it was just it was fun to watch but this they actually release and game play footage. I own comic comic con so watch this video watch these guys freaked out the second the ladies are -- so we're playing this. A the actual -- yeah. This is why you you know somebody and I or I mean it does look really cool again that -- -- And enhances the -- and they'd really like he's. -- on the project he spent a couple. -- Who's that is helping -- -- he's the bad guys who -- Here we go the next. You -- between fireballs it's people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- she's very good. -- -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I'm about to be counted -- -- and the -- -- cutter cut scene. Read everything -- -- -- -- but even if Mikey found both both technical and street and I think it looks more like a few minutes. When he noted that in your room and then lose their mind if it's the perfect for Julio go -- -- defense so that. Dad was what happened -- And it felt like you really hate fighting game I don't like them I don't you're never into the or moral combat in the first announced in its letter telling fifteen years ago yeah -- really was things that Morgan changed. Although the coming out with a new Mortal Kombat game which I think is exposed -- a completely Judy in their bring back -- really yes and that to me is exciting because I think those are the best I think. Yeah well I don't know I I was kind of I got into fighting games around the tech in virtual fighter so like this really excites me. -- Street Fighter IV. Sort of like the first fighting game in probably more than half a decade I was excited about this and Ericsson and. Please you've heard tour yet again and what had a PlayStation very very short time departed from my friend in high school lead is heavy on me not protecting you know the -- You're gonna I think tech continue and I had it's marvel versus Capcom and those are the only two games that are really long time the display goes it's perfect I couldn't get into like marvel versus Capcom -- like. -- -- -- Too good to play the game if you yeah they have moreover as Capcom three that it is Steve viewed comic con which is really cool but I agree it is too much stuff going on once again we're about to care you know what -- You're gonna and releasing two gains I don't they are they gonna come out simultaneous. I don't know about that I imagine. I probably -- -- think -- -- two different developers. Have put but at the end of the day you know it's. Buying a video games and expensive how does it is put 67 dollars together for a hundred dollars for both I think I -- see that but it releasing them separately I just think that you'd be better for them yeah -- -- like at the game -- for five months down the road -- and in gain time that's nothing that's a week. But like like a -- There's although many times where I'm at the video -- store and I have to like decide whether I'm gonna drop sixty dollars on one game. Because I'm not gonna job 120 dollars and until lot of money games are expensive from what they can burn. -- other first world problems. How how how. I didn't know what they think eight dollars a way that's been that -- until my on the line -- convenient you. Have a lot of them. Well forget that. On yeah on comic -- Begin video game is dark -- new StarCraft game coming coming right yeah well it came out today Starker to you don't think we're excited about this -- but -- it means is it's a long time in the making united that it I don't. So I -- this -- you don't cry. You kind -- like I feel like every. You know diet are age with a stark I was into three I would place to start the original -- put it doesn't excite me as much as a new. You know action game excites me -- for people who don't know with a real time strategy game scifi -- -- based game where you can actually thank you an idea. A problem with the way they're advertising has -- The game. Is nothing but a click and drag sort of game you get the real well I have actually seen any sort of game play footage from its its cooking and and you know could be from what I've heard the game's excellent they -- an unbelievable job twelve years to do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They don't even make it look like motion but it looks like in game engine looks like you know you're watching a Pixar movie or ammonia. And all you're doing is watching this clip scene -- in the you know for someone who doesn't know they thinks -- -- is inexcusable. Food and I think. You're right it looks exactly like a first person shooter when you're watching the trailer that didn't viewed it looks like halo and probably banking on the fact that if you like StarCraft -- talking -- -- -- -- original I -- know what the -- is -- already obviously but I think you know these people are also a decade older -- you know I don't think -- -- primate -- -- there -- remembers -- is back at the same -- -- did some screen -- -- relief from our gratitude -- do look a lot better than the original movie quality not -- -- government for what it's worth and I know that they did some really impressive stuff with the theme engine and and in and you can display a lot of in -- bad things on screen at once and that's the deal put. Heating and soccer and video game trailers do you get -- to show you video cut scenes and make you think that that's actual game play. Would -- be there time to put -- more closely -- it when the actual -- and they do cutting -- at the very least one to -- you didn't see from the -- in some regard in this -- is absolutely written looks like a first person like what -- again this game you go to the story look at the back of the box with open this click and indirect -- at the numbers and I -- he's he's a -- remittances I you know I've played the game for a couple months when I was in school yeah. -- opted. My brother on the other hand played asking for it's still -- for years and probably still playing on the weekend yet I'm kind of worried. You're really it's darker until it gets brighter -- going human. He's going to lose. There is -- how cheap the actual game is I can't say that I remember paying for the originals are crap out kind of back in the day but it's gonna sell for sixty dollars that's -- standard edition or even by 400 dollars. That's the deluxe -- that includes like a two gigabyte dog tag USB key. I got hardcover book with art inside and -- in the game itself that's pretty good deal I -- To see more levels -- Expansion Pack department got a whole other thing is with darker to is that it's a trilogy to the -- -- so this is winging those wings of liberty is now and then there's two other. Chapters that will be released that. Some other time and the flash drive actually includes the original StarCraft game and get -- our pants pocket I feel like you're micro did it to contain that plus the soundtrack as well I don't know it seems like computer -- plot -- -- -- just geared. You're the anti video gamer you'd get back into StarCraft now -- I'm -- -- -- I've got no matter -- -- -- is it really in -- it came out simultaneously -- and that it's pretty -- so I'll start at two wings of liberty -- you're not. Uh huh that's -- the more -- news is -- access it was Tron legacy from -- there. And I think we've we've talked about this before the trailer looks really cool -- while looks hot. And Jeff Bridges reprise his role -- looking and play inexplicably young. I'll though someone got stabbed in the -- you guys thanks these are. I don't know what to simulate what happened so here's what happened I -- someone with packed into the hallway -- comic con with a bunch of people waiting for a panel the start. And apparently there was a squabble over the view. I get -- with the document guys view -- -- in there was altercation -- got stabbed in the face with a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's gone yeah I like that. They have the strength to do that yeah. I attend to them I'd logo that's -- -- -- exactly you know gym rats yeah from. Finally announced that. Compound Torrington Gale -- Guillermo del Toro -- is directing Disney's haunted mansion remake. Oh wait 10 great. Yeah there are people check it -- -- Breed. -- says Eddie Murphy version hub -- -- it actually re doing it with here remote dealt -- and he's saying that it's gonna be a lot scarier than you originally well first one with -- Disney movie and those kind of a comedy made for kids. -- anything -- this next one will be very darkness like the actual ride it is this is funny Guillermo goes we are not returning Eddie Murphy's calls hit. Which -- And an amazing who Tennessee. Did not I added that the first 1 but I am surprised because you go from the US elated to direct the hot it and it didn't work out for -- -- one reason the other -- What's going -- Welcome home it was an account well from what I understand Peter Jackson is probably get a direct again he has an outrage said he will -- But -- is. In the lead in contention to -- direct he was executive producing -- with has -- for animals. But they're definitely do into movies. And can be the hard part one part two and I don't know I if anybody's gonna do have to -- its computer Jackson church can be six hours long. I'll be extended version -- Closed because he got a couple of AL a couple of voicemails. Today talking calling Jeff out because he can remember that Rosie was in the first movie. The very beginning let's get it back up. And he's well in 190 yeah. And are currently is like. So -- cipher ought to mention I mean I love the gear wouldn't the world yet create an -- the original ride to oh my god it's awesome stuff there. So that does -- -- -- See you later -- next year. Elephant. Very mean -- you yeah I started off strong blood -- I thought there was a need figured out it's trickling out -- that we can't know that was using that we're out of ideas and that's gonna go see more of comic on that was a lot of cool stuff going to got Molly Wood but yes it's actually great it TV right -- that's great video. A lot of Booth -- And costumes costly stuff those who need to get them to -- understand. We should really good at nobody perfect it would be fun -- -- -- -- -- and they never have you I mean. -- hero. One XX for a force unit through the medical leave us a voice mail or email before fourteen -- -- Lets you guys tomorrow on -- show everyone have an awesome day we'll check you later.
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