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Ep. 62: Whose smart phone will reign supreme?: Mobile

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Mobile: Ep. 62: Whose smart phone will reign supreme?

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Android on a TouchPad, Security in the Market, and Windows Phone v Android whose smart phone will reign supreme? We ask special guest Molly Wood about her Windows Phone Challenge. All that and more on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

Enter -- -- -- touch pad security in the market and Windows Phone for says -- who's smart phone rings supreme. -- and more in this weeks it just -- -- -- Android atlas weekly for. August 24 this is episode 62 I'm just next house -- -- Antuan Goodwin. Audi and -- as Bollywood. -- Play halo -- people hello we're chameleon like Borough is actually -- satellite. It delayed or select. Look at polo and it is nice that I've Kirsten and can hear me in the name did and they -- -- -- I just did all their show. Through -- I'm exhausted just get back from LA it. Yes He -- drove round trip manager of Italy Monday night through the Toyota Camry -- cards or bank Tuesday night. In -- -- for ten hours for the last four you know. Good thing you get -- -- -- them. No. No I just -- individually of heating and Honda Civic. Both CNET and violence today. -- written. Aren't let's start the so so this is the eighth 232. In the clinical conditions. 32. The ascended the by -- is that they actually did the math because growers talk about this. On January 5 of this year. Com it's almost getting to the point where you know you could have had a new child -- now. But the buyout act supposedly according to. Who's this boy genius we'll come out on September 8 at a price -- -- -- 99. Which at first glance seems a little steep to me but apparently this is the same price that the other tourism for -- He phones have amount. You believe this and -- and unbelievably nasty. Nasty so mean it's not random screen site and Internet Explorer. On somebody's -- that's really ruins the credibility yeah. Now it's actually and and so it doesn't sell the phone or anything but it's on the TV. While He believes the product Israel's. She doesn't believe it's every I mean come out here into. I mean. -- -- And probably use well played with the -- -- -- yes. We -- with any phone via the prior if you voted yes that -- from -- -- nothing like planets may -- -- look like but we don't I was -- like -- it's not in the form -- means light of the they're talking about adding features. -- of the displays difference. The real probably have this phone is its just gonna wanna hear found in going to be really -- my phobia. Utterly how to going to be jealous of the conflict they don't matter as spectacular as -- what we're gonna actually cover that later in the so don't -- Com are well I have faith in this that this won't go off beyond as -- math beyond what the data will be -- tempt me if that -- into them ahead. Is more more more days killing last. It's like oh yeah yeah there's a video of the boot -- sequence as witnesses that science that says it already is super -- that I watched the to boot up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is this the same as the -- -- sickens hundreds the official teaser that link rule all machines with the chicken the sort. -- can afford gathered I want to watch the chickens -- -- MS -- the actual phone entrepreneur and there's been a really two minute long. It's -- there's a minute of boot up. With too little concerning to me yeah and then it goes through speed test and some other -- I take in -- sort taken to start our reduction in the sort. And put -- at for the link in the chat room or dependency. Again. And it here it is. Yeah this is nothing compared to chickens or -- that -- wanna be spoiled. He didn't want to either of them know I didn't want spoilers. Did it's your show no public policy for the recently an uphill battle in never -- -- -- -- mentioned that can -- LA -- -- and on and -- programs are concerned here. Area. Well I don't see in -- moving. I think pretty awesome the Indiana light as many thousands. Of things that -- -- that you say it can do things. -- -- -- -- -- -- The original banners clearly a remake the Jerusalem to -- their -- there are as a remake although I -- fundamental and I'll send ballots -- He hypocrisy. But you -- it is not myself. Aren't let's move on this horrible depressing topic of one's -- I think it's gonna come out before. 300 as many prediction and when you flip it took a hit since the our books get to the exciting part of this CO so. This is the -- -- interview with Molly -- If you read news if you would like triplets and it's really America microphone off and -- are. So you have been Telesis even doing this Windows Phone town just set it up for. So I was. Basically complaining on Twitter about the gingerbread update to enter and -- that turn my phone from a pretty functional. Device mean it had issues with it but it turned into from a functional device and to -- -- -- It doesn't. It didn't work in a restart -- all the time and it couldn't stay connected to the network in the GPS would never work and pretty much every issue to -- -- keyboard got super leg. All of the issues that work. Documented in the Droid -- forums I encountered as an -- financing to -- Out of bed rom. Yeah Arab. Maybe -- like like it sounds like you know -- the first question on -- if you told me that was like did you Richard -- -- them dinky Roman that's what it yes that's what it felt like act. In fact it really reminded me of the time that a route that I redid the Samsung fascinate ruined by Verizon. And try to like restore it -- unusable state and death then the process of Reading in its on the customer on the animated so unstable. But I finally like a factory reset it and instead of -- And because I do not believe and I know that there was like. And jumping ahead -- in with my very first post about the talent -- talked about issues that have had with Android phones have been through three of them -- their -- like there was this huge. In rage thread on read about what an idiot I am because. All you have to do to fix your problem here and -- is rooted in -- -- -- custom Romany besides do not -- that the it's not that big deal to call yourself tech -- you would just do that. Okay that's not an acceptable solution to a phone now -- like a consumer device not just a lazy. -- -- -- -- -- -- Talking -- does go over there and be smarter than everybody else that's -- eat but that but for consumers. That's not an acceptable response rightly -- -- You should not nobody from Google should be putting out of and a software update whether it's Motorola -- -- spot. That ruins the phone and and nobody talks about it. Acknowledge address that Verizon -- addressed that Googlers and addressed at Motorola doesn't address animals that look -- up problems -- -- you need to get and a control. -- tweet about that's right. And then I get this tweet in response. From. Brandon Watson who is and Microsoft developer and evangelist at -- think it sort of contacting with Microsoft to help promote. And evangelize Windows Phone 7 -- and -- He says would you like to take the Windows Phone 7 challenged. Which is I'll send you phone running mango. And you try it out and if you don't like it. I'll -- a thousand dollars in -- And that's pretty much like those are the rules of engagement and He says Scott Adams also -- -- the -- -- the Dilbert creator Greg and me and I think that's kept it. Seek out He had the -- because HTC trophy and I got is is great here HTC trophy running and it was running and developers build. Of Windows Phone 7. -- so it actually is like the -- experiencing I have the live tiles and the whole thing. And a way -- there was no kind of predetermined time for me to try it out I was gonna give it a month unfortunately the phone itself. Is a disaster. At the -- rob. And it it was pretty unstable it was like restarting or five times a day and just it was problematic so. I so I use it for two weeks He set a record fifteen reboots in one day -- -- -- -- and Pennsylvania including a million to eighteen -- -- -- Remarkable that so I mean -- you know what it back and -- happened but like -- that means and we wanna look into what the deals with on her back to that please do here's what's going on and I never heard back from themselves. I just. At some point that's called an -- to the talent and blog to my thoughts. In a -- after using. So let's talk about a couple sort of major areas that people use on a Smartphone so basic most basic of which phone calls. How is how would you set of create those two is that you know adequate on both. Yeah I mean interestingly post gingerbread update my -- Droid X had such a hard time staying connected to the network. That it was the -- quality the call quality deteriorated significantly after the upgrade. -- both on the same network cable and Verizon yet and in fact that's why I got the HTC trophy you as a side note that's only -- phone available on Verizon. And our Windows Phone 7 phone available on -- -- and in fact. In his early emails -- a brand Watson's -- bombed accused instantly get your finger Hardin. They're yup but -- I have to say. I thought the call quality was really good on the -- -- -- calls sounded they were Clear Lake it was actually. I don't make them any phone calls but I was impressed with -- -- text messaging look at this reboot it for now. Just sitting there doing nothing against her G -- alright I turned it on -- editing that put it back down in integrating app that didn't get down. His speech recognition feature editors here reboot total. -- navy -- like we've solved the problem. The good news is actually reboots pretty quickly so when it would reboot in the middle of phone calls and things of that nature which always happens -- comes up. Comes back -- his -- comes back pretty fast act especially compared to the Droid comes back really not so good jobs the job and that the that's -- -- the editor of the -- are not a bug. That's awesome so you have the call quality was -- it's -- you know it's perfectly usable from that regard. I mean it's perfectly usable operating -- You know I mean I think you made a good point in here where you sort of -- like. It's perfectly music -- but when you compare to and grade anti OS there's nothing no significant differentiator. Compared to it. Those OS is so why when it switched to. Yes I mean despite the just a hint that. The of the -- the review was apparently received by. The members of their windows -- and in community. I liked it I thought that -- was good I think that some parts of it are very -- I think it has you know it it meets. The expectations of the smart phone world right now. It's just that it doesn't exceed them and I think that. That the position that. That Microsoft is in right now is that they have to convince people who are the real to buy iphones. And to our. Blanketed by Android options -- That this isn't a viable third alternative brand as we like it sort of like -- the corollary is that American political system like a third party. Candidate always has a really hard time. Finding a foothold -- -- there's a huge. Benefit. That is not happening on the other platforms in this case. I did you know -- in this case I can't say that there's anything wrong with Windows Phone 7 I had an effective device that's not that is barely relevant because the fact is like. I use the operating systems -- -- it -- -- -- used the services there and and I think that there are certain people. That is -- great for I think if your first time Smartphone buyer and you went into a store and altering options were presented to you equally. That you might choose Windows Phone 7 if you were not an Apple fan because -- -- like really it's it's easy to use its super attractive. And if you are somebody who works in the enterprise and your price your company is primarily on Microsoft platforms like that that integration with office. The integration with outlook that stuff is gonna be super useful for. Right so maybe that's their sort of small differentiator. There's and it even Blackberry has a pretty big you know we are the email so -- -- -- innovation on the iPhone -- -- -- you know cheap and available. My Medicare. But very great for email corporate security. And this you have the works great with their other products. Which it you know what's from Microsoft is just coming a long way rightly they haven't had a great record a great track record of integrating their products last health. In this case -- at some of that does finally happen on -- -- -- my complaint is that it's not as well integrated as it could be. In some cases across the board like I would've liked to see skydive integrated better with the entertainment options. So that you -- like there was -- clouds are there with that so that there was more of it. An easy way to use your cloud storage select upload your music and then move it onto your device instead -- literally having to like plug your tether your phone. And transfer all your music over and then in and then. If you wanted to use that in conjunction with the Zune pass. Which apparently -- was a little unclear on my radio. You do at least. Have to tether your phone to get your existing music collection on to your phone. Which to me was like but you already have a cloud service -- skydive so -- does have -- -- option to like download your music. I can't say that there's no real good cloud service. -- music put out by a phone manufacture. Not a phone many fact here there's Google. Well as Google's cloud musical music again I think -- it has its own problems different problems. So this is an -- show let's talk about why -- this one sucks more. So speech to text -- cinema. Yeah I is so my favorite thing about. I mean I was very clear from the get go that bit that my things that I use on a phone writer speech to text -- navigation and the night is only sort of communication clad -- So the -- -- texting was huge for me and mango. Has speech to text and in -- very proud of it and it has you know one of the things that's really cool that it does have is right from the home screen. If you hold down and windows button here. -- -- immediately get like a speech. Option right there and then you can sort of say anything like find. Banana blossom on purple heart and it will launch being and it will start searching for it or you can text someone directly from that screen. It yet actually search committee conversely anything like find I mean a thing about it thinks about an -- -- so I really like that you can like just pick up the phone hold on the button and and do a variety of things call someone texts a month search for something. And then you can do. Voice. Speech to text in the texting application. But you can't do it anywhere else usually can't there's no speech to text microphone in the little keyboard -- like -- -- -- and anywhere exactly does not integrated throughout anywhere there's a keyboard -- Android you can -- a little microphone and in -- of speech attacks and then -- I just got totally frustrated because I like. So it's -- you almost have it through how it. But then it stops that you know -- housing accuracy compared to Google that entering. I found actually to -- not -- as good although I am willing to attack that happened to list of the hardware like I don't know how much that is due to the microphone sensitivity or something like that. I will say that I'm. Google seem to have a bigger. Database and bigger library of like there I mean I'm not surprised that Google speech to text and -- looks they've been working on April in time I think -- was a little bit better. Although an account that the auto complete engineering on -- phones forget -- -- of but it -- -- not so much being that's -- with. -- -- navigation is another key when you mention. So navigation on and -- its -- You know by is that all the time it's like I don't know how I could ever switch to any other phone that didn't. Have -- yeah. I cannot and that was a huge informing and -- -- -- as clear about that from the get go to. That. So the iPhone at this point still doesn't have turn by turn. Investor return as a display but not like audible turn by turn directions render it obviously is -- is integrated with Google Maps the turn by turn is amazing. And has gotten me more places than -- can -- -- at -- even just around the Bay Area. The same. I get -- -- and I'm not the only one -- Room Microsoft has implemented turn by turn on Windows Phone 7 in manga in the most bizarre fashion that I can even imagine like I. -- truly. We'll never -- the one thing where this is sent me over the extras like this doesn't even make any sense the way -- -- -- -- -- -- you -- audible turn by turn directions but only when. You tap. The screen. So in the U -- the -- EDE blocks a map and then you navigate to something. And then and I would save and it does not work and I have tried a million times for video of your commitment it will not -- the satellite inside a building. I wonder do they not use Wi-Fi like. Google does tentative figure out where -- -- and then go to GPS it'll give you a Mac it'll give you directions through group but it won't do that the GPS based like tapped to find it. -- them to react -- I think it's sort of using Wi-Fi at least to get the read the initial mapping but it's not. Parents we. But anyway so the way we're x.s in -- -- come up and the directions are pretty image to and they have these really useful things in them like. If you get to this you've gone too far. Or go you know three blocks and there's a 7-Eleven on your right but that's awesome -- -- your driving. So awesome that -- someone in the -- to read that for you you but if there's not it's like. It's you got to memorize it before you know -- so then it then. Instead of just getting so. You start you set off driving and -- like -- to do and I because I've been using. GPS devices for years not just -- -- fund actual DP estimate that that give you -- direction. I'm sitting there like I'm approaching return or whatever I don't know that -- approaching return and I'm sort of waiting for it to say something but it doesn't. But it does is when you pass the next thing like you make the right -- your supposed to make that you had to memorize earlier that it goes. Being -- but it makes lot of noise as probably being probably it'll -- -- little. And then you're supposed to reach down and topped the the screen of the phone anywhere to get the next audible directions. So what next. You're injured so so every energy PS device in the U verse it'll say. Turn right and 300 feet or whatever ray or turn right on fourth street in 300 feet turned red and fourth -- -- this phone. Silent. Like nothing and then -- to reset while you're driving. It's like I'm the phone and humbler and tap somewhere and then it'll be like after messing 400 feet got to do this and a -- I hate -- -- is right -- had no idea if it's 400 feet but if you're on a road trip in the next -- -- 150 miles. Great just remember that I spoke. -- -- -- But you're just supposed to remember that or look at the phone constantly which defeats the purpose of being able to -- that when you're driving I just truly have never seen anything like this. And -- don't understand why they did -- it's the weirdest thing and an earlier builds in screen shots of earlier -- of -- They had and a setting option that was like turn on audio directions audible directions or turn them -- Now the -- screen is. -- for an extraction or nothing. President and frankly -- you're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is there any chances and drink -- and -- -- -- Little thing alone and they just don't public a patent on terminal burn only not opponents of sites -- -- the Hamlet the license. The license the technology in the pre built it is filter and there's a or not can hold it back over that maybe maybe I don't know. Possible adding I don't know but I think you've gotta release address that because it's -- it's not. With I mean were sorry message to an Apollo like how would they not be able to license it when you know as many of the angry Windows Phone 7 commentators pointed out. Apparently there's a free app available that does turn make it so you can download an app to do it. The reason by the way found -- that I didn't download the free app is because -- was evaluating and -- would like and I we're gonna continue to use it obviously that's what I would have to do because in the directions this away. -- -- Actually asinine you know tap the patent and the thing that's just and I do know that other. Other mapping services have had similar constraints because of patents. And it it is possible that that is the reason I don't know I just know that it does not work. The way to license their maps does Google -- owns all their map data. For says I think Microsoft is licensed it from someone else but who knows either as -- so what's the gas -- wrapping up forest what's the bottom line here. The switch and. I am not -- and now the bottom line is like. The bottom line is there's nothing wrong with -- I would totally recommend it to new Smartphone buyers and or people who work in enterprises that have Microsoft. Integrated. In their company just like I said in the blog post but I will not let me personally. My personal usage and opinion is that doesn't work from. It you know -- fine. It's fine there's nothing root system doesn't mean it's just not for me right -- -- it is sort of like a -- like it's not. If I mean look what's interesting is that a lot of the issues that I Tennessee. A -- described about this were kind issues and injury -- the beginning. They didn't always have turn by turn directions kind of issues with with them what kind of thing but I OS in the beginning. But the difference is that you know entry dealt with those issues like a year ago I -- still does issues more than a year ago and -- think -- jumping in you've learned from their mistakes. And it's not like you're starting fresh -- gonna have two years of experience you can glean from other people's mistakes. Other companies in the state since kind of interesting to see that yeah that -- still be an issue here at threat specific. It's clear that they weren't learning from other people's mistakes when they didn't introduce copy and paste in the first votes. Very well they -- even trying to create a more Apple like. Experience in some way than they've been trying to cut a lock it down more and some of that makes sense you know they promised that its not gonna be as fragmented as Android and I I think like. Like I was saying -- in the blog -- two years ago and manga come out even a year ago. Even a year ago -- -- had come out and and exactly where it is today which is like. Mostly baked right three quarters of the way dates you doesn't have the solid app support they just released the near finalists -- this week. And I assume that more capsule followed but I don't know like I was at square one -- the apps they couldn't download was square. And I was that app square headquarters when that happened and asked the co-founder then. Are you gonna make a Windows Phone 7 -- like making -- was like oh that's not even read in Iraq that's hard that's a hard thing to overcome. -- -- Put out this operating system means that your HP they would be in the race had they put -- -- two years ago they -- freaking killed. For it to be coming -- today has a lot of their a lot of challenges for it to overcome. Are right so my ultimate what I said was a given a polish Indiana. In the blog -- click insert a Sandler. I like it and I just don't wanna use it to me that's like a -- But apparently to the windows community that was like the worst thing ever -- and apparently in fact slit its throat and put it on a fire. Which meant to -- though might I don't know what I'm not let people are people really -- I was surprised but what I really hope is that they. It was actually utilized is that the people who are super mad are not the people who are actually working on that the ongoing development because otherwise like that that's their attitude. And their dislike. Screw you you know everything you said a stupid and that means they're not gonna fix it and they -- there are things in there that I have said that are legitimate that they should fix because. Regardless of what you think of me personally like. I mean in the flight path took it magistrates and Max out here -- don't hate the player He became -- Don't hate it think it's pretty technology people but seriously I got like a vague death threat over a mobile operating system -- It and mean -- -- issue little more careful in ministers' movements and hope -- It's no laughing matter -- release -- anyway for those you have asked about the donation. And I haven't heard from. And -- -- -- If you detect when the -- I just haven't heard I haven't heard from my. -- What's his name -- apparently He got the death threats earlier because He said that He liked. Yet He said He thought it was currently like the most easy to use accessible. -- us on the market but. He said that it didn't have any kind of a cool factor -- you know he's like it's really is eighty years it's -- that it's got features like it has better call quality and my iPhone in my Android -- But there isn't -- like cool cool -- It's funny if -- it is all coolness. He was just my design -- The Windows Phone Internet read my defensive stability Bellic you windows on what elements will look like that it actually does -- article yet and I think there is an -- Make it look like that it has -- very well. Are you trying to -- of them. Are you really -- this phone -- and ordered I am an auto squares Lama whom. In that the Tao X I'm not gonna lie like the design is that it's beautiful the UI is actually lovely I really like the lifestyle I love how you can -- -- All kinds of things. -- pin them as a shortcut to the home -- -- like you can do that with an individual playlist like you make a playlist -- Zune pass with the impasse or just in the -- Soft music software so confusing that sort of labeled Zune but also label music and entertainment. But if you make a playlist you can. Pin that specific playlist as a tile -- -- home screen and -- does have like one click access to that playlist -- -- The union effort to -- your playlist or you can do. Not digital chicken and from -- -- and you rebuke was -- it is some sort of music. Yet there are it is there are some kind of shortcut functionally. -- -- -- off there otherwise thing enemies in this remember -- two in the rest of us are definitely getting a whole you're totally right I gotta go com. We're gonna jump on to. Three quick headlines -- and take a quick break first of -- candor it. There's soccer. Is dominating the Smartphone market me reports here out at second quarter saying that they had 52%. Of -- smart -- market in the US. -- compared to 29% for IOS and some little number for all them. -- what Austria here Verizon. So we get complaints all the time about how we talk about Verizon phones more than any other phones and -- want to pull this story up as a slight justification of that. Because Verizon has the most Android phones and users out of any OS they have according to the study and they did kind of they just looked at mobile web viewing that actual sales at Fresno has 41% of all injury to users. Next. Best is -- with 25%. And then finally here. Now a new version of the injury market. And -- market version three that went out the read. As to cool feet rule one cool feature when -- -- think it's a little redundant. Media from minus one to. But it limits their Google plus one which allows you to add plus one. It's Google sort of like like button -- you see ineptitude like you can plus one it and there's also an ability to and pin security. To keep people from purchasing apps on your phone you can put in a pin attitude at the punch in and -- -- -- -- for it worked just well. -- I liked this. Actually better than the way Apple does it -- is the way Apple does the F Internet for every app you download you but really what I wanna be able to do is you know stated whoever. He sees in my -- You know go download whatever -- you want but don't charge my card don't buy anything that cost money. I think I can like the idea of a pin for reading with in the short easy to punch in. And maybe I don't want so in downloading. Apps on my phone what anyone downloading anything -- funnel the whole thing now there's no option and a -- I'm on the us -- that our point is -- if are gonna take a quick break always gonna leave and then we're gonna run through the rest of the news says stay with -- -- -- patent probability for second that is viewed as being knows me very. Some of the news that came out low last week when it with a speed is continuing to expand and over the weekend. And -- became one of the hottest. Tablets on the market where there were trying to grab up was -- hundred dollar text and announces sixteen gig and -- hundred pretty and its authority to populace so what are you gonna do with a touch -- obviously. Put Android on them. Ray there's a if a custom armor filming for the -- has been floating around that that's that's that's what they're working on -- working on it yet it's. Speaking right now that will allow you -- -- -- -- And the object of the game here is that eventually. We want to be able to install Android. OS on an HP touch pad. It's the trying to get gingerbread on their first and honeycomb and potentially as from -- -- whenever that comes out my -- -- honeycomb concern -- buttons. -- -- that is a good question I don't know maybe just because it's easier it and the reason people are flocking to this because they're like oh. You know OS on -- going to be. -- -- date and yeah I wanna be able to have maps and stuff like. That so I don't know you know I'm all for hacking and -- don't have it any possible device you hear. Our -- mean depends on the device not learned some things just. -- -- device you don't want Landry and on and then we'll talk a device and -- don't want Andrew on them under the that are expected back to the electric toothbrush. Com Google so the browser on -- -- Has just been called browser for a long time. And it sounds like they're actually going to change that to beat Chrome which is you know Google's browser on most other. Venues. Com and it's not just a branding change but I think the branding is important to Google but it's also changing -- -- to really use. The same code base that they are using for growers now it its T -- -- lot of code but it's slightly different -- always assumed it just was yeah I had to I was surprised but apparently they have not caught a Chrome has a slightly different code base and anyone -- That it's supported. All web sites and what teachers comes a Chrome sported. That that they're going to finally get to. Parity is there Nam which should be good for web developers because they -- after -- test against so many different things and -- -- -- -- tweaks. Atom -- was good for. Com Google and users will be able to roll out core web kit features faster there won't have to you know port at all these sort of -- should -- second. And it's sewn into it. Which is the longer patrols that is good boomed from Rome -- note that the BB -- your -- and current phone. You. Something they aren't big in there so if humans listening to go make that happen make it happen and then he'd be separate Internet -- -- -- instantly. Hey guess what -- energy users encourage users prefer mobile apps -- mobile web. There is a study done by Nielson saying that they spend mobile users spend 56. Minutes a day using both examined 67%. Time is using maps and -- 33% using web. And to the -- the browser has not. You know I think that's the way of -- Yet slowly add I know I have for myself. There are a time when most of time yet there's an app -- site I'll do it like -- the for forum values. It'll sometimes if it's for my visit quite often. I use the app. I think part of the advantage of an -- is at least -- in my head I feel like an old a lot of the resources of pre downloaded. Ready to have to download. You for the background image every single time you go to the website. It'll be cash. -- data yeah I mean you can just build an apt to be more optimize stand. You know. To have somewhat nicer experiences potential. So it makes a lot of little web sites. To -- -- they do. Other hardware news Samsung. Has been -- a leak about the Samsung impulse four G which potentially will be AT&T'S for. First four GL TE handset. Which is in -- and of itself but also because you know what this may mean. Com for the iPhone five which we may or may not be L -- most rumors they know we are really no. Comment so. He is the first and potentially only LT phone that it. He AT&T has who is sort of still the majority carrier arrives on US. Could that present potential problems for iPhone side. Now know -- -- -- iPhone five is a bit of a mythological creature. Inflate -- it's like -- -- well antibiotic will know its its. And I mean and complete opposite direction in Agassi prep the rest and use this juggernaut. I don't know in that it doesn't really matter -- -- there in front of it. It's an iPhone. Ended in -- the the worst you can hope to do is -- it. So you really fun -- -- specs don't matter. I I'd have liked to similarly Steve job Eric has been probably -- of people who are sleeves to brands. And of course like there are a number people who were just like iPhone like if you have a phone and you have a screen in their little buttons on it -- go put your iPhone down. And you'll turn it around and go sorry if that -- -- It's the -- -- rooms in this if hypothetical situation -- -- -- -- it's a dramatic inaugural viral buttons and maintenance -- Exactly it's a Kleenex or Q tips of the phones in -- the the other things exactly. And we asked when He I kind of headroom than simple QWERTY implies that the phone will come with a screen protector. Is that Lazarus is really kind of like kill off like -- peeling off the -- gadgets and assuming that comes with being protector. Well -- adding that to the belief that they're running -- of bullet points who's -- one also comes with repetitive. Similar -- points out that the that they called those Apple users I cheap yen it -- Aren't so I think our last story here is about. Be. Samsung's. There's sort of new lineup of phones that they announced ahead of TI FA conference in Berlin next month. Ritualistic -- W galaxy M pro cannot see why and a galaxy wide pro. I'm with you talked about specs but who really cares about specs very. When I found most interest in about the news story is that they the most random letters and He has mankind but then they explain them. Great so -- means super smart. Devices at the top as Samsung and Lenovo it's should be a -- -- a phone -- -- SS me if you -- Camaro continents and well. I noticed there could be called the it area. An -- and -- -- top line device from. Such as the galaxy gas which has sold ten million units worldwide are which means royal or -- because the couldn't pick -- -- -- -- It's you know the difference between super -- premium and -- and a one letter apparently. But the W. Wonder you know if Arafat -- and digital performance you meet people seeking style and performance so that's the phone's gonna appealed to the UI cheap. -- Relate you know the the sidekick crowd. The M. Me and call answer Apple -- treat marked magical with a bad idea the the this is the budget friendly model. And the wise voters young though so this is -- -- -- the -- -- market. It's the other mobile aimed at emerging markets or younger consumers. It's -- YNM would seem to have some overlap there. Around but maybe Amber's very low on features -- its TV commute Booth and -- the sense until a few mine. Market. -- if the -- pro maybe pro which means the device has a pretty keyboard. Limited plus which indicates it is an upgrade from an old model there's also LT which means that those multi. It sounds -- and it sounds like. You -- some cars have really long means. Disliked BMW. 335. X drive -- 25. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'll be able to Likud what's going on with that with the phone based on the model number but it's also gonna be. It's simply there's gonna be a Samsung galaxy. W pro plus LTE. I hope there -- that deliver docket now I don't like our kitchen sink foam taco last week -- Palm will have little bit of a built in protector. Parent or at a time we're done you know we know that -- -- -- and aren't we're gonna save these awesome emails for next week. I'm so if you wanna add to our pile of awesome -- -- -- -- -- -- -- delicacy Newsweek. Yes com. But we need to -- clocked in at 700 -- at cnet.com. The blog is. CNET -- comes -- injury -- atlas. Or just last entry now you can leave at the past have you know if it works yet -- will put their seemingly makes you feel good and Tyson wants us live every Wednesday at 12 PM Pacific cnet.com slash alive. We urgent email Twitter you can -- Android atlas. At Android atlas the following -- at and -- follow me Justin. Asked not my real name. You feel like those -- tedious show we have never done this tight yes eight. Sorry to -- as we'll see you next week with more -- Take care.
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