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Crave: Ep. 60: The last shirt you'll ever need

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Crave: Ep. 60: The last shirt you'll ever need

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In this episode of Crave we have self-cleaning clothes, a poop-powered motorcycle, and an olde tyme accessory for your iPhone. Plus, we introduce a new How To segment with CNET guru Rafe Needleman, and Eric rounds out the show by unraveling the influences of The Matrix.

It's Wednesday October 5. You're experiencing the excellent and exciting in magical crave podcast. I'm Donald LIO Eric Franklin bringing you. -- the magic. And with us today. We are joined by byte CNET royalty rate to implement. Yes if -- and with the united received here he's also meets our -- to you. Show and tell you the kind of quality show we've been putting out week after week -- I've been recognized we have sponsored we have. Advertising. In the show and part of that. Also brings with that's a new segment which will reveal. Revealed the moment but first since is killing the first all all of the wonderful lacking in its view -- -- -- Every week meaningless. Completely trivial information. -- -- crave blog -- This one actually is not trivial this first one is a new kind of clots. That self cleans. And kills bacteria and just by virtue of its construction. This is being developed by a a doctoral student at UC Davis -- -- found that by binding together cotton. Fabrics with a chemical compound which I'll try to announce here to HTC which is and the -- Wine mean to car ball lake apps may -- as close as an -- a man and a few other -- but that. The point is is that like and then and it recline your own car both Italy -- that Argo race. Reading them -- and again. That's a critical. But says that that the way that it binds to cotton is kind of so durable. That it day it's not easily shaken off of the the fabric and has -- natural kind of thing where it when it breaks down it creates. In the antibacterial compounds -- it -- itself yeah. Nice -- it cleans itself from -- from stinking it from stinking if you can't. Bacteria -- any -- as well so the the uses for this they're saying this is gonna be great for health -- food processing farmworkers multi person military personnel. But with their bearing the -- here which is -- is gonna be great for lazy people this is the clothing of the future is -- clothing isn't. I quit you cloth if you could do work out in the morning and come straight to work yet because actually I have some I can't speak at various languages pick up a they do that but. Because -- they make. You know clothes now that have that are embedded with and time microbial stuff there and they're actually great I got one of -- shirts and award -- and that some exercise and in I was not stinky. US thinking this is also one of those inventions that He -- gonna get bottom by Clorox or Dow Corning or something that make. We can't have people not wash their clothes and right there's an -- around this is people's thinking what if you make the per picture where your entire life it'd be like the jobs -- turtle -- or -- economy and options it's like her idea. He He He reconciles exactly -- -- this this invention is gonna put people lot of work yet and its industry and ruin. The Tesla coil. All over again free energy don't think so. -- -- -- Now but it's actually I think it's can be pretty cool then -- Will never hear about it again because it very. Like electric car you've heard -- last. Which that'll be part of my tin foil cap segment on -- you heard -- last -- -- -- it's. Where they cart you away -- -- with the -- that forget Apple -- whatever it is. And in the another great innovation hand possibly more -- life changing and self cleaning clothing. A motorcycle that runs on -- feces. With a built in toilet. You -- competing for this right. Every I just love it wants us analyst stories that really if it weren't for the picture I didn't have to be -- Garrett picked it right begala that helmet and my. Now I I think this is relieved. It may it may actually work -- -- But it is probably more of the -- basement and I think -- -- -- that's -- -- manufacturer -- is somehow involved with this. And I don't think that they're going into motorcycle production. But. A missed opportunity in their photos for him that -- -- -- them. To say that means it's -- so you don't. Only you could be dropped or -- exactly could be -- in exactly -- they think about that is yes that's the point that. Hopefully there and -- my microbial its patients -- doesn't you know Alicia have a really. White space there. This is -- the -- thing to notice here's that is the giant rules to with a Paper on the back of the motorcycle. Isn't were sent over giant's. -- -- on the app so again another industry ruined here. Let this get us off tomorrow will dependence right none of be really bad and an abundant food shipments and but we felt that -- that I -- I got daylight laxity. -- -- -- a man. But. And if we -- get there another good invention and this is the third story. On the line up here is that there is now an accessory. For your iPhone. -- -- Four -- your forage for S. And that doesn't iPhone puts an acoustical born. On the bottom of the device so that He can just naturally amplify the volume in a very old tiny. Way -- your writing your your bicycle and and it attaches to your -- missed our topic troll is not a business that it. Now they've they've gone into the iPhone accessory business -- You can get in three colors it will cost you -- saying. Well not. We set you back sixty dollars 60s60. Dollar 100 in torrent and it costs -- attached. They they missed an opportunity here if they'd -- cloudy in in my bronze made it a little more steam -- -- I think they could have gotten that it it. But this just seems weird -- -- every fragile place to put your iPhone. In China love you securitate beef line this is and it's -- what's oppose him. Play music through to -- kind of series here forget Pappas director actually at a handlebar amount for your iPhone is a really. Bad ass idea -- because. Personal you can put your navigation thing yet certain which they can see it -- exactly that the camera pointing out you can have -- the crash campus -- -- you gonna crash because you're watching an -- area so you can see who you run into or somebody like. Breaks a law and and you crash into them and -- there's evidence lets you can have entire conversations with scenery while you ride your bicycle. Thank you Carl -- with Syria if -- -- as I planned anti don't have a companion their right along when you can just talk to see things into Syria and see you back -- and give you that. -- -- Our integrated -- utilities shut out unless you're asking -- question he's just keep. -- nine times and I don't know -- is -- she says she can't get off your ass look it up on Googlers and a and on the food recyclers get your own and -- -- -- RAN on that note we're gonna throat to -- awesome sponsor. Commercial break and then. -- -- -- -- -- Yes so this episode of -- -- -- -- -- Trend Micro. In -- insecurity in that spirit we have -- here with how to securing. -- Gmail. Remember that -- of the rescue podcasts. I do I couldn't let it go -- I'm so happy that we actually cannot afford to do little micro version -- we were happy. So -- in the old in the old way a reader or -- -- just -- said. You -- -- to how best to at cnet.com Napster and questions and He wrote. I use Gmail for everything including lot of financial stuff and I would be destroyed if it got hacked what can -- do to keep its thing. I'll tell you anything to actually there's a lot He can do. Sharon did agree how to post on this with willing to hear the top three of of her tips from my perspective -- number one. A thank you -- And able to step verification. All hackers need to do to access your Google account including YouTube and Gmail blogger is your password which they can get with Phishing or other nefarious ways. One way to prevent against this is to use to step verification which means. When you're logging into Gmail at a new computer. It will send you an SMS -- your phone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But unless you know the pastor and you have your phone -- of course if you get mugged in the -- steals your password on your phone. Any and He deserves an. Epic that we worked -- X -- never do. Use HT TPS. Security. Just sign in there these are all options you can do in the -- control panel. Sign into Gmail go to mail settings -- -- browser connection to always use HTTP yes that's secure version of HTTP. So that if somebody sniffing your your connection they it's encrypted and and and they can't actually. Sniff your password out that -- Thanks. Number three and this is a good one you can only see who was blocking and where your -- -- being accessed from. By checking account activity. At the bottom of the page and she knows things as last account activity and to -- on details it'll show you when how and where your -- is being used. And you can see for getting there very very hard to see if your wife or girlfriend is trying to -- and increase I log out all other home. Iterations of their accounts -- take -- -- also does similar things really yet. This it's genius -- all my financial work on -- but. -- -- -- How long going to be anyway there are some other tips in their for those of the top three go to the link in the show notes. That Sharon did in this great little how to and that is how you keep your Gmail safe. It's it's been so much on a smart thing to do that might have to protect brief -- can -- -- yes. For over it and actually. Supplying us with some some knowledge and making something useful in this podcast -- Bringing a level of maturity and class size I think that's actually it's -- really good balance that people can actually having illegally here to compile their life and a conversational little nugget of up to -- motorcycle. -- -- what else can they have maybe we have I think we have time for I think we may have time -- happening let's make let's make some time for Geeknews. -- -- -- -- and you see the -- hope this. I did okay yeah instead plant that seed last week what -- -- -- see something a brief interest -- -- it's like I was looking at that house just done by your little pre roll there. A lot and -- very subliminal you may have some urges after you leave here let you know what the dot. Com. Did you know this week that much happiness and that lets him excited others a couple of game that came out that I didn't get -- region axles and at -- for so Clinton gears of war three still awesome. So. If -- games and it is but there is a -- -- stomach some stumbled across. Yesterday. What's the original matrix which is an awesome movie widget if -- ever washing -- It's a little derivative. Cool -- familiar feel familiar to me is the right word meaning a derivative but I feel like I've seen this before this scene is. Give me like this -- of deja Vu from something else media. I'm sure you have that feeling with your extensive knowledge of a pop culture in degree yes. Banana and I mean why -- -- -- -- my feeling now because. Intentionally there -- which -- Brothers borrow critical borrow a lot of home. A lot of not just -- but just specific scenes from other movies. Indeed even in other genres or some animated stuff. And -- nine has -- Has a -- -- compiles. Every single influence will -- every student -- -- lot of them at least. From the matrix move from the first matrix a steamy heat -- that you want video in the -- -- I mean -- for -- computer security now and -- -- Yeah I can get to play more -- -- you played -- you can try to kick me out catchy and -- -- air. Patients annually I've had a copy this morning's early enough I think I can recover from -- I think we should test quadruple flip in and rate can be the -- -- -- I'm -- I'm an architect who exactly. Is fitness. In and the chair NCs that the -- -- -- accurate. So what what He does like to -- -- yeah. Its own -- a lot of content -- -- a couple of influence lot of leg gently stuff like fist of legend in some of the -- mean some won't be honed self. Com the most surprising in its. You know what I'm going to the video there are some -- feel okay definitely. For sure but then you go. OK may be -- mean he's running to a crowd of people that happens in like every other movie. Not necessarily from ghost in the -- There weren't really that much super any surprises us an animated stuff that they kind of alluded to -- the IKEA stuff they. At that the there's -- -- here influenced. In a couple scenes with the kids who are like you know these. -- -- whatever their powers kid's special kids are now it was it's -- there's not really surprising influences but if you're wondering where these influence came from. Tenet has been a while now we're gonna show notes. And educated and an -- that stocky jerk -- watching this with you next time and read all I got now is I can't believe they -- data from fist of legend adds the pinnacle. Coupled with I need this because I'm getting really -- people of my seven samurai Star Wars yet similarity or -- hidden fortress -- yes -- you like. Those taken from which is that the white thing. The does it -- intent to -- acquisition. But a. I -- -- I think weakness and everyone's collective nerd and -- level easily handles like a 100% yes I feel good about this show garden. If you want to email lets you in -- they crave at cnet.com if you want to see will be talking about next week you can check out the crave blog. Act Cree dot cnet.com. Her I think -- -- today. And He knows enough yet to do away from -- -- -- Syrian let's take a I. -- next week. --
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