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Mobile: Ep. 56: Q&A lightning round

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Mobile: Ep. 56: Q&A lightning round

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Microsoft's wants more money from Android; a new tablet could cost you less money; and a lightning round Q and A session of your questions from Twitter.

Microsoft trying to get even more money from Android. A new tablet could end up costing you less money. And a lightning round Q&A session for your Android related question all of this and more on this week's episode of -- with weekly or 77 when he eleven. This episode fifty -- I'm Antuan Goodwin alongside the -- house. -- -- In. Use the chief author often. Sees -- -- ceremonies in new -- job title. VOA yet state and outside of a failure door heard -- -- cards printed and yet. -- -- jump right into the first story that being Microsoft wanting even more money. To -- even more money off of Android. It's and the detailing in or -- Taylor however whatever tailing off of the -- the Microsoft. Kind of already makes more money off of Android and it -- -- of Windows Phone 7. For they have an agreement with HTC that. They didn't undisclosed amount. For each and set that fold but analysts seem to think it's about five bucks per HTC and -- fold. Last week we talked about them going after. More injury manufacturers. To get -- there and respond in this week we have news that it reported a Microsoft has. Asking Samsung ware as much as fifteen bucks her injury handsets sold lot of money. And is a lot of money. Ethernet there is under attack from all angles here at all Olson -- -- -- Yet having. Sampling it would defense asked Apple -- -- they -- trying to get. Importation of iphones band and an Apple struck back in the trying to get canceling -- these notes that phones banned from being important in and they can now. Microsoft is asking for money its fifth. The whole litigation. Nightmare in the tech world is like every every week it. It so they're asking for fifteen dollars -- Says here that analysts think that they would accept -- -- in the seven dollar range. -- and as you mentioned Microsoft. Has also sued Barnes & Noble over the Nokia and Motorola. You know there and and a patent infringement lawsuit. Com went in now on Motorola actually countersuit over Microsoft. You know windows. Stuff that this that they infringed arms -- its. Patent mess here yet there's gotta be a -- this can be a better way. A look in that. I'm what does this. Numbers quoted saying that they've been ten million and think -- -- sold. A phone sold. Globally. Fifteen -- three to seven bucks a pop at them. -- -- Yes seven million. Yes. I can -- meant that. How it hopes earlier that some of their often bright spot -- his that are environment of the awesome yeah map you have to be able to do basic math like feminist. -- -- -- -- -- Well during here's my IMAP they can do let's hear it via I looked at the previous price of the Motorola zoom and the the -- -- and will really just that the zoom here and the new price is less. That's that throughout the bullets to me that's logic yen. So the Motorola. Cut the price. Yesterday at the -- only zoom. What was at the new Pius the last nine and that's it so loud so they drop to two for -- -- -- -- yet so a hundred bucks. And there were even reports of they're being certain -- rebates -- around the web I think this morning unions -- 450 you've looked in the right place. I think there's a direct response to our leave for them to reduce the pressed the competitive. You know on the -- indeed -- events service. -- -- old of course the answer that. In -- and -- through every week. Yes that -- I'm Motorola we're -- the Mac stuffs we knew -- mean. Com. So also this isn't the only. News of sort of cheap tablets -- a Toshiba. Tenant standard tablet. -- the rise to have their. They're hoping that it will thrive. Four -- what port 29. So. The theft for an eight gig model upgrade -- and yet eight gig model -- tablet injury -- -- not honeycomb. -- -- -- -- -- Not meant to me numbers. Anyway you know I Android tablets over the map here -- -- -- come down aluminum prices eminent I think right now that is one of the ways that they just feel like. They can compete because. You know to have it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- one of the things that point also in this article is that one of the tablet that. I keep getting emails from people saying why do we look over the tablet week after week is that a fifth yeah he had transformer. Weights are air -- -- faulty integrated. All -- even ever figured out that think -- me anyway -- as the -- it's been very both used to be called Eee PC though you have to -- they within an act its like the iPad you do. Anyway that. A pretty good tablet according to our own Eric Franklin to review and it's 399 -- though it's still under Clinton -- -- by -- hundred dollars. Under -- the -- -- a little -- Is it awesome. -- I haven't actually played around with it but it does transform into a laptop. I know how much to a transparent review enjoy things that transform into other things. It looks like -- -- Internet seven point three. -- -- -- -- Bottom line is that the uses. Transformer is a low price quality honeycomb tablet with useful options. Yeah I mean there you -- what's interesting is -- excellence. In the world the last week staring at and and EPC. Commitment in the market for a net but don't ask why. The by and a tablet but of let. It. Don't -- as netbooks they were on -- of -- Somebody will buy and a little tired -- sales of one in -- speaking of things that nobody buys or maybe people Dubai. We -- the Kyocera echo in here recently an area that's the the dual screen phone from key -- that off notes and forms in the thing and in in the world transformers with would be what's called -- triple changer. It goes from a candy bar -- -- look at three and hacked and screen. To any. The -- almost like a little. Laptop and a pad where it. You know the ones -- that 45 degree angle to the other gone through the keyboard perhaps. Or it flattens out. In two need a small tablet with a -- down the middle of it one of my biggest complaint and I don't think our own Kent German complain about that in his review but -- complaint was always felt like -- in a brief. Com. Kyocera has actually it's published her own video on their -- YouTube channel. That sues. Some kids lab testing it and they're basically saying that could get the gorilla glass screen and at some sort of crazy. -- -- it copper alloy name. Hinges. That it's actually more durable than we may think it and -- this. And an interest in me was something that can actually get caught -- -- review that they were. Concerned about the long term durability of the phone lead I think a lot of people -- it feels fragile and I am but I -- -- kids -- on the phone. They say that the test it. By opening and closing it a 100000 times which is the equivalent of opening closing and a couple of hours or -- or two years. Through with the -- apparently a little bit. Oldest and at least if there -- says -- -- and affairs. Those -- just kids in little kids muscles you were there and doesn't rely. Doing it and this in this on -- there is -- my assumption on the phone the corona and a video doctor Erika. -- as director of accredited name tag. Hours thing. Sometimes. It's 2010. Morning you want and Siemens and many including an independent distributors. Group. Sonic -- is that progress they're just adorable. Anyway so it's more durable. It's it needs to dethrone you -- it it's still in it doesn't have forgy doesn't have relative yet I think if you've got a -- if there echoed. The offending email let us know what you think about it and -- your likes and dislikes are after having it -- -- -- two month. The point that you. And posted an open and close -- -- a hundred times a day for two and a half years try to slam -- on the desk I expected that. One more bit of -- before we go into. For -- right there app it's an update differs in five point seven and actually add an interesting feature. I've been looking for in other apps for a long time called transit navigation. Now Google Maps has turn by turn directions or driving the author of turn by turn directions for walking. This -- And turn by turn if you can even call it that directs and Spore at the public transportation. Routing that it has -- that the idea to have monarch's current site right at desktops. And they they have transit direction they've had transit directions on the handset for some time. But -- this does is it lets you know. When it's time to get off the so you don't have to will typically whenever I use Google transit. You know for regular navigation. And pulling my phone out of my pocket every couple of minutes with the help close I am to stop that and -- -- on them what this does is it keeps track of your location by a GPS. And when you approach the -- -- you need to get off -- it. Vibrates in your pocket actually used it last night -- get home. I knew how to get home but I wonder if he would it would do -- it vibrates in your pocket to let you know this is your stock. It also -- in degree turn by turn directions to the on -- Directions -- -- need to -- to the -- and to your if they snapped off -- but it pretty pretty neat little feature it's free. If we came in your update check that out we spend a lot of time on but if I mean obviously uses GPS so you use a lot of underground transit you can. And forget about that actually work and for -- There. For those abused and -- the bus. But wait there's more weight with more offline maps. I did notice that the -- In the latest update -- sort of two things that cash is. Maps that you use frequently I guess -- com but also you can. Hold down the -- should have an area. Do a long press on an area in you can say cash. Found so little bubble comes up. Think you click on -- And Q -- -- -- and download the map tiles for a ten mile square around that area. Make -- is an offline. Which is pretty cool. The issue is it doesn't actually it only stores the map. So if you're offline in -- try to navigate it can't actually navigate but you can zoom in and view and new manually navigate the -- but now it's their first and you know. And not not a great offline experience that at least the first step in -- off on an end to look in indictment included it in our house -- you. During the break which we're gonna take right now stick around demanding that Ronald not to do it. -- -- -- And we're back. It didn't work -- -- anywhere -- -- and -- and nothing works on the under rules who's -- a little. Last week we spent some time talking about Google plus and that and in the -- -- the blaze. Abatement for Google for the last two -- point. This week we have news that. Google's you know infinite because it's one behind in a -- field communication technology and the sorry I'm -- it's Erin just pointed out. The school labs feature -- -- enabled in the lab's first or if you do we'll do area are problem solved problems solved. -- chat room with -- button. And -- thank you errors and junior. We didn't think you. That it does that mean -- you who aren't like who who but invective there were talking about -- that'd be pushed its one behind their. -- technology. With their nexus phones. Which there wallets. With there who goal places. The Google plus mobile app. Has just been discovered actually had -- hidden feature where it can read NFC tags so if for example you. A hidden at the tag in his -- on it and you can opened the data. On -- phone indeed -- read Google play out and have it automatically populates. Dialogue the old war sharing. So this opens up a lot of interesting at opportunities for things like automatically checking into restaurant that -- -- -- nifty tag on the war. In the component to it. Automatically -- in and administer its location on the plus. And appear friend's phone and then it's they've become friends yeah -- a different rate. -- -- also was it. Bumping phones to initiate a -- -- -- -- some time playing Eurotunnel. And I don't know -- I wish secretive. That I was offered several events even when firm -- on but because they have they -- -- addresses at Google apps account. It can't get on there. -- put that exec who. You -- -- woman don't -- the trouble doing that. Getting ads regularly militants -- for testing it. And no no and what I had a -- friends on the other count on it tested. And Wednesday was aiming to you -- actually go and -- -- get a Yahoo!. Digests to use with Google services in my Google address work. -- and Xena. Go FaceBook. -- the equipment. But it's. -- out there aren't you yeah -- and a desire. Affiliate you've got like -- visit. Next assessment to fifth or viewed as NFC tags are there it's been like that you can now use that now through Google plus -- -- who knows. What Google actually into opening that up to in the future. Verizon and other news and put it into their all you can eat data plans -- starting today. -- -- -- There all you can needs unlimited data plans are gone and the tier plan we talked about a couple of weeks ago which start at about thirty bucks for two gigabytes and go from there. -- take over so. If you're looking at getting a new phone hoping to get in on that unlimited data. -- too little to late the people plan. I think if you have -- -- existing present customer you to each area here in new phone. William long you'll change your plan you should probably be able to grandfather in on that certified by Adam knows a Detroit bound a and I have my unlimited plan now. You wouldn't be able to buy it under contract that if you bought the phone rendered unlocked or you just bought it at least now you might be able to activate them on your current contract and keep it. I think you -- to talk to Verizon about that it probably will be too happy about all this month and like -- And a -- or houses are symbiotic with jump -- -- little -- And talk about it -- right about this respect and let. You gonna complain about data. Yeah well don't worry there aren't too unhappy that -- -- mean I'm grandfathered in but I'm in my biggest complaint about this is it doesn't save anybody. The the carrier saying. That's. -- moving to a tiered data plan will allow people to -- money and pick the plan they want so who -- yesterday you pay thirty bucks again all the data you want today. You pay thirty bucks you get two gigabytes of data where's the savings -- let me tell you rest in it is. There are so look there is a smaller plan. You can pay ten dollars a month against Sony five gigabytes that it had no that's not a planned 35 -- is just email. If if you do that for anything other than you know you're going over and -- not. It's not a tiered data plan now there were -- savings if it were fifteen bucks a month for two gig your state you're you're paying less money. To you know to start at the two gigs in and you know you've stepped up for that and you paid more used more but there's no savings here it is housing. That's my product management and actually -- plan is only available for feature phones. Yeah exactly so you can even buy it you if you pick up an Android phone you're starting at thirty point. It actually says in this article I'm existing customers will be grandfathered in with a thirty dollar unlimited plan even with -- -- a period. -- It is I'm happy about that -- I must angry let's move on yet -- if you brought of the Droid running was as well yeah be your next phone -- -- come back. What's going -- over the -- at this week. Well there's been a lot and -- -- com there's a news that it is approved by the FCC. Which normally means imminent release and then we saw a U visits this sneak -- Add. Not best buy but I guess -- Verizon. Screen that sort of was listing the release states. And I think one of the release states was four -- the Droid three which we'll talk about a second. That was. As -- released today -- is just announced today. I believe it's -- -- -- now but it I think it's not shipping until July 14. Right now is happening and -- it proves I don't as well you know what's next here. But that at least proves that this Verizon screen shot is correct because it says July 14. Right. And then as the -- -- bionic -- -- that August 4 that they reform effort that. Fortunately. That three days. Past the deadline for our bet that we need couples in India know what it was the bad exactly -- just clarify that's for a second here. So do we -- It was. Going to be in my. And by then or -- would be out a unit is actually cares what happened to -- back and what it's like this -- okay it was sitting on president -- And gotten via outing on. I have the rate at which is the element in the episode that I'm gonna. So I'm -- clarify. You know. Would you say the directory is out even though -- -- he didn't of the fourteen. But if you can order it at if you order if you can order it -- it -- It's the only thing about that well I mean -- so -- if officially what happened on this news. While and I believe you said. And it was moved. -- These editors have 5252. At thirty minute -- -- Wii Fit the terms. I don't have to be adults buying. July 1. Now before that he said the 25 but I gave you like a five -- years. I would think a great piece of like he notes it's made the first in the -- though. But -- of the phone have to be out. Before the first -- it is the definition of out after the shipping against the people have to be able to pick the phone up. So by your deafness and -- there is not -- -- -- -- -- Interest in like if I can't just go online -- -- now. If not now president and exit the -- -- purchase it now you just can't get it. Now you can purchase the evil one. You can place shorter but take your money and on the fourteenth they'll ship -- -- what's happening here. You're changing the rules for that you can win -- clarifying the rules that. We're gonna have to oh look up the definition of of phone and going out out -- the exactly. But to get an aria -- well trader in here and welcome back to -- But also there's there's interesting tidbits -- Our article from that be mobile. -- this sort of I've things that we know for sure about the Motorola Droid. -- In a one is that that it has kind of a different design and when you and I -- at CES that looks almost like the two rating. During three -- -- -- just designer sand slider through has kind of weird until kind of get it -- -- having -- the chin are delivered. If you will. More of atlas with with the -- here it's -- more Cingular now. Sharper edges. Yeah I think when we thought it was a little bit more around. On -- -- -- Pretty different. So we also know it is it's gonna have four GL TE. Which is good it's gonna be a dual core processor. Which is also good. It's gonna have two cameras. Which I like -- you -- Kara. Tom not a big fan of video chat like nobody wants to look at me. On the bush effluent watching wants to look at you and me that whatever. -- -- -- you -- in the ethical. It's -- in my mirror mode. Which is pretty cool rate so it's not not only commute just watch. You video -- you can watch anything on your phone. Com. And yeah oh those not currently on Verizon will get its future -- so referred to the past story. If you're not on present and you're gonna upgrade. Then. -- -- to it. Though then and then rolling back a little bit -- Detroit three which comes out that could on the July 14 will be in stores mandala fourteen. What we know about that four inch -- which he screen nine dual core one gigahertz processors sixteen gigs of memory. And the new. Five -- people. Find out everything you need to know about -- over and and very Alice yeah -- -- -- on the TL article and a bunch of a few pictures of it -- order during three and -- -- its parent you know what's interesting. Is. An -- in the year this year and I need a world. Some. But 14 -- Oh no I'm not and a mandatory three. -- was a mistake keyboard I'm probably in India and -- -- on the dramatic to. Oh look at the end if I do you any thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At least to the end of the year -- but I just bought phone via an act of -- for contract amendment -- Went -- with the planning an -- 601. Dollars and -- I don't know -- supposed cost well under these days -- -- -- -- -- via -- that -- -- -- -- -- So load. That's the news with jump into the -- for the week. All right so. Is it -- an app that -- Was written up on our own webware. Called mighty text. And what this does is you install it on your phone and this is just in beta now -- -- like private invitation. System. Billions on your phone and -- that -- there's a Chrome extensions for it and so whenever you get attacks -- get a little notification. Within Chrome little pop up notification. And then you can actually respond to detects. From within two of your browser -- and so if you just have your phone network -- next union don't know it. Use the little virtual keyboard or even the real keyword uses -- editors Peter -- respond to it. You know warrior and medianews opt out better and you don't want people are texting. I can do it right there it's it's it's kinda like what Google Voice does except you -- answers your existing number. Unit with interest -- is. You -- my first thought when night time you -- the introductory paragraph it is like oh they're gonna give you another number in -- environment but no it's your it's your actual number. I tested it this afternoon who works actually pretty well. But one issue I -- with it -- is com. MMS doesn't work. That's a big problem with Google Voice -- -- audience doesn't remember either does work and into the worst part is it to even tell you the data and maps you just pretends like nothing -- exactly. -- so Kennedy lees said music tax to came along with tailored to -- like a amassed speakerphone dude. But it does nothing else have some concerns about privacy matter read their privacy policy. Not totally clear that. They are reaping all the text the comment. On him you know what does -- make sex during lift millions -- -- as a server at some point. Com if if -- against what's happening yours you know the app on your phone intercepting text -- and in. Sort of Chrome to phone pushing it. To their server where you -- and access the online is that it is -- to -- -- -- -- maybe it just goes through Google's. The push service. Will investors somebody's server after -- isolates are free to -- -- it in a browser yet. So I'm assuming that their browser you log in to if you're you're going to -- -- dot com it is in your tech it is that works com know I'm -- there's. Just a Chrome. Plug in I mean I guess maybe the pizza comes up is -- on their servers it's the united -- of the best vision of you know maybe route and get them to answer some questions -- -- because it is certainly cool and something that I have wanted for a long time. You know because there's load -- -- just at home working on a computer running your iPhone -- of the room and -- rather just not stand up. Or I'd rather use my. A keyboard you know -- there is precisely the reason that I give everyone my Google Voice number now. Because they've been plenty of situations where -- -- -- and you know. My phone -- or maybe I walked away from my desk and without my phone or whenever -- can still. Send text messages from the browser actually preferred it and thickness from the browser even an -- thing right there -- the -- keyword -- technical senses. -- yet know exactly MS has a big problem. This also works outside the country you know you can leave your phone when you're traveling here -- -- -- to get text messages via this U permanently on. -- If the phone does have to BO. -- the end it will also notify you have missed calls. Nights and coming soon battery -- notifications. Where's my phone and other phone alerts. That's mighty text might have so it's a closed beta are open -- it is I mean they say they -- if you go and registered you'll get an invite within five days or he tweaked. -- -- for the service then the makes -- get it with an -- errors. And recycled Messina currents -- -- You know who I am now it's -- -- -- this sounds pretty standard remote to look into if the -- -- My app of the week is one that I ethnical ton of time evangelizing right after a picked up my thunderbolt and that is -- defender. -- three app there's a huge defender of light that you can -- it. There'll -- com plus ultimate and ultimate versions that off money to buy it. But what -- defender basically does is it gives you a bunch of settings. That you can use. To manage your battery life that doesn't require -- root or anything like that basically when pallets used defender works is as it. Gives you conditions. For example your phone's screen is off it'll turn off -- Your Wi-Fi connectivity or if your phone screen is off it won't sync your Gmail every five minutes it'll. -- every fifteen minute so that you can save battery life this is especially. Good for four G phones where that four G data connection -- sucking up a ton of battery life to sitting in active while things like. Emails and calendar and might get published you can set all sorts of settings to take care of that I was able to see. As much as the two times battery life increase Mexican averaging somewhere around one point two. A percent battery increase and an absolute best. With the settings at absolute Mac. You some pretty serious battery. Savings just using this app in its balance. -- and that's its basic. Sort of setting you feel like you're giving anything up phase and -- -- the problem is that because wind Joost would do you because you've been to basically works by turning off your data connection. It you know things like for example -- -- downloads. We have podcast download will of those typically only happened -- -- -- -- to begin with. But you know things like tweets that come in. If you're for example if you're -- except to. Or tweeters in a fit the check your tweets every three minute -- -- vendors that to. Only -- on that data connection for a you know -- -- every fifteen minutes and you'll start noticing that. -- tweets welcomed he was frequently emails they'll come to you with frequently fill their you'll you'll start noticing a delay and what data come and win. If that doesn't bother you and you just in. Are having an issue without having an issue just getting through a date with the battery on the -- Encino bothers me my battery time exactly. Thirty if you don't mind you know. Being fifteen minutes late replying to any knoller you know twenty minutes late. When somebody sends -- -- -- on Twitter by all means go for it if there's another issue is that because I use -- voice for all my text messages. And that come through data connection out through an SMS system. I would I ran into issues with. -- detect messages late which was really bad -- I was out and about -- rally people to say for example go to a movie or world trying to meet up somewhere in public. Until within its expenses that look like he were here where you don't get it until fifteen or twenty minutes later. Either issue that you can -- deal with you can fit. In the advanced -- things like when you are. When this app is open and to -- and lead to the next on the fact replace the battery -- very flexible particularly when you get into the paid. -- plus an ultimate levels and even more so if your phone -- that opens up even more. Options for our. When it and you. But -- -- pick of the week. There you go aren't. Which we talk red necks so you have to retire their questions. Oh look there's also like -- -- one device review. That was on. Cnet.com. I wanna talk about the AC CEO treaty. Which actually hat in hand and -- Crowe Nicole Lee came about my dad wouldn't it aid and you can cool piece that was in the -- to 81 physical -- that. -- and -- was testing. -- -- G connection and in the San Francisco area. It's an interesting phone one of the first three G phones it has that -- -- secular. And naked -- 380s that you don't need special glasses or it. It's a little weird though when you turn the camera into fit the camera to three node and -- things like frame. A photograph because you know you're used a 3-D kind of working with your head you move your hand at the perspective of things -- -- ever so slightly but here where the phone. And you're staging things. The united. There of their position in space to move exactly -- you think you waited the bid -- eight. That the metaphor that I use enough in the coal isn't kind of like wearing somebody else's glasses work in. You just don't line up properly but then once you snap the picture. It is very cool. I'm now not all parts of the interface -- three B Zoellick but since you lie on the home in your -- that 3-D that marks not receive that. Certain movies are three -- -- certain games in the -- again or camera. The check that out of CNET -- public soon now. Now on to the email. The tweets. Yeah we were -- -- an email this week so I've got a call cute. -- now suck but that the back c'mon people. What Hollywood it was only we -- let people on vacation. Though I understand that -- -- call to our Twitter followers. And asked them to extend me from -- in stance on system and try to answer as many of these. As -- -- as quickly fashionable aren't gonna all play the Tweeter. Community edited it VP. And -- -- -- -- Barrett -- officially announced -- Scot -- cool latter's. Rates have got to credible on resume when a get a new phone I want to do is smaller not bigger with the screen should make it -- -- I -- to -- the -- pro. I'll get the -- -- It's an older phone -- and it. The specs aren't that -- The Blackberry Android yet and unless you're like addicted to that than a Blackberry style keyboard and really love that I mean you can go smaller with a screen -- you know. Getting have you maybe you Corey two global in a pretty decent -- and -- and it's only get that within three and a half inch screen. How would look at the 33 at this point I mean it's got a foreign screen it's -- NBA com. -- to visit other things as the critical element -- them aren't off the. Yeah I think it's really -- features as -- because there are some other small. Phones you know like. But they're all fairly low end phones is the issue yet nowadays if you want the features you -- get a bigger -- -- you can look at something like the dart. Which was just reviewed. I'm assuming the east and -- -- with Verizon seems like he's an incredible. Rate so low. Yeah I mean I would see. Out I'm -- Melanie -- to global. -- -- That's just the -- within a minute now and -- I'm kind of at its retreat fever right now though Barrett -- don't have an answer for you gonna get another question. Services from. -- are more. And when the -- This error Keith Allen when. Noses are more there are more. While I picked the wrong -- and we're -- -- can we expect more info on the nexus prime in which carriers get it. If nexus phone usually launch with the new versions of -- an announcement. And injuring. Well that was weird. So -- -- that we won't hear anything about the nexus prime. Until ice cream sandwich trucks and Internet from late summer all of it -- -- Clear -- September. Let's all -- area via. So and then again history to be trusted. All of the nexus phones so far actually all of the official Google phones so far. With the exception of the Motorola Droid have been T-Mobile. Found in a bet that -- T-Mobile but you -- also being didn't really. Whose he would sprint lately but couldn't me. They made throughout the curve ball and -- nexus -- -- sprint phone. And a. Eric -- -- Thirteen. Says question -- -- what app would you recommend for listening to podcast -- -- a few different ones but never. Been happy with -- -- esteem and of pocket cast her any suggestions. News saying. I use Google listen. That -- people have like a love hate relationship with Google -- Because for -- hasn't been updated in like the year right and it's kind of buggy yeah. But it's also very. Stay -- Yeah it's a very slim that it doesn't -- a ton of and -- like the Google Reader immigration because I'm a huge Google Reader. Users select and manage. The podcast that it will seen in Google Reader Eric. -- listened to you I try to -- wasn't the year ago wasn't a huge fan of it either I use. Dog catcher. DO double GDO double G it's like six or seven products but it is worth X 99 yeah yeah a lot of people swear -- -- As yet it means you. Will implement. -- -- Erik Cole. -- -- I had a -- -- in the sense that. I have have they. And S four -- nexus test for -- Anna Marie did -- and running in a custom rom what do -- need to do to get ready for that patch that sprint just announced. You'd have to do -- The thing about custom rom there's usually the first thing that Iran developer doesn't cut out BOT system. So you probably won't even get the -- And so if you wanna keep using -- if if if you want. The security update which is what it's gonna be. There in -- -- believe. If you wanna get that you're gonna have to go back to its stock -- grandiose he'd probably like -- There I don't really know exactly how things. Would work in that situation. -- wanna keep -- on weekends wait for your -- to roll the update the next revision which is when I usually do. You know whenever Lanka. A big update come on and a rom that particularly rom that unique. Two that phone. The -- will usually -- that into the next revision elect on the thunderbolt I was using. -- -- And it was whenever -- had an and they revision would come out for the thunderbolt. You can picture but there's in the week it would be rolled into the next -- dot com. Are -- cool thanks for an answer on behalf of programs that -- -- right John boy Ian. Florida and inspect. Is easy to change the ringer and have it be different for different callers what about -- -- epic -- -- On in the epic four G touch with phone. In this -- -- it worked for since users if the contact. If the phone contact not a Google contact. You can do it right in the contact manager and set a custom ring -- Per contact. If you have Google contacts you can get around that by creating a duplicate contact that the phone contact and linking them and then they'll basically overlap each other -- -- can use the phone contact. -- it's a little complicated. -- but you can do it straight from your cuts than you -- Now if you are not a -- and -- touch with user. You can get an app called Ringo pro there's also Ringo -- That allows you to assign custom ring -- for callers and -- finance. So. That -- -- direct there will put a link in the senate registers the market or Ringo road. -- aren't tech question here from C Green 38 Austin -- Green. I believe any ideas when Samsung captivate our galaxy S phone gets 2.3 also any ideas. For good route apps besides titanium. CG. I don't know -- the -- -- didn't know I never knew when these updates are coming there is always rumors that they're coming soon a new wave really news and they also get respect -- -- and they've also been a ton of issues. With gingerbread update on -- month -- be awhile but you know if but good -- apps. All of these kind of questions that has you can if you root it you can use apps like -- need to do things like screen capture. Their -- to screen capture apps you -- if one of them. Do -- defender pro that talked about gives you a couple more options if -- -- A sixty PU or power management -- basically under clocking -- -- overclocking if you want more performance. You call recorder as if you're a paranoid spying has won a record every -- to make. Ron manager if you're into that were detained -- -- manager if -- even more into that and then now finally there's there's clockwork -- which is actually. If not in app that you run -- saved but it an app that runs out -- system that allows you to. -- back up and restore your entire OS so. You can basically capture the state that your phone is in right now and if anything ever goes wrong you -- reinstall. You can -- to that state which apps you're data. Everything that's on your own exactly as you let it. Right it's gonna point out that if furan not a -- -- -- spies and years -- But to say that he said if your parents I think parent it's -- little superfluous on from the guy agent -- That's just what -- ever -- at up. Well I am -- -- spies -- a parent I do you have time to work in there com. Let's see -- let's try to be quick I'll cut you off the stand America. For me fetus. Can you discuss on the atlas showed drop box for sugar sync pro -- on pro and con. Thanks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Droughts and anglers unit you like -- gigs and the bots are -- 85 for more Dana. Sugar sink I think -- six feature -- -- more around keeping your files in sync from mobile devices you whereas drop box is more like the place to store your files. All on the desktop -- dropped by tend to think paradigm. -- Larry keep local copies on all of your computers. And sinks into the server and back out but on -- on the bones yet -- manually go -- and pull things down. The -- -- do it automatically. On the phone they -- -- and a you're right here at the drop boxes kind of more widely supported by -- -- -- Other people yet easily -- titanium back up crew -- the thinning where. When you backup all of your apps using that. Usually its doors into the SD card you can check -- -- -- handle seven on your drop box you can save space on -- phone. That way so that titanium back up. Is the one I uses more widely supported but you can't really go -- -- and you can also install both of them and -- that meet the. Directed to -- and -- next one and thirty seconds. Mr. -- As is from John apps if FaceBook have a question record 800 not been able to use. With my -- hands free. He whatever -- and so on. Are you via her -- -- its twin eleven Nissan -- relies iPhone worst of both cars -- -- to Europe but does not recognize. When. It's a dial by name. It would work if -- out -- number. Apologize for my long question and courtroom. Ray is that I John F it -- at the eighth but and it. It was FaceBook fan page yeah. -- -- Payments on the Internet nice. -- -- last night and actually. Third answer your question John. Android phones don't automatically think your address book elect the askew. The first time you sync with a hands free device whether you want to give it permission to pull your interest. So shortly after Bluetooth pairing some phones give you notification of the only if you actually pop up window -- -- 81 -- context. If you don't click yes there there's a little timer and you ignore it if you -- click yes there you'll be able to use voiced -- as. The pain free system in the key and also -- -- economies both of them and they work with Android you'll actually have your contact with -- to do anything -- Now if you missed that -- -- from around just impair the phone. On both the phone and in the car. And then re -- and then just watch sport. You should definitely see that little Bluetooth window pop up and Nixon to give it permission. And then there's also a check -- and it says remember that the buys that do not to do that every single time you hop in the car. So that students solved a problem. Aren't hopefully that's an excellent spirits that. Well that's -- show for today. If you would like to go to our -- the issue -- -- belonged at cnet.com slash injury that this guy watches every Thursday to -- as. At. CNET tech -- last lives. You know address for Austin -- next week or complaints because -- cultural -- this week. There is -- -- and -- at cnet.com organs Ataturk the it and went. Follow us on Twitter Android atlas. And on on Twitter it who. Or me. And it's metal -- a picture of at and -- real name. If necessary for this week. And look for us back next week there's a 2 PM Pacific. See it again Apple.
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