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Mobile: Ep. 52: How Android can mend (and rend) relationships

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Mobile: Ep. 52: How Android can mend (and rend) relationships

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Samsung attempts to improve its relationship with the hacking community by giving free phones to the Cyanogen team and we dig into the dark corners of one user's romantic relationship with our tech advice. Later we debate the merits of the Android Market's app return policy versus T-Mobile's app rental scheme, Antuan and Justin continue to butt heads over the upcoming Droid Bionic, and Nokia's CEO tries to convince us that Apple, and not Google, created Android. Find all of that, plus the answers to your emails, on this episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

Free phones for hackers how Apple caused generated and were famous all that more on this week's edition of handwritten analysts weekly for June ninth -- -- -- -- I'm just -- -- -- -- and on Goodman what is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aziz -- via leader than normal. Aren't your -- about let's talk about it free phones. To GO. You know now and any green thing. Well in relative to create let me -- and immediately if -- are -- when -- -- -- Bravo Stan that is about it every time Google like -- you know priest of a -- or aggregate. I think they knew who I am. In -- -- or or you think they I would have. To do them payment. There's nothing there are Apple get to that later passes Samsung sent. But say -- for Samsung galaxy S to phones to the -- -- developers and in. Says that the. Antigen in a -- -- -- which is the the big if mum. Most widely used. Custom rom for -- -- that's exactly halfway. I was installing that right for -- -- green but it didn't that in did you -- phone. Yet did you finally herded the outer rim felt like a month ago -- you said you don't want richer well well I said that they're gonna look a week ago a study monitor -- and it was already rooted. And -- we've been my time if you happen. BF though they've basically since the -- Some say and it's in monitors based I guess basically so that they could get -- an engine mod running on the phone. Hand so they could get some positive publicity -- there. They you know pretty quickly afterward got a couple of tweets and messages from the in -- -- developers one guy. Says it -- just received my has TS two with Sampson suits to work arms in the -- For it you'll not hear me bad math Samsung again smiley face. Smiley face so I think there's -- are they get their money's worth just from that. Right now I mean these it's one of those things where at the kind of you usually -- the biggest winking and not the tool -- from -- manufacturer. If you're -- -- and part of the my community and in a couple months -- the phones out the released the source code posted on the site you to download and play around with. That's about as good to get easily in this is but the premise legally required to do that -- Little finished as good as they get. And it like a built in back door as good as the gets is they meet minimum legal require exactly that thing of -- gives you get -- to move people with the bare minimum requirement. But isn't actually an eight -- perspective on -- yes. Okay. -- personal properties. But. Yet. -- filling -- some basic -- against Samsung gonna go another way to tickets. Get a lot of goodwill with -- the very small investment. There into the you know the -- would cost them much of anything to get out -- four of them put -- box. If there's a bit more than twenty -- But you know. Lot of goodwill. And I get it you know now that. It's sort of like you know low low. Small -- pebble making a big splash. I also -- -- we've seen the last couple weeks tons. These companies going after this sort of mining community right. It will not really going after more like me going -- to make him. You make friends always seem like you will for example HTC. You know they lock down the -- loaders and in the money community like screamed bloody murder in their like are you know what we will we will lock in anymore. And that's about gives you get military. You'll like it but I mean if they'd like is nothing like this -- -- just like hey you know people who were if -- gonna hack our own here the pre went to hack. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's. You know very soon if you buy -- Samsung galaxy as -- if two. You'll be able to get the engine model on that phone for it Burton union at the well -- -- I was trying to pick my next phone. And it in and what it is an understandable. If I knew for a fact that it's gonna be on there and I'm not gonna have to wait around for a year. For someone -- barely get the engine -- running on it. If more appealing to me. So yeah -- by it but -- for hackers like you -- all hackers. So I wonder who will be the first phone manufacture -- ship a pretty -- phone. Like or ship ship like -- engine as their. Not an eleven I think -- ever happen and a master. So this is that it potentially because I just -- -- buffalo router that comes preinstalled with TD WRT. You know so you know that as the you know open source packed rom four but two routers -- Which is the hook if I mean is -- this same thing right yeah it's as if you know they you know Samsung had shipped says indigent. So you know I think buffalo in this case. I don't know exactly -- it is -- animated it's just that and question even bother. Creating our own you know you lie in system on top of this. Open source community has created the great -- want to ship that. At the hears that the fit in with you that theme paradigm when you're talking about a phone though and varied. Is already three EU opened stores. You know it RA YC we even -- like building in OS. When we can just take Google Android put -- -- but yet and still. Like your hard pressed to find the phone these days don't have some sort of -- -- custom scandal over it like I'm looking. At you know for example just use Verizon. And it's like of the to click LTE phone thieves are managing it right now what you have to choose between -- fund -- interface or. ACC's custom interface but no war by he has just like a regular flat out. You know standard and radio XP and -- capital where out of my hand maybe I think that LG have their own -- of the many be the only ones. That don't have their own thing do they have Motorola's got blurted. That -- -- species that cents. Who just like putting out regular -- -- phone now. The -- Google. Yeah yeah if it didn't have -- on the yeah you're always you're gonna get like a regular injury -- like if not that I don't think anybody's ever gonna just put out. A phone with the antigen on advocates like obviously injury to fill -- -- good enough. Well I think there well. I mean that -- they all would be nice yeah and very seriously doubt it mean -- -- -- differentiation from everyone else. Well no analysis shipment. You can acted that. If all your friends are saying like native antigen on there you're too scared to do today could buy a phone with -- -- -- and suddenly your cool you won't be cool. What you'll -- global respect you can bottom reminded phone while they won't tell you -- those you like ate its way at the antigen on my phone. -- -- at the school. No -- no school no I don't think -- related anybody who's like all you know just I want reminded phone. In -- care about a month enough to one -- reminded phone. Aren't those confusing statement good judge that if -- is committed to Samsung. -- had job Verizon. Kind of so the agency does have customer -- -- -- not they can not talk to the customer advocate the group. Free press filed a complaint with FTC. The couple days ago basically saying that the restrictions that president has put it where people can't download tethering apps. Is against FCC rules. Four LLT. So yes as part of you know when -- auction off the LT spectrum. -- they agree to certain rules including. Quote they shall not deny limit or restrict the ability of -- customers to use the device and application of their choice. And so repressed as saying. By eliminating. Tethering and access. Their violated -- and the east. Them. Right is is it's like enough suitable the -- net neutrality argument. That what we're talking about here I think this is part of the open access thinks that this goes back to when Google actually aware of this is this is this ironic circle where. Google was -- and on the spectrum. -- those that because they had in the legislation. With this open access provision units -- basically if the beating of the spectrum it over. Whatever X billion dollars. Then -- open access. You know. Thing is triggered. And so Google beat up the spectrum until it got -- that point and then dropped out just of that. He's can be triggered unique. And so this is what is being. So that the ironic part is Google's the one enforcing now the opposite side they're cracking down and not -- an open access because the carriers have back. Them too and really their on the exact opposite of this. Previously. -- anyway. It it'll be -- see what happens here because a lot of people. Would like to tether. Yeah I guess if that same argument here that you know computer just have yeah I think I may have actually shouted on -- allowed earlier this week you know have started it to put any time on this show. It if you pay for the band with used to believe that wherever you want but they're gonna put them. And and an artificial four gate cap on your data. Like who are they to tell you which you can -- can't do with that negative carrier but I mean is if if if -- painful for geeks who dated in that matter. If I use all four gigs on the first day watching YouTube video. As a matter to me -- totally here if you. That they get there -- the thing really would really like to charge you twenty bucks extra -- in you know. Mediated of -- that -- really can make -- yet of -- I mean like Whitney and if they're gonna put a cap and argue average. Anyway -- when they make their money anyway if you elect a power user -- or just like -- can you step up to link bigger you know. Allocation. Downstream. Yeah I mean. I think they probably was I think that. The trying to figure out how they can sort of maintain their network and how they can there's so many different types see users there's like this. Small percentage of the users are using gigs and gigs and gigs and those -- -- people are tethering. So -- thing is the only reason -- you're not. -- -- -- I think basically for users who are not using mammoth data and paid for tethering. There are socially carriers are getting to double -- that right and so they don't wanna lose that. Yet -- -- -- -- like -- a small fraction it would get to you so much more I mean maybe not goodwill but -- ill will. If -- said all right here four gigs of data do whatever the hell you want when it. We also have a plan that gives you two -- for more gigs for twenty bucks more. Enemy they would still out of the power users who are gonna be downloading sixteen -- of the month it was still get that extra money. But then they -- wouldn't be so much like port press the month in -- -- it's just well it's it's again it's not our users -- transit. They don't wanna lose it's the money that -- make now from now on power users. Until eventually at some point though the non power users against -- -- in the power users how to do it I mean like if they centrally while -- fifty or theme and to tell people. What the best deal is what the best products are -- spent the -- service from anywhere -- yelling about it -- Get there that's what these family plans are about the -- so much about you. So we'll -- Let's move on to it is really -- an article about. Stephen you -- who's this CEO. Nokia. And he says that in -- -- success as Apple's fault it's. -- he said -- that his keynote address at the open mobile summit in London. My -- today. And he's saying a couple -- quotes. Said he Apple and -- interest. Apple 2007 introduced a high watermark in terms seen this is what users expect but Apple did this in a very Apple way. It was closed. But that lead to something much worse Apple created and -- or at least to created the conditions necessary to -- -- hundred people decided they could not. Play in the Apple way. And they had to do something else and Google stepped in. There and created Android and others jumped on the Android train. There is pretty -- and I -- -- I think he's half rate. Mean I think didn't was and did a hundred exist or 2007. Peru it was at least under development. AA it might have -- then we'll know it think. Google bought in Britain gathered before as a separate company yeah. Anyway I think that -- My perspective is that Apple didn't created under -- pilot who created. Anyway but I think and if they're created the conditions were to flirt exactly. Feel like we're talking up bacteria in -- -- Talking which was by Apple lissouba and but if it's gonna from the guy who -- lampooned about things nice things about I think -- But yet made that -- -- DA it is third of the -- thing because that's. I -- at least from personal standpoint I was perfectly. Happy with iTunes until left it running into the limits mean that -- -- -- if it was just. I don't know expect banner Apple inspect and but I was perfectly happily happy with my -- -- attention and -- time until -- -- running into limitations. Of what I couldn't do. And think -- -- out -- VA's you know the but if -- continue to call Iowa closed ecosystem of the threat he -- -- outgrew the that ecosystem and once. You know of funding that -- with that something being injury chip that was easier and easier -- may be more open allowed me to get in and and really tweak those things -- of course. The ship -- jumps. Yeah I'm gonna -- -- Pretty -- true -- also add another entry couldn't hear that he he claims that -- to vs all look and act the same says quote. If it's too hard to differentiate on a platform modernization steps -- But then differentiation start it back in through fragmentation. So -- -- same but they're all different has always been very. The room -- that I think that this kind of weird double speak there yet because I feel like on the one hand they're all different now. There'll -- -- I mean if you think about it I mean yeah I guess they're all you know slabs touch screens. Com. Says that keyboard some of -- dealt with Gillick every every almost every article without a Blackberry now a slab with a touch screen. But I mean I feel like David did he ended -- -- -- teaching comes in for me. With the -- the new -- again I hate to keep jumping on that sort of bandwagon. But I mean I feel like. That is the one thing and yes. From the epic -- Apple ecosystem -- that you know there is the only one device. And I think then -- the need to be some sort of middle ground between that they're only be one device that you can choose from and you not really knowing what you're getting. With too many devices. Com yeah I mean you know talking circle to the yes. -- SUR and it's gonna be -- steam then what he's saying Nokia slash windows. Phones strategy is -- because they. -- think they will have a lot of devices that look different for different companies but. Microsoft isn't forcing creative standards that we've seen in progress and much higher bar for minimum requirements and for what you're sort of allowed to do it kind of a hybrid between -- -- -- -- Mandarin. I think the thing we're gonna do that we're that rule -- without windows is because Microsoft keeps -- choke hold on their software. I think this is what I'm actually looking for I don't mind hardware differentiates is a loved its -- The ability to choose between different levels of hardware but I would like the software. Experience to more or less the cohesive -- it I think that's what I'm looking -- agreed. -- speaking of software or Ukrainian foursquare app on your phone. Yeah yeah like the mayor elect for places well let me tell you you your data is at risk that -- -- and night risked her her. When you give up your phone and computer and you pry it from my cold and hand. So there was a -- report from skewed if they were removed the forensics this week seems that for top. Internet companies linked in Netflix foursquare and square incorporated. Store various forums have personal information. In plain text on mobile devices. And it's -- basically. In link to Netflix and foursquare on and director password and user names are stored on your phone and encrypted says that. If a hacker got physical access to your -- is what they claim. Or somehow we're able to get some kind of virus -- -- on your phone they can easily just read that information. And users to log into those services or any other service from -- uses -- username from. Think harnesses flawed. Because basically I think once someone gets physical access to your phone all bets are off. Yes I think -- -- and here click the a lot of apps even even if they don't store your information in plain text me and they give you the ability uses a state law again. Ray so if somebody gets your phone neatly and no force -- Whenever key -- thing. I mean chances are there already logged into your FaceBook too and that's not on this list. Right well this is more about storing the passwords and user names that you could use. Copy them and and try it online banks seekers and -- I get the view the same password for everything that's everything that is you're an idiot I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I -- I -- and -- honestly I don't think I would care somatic enough force -- password. I would be concerned with something like square though because that affects the -- -- -- A bigger ecosystem. And it all right so. I'll lose my -- -- of some place but -- not for -- you know mama or her password and compromised. That way. Is that principal account I guess it is the principal and a Avian you do reason really -- point of if your password is you know password. And everything uses the same passwords in an outage -- you know that added. It's actually -- were 23 and amber is here that. So I offered worked in gifted fifth company is involved both here. Four square Netflix went in all said that they're working on updates to encrypt this. I think it's probably not nearly as big a problem as. I think -- make it out to be splitting its dislike. There have been a lot of security compromise in the last couple weeks doing mostly MM involving Sony -- a huge -- all the way from you know Sony to you know something like this -- you know. Lockheed -- I mean deflected there is insecurities like -- top of mind now. Spending now is it -- time and beneath him. You know beef up your own personal security and -- password. Do it. Or look in the password software like left -- compromised. Well it was kind of -- really thought they might have been here complimentary Wii may be possibly work compromised. You can't check. Check out that he passed which actually has an 800 -- and a windows app and a Mac -- and stores all your stuff locally yet so there's new server involved exactly. You can store -- on -- box or something like that so they then have access from everywhere. Though -- of -- to drop but -- in the cloud -- yes says it's complex system. So Israel's -- article on CNN. -- should enter an apt with minimum requirement. I often hear it -- -- and -- really instantly that is one part where that -- really committed. Quote that said when you downloadable -- is nothing saying you need a certain type of processor a certain amount of memory to run on. And done -- counselor it doesn't act like -- I said it is. Yes and benefits on and I were quoted as CNN article wonderful -- and are called this week. From. A discussion we had on our last week's show about. Minimum requirements. And I think this stemmed from Motorola CEOs -- it just names that. With lateral X 70% of their return to -- Apps. There's been a lot of follow up articles on that including this one. It on suggests -- last week that app should come with minimum requirements. -- if there are suggested requirements yet. Or recording me yeah. -- -- -- putting ourselves. Just to make it sound better. Here I think -- even sort of talked last week about going one step further and disdain not even show you apps that. Aren't supported on -- Particular device rate rate. -- that you know that opens up but -- that and a worm. -- if -- -- I think if you explain to somebody why. The don't -- -- -- -- In the market as opposed just not showing it to room and let them assume the worst. Great. -- yet again by lifting some of requirement or maybe even like giving us a simple. You think they should just -- they happen rhetoric is there it is there's a yeah I something like this this bone did it you know like a big comes up. Red or green check that says yes you meet the requirements for this or maybe like you know at the yellow -- planet that what you don't meet the requirements -- try it. A if you don't like it after years of -- thirty minute you know Apple he's in trial period you can return it which is -- -- that you can do. In the -- -- ecosystem is that you download an app and you don't like it after thirty minutes. You can return it. I generally find it that might not be a very long when -- -- grade if you could rent. It it maybe it would be or we're gonna take a break and talk about that one to come back after the short. And we're back. Yet getting back on track we're talking about apparently eight cups of coffee before the show and some -- all over the place but just -- -- thing that'd be great if you can. You -- -- apps what are you talking about here. Well. Adding I think we're frustrated by the change in the underrated. Market's return policies to be put it for hours -- -- it used to be 24 hours. And if you didn't like the app you -- return it then they shrunk it down to. A -- thirty minutes I think it is now which had me a little terrified because I think in one case I downloaded an app by app only to the news and it takes. You know our ten minutes the -- will vehicle and download the the first thing it did if they like now you have to jump online and download this large chunk of data to thirty minutes. And I get scared that it would run -- phone right sides Catholic athletes in the -- and -- the -- the app arena yet and returned it had just returned it. -- -- T-Mobile may have a solution for you when it comes to games in. So they have announced a game rental service for integrated. With online gaming service wild tangent. It's similar. Yes I am familiar -- them they used to make -- -- Willow of their last cocaine so I guess now they have -- -- games but basically for about 25 cents they're -- You can rent a game for one day. And if you like it and unibody can credit. At 25 cents to the purchase of the game. Other whereas that's -- -- since -- your rental fee. It's gonna be preinstalled. Songs from both Smartphones and tablets from T-Mobile. And T-Mobile to handle all the billing for the rentals there's not a whole other details like you rent it -- multiple day users want to at a time. Tom is it just really meant to be a trial thing but it it's certainly an interest in idea. And seems like only for T-Mobile at this point. So would you -- A game. Ingram. Out of -- added that -- may be a game for just one day 25 cent. If it was like a five dollar game. Maybe I mean if if it were like a try before you buy. I consider that like. Restocking fee -- I don't like it. So I guess basically got it sounds like what you're really asking me if you know is it worth 25 cents to extend my return -- window. -- -- good way to put it and maybe maybe it is. I don't know the percentage of the costs have 25 cents is maybe a lot for 99 cent one Libby I was nine cents if it was always -- center. 5% -- that rate will be adding in my head when he -- offensive but not a lot of money. So it is for 26 then came I guess if you consider if it's a 26 in game like and I'm just gonna download from the thirty minutes felt here -- How big -- -- game gonna be. As far as like how long it'll take to download it if it's only twenty accent but. Or unity unity and more -- more realistically 99 cents. I think go to rather if if it needed just 99 -- an -- just trying. I would go to trial -- it just tried it know. Do my evaluation within the thirty minute return window and then just keep it. And in -- like it be worth the trouble for that but if it's like a four dollar app. The -- quarter. There's a little bit more reasonable. Tick in the pro and of -- -- at least in my mind an app that I'd be willing to -- -- dollars for in the first place. Would be complex enough that it would take -- more than half an hour figure -- it's worth keeping -- So yeah I mean it depends on map but I certainly do have a lot of games that -- played twice. What the edges paper play it was just like barricade of persons per play you a bigger the better team -- better -- better solution for me. Is. Lite version of the app. A lot of games do that where deflect RA you can download late or an app for free -- -- -- And if you wanna get rid of the and you can pay for the full -- maybe even taken a step further -- in the game free. And then having an in app purchase. Actually you read the ads now wanted to do -- -- -- who have -- the loads its systems. Is that because they don't they own in app purchases via new -- talk about possibly. And -- should listen to our show. It's pretty good to -- thing integrated with -- NN the local area. Com. Anyway yes -- I do agree with you for the most prepared. That this is kind strain if people about the wait and see what. Kind of schemes were talking about here. So we will wait and see -- -- you know actually I just think of it what would pop to the mine immediately winning games from -- Birds assuming -- the -- lot because I had a bad have notably beating games the first day. I like -- -- for blockbuster being to get back -- and feel bad about it but I paid for -- views of earth and out of it. Because now I -- used with game I don't play anymore damage -- -- -- -- flies anyone doing this it's a game play does is like Netflix -- Netflix for games that. Anyone committed to rentals via download like Netflix is doing movies -- Do you plan to download component. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Xbox and he has -- enough for that like repeat feat I think commitment magnetic smaller games. I think -- media download component but it to double check that day. Don't quote me on it I won't -- here that CNN don't quota mom and I and Ares V is provided in. Community feeling induced -- created if in the first period not so this is not a -- -- But we do have teams have interest in -- -- -- -- pre game on someday. -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna CNET -- come to us by. Aren't let's talk about what -- that a lot of talent releases the last couple weeks for announcements and we're gonna talk about one of them. Because it's kind of eventually one not -- branched -- But you know there are some. That came out we're. Will non honeycomb ones it is don't understand why -- released non -- -- won the standards but. Because you wanna get around Google's -- restrictions. Again -- Google's free get a pretty tight hold on -- -- -- gonna via. Mean somebody -- definitely better don't buy that Malia you're listening to lift by -- -- and tablet but it means. The my -- it's gonna go out and be indexed by Wendy and -- up. In the minority vendor and then like a week later they'll be calling -- going I'm gonna get and no -- -- It in safari -- -- like that readers but that person but -- a hookup. So retired about that Toshiba thrive. Which is they Android tablet that he is running honeycomb. Version three point one not three point oh -- which starts at 429 for an eight gig version and is shipping in July. And -- ten point one inch tablet powered by Nvidia's. Tegra two chip. -- -- -- -- Thank you. Has a front facing camera rear facing five megapixel camera handy you USB. Mini USB. HDMI ports SD card west and USB Inman -- he. I think maybe when an -- hole and went in -- -- the rupture of that money on -- from connecting to digital camera. -- -- -- it I don't know. And has -- -- -- like an extra bullet point. Against them. It's the Wi-Fi only. So for 29 -- he is seventy dollars cheaper than my pad to has a little less memory you also kind of if you compare it sixteen gig version. Of the thrive. That is force seventy minute -- -- at 459. So at twenty dollars less then the same. Aspect torrent storage wise. I had to -- -- -- -- Any enemy is affected parent -- -- a whole not welcome back that thing about. Let's talk about the phone that I'm gonna. This is no surprise to anyone who talk about the -- every week as system. Talks between as the buyer mechanic amount. And keep -- never never I have it noted it definitely come out my -- is on July. But probably and I think you'll agree. -- -- I'm you have got my money and -- planning now wildly displaying -- -- I mean like my hopes are really -- like a week after the yes. When and when they first announced that it with going to be delayed and -- with the bird as soon as that -- the team might. -- another window so I can only just be mildly disappointed that point. Breath at this point I mean this is you know. But we played with it at CES -- yes -- -- an -- but only -- like at CES picked up later and it hurt his back as like okay. This is my next phone right in and also at CES. The matrix four -- came out -- its laptop dock in I think both the west that's the question. Of -- Dietrich -- this awesome laptop -- Is the -- gonna have an off from laptop dock too and if not like why. And then of course couple of months later Motorola said that -- ailments or feature phones are gonna feature that sort of laptop dot media dot sort of integration. That we saw on the matrix because I think people liked it so much on that phone. And and so mean. -- talked about the -- stuff abundance and I have never been super excited about it because who have a couple hundred bucks. For rent there's hacks now we can just -- -- -- HDMI cable and you know Bluetooth keyword -- Don't even -- that. So. I don't know the -- I guess the positive news is they have been killed this before it's even released if they're actually trying to get it -- or put the dock. Re edit or burying -- -- a -- -- than the -- the story we're talking about is that the images have surfaced on nine. A million little -- is right of the jury bionic. Nestled in the back of a laptop dock that similar to when we saw on the user's actually I think the same. And when we saw on the 864 G film live their -- around that that's part of the reason that the by Alec was. -- it's one of many reasons the by -- with the latest so that they can make sure that this functionality worked with it as well. There's also rumors saying that they may have switched to use a Texas Instruments processor -- And -- -- -- -- There is also announcement by Nvidia this week saying that because of the rumors. Were that they switched to T -- because it was incompatible with. Residents LT EU and Nvidia around and hey no that's not true at all look at if one there was a tablet they -- yeah I think Samsung tablet has it yet. Com so I don't know if it's yes switches is true -- all that all speculation at this point we're talking -- you can't via picture it even more speculative. They also speculated that the it's gonna be upgraded to have a four point five inch screen sensitivity four point three inch -- That's so many rumors are great going to be huge Spanish if you add that point you needle about the prospect -- in this -- yeah exactly so what size is -- War point three. The F corporate -- seems seems awful big. That you know. We till July that's my guess -- -- but and that there. The due date a united and united and leaving -- spent July OK let's pick a date closest without going over. -- lying. Went. I mean. A phase is there won't be until after there. -- They and ready with our audience -- intent which we don't even if there is this Saturday soreness Intuit on. It -- it fit in Europe August -- the -- does make it to life. July 31 August 1 is the cutoff date attached reply -- battery. He -- in your knuckles then yeah. -- at sputnik there are dispersed in the conduct a candidate if I'm August birds with phones that out -- Will be happy if comes out August 5 think -- remembered. Who but alpha one. And if -- never don't know annihilate when and if an item how -- determined that it never -- Had been the American but if -- not talking about it when they -- this. Then -- -- climb out there if they say it can't. One more news story here Google or one more rumor that should say Google navigation. Is reportedly. -- True offline and a rate can right now they get cashing the you've -- -- Cisco it'll cash. -- much of that route if they can have much of the maps around your route to if you go outside of connected though and you'll lose the maps but you can initiate. -- route without an active connection to the rumors that are actually floating around. One injury in means where the story comes from is that. Com. They're gonna get true offline storage of map which is something that. Usually you'd have to buy an app like. Never die and or. If TomTom virtually and it has -- -- for injury in the works so that would be one of it's. Primary advantages that there was. You two gigs of maps are stored locally on your phone and I'd -- -- -- -- the Internet. To figure out what the roots are between we're here -- -- -- -- think if they released this that there gonna charge current. Mum -- I would do they get if they. If they did and how much would be targets for it -- -- what would -- be worth them because I think. What's and I hit fresh right now is at one or rent them for -- -- -- today. You can. Well because -- -- are -- good controlled downloading two gigs of map -- million U. Or date -- because you only need it when you. Know you're gonna go out of service like there's very rarely -- -- -- -- -- service pack out what turbine to go hiking somewhere and -- navigation and then offline and -- -- -- -- -- that one day and how are -- gonna download the -- if you don't have service. Well all download and headed. But then I -- when -- five cents per access. Per day -- -- just seems like we've more complicated and and easily have -- all look at three. And click through one. -- -- -- -- Now number where they are not encourage -- and all or nothing sort of thing. I don't know if they're gonna pay for. I mean they're gonna targets forehead and -- -- -- how it speech should charts where they do. Google's -- giving stuff away for free though they haven't really targets for most of their services rate. You know but he is you know you -- -- even -- one -- of I mean and and give Google. Their online storage so if you like you. It you have. You so much Gmail threatened if you want more you can pay for it or you have a Google apps account you want more users you can pay port. There are things you do have to pay format means arts math -- don't know. Will be from the -- -- or words give you the option to do or maybe give you the option to download apps for -- city. Or how that'll work. I do know that if they do it. Pretty much every there. A pretty -- right now. But a lot of analog business yet Levine had maybe not even out -- an -- out of business but I mean yeah TomTom and Garmin are already on the -- the current Google. Making it hard for them -- -- you know sell standalone device. Let alone an app. And who will take the -- that one advantage that most of them have them. Find their way of their need for any other navigation pane to city this is gonna be free. Anything it bigamy because Google does disruptive like that there. That just disrupt public that mark let's move on team -- Enter an analyst at CNET -- -- and got a email from day even Salt Lake City. Hello and live in -- city. And big reds felt he is coming soon am looking at new phones from their -- lineup and -- wondering. If you could suggest your favorite -- tons of which -- somebody -- -- Droid and they must be super slow. And it is encoded in more it seems to run really slow and well and a -- should have probably read this email at the time. I plan on rooting the phone for access to tethering apps and things of that story. Also Ronald launchers of the U by that is on the phone is -- a huge -- -- Q matters. He steam I have something that would be nice but not a deal breaker. I'm looking for something that -- -- More than anything knowing what if knowing this -- for a direct command. Portion and just wait for the -- buy it on it. -- podcasts. So. Of the. Phones that are available now. Do you pick up right now you have the TC thunderbolt. You have the to recharge and you have the -- revolution which actually keep forgetting about it just came out. Though those phones which -- about the same price similar respect that and rate of the bomber. Gigahertz processor. -- -- -- -- Yet so I was when which when you think that are. If you're in -- routing. And rallying in doing only does treaties. I can already tell you. Most of these phones are gonna be an -- the thunderbolts. And effort described as one of the most a lock down phones of all time. There's got black. Assigned inmates assigned kernel -- recovery. A lot boot loader relate it is the -- phone in the world. In my head and to get things working on. Into the hacking community is I mean it's good to mean there -- a lot of people who you know. Are doing some good when things -- -- given access to. Get you know -- building custom roms and -- for the phone but I mean it's not nearly as easy. That is the same thing you're about to -- -- went from an energy Droid. Two dependable and it was rude awakening. I don't know. Parent here's a -- to do with did you forget about -- we for the bond I'm gonna say go on eBay. By an HTC incredible used switch that temporarily. Wait for the -- -- the -- Year that what he might be able to buy. A -- youth. Whatever by you know I'm very happy with my incredible I switched this is what I had it went from the original Droid. Incredible. Waiting for the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But then took them so basically this guy Jason from Kansas City wants to know which said gingerbread tablet by. You know because there's so many out there. -- bad resume. So what I'm gonna say is it you know it depends on what exactly you're looking for that they don't -- of it. Don't -- to grow what I -- talent the and of those there's only -- two or three on the market. Yet is not a whole lot ratepayers -- of the -- -- the galaxies. Add a tenth Portland. Which I -- save it for my money would -- rate and they -- TC admitted that G slate. That has an e-commerce. Yes incidents. So. Any you know I'm not a big fan of -- the tabs pretty nice but I would suggest going to our best 500 tablet -- -- units in -- reviews at cnet.com. Actually we more than five. As weird there is entered the -- they're ordered that and you click on. Tablets and then best Android tablets you'll see Donald bells list. And you know -- he has great reviews and you know yes because of questions you -- -- and often often -- -- by Donald evil twin. I've been critical -- Guy with glasses and good to give evil twins always have a goatee student and -- Awesome foreign -- and what happened here but it looks -- fifth. The first part of both the last keynote at an -- -- mr. right arrows that certainly there's been an avid going to get the Galaxy Tab next week. Biggest concern is staring -- That the Galaxy Tab with his girlfriend. If the 48 and it supports multiple user accounts -- -- until honeycomb does not. The thought of -- -- an account makes me physically ill. Getting together that through her and I know you can fit a multiple Gmail accounts but have -- in the FaceBook Twitter even a center after every time -- -- -- would be awful. In my home screens cluttered with horoscope and -- audio your girlfriend is a -- -- the issue is here. -- -- blow big apps would be awful would. No -- that would properly they give me a panic attack panic attack. Until it a mile away and whoever owned with -- -- Do you know often not circumference -- you know of any third party apps are custom rom so what about -- Carl. There's only need to do you and your girlfriend give -- on next week. And war -- when it later -- and have them both Colin Campbell. Yes because there's obviously more issues than we can deal with here on just an -- perspective. Is you know relationship stuff -- have to have an outside expert at men. To advise and both aspects of us. I feel like a lot no -- seems like what era and I don't know V. The third part apps -- custom -- that allow you to do this use letting you easily. Of the sort of paradigm for something like a tablet glory and -- a Smartphone is a very personal item that kind of keep to yourself those. I'm sure there's a demand. For stuff like that but I have never seen anything that allows you -- do that you. The attack. I haven't seen it either I mean you can. The closest I've seen is like what is that space is sort of thing we you can set up like a workspace. That's part of Motorola's moto blur. And direct print idea sprint idea and they like alright I'm at work or really -- -- suitcase were caps on my home screen -- -- approved in the spaces -- sparked different users. I haven't seen it. I mean you could obviously run several applications like different. You know tweet deck -- Twitter for each you know Twitter account and separate email applications. But you know she's -- -- -- all our you do see if you're or not you're -- -- from you -- you too complicated by the Barnes & Noble look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got the world's most complicated -- and -- so you get the tablet you're the tablet. You who. The tablet into recovery room you save the state. Then you reboot the tablet. The and you move all the F throughout install your girlfriend Beth walker -- reboot and curry -- of that state. Now every time you log in you just lose that -- the Q1 and it's gonna take about 45 minutes to reboot -- But then he won't have to look at her at them. And you'll have panic attack you'll have a panic attack Italy it'll -- you a better part of in our two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he -- on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. You could do it or cut -- -- but I'm gonna say. There's way more trouble than -- -- at her tablet or get a new girlfriend -- Europe and or. You know split the different and -- -- the CR 48. And you use -- tablet or vice Versa. That was the most complex answer we've -- given. -- you wanted to bring in Dr. Phil and -- a well Dr. Phil works through CBS. All of them weekly -- in my memory. Only call rules -- -- -- do adopt the -- next week. Am -- -- the email us your phone number and you'll get -- also. Aren't -- attempt to this week you can email us your handwritten relationship problems that -- -- -- at cnet.com. Follow this show on Twitter enter -- analysts. Flew into or an act can't do follow me at that my real name watches every Thursday at 2 PM Pacific cnet.com slash lives -- the -- -- dot com slash. And -- him. All right see you next week. They care.
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