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Mobile: Ep.50: The show where we eat crow

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Mobile: Ep.50: The show where we eat crow

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The wraps are pull off Google's Wallet and Offers services, but should consumers be excited? The guys discuss the pros and cons Android rooting, locked bootloaders, and DRM, which triggers a friendly shouting match. As always there are plenty of upcoming and rumored phones on the horizon to drool over. And on this special 50th show, Antuan finally admits that he was wrong about something... a lot of things actually. All of that and more on this episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

Who'll make you pay video sucks on handwriting and the Droid by -- is coming soon I think. Although more in this week's edition of Internet its weekly for May 262011. And just like house -- -- and on Goodwin. -- up for episode -- fifty. Number -- the I know it five it. Didn't know -- make it but -- here. And -- detect. Well I thought we would definitely make it here. Command yet though it does get into the news to get depicted reminisced later sooner so -- -- today a -- -- Google unveiled mobile payments and coupon services right. You wouldn't that mean well if they're they're targeting. They have squarely targeted. Who he was he -- there and two separate companies actually square and potentially group on lastly it's social. -- but let's talk about what they're offering -- So they had two service -- -- Google wallet and Google offers. That they unveiled today at an event in New York. It's a Google payments is basically a service where. With your. Android phone which entered -- as a the nexus F four G yet only for now that's it for you next if users -- -- mobile again about it and are now. You can pay with your phone this is -- the and in -- near field communications technology. So basically store your credit are tuned in Google wallet in your Google wallet. And then you can see it you know at participating real retailers with that -- -- in certain credit currents right now certain companies. But it does sound like there's some ways to -- Use a prepaid can occur at that is linked to any credit where. Reflect looking. The Google debit account or something like that you put money into it again and you can pull out of it -- you would with any -- like prepaid gift card or something like that. What's interesting is the they -- -- got a lot of partnerships. The but the the one that if the most interesting to me -- their partnership. Which city and with MasterCard. MasterCard having already there sort of -- path technology. In -- in some of their cards where you can go to certain terminals. Detector YouTube that's how we can still -- -- paved path enabled card. Two and RFID ether receiver and not have to go through troubles like being. Google wallets and -- in their NFC enabled phone should be able to take advantage of all of those he passed. Kiosks that are already kind of floating around at gas stations and a convenience stores and things like that -- That's pretty good tested of this already. Installed base right you know make you -- about that this -- -- passes that it's actually intelligent where it says like Coke. You are -- and XYZ thing we have a coupon for that or you just entered this store. We have coupon for that -- -- the compounding technology with the payment techno. And then also adding these sort of like on device level security have been a -- in third day in -- -- -- touch screen to even in and get involved and having that extra level encryption. Potentially I don't know I don't know what how where where -- at the regular sort of card with the stacks up being more -- -- but it definitely at least have a little bit more and implied security of it would make me feel better about. You know plenty in -- pin number on my devices whose view -- device were. The -- and -- acute and over their keypad that. Kept from a pin. Sterility could be connected to -- planet or at the time they -- entering -- -- and -- All right well they're supposed to be like all sorts of levels of encryption. There's also talk about -- in a -- chip in. Self destructive. So it fits into that is being tampered with it rule. I guess exclude I don't know hmmm I guess they didn't like physically explode but -- likely. Set itself down there saying things like it's at the -- can't be. Sniffed or laser. Light. And as to how these are involved here infinitely leaves are safe to do something lasers are always involved I -- -- That I've indicated earlier that there are already technology in optical technology -- -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The end fed interest seeing kind of thing in and yet like you were saying that the built in. Google offers which is the second half of this sort of kind of like. Well -- these -- -- foursquare had the thing with content that you check in at a place. The -- the little icon in the corner that says like a get 20% offer a bit of you know one dollar drink if you show your -- -- -- -- and this automate that sort of thing with -- location services and and -- sort of they -- experimented with and don't require you to check -- -- it and it did. But it knows where you are done in a new that your at Starbucks you're buying a coffee -- on a medically -- -- -- -- a -- if there's one available -- that network. That's how I understand it it it sounds a lot better for from my perspective and force -- thing like add -- as they -- -- with the world but. I would love the same coupon for coming there. So it's not that we have all the details about houses to work and school -- indicates this is just the first step. Four of the Google offers platform. Certainly I'd be scared if I was a number of companies today -- I was square has lived -- social that was group on a I was FaceBook deals. -- -- -- It would make me a little nervous says -- knew what they've released today. Right. But as a consumer I like to see the competition. I like that Google's doing it slightly different -- and also that -- can choose of the product works for me. Don't like that it only works on one and and that phone that mine. It's true but they did say that all future rendered phones will have right. And and of starting when that means all and -- after the TC -- yeah. Probably even later in the north -- about my complaining about the iPhone later this but one of the things that actually is coming up on the right and speaking of potentially new phones and I guess again. You know -- become a woman who apparently -- their Google Voice and accretion. Which -- of adult protective and following pretty closely on in -- and then now. The need nexus exports he's a sprint phone the only phone that has Google's. -- in Google wallet. The name we often have news of an -- Britain Motorola holding a precedent on June 19 and it could it be like even more three injury also honestly of course it is a lithium battery powered in the and the press release. And generate senator and me is speculating that it could be -- tricks for G com or. You know potentially. Sprint -- guess is the only carrier that doesn't have tenure to parent device other outside -- Did -- exactly. And how can you about that. It's horrible if it is for all -- remind me and so. It could be you know take her to use a thing or me there was a step about the policy okay we don't have any tegra two -- but guess what. We haven't -- three Quad Core baby. -- And that's vehicle with tegra four is -- three. You makes sense mathematically. -- But then he would go where of the -- three. Both at the tri core at there were skipping and a new company if -- -- -- -- record there. -- -- -- in chemistry symmetry into. You know does everything out these haven't -- the ministry is more beautiful if in fact typically prevent. He did it as well nature does work and some entries -- Maybe Nvidia does is all right but I guess the reason that we bring to sup is that there could be them -- -- good news for those sprint users holding out. For some sort of multi core -- -- a device that will do about that June 5 what next week and the week after. I don't know on the horizon middle -- -- and -- we don't but let's talk about another theory. I set threes will come in pairs of Tuesday. With an asteroid theory of the so we we talk are rumors of the directory and how bone to add on is that -- can wait for the Droid 3COM. But there's some more details from techno buffalo. This week. It basically says let's see that it will have a forest QB Steve display it likely nineties to -- five forwarding. And -- larger than me period where you -- resort in one. If that basically the form factor is growing. Though -- in and one of the things I really liked about eateries that -- small marketable. Easy to use of one hand and it looks like if these rumors are true it's gonna be -- being. -- Do a little bit of learning is the other thing that did you know that the -- Has a hardware keyboard puts on the net me to stand apart. A bigger screen means that the real estate. Or they keyboards also been increased proportionately the bigger keys may be easier to type on while an extra line of keys -- a number keys -- a man again I can't tell you. How excited -- about that. There -- sarcasm Harry -- -- -- like it. But it's especially if you're -- -- a password but as numbers and it news. Sometimes you know knowing where do you get that press and hold -- -- -- Richard the third the number instead of the alternate letter. And -- would speed things up. He had definitely. So also it -- -- pixel. Rear facing camera a front facing camera as well. -- dual core processor of some kind either. TIA. Or -- the envy Nvidia tegra two. The -- we talked about the dedicated number keys and HDMI out but one thing it doesn't have a definite -- four G blu. -- after during these. Too bad you know like everybody is getting four G network now eighteenth he's gonna start rolling out their actual -- built he network sprint -- forgy. -- -- -- Right and I mean we're coming -- not four -- -- is a little bit perplexing here. Particularly on the phone that. Won't only be held for a while. You know couple -- mean it seems like you know because it hasn't really been announced something like that. And the expecting that -- of future proofing these phones. -- -- if you're buying a new phone next month. Are two months from now. Like why would you buy a three G phone and when everyone's hyping fourteen if you go to the Verizon store all the -- they forgy. At at a really understand it -- couldn't days. Do these things they didn't resume and saying it -- is agreeable -- -- you later -- it will be they haven't actually officially said anything about their -- so they may end up saying something to that affects. Again these are. The reports and rumors so -- mean we may be you know belly aching about nothing sincerely hope the phone comes out -- -- Gphone the that I can buy it. Yeah and I'm a Droid two is pretty disappointed the -- right next to. No that does is great too I -- I mean it would just like a refresh yet flightless slight bump in processing speed. But -- -- even -- they get -- -- -- our revolutionary in the original Droid who has the revolutionary way advocate it was like first gen. It was negative it was pretty Clifton it is the phone though they've made standard mark. -- a -- a mile line not argue with you on this -- I will. You're right. So I just as I had high hopes for Droid two that it would then step it up again -- It didn't. -- 203 will allegedly stepping it up and screen size so you'll. Have that confusion -- no doubt this is accurate three in someone's hand. When it -- come out -- That's -- video. Let's look at it up. Little video pieces here I am so the first is that Apple. Owns. 80%. -- online video. Consumption. And yes. So according to. Free will I guess who serves bunch of video. If you look at the devices that are consuming video -- that time period here it is thing. -- -- -- -- Q1 2001. 80% of them were iPhone iPod or iPad consumption for -- -- at 20% of the conception. This makes a lot of sense for a couple of reasons. You know one there are no injury tablets and tablets are pretty good video consumption devices. Into video running under it -- One argument -- there there it they don't have adaptive. You know bit rate video streaming and so if you go between three -- -- for -- or Wi-Fi or three years at three G service and it can't change. Humanity and it's sending the quality of the video so that in a -- started off in Wi-Fi and go to three G. It it just stops. And I know from our own products. We get. These numbers are -- accurate he percent of that volume comes for my OS devices for CNET video. But probably 60%. The user complaints come on and you. They have fixed a lot of evidence in the honeycomb that that's not -- kind of -- point. Right because that's only available -- two tablets now right. But this will get better in -- long term. Yet a that it had to. If -- got nowhere to go but I know he can open up. -- I find that the I don't really -- mean aside from YouTube. And recently Netflix. Which I've actually had to go through a tremendous amount of trouble to get to play. On them out of my usual asleep on talk about -- in the next story analyst and a lot of time watching video on my iPhone despite the fact that it has been -- antics screen. But I don't. Yak and I can anecdotally say that the people I -- who do have. I with devices. -- -- anymore I'm watching media. It -- the measure the person know you needed guys and -- How about. And so you -- you get Netflix working in an iPhone right end eight into the -- is rooted yet which is the only reason you got Netflix were in the first place right indeed. But people who now are trying reverent tones were trying to play video from blockbuster or from the new video rental service in the Android marketplace -- movies. Who Louise hands of Google and blockbuster opposed blocking their content from rooted devices. That out of DRM concerns that I guess you gonna get the file off of there and prove that DR ram and and would it is the -- there. Whatever right. And I mean I can understand where they're coming from as far as being confused about that. You're saying they're confused all mean they're -- when I'm really confused but can I get concerned -- -- -- Melanie. Let me tell you I think it's silly. All of our computers or -- -- him all the same video there are -- -- they are so. And as a way easier to get files off an -- -- dear amber do whatever you wanna do even former rooted phone. I'm -- it seems like. I think it's a PR move so they can say to the studios that it it would get your back here and they're not going to dirty little secret that yes on your windows machine -- your Mac. The file -- accessible and. Well -- -- do what that would anywhere in I think you're saying something similar to what I'm thinking in that. I can understand what readers Pauline and I think of on the opposite side of the coin -- I don't agree with that battle and if -- -- -- -- -- stupid move because. This is where they get their content from the get their content from the studios of it I -- Google already basically spent most of its life on the ninth. With. You copyright holders in that would the issues that it had -- Google books the issues that it probably gonna end up having -- Google music. So -- thing Google's best interest to keep. You know that content providers happy it in the interest of any sort of like pipeline between the content provider in the content consumers to. Tread that line of keeping consumers happy but they keep in the providers happy -- that the consumers have something to consume. Yeah I totally agree I'm saying this is good PR move but it's silly yet. It -- you know it this is not where people are pirating will mean it's a it's not really much differently and is not where people -- -- from blighted. I mean a potential. Whole. And I mean again I don't agree with -- I think I agree with you that it is silly but it -- to play devil's advocate that in. Understand why this is. A move that someone like Google or blockbuster. Who will mean well -- will mean they make money and or fifth if they're gonna -- -- -- to steal the blockbuster. And blockbuster. Mean there are literally on the Internet -- area on the verge of death at all times there's just not anymore of their own by it would this. And it yet and I I I fifteen -- blockbuster with alien out yet while they have failed there were sold in Arabic at a new -- you. I just. I mean. Isn't this just another. Closing down that the openness of -- -- and -- the way the weird thing about this is this evil is is Google evil here. -- -- -- youth aren't misguided and could mean if you're the other thing that I'm thinking about an -- and I'm -- begin. I believe he about coming -- personally experienced. And that's win the Netflix that came out my phone with one of the newest phones. On the market and it didn't work with it. So I had to go through all sorts of trouble to keep the app running on my iPhone had to download and an APK that have the the for -- BM -- -- the device -- disabled the united download a patch from my firmware that basically -- Placed all of the DRM libraries on the phone one that worked. Just so that I can watch Netflix which I pay for. Yeah pay for Netflix every month with -- -- into all this trouble use them in a market paying for the issue here in my case event. -- -- -- pirate the movies -- that I just wanna watch a 32 movie on the train. And -- already paid for -- -- mean here's you know. Right now that I'm talking about it and certainly get a little angry and I understand him coming over to your side here. Area and go to -- -- my stance on this now met numbering thing. We should note these of the comments. And on -- -- and not the CBS corporation. Well -- there's two -- -- story in economics and why did it and or not the same. You know you should steal content not at all right -- insane I just wanna use the services that I paid for right and don't stand in the way like. If he's gonna stand in the way of 98%. Of your users who aren't intending to steal. Or protect. You know the 2% who are. Is committee's hearing I guess I mean within Google also -- the smooth Google movies only works on -- handful -- devices. -- -- -- -- -- -- mean you know that there there's already look at super tiny market for the things right now. And then also -- that movement on the other side of that most users aren't rooting. Like all lot of any -- a lot of time -- Richard Brody can deal with often stuff but then we can do as many email people going I want to do the things but I don't wanna route my iPhone. And it now a lot of people are interested in going through all of that -- say I don't wanna remind them right like. I know it's fun to play it roms but I would rather all the stuff just work without me having accurate and you should get an act and I don't mean that I just me like why like I would. Like a -- a roms switcher ability without being able to -- it and -- Billiton. I'm switching without -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I bring -- -- -- going through the trouble switching rom like routing should be. Last thing you're worried about doing and -- look at that my computer my windows computer or Terry my X 86 whatever you call that computer I can install multiple -- on America today already -- as you just fed that's -- lie and say why has my phone not already -- Get enough but what. So you don't wanna root the phone you wanted to come routed there ego that's -- I want choice. If you have a choice -- phone. A man carrying we're gonna take a great way active or try to figure we'll figure -- -- -- going on there. -- will be back guess with them. I guess a little bit more controversial its use of belt route and -- -- -- things that the Bedford. -- -- -- -- Aren't welcome back we are remove it on and we are talking about being Android market vs the Apple marketer -- it's all the markets -- of how. They're ranked teams in discovery's. Work and we know there's been updates to -- American lately -- -- Make it easier to find apps but there's a study out this week from. This team -- which is they. Research firm. Defend during the month of deep role from the Android market had a lot less -- answer of their top apps lists compared to the iPhone App Store for the Iowa App Store. So in terms of actual numbers that means that. In the Apple App Store. There were 94 unique applications. In their top ten free. And paid app categories during April and -- -- market -- only 26. I'm. So I mean. I think that Apple -- -- doing this on purpose to create. You know turn over because I think that's better for them -- a product -- -- more app downloads and -- if we checked once we see what's hot. There's different stuff there and Google. Has maybe taken this approach just as very you know who as a data math -- companies -- -- -- well. That's not -- the data shows us where couples that like aren't properly treat the data used to do what we wanna do like we just change it so it. -- camp last month will look at last three days of top goodness -- report churn rate could mean if you every time you go to the top ten list -- even -- the Internet to download last week. United going to be retail rate. -- so I mean what would be nice I -- is me is -- user give me the choice let me choose what timeframe I wanna. Look at like when you go to YouTube -- you know again. Chairman the top videos like that -- today is -- this year all. Exactly Charlie -- me. Exactly and that is always there. You know at the evolution Dan's commitment to test and beavers the -- And Mario birds infected don't want to see that. I can just look at what what's happening today so I'm saying give us the best of both worlds there. -- but it certainly did. Different looks -- doing it and overall the app stores. I don't know from allowed to use that term thing and institute you will be suit is the -- Places. Where they distribute and sell. Applications for mobile devices. There it -- pretty primitive. Compared to other distribution mechanism right now like it -- finding apps and there I think it's hard. Especially in the Google market. And post click what other like marketplace -- Amazon. Founder sir I -- Amazon does a pretty good job merchandising and stuff I think. Download back com does a fairly good job of letting you find apps. That you want by category by popularity by editorial reading. A bunch of other factors or. Just the ability to Google -- searcher. You know there's tons of other mechanisms to find stuff -- You know whether there. Is it just is not -- and experience I think for most users at this point to try to sort of find stuff. From how to find with a -- real cool app and we've -- talked about this before it when there's ten apps with names that are that are closely. -- search for university and diverting rivers -- Angry Birds you know walk through. And sometimes and I hear birds -- -- it -- best example this but the opposite of authentic app is not the top -- use. -- normally when you -- something can be assured that the authentic site for that will be the first one or two -- -- You know I think Google youth. Like the conflict that think of grueling of a skill that some people are gonna -- -- -- Yes the first I think -- typically receive something they're really easy to find but is as you start looking for more and more. Specific things but there there is sort of a mean even when you're just talking about -- with a simple Google search. If you're looking for. Comparatively. Case scenario of them had to do this recently that you're aware yet of the player out third term -- -- Typically what you're looking for that's not the mean that in usually. On the surface levels -- intuitive but as you start getting. More specific -- -- -- intuitive and it should be I think the same thing happened in the App Store but to a much higher degree. Yet -- but that's all I mean it's a couple of years behind. I'm sure look at I mean if there's one thing Google should be -- It's you know search and discovery. Are -- let's talk more phone politics. More on politics well that's. So boot loaders we talked about before and we talked about different companies and changing their stance -- polluters if we talked about Motorola -- -- ago. Them so the lifting that restriction -- So there's news this week from HTC. Via their FaceBook page team -- -- we're gonna relook at there are locked -- policy. You know there the -- -- is thanks so much for providing feedback we hear cancer interest has actually -- top priority for us to work in her future. You have great experience as our phones. We're reviewing the issue in a policy around -- letters and will provide more from patients who thank you for your interest support and willingness to share your feedback. Com. I -- I think we probably agree -- -- generally. You know from the industry it's a good thing but this is probably. This kind of a -- issue among a small number of people. Compared to the injury. Rolled out all right. Yet yet again to go back to the whole like me shouting richer -- and over and over again before the ad break. A lot of people don't. Relieving care. Out of the box abundant but -- won dude there. Perfectly happy with HTC -- -- my body needs keep the phone and they're not gonna spend an -- affinity Internet is complaining about it like I do. But the but anyhow so what -- kind of wonder if like. The vitriol. Of the -- of -- Modifying community -- point in the wrong direction. -- personally I don't think a company like HTTP. Cares. If you like route their phones are unlocked their listeners that a released their there's source code. -- -- than that. Pretty regularly means -- I mean it seems like. A little wink -- and not like meaning you know they don't care that you already bought -- phone. If if if -- -- in the boot loader makes the phone more appealing to a portion of their audience and and doesn't hurt that the large percentage. That. Don't care later why wouldn't -- I think that. The the sort of outcry for like lot new unlocking boot -- and things and and we hear a lot of time that. You know the manufacturers are basically just responding to the wishes. Of the carriers. For example Verizon Verizon doesn't want you to root your phone and run. Wireless tether for root users because they want -- -- twenty bucks a month. To tether your phone. You know to use their plan -- it played it seems like. And the mean is it a wonder justification of people kind of blue in the face from yelling at the carriers in the users. Figure that they'll appeal to manufacturers or -- is the you know that. If -- in their energy just misguided to begin with. Is there energy misguided I don't know I mean I think -- vocal. I think this is not nothing specific to technology I think there is always to devote vocal minority and -- kind of community. That you know. Turns to push some policy or another right so. I mean like for example. Motorola probably doesn't care if you Richard Droid in voyager one key to this means they'll have to replace it -- -- hope. I mean it doesn't really add on I would think it leads the way that things work in my mind that they wouldn't it wouldn't matter to them. You know to go through a tremendous amount of trouble unless the carriers to whom -- ultimately actually filling their phone to. The committee that their client the client to -- here. You know. The thing you know and it -- can carry their phone I think that is not a good way for them to look at that. The thing when you carriers their client -- think the carriers their partner. And uses at their client. I understand where you're coming from but I mean that it's the different generation -- -- RA. That's how it was looked at ten years ago but I think Apple in -- -- have changed that. Right -- you have to get the big fish that -- the small office announcement like yen. You know like if for right into the carry the phone like how we sell it or am -- -- he doesn't carry -- HT CU -- it was when the next month and it's an -- immunity AT&T. -- wanna cut her out to try to -- and yet they don't care they tricked. Like how are we gonna sell them to the mean it. As much as like at the monitor -- and an enthusiast like unlocked phone can do most people just wanna walk into any TT storing your own. Is while walk into a T-Mobile oriented phone they don't wanna go through -- like now I gotta decide if it's gonna work on AT&T networker thump in -- I think this is gonna be solved I think frankly you're -- It's not it's going to be a nonissue because you gonna create -- family planned to get rid of unlimited plans and you know you wanna do wireless -- and that's cool. It we're not gonna charge you for that feature -- The only get a gig free amount -- included in. You're gonna pay for it. Which I frankly welcome like I just -- it over and over. I just let me use my stuff want you know all pay for -- the usage as long as it's priced somewhat reasonable. That it -- you know. I think it's okayed. That I don't wanna get into some of price -- -- -- with many trolley at all. Formal but you know right now -- I think limiting the technology we both agree is an -- the way to solve. Yes and again out of the -- the way to solve it. My point that I'm trend I think a try to make in doing all over the place there is that but if you like unlike Google -- You should probably. Talked to Verizon and nearly defeated mixer than their hearing oust Hussein as well instead of -- powered units ought to whatever -- -- you think any of the -- Well I know -- -- by Motorola phone. -- committed to unlock the voters and I in the future of a right now they're Googlers are locked -- advisory related security answer there. Well let's talk about Motorola phones for a second here. Outside but the Droid acts. Specifically which is set to get gingerbread on May 27 officially. Which is you know I think this is pretty big just because there's so few phones out there that have gingerbread. And this is of a phone that was a -- be purchased. And you know. I think it's exciting and I hope that it's the first of many. More phones in the near future to get it. And then just to review quickly what gingerbread had because most people I forget -- because well it was announced like six months ago are -- Virtually no one has it. -- So it has a new download manager. Application group being updated -- They better copy and paste better way to manage contacts. And then Verizon also has some updates to -- right acts specifically in the software update improved. Calendar. Camera and email functions. -- I'm so if you have -- directs. May 27 this starts rolling out. May take a couple day is that are. Is according to this article. On interim analysis will be a way to sort of manually -- -- updates starting when it's Ramey 27 if you don't wanna wait. Right so. Yay for Droid X users. And and here's one that I'm excited about. There was a tweet actually from. Oh it's -- Interest in. -- is -- an area. Droid back on -- -- Motorola Motorola Twitter account com. Tweeted that the -- panic has -- mean this summer. I'm which. It had was it -- -- -- may originally. And was delayed for sort of unknown reasons and we speculated that. The battery life given that it was tegra two and four G. Probably lasted twenty minutes -- here for Gphone last -- last how long you know. I entered here it is. I didn't independent the internet's not bad at all now letter today out of the box it was. I don't know or on our navy. Right so. In years isn't doesn't have those two horrible battery pretty neat features that. The by Eric -- ranked the that I want yes exactly. I'm. So I'm excited about that. You know summer long time so does that mean in a week from -- and -- -- does that mean. August. In a note from -- -- and you can. August 5 and Iran sent by Alex here. -- -- that some -- Updates -- news this week will maps released an update. -- that's cool features -- -- Right right if they're -- Google Maps five point five update I believe. And it basically. And better integration with -- sort of check in service. It was kind of place hidden as part of their like Google places sort of thing if you search for -- -- -- and -- go into the place and then you had -- who went -- human in check and and adds a little bit of better -- for integration there by putting -- check in kind of a friend thinner on the places needs and also I. -- beat the -- of public transit. Information -- if you've been Google Maps Republicans and -- public transportation commissioners -- actually do quite a bit. That -- an update a little -- as well. For at a coming in scheduled departures. For planning trips and practice. -- -- that would happen in the future. Yet and let's see how this transit stuff works. And looked at it that seems pretty useful. All right so now here is what I'll call the -- an app of the week but this is -- phone finder. This that they haven't actually an awesome video mom. The same here. This works the way year old clapper works where basically you lose your phone. In the video they have. The -- ago. You -- your phone you just do your little. Clap and in your phone starts playing music or whatever you -- to do. -- He could to -- in the map and -- At -- -- I mean you know what's funny is actually. Arabs ever reviewed and app recently -- did it at for the tap that app of for an app called leveling to avoid the route and it basically is always listening. For you to say coming like cabling guessed that goes like would you like to do and then you -- And technically gifted -- The problem with added that because it's always listening it can be a bit -- battery drain. -- don't really know how I feel about having -- app running in keeping the microfilm and on at all times. Per. -- -- -- Probably -- by the FBI as well probably. You know it's really is cool in concept but who doesn't wanna clapper on their phone that's on thing. Really -- mean if people really care about clippers could be more than -- houses. You think there are no. We have one of the studio -- allowances. -- of the special effects after it -- that makes -- come down into. Aren't bought so they -- -- this week so let's jump into emails sent to enter and -- at cnet.com. And we -- a couple ones are I won't please the role of the users hear him ample and the role of an arm up and yell at me -- If the first couple are pentagon aren't citizens from nick Hagan as just business into his podcasts -- picked up the fact that -- -- who's been happy with this thunderbolt. I'd love to know why because I was just -- steer my wife met direction. And I wanna leave -- leader to a bad decisions. Haven't even owned -- of and the fact and I'm still waiting for gingerbread update. And then uses point of fact that you were wrong about white -- You edited but let's not get into this -- Alex the interest -- I'm wrong about way because -- -- people fit that and I got to look confused because. If you have a -- I was rate yet -- -- -- re admit that on Twitter. If your boot -- is -- them. And you -- you do but on phones -- don't have a lot of letters and see if the permissions thing -- I was wrong man good Clara isn't. They the united edit I'm not actually get admit -- -- 100% wrong more -- with a well. But what are excellent health and forty seconds -- -- voiding your -- I don't hate my phone the problem is that I bought my photo and asking it to do something that it was in -- -- -- prompted news the middle of time complaining about features that it didn't ship with that there was never promised to ship with. But just because I cannot believe in the promise of liked it injury -- at some point anything often -- with an interest in the beyond its own content on the newest one. And in like stuff -- happening like Netflix comes out and it's not -- -- on my phone war. Two coal. Whenever there with another Google service that came out that wouldn't support log on button. The united you know had all the issues trying to take -- off of it it's only really edit -- -- -- is on for you yet another great phone for me -- to be honest I'm being a little dramatic. Are we -- there are gave rats we love this phone. -- -- There are also these early days where you and so let alone right obviously if I can help you out with that are not here to the message from zero. I am a super big fan of cars than in phones and memory do is we're forward. The thunderbolts of that -- and we'll never be sold in Toronto. And I have read all the problems with it but is it good phone if you really want to so I need to know the operating frequency uses. Problem Rogers or Fido. How much you want. Sent by mail and you see it as a gift would not be more than thirty dollars. -- let me know of this shows. -- When you think deal. No deal job. I'm negative -- and I thought we had a solution there. To get another phone first parents -- -- I tried and there's nothing else that I -- -- If you're going all the -- -- because that'll don't have via antenna that I want and the phone then the -- that I won't. To have the features. So well. Yet but again I don't hate my phone. -- -- I feel like buyer's remorse is almost like an ingrained part of the injury fan -- experience. It doesn't matter how you -- your phone if today. Tomorrow next week there'll be a better phone and I guarantee you that -- -- it when you're at the -- you're gonna hear a rumor about even more -- phone -- two months and online services is constant buyer's remorse -- ideally I just happen have a microphone in front of me. You got here about it. But they mean if you -- there completely unbalanced. I mean completely balanced and unbiased review the phone. -- -- cell phone editors pretty much summed up everything that degree and not -- about the phone from a regular consumer. Non injury fan boy kind of perspective the check out the reviews and -- -- others view it. That heart -- yet. Art here's one more. And a few. From the early. I've been curious but the various things you can do with -- Android OS since purchasing management for G couple months ago recently redid my phone and they -- the benefits. Have also been. Hearing about overclocking CPU like U explain benefits. Overclocking. -- the overlooking last year you'll lots and they're usually no benefit. -- who can benefit is less stable. Potter fan and it is you have a heater the -- handle be warm. -- better be -- twenty minutes but I mean you most phones a lot of fun just because cell phones in general think. The product are expected to be super stable. A lot of them are X can actually stand a little bit of over clocked. And in the case of the first generation Motorola Droid. The -- -- clock speed for that. Processors that was -- with -- 800 megahertz but is actually under clocked to -- thinks it's 5550. I'm just so they it was perfectly stable and hundreds of Iraq ballot you can over -- -- -- pre -- seriously. In the case of the HTC thunderbolt a lot of people use -- one gigahertz. Processor but a lot of people remnants of one point two without ill effects but. There is a cool currently doesn't set -- lets you variant depending on you know yet they're different waiting motor you know that's the day using. Like under me and ask them to process their in their bunch of -- album that algorithms built in the city Puget besides. How does the ranting about overclocking or under clock in a matter we can under -- battery -- that I will say though is that just because somebody else has your phone. And could over clocked at two gigahertz and it worked great news they don't believe everything you hear on the Internet. And be every phone is different. Thursday manmade manufacturer -- -- of the clock speed. That processes are -- -- is the stable clock speed and just because some of them can be. Over clocked -- -- mean that every single injuries and the every single example of that process there will handle the over -- Paso. Over -- at your onerous -- that your own risk. -- as the next email for at a time here this is one from picked her -- 359. Realism so from Australia love the show want to put out a couple places were were a little bit wrong. Your little wrong we should have called this show the show were were wrong. Yes the first one is -- -- Incorrect statement about the phone connecting to any network that was called Linksys or T-Mobile or whatever. You know I haven't been. Out of you can't confirm this because I couldn't verify -- -- or another he stands at. You won't -- -- connected to one never called Linksys or connect to another that really looked at Mac address of the network. That's correct vaccines. My FF ID been on my home network all the time and -- never have to go neutral repairing the current. But that doesn't totally at the questioner. Will they think believe if you let -- -- -- there is actually. Com. -- unique identifier underneath the FF ID is just like. It's not what your computer uses to identify. The hot -- would make it easy for you to tell the difference between -- -- the Arizona -- Question and this is because what if -- -- have been in places where. My computers and set to connect to any open Wi-Fi network but I have connected to T-Mobile or. You and then it connects to another when I'm sure it -- that -- I haven't seen it on my phone. Maybe -- dares via maybe if you windows to. -- -- that -- it can be. Parent so the at a point. This is is the same -- -- that it won't. Delete the data when you -- your phone. So yes. And one was 80% wrong on that hasn't said before yet. Aren't Alexander -- -- and -- Say occasionally in the show that there isn't a -- Verizon Wireless four G to my knowledge. It is these same prices that three G and is currently has seen thirty dollars for limited. Yeah out of their argument that if -- will mean some. Sprint for -- more expensive yet and Verizon -- -- the same price I don't know how much AT&T -- so again it was wrong. At least I mean -- myth bird about it was her calling. Via Verizon's. Data plan infineon 3-D if it's a VG four -- planet of the matter what -- -- phone you have but then sprint towards more. -- there where -- service. So depends on your carrier again and and then chat room actually sit earlier -- if the whole thing in -- and they would be surprised if over -- -- -- -- tiptoeing into their four G. Sort of system so it's like you know they're offering things now like unlimited bandwidth on the fun you know. You would dilute that the promotion -- the -- -- dependable weren't. If these things all subject to change -- they said it will change humans are now holding that the unknown event with on a thunderbolt that over. The free tethering on the thunderbolt. In July 5 -- -- with the charge. The injury charts and unlimited tethering that ends on July 15. So yeah I mean it conceivable that. 34 months from now -- and go like hey you're gonna -- are more -- reports he. So that can provide you better service you. -- -- -- it but it's still something to think -- Aren't a -- in a rapid up as Israel is clock comic -- -- wrong. Com. That thanks for the email you have more email -- send them to enter an analyst at cnet.com. It's gonna follow the show -- Twitter at -- -- -- atlas client on that. -- -- -- me at -- my real name thoughts through every week. Thursday at 2 PM Pacific cnet.com slash -- or. I'd go to our brain to. Newly designed blog cnet.com slash injury list. -- in a -- take care.
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