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Mobile: Ep. 46: Desire and the Cute Girl Index

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Mobile: Ep. 46: Desire and the Cute Girl Index

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Nielsen thinks that Android phones are finally more desirable than iPhones, but Antuan could have told you that based on less than scientific observations. Justin shows us a phone that he does not desire, the HTC Droid Incredible 2. The unlikely Barnes & Noble Nook Color is rapidly becoming the most desirable Android tablet thanks to a new firmware update. Meanwhile, Motorola plans to give hardcore users what they truly desire, quad-core processors and more hacker friendly Android phones. All of that plus more news and the answers to your emailed questions on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly with Justin Eckhouse and Antuan Goodwin.

Whether a nook is cool the incredible to his lame and Quad Core phones are silly all that more in this week's edition of Internet this weekly for April 20 eat. 2011 I'm just when -- comes alongside Antuan Goodwin is back and back move after about New York. -- was it there were cars. And the Carson and -- -- Torrent -- -- current powered cars now not been nominated them. The cameras away from injury related -- Did any -- transforming to -- There was a cake that was a plate bumblebee from the transformer that the -- off built parent I'll take it close and you -- also take is a Nook Color. Because they're getting pretty cool. And I think we've both been -- here -- one -- -- for awhile especially since she could act then amend. You know that the killer app for me on the Kindle is -- -- on the Nokia's. Kindle app. -- com. That. Now it -- after Hackett -- -- -- intensive apps and stuff on there. But they released an update. To lose the Kindle. So I think he's saying that -- you can have a and -- I don't know either. That is a customized version. Verio. And it has built in email client flash support. In the web browser. And their own app store's not -- market but they're an App Store with patterns when it at free and paid apps including. Two to do. Angry Birds. And over exuberant and home. But remain in Pretoria. -- elaborate. About Angry Birds of one and used Kia -- also -- that. So this a pretty good tablet -- opportunity for nine bucks for it. It is. I mean that the specs serve a little weird. But -- -- the color tablet. And now I've actually been really interested in finding a way to stick one of these in the dashboard because a lot of the applications -- youth and in a vehicle. -- -- -- processor intensive but. I mean I 249. Dollars I mean you -- really good deal. I think that mutant with the next least expensive tablet market is going to be one of the -- Fliers rated it at think there's a fire for like 34 inner -- and alerts and we're gonna get a lot more expensive. Enemy with lead the way you when you -- when you can. Actually hack the phone and install a mean this tablet an employer and software and get access to -- thing that you can't get it. I mean it was a good. Attempting deal both for the firmware update now it even better deal for -- you know even those who aren't gonna hack. Ray yeah I mean it's clear that they put their own email out on their -- and it's the you know that the built in Gmail app on the -- bothers me like every time it's mentioned it mentioned is the three built in email client -- as -- anybody pays for email client. Murdered by an affiliate Eudora on the earth from there I mean outlook. Sony door ornament and in the unit growth -- door for Android. Anthony miss that now -- -- Anonymous than you think that was my first you know -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm tired that you wanna admit that. But he admitted this creates a Fuller featured nook. For people who are just -- is that. But it doesn't look anywhere near as cool as Sony's and -- are one of Sony's new tablet that's true well -- both panel. -- they they look cool and they've both look like tablet out of that. So we -- rumors of Sunni. Honeycomb tablets last week in -- me two weeks ago. And this week they have officially announced two tablets from the S one and asked to. The S one -- -- optimize for media and entertainment. In its is that the bigger cooler looking tablet has kind of weird. What what is that on the back but holds over on itself. With. And a player clip and clip her -- -- clip it to your shirt or understand that there dial back there. I don't know com. And then DS two which is aimed at mobile communication and entertainment in this kind of looks like the -- -- echo almost straight yesterday's rain it it doesn't do the -- it's sliding a finger at the echoed. Meaning that if either opened or closed. There's not it doesn't seem like at least that there's or single screen configure each -- it -- show -- -- first planners held tablet. I guess it looked a lot like and Nintendo India flight to me. Just a lot wider like I would expect Nintendo to come out like India flight screen and then that would be with -- would look like. -- so little bit like -- you can use the separate screens or as one screen together with me in black bar between things that -- mind that weird. Black market in through the middle of YouTube media and -- means. Have and it. Some book based tablets are gonna run -- -- residents they're going to be Wi-Fi and three -- that's orgy and they'll have the Nvidia tegra two processor and the -- pretty -- group. And yet the federal news in that now -- -- in -- Integra them. Awesome. Well just keep saying -- throughout the show for no apparent reason they're and of course fill -- the PlayStation suite. What is in the whole PlayStation. Finger over proper. Network platform that you know. Is is all the rage these days because anyone can access the dinners hopefully. Anything about that no. Soldiers move on stuff that we do know about. There is a steady out for. Mercury research firm. Tests and -- We've mentioned before. And it looked at. The number of apps in the different apps -- markets. Because as of now you know would only confuse the -- Apple maintains that. App stores there isn't no one else -- -- at trademarked -- com and anyway they said that. Cool those now for the first time -- and with free apps that let him the Google market they have I'm. The 334003. -- party to free apps vs -- 121845. For Apple's App Store and I think they're not -- including an iPad apps this is -- sort of Smartphone to Smartphone here or Smartphone to phones -- iPod Touch iPod Touch. And that if the application stores that are certainly are currently -- maintain their current growth trajectory. That in five months school. -- -- Merck it will be the largest market in terms of number of apps. Overall. Followed closely by the iPhone. Then windows. -- seven. And -- of injury after malware. Com. -- that is really an event -- -- Often that out there. But it if from what I understand it easier to get an app into the Android market and -- -- I think they could be -- more tempting for Ehrlich a small. An application developer or even just like a hobbyists he was like in a flattening something the other a spare time. To get an effort to the injury or even you know it would -- -- more inclined to develop them and for the -- platform. Rather than having to. In a licensed. Software and then go through the approval process for the iPhone. So yet back in diplomacy. You know what's happening behind the scenes there. Yes I mean it's the exact that is different things driving it. That's the end result -- mean are also the quantity to me doesn't even really matter I mean as long as you read some critical mass of maps. After that point. 90% apps in the air pollutants and garbage that -- can be used by most. You -- garbage. Well okay I mean biggest clutter things right when you do something like third sport Gmail. And you get like nine -- one of which is actually Gmail. And -- mean actually you you get better -- -- out. Only one of which is the official Gmail wrote a bunch of them will give you access to Gmail or maybe just use the Gmail tag somewhere in the description. Exactly like answers for CNET and I came up with you know and different apps that had gotten good reviews based in amazed at a -- description. So it'd be nice if both Apple actually in Google. Would. Do something about search with the double edged sword of Blake you know not having accurate -- market. You get more apps isn't you know I mean think about the way I operate the web visit disasters -- -- useless information spam but -- -- Google. This search engine cuts through that so why can't that -- How to get him a job they do cutting through that is subject. Two. There's some discussion because I mean they give you a lot of information in a lot of time but you're looking for that atop but I mean. I mean there there are people who just are good -- doodling thing. And that's true. And Ireland it knows that if you -- CNET the top result is probably going to be this unit went in Google. Yeah so to -- it is in the -- that just but I mean you'll also see balloon that through a bunch of other CNET I mean it again. I would say that CNET has more pages. That have -- net in the URL and CNET in the tagging you've been there are apps. We've got -- -- out or with three -- now right through -- memory and very. Whatever yeah I mean -- are at the -- pictures easy but there is a lot of other junk -- likewise is even come up the -- -- in and they -- -- -- -- -- Have anything to do -- we just happen to review. -- -- let's forget about back -- that that's not ranged in let's move on to. Their useless that of the week. Revealed that the that -- That's new. Today I know you missed the -- reached and them as these useless and Louis it. Down buyer -- -- -- and -- Thanks. It's -- He let go of staff have to have the week this week he is about desire not the -- -- desire but desire for phones. Did a survey -- -- what phone consumers are planning and buying the next twelve months. And I guess for the first time Android phones. Beat out iPhone. So it earth and I want -- -- 31%. Would by answering phones 30%. Plan to buy iPhone. Comparison of the next twelve months. And it's from 11% of people. Wanna buy windows -- -- Numbers. And 20% have no idea. Yeah residents here that the end -- don't know if we actually have. A similar metric. I don't really understand lake where the science is behind this but I've got a similar. Metric for engaging desire and that. The number of cute girls -- -- holding the phone on the bus. And lately I've noticed that about half of the girls and I have iphones and about the other hand have Hendrick -- now -- a lot of girls. Would generate X is on the phone and on the bus and -- for me. Is my informal way of going like yeah they can -- the popularity happening in and I for the already looking at the girls -- the -- take up the phones -- -- have. Exactly. No limit here are still happy it and like looking down into growth side by side -- with the act and when with the tag integrated -- -- -- playing Angry Birds. It but I think he's here here's my theory about why -- phones -- acumen and a lot more popular with. Females in general is that. I think -- Can get -- phones it's bigger has bigger screen and is not a big deal you can stick in their purse whereas late. You know if I was get a massive you know phone. I'd have to stick it in my pocket it just doesn't work very well. Would link. And if they don't -- -- phone in your purse near. I'm here I -- are very relevant laws -- And and the European carry all idea of a backpack but not all used to keep my phone in that you to give up on in my pocket. And I mean also glad. Cut -- active like the interval with the Mac -- every battery yeah I've been having taken the battery of a failed really gonna hear the battery for traveling by. I really like that haven't turned my phone have written that it. A really yeah that's so I'm -- -- -- I don't even know what -- knows he's the status of the week okay a little confused there are on -- girls -- -- Batteries. You have -- defeated. Like the the -- calling it the it girl index it and if I'm liking my. My hand my technique a little bit better so it's 5050 right now firm for what I've seen anecdotally. Just around. It's -- 5050 parent. Give us monthly updates -- Will do that there -- So -- see in the new hardware. Department. Sprint has announced the nexus S forward GE. Which is going to be it is basically the nexus tests with four G. -- in and out exactly what it's fitting on attending can be released -- -- at a price of 19 -- -- and and of course since it's a nexus -- gonna have stock Android interface. Appears processor or four -- -- -- -- adding that he. You know all the same stuff as the nexus test payments NFC. Forgy. We think exciting. It is an exciting time and -- I am a huge span of the stock -- experience. Tell EM I'm actually. A little -- -- I -- four G phone with documentary experience that -- heaven that a double the time getting fend off on the phone. The thunderbolt. Seemed pleased is taking dead will mean not to complain but -- -- -- to -- neck and reveal long time to. Figure the third thing out but. I really am a huge fan of just getting the update. When they come out. And you know just having the pure Android experience that we've been a lot of I'm talking about. -- -- Do you feel buyer's remorse her no I don't feel buyer's remorse but ID fields went to jail the -- being granted there's nearly nothing on. A living -- Verizon in the development contract there's nothing that I could have bought at the time. That would have been better in the phone and iPad. -- -- me for sprint users I would simply say check -- out. -- who talk three year from far from my phone per second so I have the HTC Droid incredible. And it's nice phone arena I've had -- her life -- old for five months iPad it's suited me anybody use. And I've been waiting for the by Anne Monica's we can talk about last week but what has come out is -- Droid incredible to. And I gotta say it's not incredible. I mean. It's better than my phone. But it's like 2% better than my phone it's the same speed. It has a four inch screen which is slightly larger -- has the same camera. But it does have a front facing camera as far as I can tell from the -- everything else is the same. Who who would upgrade mr. dying for front facing camera. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think anyone will be upgrading to this some -- they're just coming to the interplay. And the -- incredible from they've heard from their friends. And use the L offering an Israeli credible drinkable -- -- and be better they're not really informed. I just fill in that big phone. Gap in Verizon's lineup. Where there's no you know -- three -- -- not a big -- moment. Canada only. I would -- you know what though wouldn't really purchases over the wonderful development on Thursday. Because that only -- why you'd buy at three G phone now. Another four -- -- there to the Internet -- for GM and the press. I don't know -- the thing is bright and have that weird deal -- earlier adopters of of the forgy with a thunderbolt those the plan that I haven't really. On par with somebody would get to today if they walked hand I mean I've got. -- had no real additional cost. The Wi-Fi tether and the and limited bandwidth. So -- on a limited -- have unlimited filling and if nobody else is the one who walked into over in the right now picked -- dependable when Gideon are the things you'd pay. Extra for the tethering and then you'd have to. Have a band with -- -- -- -- And to well it's also part of the reason I jumped on the vulnerable when it came out of that I kind of quantity grandfathered -- Or -- -- -- grandfathered in on that really good deal wouldn't land. -- -- mean that that definitely and I am looking now at and what the options are oh here's another different the drinkable to his global. So. -- the the first -- -- not. Though it won't work in Europe or Asia is global but is it GSM marches -- CD and mail on some different frequency. -- read that argument. Can't with a man. Because a lot of times they release global phones but it's still only works where they have CMA which -- Not in most of the world Yi so it's global -- Anyway videos Droid two. Incredible. Very incredible. But little to come back in a second after or break and talk about more actually incredible or potentially incredible -- stay with us. Welcome back so we talked about some lame phones where the break and now -- in -- about Som. I'll just say silly phones. At this point so there is rumors that Motorola is preparing. Two Quad Core phones for early twenty well. This is from a report by a torrid life. And the phones I guess would be called the bullet and the jet in should be for GOP capable. Com and there will be using via Nvidia. Mute -- their new Quad Core. And it -- how well it isn't that super premiums -- -- and that Texas Lieberman's name. Exposed to rail. Durham in our show a few -- him -- -- -- -- okay. How -- -- I guess the code name for their chip. Anyway. I really think that this Quad Core two wide Quad Core phone -- no less so this new the first thing to talk to my hands like this week for the are the core. The caller had made a brief but -- eight cores. And then they can call elected or cracked in our imagery directly into that. -- -- on computers that we haven't really moved past Quad Core at least procedure will -- for the good time to make that leap area with the handset phones are going to be faster than any computer whatever it is really gonna play our competitors eventually. I mean look at the eighth street and Donald how -- and it in there and you just in the -- dock into it every doing a -- your car you're darkened to desk. -- -- in your refrigerator. -- I would like to create the reduction -- device -- simple and so it miniature deck in his aren't taking it doc. My phone. To my tablet is doctorate tablet to my laptop. -- a dock my laptop to my desktop. In the dock my desktop to McKee. Music. -- it seemed like a lot of depth. If -- because they -- it's our staff to deliver the power went blinked both of these things all have discreet processors exactly you're basically creating and screen farm. A depressed -- forum -- equality. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are it will get back to with an official name on this front resonance cascade but just consider that -- and -- -- Her home. So other. Phone developments. Motorola. Who has been you know originally when the throughout the original Droid it was -- -- and returning its stock -- and that's -- -- -- from -- yes and you could do whatever you -- it. And then they sort to lock down their phones put in boot -- blue lockers. And there's -- a little back and forth and they have sort of finally come -- and said okay we are going to. Released some phones have message that all phones. With the boot letter unlocked. -- that people can -- now -- good for developers. And you can you know load what everyone on the -- you excited about this you feel like it's not really an impediment to anyways. Does remote -- kids basically even staying organized and do the mistake we made the break they keynote phone that was really find -- really appeal to the hacking community they -- leave a lot of people like really just excited and hooked on the -- platform and then for their second generation. They took away everything that was great about it. Because -- mean the -- the you can argue about whether. The you know iPhone interface is better in the -- interfaith you can argue about whether like being locked out of the App Store is better than bubble -- it. The one real advantage that injury had -- a lot of the hard -- people who are pretty much relate the evangelists of the first generation of Android phone the people who told the cute girl on the bus that you need to get it right next. You know may eleventh you girls -- -- themselves understand but. In other than the either the people who. Are the brand evangelist -- hardcore and they just took -- the thing that was you know big they were most excited about. Ray affiliated in this announcement pretty much is just you know it seems to me like Motorola just don't like -- that -- -- -- that. That the caveat it with it you know we're gonna do this as long as it's okay with the carriers. Yet and that the other kind of back and forth. You know like who actually to blame or lifting it of the carriers. Kind of you know don't really see anything. And in the the manufacturers often time point to carriers. As far as like William -- -- of the lock it down because they don't want people tethering when the -- of -- -- that. Right am I feel like this is kind of an overblown issue by a you know that the carriers -- Motorola Revver mean the percentage of people. Like seeing who were actually doing this. Does that actually cause much -- all. Well I mean -- thing -- live if you have. For example. Verizon you've got an eight gig bandwidth cap. Whether you're tethering -- -- -- They who cares my commute -- a gig there can still get their many enemies though -- and -- instead of trying to -- charge you for tethering and telling you how you should user data. They just argue for the data Amin ordered you know whatever offer an unlimited package you know at whatever cost but it means you know trying to tell you what to do with something that you've already bought as a little weird to me. Right now -- totally agree with you there. Aren't -- present them. You its argument that you Richard he's written Mikey -- -- -- -- On the -- man. You don't know but she couldn't know if you -- the cobra tags sensor attached to them. Right right right tell -- about -- -- tag. Is hardware. A bit of hardware that works with an app for Android and Blackberry. New iPhone integration here. Because of some weird things that. An Apple doesn't allow although it. -- -- -- I've basically -- know fifty dollar key chain basically it's Hewitt tax to your keys or two year -- -- Your purse or whatever you wanna keep track of and it connects a year in -- expo in via Bluetooth. The idea being that. If you ever for example. Can't find your keys are under -- men like Apple -- even a completely different place every time I come home. So I never know they're like in the bathroom more in the kitchen or. In the free there. It's amazing to -- the find my keys but you can actually pull your phone out open an Apple -- tag app and I hit a button have the keys be. You can find them and also works the other direction -- if you're the kind of prison who put your phone non replaces -- after keys on you you can hit a button your full range. So basically allow if it's sort of -- -- two way communication between the phone. And whatever device or -- you have they the tag attached to. And if you're also the kind of person -- -- -- -- home a lot. If the device and the and your phone gets separated now -- the Bluetooth -- range it'll actually mark. Where the GPS coordinates where that the two devices were separated and it continued text message or email -- though. Hey when you walked out the door this morning you either didn't have your key -- your phone so you can you know check that out before you too far away from. -- -- -- It's pretty close this out currently it'll be out in July. And so -- not out yet. But I think I'm gonna get a chance to play with one soon. It is it better than the three dollar -- Will wouldn't whether you mean better -- in at a lower really what's better it seems a bit more convenient it is a bit expensive. In the end with Internet -- people about that -- the birthing videos they do is go will hit sixty dollar -- with a lot of money. I'm it is a lot of money but I mean there's a -- enough functionality in here to justify an elite in in my opinion. Move it costs. Aren't well all he -- to do it first book on earth. Something when I get one in I don't know exactly how long it's gonna take for me to get one in protecting -- when that when I get it and I will definitely lose my keys for the benefit of science. I'm sure. -- just all it'll only referred. For your work you'll get a good actor and the funny thing is that the -- until the story actually is just the cobol and -- -- -- car tech live so those of you who tuned in provoked the suit we'll hear the story twice but. I wrote this blog post earlier this week. And then I walked out of the door is like a of the -- over time to go home so I hit home. I'm in front of my apartment building. And -- ready to go in real that I can't I'm Mikey -- -- what -- the irony. Of like -- a blog post about an -- that -- achieved and then losing your keys within an hour. And and that's really the thing was -- Don't Alter my bags that throw in my pocket and eventually. After about fifteen minutes of pulling everything out of every pocket in my backpack in genes found the keys in that -- change pocket the nobody uses. But if I had the app I could have hit a button and heard beeping coming from -- have been. On the -- is pretty quickly. But -- will see exactly how useful it is what the ranges Lichen and all of that when I eventually get the product and. Around cool well let us -- it says there is. And a few -- in school nexus I think is the count on Twitter. But they treated earlier today -- that a surprises. Coming. And there's a lot of speculation and noses the tablet was -- -- in a new version. -- asks for nexus phone. Treated. An update. To Google Talk it was rolling out -- nexus S phones that allows video chat com on phones and so. This came out with honeycomb. He notes on tablets like the zoom. But now you can actually video chat from your or well -- now. It's gonna roll that over the next couple weeks and you will. Using 80234. He able to do video chats -- from -- talk on your phone to the desktop or another phone or another Apple. -- So it's you know two things here. I don't know if this is under present their surprise because they were very -- clear in and revealing -- that. If it is. You know I think it's kind of a cool features that I've been -- -- though I don't have a front facing camera phones so it's not that useful to me yet. -- -- -- Right and because this is rolling out of part of you know again -- injury update that -- in separate EP key 88 BK and the injury marketed only gonna be. On the devices that -- -- -- right now Google nexus phones. But then I'm thinking that you know. In price and -- too long before. You know something separate you can install -- flash to a rooted phone pops up and -- really too concerned about that but rely users. They're -- that it may be a long time coming waiting on speakers to. You know ever come to their phone. -- -- I mean that there's charity -- you can do this with as well right in their talks about a couple them. Freeing invaders. Quick quick there's the other one that name -- tango -- there. But that there is it -- Guy but they released an update last year it I think it only on Verizon phones and -- -- release an update and leaked. That there's an update -- last week. -- an -- Ellis at 30 call gain ground on on -- Nvidia. But for video it was only on the east TC thunderbolt on branded network and it leaked it -- -- and actually relief. -- Firewall wanna update that he's out for sure is an update or actually the first. And update them that they had a version of Google docs for -- and -- and -- -- -- -- a web version but now they have an app and influenced his point. I am quite disappointed. Because -- I mean I've been looking for. A Google doc app the -- like the web interface that -- -- -- things when you're like typing. Loan document. -- -- that and that type long documents. So -- for from the to replace the the the web interface and -- this -- comes out he really excited. I downloaded. At one XP because Verizon network with -- yesterday. A connector all of that. I give the -- of men and I realize that it's basically a fancy portal to the women of faith. The exact same weird spreadsheets with the -- limitation in the -- issues. With the document editor. There are some interest -- features there's a widget. -- you can install on your desktop and then also are your phone -- whatever I did -- home screen. And then there's also an OCR function that allow you to snap a picture and best case scenario. It'll do OCR on or optical character recognition. -- on the document and create a and enabled. Google.com. From for example. A piece of paper to take an extra rent I tried that a couple times and it really didn't work -- -- -- of the -- familiar that's built into Google goggles. The attitudes coming -- -- the camera is fairly bad on my phones though. It's understandable -- brain work very well space and are -- It's inched do you think have this from the desktop -- the -- -- there you are not and I'm aware of no I mean and -- you can do things like convert third PDA -- -- document format but it. Don't believe there's any third Booth -- on the winner. Camino -- tend to agree this is fairly -- map of this point they do like. The fact that I can launch directly into -- apps investment directory of documents as -- -- That it doesn't add tons of value. -- I mean -- until there's some sort of like native. Editing -- that the weird html five hacks to they have right now. Very slowly to looking for something here -- yeah exactly. T-Mobile G two acts it is one of our editors' choice phones. Can now do something that they iphones mailed to you for years. And that is take screen shots so it's really really -- to -- -- -- and and great for those who don't know either at the root your phone or install the STK which is. -- monsters piece of garbage and up up up. It data -- -- it's just -- experience. We have Vietnam. Whatever this phone is discern the T-Mobile G two actually considered do you you do on the on Iowa asked to hold down the power button and and he was at the home button that same time memory -- we'll save the screen shot of whatever is on your screen to your gallery and that's it. I really wish I heard there's a similar function with -- -- be ruled in two. Ice -- -- with agriculture ice cream paint job. The Olympia -- elegant as the film -- when you year old the next iteration of Android that. It should be this easy on all -- Not -- -- -- a lot of people ever used -- but. -- and an editor who often have to write about apps -- would make my life a lot easier. Yet those certainly. Yeah I mean I use it because you know same thing work on the mobile team we always have experienced doubts about the bugs with -- -- -- let's move on to email for a at a time here Internet analyst at cnet.com. Thompson -- an -- from -- following up on openly talked about last week which who has all of the lawsuits taken place and he -- of mobile area. And or McCain would be great if there's a great flow chart and -- in this disease said hey look periods. -- one at this flow we dated dot com. Blogging guests and they have a nice little -- turn it's it's still complex because everyone is suing everyone here. But will put in the show notes and you can try to follow linesmen Steve you can -- attacks on. Let's see what else we got an email from Jack despite an evo four G -- and he is basically look keen. For something that's gonna let him -- automatically turn off and on his Ford G. -- connection. Depending on when he goes into an area where there isn't four G service many lives and there were is -- four G service which is usenet has battery. When he has four -- on and you know he knows his phones never gonna find. So we have -- mixed answer in this -- It looks like there's not a great way to do it for every four G phone. For the evo four G wood chips is what -- -- is ethically. If you can't look how which is. Ten bucks and then you get this. Plug in for locale. Which is called. -- -- -- WiMax were deeply in content is when it thinks it and it's -- 199. And as far as we can tell you know we haven't tested this but it. From the comments and looks like it only is working on the evo four G -- so perfect for Jack if he's weren't paid twelve bucks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would just under -- to -- free. You're correct -- you hate to payment. Are at let's see. Here's Warren forearm. -- route he isn't the full listener first -- -- So he -- -- was essays about get a new. Device probably TC thunderbolt com and -- has. A bunch of apps them seems like -- settings. That he wants to transfer to his new device and it wants to know how you go about doing. Right third tablet specifically like you don't worry -- there's little on Angry Birds as the fifth and email that's -- -- -- concern he also says that both of devices are routed or will be soon rooted so the simplest. Way to do that is the -- titanium -- and that basically will. -- on your first phone you just run it there's a setting to back up the apps and the app settings that'll stave all of that information either to your SD card or. -- -- -- -- The the pro version even to a drop box account and then. I'll reach a new phone just move those files to the new SD card. -- phone. Run the titanium backup and restore the app in the -- data and all of your Angry Birds levels will still be there. Can you do this selectively by applicant what that says it's from this -- out balance you can you can either bats all of them or you conflicts or Napster you can even go through and do -- one -- -- time. -- Cause I know and enter it like specifically around has -- -- very reinstall windows I am very happy because they got rid of all that garbage rate that I knows corrupted. Slow and my computer down. To it so you can you can take your time and Lutheran only check the box if you want -- -- Are right -- we have one more question from -- which is kind of her -- he ish questions. He had a question about the stock. -- car home Google Maps navigation. I have read they app snap -- the fastest route based on downlink packet traffic information recently as -- from downtown Chicago to an airport map -- interstate was that the normal route. So the drive time was one hour fifty minute. Because there's an accident. And he says he went to settings and checked it would highway. May have found a new -- which was only an hour and ten minutes and he's wondering why -- app didn't pick the fastest one to start with. And is not the default setting and -- that it would give you alternate routes don't think even have to -- You don't have to go and choose avoid highways connection -- go to route to route info setting the right info button. -- we'll show you two or three alternate routes they and their mileage and time -- and have to turn of what I was off that. It didn't know that mislead always choose to fast you know it's good that we're. World the traffic it is we. A lot of most things don't automatically route around traffic. The traffic data usually there in most cases. And that's a change in the future of it in most cases I think often even in Google's case. To give you more accurate. ET eight. There won't necessarily. Route around traffic he'll do its best. To get you around the traffic went and -- there's a lot of lake -- for the information on there and then though. I don't I don't I'm not entirely sure that it will automatically. She's the quote unquote -- discrediting its -- -- stick to -- every year. You're saying -- African that the path of -- takes a toll road you'll excuse if you wanna go on a toll road it'll just avoid that bring it. Yet so I think their route info -- as -- -- key are used all the time just to look at the different options. And if that does take -- into -- as much as possible but there's normally areas that. It doesn't have any data. Info about. -- right well thanks for -- million us and I think that is the end of her show so if you would like to be permanent show. You can send us an email. With fewer questions comments feedback to enter an analyst at CNET -- com. You can follow the show on Twitter hacked into it analysts deploy -- on he is he and TG OOO. Or you can follow me act not my real name. War -- lives every Thursday to PM Pacific. At CNET tech -- us live in the blog is cnet.com. Slash 200 analysts are gonna find the show's a podcast. And also include -- news be on the show as well. Alright I'm done. -- -- -- -- --
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