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Mobile: Ep. 43: Google cracks down to be more open

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Mobile: Ep. 43: Google cracks down to be more open

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Google cracks down on fragmentation, but does doing so put the Android Open Source Project's openness in jeopardy? First an app store, then a cloud streaming service, and now is Amazon planning an Android-based phone? What podcatching app do you use on your Android phone? We have the answers to all of these questions, plus Antuan tries to name as many popular Android devices as quickly as he can in this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly with Justin Eckhouse and Antuan Goodwin.

Politics emails and how to stop us from tracking your location on this week's edition of -- analysts with the horror. April 7 when eleven I'm just -- a spokesman at one Goodman. And it's -- -- welcome. This is I don't think we started out to do this but it does -- and it turned into the email episode. That's -- it is okay because viewers are important but that's that's really what this is all about. And Andrew. -- looked at more market of course are getting used track I don't want inspire -- is important to you. -- You'd be nothing without you yes when he. Blitz start operated to be -- with email started the show -- -- -- -- like that aftermath. He says there's been a big stink lately about Google's stepping up to current fragmentation -- anti Google has been. Quick to cry foul and say schools becoming. Apple corps that it runs completely contrary to the open source principal. Eight OSP. Which stands for the integrate open source president. To me it sounds like this is going to be aimed squarely at manufactures and -- it will no. Less will be no less open when it reaches the -- of consumers who prevent the licensing. Commander it to manufactures selling a product that OS has altered commit. And we'll slow down access to source -- -- -- You know so basically -- concerns about what's grown in Mandarin world in terms of in open source and access -- manufactures. Can you discusses during this this week's show there's a lot of confusion regarding this issue but some -- that -- entering handset will no longer be open love this show meant. Of course -- We are here to serve so let's talk -- -- Ray has actually come that the the same time. Meant that -- news that yet Google is. Native basically cracking down. As much as Google does crackdown -- -- -- -- -- -- But basically saying that -- -- it. They're basically. Forbidding. Or even you know -- just -- discouraging. Other manufacturers from -- getting in there and doing their own custom annualized on the next generations. An injury throat hurt Stephen Strickland even asserted that they bullying handset manufacturers. And under open source him a whopping. Rate though mean essentially discouraging things like moto blur and ACC sense these sort of like custom. -- -- for the injury core framework. That aren't they if you mean effect you know basically keeping the manufacturer from you know. If three rapping in varied in their own. Presentation the manufacturers basically say that they're giving. -- Users a unique experience. And that there -- now allowing them you know. Make it their own to get help differentiate for example -- TC phone from Motorola phone. When you pick them up they don't look exactly the same. But I mean it does kind of create a bit of an issue for consumers this far is. In it edit and also offer for Google they've they're they've made its promise to sit entries open source it's going to be great and we're like working in the six -- development cycle. But -- got phone that are still -- two point one because they're running a custom OS. That's built on Android but is -- exactly Android. And the -- -- hadn't bothered to get around to like -- it. -- -- -- -- Takes Google's promise of open source and you know further in the mud -- on the one hand yeah maybe Google is being a little not open. By not allowing people to you know it's been met with there there there there -- OS but on the other hand. They're making -- more open. By allowing you to have a consumer to be closer to the core. What -- -- and so. Andy Rubin finally after about a week spoke out on lessons -- said hey this is not really true. You know quote we're committed to fostering the development of an open platform for mobile industry and be armed. He denied the Google forbid other companies -- modifying Android or their own interfaces. And he said and this is -- -- into me an anti fragment. -- the program has existed since Android one point -- and has nothing to do -- you know nothing news is. Happening with that honeycomb. So he's saying this is not really true or not doing this manufacturers that the one thing that com. He doesn't tonight and in fact kind of goes on it and say -- truth is sort of how. Google isn't release -- the source code of honey -- yet. He basically says he you know were not ready to release and we want to get it to the -- or works both on phones and on tablets and then you'll released. But it has been released to. Select. You know tablet developers would sort of you know. -- is -- level playing field where some developers are more equal than others -- right so. If you're some -- tiny Taiwanese. Upstart developed -- what's to create a the tablet of your own you have to go and to do a deal with Google. To get access to unencumbered you can't just go to -- downloading -- and with. You know gingerbread. So. You take someone who has you know. Whatever enough people enough is dead people to go in and do neck and a deal where it that is not the openness that we expect from the. -- -- -- -- -- Where -- you -- at a minute I feel lake. As open source it should. The -- every him. You know right we should have their their own percent edit. And a little bizarre to me -- think again. No opinion is you know hate it if nobody fifth in a vacuum filling my opinions also peppered by the fact that I've been -- angry. With HTC sense programs in the last like month filed with -- -- thunderbolts. Just because -- doesn't. To their work exactly like guy you know and and used to entering working the updates don't come with quickly -- -- -- they should come. It's harder to have like modify and the -- series tc doesn't mean modifying their phone. It makes it hard for them as far as -- you know who -- from the happen to -- warranty information. You know they wouldn't know where to point the finger. But I mean from a consumer standpoint the more. You know doors between the and the core software of -- in the harder it is the you know affiliate of blue work that I would be more inclined to for my next phone to be any TC phone I'd have to contend with all the -- -- rubbish. -- Well. -- I -- and I think -- lot of different issues here it again. What still concerns me is that there -- It's not totally open source you know. Mean I guess it is totally open source but it doesn't play by the normal open source to rules like -- -- Linux. Code is submitted and passed around all the time and all you know agreements the latest version has always available for -- to -- And you know as opposed to what the current situation. He is with honeycomb. You know it sounds like Google is committed or Andy Rubin anyway has committed to. -- -- -- -- We won't know until we see it. Indeed Google doesn't do any evil at all hours so they can we do you know equals -- Google yeah. They don't worry -- inventory. They've told us they want to an evil and the track there track record speaks exactly what. -- aren't. So let's move on to -- little bit more about honeycomb specific day guests on the zoom tablet. Which is Saddam. So where it's the only tablet out there -- it is officially -- thank them for now. So. We have now research reports from. Deutsche -- same -- a 100000 zooms. Haven't sold since launch which was in late February. Meant to give you little comparison a little yardstick. Apple. It's said to have sold 500000. IPad to tablets in the first weekend. Around so late February. 2 basically a little. A month and a half or so news announced that over and this -- -- 100000. -- app also will 500000 and three years -- days. So. Although that sounds bad I don't actually think that that bad of a number yeah I did it it's -- things aware. I'm interest in this the you know what -- of the tablet. Sold aside from the -- -- to the attitude is kind of the freak. You know it's -- do and its own secret they're gonna fill 500 dollar them in the first week and it yet had to. If there's like a media blitz surrounded -- mean even here at CNET -- -- ago. You a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There who notably but they've go a little bit crazy. Around here. Whenever you know -- Apple product is relief there's like a lot of hype around it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we're still looking like for the next -- And I think that it would they would billion to -- would compared. Positively. A to -- -- elsewhere in the market. Ray and I think also missing me via its an article about the -- as well that. The zoom has been fairly crippled you know at launch compared to. The iPad you know look at the price point it was -- really pretty expensive to start off but there's no Wi-Fi version. For. Is there went favors and then there is now okay but that's very recent right. Within the last week or two some most of -- figures don't. Represented any kind of Wi-Fi didn't have four G ready yet to people who -- probably waiting to buy. Until four -- was -- -- they won't have to deal with. The upgrade their. In the van -- ST tired but didn't work and we -- here and there's no flash for a career -- reports of lot of application crashes so. He was a tablet there was sort of release potentially -- -- And had a lot of issues in -- stills 400000. So. I. I -- combined they're gonna sell a lot but the zoom. We'll probably have some trouble competing wants you have another 800 tablet out there. Yes indefinitely but -- and Terry and -- death by a thousand current third thing. You know there are a couple of even in the -- that market a couple of phones that to sell extravagant unity huge numbers. But then injury didn't get to be. You know as far as like at hand -- -- -- due to being -- number one which I think. We're gonna be talking about a little bit later. -- -- get to like the numbers they did back selling one -- two handset they need to that point could elect if the of them. Minister Def by a thousand current -- leave a lot of different options I think the thing they've gonna happen a telemarketing eventually. When you start having 200 dollar. Injury tablets floating around and 500 dollar -- tablets floating around. That you'll see that and driven OS overall will probably rise -- to meet. We know we expect from Apple. And they have for -- thing. What I'm always curious about is. You know there are whatever a hundred different Android phones in the US. That to 80% -- and the sales covered I say only ten of those models. I mean as possible but I mean -- ten models. You know and resilient one yeah and in or -- must either liked it the of them I don't mean there -- actually if the lake -- filling in Britain and then -- A media there are probably a dozen. You know hand -- that I can name off the top of my head right now that you know -- -- in people's hands on the bus are at that sounds like a talent. Where it -- Terry let's go. But most of these will be Motorola's thrillers V the Motorola Droid Barrett there's -- The -- G1. That YouTube it'd buried at the -- there is a trick. There is the act -- the carrier -- be easier elective the evo. -- -- The Droid -- A men and women at eight. Your account tempers the -- music and met a recent let's see what else have we got. A craft the look -- tapped out. Among them -- my mom -- seconds. I get eight again eight. No effect it's not out there their legacy you do the -- dead dead T-Mobile my -- -- EG. And I'm having the hardest time -- but that last month Nexus One nexus S Sam sun. I galaxy -- progress all the same -- galaxy clones aren't on that route and desert twelve. Well done exceeded time limit the argument if you have no time limit -- the beginning well he didn't know that -- -- I can't you're talking about we're talking about at how -- somebody or iphones out there are literally. In Caribbean -- by a thousand -- -- -- who are useless then the week. The story that we've got fifty coming from Gartner. Saying that -- markets area has neared. The 50% mark. So half. The raw -- Smartphones. There are paired they have immunity yet but that's what their prediction is right so in prison for 2012. -- They are predicting then -- it will have 49 point 2% of the global Smartphone market. Compared to IOS with the eighteen point nine and Blackberry at twelve point six K film -- -- -- at between eleven though. So for -- -- well we're talking 22 point 7%. For -- Just below -- 37 point six of Symbian still being at her side -- -- to your death last here's that's only must ask me ten yeah so on as they're growing there are from 2010. A term Android has 22 point 7% -- prediction is and 2011. That's gonna grow to thirty point. -- And then finally for you know according to in 2012 -- -- -- pretty amazing growth curve. And -- in this also kind of confirmed though a couple trends that we've had in another. Studies that we've looked at previous with you know -- -- theme. A pretty significant jump. Apple -- it's staying where it is. And Symbian dropping dramatically. Also Blackberry. Anything of by Kerry's numbers -- -- differ. Whether they're gaining or losing there -- or staying the same depending on the study would look at -- when sued Blackberry going down actually. From 16% and -- -- ten down to twelve. Point six and went well so. But the important thing here is yet that sort of like steady rise of twenty to 38 49 for Android. And I OS stay relatively stable at about eight to 90%. Right. When he thirteen hundred's really in Israel in the most new members and those who the most Symbian. And -- At the steadily and it is quite useless. Coal that has -- and it. Look at a quick. How to note this is great in it not useless. Incidentally. You most all -- him promote all pretty muscles more on this point have some third GPS chip and in some sort of way. But you keep track of where you aren't gonna show you. A way to use that GPS chip. To show someone -- -- York will take a look at this and go to break and Bosnia that on the other side. -- We've all been there. You're trying to track down a group of friends and -- -- park on Sunday afternoons. But tell him that you're standing near that one tree and a packet hits -- in the very useful when there are dozens of trees and literally hundreds of hipster. I'm gonna show you a quick way to share your location with your friends using little more than your -- phone. The easiest way is to -- the location sharing service like Google Latitude to keep your health constantly updated your whereabouts. However services like this also require that your friends sign -- which they may not be too keen on doing or -- not even have access to. So here's how you send your location to your friends using little more than Google Maps and -- well placed text message or email. Pop over to the Google Maps app it makes -- your phone has an accurate fix on your location by tapping the find me button in the upper right corner of the screen. If you see a gigantic blue circle surrounding your location but you only have an approximate date. And you'll need to wait a few seconds for your GPS accuracy to improve or moved to a spot where you have a better view the sky. Once you're satisfied with the positioning accuracy tap on the blue -- marking your location then tap the text bubble that appears. If you bought to a menu that shows more information and options relevant to where you happen to be. The option that you're interested in the when -- -- -- location to others tap that and you'll be presented with a variety of sharing options. You can now use your mail clients or text messaging app to -- your location to your pal. On there and they'll receive a Google Maps link that can be used the Google Maps app on their Android or iPhone. In the Google Maps web app on any other phone or computer or opened with any other mapping app that -- -- Google Maps coordinate system such as map quest. You can also use this methods for sending any address business or meetingplace to your friends. Simply -- for the business for example your favorite -- spot and tap the location to bring up the places page. Then tap the more options icon to share the location complete with street address for turn by turn directions with your friends using the share this place option. And that's all there is to it you can now -- -- -- and find you wherever you are or wherever you may be going without compromising your or their privacy. Be sure to check out in very -- blog create -- more injury tips and tricks and CNET TV for more awesome how to videos. There's been Antuan Goodwin showing you how it's done you could find me right here. -- -- we are back. After quick and bring in -- -- useful how to video ID say so myself it. Last week we brilliant video -- in a brilliant brilliant. But they'll last week we did how to video on how to enable third party apps which led to -- an interesting discussion about M design and their apps to war and there cloud music service and there. Third of soul. You know. Biggest takeover of honey hinder anything like you know and they're doing a lot of things under hysteria lot of focus. On Android as far as -- sort of mobile. A strategy in -- with. I think. -- -- -- I think I may have speculated. That. You know Amazon may actually be looking to transform their Kindle into an injury -- area. This week we have rumors that take that. A little bit further. -- rumors over on -- police. With detailed specs and look like leaked photos of a four point three inch dual cord. Amazon. -- At Kennedy rainy Android so it and they get the the rumors floating around now is that a -- the next logical step for Android and -- for Amazon. It's -- Come out -- their own phone put their own App Store on it for their own cloud player on end and -- facilities guys. I wonder though. -- -- -- at the in the expects the specs are pretty much in line we're seeing from a lot of -- for one -- -- with that. The solar panel on the back -- with trying to ignore that it -- very kind disguise its solar panel. It's funny of the back looks exactly like the Kindle at the two -- links over and plastic. It probably not -- -- in the mean does it -- there's also. A very series possibility. Is this week but like they have skinned it summits at the actually view irony Amazon colors did you notice that like the battery yeah -- And it is I don't know. -- It's hard I mean I believe that there probably are coming out of the phone. That. Whether it looked like this whether the specs are you know on -- we can expect the reaping and that humans -- -- that. Sort of like tight sensitive like -- I think a lot of many fans have been moving away from that -- touchpad. Optical sensor kind of thing and it. I think so I'm look at did you see -- for each -- near -- is actually -- The thing on -- me website. Ray looks like it on Amazon's with a grant -- third of a day of heater you know like a mockup. Of oh -- with -- the actual page you'll look like when this guy goes on sale. I'm really hoping that solar panel does not make it to produce -- it's just looked down. But yeah -- Very possible that they they can actually have their own phone. Yes I mean that I would guess -- have a tablet first. You know it's hard -- and it seems like. Coming out with hardware in a world where there already is tons of hardware. As well as trying to push the market may put them at a disadvantage. You know due to -- -- -- gonna do deals with them. To preinstall the market if they are competing with. At the hardware level. I don't know when -- release here. United I think the idea. -- -- on the think agencies there are is that it doesn't really make a ton of sense. But I mean -- -- make a ton of sense for Amazon -- Kendall. When they could've just partnered with somebody who already made an. Well -- there weren't. A -- via the -- point. And there are plans. Good -- good enough phones have -- that. And it just seemed like Amazon really -- once. That sort of this is our phone with our market on it bird. Leo in the district media platform -- -- start to finish exactly. It's possible I mean but. I don't even if this -- happen. The next generation Kindle will likely. Will likely run Android -- still on them still standing by that sort of prediction if you will. I wonder if it will be the year that ended OS on this bonus -- -- pre previously -- -- to look like. -- with a -- of its own sort of like dot. On the bottom there. -- so it'll probably run its own if if if what we're seeing in pictures true -- -- its own sort of Amazon you why the articles calling oblique view -- -- They're gonna have a -- small display. And -- -- that the Google and it's -- real thing. What did you mean when. You -- up a -- -- it's BS second coming of mobile entertainment. -- what it is I don't know but it -- argent argued that there are displayed in tabs. So now let's his team worked we know has been interest in for a while as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Which -- -- through the first real Android tablet that can tender out of that. But it only is we are thought it was priced a little too high. Now sprint and Verizon models of this have dropped their price to 119. And which is probably where it -- started in the beginning. That -- supposedly sold two million. And a much much higher price so. You know I feel like they're probably thinking in this is at the last hurrah -- tablets before that new wave of tablets come mountain. Again a move inventory. -- likely mean. The president of devices drop over time -- natural. But this has been really quick and really sharp price drops in power has been but now -- month. And now yeah and it's dropped. You know whatever 70%. But I mean yeah I guess against the -- -- the self -- of these devices in the long anymore. I mean you know clearly drum -- and a new C phone's standard phones -- The devil's advocate -- -- -- iPad about only really -- for. Will mean -- would delicate phone prices delicate -- -- The -- -- went out price. Is very -- -- the subsidized price unless I'm actually looking to get a phone. So much the phone that I bought. Last year you -- -- -- -- -- But the phone that she you bought used. Last year mean it's -- 99 but now -- contract mean even less than that. Right it's been out for -- year and -- two years and it's been out two years. On. The day -- CCA incredible. As well as -- and -- -- -- I can't keep track of time they hear and not even -- had my OG Droid for one year before upgraded. Could have given way under it look much less than a year at -- -- 87 month. Hop. On and we'll look it up after the show and then all -- another -- Or wait to juveniles and I -- and all the -- -- -- an in app that at tracker. So. Let's see the other thing is they're gonna release a Wi-Fi version of this finally. At 349. -- launch on April 10. This -- -- and this is a little weird to me again to be really -- -- quote unquote new tablet. That is under powered maverick running honeycomb at this -- -- late stage in the game. Com against all I have also I don't understand why you would even pay wanted to -- -- this guy and then sign a two year agreement. I mean I if if I guess it's one of those things wary if you're not informed you'll. You mean you -- will be screwed quote unquote but I mean if you're not informed enough to know this isn't a huge deal you're probably not informed enough to care. That's true. Very well I wouldn't do it. And also those are incredible. Was released on it between nine. Just coming up on one year anniversary there really yet. Her -- not two years. I'm crazy. Let's see there's report -- -- tablet -- at Dell is. You know they have a couple of hundred -- -- at the Dell -- five point seven inch Pannemon they've been working on Dell tenants and it looks like and you never hear this in the tech world who'll arrive early. -- -- -- -- -- It was initially has come out sometime next year that looks like it's -- to come out. Possibly in mid June. Around. This one is -- -- be remain -- -- for area. And says the 8048512. -- -- -- sixteen made by Kristi carrard. Five megapixel camera on the rear and Vijay in the front. It's. It we get it -- also four G compatible through T-Mobile. Where I can -- specs here. -- -- -- -- Dell hasn't had tons of -- just hit this successful PS streaks of our teams like. You don't wanna -- that the planet -- it seems like -- glorified phone use. -- tendency is finally getting into the real talent territory. Yet found a file with found it odd that unity even try to pretend like the five -- with the tablet Marie. Just -- that included only a -- line at some point. Into stated. Media player. That have -- today -- -- -- didn't merely. Maybe maybe it was Keith of under promising and over delivering. -- it's gonna keep their own stuff belongs here at sticks. Perhaps. In totally unrelated news Novell. Is bringing dot net and -- sharp standard developers. So. He I don't know if is exciting to you that -- a lot of news around the steps -- lately. -- so you'll actually be able to. You know program in Microsoft dot matters he sharp says he knows that -- dollar and job or in the Hollander has -- K. -- can do that and using mono which I think is kind of that are run time you considered bundle -- know we have. Your code -- to create testimony under and around so it's just -- widening the net. The ways you can develop for and read a little bit. And then. Maybe you know -- -- -- applications purity have. Creates a more flexibility to have six. SB slots and openness of Android platform's well. And I can write apps and done that and bring it Android you re enter adapts. Four -- and bring them to playbook can also -- have known. Yet -- management left -- pollination. He would like. You know it's like if the -- to pre pre heat beat -- Development of in -- -- For people already have -- a lot of code and other matters -- sharp and now -- look in animals with inadequate treatment of either. Or in individual professional life and the like -- -- -- -- in marxism the media free. Options for job and Mandarin. You know it's a lot cheaper than maybe learning and only language. In a -- and I'm a big fan of video chats suffered no you hated it. Haven't found -- -- where it. The -- idiots ending. Yet he had -- Adam -- freeing released an update this week for Internet as iPhone as well. That supports group video chat and Skype has at this for awhile on the desktop -- it. -- this is one of the first. Four. Phones and tablet. And it's pretty cool you can chat from -- to iPhone and as percent. And you do group -- And in limited beta -- sleek. Sign up for it and you know you get into the data in order to do it. It -- just automatically update in the App Store here running that current stable version offering in there. Good point. Com and and just get points at from -- This is in the download blog. That quick landscape are probably gonna release these feature sets he Suze well. It be nice to see this and scared because they haven't messed up and have -- a desktop to phone thing is is pretty cool. You -- -- make make good on all those videos -- people calling home from their phones. -- -- of all over the Internet of touching moment the yes. The moment there right in no -- Maybe when I'm like stationed overseas -- would be back home a -- point. And you -- you -- and neither do those things you know one of them. Apparent that announcements it hasn't spent overseas and there. Own merits of this is. -- set to the last one up. Yeah. Not too long ago. And in just in time in five years ago but in real time it would last year. We -- video of somebody using. A it's Nexus One running Android. And the -- -- in X -- -- Lagos for super heat as well robotics and program if that's going -- here decoding. And basically these things together. Were able to solve a regular cubic -- -- -- -- But now. You know regularly cubic through that was not a little. We get better phones now have better processors so we -- -- a video of an HTC desire. -- a victim to a similar rig that solves. A -- decade he drew and her week's Q. I guess it would be relieved of that he'd written in when it still -- -- mines or yet. So basically what they've done is they've. You know put the phone -- that the phones are actually using its camera. -- software running on it to them recognize what's happening in and what you know. The configuration of the -- -- and. It -- -- to about one. 45. Is when it really sort -- actually -- doing stuff. And check up and music content of this so -- -- And then about two minutes to get it dancing -- to go through is it. You know muscular or dancing -- It's actually -- -- village people and great stuff. -- -- -- The gleefully lift disturbing in the dancing inflatable -- -- a couple weeks ago. For we actually found another video for the same month themes -- eliminating or Israel from a different to replace. Apparently every three years while. -- -- -- -- -- Well done injured and there it all three of those people. I'll freeze -- those import their Ford builds it will of their final and I actually well there's only -- -- -- and of the influence people the netbook. Well well -- here. Stats -- -- -- good people are more accurate than the moon. Was that brings us to the email part of the show which is extended edition this week. So if you have email and would like to be part of a future extended email edition. Send to enter an analyst at cnet.com. First email from. Simon annual -- to -- an accident. You know our play our Allen and Eric at the here ready to be more Paul Hogan and okay it is up want to 32 -- area. -- I Android atlas. Simon in Sydney a game I have a question -- -- a few too soon root your phone. -- -- -- -- I understand they're rooting your photo and will invalidate -- war is lost our whole Australian audience there -- -- I'm sure it'll -- endearing. If after routing you install an OTA system -- if so does that also hide three main -- that you previously -- -- -- and if so in effectively reinstate your warranty. From Simon. Again in Australia. Well the test your question in and it. Depend on the phone. But. Mostly big -- for example -- -- -- the first generation Droid it didn't have a lot Magruder the unit that do we sort of you know weird stuff. To get rid in the first place but if you did install the OTA you would lose your -- -- that would take you back to an unrelated state. And also. -- most. Instructions are rooting your phone will immediately followed by instructions for returning the stock. Just in case you do you have to turn your phone and for some sort of warranty claim -- -- it is in most cases away. For them to know whether your phone has been routed or not. A youth in if you -- the best and -- don't take my word for this. But I have a lot of anecdotal evidence that found on the Internet of people. Who have -- their phones and for example cracked the screen. And needed a -- -- this -- there the phone back to -- for -- warranty claim where. Now I have something -- same thing. Syrians say if something happens and it can -- -- and edited it and rooted in there may be an issue but it -- something like in. My -- like to think I'm on anymore. And you can conceivably get it to work. I've even actually heard people returning Green Zone and no problem in the if if if you know if it is something like a -- -- that matched. Yet they may not even look to see if it was through it and it smashed. Can really just depends on what story you're good to -- important that -- rate. And manipulate all my -- men operate. They're gonna -- figure out why and how it can rate -- it really depends on the claim. But now mean yet you can always on route it's -- -- it's actually easier and root is the root. And a lot of cases -- you just -- -- back firmware. So that's -- we think that -- all the good. S -- didn't last week we're talking about what pod to catchers to use on -- -- and we got a lot of email back but this I had suggested. Dog catcher in. They can't -- suggested. Who listen. So a couple emails on this. This one is from June on the electrician in Tacoma Washington the try to do a Washingtonian that mr. port I don't know that sounds -- Hagan as just wanted to add my two cents on podcast apps have tried many different apps are being free in the best I've come across it is he -- it does playlist ardently automatic downloading and a new featured just added. Two higher end phones is increased playback speed it allows you to schedule updates both. Time and message to let's average PG chargers battery and -- music from attend regular podcasts aren't as into mini review -- -- -- -- you'll need to set aside my trusty. They're geeky Zune. Only ten regular podcasts only ten -- and enhanced by the way -- running that rooted. For incredible though -- India and in him with the as in mind -- he simply -- Speed up playback -- yet he -- -- -- the playback. So the talks -- I don't know -- you'd ever wanna do that but it means being a playback could be -- you know we're getting through. It bordered by something like be edited or -- long hike like I mean but I did it through -- for for -- I mean literally with what he meant. -- -- and in five ended -- -- airport time. There's the -- All right so we got. One from Wendy. I love your show you have an email from -- Lister who run into. Direct conditions on podcaster. For my money's worth it's beyond pod and there are other -- Have their summer free however you'll get frustrated -- them. I paid in used dog catcher Justin's favorite. It's not very customizable those frustrating and discrete. I use beyond pod during my Windows Mobile days and loved it -- it founding editor at one. It's an excellent customizable -- -- and has a pretty good player. Term -- can schedule downloads that emanated download. Have about a man who lead the leaders in the next one when you're done. -- time frames -- -- had technicals are excellent. And that again is windy he 56 true old woman. Who both Smartphones dating back -- -- -- TC 3125. Currently loving her eve of gran blows that -- TC -- you want but he. And -- -- -- that -- It. Before -- new. The white tuna -- -- guy in the chat room is actually also suggesting -- -- Which is. Any of that service. As well as the pipe character anything. It basically allows you to stream stuff off the Internet you -- -- -- servers live that they left pitcher in the region that had don't. Really you that is that the best of my knowledge this podcast have to be supported best -- in order for you to listen to adopt though it's small podcast. That's outside of their you know list of a podcast that -- support he could have an issue with that but it is a viable option for those suits. That are popular enough to make it in their listening. So these TC. 3125. Is called the Star Trek phone as a flip phone. I'm running Windows Mobile and actually it was actually 2006. Not that old sonic at the start -- -- was your first Smartphone. The first Smartphone was the Treo. 600. Okay and you. My first Smartphone was. The new -- -- it was the T-Mobile dash. That was -- along -- that long ago but I am only thirty. And I hope I will not respond to -- After -- -- so well I'm not 56 year old woman Rosalia. Lynx -- that Wednesday. -- one more here from Brandon. Hey guy is a remember a few weeks ago. To just heard mention of an app called line to -- I talked to me. I did a little looking into -- program that seemed OK let me take about 55 dollars a -- popular -- -- switching. Mine in my OS plan to shared minutes plan. From -- Bob. So he says there today is one -- for getting tips tricks to make the call quality better -- -- to. And he's wondering if there's any ways to. Do for calling with Google Voice are remembered -- So first of all. Is pretty awesome and we were saving him like 600 bucks here so any terrorists and attack and Brandon were here. Second law. Many great ideas up -- -- ahead for in the call quality better I mean I suspect it's all just based on your data connection rate and and how. Good it is in any given time so the more you can call over Wi-Fi and a better it's gonna be. Or make calls where you know you're surfaces better. The and in attempts. -- inequality appointment is usually the automatically -- -- -- bandwidth. You want better call quality need better bandwidth for it. Ms. Natalie around that -- to get a four -- -- yeah criminal you know only make all your -- unlocked by. And then as far as -- climate -- voice. I believe. You know every indication we had is that this is an imminent feature it's not out there. On phones currently -- you can pennies Google Voice calls on like via the web. You can to use VoIP for Google Voice and actually this is -- of an answer another question that I got on Twitter. From at W larnaca. And that he was basically -- in -- because Google Voice and sprint now have that partnership could now just -- it his minutes and only use VoIP calls Google Voice on the phone does not use VoIP. It actually dials a number there is still counts against your minutes. Just have to go through -- rules sort of like call routing center. It is still regular voice call Google Voice on the computer on the other hand but there's one trick -- -- kind of room that if you have raised and. Or at T-Mobile or any of those plans that allow you to. -- get free calls from certain numbers you you can add your Google Voice number and so all calls to Google -- -- from Google Voice. Will be free. Essentially -- -- then -- your minutes are free can you can call anywhere using Google Voice. Possibly and I guess and think then that's it. Don't tell anyone we'll -- kind of put it on the Internet but. At that. But then I -- back to the point. When you when you're on your computer. Using a Google would call for example through Google chat. That is a VoIP call. And those technically. Google -- I mean is they they say that they're like giving us free calls on the Internet for another year -- -- eventually that will be. Or -- who won't be part of the service well we don't and a lot I have reasonably that at some point. You know either -- -- continued to extended indefinitely. Or at some point they will probably aren't comfortable way to monetize that. Yet I mean that's -- one reason that actually been hesitant -- kind of wholesale switch to Google Voice is 'cause. Today have said in a for -- years now that okay it's free for and a -- year and I just don't know what's gonna cost. At some point they're gonna be like and now organ playing at. And now via the stats for your call yeah and a gold -- that Google -- to avoid using Google's first sort of like. 018 initiative they had that Google. Call live this service -- call lake 241111. And you have we need to listen to elect of the sometime within two and Apple had prayed for your for one -- discontinue I don't know what's called now. Hurriedly called -- while you do the of the -- wrap up and started do you think. Note that at some point Google Voice for Android -- do what -- that's. My prediction I don't know if -- was my official prediction for this year but it's certainly prediction I have now. -- we will wait to see it there are other VoIP applications out there for. Andrew. Skype credit Skype yes when it works. Journalists around. And there's some other options and I think freeing may be willing they had held we've called built into it and you know than you -- it beginning and the video -- messaging if the next generation. -- video -- it. There ego. I am so if you do and assist more email only can send it again to enter and -- -- CNET tech -- follow. The show on Twitter Android app lets you can follow him on -- who were -- me -- -- I am not my real name. You can watch our lovely show every Thursday at 2 PM Pacific cnet.com. -- lies and the blog cnet.com bust into an -- you'll find this showed him. -- subscription options and also agreed -- great news from our crack team of Android. Journalists here at CNET. Outside -- and everything else that I just called group -- -- -- one and it in Africa problem. Google have a -- we as parents -- later.
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