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Mobile: Ep. 41: Thunder, thunder, Thunderbolt, HO!

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Mobile: Ep. 41: Thunder, thunder, Thunderbolt, HO!

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It's an Android-stravaganza in Orlando for CTIA 2011. CNET's Justin Eckhouse reports on the newest tablets while his second in command, JT Tabencki fills in as co-host. Amazon's app store is finally here and it's sort of hard to get into. Plus, Antuan Goodwin shows off his newest phone the HTC Thunderbolt on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly for March 24th 2011.

It's an injury extravagant -- in Orlando for the -- if you paid -- 2011. And -- -- stories here and it sort of hard to get into plus the thunder thunder. Thunderbolt. Below. All that Laura and this week's episode -- -- atlas weekly forum march 24 when he eleven. I'm Antuan Goodwin alongside the next best thing to just connect health mister -- -- -- 880 at the gone redo your fitness I. We're gonna -- -- Arguing about the show. My boss Justin and -- here today so yeah that -- your point where your but the -- -- that -- in these injuries and very and boys in it. The biggest -- template that is the look content and I think actually DT may be a bigger injury and -- even and I am. It is. I make apologies for the iPhone and cheeky take no prisoners. -- close to -- into the music and the first story. Overrun now in blog. -- coming when the first -- -- -- -- -- -- this week sprint announced the partnership with Google Voice basically. Enabling. All of their subscribers. Who are if currently on the service -- -- start taking advantage of Google Voice. Google Voice as there. Primary. Voice mail. And -- His -- in -- system. Is supposed to be a lot of integration and basically sort of like bypassing the whole. -- recently who was announced that she could port your number. Over two to there there system in and have what's -- your primary. Which -- sprint basically. Allowing you. To do this for free without having to do and for -- breaking or anything like that. Now I think this is often it is actually just broke my contract and ported my number to Google Voice. And you know for three days you -- text messages and and the four escorting want -- what -- -- it's actually pretty cool. Yen and I think that if sprint kind of stepping in. And I guess that's sort of the openness of the -- -- and it in this. The sort of -- you can enable them on the carrier levels -- if so who would gain a little bit more traction. I think they're still gonna have a little bit of an issue -- explaining Winnipeg what is and why you should use it. But it does seem like it's -- easy to use. The service and it also seemed like -- sprint. Is you know also coming out later on this show. Defeats the issue and actually saying it -- -- the -- with partnership is extremely important to them. And you know basically saying -- me in -- a big part of you know. And there's services and and then in what they're bringing to the table and differentiating themselves from the carriers. I wonder if it and there are even being with -- -- pursue other partnerships. With you know for example right -- AT&T. At -- unit if Sony's gonna -- -- of this story at some point. You'll start seeing this. Because Verizon like the next biggest injury carriers -- One outputs. A little bit harder in that direction -- I think he's been keeping this is kind of like -- there's special clause because they are -- on the smaller and in terms of other. Carriers and think any reason for people go to sprint her Android solution would be is we want them. Speaking of and great solutions from sprint and also in the vote early in the show. Sprint announced that they're gonna actually have their own flavor of the nexus -- And -- -- this being Google -- flagship. You know body in white indirect phone if you will. That nexus S orgy -- they actually stepping up a little bit. Over you know he mobile. Offering with -- -- by offering Sprint's. Four G network which actually be a little bit that's there. -- and with there filler features. Five megapixel camera one -- -- hummingbird profit there. Bluetooth connectivity in an -- sow palm and come back on them to integrate -- as -- It's critical that it seemed pretty interesting at 200 -- the with a two year contract. And that can -- about the -- on but it is interesting to see. You know of -- sort of flagship opening sprint uses the completed a radio -- In. Than the than the the -- sort of three G network the T-Mobile use so interesting to see. What's happening there now I'm actually curious to see if compared plans in -- -- -- Would this -- your monthly bill for this -- the same or more compared to move offering. I mean if it's after I wouldn't know it I think imports a lot of users that would actually be worth it and and then what with the needs of people being -- Or potentially eaten up by eighteen he. Yeah of those people who were trying to avoid eighteenth Hewlett played -- And even if T-Mobile -- had its own network operative known. The set of services. Think of for a lot of people the whole statement he he he may keep them away. But then again -- the same time I don't know how much that factors into. Most people's sort of you know buying process. Another interesting phone from sprint that was announced that -- TIA is the a CC evo 3-D. This is one of the most noteworthy. Phones announced that show because this -- actually. I'm gonna -- two cameras on the back to capture 3-D video and 3-D still photography. But it also features. A naked eye 3-D screens so that you can watch 3-D movie their contents or even take advantage of 3-D apps. Right there on the phone without playing without without having them -- glasses or something like that. -- -- though under you know like with the antenna thirty yes the commute and there's two things people we headaches playing you for so long -- and so I wonder if you have the same kind issues with the ability. -- -- the thing is like you have to. Because of the way adding the screen -- -- -- -- you some sort of like when to do layered tray. I think that's the -- where. Collectible baseball card priest the wiggle from left arranged -- the -- when in the -- They would use a similar sort of technology and screen tests in two different agencies that provide the thing is you -- keep the phone. At a certain angle here a certain distance from your faith in order to get the best. A powerful. The youth of the effect. It seems like -- gonna be others even HTC innocent in this it's gonna be using. -- Usage of 3-D here I've seen some things where it you know an addition to the regular just like I'm gonna want to three movie -- moment then also. You using some sort of like three apps for me departs the inner peace treaty it'll be interesting to see how to edit and also they've also very cleverly. I think in -- very very importantly included a hardware switch to turn the 3-D into media off so there's actually. You can go through the interface and disable it but then it here in the middle watching movies -- produced the getting -- you can. Actually flip the switch about where the camera shutter button -- on -- -- on the turn at three off. Sprinkle material interest thing I think that the two cameras on the backs -- bulky. And that's the only get 380. With -- stereotyping -- -- then does it make it does make the phone bigger like. -- -- I mean its praises it but it looks like it's about the things I do the -- And cannot account -- -- to -- it's a little bit now -- two cameras. That stick out a little bit we have full specs from my hand behind and even media. Over on CNET -- CIA. Coverage page. Our fearless leader -- at health mr. not my real name is actually -- actually get feeds he had this week. And he's put together a little bit of -- video to remotely show us what exactly he thought the show that was variant. -- -- -- -- We're not we're. Today when eleventh. It's really hot millions. Hold it -- for. Bethlehem a lot of Android tablets were the biggest name brand. Hopefully it. Mobile minutes. I know there are going in the. And who are. In the Internet world -- today 2011 of all -- us adults. From actually accessories tablets. There's these CC move you forward. -- -- -- -- -- That actually have a reasonable price. Have a competition is getting pretty heated up here they don't see any of these events -- indicated he -- -- Classes -- three feet in the evo. Is impressive so big hurdle -- the end radiance played in only those views -- new -- old clips. But at least kind of decision is finally showing up to the games. Upset about it from Orlando C has not. Though there's one -- thing Android. For the so -- -- watching together via. -- -- -- and ended with the dancing in -- that thankfully -- a foreshadowing. -- -- -- at the entrance to retire in about today but yet there's. Lot of -- listings -- tablet news coming out of them. I really -- be taken with a tablet form factor. I'm not so much what I'm really taken with and I'm very interested in is from news from Sony. About the experience play that's actually the the PlayStation -- in so many words that -- controls for gaming. I'm and then also accesses PlayStation sort of network. Of and downloadable games and what not and we talked both on the civil war. But as CT IA this year it was announced that it gonna be coming to Verizon if as early as that as early may. -- we Mexican indeed on the phone coming out. And it's also saying that they're given the handsets are gonna come with six games preinstalled. Apple -- adrenaline. The game called armed tally and Bruce -- dragon warrior Madden NFL eleven. -- people from where I'm from call -- that men. The Sims 3 and tetris so you're gonna get -- games on there and then there -- also going to be a couple of other titles. That'll likely won't double come preinstalled on it but will actually be -- -- -- play. Exclusives I think there's a game called backs. That looks kinda cool from the of the pictures that I've -- -- that'll actually noted the bow. -- -- Very excited about the Shakespeare play and he just got a phone -- just got a phone talking about the -- later that but immunity excited about this sort of form factor of only a gaming phone. Form -- school like for me depends. It's gonna go against the iPhone four and iPod Touch and for me for portable device like that it has to. He is then or is that portable. And I don't worry about. Putting in like -- I'm playing previously announced awesome and then a battery -- it's gonna happen. True but I think hopefully you know they'll take into account -- at a bigger battery. But on a play -- -- -- all time anyway and -- just makes a lot easier because. The touch screen cannot really replace buttons -- especially when playing first person shooter or racing game or other things like that. Having I think I'd be willing to deal a little bit of thickness but the physical controls but it added -- -- that he looked pretty -- to begin with. Again like who talk about this phone before they take -- previous episodes that. -- if you're when I think about the elective called them the from -- that I actually sit between the the two banks of buttons that for the analog control and and -- -- -- Nicole -- Has had -- hand on that phone -- stared house he feels about it and well -- technical exactly kind of core gamer. Yeah I guess. In just a similar form factor. To the experience played being horizontal slider -- you how you predominately hold that phone. The T-Mobile sidekick which we've talked about also on the so a couple of times. Has also been -- now priced and humbled by our own Bonnie Cha. She'd actually had an opportunity to hang on to the phones yeah -- they fill in the hands. And they've also pricing though the to get a new sidekick and and the reason we talked by on this -- is that it will be Android based. -- it's gonna cost you a 99 dollars and 99 cents with a two year contract. And the complete unlimited data. But then if you don't want unlimited data it was something -- in a couple of more and you just want a lower data plan. Then the phone -- 150 bucks and I think relative to how much the original side kick off that the pretty good deal I think they -- they won't have a hard time filling your phone they do look really cool and those keywords are. An active and that's critical to a member of my little sister had a I'm aging myself here but get -- sidekick one or two back in -- always online talk in typing everyone. And I think having this around again we'll. Probably help a lot because people know it would Android -- particular. No one's downlink the ideal keyboard and I think having this guy as a typing her like texting phone is for right maybe -- world make -- what you were looking for. Yeah I mean in -- Kate is nothing inherently cool. I think they're cool and -- I remember when ice to work. Back in retailers one guy who worked with me. In the electronics -- the network that and -- -- you can't affect cake. And -- was -- at the crappy Windows Mobile phone market T-Mobile asks for something. And as soon everything and psychic with a cool it is like the often grant date and everything's really slick and it got a really good looks like onscreen -- -- they've done. A really good job of you know making this look like it's an operating system even though Android OS is actually underneath it -- In other missing it took -- rule that -- -- thing. -- like the cool thing about the -- the would be screened again like when you put a psychic screen had a flip around and sailing. I mean it'll pop up. -- Out of it in legacy and -- think chemical. Personally I think -- -- either this one more thing to break. But yet whenever he sidekicks coming. And I'm fairly certain that a lot of people -- -- -- about it. Another phone that I'm excited about that they. Just -- and I have. May be a little bit argued over in the the past is that Kyocera echo. And for those of you who don't know what that is the -- -- echo is actually a dual screen. Smartphones running Android. There's gonna be. On Sprint's network and the phone actually. Again it's about -- -- sizes that look like two standard. You know Motorola Droid -- by side. And you can use these phones in either a single screen configuration and or as a dual screen configuration where. One is like keyboard and the other is a standards that entry screen you can sprayed inflated data across them. -- -- first came out. I think I -- that it was really cool ingesting -- that he thought it was stupid because nobody's gonna develop apps. Just for this one phone. And then we place when a fire -- now famous -- for nothing. About whether this would actually pick up and now the difference that -- defend himself. We actually have an announcement. And more -- yeah a news that I keys there is actually enough the developer program. For the echo basically an attempt to make it easier for anyone who wants to take advantage of -- coming unique. Multiple screens. Resolutions and configurations. To develop apps for the. I have to defend dozens honor and I don't think it's gonna get any further than this phone. Because the two screens is pretty cool but one does. The hardware support the ability for two different actions on two different screens yet. And you know will -- have a slowdown. And it is only be just one phone. Given the hopi Indian it market is is it gonna be big enough market for an -- -- it and develop a dual screen optimize. Angry Birds. Well I mean if it is something that you. Man. You know if if key it is depends on how involved Kyocera is in -- developer program I mean it could be. And -- -- is you know. A developer comes to them -- you know I haven't really cool app. I'd like to optimize it and see if there actually. Think -- -- -- -- approach helps them unser in in the story they're staying net compatible titles that launch. Are gonna be a bunch of electronic arts schemes. The Sims 3. Included and then of course -- adrenaline HD Spiderman total mayhem pac man. I'm a bunch of social networking. Apps such and -- mobile never heard of that or. -- -- -- helping me. The movie TV. First showing content on one screen and channel programming on the second. Location. Based services like telemann GPS navigator bunch of different content or -- them -- across those that didn't like. There's already some interesting things and that are happening with. Couple dozen apps. Or a you know at launch. And if -- if they're really get in -- -- -- helps developers and it really easy for them just that. You know -- And support for their SDK. On to an existing happening maybe it will. Maybe -- am I'm also gonna sites that have been right before. If it's you're defending -- You -- there was talk about the the if than Motorola and there a tricks. And the fact that you know if you -- weather won't when the only phone that supported there sort of -- -- but the thing and I think. The argument was that it's only one phone -- supports it. But then Motorola came back and says that all their phones are gonna support and -- I think that the step in the right direction of Kyocera. Announces that they're gonna continue in this direction and if it if it picks up I mean we might see. More dual screen -- I -- -- -- is interesting. The idea school and like how Kyocera is pushing the envelope of what any Smartphones should be like this kind of 01 aspect having two screens has -- -- almost a mini tablet. So like if you -- it up you have your phone and opening up you have a -- tablet size amount of screen real estate. And yet mean it did it to me that if there is -- very flexible. I am mostly -- advocate who. That they don't do well what is. I think it's very interesting and will caveat that -- -- that I'm not buying. That's what other people divide that I can play with it. Though I guess that's our first block most of the -- CIA knew that -- and now we're gonna serve -- and they were gonna come back and talk about really really. -- -- And we're back. -- jump straight into the news again we've -- a survey this is compete this week's. Useless fact of the week useless. Statistic of the week. If -- -- From the mean PD group. Stating that large Smartphones are gaining popularity in the -- be receptive but -- I think a particular. If fearless leader of a particular. What kind of company that named after particular route. Has actually gone directly benefit yet -- -- and -- And directed to thin and nobody is gonna want to phone with the big four inch plus screen that's the reason that the Apple iPhone still sits. Added that three point or 3.2. Us yet with -- I'm trying to make it smaller and hit the but never read any iPhone still has the -- mean that it does -- you know each of them believe that people want it phones. The -- survey coming out from the NPD group state that. Looks like 24%. Of the Smartphones. Indeed -- in the market. Are above. Or it is four inches or better so the -- best selling handsets in the orient planet for the evo four G. Hugely popular phone moment sprint network Motorola Droid X. The Samsung fascinate Samsung captivate and -- and ivory are asleep and or the like pop. Three of the five are actually galaxy -- right. But in the reserve really big -- 24% of the market is. Sizable chunk and I think it kind of get respectable hole when you walk into your local -- your local blood cell phone retailer electronics retailer. And you -- few phones. And one of them have the really big screen that sort of like. BTV. Equals better TV sort of mentality takes over there and then today I think a lot of people see the benefit. A little much bigger screen literally like just comparing my little help -- three point seven inch screen two year under -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or when -- -- -- really really being. Affiliate -- yet last week we talked about how wide front and we ordered an HTC thunderbolt. And it here. Though I've been playing around this guy all week vulnerable here we've actually theme CNET has the review that was done by. Bunny each item talks about a lot of the things that -- really like -- really don't like about this often. But it fell it is a really big can say and that is going back to -- the story that. I mean I have actually seen a noticeable difference in the week and like videos look. The -- games -- in and in my propensity to play the thing. Last week that -- actually -- on the -- nobody's gonna sit. In front of their phone and watched three or four YouTube videos when you can just watch them on a TV. Today that -- -- -- bona alma -- and in the kitchen table watching YouTube videos. Over the phone propped up on a kick stand there and it's amazing what. A couple of victory in you know one extra inch of diagonal space. What would you do there. And it takes the and a kick stand I think all -- to -- expand but if it's amazing how useful is this little thing. -- -- the notice on their previous -- with the -- 3-D. It has -- second land but thankfully it can take clinic expands so that you wanna watch -- like if the thing is because you have. Hold it with your faith for the treaty. If you put it down on the TV you're a mean on the accounting you're more likely to lean over and step outside of that perfect viewing angle -- I think. Sprint -- -- hold that phone -- man it's sort of like. Hands free -- -- helmet that at the font here they'll put a baseball cap that have like a pocket. And that has hang -- of the Bill Hewlett speakerphone and it like like a clear plastic pallets and can hang it in front -- -- here. And you might pair that with some sort augmented reality out here -- heads up display and a I guess getting back into the the -- of the thunderbolts. And an ACC in particular. When the thunderbolt came out and ACC typically their phone's are pretty easy to hack they've come typically left their phones. For the most part opened for routing and and then let the boot loader unlocked when the thunderbolt came out it was discovered I guess when the date -- it. -- hacking community jumped in. That via boot loader was locked -- that it was gonna be more difficult or root. And keep a permanent -- on the thunderbolt and it would create -- -- TC phone. And then later came out that the of the next HTC phone on Verizon's network incredible -- It's firmware with leaked to the net and its boot loader is also -- But then of course there's -- those on the Internet. It ACC pulling a Motorola on us and basically locking us out of our phone in -- needed if people are little outraged at what's happening here. And there was a little bit of backlash city -- the against across the Internet but -- HTC's statement. Is actually that the water. They're just putting the of the blame back on more -- saying that the building devices and to the the specs and the request of the carriers so it seemed like in this case. -- Where a lot of people get angry at Motorola blocking of the Droid two and -- -- and now we think people are upset that HTC pro locking -- honorable and the incredible less. Sprawling -- Ups and Verizon. For asking -- TC and Motorola to do the things yeah and the like I like to see you know you complain about uses. Hard route to heartbreak. And eventually actor rule enough time on the phone and actually -- like. My phone's G two and when -- first got released they're saying that they had a thinkpad paying a lot drawn and who was in so if you actually rooting the phone. If you restarted it it would actually -- route itself. And just a matter of time before someone cracked that so -- with HTC. -- -- You are seeing how it was cracked within the first eight hours of launch. -- they like the first two or three days now. Yet though -- give -- the the manual route for the -- actually came out. With instructions for unlocking the boot loader within a couple of days of being out increasingly I think. The that the -- unlocked and everything was discovered and developed by somebody who didn't actually get is wonderful tool a couple of days after. -- -- -- the -- on the Internet I mean -- that's howl how resourceful the hacking community actually is and then now. One week after -- -- and -- there's already a one click read download one. 800 megabyte file. You get it started and sleek phone plugged up but for the most part it'll handle the root for you. -- if it's really easy. I you know with -- -- -- it -- like it easy for me but is it with a mean our to do the manual route. A day after it came out. But I mean prefer the -- community they're they're having to get resourceful. On the motor in the -- -- can't recently the the key to unlock the boot loader for the Droid X and 32 is actually been leaked -- to the Internet for potentially eat those phones will also be able to will run custom rom than what. -- -- to clarify for people who don't really I know what the heck we're talking about. A route basically unlock your phone for that you can do. -- -- things on -- and firmware and whatnot. But then if the boot -- is -- what'll happen is if the phone doesn't get a -- packets if you're running custom software and you reboot your opponent -- Hey this isn't what matches the key then it can either brick your phone or cause your phone to latch that -- an -- state. Those what we mean by unlocking the -- -- so that the three X for example has been. On it's been rooted. For some time but because it's -- boot loader was as is requiring signed package. Running custom firmware -- -- the image in mind if at a difficult on that alone and now. We've seen people get around that. But I guess this also begs the question like why would a carrier like Verizon. Want to like people -- telephone that they spend a lot of time convincing. The of the buyers -- it it's open. That the whole reason you go to an entry into service -- you want on it except for what we don't want to be doing it. Yeah I think the biggest thing -- is they're pushing. Oh and other so like you know yet her cellphone and and they're like 2030 bucks a month and you can use your phone is a Wi-Fi hot spot and I think. You know for those users that need to do that right is losing that thirty bucks a month per person. Any new money from pay off of that last year it my first -- -- and I did I took a lot of advantage of of -- the -- Wi-Fi tether. Much of their two grand opening them -- -- -- and I can even thing -- they were losing money on this but it seems like. I don't know if I guess it depends on like how much they value that -- like hacking community. It. -- them if there really were adding that hackers and the people wanna -- their phones are among the most vocal. But I'd be interesting to see numbers on like you know how many people actually care. Yeah of them actually it's funny because T-Mobile that -- -- came with stock Wi-Fi tethering as a feature on the phone -- so without -- without doing anything. To open up the box and -- well -- can use it as a Wi-Fi hotspots. So either like Kimmel -- being cared if they're getting bought out anyway meet or I'm thinking when they were developing. Maybe -- -- or Verizon you know just wants to make sure that. In -- base becomes still like with the guy quoted he wants to make she's the most profitable. Cellphone carriers around. Yeah I mean if it's -- all -- on the profit unit in of these companies aren't me in often bones rather hell. If they like being you know often carriers. Elect you hear about agree they -- mean they wanna make money. -- it makes sense that they would be protecting. There interest that it. A little annoying if -- and in these here. Speaking of software. And third party software Amazon rumored App Store which is you know we've been hearing about and -- been courting developers. -- finally here the Amazon App Store opened its virtual doors -- on Tuesday of this week. Which they have a free game Angry Birds Rio and and then basically the promise of a free paid -- It's an infinite wrong -- 141 paid app will will be free every day and a minute and attempted -- pull people. Towards their story and and give them and intended to check -- Amazon store over Google's. Because. Installing the App Store items on -- App Store is. What the bit like I expected it to be. But it's a little complicated. Will not not for enthusiasts. Our listeners of entry atlas weekly. Would be. But. There's actually when you go to Amazon's website and you download the the APK or Q when you get read to install. The the App Store on your phone. -- present it -- -- long a seven step process. Which basically explain how what most of us know how did you already how to go into your settings and enable third party apps. -- the presentation at -- like a two minute video that choose to do it in this like twelfth -- On the page and it just looks like a lot of work now. And then have and you know that being stated to be the better part of U2 minute the -- the after install an Angry Birds Rio downloaded. So it. Seems pretty simple. It's it's not exactly a one click sort -- Natalie. Installing any other app and once you've done that the first time. Then you're pretty much able to send apps to your phone from Amazon's web site or even. Hop into. Amazon's Android App Store app and a search. -- -- Allen's two free games and that now. So what about. So like for my biggest thing about this is that. Why did Amazon feel the need to open up their own App Store -- they want money and that's what's so if school is not really. Trolling there market what -- they insert the this -- into the market itself and then make this process the whole bunch easier for users. Well I mean it's you know like -- and wants to be able to take life of the cap and I mean it makes sense for Amazon it's part of their bottom line. It is if it it that the profit in -- unity and you take X number percent off. And every ninety ninth and at the cell -- people that -- up all the time and it's -- once you get at the installation process it's not really that hard to install now the problem. That I for the and I haven't actually been able to test this because I don't have anything -- -- phone. But when I think it's happening is. Notoriously a lot of the AT&T -- -- phones do not allow there's not even an option in the -- Rita turned on that sort of third party app to enable fight looting of APK's. So. Our AT&T users even able to do this -- as they elect -- -- a ton of people who picked up for example the latest like -- galaxy alone it tricks yet. Though if you our listener in and you have -- -- -- -- you had its use of Amazon App Store. Shoot us an email and -- at cnet.com or give -- the call. And we will. We've could -- to be here. Here's the YouTube and around that without having to -- active and well there is fluent and -- and non -- way to enable -- loading but it. Pretty complicated. A look at the instructions from when he -- and the -- -- -- -- the phone that I don't have anything he went Wednesday and figure -- -- -- -- there. But if there is a process for enabling. The -- if -- -- for -- iPhone with this it's not. The same as the instructions on Amazon's website I think that's -- -- -- early users. That Omnia and -- senses and our way AT&T is working on -- purchases and implement and a teacher quality -- Sorry there it AT&T and eject -- speaking of third party apps that duplicate functions that already on your Android phone the got a pair of hands on over. On the entrails long -- just an adult court whose getting hands on with the Firefox or release clients. It's an alternate browser. It's a browser Firefox and then also opera mobile eleven in opera mini sticks. You've got hands on for three different alternate browsers for those of you who are really happy with the default through Google Chrome browser or just. And wanna play around a little bit more full featured. Brothers. -- pop over Android -- will put the link from the -- notes. And check those out. And India on the final story in the news today we promised you not one but she's -- -- Android. -- of floating around on the. Unit this week that I just kinda had to share with you. Check it out. President of -- who are listening to -- you podcasts. Mechanic that he was going on will toppling in the senate -- you can -- this -- -- video -- on your own time. But it's basically a person in an inflatable -- to refute. -- Dancing. -- the bizarre. Notably the frenetic -- wide band then. And a crazy pretty awesome. Yeah I think of what -- -- a new fewer than when he time to read it would definitely my account with a 211. On Tuesday if you simulate and it usually I just saw this ten times and -- you're watching it he sent to me yeah -- That's not that it automotive I think it is doing mainly due to -- -- injury by U moving. In -- doing now and popping out. And it looks like some sort of with a view been manipulated but then people are just walking by -- he has to do -- -- And but the man bag. The factual. -- They negatively. -- -- -- very -- hunter's dream. And if I'm super infection inflated it entirely annoying but I can it was gonna conflict patent. Though -- at the news for this week we're gonna take one more second to. Answering email that we got and if you do you have a question or comment or tip that you wanna send us and you can email us at inquiry Ellis at cnet.com. This one come then. From a listener in Ottawa Ontario Canada. And he fifth -- stuff I didn't -- practice in this question to -- an analyst partake course CNET roadside assistance that extends to all and then. If you blow wads -- -- -- -- -- fifth and beat answer questions about cars and I actually are you -- with -- and it still would burn injury listeners. Answered again. For you guys -- is that 25 year old geek from Ottawa Canada. He's recently purchased a 2004 Toyota Prius. -- come now don't. Don't don't don't don't have -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I'm not gonna like pick on reader too much for that. It does get really good -- -- that -- and he often inconveniently. And I'm gonna get too much crap. But he says that he had been XP area X ten -- been rooted. And the Prius DeVon have Bluetooth but it does have a cassette player. He wants to play music through his -- period using the cassette player. But he also wants the -- phone for GPS while driving and using apps like lingo for hands free calling and texting. He's worried that by using the cassette adaptor that a the microphone Jack if you microphones won't work because of the that the headphone connection being occupied by the 3.5 millimeter Jack. He's also. Second part of question interested in getting a Bluetooth speakerphone. He wants the -- there's gonna be any sort of an issue with. Having to unplug the adapter every time you want to take a phone call on the Bluetooth speakerphone or there's some sort would have automatically. Switch over. And healthy -- that you have Bluetooth. And I mean -- it credit for that can -- both of them so to answer your question. Firstly. Your headphone Jack. It's a meaningfully -- -- -- doesn't necessarily automatically disable. Your phone's internal speaker they're actually went to different kinds of 3.5 millimeter Jack and -- one of the connections. Or just stereo audio line out. The microphone on your phone. Lexus Doerr have actually been able to and I've done this once or twice but it really -- -- -- people walking on street doing minutes. You have your headphones into the headphone Jack that you can feel -- -- -- the microphone on the people walking and three talking on their phone like this all the time. If super annoying don't do that but in your car you'll still be able to do that. Via the -- will probably still come through the headphone Jack and out of your -- speakers. So but -- -- your phone's internal microphone. Will still be picking up audio and it could cause an issue with -- depending on where your phone sitting. Relative to the speakers and feedback. But it should work. That's into your second part of your question. -- getting a Bluetooth speakerphone the two different ways that you can do this the first -- is the standard Bluetooth or speakerphone that only -- it does. Bluetooth hands free calling or and or Bluetooth audio streaming. Now when you pair your phone to that device. A lot of times what the Android OS will do is it'll automatically. Enabled both. The hands free profile and -- a two DP audio streaming profile you can disable. One of those by jumping into your phone's Bluetooth menu. Finding your Bluetooth hands free device and then tapping and holding on until the options -- you -- them. Then you'll be able to go to a second menu -- allow you to disable individual features so you want music -- headphone Jack. And not be stream Bluetooth just disable the audio streaming option there and X the menu. Now -- -- music. And your turn by turn directions and anything that's not a phone call will still go -- headphone Jack and consequently -- your tape adapter. But then your phone calls. Will actually be handled by the hands the hands free device also in most. Most. Custom Android and -- Android OS and and also in -- custom sort of skin flicks and there'll be a button somewhere you can. Very quickly enable and disable Bluetooth even if there is over some sort of pick up. You can very quickly from that that -- in call menu. Jump between things. But here's the way that I would view it and if you don't already have a Bluetooth speakerphone. And if you've ever had any experience with FM transmitters. Gonna vary wildly depending on where you live who live in a very. Densely populated urban area with a lot of radio stations you're probably -- once you're clear that but if you're buying a Bluetooth speakerphone anyway you should. I just tried anyway. Now a couple of the Bluetooth speaker phones on the market. -- one of popping into my mind immediately is the Motorola roadster. It actually combines. Your Bluetooth hands free calling Bluetooth audio streaming and an FM transmitter and one box. Now which -- would do here -- you repair your phone to the Motorola roadster. You snap them up onto your you're right there in the -- you hit the button on the the route to that it FM and what it'll do it'll scan for an open radio station. The is turn on your car's radio to that station and then. Your turn by turn directions hands free calls -- music that you play will balance from your phone to the roadster into your car's stereo. -- that we'll get all of your audio coming through speakers. But then you'll also get the benefit of the -- is that superiors. Kind of dual microphone noise cancellation -- you'll. You won't have to worry about putting your phone from work posts here and for the best audio quality now. You live in an area like San Francisco you can forget about this. Because you're not gonna find and open it and station and then also the audio quality quality and your music is gonna be FM qualities so it's not gonna Fallon. As good. As it would coming through even your tape adapter but if he was to -- podcasts. You probably won't notice the difference. And the cost difference between Bluetooth hands free kit that supports live and when that -- is negligible though. Now if they go ahead and league look for one that has the FM try it out if if it works for you read that doesn't mean just never turn on the -- -- fitting. Either usually going to be really -- and read it anyway you really won't be -- I hope that answered your question. -- -- -- -- And if you have a question that you -- have a fanfare or again if you comment you until for doing your job and have DT on the show again. It's an email and injury atlas at cnet.com. You can follow the show on Twitter at at injury that was on Twitter you can also follow me money and it -- And just then he's not here this week -- not my real name over on Twitter. If you're not subscribe to the show on iTunes pop over their -- -- -- the spread there were you when -- -- -- -- your browser in years there RSS reader you can find us at cnet.com slash Android atlas and you can also watch us every week live over at cnet.com slash live. On Thursdays at 2 PM Pacific. I've been Antuan Goodwin alongside cohost DT today it. And this has been this week's episode of Android atlas weekly.
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